(1310-10-07) The Lady meets the sea
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Gemma arrives from the TP Hub.

Gemma has arrived.

Aurore Eltoine de Trevalion had told the guards to bring the young girl to her chamber, as soon as she arrived without warning, without a up heads up, it is her way to act quickly, with an iron hand. She is sitting there on the balcony, with a goblet of untouched wine as she sits there dressed in black dressed, her long legs crossed, waiting with a bored look, as she is peering over the city, with a shake of her head, that long blakc hair is moving and back and forth over her face, painted white with a bright blood red lips, and her fingers are wraped around the goblet.

Gemma doesn't dawdle, folowing the servant with quick steps. Nervous but trying to hide it she steps into the chamber as the door is closed behind her. Looking about the room she approuches and dips into a curtsy, "Good afternoon my Lady." Her cloak has been left down at the door and she is dressed simply but richly without flaunting herself.

Aurore watches her now, and then she licks her lips slowly, as she lifts the goblet to her lips now, to take a long sip of the wine, and then he nods towards her."Now then, pour yourself wine, and then we will start, sit with me, and you will talk to me, and you will be honest with me, and I will approved or deny this, my son sent me info for you, that your noble, but that blood means nothing to me."

Gemma smooths down her skirt as she sits, nodding her thanks for the offer of wine she carefully pours herself a glass. Taking up the glass she sits ont he edge of the seat, one hand nervously resting in her lap as she takes a sip of the wine, "Thank you." lifting her eyes, studying you for a long moment before asking, "What do you wish to know? I have nothing to hide."

"FIne then, why shiuld I allow you to be nothing more then a Consort, I know he loves you but how can you lead my house?" Aurore looks her right in the eye, as she sips her wine slowly, with a cold look at Gemma."I'm sure your a fine woman, but do you have what it takes to lead, to rule, to political, and to be a high lady, not just a woman that he loves."

Gemma's shoulders relax a bit, the first question isn't too bad and rather expected, "I may not lead a house but leading my da's business and ordering for his ship I imagine is just as in depth and moreso. Running a house you can forget something, ordering supplies for a ship if you forget something it can mean death. My weakness I admit is in the political agenda but that is also a plus, it gives me a reason to stand back, to listen and tell Thad what I hear."

<FS3> Amoux rolls 3+3: Good Success. (7 8 1 1 7 4)

<FS3> Gemma rolls Composure: Success. (4 2 2 5 1 6 8 6)

Aurore nods slowly, with that cold look still on her face, and then he she leans back in her chair, and her eyes on hers for a moment."Spoken, well the feelings are there, but are the skills the tools there, and the poliical is a woman's game not a man's game, so without that skill your usless to this house, Thaddeus is impulsive, and a not social, and he is a plotter for war, not in worlds like this, I bet he never told you he cheated on his wife, when she was sick."

Gemma doesn't show any surprise, "Rather typical for a man and in our society it isn't such a crime. If he went to one of the houses and hired a courtesian would you consider it the same?" she studies the wine in her glass, "Yes here in Marsilikos it can be a woman's game and the men that come to live here don't always understand that."

<FS3> Amoux rolls 3+3: Success. (3 1 5 6 5 8)

"Nah what if another woman, goes after him a lady, and seduces him, and he is not a man that has much knowledge of that, and he may be lead astray, his father has the same issue." Aurore watches her now still watching her with a cold indiffence, and her tongue slides along her lips slowly, as the wine is lifted again now, with a nod of his head."Now then, tell me what makes you okay with my Thaddeus, why you wish to marry him?"

<FS3> Gemma rolls Composure: Success. (5 4 1 2 2 4 7 5)

<FS3> Amoux rolls 3+3: Failure. (1 1 3 5 5 2)

Gemma lifts her eyes to study you for a moment, "My reaction depends a lot on Thadd himself. Does he admit to me he was led astray? Do I find out about it on my own? The woman, is she someone like Lady Ailene who just doesn't know any better or is the woman out to steal him away?" lifting her glass she takes a drink of the wine, "I love his caring heart, he tries to hide it but how he reacts to Lady Ailene gives it away. He cares for the men under him, his family. He isn't just a noble, his heart is noble."

"I see, I see, so if he is honest you would not be mad at him, his first love was when he was a grown, man much like his father. His wife hunted him, and I see that happening to have him over the years, it happened to his father, and he told me about it, and I never got mad, as long as he returned to me on the sea." Aurore the voice is warmer now, as she is sips his wine slowly, and then she watches her for a moment."If you promise to not skin, him alive with each other woman, and to know he is a man that craves adventure, that leads to be picks in life, and I may honor this."

Gemma shakes her head a bit, "No, I would not be angry with him. I was angry once but not because of the woman. At first we tried to hide our relationship, he was worried about your reaction." smiles a bit, "I walked in on another woman in his lap. I wasn't angry at him, I was angry that I couldn't tell the woman that he was already taken." her shoulders relax a bit more, "If I was going to react like that I would have to react that way to the sea and that is very difficult. As you know, the sea itself is another woman." returning your smile she says, "With luck he will take me on those adventures with him. He has been very worried about this meeting."

"Of course he has, and run this house mostly, since his father has no joy in this, but I have trained him to know more then he does." Aurore nods slowly, with a little chuckle, as he watches her siping her wine slowly, and then she nods slowly."I bless this marriage, and I bless the trouble it may bring you, and you may write me, and you are welcome in this family, just remeber the men in my house are swindlers, and a scoundrals with good hearts, never forget this and you shall be able to make it through, welcome to the family Gemma."

Weight lifts off Gemma's shoulders that she didn't fully feel, "Thank you, I look forward to being in the family." lifting her eyes, a small bit of humor in her voice, "Do you wish me to address you in any particular way?"

"Not at all, call me Lady Aurore is in public, in private as you wish to by my name." Aurore Stands up slowly, with a little chuckle, as she looks at Gemma, and then she laughs softly."You remind me of myself, when I picked my man, and it was a fight, and it wasa struggle, now then make him truly commitment, to you."

Gemma pushes back her chair to stand, "I will be honored to." her cheeks flush a little, "Do you have any particular month that you prefer a wedding to be held? We haven't spoken of a date, he wished your approval first."

"You may pick anytime you wish, and that is in your hands, I will be in town for a month or two, working on a few alliances." Aurore nods slowly, as she moves towards the door."Now then, speaking of that I have one such meeting shortly, I bid you good day Gemma."

Gemma says, "Have a good afternoon Lady Aurore." moving across the room, she quickly opens the door for you.

Gemma spent the rest of the afternoon at the house, not out in the garden idling her time away but with the housekeeper. Meeting the servants and getting a proper tour of the house. She's felt nervous about doing anything like this earlier but after the discussion with your mother she feels it's something she would approve of. As dinner approaches she steps out of the kitchen, having been shooed out by the cook. Spying the garden, she goes out to enjoy the cooling evening.

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