(1310-09-30) Talks of wines and sailing
Summary: Emeraude coming into the Wine Cellar and happening upon Thaddeus, the two of them conversing over wine. With Inesse and Symon briefly stopping in as well.
RL Date: 9/30/1310 (9/30/2018)
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Wine Cellar

Stairs lead down to the heavy oak door, above which the sign of the place, the likeness of a Hellene amphora spilling over with wine painted upon wood, swings lazily in the occasional breeze. Beyond that door the entrance hall comes into view, where various kegs and casks of differing sizes are arranged in oenological allure before the roughly hewn walls of ancient stone. There is a chill down here on hot summer days, that will be efficiently battled in the colder months through the heating of a giant hearth to the back. The place has a decidedly cavernous character, alcoves to the left and right offering seating at small tables for two or three. Lamps are dangling by chains from the ceiling, shades of milky glass work from La Serenissima offering sufficient lighting. There are no visible windows, which means lamps will be in use even during the day.

Further to the back there is a small hallway branching off from the main area, leading to a medium sized chamber where the bigger barrels are stored. Here, a larger group of up to eight people can sit about a round table of heavy oak, while they are being served the rarer vintages or even the heavier spirits that are stored in a wooden cabinet to the back. Staff is mostly male, clad in black breeches and white shirts with dark red vests, knowledgable sommeliers of superior training that will be glad to wait on guests in person and offer insight into the variety of wines, red and white, from Terre d'Ange and a variety of specialties from abroad, that are available here.

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The wine cellar is starting to swing, into full force by this time of day, in the back of the room sitting at a chair, is Thaddeus dressed in his sailor outfit, and his hat is resting on the table, his glass empty of wine. He seems to be deep in thought, there is a book open before him, the pages blank, and his quill is resting in the ink, with a little sigh, as he looks around there is something weigh hevily on his mind.

Emeraude makes her way into the wine cellar, it is one of her favored places given she is quite the lush and as she enters upon her form is a lovely soft rose pink bodice with deep red ruffled skirts, her slippers making her bodice and her hooded cloak is matching her skirts, her hands having drawn the hood down and back when she entered. Her blue eyes curiously sweeping over those within and gracefully moves towards where the tables are, the ruffles of her skirts softly emitting as she walks.

Thaddeus nods with a little chuckle at the new arrival, and then he motions for someone to refill his wine, as he starts to write now, the quill softly touching the page, as he starts to hummm softly to himself. His eyes still moving as if he is trying to capture, the right thoughts, emotions for the journey, and then he closes it softly."I will be going on a journey tonight, I wish to have my ship filled with your best wine." His voice is soft to a passing server, and then he speaks the time, it is a good chunk of time.

Emeraude perks up at the mention of a ship and curiously inquires, "And where is it you are journeying to that you need your entire ship only filled with wine?" She lingers by Thad's table, not taking a seat but curiously studying him before she introduces herself, "I am Emeraude de Delaunay, Baroness de Velaux, I not think we have met."

Thaddeus nods towards her with a warm smile, and then he places the book closed with a chuckle."Not filled with, but with wine yes, and I have gotten the food, and the water, everything but the wine. We are seeking a dear frined of mine, proof of birth, she is raised common but we have found she is more, and I need it for the future to be proven." His voice is soft, with a little chuckle."Thaddeus Trevalion, ?Heir to Comté d'Amiens and commander of the navy, of my house."

Emeraude is brought a glass of white wine and sips upon it as she listens to his response. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance future Comte Thaddeus. And that is quite an intriguing journey. I would offer to aid but unsure how my skills would come in handy in truth. I am more an artist than anything else with the proper lessons to be a Baronesse of course."

Emeraude says, "Where is it you must travel to though?"

Thaddeus smiles softly, and then he looks at her for a moment, as he licks her lips."It is going to be quiet, a journey, we are heading towards a small orphanage, that she was raised at." His voice is soft for a moment, and then he sips his wine slowly, watching her."Art is a handy skill, never sell yourself short on that front, it is one I have dabbled in, but never was able to master."

Emeraude's cheeks softly flush as he licks his lips as she continues to linger while standing. She nods softly and says, "I do hope you find the information it is you seek to aid her. I wonder why the extended family did not take her in and she was raised there instead, unless it occured while the family was travelling perhaps…." Seeming to drift off for a moment upon that thought before coming back as she says, "I truly doubt an artist would be handy upon acquiring the information you sneak however."

"Aye but, the ship is filled for this adventure, if I have another I can keep you in mind." Thaddeus sips his wine now, and leaning back in his chair, with a nod of his head."Now then Baronesse Delaunay, what brings you to this city, anything exicting, or just a change of pace?"

