(1310-10-08) Barefoot Meetings
Summary: Two ladies meet the priest in the Temple of Eisheth.
RL Date: 2018-10-08
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Temple of Eisheth - Marsilikos

Architecture so very reminiscent of Hellene style is apparent in the tall columns of milky white marble rising all the way to the high ceiling that has been painted with floral patterns of finest artistry, giving the hallways surrounding the atrium-like space in its center an airy feel. More frescos cover the stone walls, some depicting Eisheth healing the sick and the wounded, others showing scenarios of lighter atmosphere with Her as the patron of arts, playing a lap harp, singing and telling tales.

There is a path if one follows the pattern on the floor inlaid with moasic stones of various green shades, a path that leads from the impressive double doors in a winding circle deeper into the center, an inner square with no roof where the sacred pool is located. Moss covers the rocks surrounding it, and they must be climbed if one wishes to anoint themselves in the holy waters of the pool. Fire and candles of beeswax can be found in a cabinet in one of the hallways. And there is hardly a day, when the effigy of Eisheth on the larger rock in the center of the pool has not one or two freshly lit candles at its feet.

Priests and acolytes attired in the sea-blue robes of Eisheth clergy roam the temple, ready to offer counsel, arrange for healing services in the nearby infirmary or perform rituals to worship the patron Companion of Eisande. Light filters in through circular windows of stained glass, painting the interior oocasionally in shades of blue, turquoise and green, especially on sunny days.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is warm and clear.

The morning is not terribly pleasant, and so in many of the temples acolytes and Priests are scurrying around to light braziers and keep things somewhat pleasant. This is even more important in thr Temple of Elua, what with the partially exposed building and the no shoe rule. So Tavi, red haired and bare footed, can be seen moving quickly to light the fires that will keep the temple warm and inviting.

Inesse takes off her slippers before moving inside. Her guard remains at the door as he is not keen on loosing his shoes where he might hide some secret equipment in order to protect his lady. So, the young lady is left alone to wander in the holy place. The expression of widely opened eyes betrays that she is here for the first time. She observers every detail of an impressive interior. Her fingers are nipping on the rosy skirt of her dress since she carries it raised a bit as if in hope not to make any noise, including the fabric sweeping over the floor. Step after step, tiny and careful step after step, are taken as she carries herself deeper and then stops somewhere around the middle. She turns around and lets out a quiet, "Ooooh…" It does sound louder than Inesse expected. So, she quickly brings her fingers to her lips to muffle the sound of admiration.

The Lady Verreuil comes prepared, her last visit having cost her a set of stockings. Perrine steps aside, removing her shoes to bare the flesh beneath, adjusting her skirts so that she can see to her work. Her shoes are set aside as the cold already beings to creep into her feet and spreads upwards into her ankles. Unbidden she shivers against the cold, wrapping her cloak around her tightly to help battle the spread of the chill.

Crossing the opened cobbles towards the brazier her eyes set with dark circles pronounce her exhaustion. The hood of her cloak is given a tug, freeing her dark hair beneath it as a swath of color catches her eye. The Siovalese directs herself toward Inesse, her foot falls drawing on the icy cool flooring beneath her. "Lady Inesse," she speaks, her smile forming to gather some life into her countenance, warring with that evident pale hue of her skin.

Tavi does in fact hear the noise of admiration, and so he bustles over with a fresh brazier and a blanket to set down in front of whomever has arrived. Inesse gets a beaming smile. "It is quite alright to be appreciative, my lady. Wecome to the Temple of Elua. I am Brother Tavi Delaunay; please let me know if you need anything. The heat should help momentarily," he says, spreading the blanket out for cold feet or body to rest on. Seeing Perrine he gives an even more genuine smile. "Lady Perrine!" He greets happily. "Please, warm yourself here. I have a gift for you!" And he murmurs a word to an acolyte to go get said gift.

