(1310-10-13) Vegetarian Leanings
Summary: Bethane offers Anse free lamb stew because he's a priest, and find out the man's a vegetarian.
RL Date: Sat Oct 13, 2018
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**Leaping Fish Inn - Market Promenade **

The Main Room of the Leaping Fish is tidy and well-kept - and warmed by a fire in the hearth to one side on colder days and evenings. An old tapestry depicting a pair of two leaping fish is adorning the opposite wall - a reference to both the ruling House of Mereliot and the name of the inn. The common room has five tables of sturdy oak with chairs and benches, between which two serving maids move to take orders or bring food and beverages. The air is filled with tasty smells of freshly cooked meals, and murmurs of conversation - and occasionally even melodies rippling through the room, when a lute player is around to provide entertainment. The fare is of good quality that even would not disappoint noble tastes.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is warm and clear.

Bethane is standing behind the bar serving drinks tonight. Her red hair is a dark auburn that shines in the candle light. Her bountiful breasts are in a tight corset with peasant sleeves that put her girls front and center for all to see. Her long skirts are layered and move as she pours drinks and flirts with the patrons at the bar.

Tonight there is a violinist playing a light cheery tune to entertain the patrons. The specials on the board are lamb stew and freshly baked bread. Of course there is standard fare for any that don't want to the special.

Anse swings open the door to the bar and enters in a flurry of blue robes, bringing along with him a draft of cold fall air before the door closes behind him. There is a pause for a moment as his eyes dart over the surroundings and the people assembled here before settling on the violinist for a moment. It is of course rude to stand in the middle of the room, so Anse has to move out of the way of a patron breaking his curious looks and setting him on the forward path to the bar. Bare feet pad along the floor of the inn until he comes to the bar and stops to look over the drinks "these fish seem to be working to hard."

Bethane gives a glance at the priest, and immediately sends one of the girls to bring the priest a nice warm bowl of the special and starts to pour the priest an ale, "Aye, they're simple folks, just seeking a bit of companionship while they have a drink and a meal." She puts it in front of him, her bountiful breasts are front and center, "Something for you brother while you settle in." She makes sure to let him know, "No coin is needed. We honor those who serve the gods here."

Anse gives a bright smile and thank you to the girl who brings him the special before turning the smile on you. "I knew all those days praying and stubbing my toes would pay off eventually. All those people who said I was a fool to join the priesthood should see me now eh?" Anse says with a good natured laugh "but in truth I appreciate the kindness, I wasn't coming here seeking charity but it is very nice of you. I am Anse by the way, it is an absolute pleasure."

Bethane gives him a saucy smile, "Surely they explained the merits of being a priest of Elua as being more than stubbed toes and lots of praying." She leans over, which gives him an excellent view into her cleavage, "Surely, they gave you a few helpful incentives." She winks and then pauses to get another their drink, using that same sassy tone and flirtatious manner as she hands off another ale. Of course, she keeps coming back to the priest that's sitting there at the bar, "And it's Bethane…Bethane Aryn." She makes a motion to the inn around her, "Second generation barmaid, so you might say this place is my home."

Anse can't help but glances his eyes over when you lean over the bar and there is a happy half smile on the corner of his lips when his eyes glance back up towards yours. There is another laugh "well, I dont think the temple itself is providing extra incentives, but I suppose there are some. As I said, its a pleasure mademoiselle Aryn." He lets his gaze move from you to the room we're in as you motion to the inn before looking back. "Its a nice home, even if it seems like these fish are confused about where fish are supposed to live."

"Well part of the fun is figuring that part out," Bethane gives him a wink, "Not all of us come into this world knowing where they belong." She leans on the bar, giving a smile as some fresh bread is brought over for the priest to enjoy with his meal, "I've been working long enough here that the owner lets me run the floor as well as man the bar…" She nods to the bread and stew in front of him, "Or cook the stew you see before you."

<FS3> Bethane rolls Cooking: Good Success. (1 1 8 7 8 5 1 1 2)

Anse tears off a piece of bread when its put in front of him, but before eating anything asks "what kind of stew is this by chance?" He takes a bite from his piece of bread and thinks for a moment as he looks down the length of the bar before looking back towards you "I am sure the owner probably knows that there are more than a few people coming to the bar because of a certain bartender so it makes sense for them to make a choice like that." There is a smile then "of course im sure your experience and competence and politeness to priests helps as well."

"It's lamb, nice and tender and soaking in sherry for a day before I made stew with it," Bethane tells him with a smile, "And the bread has a few different grains to give it a bit of texture." She wipes down the bar as she talks to him, "Aye, the owner knows these beauties…" She motions to her tits without any modesty, "Brings the patrons to the bar…so he likes me here in the evenings once the stew and bread are done." She gives a deeper smile as he mentions his status, "Ahhh well, like I said before, we honor those that serve."

"I've no doubt your cooking is absolutely wonderful" Anse begins a little warily "and I hope you take this as no measure of disrespect, but, see, I realize this will sound like i'm mad and maybe I am a little, but I try and avoid eating meat if I can.. so I apologize for your wasted hospitality in regards to the stew" There is a momentary pause from Anse before starting up again "it does smell nice though." There is a bit of a laugh "I think that might mean the stew lasts a little longer, so I hope that doesn't affect your tips."

Bethane looks a bit stricken when she realizes she just served lamb stew to a vegetarian, "Oh gods…damn it." She gives a look of apology, "No…no, we can bring you the other soup of the day, it's vegetable, no meat." She whistles and immediately gets one of the girls to correct it, "We have some around always but I usually don't offer it first because the stew is more popular."

