(1310-10-13) Autumn Rain
Summary: Gregoire meets Fenris and then Ammy on a cool autumn day in the midst of a rain storm that has mostly cleared the Market Promenade. Warning: references made to childhood abuse.
RL Date: Sat Oct 13, 2018
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Market Promenade

Two massive promenades, separated by a narrow row of alternating planters and plinths supporting marble statues from all over the known world, make up a marketplace that extends in a narrow space far to the north of the grand plaza to the south. Each walkway is two two-meter marble slabs wide, one gleaming white, the other greyish-blue, and they alternate to and fro in coloration all the way down each promenade, their intersections marked with a series of equal-armed crosses in shimmering black stone. While there is plenty of space for vendors to set up ad-hoc establishments to hawk their wares, to each side of the double promenade are stoa of fluted marble, holding up a terra-cotta tiled roof over a shady, cool walkway, punctuated here and there with doorways and windows open to a long series of indoor shops, each marked with a hanging sign outside the door.

Every twenty meters or so, five stairs lift the level of the promenade as the marketplace works its way uphill, to a smaller plaza at the northern end where all the most exclusive and expensive shops are established. This smaller plaza also has an obelisk of red granite in the middle; it's shorter, and more slender, but when the change in elevation is taken into account, its tip is at the exact same height as the massive obelisk in the town square to the south.

It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and raining.

It is a fall morning, the normally busy plaza is virtually empty because of the cool rain coming down. While most are seeking the dryness under awnings or a umbrella to give protection from the elements, there is one man standing there in the plaza, his head lifted up to the heavens, enjoying the rain that comes down on him. By the cut of his doublet and breeches that are now starting to become saturated with rain water, he's clearly a noble. Although a few commoners trying to move about their day mumble under their breaths he might be mad.

The giant is wearing dark brown pants and a white tunic. Both are soaked all the way through. His shoulders are slumped and his head is bowed. He moves through the rain uncaring that his clothes are wet and then he sees feet in front of him. He lifts his eyes up and sees the man looking up. He slowly looks up and grumbles as his face gets more wet. He bows his head and clears his throat. "Why?"

Gregoire stops looking up in the sky and then levels his piercing blue eyes on the large man in front of him, "Why stand in the rain? Or why was I looking to the sky?" He gives an easy smile, "or why was I at the Salon de la Rose Sauvage the other night? Sorry, but you'll need to be more specific." He runs his fingers through his wet reddish brown locks with a laugh. It's clear that being in a storm is exactly where this man likes to be.

Fenris eyes narrow and he tilts his head. He lifts a brow slowly. "All." He growls out quietly slowly looking around to see if anyone else has the same question. He grumbles quietly as it seems people are rushing away from them. Fenris doesn't look into anyone's eyes and he's surly not looking in Gregoire's. He isn't standing at full height either since his shoulders are slumped.

"I stand in the rain because this is the first time since I got to this city that I have been able to move about without feeling the wetness of my own sweat," Gregoire tells him with a easy smile, not seeming to mind the man's reluctance to look him in the eyes, "I look to the sky because I was paying homage to the gods for the rain." He stands there with Fenris in the middle of the plaza as the storm brings rain down, "And my visit to the salon was to visit a lovely young novice that hopefully might consider me as a patron in the near future." His piercing gaze takes in the man's stance, his lack of eye contact, "It doesn't appear that you fared as well as I did that evening. I missed most of it but it looks as if you found yourself on the receiving end of a rather angry Mandrake adept."

Fenris keeps his eyes down and he nods slowly. "Perhaps you wear too many clothes for hot days." His answer to the sweat. He grunts quietly at the rain from the gods and he shakes his head. "To win her, you must pay the most. That is all you need to win." He grumbles quietly. At the mention of the angry Mandrake. "I am not from … here. I felt a simple service should be compensated. It was not an insult to anyone but my own unknowing of customs." He grumbles out in his thick skaldic accent. "I appreciate all who educate me. I am but a stupid pig." He growls out her insult again. "My whole life I was … a slave. Perhaps she is right. I do not deserve these things." He looks at his hands and tenses.