When a young lady hears a familiar voice, she immediately turns to face the other woman. A warm smile lights up in her features as she offers a polite deep curtsy, "M'lady! It's a pleasure to meet you here again. Well, not exactly /here/ and /again/ but close enough if you get what I mean." She chuckles and shyly lowers her gaze down. Inesse is speaking of their meeting on the pavement when Perrine left one of the Temples. "Do you visit this Temple often?" She asks.

When the blanket is presented, the Baphinol lady definitely uses it's warmth and this smile in her features grows even wider. She also curtsies to Tavi, "I am lady Inesse Baphinol. It's a pleasure to meet you." But then her gaze simply starts to wander from the priest to another lady.

"It would see, it is a pleasure to see you as well, savior of ducks," she jests an amused smile easing into place. "I do. Mostly to Shemhazai's temple but I have recently found the benefits of bare feet. It certainly grounds one and gives something for the mind to focus on. Especially given the chill," Perrine remarks and glances towards Tavi as he brings comfort and warmth.

"Brother Tavi," a warm greeting is given with a tuck of her chin to accent her words. "Brother Tavi is the one that managed to steal my stockings from me. I have learned should I plan to arrive that it may be best go arrive without them." Blue-grey eyes twinkle with mirth before the mention of a gift is made. A turn of her expression shows surprise, "I must admit to not expecting such a thing but am entirely curious now." Her admittance is made with a delighted step forward to join the Baphinol, her gaze lowering from Tavi baring him a curious once over before besetting the younger lady. "How have you been?"

Tavi laughs at the accusation of stealing. "Perish the thought. I merely safeguarded them," he offers an amused aside fo Inssse, clearly taking no offense at the jest. "And please, no need to curtsy, I'm just a Priest of Elua and we are all noble here anyway. Is there anything that I can assist either of you here today? Besides keeping the chill away as best I can."

Inesse giggles and the exchange of humor between the pair. But the rest of the time she simply polite remains in the background. Though, when Perrine asks her an exact question, a young lady folds her hands inf ront of herself and nods, "I have been very well. Thank you for asking. What about you, m'lady and Priest of Elue?" Her eyes jump from the woman to the man. "And thank you for your concern. Though, I came here only because I wanted to see how the Temple looks like in this city. I am new."

"How kind of you," Perrine remarks easily as her eyes draw upwards to Tavi. "I think we are rather well, your kindness is already noted," skirts lofted an inch from the floor with questing fingers to help it rise. She wiggles her bare toes sans even stockings this time. Lessons are learned quickly. Sharp eyes return to her companion lady she shares the blanket with as they warm near the dancing flame. "Then we shall be new together, Lady Inesse. I find the countryside of Eisande to be a more gentle respite than the mountainous landscape of my own home. It presents a nice change and I am sure it will show its true colors come Spring. I must say that will likely be my greatest enjoyment, besides walking in bare feet in the Temple of Elua," she grants the last with a nod of her head to Tavi. "Brother Tavi, the Lady Inesse is a savior of ducks. The first day I met her she was concerning herself with one such creatures well being. Blessed Elua certainly lives within her."

Tavi grins at Perrine's comment and het demonstration. "I am happy to hear you have thought of it as a benefit, Lady Perrine," he offers, and then raises an eyebrow to Inesse as he hears of her heroism. "Oh yes, that's wonderful. What had happened?" He queries, before an acolyte brings a small bundle him. Tavi thanks the young man and turns to Perrine. "Two gifts, my lady," he offers sincerely. One is a pair of freshly laundered stockings, folded and tied together with a blue ribbon. The second is a small painting of the moon over the bay in Marsilikos, but painted in nothing but shades of black and white.

