(1310-10-02) Meet Lord Duck du Pond
Summary: A chance encounter of two ladies, a charming lord and the brave Lord Duck du Pond in the Temple District.
RL Date: 2018/10/02
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Temple District

Cobblestone paths amongst well-kept greenery lead from the square in the center to a number of Temples, each dedicated to one of the Companions. The Grand Temple of Eisheth is the most imposing building, as it is in fact the biggest Temple of that faith in all of Terre d'Ange. The Temple of Elua lies opposite, with Temples of Azza, Anael and Shemhazai to one side facing Temples of Kushiel and Naamah on the other. An air of holy contemplation can sometimes be felt, where a circle of benches in the center of the square take advantage of the shade offered by a number of apple and peach trees. It is here that priests and acolytes of the various faiths sometimes gather for theological conversation, or just to enjoy a moment of divine tranquility.

The weather is quite warm but windy. Today the sky is nothing like before. It seems that a child began to paint on it with a light white color but then suddenly got annoyed and smudged, and spread the white color all over the light blueness. That's how a wind messed up the sky and the hair of a young lady who is currently kneeling on a cobblestone path which leads from the square in the center to a number of Temples. The spot she has chosen is closer to the Temple of Naamah.

Inesse is a small little thing and so remains unnoticed by many who have various problems of their own. Men, women and even children pass the girl by and care little of her effort to tame a bird. Yes, she has her hand extended towards a lonely male duck. His head is glinting in various green and blue shades because of how the rays of sun dance on his feathers. He turns his head to the side eyeing that tiny crumb of bread in the lady's fingers. But then he turns his head to the other side and notices a much larger piece of bread in her other hand. "Come here, you are lost…" She softly tries to convince.

Inesse's guard is standing very close to his lady, observing how she pointlessly tries to find a new friend. His current duty would be to make sure that none of the passerby stand up on her expensive skirt which is spread around the stones of a pavement. Rose and Red is her an exquisite dress made from gorgeous sheets of silk. A pointed hood and bell sleeves lend whimsy to its design. The outer panels and inner lining are made of rosy blush. The center panel, made of patterned brave red shades, features a square neckline and lacing over the bodice that evokes the look of layering. Accents of this same fabric appear throughout the dress on the hood, front, and sleeves. Her long sleeves are let loose for a dramatic effect. Rosy lacing on the back of the bodice helps ensure a perfect fit.

Eneas is not with his friend/companion/guard/manservant today. Renauld apparently needed a day to cure his hangover. Ahem. Not that Eneas feels like he needs additional protection from the man when he is just out and about the city, for as usual, a sword hangs from the belt at his side. He is dressed simpler today, not the usual black leather pants and vest, but simple white cloth pants and an very modest linen shirt, in the same off-white color, only bysected by the black belt that holds the sheath. Against the wind, he does have a simple dark cloak around his shoulders, though it is left to hang open as he walks from where the carriage had dropped him off.

Stepping towards the temples on the cobblestone path, Eneas might not have given the girl trying to befriend a duck much heed either, if it was not for the guard that seems to wear the house colors of a certain girl he just met, and it is then that he deviates from his path towards Camael's temple to investigate further, stepping closer to the mismatched trio. For a moment he just watches, as he stops a good distance away, and only then does he speak up. Not too much to scare the duck, hopefully. "Try tossing him a bit. He'll be greedy enough to want more of the bread you hold, but he might come closer to get what he can reach…", he offers unsolistiated advice.

The door to Shemhazai's temple opens, emitting the slender figure of the Verreuil lady out and back into the day. Her guards drenched in her house colors fall into step behind. Perrine is adjusting the closure on her cloak, pausing adjust the lay of the hood so that she is quite readily composed. Her direction takes her along the couples in a northern direction and back towards the noble district when she hears the instructions offered by Eneas to Inesse. Her long steady strides slow so that she may make a study of the unfolding scene, finally pausing and straying a step thereafter to bring her closer.

The simple silk of her silvery blue dress whispers against the cobbles as she draws closer. Her eyes move from Eneas to the young lady and finally the duck she is coaxing towards her.

The girl smiles broadly when she hears that familiar voice. She, of course, follows the advice given by an older and wiser man. Eneas says - Eneas knows! So, she brings her own hand closer to break a smaller piece of the bread. She throws it closer to the duck who flinches, steps back and eyes the girl. Then he eyes the newly arrived figure but his greedy attention goes back to the bread. So, the duck waddles closer and nips on it. Once the bite is swallows, that bird looks at Inesse with an expectation to get more. She does so, but throws a snack way closer to herself. It makes the duck grow hesitant. But like a lord would crawl towards the free glass of wine, this little bird finds his courage and way to the other piece of bread.

