(1310-10-01) To catch a fish
Summary: Rosalie learning how to fish with her hands from Uncumber
RL Date: Mon Oct 01, 1310 - Tue Oct 02, 1310
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The road that leads from the city winds its way through lush countryside. Drenched by the sun in summer months, it provides a fertile ground for fruits and crops, with well-tended vineyards that produce some of the finest grapes for summer wines. To the south, a rocky coastline slopes down to the silver sands of beaches, and where coves and inlets are littered with fishing boats that plumb the depths of the sea for the fish and seafood that makes up the traditional Eisandine diet. Small stone buildings crouch in the fields to provide shelter from the sun for those that work the land during the heat of the summer months, and there's an open-fronted wooden stall set back from the road where produce such as melons, peaches and a variety of other fruits might be bought when in season. %r%rTrees line the banks of a river where it cuts along dividing fields towards the end of its journey that started somewhere in the Camaeline mountains. Swallowed by a rocky gorge to the south it disappears from view, though a well-trodden path that follows alongside allows a person to track its course towards the ocean.

Upon this lovely fall morning, Rosalie has decided to spend more time in the countryside along the river with her pet fox. As she sits by the river, a soft smile curls her lips at sound of the river flowing and the various birds chirping. Her fingertips dancing along the top of the cold water and playfully flicking it at her pet fox and begins to playfully scamper about.

Uncumber is spartanly dressed in clothing that constitutes itself as an undergarment, wearing a simple white wrap and breeches. It was perhaps with good reason, as the acrobat was drenched from head to toe, dashing about in the shallow water of the river. She fell forward with a large splash before pouncing back to her feet with a fish gripped tightly in her hands. "Haha!" she bellowed, holding up the fish in victory. "You will be delicious my dear!" she warned the fish, bringing the flopping critter down for a quick kiss.

Rosalie hears the splashing about and looks to see Uncumber, a bit of surprise upon her face as her headtilts a bit to the side. Though as the fish is caught and given a quick kiss, she softly laughs. Soon she gets up and begins to make her way over towards Uncumber with her fox following along as she kindly offers, "Good Morning, would you perhaps like some aid? I could try to help and we could use my cloth bag to store your prize in so it not wriggles away."

The fish launched itself from Uncumber's hands on cue, causing her to swipe and grasp at it several times in a slippery juggling match. She finally trapped the wiggling creature to her breast before glancing to Rosalie. She gave a curious gaze at the woman after her offer, her eyes drifting down slowly to the fox. "I don't beleive I would be able to retrieve it from your bag after it had ahold of it" she said before looking back up at her with a smile.

Rosalie looks down to her fox and laughs softly as she says, "I suppose that is a valid point, Kit is fond of fishes. I'm Lady Rosalie de Somerville." The smile returned and shows in her eyes as she begins to take off her deerskin slippers and gather up her skirt, tucking it into the top him and showing her white long johns that were hidden underneathe before she begins to get into the water herself. Her bag left by Kit to guard it as she says, "Well I can still try to help. Just might need a bit of practice." Her eyes then looking down to the water and looking for a fish, as she spots it, she attempts to dive her arms into the water to capture it, but she just misses it as it swims away.

Uncumber giggled at Rosalie and shook her head. She gave a second glance at the bag before deciding to spike the tail of the fish on the end of a branch where it gave it's last wiggles. Cumby plodded back into the stream and gave a swat at the back of Rosalie's hand. "It's about patients… which I have very little of, but I will show you…" she said as she waded a little further in She brushed her palms against her thighs as though to prep them for a fresh fish grabbing. "We might have to wait a minute since I made such a ruckus catching the last one… but once the fish return, you wait for them to come near, very near… then you slowly and calmly slide your fingers into the water… it isn't until they nearly nuzzle your hand that you make your grab" she waves a finger in warning.

Rosalie looks a bit surprised at the smack to her hand and cross for a moment, but it melts away quickly enough. She nods softly and says, "Alright. I will watch then." Her eyes carefully watching Uncumber to mentally take notes on how to catch a fresh in a stream without a net. She nods softly and says, "Alright, I will watch you do it and then I will attempt myself."