"Oh, mountains?" Inesse looks up to the lady at her side. "Does that mean you come from Camlach? Do you know lord Eneas? He is quite an interesting man. I have met him few days ago and…" She blushes and immediately looks down to her own lap. "Of course you know him! You have met him that day… I am sorry!" She peeks at Perrine and smiles. Though, the other words bring a burgundy red shade to her cheeks and Inesse not only looks down to her lap but also turns her face completely away from both of her companions. "You flatter me, m'lady. I didn't do anything. I am not even sure if the duck has survived and found his home." Thanks to the angels that the gifts are brought and the subject may change. So, the young lady focuses on the painting. "It's marvellous!"

"Blessed Elua walked unshod it must have meant something to be able to connect with the ground beneath his feet," her observant tone reflects a curious thought or two that goes unsaid after when she shakes her had to Inesse, "No, Siovale, my lady, not has rough a land as Camlach but a demanding one all the same. We have the benefit of being further South," she explains and then smiles a bit easier, a light color taken to her own flesh. "Ahh yes, the Lord Eneas, I do recall him," is simply said.

"I did not mean to cause you embarrassment, my Lady Inesse, just that I remark on your kindness to all creatures. It is a blessing, a nature such as yours," offered with a light touch of her hand to the Baphinol lady's hand moments before her attention must be given to the stockings with their blue ribbon and then the painting. Mirth sparkles in her eyes as she dips her head in regards to the stockings and those are quietly moved to her other hand so that she can take the painting in its shades of light and dark. "Brother Tavi.." is said with obvious loss of words to follow. "Tell me you have signed it, so that when I display it that I may be able to say that such a talented painter as a brother of Elua had gifted this to me?" A glance is offered to Inesse as she moves the painting in such a way as her compatriot can view it.

"Blessed Elua cares for all those in His sight, my lady, and has a special love for those who bring comfort to others," Tavi tells Inesse sincerely. "It is nothing to be embarrassed about." But then it is Tavi's turn to blush sheepishly as Perrine takes the stockings and the painting. "As much as it pains me to see you hide your lovely toes I did want to return those," he says of the garments. "I signed it on the back, but I don't think it's worth all that. I learned a lot I would do better the next time," he offers in sincere modesty.

When Inesse has a chance to take a better glance at the painting, she even claps a few times, "That was done by you, lord Tavi? It's absolutely georgeos! I would have never g-…" The door to the temple opens with a louder jar and Inesse's attention is taken by that sound. She notices that this is her guard who peeks in and when he catches his lady's gaze, he gives her a wave to come out. So, the young girl nods and turns to the rest of the group. "It's a pleasure to meet you both. I welcome you both to visit my mama's residence and me. Whenever you want. You both are more than welcomed!" She smiles very broadly and offers a deep, polite curtsy. Then she raises her skrit up a bit and literally runs towards where her slippers are. Then she puts them on and walks off together with her guard.

The Verreuil lady gives a nod in agreement with the brother, her smile remaining as eyes make their path between the two with a look of contentment despite the exhaustion painted in the dark depths below her eyes. But it is a matter of enjoyment over the piece in its relief colors, giving a shake of her head at the Brother's modesty. "A gift given in thoughtful artistry is worth a great deal, Brother Tavi. I will place it it amongst my other cherished art pieces, thank you," she says to him once more, glancing down at her toes that occasionally peak from beneath the hem of her dress though seem warmed by the blanket that has been offered.

Hesitating at the moment she is about to say more Inesse is suddenly offering her departure and good byes. "Yes of course, I would be glad to visit, be well, Lady Inesse," the voice calls after, bemusement clear in the laughs that rises past her lips. "She is so young yet, there is great hope for a lady such as her. I hope that life is good to her," she asides as her grey blue eyes mark the other's path.

Now she can study the painting once more, a hand holding the bundled stockings lifts to drape her fingers across the brush strokes and tonal changes. "I have a great many things, Brother Tavi, but I do not have a painting done by a man of Elua. It is a gracious gift, I know not how I can ever properly thank you."

