(1310-10-04) Of First Kisses
Summary: Rosalie happens upon Quentin after not seeing one another for sometime and someone finally allows someone to kiss her.
RL Date: Thu Oct 04, 1310
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Le Cascade

Taking a smaller path that splits from the main one, following it through the trees and down a small slope, and a person would find themselves in a large glade at the foot of a waterfall. Entering the glade is like stepping into another world; for no views of the city, or the sea that can be heard in the distance, are possible from here due to the trees that surround it. It's here that the river which has wound its way through the Eisandine fields, tumbles over a fifty foot cliff and into a pool at its base before continuing on its way. Over the centuries the rocks surrounding the pool have worn smooth, and the natural hollows and formations of which they comprise allow for sitting or bathing in the sparkling clear waters, or for stretching alongside the pool in the warmth of the Eisandine summers. Trees around the edge of the glade offer respite for those that prefer to seek shade when the sun is high, and one large flat rock that overhangs the pool is a popular spot from which to dive. %r%rAt some point in history, someone carved a small grotto into one of the rocks behind where the water cascades, and lovers will often place a devotion to Naamah here, asking her for blessings.%r

It was a lovely cool and fair fall morning, which made Rosalie want to explore the woods a bit more and eventually she stumbled upon La Cascade. A soft smile curls her lips as she finds a dry spot to sit and watches the waterfall. Kit, the fox, is in the process of drinking from the water and then off to go forging for some live treats for himself.

It is not quite the popular season at Le Cascade, with the weather having slightly turned and the air a little cool. It is still a very pleasanr scene, and one that a dark haired young man is enjoying from a blanket, his shoes off and next to him as he sketches. Quentin blinks as he sees Rosalie come over and sit. ?Lady Rosalie!? He greets with a warm smile. ?It is good to see you again. Would you join me? I have spiced wine and some baked goods.?

Rosalie looks surprised at the familiar voice and as her honeyed eyes land upon Quentin, she blushes deeply as she truly smiles as she makes her way towards him as she says, "Lord Quentin, I am surprised to see you, I thought your family would be having you tend to matters back home." Her steps easily moving her towards the offered blanket and lowering herself to sit upon it, carefully rearranging her sword upon her hip so she can sit comfortabling. Her hands moving the bow and quiver to be rested beside her as she says, "You know I generally prefer harder liquors but I will have some of the wine with you this once. What brings you to Marsilikos?"

And Rosalie isn't the only one who is happy to see Quentin, Kit comes bounding over and begins to sniff all over the lord, perhaps looking for some sort of hidden treat in a pocket!

Quentin chuckles. ?While I am sure my mother would love to have me back home, my father would like me to find something that I can do with my life besides being idle and spend his money. Which I do agree with,? Quentin adds with a grin. ?I would much rather have a purpose and spend his money.? He pours a cup of wine for her, and holds it out. ?To that end I am going to be working as a clerk in the Ambassador?s Tower, learning diplomacy. A favor my father called of the Duchesse.? He then laughs as Kit comes sniffing over, and reaches out to break some brrad off and give it to the fox.

Rosalie's hands reach out to take the wine from him as she lips, she sips on it, making a face as she swallows, never been a fine of wines but she tolerates them mostly. Kit takes the bread and scurries off to go and eat it in some nearby brush, as Rosalie's eyes follow her fox she says, "Oh?" Soon they land back upon Quentin as she says, "My parents are wanting me to find a husband… And in truth I am just wandering about the woods and gathering my supplies for my hobbies, no luck yet today but it is still a young day."

Quentin laughs as she grimaces. ?If it is truly not to your liking I can likely have someone run back and get you something. They are keeping a distance but I do have guards here. Being a Duc?s son has some privileges, even with the restraints.? He offers. ?And are you finding luck in finding husbands? Or husband, I suppose you are only searching for the one.?

Rosalie offers him the mulled wine back as she says, "Please. Like rum or something. And the guards can be handy I suppose. Perhaps I should stop ditching mine all the time then. And I have not had luck really no. I mean… there was this courtesan I had to slap cause he tried to steal my first kiss. But no one has really… caught my interest in a such a way. And I would prefer the one yes, not sure how keen I would be about sharing my heart with another in truth. Though I am sure you have ladies throw themselves at you for such possibilities now that you are of age for them to do so."

Quentin nods at the request, and leans back to call for a guard to go Do the Thing. He then looks back to Rosalie. ?I am sure you will find someone who is meaningful to you, my lady; which is what is important. True things,

Quentin nods at the request, and leans back to call for a guard to go Do the Thing. He then looks back to Rosalie. ?I am sure you will find someone who is meaningful to you, my lady; which is what is important. True things, valuable things, meaningful things.? He offers this with a genuine sincerity. He then snorts. ?I am sure they will when they find out I am here. But I have only been in the city for a day.?