Inesse's joy grows seeing that this tactic is way more successful. "Do you think we can catch him and bring to the pond back to his family? He must be terrified!" She says not taking her gaze away from the lost bird. "Would you catch him for me, lord Enis?"

Eneas says, Eneas knows? That is a dangerous idea to have about the Mercenary. Sure, secretly the Cameline knows more things than he lets on sometimes, but to think his voiced ideas are always good ideas would be a dangerous dangerous misconception. Ahem. Still, when the tactic of coaxing the bird closer works out, Eneas chuckles. "See? You build trust by feeding them at the edge of their comfort zone. And before they know it they are in too deep…", he comments, probably more to amuse the guard than the young girl. Hopefully she is not quite as cynical. Yet.

With the arrival of Perrine and her entourage of guards, Eneas turns his head, then his body to keep the little group in his peripherial vision. "Ah, Lady Inesse. How do you know he wants to go back to his family? Perhaps they have been horrible to him and he enjoys his freedom, roaming free finally?", he comments, with a faint teasing tone in his voice. "He can fly, you know. If he wished, he would find his way back.".

Though no body may have asked her, Perrine chimes in with her own observations, "To be alive to is to wander freely unhindered, though perhaps if you feed him enough he may find your company all together pleasing and follow you where you go for a time. Or likewise see if his free will is outdone by his hunger if you were to leave a trail of crumbs. A study in and of itself," she remarks. A thoughtful expression as taken its place upon her brow and a flight, indeterminate smile pulls at her lips. She had started to lean forward to speak to Inesse who is likely more inclined to the level of the duck to coax him. Rising then her grey eyes remain on the duck and lady combination before they slip back to Eneas and she inclines her head.

"Forgive my interruption," she finally offers them both. "Lady Perrine Verreuil," is offered as way of mending her interjecting herself needlessly.

That kind of makes sense. It's not what Inesse would like to hear but it does sound clever. She pouts and sits on her feet. Dark eyes observing the duck who now noms on a third piece of bread. She is so focused on the animal as if she would be trying to read his mind. Of course, this is not successful, so lady Inesse has to trust in the words of a man who has experience in life. The duck can fly. And if Eneas says that they can find home…

But then another voice speaks into her ears. A voice of mischief bringing ideas into her little head. A pet duck! She could go everywhere with him, and everybody would like to pet him. People would get curious, and would like to approach her. She wouldn't have to hide in the corners and peek at the large groups of ladies and lords having most interesting discussions because everybody would gather around her duck and her! "A pet duck…" She whispers to herself. "But then… mother would never agree."

She sighs and decides to trust in a more familiar voice. Ducks can find homes. Hell, yes! "He can find home." Inesse states. So, she simply raises to her feet scaring the duck of her huge sudden size. So, the duck flopflops a couple of feet away. Though, the lady at least spreads more crumbs of bread on the pavement before simply walking off towards the man she met a day ago. Her hands smooth the rosy skirt.

"I am lady Inesse Baphinol," She curtsies to another woman and then just observers them both with her chin raised. While she is tall to a duck, she is small to the pair.

Eneas turns to face Perrine more fully when she makes her arrival known more verbally, blue eyes to give her attire and retinue a once over, before he shakes his head. "No interruption, truly. Just a chance meeting of me and the Lady Inesse de Baphinol and Lord Duck du Pond.", he dares to jest, before he offers her a nod of his head. "Eneas d'Aiglemort.", he offers in way of introduction, carelessly bestowing Lordships on Ducks and omitting them from his own name. "But I would agree. To rob the bird of its freedom even if meant as an act of mercy, are you certain you wish to take that responsibility onto yourself, dear Inesse?", he wonders at the idea of pet duck is discussed and dismissed by herself.

When she rises to join their little triangle of semi-strangers meeting, however, Eneas offers her a chuckle and grin. "I hope your day has been going well, despite the setback in the start of your duck-rearing endeavors?", he wonders of the girl, before once more turning to regard the other woman. "Verreuil you say? Enjoying a change from mountainous to maritime climate, m'Lady?".

"Good," Perrine says when she is assured she had not interrupted something personal or important. Duck leading in itself can be rather important. The Verreuil affords a warmer smile to the two as it breaks across her usual cool demeanor. "It is a pleasure to meet you both, Lady Inesse and Lord Eneas," she remarks pausing a moment as if attempting to place them both in some category related to birth and rank by mere names alone.

"I suppose so, I have left my dear father the Comte to fend for himself that I may call on the aid of my dearly departed mother's kin. Shew as of the d'Eresse family and it has been some time since last I visited. The beaches are lovely and inspiring yet the mountains bring us closer to the heavens," she makes a motion skyward with a slender hand before she looks then to the duck. "You have given him a feast enough to empower his travels for a while yet. How charitable a spirit," is offered even if Inesse's actions may have been for personal want and not for fueling the duck itself.