Tavi smiles when she says she will cherish it, and looks down at her toes. He grins and playfully pushes the blanket over them, brushing her skin with his fingertips for a brief moment. "She seems a wonderful person, and I will hope the same." He smiles again. "You do not need to thank me, Lady Perrine; the fact that you like it is more than thanks enough." But as a healer it seems he hasnt failed to notice the signs of her tiredness. "Have you been well?" He asks with genuine concern.

Toes scrunch up when they are covered and his hand strays against chilled skin, causing a stray upward curl of the right corner of her mouth. "I hope it is enough," she counters and carefully tucks it to the crook of her arm with care, making sure that her dress will keep the surface of it from taking harm from the damp air. Lost in her normal quiet contemplation she nearly misses the worry for her health. Eyes alight upon his concerned expression, "I merely am tired for want to sleep. Worry not, I have sought help. Given time I am sure all will be mended."

Tavi feels how cool the skin is and blushes a little bit, but at the slight tease of a smile he smiles back. Rather than moving his hands, warm from carrying braziers, if she allows him to he will rest his hands on her feet to warm them. "I'm glad you have sought help. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know?"

"I will of course, brother," Perrine promises in lilting voice, caught in softness when his hands press their warmth her feet. She slowly blinks as warmth spreads from his hands but also saps it in turn so that he will be left chilly handed the longer he remains so. "I am not certain it will be my answer to everything. I have no true answers only a hope to be rid of troubling thoughts and dreams. It does not help me either that my greatest joy can only truly be viewed at night. I worry I have brought this upon myself with studies," she explains. The furrow set to her brow remains, the topic not inherently relaxing so that even her feet will feel tense.

"I wonder, brother Tavi, do you. not have troubles yourself?"

Tavi does not seem particularly bothered by the prospect of cold hands—but then again his lunatic order does run around barefoot in winter. "If need be you would hardly be the only noble in the city to keep a mostly nocturnal schedule, to allow you your evenings while still trying to get some rest. Most of the others do so for carousing, but that doesn't mean yours would be less legitimate." He does feel the tenseness, and starts to gently rub her feet to allay some of yhat. "Of course I do, although none now close to yours. I have heard people saying my grandfather is back in the city, which could be terribly awkward depending. He was not on the best terms with my father when he and my mother died

"All troubles are troubles, no matter what they may be. Everyone needs a willing ear," comes the proffered aid. Her chin tucks, watching the press of his hands and finally the attempt to ease her tension. Feet flex beneath the touch with a soft reticent breath drawn past her lips. The Siovalese noble focuses on the matter had hand, the logical, the problems, the troubles that will help her adjust to the act of kindness. "Yet that was your father, not you. I would hope that a peer of the realm would only be too happy to see his kin. I would not let that worry you, I would instead look at it as an opportunity to help bridge the gap you feel is there." Trying to solve problems is her forte and by chance it may be best to only offer comfort and the talent of listening.

Tavi smiles wryly. "Former peer; my aunt is the current Comte Delaunay, and her eldest daughter Gabrielle the heir," he answers absently. "I hope he will be, but…I cannot say it doesnt make me anxious. I remember him as this imposing figure of my childhold, as well as the source of the odd naming traditions my family ended up with

Tavi offers this last bit with more amusement than anxiety, whatever the odd names are.

"When you were a child, you are a young man now, brother," words are simple, matter of fact and the lady carefully bends down to touch his shoulder and if he allows will take his arm to draw him up. "I am not about to lose my toes, the blanket will be sufficient but you should sit with me," the lady prevails upon his good sense and upon offering and his acceptance tugs the blanket with her to ta nearby bench. Lowering to it, she reaches down to set the blanket so that her feet have some comfort. Tapping the bench beside her with a palm, the Siovalese carefully sets the painting against the bench arm beside her. "You will face him as a new person, brother, not as a child."

Tavi blinks and laughs, as apparently talking about his grandfather had him distracted. "Sorry, of course you're right," he blushes sheepishly again as he moves to sit with her. "Are we ever truly adults to those who knew us in our swaddling? My mother was a Coquelicot, and some of the courtesans who were her friends still look at my siblings and I like we are babes in arms," he offers wryly.