Rosalie smiles to Quentin as she says, "I only recently arrived myself in truth. Maybe just a few days ago. And I really do hope I find such. I feel like the courtesan is just trying to garner a assignment from me but he will be sadly mistaken if he thinks intimacy will come from me asking him to paint. Oh… and I found out the Hall of Oddities wasn't at /all/ what I expected and swear I almost fainted seeing all that was within that room."

Quentin quirks an eyebrow up at that. ?So this is my first time in the city except for a trip when I was a babe in arms. What is the hall of oddities?? He asks. ?Also…you had to slap a cheeky courtesan within a few days of arriving? We are in the big city,? he laughs.

Rosalie uhs softly and goes bright red as she bashfully looks away and utters, "It is in the… the Courtesan House… the Glycine one… and umm… I rather not explain it… but it does not have the kind of oddities I make. To be clear. And I had to slap him the day I arrived. His name is Amoux and he is of Lis d'Or but if I do commission something from him, it will be nothing more than a painting." Her eyes then looking back to him as she asks, "Have you… ever visited one of the salons?"

Quentin blinks a little bit and laughs. ?Oh, is it like bondage equipment or Mandrake stuff then?? Quentin asks curiously. ?Nothing to be embarassed about there.? He clearly botes the name she gives, and then nods. ?A couple of times. I had a first night on the Mont in Elua when I turned 16.?

Rosalie stiffens as he inquires and she blurts out, "I.. I have never… seen a… a Mandrake so I don't know… it was like… masks and weird sheets.. and just… all sorts of tools I have never seen before… I don't want to really remember any of it." She nods softly and says, "I don't know if… any of those salons are right for me really. Paris, the one who gave me the tour and showed me the Oddities room, I asked him to make me a dress since he mentioned he does. For like… the parties… but I doubt I will ever commission one for the… more intimate things…" SHe bites her bottom lip for a moment before she murmurs, "You know how I am about such things." A hint of wanting echoing in her eyes, he had seen it once before long ago but before she did anything she had ran off and could probably sense the nervousness echoing off of her.

Quentin hmms a little bit. He doesnt seem too put out. ?Well, heaven knows you don't have to try anything that you don't want to, my lady. But there are some things that you might find that you enjoy, if you experiment with them. I do seem to recall that you didn't mind me rubbing your foot to see how badly you were injured."

Rosalie blushes deeply as he reminds her of the foot massage and softly utters, "I… I didn't but I couldn't… really get away then either given how badly sprained my ankle was. But… I did like it…" Her breathing hastening a touch and squirming slightly as she softly inquires, "Were you wishing to rub them now?" He truly is one of the only non-family members that she has allowed to touch on her without getting slapped before her arriving to the city.

Quentin raises his eyebrows. "Did you want to get away? Besides being hurt, I mean." He is a perceptive young man, so he notices the hastened breathing and smiles. "If it is something that you want, I will be more than happy to renew my acquaintance," he offers playfully.

Rosalie bites her bottom lip and explains, "A little… not exactly use to people touching me so it was… rather intense." She looks away as he points out her possibly wanting something and whispers, "No… I mean… I… I did like it when you… massaged my foot… if.. if you… wanted to again… you could… I… I have no desire to run…"

Quentin smiles softly, and apparently decides to take advantage of being one of the few people who are allowed to touch her. He places his hand on her shoulder softly. "Lady Rosalie, you are allowed to want things. It is neither shameful nor wrong. I would like to, but only if you want to as well."

Rosalie stiffens a moment but she relaxes after just a moment as she looks to him and murmurs, "I liked it when you did just…. I…" She shakes her head softly as if trying to talk herself out of something. Her eyes focusing upon his lips before she looks to her feet and offers, "You can rub on them. I did like it… just… maybe try to not make me squirm as much?"

Quentin listens intently as she works her way through it, and smiles

Quentin listens intently as she works her way through it, and smiles. "Then you will need to be barefoot, Lady Rosalie. As for squirming," he grins. "If you like it I can make no promises you won't get squirming. Especially since I remember that you were more than a little ticklish. But I will be careful and not do anything without talking about it first."

Rosalie bends over to begin to remove her deerskin slippers as she says, "That is done easily enough and given you gave me Master Fluffkins and helped me back then. I trust you with my feet. He is doing well by the way, and growing like a weed. I still remember how small he was when you gave him to me. Barely as big as the palm of my hand."

Quentin waits until she has taken off her slippers, and reaches out to take her ankles and bring her feet in to his lap. With warm hands he begins to gently massage the soft skin. "I am happy to hear that he is doing well!" Quentin says sincerely.

Rosalie bites upon her bottom lip as he grabs her ankle and draws her to spin a little as her feet are drawn into his lap. A soft moan escaping her lips at the action and she bashfully looks away with a hint of a smile threatening to curl her lips. She offers, "We could go and see him later if you like. And you could meet Bushy and Miss Claws as well." The scent of apples beginning to echo stronger around her as heart start to beat a bit faster in her chest.