Emeraude hmms softly and laughs softly as she says, "That is not necessary, unless you need an artist with you. As for what brings me to the city, I missed my brother terribly and I need to find myself a husband. I have some possibly candidates though it is more based upon what lies in my heart than what would be best for my lands at the moment though perhaps in time, others will catch my interest. It truly depends upon how much interest of mine they garner really. And yourself? What brings you to the city?"

Thaddeus nods slowly with a shake of his head, and a little chuckle as he listens to her."The same, to find a wife to honor my family, which I have seem to have, and also to honor my family by leading, taking more in the courts." His voice is soft now, and then he licks the wine from his lips, as he brigns the glass up again with a nod of his head."I hope this city treats you well, my own brother has recently returned."

Emeraude continues to remain standing and curiously inquires, "Lord Thaddeus, might you be willing to let me join your table?" Perhaps she had been await for him to invite her to sit but she was getting tired of just standing and talking as she sipped on her wine. She nods softly and inquires, "I take it you found yourself someone to court then, congratulations upon that. And whom is your brother?"

"Sit with me, my manners are not here today, I'm so sorry." Thaddeus shakes his head, with a worried little smile, and motion with his hand."Yeah I have, and his name is Narcisse, a he is a good man." His voice is soft, as he sips his wine, waiting for her to join him."Now who is your brother, I might know him."

Emeraude smiles softly as he invites her to finally join him, gracefully slipping into the seat across from him as she says, "We all have our lapses." Though the tone suggests she is a touch perturbed. She brightens though at the mention of Narcisse and her cheeks flush deeply, "Oh then I know your brother and am quite fond of him, he happens to be one of those who caught my attention in such regards as a potential husband. We have only just met but I am quickly growing fond of him. We had quite a lot of fun at the Dancing with Colors at the Salon Le Coqueliot and we have a dinner date setup in the future as well. Which I look quite forward too." Whatever annoyance may have been there, quickly faded the moemnt Narcisse we brought up.

Thaddeus nods slowly, with a little chuckle as he sips his wine slowly, for a moment watching her."That is good to hear, and he is a good man, and a filled with fun. I have had many an adventure with my younger brother in our youth." His vocie is soft, and then he nods again slowly, as if he is remebering something, with a shake of his had banishing it."Now then, glad he was a gentleman, and where is he taking you for this dinner?"

Emeraude's soft blush remains as she says, "It was quite fun, you should have seen what he painted upon my skin, it was absolutely lovely and I painted him quite amazingly as well." She briefly bites upon her bottom lip as she reminesces but soon comes back as she says, "Oh something more intimate and private. I assume at my home given I am the one who requested the date and he agreed." Though given the look in her eyes, there is more to it than that but she isn't sharing it seems.

Thaddeus nods slowly for a moment, with a little chuckle."Now then, if my marriage does not work out, have to take you off of those to chase, due to you being with my brother." His voice is teasing, and then he sips his wine with a little chuckle."Now then, I wish you the best both of you, and you seem like a kind hearted soul, and he needs a friends here."

Emeraude hmms softly and says, "Pardon? We aren't courting, just spending time with one another. I am not one to rush into calling it as such. He is a prospect but even if I know how he looks without his garments, doesn't mean I am ready to leap." Her tone kind as she responds and she says, "I try to be, I was nervous to go to the party but I got quite lucky that my puzzle piece matched his since I went by myself. And your cousin Lady Ailene seems quite pleased the fact he and I hit it off so well. I am told he is very picky with his tastes in women which makes me feel all the more intrigued of him int ruth.

Thaddeus nods for a moment, with a little chuckle, as he sips his wine slowly."Care for a glass of wine, and I can have one brought over from the bottles, I have order." HIs voice is soft, but it is a filled with teasing."Now then, that is true he is picky, to be honest I have only seen him attempt to talk to maybe 5 or 6 females, when I have been around out of the many, I have seen around him."

Emeraude nods softly as she says, "Yes please given my current glass is almost empty. So what are you able to tell me about your brother? Perhaps his favored foods or sweets or drinks? I know he and I share a fondness for wine after all."

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Thaddeus nods slowly, as he motions for someone else to bring out another bottle of wine, and then he laughs again slowly."I will keep my brothers secrets, for I'm his keeper, and I will allow him to open to you."

Emeraude is currently wearing a lovely soft rose pink bodice with deep red ruffled skirts, her slippers making her bodice and her hooded cloak is matching her skirts, with the hood down of course. And she is sitting across from Thaddeus as her empty wine glass is soon refilled as she says, "I suppose I find that fair, just unsure what to have prepared for dinner is all and wanted to make sure it was something he likes. I forgot to inquire of that while we were painting, other things were flitting through my mind in truth."