"I am truly apologetic for the trouble" Anse says "I try not to be a burden but I didn't know how to do with that without being rude. I'm sorry. If it makes you feel better even other priests look at me like i'm mad sometimes" Anse says the last part happily and with a warm smile "so now after all your kindness and attention I feel I truly must give you something in return, it just seems fair at this point, is there anything I can help with?"

"You are no trouble at all, I would hate for you to sit there and not eat cause we served the wrong thing," Bethane tells him with a smile as his vegetable soup arrives, "And you were very polite about the whole thing." When he offers to give her something in return, the barmaid can't but help to look the man up and down as if she's measuring him, "Well then…that's quite the invitation. I'll have to think on what kind of 'work' I can put you to."

Anse gives a bit of a grin in your direction in return "how many men have you suggested that slyly too before they end up working as barbacks wishing they'd never agreed to something so vague?" Anse asks curious before he actually does start eating now. "This is delicious, thank you" Anse says after a few spoonfulls "so, its obvious you're good at this job, but do you like it here?" Anse asks curiously as he studies you for a moment.

"Ack, I dreamed of going places when I was younger," Bethane does admit to Anse, "Even fell in love for a bit, followed a foreigner back to his homeland only to find him married, in a country where 'Love as you wilt' is not popular among the natives and that harpy chased me out…" She shakes her head and continues to clean, "Quite a cautionary tale for girls who think to be more than what they were born into."

"Thats a shame to hear. If people from other countries really understood what blessed Elua was trying to say.." Anse muses for a moment. He tilts his head a bit though looking at you "though I am not so sure we are completely fated to be the thing we were born into, even if the path isn't easy or clear. Besides you still seem plenty young, you could always go places still. If thats something you still cared about that is."

"Oh no, leaving once was enough for me," Bethane tells him with a laugh, "I got my fill of adventure." She still carries a bit of pain for the man she gave her heart to and was lied to. She does her best to hide it under that sassy smile and teasing eyes, "I like the warmth of the fire here and the steady income." She checks his drink to make sure that he still has enough.

Anse smiles back at you "well it is good to have a place to call home at least. And it seems like you're appreciated here as well" there is a small pause then "and, if you ever did need someone to talk too. Old flames can die hard sometimes, or just anything at all really. It is actually what i'm here for. I think I sometimes make for a good listener, not just good at eating bread and drinking." Anse finishes his meal and then leans his elbows on the bar with no distractions of food anymore giving him more opportunity to study the bar and you. "So when you're not teasing patrons into manual labor with your enticing offers, what is it you enjoy doing?"

"I like spending time in the wilds, doing a bit of hunting," Bethane tells him with a wink as she leaves her past in the past, "I'm a bit blood thirsty…" She nods to the crowd in the bar, "And a crossbow is handy when these gents get a bit rowdy." She also admits to the priest, "And besides thinking up more recipes, I do a bit of brewing as well." She gives him a look, "Working on fermenting some cinnamon and apples in a home made brew that I made from potatoes."

Anse eyes you warily for a moment "you haven't actually.. shot.. anyone in the bar before, have you? Maybe you're putting a bit too much kick in your brewing if your patrons are causing enough problems to get a crossbow aimed their way" Anse teases a bit. "I always figured most people in Marsilikos spent most of their free time doing something with the ocean, good to know there is a bit of diversity. Getting out into the wilds is nice until you've been out there for too long and start thinking about how soft beds are."

Bethane gives a chuckle and admits to him, "I've never been much of a sailor…I prefer to keep the land beneath my feet and my dinner in my stomach." It's clear by her joking that she didn't travel well on the ocean, "And no…" She chuckles at the idea of shooting a patron, "Usually a nocking of an arrow is enough to cause them to settle down without any bloodshed." She pushes back the folds of her dress and shows that a small hand held crowbow is strapped on her leg, "I'm a rather dangerous woman…" She lets the skirt folds fall, "Well…to those that mean me harm. You do not have to worry."

"I've never been on the ocean myself. from Camlach origionally, noticable lack of oceans in the mountains it turns out. Thing that i've noticed the most is it smells different here.." Anse hrms a little before shrugging "but land under your feet is a good thing to have. Setting out without a need to be somewhere and just enjoying the journey is a treat I hope more people are able to enjoy." Anse picks up his drink and takes a sip as you mention being dangerous "well, thats good. I don't do well with dangerous people. Tend to just tell them to stop being so dangerous. Which it turns out a lot of people don't want to hear."
Anse has partially disconnected.

"I think it's a power thing," Bethane tells him thoughtfully, "Or greed that leads them down such roads. I never wanted more than what was offered freely." She looks a bit wistful at the mention of his mountains, "Oh I've never been there…sounds lovely." She does have to admit, "And I most certainly enjoy the journey." She gives a wink, "Sometimes a little too much…I let my head get away from me."

"There are a lot of reasons. Its probably the thing I've thought about most over the past few years. Violence and danger and how we react to it and perhaps how we should. People seem to like danger and want to be dangerous, but at the same time are afraid of it and sometimes I dont think have a true respect for what blades and arrows and even fists can do." Anse thinks outload before chuckling a little "but I don't need to talk your ears off about my thoughts on violence. For I have many, and would like to be able to come back here and not have you throw me out on the street right away." Anse says with a little laugh "and I think there is nothing wrong with letting your head get away from you for a little bit. Everyone needs to let their mind wander, all kinds of interesting things and ideas pop into your head when you do that.

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