Quentin grins. "You know, you do seem to enjoy this," he teases. "And you do look quite beautiful without your shoes. Although you look beautiful wearing anything," he compliments. At the scent of apples he grins, and holds her ankle while giving her feet a quick tickle. "What else do you want to have happen? And I would be delighted to."

Rosalie giggles and squirms as he gives one of her feet a quick tickle. She hmms softly and murmurs, "Oh I.. Well… Nothing… I just.. why would you think I… I would want something else to happen?" Her cheeks flushing deeply as she tries to hide her desire of what him to just kiss him as her eyes stare upon them for a moment before looking off towards where she hears Kit playing in some of the nearby brush. The scent of apples only growing stronger as she bites upon her bottom lip. Last time he smelled it that strong, she slightly booped his nose with fingertip of her index finger and ran off limping with her cheeks flushed near the color crimson.

Quentin grins. "Because you are squirming, blushing, and letting me tickle you without trying to pull away. These are pretty good signs." He leans in to gently kiss the top of her toes, and then her delicate ankle. And then, assuming that he gets a good response, he will reach out to cradle her head as he leans in to kiss her eagerly on her waiting lips.

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Composore: Failure. (5 1 1)

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Composure: Good Success. (7 7 5 6 4)

Rosalie sharply inhales and sucks her lips into her mouth, gently biting upon them from within as her cheeks remain flushed as he kisses upon the top of her toes and does her best to not make a sound as he kisses her ankle. Her eyes going wide in surprise as his hand reaches out to cradle her head and her breathing hastens as he leans in closer. Her heart pounding in her chest just as their lips meet, her hands grasping upon his shirt and pulling herself in against him as she returns the kiss.

Quentin is not a world trotting lothario by any means; but he has some experience, a lot of confidence, and the blessings of Naamah. He is a pretty good kisser, his body warm against hers as he teases her mouth with his tongue. His hand moves from her head toward her back, stroking her skin through her tunic.

Rosalie's hands release his tunic and caress around his back as she melts into the kiss. A kiss she had wanted for a long time but too shy and timid to claim it. Her lips partly and her tongue shyly dancing with his own. Eventually though she breaks the kiss and gently pushes herself away from him to catch her breath and process what all just happened as she looks at the small bit of ground between them with bashfulness. "Wow…." is almost whispered as her hands withdraw from him and she utters, "baby steps… that… that was… umm…" She smiles as she looks into his eyes for a few moments before looking away bashfully once more.

Quentin breaks the kiss with reluctance, although when she goes he doesnt try to stop her; he respects that boundary. He grins as she pulls back. "Baby steps," he agrees. "So I should pin you down and tickle your feet until you agree to have dinner with me; but should not push my luck in seeing if that breath earlier means you would like having your toes sucked. Got it."

Rosalie blushes deepyly as she says, "I will have dinner with you Quentin… but I.. I… well… you know I like you toying with my feet. Just… welll…" SHe blushes and goes bashful once more with that true smile still upon her lips and she requests, "Perhaps… we could well… head to.. to… um…" Her gaze then looking about, seeming to worry about someone happening upon them and soon just utters, "Privacy wanted…."

Quentin nods. "Well yes, but if you just say it then we don't get the fun of the holding you down part," he points out as if it is the most logical thing in the world. He nods at the second part. "I do have a carriage not too far, and I would be delighted to escort you home?" He offers, holding out an arm even as he playfully grabs your slippers to keep them away.

Rosalie feigns a pout at him as he takes her slippers and murmurs, "You will have to carry me if you not let me wear those you know… And I would like the escort please." She clicks her tongue in a certain pattern he has heard before and Kit comes out and hops into her Satchel as she begins to slowly stand up.

Quentin nods solemnly as he leans down to pick her up, gallantly chosing the 'bride over the threshold' method rather than a fireman carry. "Of course. But if I let you put them back on you might run away again, or not let me tease you in the carriage."

Rosalie gasps as he hoists her up and her arms move to wrap around his shoulders as she murmurs, "I.. I didn't.. I meant… oooh… nevermind." SHe relaxes as he holds her like that, seeming to accept it and not really fuss besides her mild attmpt and then forfeit without him needing to say a word. She murmurs, "And what if… if I not wish them to be teeased!"

"Then I would not," Quentin answers simply. "Bevause it would be rude and ungentlemanly and because Kit might bite me," he explains as he walks her to the carriage. He will help her in before joining her, and let her arrange herself however she wishes.

Rosalie smiles at his words and makes herself comfortable in the carriage as she murmurs, "I doubt he would bite you." She giggles a bit and makes herself comfortable within the carriage and bites her bottom lip when it does take off.

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