Gregoire flicks at the doublet that he's wearing, "My wife's choice…she insists dressing me in the latest fashion." He motions to the tunic and breeches that Fenris is wearing, "I'd rather be dressed more comfortable, but there are always concessions when you share your life with another." He gives a shake of his head and lets Fenris know, "Oh it's not merely coin that wins a novice on the night of her debut. They are given certain leeway to make choices." He gives a wink to Fenris, "I do hope the novice in question will choose me for not only my form…" As a scion of Camael, Gregoire is clearly a man in shape, "But also my generosity." When Fenris mentions that he's not from around here and he picks up on the Skaldic accent, the D'Angeline nobleman gives a sharper look to the man, especially when he mentions that he was a slave. He switches to Skaldi as he talks to him, «"You were taken by one of the tribes?"» He motions to himself, «"I hail from the Camlach mountains, the barony of Cleron."»

Fenris nods his head slowly to the information. "Though they usually choose the highest bidder to help start their Marques." He grumbles quietly. "I hope you win her. You very much seem to want to." He listens to the Skaldic and he nods his head. «"I was taken by Olek when I was four. His warriors surprised the outpost and my parents were killed and I was taken. I am Lord Gaspard Fenris Valliers. I know only Fenris."» He keeps his head down and shoulders slumped. «"I was captured in a skirmish. House Blade said my face was too D'Angeline so I was taken back."»

«"Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol,"» the baron tells him with a smile, «"Baron de Monteaux now that I've married my wife."» He gives a nod to the man, «"My father sent me to foster with the Comte de Chaumont, even spent time with your uncle, Jervais Auguste Valliers, the Duc de Valliers."» He does get a sad look at the thought of his parents being killed and being taken by the Skaldi, «"I never met your father though, since he passed before I was born."» He gives a nod to their surroundings, «"But Eisande is quite a far place from the mountains. What brought you to Marsilikos?"»

Fenris nods his head and it saddens him that he doesn't know his father. He takes a deep breath and finally speaks. «"Olek seeks to have me back. It is safer here than home…that I never knew."» He brings his hands together and his jaw tightens. «"The Duke said I am an image of his baby brother. So looking into a mirror hurts me. What would my fathers visage be now?"»

Gregoire motions to the rain before him, «"Actually, I saw a painting of your father once, I might be able to recreate it, in a sketch when it's not raining like this.» He gives a frown at the mention that the man who murdered his parents is still looking for him, «"Well then, it's good that you are not there then.» He motions to himself, «"My marriage is what brought me here. We are visiting some of her family that has gathered here in Marsilikos."»

Fenris nods his head slowly and his jaw tightens. He keeps his head down and clears his throat. «"Congratulations for marriage. I cannot marry."» He speaks quietly. His eyes do not raise. «"This… place makes me lonely."» He starts to confess. «"As slave I always had things to do and people to help and people to please but here… I have no purpose."» He turns a little and looks at the people working.

«"Why ever can you not get married?"» Gregoire asks with a bit of confusion on his face as he converses with Fenris in Skaldi, «"If you're lonely, it might make sense to marry a noblewoman, have her help you navigate society while you recover from your ordeal."» He runs his fingers through his hair as the rain continues to fall, his doublet and breeches completely soaked at this point but the baron doesn't seem to care, «"And I sympathize with a lack of things to do. In Cleron, I served as a scout, spent my time spying on the Skaldi and on raids when they stepped over boundaries. Sometimes it got a bit solitary but I didn't mind."»

Fenris takes a deep breath and shakes his head. «"Women do not want broken things."» He points out quietly. He keeps his eyes away from the other man. The giant is also soaked though but the cold doesn't bother him. «"I killed many scouts of D'Angeline heritage. I killed many men. I was a warrior for the tribe and I kept them fed and many of them enjoyed my body. I knew what to expect. Here… people are… "» He doesn't speak it but he keeps his eyes down.

«"Man, you might be a bit scarred from your experience but surely you're not broken,"» Gregoire tells him in Skaldi with a shake of his head, «"And it can't be helped…how you were raised by your captors. I would offer penance to Kushiel for my transgressions if I was in your shoes, let them purge my guilt on the matter.» When he mentions that he was used by others, there's a careful look given, «"By your own consent?"» He does not begin to assume that as a slave the man had choices. He has watched the Skaldi and it's clear he's being careful because perhaps he knows more than he should on those tribes and their treatment of slaves.

The giant shakes his head. «"Kushiel offers nothing I do not already feel."» He explains quietly with a growl. At the question of consent he has to think about it. He finally speaks. «"On my thirteenth birthday, I went to bed and soon after felt a weight on top of me. Olek said I was his until I died. He took me. From that day I slept at the end of his bed. If a fought, I was whipped and then taken. I was handed around like a chicken carcass. I didn't fight because one pain was better than two."»

