(1310-10-03) A Breakfast Date
Summary: After things going so well at the Dance of Colors party, Emeraude requests and dinner date with Narcisse.
RL Date: Wed Oct 03, 1310
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The Golden Harbor

Situated close to the Opera and upon the famous wine cellars below, the Golden Harbour Restaurant offers the same refinement it expects in turn from its clientele. The name has influenced the choice of interior, where walls have been painted in sea green with golden ornaments, and one wall features the outline of this city's harbor in gilded painting that will catch the warm light of candles and oil lamps. Candelabras made of brass show the likenesses of mermaids and seasnakes. Tables and seating are of dark mahogany, cushions and upholstery done in dark green velvet, heavy drapes of similar color set into the ceiling that can be drawn to allow a certain privacy when such is wished for. Staff is attentive and discreet, and up to the standards of high nobility in their quality of service. They are clad in the unique livery of the place, sea green gowns, chemises and trousers, always tidy and well kept.%r%rMeals served here are mostly local seafood dishes prepared from sophisticated recipes with inspired seasoning. Finest wines are available, both red and white, a supply never ceasing as they have the wine cellars below, to acquire even the most exquisite and costly vintages if requested. High windows offer a view over the city, especially where it slopes down to the harbor, with masts and sails of ships moored there visible in the distance.%r%rThis room has [ansi(hg,places)], see [ansi(hg,+help places)] for more information.

It is a lovely fall morning and Emeraude had sent Narcisse a missive requesting to have breakfast with him at the Golden Harbor, one of her favored places to eat within the city, the bakery tied with it in her favoritism. As is lingering by the entrance with her guard as she awaits him while wearing a softly glimmering gold colored bodice with nevy blue ruffled skirts, her slippers making her bodice and her hooded cloak is matching her skirts. The hood of her cloak is down and blonde tresses arranged in a partial updo to aid in keeping her hair out of her face.

This was an invitation that Narcisse of course could not decline after their first meeting and the young Trevalion Lord even seems in a chipper mood as he makes his way into the restaurant with a brighter than normal smile gracing his face. His outfit consists of a navy blue silken shirt with golden buttons, covered by a hooded cape also colored navy blue with a golden lining. The pants he wears to them are also blue, just like the silk gloves. Just the leather boots stand out a little in their black. He pulls back the cape that covered his well-groomed black hair from getting messed by the storm outside and spots Emeraude immediately and makes his way towards her, though doesn't say anything as if expecting her to act first.

Emeraude brightens as she sees Narcisse and draws towards him as she says, "I am glad we could have breakfast Narcisse. Did you have a favored place to sit while we dine? And I must add you look very handsome today." Her cheeks softly flushing as she pays him the compliment and begins to easily move along with him as the make their way towards a table to sit at.

Narcisse keeps his smile as his gaze wanders over her form, before landing upon her face again. Looking deep into her eyes with his own gray-blueish he nods his head "You look as beautiful as ever, also I must say." And yet he can't deny that her words have definitely the desired effect of stroking his ego just at the right places, as he takes her hand with a tight, yet tender grip and leads her towards one of the smaller tables "I think this will suit us well enough unless you expect some more company?" the words more a rhetorical question.

Narcisse sits down at Table 3.

Emeraude sits down at Table 3.

Emeraude sweetly responds to his compliment with her cheeks pinkening a bit more, "Thank you." Her smiling growing more as he takes her hand in his grip, almost bouncing on her toes as she walk with him, though she contains herself as gracefully and slips into one of the chairs at the small table as she happily responds, "I was not no. Have you though about what you might get for breakfast?" As one of the staff approaches to inquire about their drinks and she responds to them, "I would like a glass of white wine for myself please." Her blue eyes then looking upon Narcisse to see what he is getting to drink.

Narcisse has just that little devilish gleam in his eyes at the blush of her for some reason, before he then responds with a shrug of his shoulders "Maybe some cheese and fruits to go along with the wine.." Speaking of wine, he looks at the servant once he arrives and orders himself a glass of white wine as well. Once that is taken care of, his gaze falls on the woman at his side once again with an inuiring look "So what is it exactly that got you here in the city?" he asks, resting one hand on the table, gloves still on.