When Eneas scolds her in regards of stealing freedom from a bird, and when he mocks her attachment to the duck by giving him a noble title, and when he asks her if the day was going welll, Inesse does not manage to answer. She chuckles and lowers her gaze down since the pavement seems to be so interesting. So many different pebbles joined together to provide us with a comfortable passage!.. Her cheeks ripe like cherries in the sunlight and she lets out another giggle while clasping her hands in front of herself. She starts to toy with an end of a ribbon which is tied around her waist.

However, Perrine's words make the young girl raise her gaze up and smile at the woman, "Thank you. You are very kind and very intelligent. It seems like you know a lot about animals! But you both seem to share passion to the mountains, I imagine?" She quickly peeks at lord Eneas but then wraps her arms around herself and focuses on another lady. "I wish you a good reunion with your family. I am sure it will be great if your family is so pleasant as you, m'lady."

Eneas tilts his head to one side slightly as Perrine speaks. "Aid?", he echoes lightly, brows to furrow a little. "That does sound omnious, m'Lady. I hope the reason to seek such aid is not dire.", he offers simply enough. When Inesse speaks of the passion for the mountains, however, Eneas has to laugh, turning his gaze back at her. "Passion? Oh, no. Being stationed in the passes was a miserable lot. Cold enough to freeze Camael's balls off, and after two weeks you were wishing to find a Skaldi raiding party just so you'd see some other faces than the same old ones you were stationed along with.", he says, grinning. "No, if given the choice I prefer the beaches and the sea, even with fall slowly coming in force.".

"You are too kind," Perrine offers to Inesse in acceptance of the compliment, a slight dip of her chin afforded the young woman. "I know what I read, I am no skilled animal trainer or the like, though it is fascinating how one can tame wild spirits," she says, glancing back at the duck who continues to feed on the bits and crumbs left in Inesse' wake of generosity. Eyes dart back to afford the young one a bright smile, "It has been some time…and I come mostly to prepare myself. My father is unwell and with that comes responsibilities. One can never have too many of their blood around for aid," she points out and then clears her throat when Camael's balls are mentioned.

She reaches for something in the lining of her cloak and gives pause, her lips parting. "I…oh do forgive me," she expresses as she turns about, giving the cobblestones a brief search with her gaze. "I believe I dropped something in the temple." In her state of pursuit, she turns quickly and forgets to properly excuse herself at first. The abrupt haunt is one that jolts the usual grace from her but she turns despite this and offers them both a nod of her head, "I would like to extend the invitation to further converse, at a later date, in the Verreuil residence. Please feel free to call on me there," she says. "Good day." Taking a quick side step she is turning and her guards part for her, following as they return to the Shemhazai temple.

"Oooh…" Inesse watches how the other lady walks off. "I hope her father will get better…" She whispers and her shoulders slumber down same way the corners of her lips fall. Then she slowly turns to face lord Eneas. She raises her sad eyes to the man. "Were you planing on paying a visit to any of the temples? Please, don't make me keep you away from your schedule. I just simply saw this duck out here and I thought he was scared, you know." She explains "I was not heading anywhere in particular, though. Still feeling a bit lost in the city while my mother is occupied with an upcoming celebrations!" She looks down to her feet. Talking too much of herself. "Amm… I hope your days were good?"

With the departure of the Lady and the invitations given, Eneas blinks a little, perhaps not expected that. Still, he does not seem to dwell much on it, though when Inesse speaks of her well wishes that the Lady's father would get better, his eyes turn to look at her again. "Hm. I…do not think they expect him to get better. Soon.", he does point out. That would explain her presence in Marsilikos and the eager invitation. Someone is preparing to inherit and make new political alliances. At least that is what Eneas assumes.

When she speaks of not keeping him, and the duck and the other little jumble of thoughts, Eneas chuckles. "I was heading for the temples. Camael's this time, actually, but…", he shrugs, "…the old man can wait for me a bit longer.". Oh, so irreverent about the Companions! Taking a step closer to Inesse, he then offers his arm to her. "Perhaps you want to join me? The trick to not feeling lost is to explore what you don't know, Lady Inesse. Or are you saying Lord Duck du Pond is braver than you are?".

Inesse chuckles when the man mentions Lord Duck du Pond. "But he won't be able to come with us! I think he needs more bravery to stay, be left behind, than come with us into the sacred home!" She looks at her own guard and then starts to extand her arm to accept the man's. She does that in equal cautiousness as the duck when trying to approach her and get a slice of a snack. But then seeing no clear opposition from Bernard, Inesse sets her hand on the man's arm. "Then show me. I did not visit any of the temples yet, m'lord! It would be very kind of you to introduce me to the streets and buildings that I wouldn't get lost!" She smiles broader and then her gaze trails off to the wonderful architecture of the Temple of Camlach. Her cheeks pulsing in red.


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