Uncumber gave an amused giggle at how easily the cross look came out. "Very well" she mused back with a smile. "It is more luck than anything though" she assured her, propping her hands on her hips as she wated for the fish to start wandering by again. The foreign girl lifted her bronze finger to her lips in a warning of silence before slowly leaning down to dip her hands into the water. The slow, tactful move was followed by a less coordinated looking leap and splashing around, although the acrobat did manage to launch a fish wildly in Rosalie's direction

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Perception: Good Success. (3 8 8 2 4 2 4)

Rosalie nods softly, not wishing to speak since her voice may spook the fish. Her eyes watching Uncumber carefully now as the fish begin to return. And then there is a fish flying towards Rosalie, she goes wide eyed and quickly moves her hands. It is slippery! It escapes her hands a few times but soon enough, she gets a good grip on it and holds it against her chest as she whispers only loudly enough for Uncumber to hear her, "Where should I put it." Now the scent of fish adding to the scent of apples and fox!

Uncumber blinks with surprise as Rosalie caught the fish. She pointed down in gesture. "Down your blouse" she joked with a straight face. It wasn't exactly where the fish ought to go, but it seemed amusing to see if the woman would fall for the ridiculous ruse.

Rosalie shakes her head and says, "No… not in the mood to get tickled by a fish. And this tunic isn't gathered enough at the bottom to not allow it to escape…" She looks about and grabs her bag from the shore, leaving Kit outside of it and placing the fish within her satchel, seeming to not mind if the fish will eventually make it reek.

Uncumber shuts her eyes and shakes her head. "Your loss… it is the best place for fish" she continued on as she waded to shore. "I might take a break from the water before a fisherman mistakes me for a fish as well."

Rosalie carefully wades back herself, and hoists herself out of the water, drawing her legs up from the water as she sits on the edge and asks, "What is your name by the way?"

Uncumber pursed her lips "My name" she asked, reaching up to give the tree hanging fish a poke. "I am Uncumber" she introduced with a light bow. "Although…" she glanced around quickly before leaning over to Rosalie. "If you call out 'Cumby' I might still look your way" she added, giving her a wink as though it were some sort of trade secret.

Rosalie glances to the tree hanging free curiously bvefore she says, "I am Lady Rosalie de Somerville. Nice to meet you Cumby." A soft smile that hints in her eyes is given before she says, "I dunno if I have a nickname to be honest."

Uncumber hopped over to kneel next to Rosalie. "Oh we should find you one!" she beamed, giving her a wild glance over. "One that is fun, but sweet. Both inspiring and lovely" she reasoned as her vague criteria.

Rosalie hmms softly and says, "Maybe… never put much thought into it but I tend to also be out here or in the forest and not so much within the city. It is nice… I guess.. just not my perference is all."

Uncumber 's nose lowers as she gave her a curious look "Perhaps we call you… Foresty" she joked. It was a terrible and lazy attempt at a nickname. Cumby draped out on the grass beside her. "Fear of cities?" she asked with a grin.

Rosalie lays back on the grass as she says, "I don't think so. I am sure something will eventually attach itself to me, I am not in a rush for it really." And soon Kit moves to lay upon her stomach to which she begins to gently scritch his ears.

Uncumber folds her arms beneath her chin. "I suppose" she says in light defeat. "That is odd behavior for a fox… is he a runt?" she asked curiously as she looked over the creature.

Rosalie hmms softly as she looks to Uncumber and says, "He isn't no, but I did raise him since he was a kit. So he is use to this. I have other pets too. I am sure my family hates it but…. often I feel like I can relate better to the animals than to… other people."

Uncumber lifted her bronze hand like a claw and gave a soft "Miaou" in retort. She batted her eyes, as though fluttering her eyelids over the dark brown orbs would convince Rosalie she were actually a wild animal.

Rosalie softly laughs at Uncuimber's response and muses, "You.. don't seem too bad when it comes to people. And some others I have met aren't too bad either but… I did have to slap one…"

Uncumber grins. "Oh? Who did you slap?" she asked with a wild look in her eye. "All slaps come with a good story!" she boasts

Rosalie bites her bottom lip for a moment before she responds, "His name is Amoux… he is one of the courtesans. He got me flustered and… I swear he was about to kiss me. I… I freaked out and slapped him and run back into the woods… I just…" She sighs as she looks back up to the sky, "I dunno if I am ready for the whole courting thing and all of that."