Emeraude looks back to the staff as she says, "And I would like the same as well though I also would like one lobster please." The staff then going off to tell the chefs what was requested and another brining back the glasses of white wine. As she takes her she says, "To make new friends and allies…. as well as find myself a husband. And what brings you to the city Narcisse?" Her free hand resting in her lap as she wines for her wine with the other.

Narcisse reaches for his own glass of wine and then focuses his attention back on Emeraude, listening to her plans as he takes a sip before setting down the glass. Pursing his lips, his gaze strifes off to the distance, he says "Well, I'm from a very influential family, so we have quite some money, too. And I know how to invest it well enough, having some businesses running back in Azzalle successfully…" He briefly pauses to raise his chin proudly. "And now I am here to look for some promising opportunities to take advantage of… though…" he adds with just that slightest bit of interest in his voice "I might have to think of finding myself a wife sooner or later as well."

Emeraude smiles as she sets her own wine glass down and responds, "I am very good with money as well but having my husband be good with it would indeed be ideal. Especially if he would let me aid in his endeavours as I would allow him to aid in mine if he wished." She pauses before she inquires, "What qualities might you look for within a wife? What flaws might you be willing to accept?"

Narcisse quirks an eyebrow as he kind of can guess where this might lead to, but soon enough he leans back in his chair and smirks at her "That is some good skill to have unlike my cousin who spends her allowance on unneeded things.." he shakes his head, even a soft chuckle escaping his lips and then continues "Well, she certainly should be easy on the eye." with those words he idly appreciates her beauty with another glance over, before adding "And also be smart and most important she should be of pure blood at best a Scion…" He reaches for another sip of wine, before shrugging his shoulders "Other than that I haven't thought much about it since I am not that likely to inherit anyway."

Emeraude fondly smiles as she says, "Well, I am a scion of Eisheth. So I suppose I fit such criteria in the bases forms at least. And there are many qualities I want in my husband." She picks up the wine glass to sip from as the food arrives, looking over her lobster with hunger as she sets the glass back down and begins to cut the lobster into small dainty pieces as she informs with a soft smile, "You are one I am considering for such, however I am in no rush and want to take time for us to better know one another, learn each others faults. I am not one to be hasty. In certain pursuits at the very least. Do you have any objections or queries to such consideration?"

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Narcisse gives her treatment of the lobster a curious glance but nothing more than that as he takes a moment to consider the things said. He then shrugs once again and finally takes off his gloves, showing off his elegant, long fingers. "Given that you have a title, I already assumed that you would have more than one courting offer.. so I will guess I have to convince you that I'm the best of choices indeed… and I hopefully already gave you one /argument/" he intones the last word in a certain, naughty way, but then focuses on the food again, as he reaches for one piece of camembert and cuts it into mouthful of pieces himself. "But be assured that I might not be on the market forever myself, considering my family name and good looks…" he adds with a smirk and then puts one of the smaller pieces in his mouth, chewing on it.

Emeraude cheeks flush a bit darker as he mentions the argument in such regards, her breathing hastening a touch as she responds, "Yes, you have. And I just request a reasonable about of time for use to know one another. As you saw how I already keep things rather meticulously organized within my chambers. I have some eccentricies as well and what to ensure that you not mind the ones you not yet seen." After she speaks she begins to eat five individual pieces of the lobster, one at a time, and then sips upon her wine. Then switching to eating five of the smaller pieces of cheese and once more sipping upon her wine, then five individual grapes and a sip of her wine. Her pattern meticulous and perhaps a touch obsessive, given she tries to make sure all pieces are about the same in size.

Narcisse nods his head and is just about to say something, when she just puts an example for her odd behaviours on the display or so it seems. And there is some amusement sparkling in his eyes, but no disgust, as he remarks with some dry humour "Well at least family dinner would never get boring that way, I assume.." And soon enough he returns to his own food, eating and drinking it in a more ordinary way than hers, before he chimes in "Of course I will let you your time to get to know me better… a marriage is meant for life after all."

Emeraude smiles happily as he comments about her eating and has no disgust of it, relief echoing in her eyes as she says, "It would be I do suppose. And I am glad that you will and it is for life. I want to ensure that we will get along even in the darkest of times. Be one another's strengths in the others weaknesses." She pauses before she inquires, "What hobbies do you have?"