"Perhaps not, but you are better armed than you were before," she offers, giving him a full smile, a toe dragging across the blanket beneath her. "You will always be younger than he or them," she begins with a wrinkle of her nose with her own amusement apparent the pads of her fingers smoothing across the fabric of her dress. "You are also a priest, a good one at that and your grandfather will respect that," her assurance and confidence in his position is given with a canting of her head and skyward glance. "If you are truly worried you may consider meeting him with another family member, I am sorry I can not be of aid in that realm," the lilt of her voice means genuine concern for his plight.

Tavi shakes his head and smiles at the concern in her voice. "I promise you I will be alright. I don't like being disliked by anyone, so I worry at the thought of someone not doing so. But it is a very minor concern," he says with a smile. "But thank you for your concern." He grins. "And thank you for thinking I am a good Priest."

"My words are merely a reflection of the treatment I have received, brother Tavi," she offers with a canting of her head and a motion to the gift that rests beside her. "Not to mention that my feet are now a little warmer for your hands," her words come as a hush, a tucking of her chin to allow her gaze to sweep over the pale toes. "You exemplify blessed Elua, no one could dislike you, brother." She leans forward, adjusting the blanket to cover her toes to help keep them warm. As strong willed as she may be the temperature is a weakness.

Tavi beams a smile back at her as she speaks, and then laughs at the mention of her toes. But he does notice the blanket pulling. "Lady Perrine, as much as I hate to suggest going anywhere you might be able to put shoes back on, might I offer you breakfast at the Golden Harbor? It is warmer by far, and I haven't broken my fast yet this morning. I would be happy to treat you to food or at least a cup of mulled wine."

Toes curl again, the blanket moving with their shifting progression before. she kicks it away to lift her foot. "To lessen my connection with Elua you mean…"she muses and then peers down at his own feet. "Do you plan on going without if we are to go together?" Perrine asks curiously, a glance up at him given before she rises to her feet, carefully retrieving her panting with a great deal of care. "If you are to walk without, I would like to try as well," she turns then, a flare of skirts as she remains unshod and extends her free hand down to him to join her. "I will take the wine for certain, and maybe something else, but a drink will do."

"Well, that or I do think that you look very pretty barefoot, although that's certainly true shod as wel," Tavi offers with a grin. He nods at her question, wiggling his own toes. "Yes, and I will be happy to walk quickly with you on your first experience," he says as he reaches out to take the offered hand. "I do like the feel of the cobble stones especially, worn smooth by centuries of shoes and feet."

"You are kind, brother, though I can see the benefit of walking without," she considers, fingers curling about his hand to tug him with her as she leaves the blanket for another, abandoning it for the cool cobbles and flooring. Her shoes are noted, tucked against the wall and she is quick to release his hand and gather them. Her guard, having stayed back steps forward to receive them as well as her stockings. The painting remains in her hold as she considers the second guard stepping forward. "Take this immediately to the residence," she instructs him in such a way that has him moving off rather quickly to achieve his goal.

Her slender hand will once more be offered back to Tavi, once connected she will stride out of the Temple beside him, a gasp escaping her as the chill outdoor cobbles are quite an unforgiving difference in temperature. Her expression becomes one of utter determination.

"You can call me Tavi, my lady, if I can call you Perrine?" Tavi asks as he lets her help him up. He smiles reassuringly to the guards. "I promise to see her safely to the Golden Harbor, and make sure she is warmed," he tells the men solemnly as he takes her hand once more. "It does get better, and if you regret it by the time we get there I will be happy to warm them again." And then he joins her, moving quickly. The weather gets to him as wellhe is no supernatural creaturealthough he was expecting and used to it.