<FS3> Gregoire rolls Composure: Good Success. (8 8)

Gregoire closes his eyes for a moment, stifling the anger he feels as the other man admits the travesties done against him by his captors. Having spent many years on the lines, it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what the giant is telling him. He opens him piercing blue eyes and then makes a point of cupping the man under his chin so he can try to look him in the eye, «"In Terre D'ange, such crimes would come with the death penalty. 'Love as thou wilt' comes with words of consent. No one should have take you so young or given you to others to be taken against your will. Do not feel shame Fenris. They should feel shame for what they put you through.»

Fenris stays quiet as the man cups his chin. Lifting his chin is easy but looking into those soft blue eyes is a little harder. He keeps them looking down and away from Gregoire. «"It was my life."» He grumbles out quietly. «"I knew nothing else. To me that was how slaves were treated. I was fed and bathed and if I was injured on the field I was healed. I had it pretty good compared to others."» He shivers as he doesn't frequently touch others or let them touch him. «"There… it was normal. I was their slave. Their warmth at night. Their shield in battle. I cannot make use of any of my skills here. It would embarrass my uncle."»

«"Can you hunt?"» Gregoire asks him as he realizes his chin, noting at the man's reaction of another's touch and giving him a respectable distance, "«I sometimes sneak out of the city and do a little hunting to relax and hide from my wife."» He gives him a wink, «"Although she's traveling right now, back to the estate to deal with a problem, and punished me by leaving me here so I've been taking advantage of the quiet to do the activities I enjoy. Sadly, she's due back today."» He does make a point of telling the man, «"And if you want a woman or man to warm your bed, you look no further than the Mont. Although, may I suggest one other than Salon de la Rose Sauvage, since your experience there wasn't a pleasant one."»

Fenris nods to the question of if he can hunt. «"I hunted deer. Once was ambushed by a bear."» He turns and lifts his shirt up a little. Thick scratches are down his side. «"I killed it."» He lets his wet shirt go and it just clings to him. «"I don't wish to pay. I feel like…they are slaves like I was. Consent lacks when I pay."» He touches his chest lightly and keeps his eyes down. «"I would wish for someone to willingly care for me. Without money. I was trained to make another happy. Yet that training is what drives people away."»

Ammy wanders out of the crowd, having noticed the tall figure of Fenris through all the people. "Oh, hey, are we showing off scars?" he asks, playfully, a wide smile on his face as he meanders up beside Fenris. "I have dis one from a sword," he offers, lifting his own shirt to show the old scar from a pretty serious, deep sword slash that runs from his hip up to the center of his back. "Who's dis guy?" he asks of Fenris, nodding at Gregoire.

Gregoire looks impressed when Fenris mentions that he took a bear, «"A bear? Now that is some feat. I've tracked boar and stag but never taken on a bear.» He gives a noted look at the scars, letting his eyes linger for a moment but doesn't linger for too long, «"No, they're not slaves, not like you were. They're courtesans, it's a profession they choose.» He does try to assure the man, «"Once they payback their marque, many continue to serve in the salons. If they didn't like it, they would leave to marry or some other profession."» He does give a bit of pause at the mention of the man seeking someone to care for and something about his training driving him away, «"How so my friend?» He gives a pause as the young man joins them in the square where the rain is pouring down, and gives a look at the man's scar on his back, "Nasty one…" He switches back to D'Angeline since there is another there, "And I am Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol, Baron de Monteaux." He motions to Fenris, "I see you already know Lord Gaspard."

Fenris turns his face towards Ammy and he looks at the scar Ammy has. He frowns. «"I don't feel like a Lord."» He shakes his head. He repeats in the right language. "I am sorry you were hurt Ammy. This is Ammy Kovac. He's very… talented with his arts." He grumbles quietly at Gregoire. «"No man.. or woman wants something so used. I barely work anymore."» He speaks softly. «"I can still please someone with my lips and I provide as I was trained."» He shakes his head. «"People are not looking for that. They want a strong man, like you, to be theirs. Not me."» He keeps his eyes low.

Ammy looks between the two men, shrugging at Gregoire, "Nearly got me," he notes, and then he mutters something in Tsingani and spits. "Lord?" he asks, looking at Fenris. "Dis guy," he says with a laugh, gesturing with his thumb at Gregoire, finding it humorous that Gregoire used the title. He smiles at Fenris' compliment, "I make candles," he explains to Gregoire. Then they're speaking some foreign tongue again, and he tilts his head a little. "Should um…" He looks between them both, and more hesitantly offers, "…should I leave you two alone?" The very corner of his mouth turns up at that, and he looks a little more strongly at Fenris.