Narcisse gives another nod in response, before he says with a smile on his face as well "Yes, I would be there for you no matter what." His lips are touched by another sip of the wine before he murmurs "My hobbies are not as manlike as one would expect…" and there's a faint blush on his face, as he stammers a little "Besides my love in poetry I do have a passion for fashion and everything else beautiful… but I've been to the sea as well, of course and I quite enjoyed it." With a curious look at her face he then asks himself "And what are your hobbies?"

Emeraude ohs and looks pleasantly surprised before she says, "Fashion? Now you make me curious if you happen to make clothing pieces, I was just talking with my brotehr Tavi about the want of a new full gown for parties. Might you be willing to aid me in such? As for my hobbies, I love to paint, all forms, I have no favored style in truth and I am also adore the fine arts and dancing." She pauses before she inquires, "Do you write your own poetry Narcisse?"

Narcisse lets out a little laugh at her words and shakes his head "I might give you some good advice on what would look good on you, but I would leave the stitchin to those who are skilled with the needle.. not to mention that I think such work is underneath my position.." And with that he lifts his chin arrogantly once again, showing maybe one of his /weaknesses/, though that fades soon enough as he smiles "Yes, I witnessed myself that you are a quite skilled painter indeed. And I tried myself at poetry once… but I guess I would need some more practice before I would consider myself skilled."

Emeraude doesn't seem to mind his arrogance upon such things and nods softly as she responds, "I have an idea for a gown, but I need someone to sketch it and then another to make it if who I find is unable to make it. Tavi made mention of Lady Isabella I believe. So I am hoping to cross paths with her and discuss it. And I feel one should always practice their passions. For each step getting closer to having a mastery at it is just going to make it taste all the more sweeter when finally achieved. I am even passionate about the economy and making sure my land is maintained. I believe in putting your all into something else how can who say you truly made an attempt." More a statement than a question given the lack of heaighten at the end of the word attempt, soon continue with her meticulous eating pattern, though soon pausing as she requires a refill of her white wine.

Narcisse nods once again along with her words his eyes meeting hers for a brief moment, while he keeps eating along in his own pace and has his glass refilled as well with an obsolete wave of the hand towards one of the servants, who comes rushing by immediately. And then he smirks, turning his attention back to Emeraude "I think my cousin Ailene knows Lady Isabelle well enough and she could clearly get you both acquainted…" See he got connections, too. "Though she is back in Azzalle for the time being from what I heard, that little troublemaker…" his voice has nonetheless a fond sound to it, when he speaks of her and then he nods once again "Yes you should put an effort in everything you aim for or else you cannot succeed that is true." Wise words spoken he can't help but still be a little bemused at her eating antics.

Emeraude brightens at the news and says, "Oh that is wonderfully delightful then and I would be appreciative of it. Perhaps we could all have lunch sometime, a small little get together. I desire a dress that contains all lovely brights colors in truth I adore them, all colors I have my favored but there are very, very few I dislike. Since you are a fan of fashion, what style of dress do you think would look the best upon me?""

Narcisse nods his head at her words "That sounds like a good idea indeed.." he answers with a soft smile curving up his lips. Taking another sip from his glass it just seems to empty so quickly. And then he settles his glass on the table once again and continues, giving her a quick overlook "Well, I like the colours you are wearing right now… And you are certainly a beautiful woman so you can certainly wear something that underlines your… /features/".

Emeraude brightly happily as he agrees with her idea and compliments it, kindly responding, "Thank you Narcisse," She grins as she muses, "It was just what I felt like wearing this morning. It varies every day as you have seen. And I adore my bright colors and I do desire my party gown to be more daring or even racy, something that will be eye-catching. How would you feel about me wearing something like that upon your arm?"

Narcisse nods along and his eyes seem to be more hungry for her body than for the food in front of him for the moment, but after a desperate clearing of his throat, he then looks into her eyes again, his hands trembling just the slightest. "I like saucy…" he admits with a little grin flashing up his features "As long as you promise only to tease those things to other men you may wear whatever you want of course."

Emeraude bites upon her bottom lip as she smiles while blushes as he eyes hungryily looking over her body and she squirms in her seat in delight for a moment. Her eyes affectionately gazing into his as she murmurs, "If I am upon your arm I am coming home with you, I promise. But I do want to garner attention and compliments from others. I need to get more accustomed to being around large groups after all given my title and the fact I may need to occasionally speak at court. What better way than a saucy, daring colorful dress at an event?" Inviting herself to be his date at the next party that might come up they will wish to attend together.