Their hurry through the streets comes something of hastened need, the lady even going so far as to push herself into a jog. Dark hair trails behind like a cloud, a streamer in the wind as her hand holds to his hand. It is a longer trek than previously thought, they finally arrive, the lady flushed with exuberance as she laughs, stepping quickly inside and pulling him with. The lead she may have taken but once inside a smile blossoms brightly upon her lips as she looks upon him. "Finally…I have not run through the streets of a city in quite some time," she remarks and then looks him up and down, "How are you fairing, Tavi?" She has accepted his want to call her by her given name and she his.

Tavi moves in to a quick walk, and then a jog to keep up with his companion. They must make quite a sight, two nobles with bare feet and streaming hair of red and dark. At her laughter he lets his out as well, warm and genuine as he steps up with her in to the tavern. "Everyone should have an adventure from time to time. I am doing alright, looking forward to sitting and warming up. Thank you, Perrine," he grins as he moves with her toward a little booth.

"I have not been on adventure in quite some time. Running bare foot through the city will mark my return to them," Perrine says in that jovial tone that remains, born of her delighted laugh. She wipes her feet to the floor of, moisture wicking to leave a streak and after the impression of her foot prints on their way to their seats.

Releasing his hand, she is gathering her skirts, damp hem brushing the back of her bare leg. Lowering herself to sit she fans out the wealth of fabric before looking to him. "Mulled cider sounds perfectly wonderful after all that."

Tavi grins. "Then I am honored I got to help reintroduce you to adventures," Tavi saus eith another laugh as he too wipes off his feet and moves to join her. "You seem like it energized you a bit. Its delightful to see." He then nods, and orders two mulled ciders from a waiter.

The chill from outside lingers in her extremities, but the promise of a hot drink gives her hope. "Yes, thank you for that, I have strayed so far from my earlier dreams as a child. Likely to remain that way even," she lets out a sigh, curling her feet to trail the bottoms over the floor on their forward brush. Eyes close and she rests her hands to the top of the table. "It is not wonder Elua was the creature he was. Bare feet would breed compassion, comfort allows us to forget hardships and basic joys. Such as the warmth of this room compared to the cold outside."

Fortunately for them the staff is used to those seeking warmth, and mulled drinks are quick to be brought to the pair. "We should always try to remember who we were and what we wanted as children. There is a simple joy to be found in the things that delighted us when we were young. For example, what was your favorite meal?" He then nods, watching as she brushes her soles on the wooden floor. "It reminds me of the world that exists beyond our concerns. And it reminds me to remember the people in this city and the world who would be grateful for the shoes which I could put back on in a heartbeat. And you are very right, it gives us the chance to reflect on how much we can enjoy delightful things like warmth and thick carpets." He smiles to to Perrine. "You are wise to think of such things; many would just view it as an eccentricity, rather than a chance to understand and consider compassion and joy."

The mulled wine is gratefully gathered, allowing the scent to waft upwards as she takes a deep inhale. Perrine sighs and despite looking relaxed perches at the edge of her seat well and truly alert with her perfectly asserted posture. "My favorite meal…the thick clam and cockle stew that was made by the chef at our Villa. We would away from the mountain home to that of the port side holdings. We spend a few days gathering what would be used and exploring the caves, cataloging all we saw with my father," her words are distant while her gaze has gone equally so. Finally she focuses on her companion, "It was not just the food but the other memories that came with it. Like my brother," she admits frankly. Sipping at the hot liquid, she is careful not to burn her tongue or lips as the drink begins to cool. "Wise? Perhaps but I think rather that I have an open mind. Everything around us it taken in and measured by all our senses and we often drown our sense of feel by wearing gloves and shoes and clothes. It lessens the experience. To truly understand something one must have the use of every sense."

