(1310-10-13) Where it changes
Summary: Odette meets Uncumber and things become uncomfortable.
RL Date: October 13 1310
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Le Lis d'Or

The salon of Lis d'Or emanates the very air of refinement. Be it through the elaborately done inlay work in the wooden floor, a depiction of the marque of the salon, the golden lily; be it through the heavy curtains of purple brocade with golden lilies embroidered upon them guarding the floor to ceiling windows that look out on a carefully kept garden, where nature pointedly has been subjected to human hands and taste. Be it through the fashionable chaise longues and chairs, carved from dark mahogany, with the purple upholstery and embroidered cushions enhancing the comfort of seating. The walls have been kept to a light mauve hue, adorned with masterfully done paintings of several notable former courtesans of this salon. It is all there, the grace, the poise, the perfection, and sometimes even the frailty that has blended into this salon's canon. A canon so adequately displayed by the courtesans and adepts that can be encountered here.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Odette was left alone in her own trance as she practiced the Violin… at least she tought she was left alone. It wasn't until two bronze arms appeared on either side of her that she realized her peaceful practice was going to be interrupted by company. The foreign girl pressed up warmly behind her, nestling close and enveloping the young girl. Black hair spilled over her shoulder as the stranger's chin rested ontop of it. Dark fingers snaked down her pale arms to reach her hands, gently prying her fingers into a new position… well that was a different way to play the fiddle. The odd girl could have simply said 'try this' or even: 'hello' but she chose to just manipulate her fingers like a doll's instead. Uncumber wasn't a complete stranger to the salon. She was never really seen as a customer, but did occasionaly provide lessons in various, exotic arts such as dancing, music, or acting.

The novice feels the woman so close. Her body tenses and she pales a little. Even though the woman's hands move to hers and she starts playing, she shakes her head. "Please don't." Her voice is melodic and gentle. "I am not to be touched until after my debut." Her voice cracks a little before she pulls from Uncumber's arms and stands there holding onto her violin tightly. She bows her head to the woman and frowns.

Uncumber tilts her head and smiles up at her as she slinks away from the warm embrace. The odd foreign girl didn't listen… well at least not entirely, as was apparent by her bronze fingers reaching up to lightly flick Odette's displaced hair. It didn't really need fixing. It wasn't as though the warm nuzzle made a mop out of Odette's head. It was more just the foreign girl playing with her, like a cat batting at a feather. "Debut?" she asked curiously. "Do tell me of this debut" she said, sitting up cross legged and folding her hands in her lap as though waiting for a grand tale.

Odette jerks back and away from Uncumber. She stares at her as she tries to control her emotions. "Yes Debut." She speaks softly to the other woman. "I need to remain pure for the bidding. No one is to touch me so please do not." She quickly puts her violin away and grabs the case. "I am not free to be touched. Ever." She points out.

Uncumber snickers and shakes her head. "I'm not touching you like *that*" she gestured with two hands in a squeezing motion, her hands well spaced as she groped at two invisible orbs signifying the absence of a pair of breasts or rump that would fit within them. "But very well" she said, leaning back on her hands. "Let me know when your Debut is so might teach you a dance after" she says with a grin. "What do they bid for? And who bids?"

A guard moves over to Odette and stands beside her due to her signs of discomfort. "If you did you'd ruin me." She speaks simply. "I'd be a slave to this house and unable to ever debut." She tears up a little. The novice turns her face away from Uncumber and shakes her head. "Lords and Ladies bid on me. My virginity. My purity." She wraps her arms around herself and hugs that box to her chest. "So… please… don't."

Uncumber blinks "Ruin you?" she asked with a snicker. "I can be rather clumsy, but I would promise not to break you!" she claims with a grin. She gives her a curious look. "Hmmn.. how much is virginity worth on a typical bidding?" she asked curiously. "I think it would be amusing to purchase it only to keep it intact for another day" she let her hand glide out in a smoothing petting motion.

Odette shakes her head. "I don't know how much they will bid." She speaks softly and the guard shakes his head. "That would be cruel." She speaks. "To bid on a novice and then …not." She shakes her head. "You will never break me but you can ruin me if you keep touching me."

Uncumber giggles "Virginity doesn't work quite like that my dear." she explains. "It takes a little more than a touch" she wiggles a finger in gesture. "You have never seen an auction like this before?" she asked curiously. "It seems like something you would study, since you're soon to have your own debut." she stated before tilting her head "Would it be scandalous to keep you intact for one more day?" she asked curiously, seeming more excited about the idea.

Odette shakes her head. "I've been to debuts but it's not in my rights to ask what the bids were. I just played." She grumbles towards Uncumber. "I don't need to study and auction. I study music and singing and other arts." She moves a little behind her guard. "You won't win me, thankfully." She grumbles.

Uncumber gave her a playfully competitive look. "I wont? What makes you say that?" she asked. "I might hold you for two days!" she said, upping the ante. "Maybe even a week!" she dared to threaten… what torture!

Odette bows her head. "Because I will choose anyone but you." She says tearfully. "You are so mean." She sniffles as she moves around behind the guard and tries to rush into the back room.

Uncumber smiled proudly. "I think you will choose me." she claimed with a devilish look. "You see.. you could guess what other patrons might do to your virgin body, but me? You wouldn't know! Every second you would be waiting, wondering where I might touch you, or where my lips might wander. You would burn with anticipation, hanging on each fleeting second…" she said, painting a scene as she started to scramble away. Cumby giggled. "Goodnight Odette! Dream well." she blew a kiss.

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