Thaddeus laughs softly, with a a chuckle as he sips his wine, watching her for a moment, with a wicked smile."I'm sure they did fair lady, I'm sutre they did, my family I'm told has a way with woman." His voice is soft, and then he picks up the goblet for her filling it with the bottle to pass it back to her, with a nod of his head."Enjoy the wine, it is a good. Now then tell me more of yourself."

"I know, Bernard. Next time we will chose a different time," A soft voice of a young lady explains when she enters the establishemnt together with her guard. Inesse's dress has a design that features solid black on the outside of the dress and a white and black swirl pattern on the front panel. The same swirl pattern is used as an accent trim along the sleeves, the hood, and on either side of the front panel. A warm cloak is keeping a young lady safe from the autumn wind. That cloak has a decoration of white furs around the collar. She looks up at her guard, "I will find a table, and can you order me some tea and a pie? My favorite blueberry pie? Please?" The man nods and moves towards the bar. Inesse herself looks around. She folds her hands in front of herself and moves to the empty table which is occupied by three strangers just before she sits down. The girl blushes and does not protest, simply moving further. Her eyes land on familiar figure - Emeraude. She smiles and then glances at her companion. The young lady lingers there not approaching them.

Symon steps in from the cool air outdoors, soft boots making little sound on the floor. He isn't far behind the most recent entrant, but he isn't the type to crowd a lady physically. His cream-colored cloak, edged in red embroidery depicting fall leaves, flicks a corner against the door before gathering close to his feet again as he shuts the door behind him. He pauses to look in Inesse's direction as she orders blueberry pie, looking intrigued. But he doesn't have a servant with him, so he pauses to gather his bearings and determine how one /does/ get pie without the intervention of a servant.

Thaddeus watches the new arrival, with a little chuckle, his wine is brought to his own lips slowly, and then he sets the glass down again."Now then, would you care to invite her to sit with us as well, there is much wine to drink." His voie is soft still, and then he looks over at the door as more are coming in with a little chuckle."So this is quiet the throng today, and but I need to be away." With that he stands quickly, moving towards the exit, and then he bows to each of them.

Emeraude looks a bit surprised but allows Thaddeus to take the wine glass from her hand, she never sets it down, she is far too much of a lush to do that. And easily takes it as she says, "Thank you, and I am not sure all you wish to know. I have an older brother whom you may have met. Tavi, he is my older twin and the Priest of Elua. I mentioned being an artist and also I adore the fine arts as well as dancing. And the studies I excelled best in with my tutors were economics and stewardship of my lands. And I called eccentric with some of my habits, your brother will learn of one of them at our dinner date." As Inesse enters, she offers a warm smile and gestures for her to come closer as she says, "Lady Inesse, it is a joy to see you once more, would you care to join us? This is Thaddeus de Trevalion, heir to the Comte de d'Amiens." Her gaze then looking to Thaddeus as she says, "And this is Lady Inesse de Baphinol." Her attention back pon Ineese as she kindly teases, "Also why not have some wine instead of tea, they have quite a wonderful selection here within the wine cellar." Of course the lush is promoting others to imbibe! Then as the door open, her eyes study over Symon and she inquires of Thaddeus and Ineese, "Do either of you happen to know the gentleman who just entered?" She doesn't wait for either to really respond as she offers a wave hello and to come over as she says, "M'Lord, feel free to join us, as long as you make introductions of course." She then looks to Thaddeus as she says, "It was a pleasure to meet you Thaddeus, be sure to tell your brother I am looking very forward to our dinner. Be well."

Inesse smiles broadly when she is invited by another lady to join her table. "I didn't mean to disturb you both…" She drawls and then curtsies when an introduction is offered. However, the man raises to his feet to take a leave. So, Inesse blushes brightly and then takes a step backwards,w aving her hands nervously. "Really, I can find my own table. You do not have to end your romantic evening just because I happen to stumble in. I feel so bad now for interrupting. I am so sorry!" Though, the question about new arrival steals Inesse's attention from being all worried. "Oh, no… I am new myself here!"

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Symon does not hesitate at the invitation. When he is hailed, he swoops immediately in that direction, like a kite swiveling on the current, smile blooming on his face. "How kind of you," he says to Emeraude. "I hope you really don't m…mind. I am Simon de P-Perigeux, it's my p-pleasure to meet you. I've never been here b…before, how does one…" He makes a gesture with wiggly figers, surely inquiring about the ordering process. Ascertaining that Thaddeus is departing, he makes a very abbreviated gesture towards a bow.

Thaddeus arrives from the Noble District.

Thaddeus has arrived.

Thaddeus steps back in from the outside, talking to one of his men, to get the ship ready, and then he moves back to the table, with a smile at each of them, with a nod of his head."Now then, sorry about being so rude, for those I have not had the pleasure of meeting, I'm Thaddeus Trevalion, sit with me, and my new friend, there is nothing but joy when more are added to a table, maybe I shall order a second bottle of wine though."