Tavi nods at her recollection, taking a sip of his cider as well as he listens to her. He smiles as he listens, although since she has discussed some of her past he knows the memories are not unvarnished good ones. "My family did much the same in our lands near the ocean. Eisandine families have much the same relation to the sea as many in Siovale, Azzalle, or Kusheth." He then laughs a bit. "An open mind is the most important first part of wisdom. So many do not have it, I would say you shouldn't disparage the worth of havjng one." But then he nods. "We create walls to protect us—physical ones, and ones for our senses. But we can experience great truth by venturing beyond them. Although the complete abandoning of clothes for sensations is probably best in summer, or at least private," he offers playfully.

"I do not disparage it, merely that is not wisdom in the sense that my father has. In time I will hope to be able to offer truth in my own experiences to others," Perrine opines and sets her glass aside. A dry laugh escapes her, lifting to draw her lips with it as her hands reach out to take his and pauses. "Close your eyes, Tavi," she instructs, keen grey blue eyes assessing him until that moment he answers her bidding. His hand will feel the coolness of her own, slender fingers that are not entirely soft. Roughness is there, but its minor, ineffectual like the chapping of skin on a winter day. They speak their words in minor paper cuts, an accident here where there is the traces presence of a scar along her wrist as she guides his fingers to feel it. Its glossy, smooth, different form the rest of her. "Other senses often trump that of touch, it is overridden with images, sights, and sounds, smells. Touch is the truest form of understanding, it matters not if it is light or dark, what smells are around," she rests her hand in his. "This is truth, touch. It is a healing presence, it is the contact each of us needs to survive. If one be blind or death, perhaps both, this is what matters."

"I think you already do," Tavi says sincerely. At her request he raises an eyebrow slightly but complies immediately, eyes closing. He lets her guide his hand, which similarly has its own minor roughness from preparing herbs and winding bandages, to its destination. His fingers test the scar with a healer's deft touches. "I could not agree more. Often to diagnose internal illnesses we have to close our eyes and use our touch, because the eyes can be distracted or fail to perceive. And there is much healing in the presence of another. It is why Balm often sleep next to a patient, to help banish the phantoms of their dreams with a real presence." He smiles, taking her hand in his and squeezing it gently. "May i ask what happened to your wrist?"

Perrine makes a soft agreeing sound without words, eyes opening when he finally takes her hand and asks his question. Exhaustion has reigned supreme in that moment and her grey eyes are hard to open. Drawing a breath, she attempts to shake off the siren's call to sleep. "I was young, in those days we traveled on trips deemed safe with my father. I got to see many things and places in my youth," she recalls with a depth of fondness as her eyes focus on him. "I was impetuous, moved to do foolish things because my brother was a daredevil. He urged me to climb the rigging of the main mast after him and so I did. I am afraid that I was never quite so strong or in perfect health as he was. It often kept me from being adventurous like was. This in turn caused me to fall to what should have been my death." A shake of her head, "But my arm got caught in the rigging, the rope dug deep leaving a scar and my arm was dislocated. I am glad I was so young, for I do not remember the pain that came with this tale."

Tavi smiles softly as he watches her struggle toopen her eyes. Unless she moves to pull it back he will continue to hold her hand, gently stroking the skin on her wrist in a way designed to be comforting. He winces at the story, but nods. "The angels look after daring children sometimes, and I am glad it was so here. If your arm or shoulder ever bothers you I know some tinctures which can help." He smiles softly again. "I also know some teas which can help with sleep, and I have been known to sit next to the bedside of special patients to make sure they sleep. If Im not being too terribly forward," he adds with a deep blush.

That exhausted gaze is brightened by her smile brought on by his offers of aid, "He does, though we missed one years go. I am sure he has tended my brother well," Perrine comforts herself immediately in regard to her lost twin. Hand in his grasp turns and she sighs, the lines upon the planes of her face smoothing as her eyes close. "Special patients," she whispers in mirth, blinking eyes open also that she can look across at him. "You are kind, Tavi, and I do not say that because you are a Priest of Elua and yet I do. Only those who have the greatest compassion can even begin to walk in his footsteps and aid his children. Your grandfather should and will be proud of you." How she circles so easily back to his own troubles. "What a sorry state I am in, let us drink our cider and I would like it if you would see me home. Our conversation has eased my thoughts and I feel as though I could rest without waking for days."