«"Have you looked in the mirror man, you are handsome and very pleasing to the eye,» Gregoire tells Fenris in Skaldi with a pointed look, «"I would not presume a lack of interest unless you ask and are rejected with hopefully a decent explanation.» He gives a polite nod to Ammy, "It's nice to meet you Ammy. My apologies, I keep slipping into Skaldi." He gives a nod to Fenris, "It's been so long since I've had a chance to use it, I was taking advantage of his goodwill." He then glances at Fenris and then back to Ammy, "As long as you don't mind standing here in the rain, getting wet, you are welcome by me." He gives a nod to Fenris, "I don't know his sentiment on the matter."

Fenris looks at the man's feet and his face flushes slightly. «"I am not."» He states resolutely about his looks. «"I have asked and I have been rejected. I… am alone."» When Ammy laughs at him being a Lord he frowns and lowers his head more. He can feel Ammy's face on his own at the question and he shakes his head. "No. Stay." He grumbles out quietly in the rain but he does step back away from both of them slightly and he keeps his head down. His hand touches his own chest and he grips the tunic there.

Ammy shrugs, "I get it. If I don't speak Tsingani to myself, I don't speak it at all." He looks at Fenris' stepping back, "What?" He looks at Gregoire, and then back at Fenris. He tosses a little punch at the man's shoulder, "Come on. What's up? Did I do somet'ing?" He smiles, "Truly, I can go if I'm in de way." Turning to Gregoire, he notes, "Damn. Who put de sky in your eyes? You could quell a storm wit' does t'ings. Fenny," he looks at the other man, "Did you see dis guy's eyes?"

«"Sometimes D'angeline nobles are fickle creatures, don't let that stop you from searching,"» Gregoire tells Fenris as he easily slips back and forth between D'Angeline and Skaldi, "I served as a scout in the Camlach mountains, that's how I picked up Skaldi." He gives a nod to Ammy, "Not to be rude of course." He gives a laugh at the interaction between Ammy and Fenris, "And you're not in the way…as far as I know." He gives Fenris a teasing look, "Although at some point, I shall have to get out of these wet clothes." He motions to the rain that's still going on, "But the chill hasn't quite made it to my bones yet." He grins deeper as Ammy comments on the color of his eyes, "I've been told that the blue in my eyes have bits of silver in them that gives them almost a grey cast on some stormy days and other days in the light they skin a pale blue. Truly I can never hide anything from my wife because they reflect everything I feel."

Fenris shakes his head. «"I am done searching."» He grumbles quietly at the punch to his shoulder and he shakes his head to Ammy. "Nothing wrong. Please stay." He rolls his tongue around the words. He does finally lift his eyes up to see the man's face and then his eyes but he quickly looks back to his feet. That moment of eye contact shows Gregoire those light blue eyes with amber flecks and green throughout. They speak volumes about what he's feeling as well. It's lonely, scared, and upset. He nods to Ammy about seeing the man's eyes. "Saw…" He grumbles quietly.

Ammy furrows his brow, "So, I'm getting all kinds of dese mixed messages here." He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, considering Fenris. "You say you want me to be here, but den your body is saying you want to turn and run away so you can go sulk, or maybe you want me to go away or somet'ing…" He then stands a bit straighter, and he moves to put himself between Fenris and Gregoire, looking Gregoire right in the eyes. "Or is it you?," he asks, suddenly defensive of Fenris. "Did you say somet'ing to my friend wit' dat language dat I need dress you down over," he says, sternly, apparently ready to just bust into some war right here.

Gregoire raises his hands in a peaceful manner as if he's not looking for a fight with the candlemaker, "No my friend…I wasn't insulting him." He gives a pointed look to Fenris, "At least it wasn't my intention. Just talking about a the past…" He does give Fenris a thoughtful look, "Although, considering things, it might not have been the best course." He gives a shake of his head, "I was only offering the man a bit of friendship, perhaps the opportunity to go on a hunt."

The giant is being defended by the short one. He blushes as Ammy jumps to his defense and he shakes his head and sighs quietly. He lifts his hand and lightly touches Ammy's shoulder before quickly pulling his hand back. «"I tried to be with him but he fancies women only. I try to set him up with women as he is friend."» He grumbles out to Gregoire. "Friendship… " He doesn't seem to fully understand the word yet. "Yes." He grumps quietly as he keeps his head down. "Take time but yes." «"You are not like me. Fancy women. I am glad you found a wife."»