Narcisse smiles even more as he spots that little embarassment on her face as it seems to amuse him. His eyes don't leave hers for now, though his hand reaches out to touch hers, even if it may seem improper he doesn't mind for the moment. "I can't deny you anything of course since you are of a higher title than me like you said… and of course you can try to seek the attention of others as well…" he says with a smirk, but there's something in his eyes that might tell her that he isn't totally happy with that fact. Shaking his head to get any bad thoughts out of it, he then murmurs "And of course you will be my company at the next formal event." he answers her unspoken question.

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Emeraude's fingers wrap around his hand as he takes hers, smiling happily as he does, not minding if it be deemed inappropriate or not, even giving his hand a little squeeze as it remains in his grasp. "I am quite glad for that and I promise I will do my best to ensure that you know my attention will mostly be on you that not and night others. Now… I must inquire, do you wish to know of the current other who is for consideration or would you rather be kept ignorant upon such things?" She can reads his emotions like a book, indeed concerned for his feelings.

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Composure: Good Success. (8 6 4 3 2 5 2 8 4)

Narcisse lets her hold his hand like that, not seeming like the tough nut he normally is on the outside, but he manages to keep his feelings under control, just giving her a warm smile in reply to the squeeze. "You can tell me…" he assures her with a nod of his head regarding her question "I assure you that I won't grow mad or anything."

Emeraude smiles at his words and she says, "There is only one other, Lord Colombe, however he seems to really not be keen upon the idea of marriage and he told me to seek out others for such but to still consider him since he mind could eventually change. He was the first I happened upon when I was exploring the city after being gone for so long." She nips her bottom lip and murmurs to him, "In truth, I want my heart won, given whoever is able to claim that first, gets to claim what I am guarding even while still playing." Returning to her food after she speaks, remaining in that exact pattern until she seems to eat the last of the cheese to which she finishes with the grapes and pushes away her dish, seeming that it isn't acceptable if she is able to continue her pattern to clear her plate and begins to sip upon her wine glass as she watches him fondly.

Narcisse quirks an eyebrow at her words and he smiles brightly while he finishes his own cheese, not seeming to be too troubled by what she has to say. "Challenge accepted I guess…" he then says once he has his mouth free again to do so and raises his chin with that Trevalion pride gleaming in his eyes. "So what does it take to win your heart then?" he muses, not really expecting her to answer that straight away. With that said he pushes his own dish away as well, having finished his breakfast, too.

Emeraude blushes softly as she says, "In truth I want you to be yourself and I want to exchange gifts of thought. Things that take a while to come up with that you think I would enjoy, I am not going to make it easy for anyone. Which would make the victory all the sweeter should you win it now wouldn't it?"

Narcisse nods his head, having already expected that answer "And I will show you just that I'm worth it… not just between the cushions…" he says pretty bluntly, causing his own cheeks to blush only briefly if at all though. Looking at the empty plates on the table, he then asks gently "So should we take our leave then?"

Emeraude giggles at his words, bashfully looking away as she squeezes his hand once more before drawing it away to left her wine and finish off her glass in one large gulp as she tries to calm her flushing cheeks. At the question she looks back to him and says, "I think that would be best, did you have any meeting you had to attend or could I garner your attention for the rest of the day?"

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Narcisse empties his glass as well with his other free hand and then sets it aside, before fidgeting with his pocket to pull out some coins and leaves them on the table to pay the bill. Rising up from the table, he then offers her a smirk in response to her question "So far I don't have any appointments for the day… do you have anything specific in mind to occupy me with?" he asks, really more inquiring than suggesting something naughty.

Emeraude graceful raises as she utters, "Well… we could… go to my room and paint if you wanted to. Or I could show you the ballet routine that I learned and not many have seen. But I am more than willing to do it for you."

Narcisse now finally blushes a little himself, as he mutters "That ballet routine sounds kind of intriguing to me I must admit…" he keeps his voice lowered for the time being, though his breath grows just that little bit hotter, as he nods his head, taking her hand "Well what are we waiting for then?"

Emeraude slips her hand into the crook of his arm and begins to move towards the exit with him as she happily says, "Nothing Narcisse." She gracefully walks along, eager to show off it seems.

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