Tavi nods solemnly as she discusses her brother. He blushes a bit more at her repeating of special patients, looking sheepish before he smiles at her. "I think the best thing we can be is kind, as it is so rare in the world." He then shakes his head. "Not a sorry state at all, just one which needs rest. I would be delighted to escort you home. Should I call a carriage to forestall another walk?"

"My adventure is not yet over, Tavi. Let us walk, it will help to keep my head clear and allow me to question you why you blush so," Perrine begins before realizing her exhausted state mixed within the small trace of alcohol. "That was a little unlike me, I would never pry," she admits and finishing the mulled drink to help warm her, she will relinquish her hold on him to make an elegant show of rising from her seat. The soft hush of her skirts follows before she stands, turning to await him with an expectant blue gaze and ready smile. "Thank you, Tavi, I only wish I was in a better state to share your company."

"My adventure is not yet over, Tavi. Let us walk, it will help to keep my head clear and allow me to question you why you blush so," Perrine begins before realizing her exhausted state mixed within the small trace of alcohol. "That was a little unlike me, I would never pry," she admits and finishing the mulled drink to help warm her, she will relinquish her hold on him to make an elegant show of rising from her seat. The soft hush of her skirts follows before she stands, turning to await him with an expectant blue gaze and ready smile. "Thank you, Tavi, I only wish I was in a better state to share your company."

Tavi laughs at the comment, shaking his head. "I dont think it is too unusual to blush when one asks a beautiful woman if she would like you to sit next to her while she sleeps," Tavi says wryly. "Or when she points out you did call her special. And there is nothing to apologize for, because it was not prying and your state is fine. We have had an adventure, shared wine, discussed weighty things. What else could one hope for?" He asks rhetorically, standing and moving to once more join her in a cross city bolt.

"But I thought Priests were above blushing," Perrine remarks with mirth coating her soft words. She will take his hand once more and though she will be swift, she is not as quick as she was before. The Verreuil residence door opens as they get near, her guards already waiting for her return. The heiress will beckon him into the foyer and he will be provided anything he might need. It is here however that she turns to face him, a slow tuck of her chin offered to him. "Should I find my dreams and my nights too insurmountable then we will speak of comfort found in company. But I like to try to battle for myself," she says. The Siovalese woman takes his hand and grips it. "Touch," she simply says and if he allows she leans in to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth. "For my painting and your company, my friend." She steps back, releasing his hand to allow it to rest back in his singular hold.

Tavi cannot help but blush a bit at that as well, and shakes his head. "If so I will have to work at it, because I am certainly not," he confesses before they run again. He follows her in to the foyer, where all he takes is a towel to dry a bit before he makes the dash back. He smiles. "Admirable, as long as you do not forget there are people who will aid you in the fight." He lets her take the hand, squeezing back, and is about to say something when she kisses him on the corner of his mouth. He blushes again but grins. "You are welcome for the first, and always welcome to the second. May the companions walk with you, Perrine," he bids sincerely.

"I think, that our next meeting shall be here. I would like to show you the library," Perrine offers, and in doing so has marked a deeper acquaintance with the priest considering how the Siovlese are with their knowledge. "Be well, and run for me. Enjoy it and know that I wish I could be there with you," she says. "I will again when I am not so tired," she promises as fingers release his. "Please visit when you feel you are able," she offers, her guards waiting at the door for the brother. Already a servant has come bearing a warmed towel for her as well, helping to usher her to one of the chairs in the large foyer. A house physician is not long after them as Tavi is shown out, words can be heard, "You know you should not do such blantantly careless things, all we. need is for you to catch your death." Her voice will be heard, "Ines, please. Stop your fussing and what is life without a little risk," she returns, looking far more weary than she should.

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