Ammy tilts his head at Gregoire, giving him one final little point of his finger, sort of a, 'I'm watching you,' and then glances at Fenris. "If you're sure, den." And he slinks from between them. And then they're speaking Skaldi again. He sighs, shaking his head a little. "Okay, well, if you two are fine, den I'm… Gonna go… I dunnow. Find some stupid gadje to nab some coin from, I guess." And he begins to back his way out from their space.

«I didn't find her, I was promised by my family before I was even out of cloth diapers, and I can promise you my friend she /hates/ me even as my heart beats for her so…I am not as lucky as you would think,"» Gregori tells the man with a smile that doesn't quite reach the pain in his eyes, «"We all carry our burdens. Hence why I seek my company with others…» And in case it's not obvious, «"Men…women…I am not so focused on one's gender, rather on how they make me feel when I am with them.» He switches back to D'Angeline, "You are a good friend to defend him so." Even if Gregoire is clearly a Scion of Camael that has seen battle firsthand, "But I assure you my intentions are benign. I mean him no harm, only friendship as another from Camlach who has been transplanted here." He gives a polite nod as Ammy starts to leave.

Fenris turns his eyes to Ammy's feet. "Did…you receive the violin?" He speaks softly to the candle maker. «"I am sorry about your wife."» His cheeks flush at what he likes and he nods his head, clearing his throat. The blush traveling to his ears but he doesn't look to the man. "Ammy… thank you for defending me. You are a good man. I am done speaking Skaldi in front of you now." He keeps his head bowed. "We spoke about my past. We talk of friendship. I did speak about you a little and for that I'm sorry."

Ammy suddenly brightens, chipper, "Oh! Fuck, Fenny, YES, I DID get it!" And then he just wraps his big arms around the man in a quick brotherly hug, slapping him on the back as he withdraws. "It was incredible! And it plays beautifully! I got it right before I had to get on dis boat," and he pauses again, cursing in Tsingani and spitting before returning to the common tongue, "…fucking boat…" And then continues, "I got so sick on dat trip from de water moving… ugh…" He rolls his eyes, "I completely forgot it, I'm sorry." He smiles, "You should make more. We could sell dem in de market. You could make a lot of coin, and I'm sure you'd become renowned." Noting to Gregoire, "He's VERY good wit' his hands handling de wood."

"Nothing bad," Gregoire assures Ammy with an apologetic smile, "Just about your friendship is all." Despite their difference in circumstances, there is no apparent conscious thought to his position versus the candlemaker. He treats the man just as he does Fenris, with respect that holds value in another for who they are rather than anything fancy that comes with their name. When Ammy mentions Fenris' skill with his hands, the baron gives the other Camlach lord a once over, "Now that is something I shall take into consideration."

Fenris hugs the man back and then it's withdrawn so quickly. "I am happy you like it. I'm sorry about your trip." He grumbles quietly. Though when Ammy mentions his hands, his face, ears, chest and now down his arms turn bright red and he brings his hand up to cover his face. The heat gets deeper when Gregoire says he'll take it into consideration. He makes a small strangled sound. "Let's get out of this rain…find a place to drink." Fen needs a drink.

Ammy grins at Fenris' sudden embarrassment. Mission accomplished. He nods then, "Oh, yes! I should t'ink dat dis kind Lord de Bapinally here would be honored to buy a drink for dis poor, unfortunate and downtrodden Tsingani chandler." He laughs, "I am serious, dough, Fenny. You would make a wonderful woodworker. I could help you set up a space if dat's somet'ing you'd ever like to do."

Gregoire gives a shake of his head, "Sadly, no, I can't I'm afraid. I do have somewhere I'm suppose to be on my way to." Clearly the big guy here distracted him. He looks at both of them, "If you tell me where you're off to, I'll meet up after I take care of this pressing business." He gives a look to Fenris to make sure the blushing man knows he's sincere, "I'll try to be quick.

Fenris frowns a little and nods his head. "Tourny field. A few tents are there." There is skepticism in his voice that the Baron will join them in tents. "Thank you for speaking…" He takes a shaking breath. "…to me… AND Ammy!" He grumbles and rubs his face. He groans and moves behind Ammy, bumping his shoulder in an invitation to follow him.

Ammy lifts his brow. "Dis whole t'ing is weird…" he mumbles to himself, still not really sure what just happened. He sighs, and then shrugs, turning and following off after Fenris.

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