Uncumber burst into giggles at the short tale. She sat up. "Oh I would love to see the look on his face… lips pursed, leaning in, but only to receive the flat end of a palm rather than the soft kiss of lips. She sat up cross legged. "You should enjoy a nice kiss now and then, there's little harm in it. You don't like the prospect of being a wife or fear finding a terribe husband?"

Rosalie sits up as she explains, "Just not use to feeling.. some things is all so I freaked out. He is… nice just.. I don't know. And he seemed to accept it and look amused. I think he enjoyed making me so embaressed and flustered. And I… I rather explore and adventure than be someone's wife. But my parents did send me here so that I would actually find a… husband… even though I really not wish to."

Uncumber smiles. "You could run of, sail the seas, explore the world! It is what I did.. well still do… although it's not very profitable, and has hardships of its own. I did try to be a wife once, although I was not a very good cook, and have no children to speak of, so I suppose I was not a very good wife while I was one." she muses

Rosalie hmms softly, "I suppose I could… I have no experience sailing but… how hard could it be to learn really?" She looks surprised and inquires, "So… where is your husband then and why no kids?"

Uncumber sits back. "He was lost at sea" she says with a meek frown. "As for a lack of children… I do not know for certain. It was not for lack of trying. If there was one wifely duty I was sure at, it was pleasing my husband. I tell you… we used to fuck like mice!" she boasted. "Perhaps because was too skinny… I've always had trouble keeping weight" she frowns, drumming her stomach with her fingers. "But those days are long past… now I am just an old reminicing widow" she poked out her tongue in distaste.

Rosalie ohs softly as she says, "I am sorry for your loss. I wish I could say I know what that is like but I would be lying." Her cheeks flushing at the mention of sex and she bashfully looks away as she says, "I am not sure what could… cause issues in such things. Though… why do you say they are long past now? You still look young enough to find a new husband if you wished."

Uncumber giggled at the blush. "Any time he came back to port… there were days I saw little more than a pillow or the ceiling" she said, puffing her cheeks out in a silly expression. She gave a light shrug. "I think I am too old and used to be a good wife. It was nice while it lasted, but I think the days of being a wife are past me…Now… there are other fish to be caught"

Rosalie's blush begins to slowly ebb away as she says, "I dunno if that life will ever be for me. But… I dunno maybe I will met someone. There is a Courtesan named Paris who was rather nice and he likes Kit. I asked him if he would make me a dress, mostly cause of how much he likes Kit. Otherwise… I doubt I would get a gown made for parties even though… I should…"

Uncumber giggled. "I was looking to have him make me a dress as well! Although I think his designs are a bit fancy for my taste… and purse" she snickers. She glances over Rosalie. "I think you would make a spleandid wife… though you could use to gain a few pounds" she said, reaching out to pinch at her sides in explanation. "You would have very handsome babies I think" she added.

Rosalie looks down to herself as she says, "I guess I could? I don't know. I just rather him make it for me. I gave him a bit of free will upon it sooo we will see. As for children…. Maybe?" She shrugs and murmurs, "Never even been kissed so I… I don't know. I rather be back him exploring the woods in truth but… I know things are expected of me, even if I despise the very idea."

Uncumber gave her a playful look, her lips pursing as she wiggled a finger in beckoning. She didn't press the ruse long as she soon broke into giggles and started to stand. "Babies are quite fun to try and make, I do promise that" she winks as she reached up to fetch her fish from the tree. "I will have to wander the woods to find you again, I like chatting with you" she smiles "But for now, I have a dieing old man to feed a fish to."

Rosalie bites her bottom lip before she says, "I will take your word upon that for now… if one catches my interest than… I will attempt but we will see. Not sure it is my calling. And I am generally around here. Sometimes in the city but that is more rare. It was a pleasure to meet you Cumby."

Uncumber bows. "As it was to meet you Rosalie" she said before trotting off

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