Emeraude offers a warm, welcoming smile to Inesse as she says, "Nonsense, you aren't distrubing anyone m'Lady, please do sit. You weren't interrupting I promise and to be fair you may have saved him from trying to pry more about his brother from him." The nervousness of Symon warms her eyes a bit as she says, "It is a pleasure to meet you Symon, I am Emeraude de Delaunay, Baroness de Velaux and this lovely young lady here is Lady Inesse de Baphinol." She looks between the two newcomers and says, "Now please, I insist that you both join me. I dislike drinking alone." As Thaddeus returns, she looks amused and teases, "Perhaps a third as well, our drinking party it growing and welcome back. I see the missive wasn't too urgent so that is a good thing."

Inesse smiles broadly to Symon and Thaddeus when an introduction is made like a second time. But then she immediately lowers her gaze down and slides to sit beside the other lady. Avoiding the eye contact with the strangers, the younger of women stares at the table. Someone scarcthed the table. Maybe they were nervous? But after taking a moment to spend some time in her own thoughs, Inesse shakes her head, "I will refuse the wine. I get too dizzy. So, I try to taste it as little as possible. My mother suggests…" Realizing that nobody cares about her mother;s suggestions she grows quiet. Strangers. Hard to find correct topics, so she just smiles and blushes.

"Drinking p…party?" Symon echoes, and his smile grows warm indeed. "Then I've chosen the right table." He inclines his head to each of the nobles introduced. "I'd be happy if there were another bottle of w-wine," he puts in, lest Inesse's sobriety quash that idea. "And I heard something about b-blueberry pie?" He beams his easy smile on all the company.

"Yeah drinking party is good term for it, going on a sea voyage later, so figured steam needs to be blown off." Thaddeus nods slowly, with a little chuckle as he sips his wine, ordering 2 more bottles, with a little chuckle."Oh there is pie, coming I love a good pie, I have never had the one from here." His voice is soft, as he watches them all for a moment, with aa nod of his head."But yes she wishes me to spill the dirt on my kid brother, and I refuse to do that.":

When Symon mentions blueberry pie, instead of a blueberry pie, Inesse's guard comes back. He seems to have quite a serious and maybe even grim expression. "M'lady," he says and indicates that they actually have to leave. Inesse grows very worried immediately. She jumps to her feet and glances at the trio, "I apologize, but it seems I will be the one receiving an urgent message. If you will excuse me…" And she rushes off after her guard.

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Emeraude watches as Inesse has to take her leave, carefully watching as she leaves with her guard before her attention returns to Symon as she says, "Indeed but I have never tried it hear but I am sure it is quite delicious given how the wines are just such. So do join us Lord Symon, and tell us what brings you to the city." Her gaze then looking back to Thaddeus as he retakes his seat and orders more wine, looking quite pleased and inquires, "When tonight if your ship sailing?"

"Soon, as I get word that the others are ready, my dearest trouble maker, and my bride to be, and my crew are going togther." Thaddeus laughs softly, using only pet names for the moment, as he reaches for the wine to sip it."It will be hopefully, not too much trouble."

Symon leans forward with his forearms against the table edge, looking curiously at Thaddeus. "Oh, you're b-betrothed?" he asks. "And taking a ride on a ship? How exciting." He looks to Emeraude, expression amused. "W…well, let us just say that I have never b-been here before, and it sounded more interesting than where I w…was."

Emeraude nods softly and says, "I am sure all will go well, I am curous though whom it is your are courting Lord Thaddeus, sparing us her name is soo cruel of you." Her words kind and teasing. Her blue eyes then falling upon Symon as she says, "Ah so this is your first time in Marsilikos then, welcome. I am only newly arrived myself but it has just been many a year since my last visit is all. And this city is thriving with plenty of people to make friends with and places to spend time." She pauses before she inquires, "I am sure there is more to it than just never having been here though, so why not dish?"

"Then welcoem to the city my friend, and it is a great plase, I'm not betrothed yet, hence my secret keeping." Thaddeus nods slowly, with a little chuckle, as he sips his wine."I have to do something first, and then she has to get the okay of my family." His voice still soft, and then he shakes his head slowly."My mother likes to have words on each event, and it is her will to have me remarried, after my last wife."

"You'd b…better not delay," Symon counsels, though in a friendly tone. "There are many w…winds that b-blow strongly in our w-world, eh?" He smiles at Emeraude. "Why should it b-be so unusual for a man to w…wish to v…v…visit such a great city?"

Emeraude ahs softly and muses, "So your hopeful then is the one whose documentation you seek acquire so you can wed her. That is quite romantic." A happy sigh emitting from her lips before she looks back to Symon as she muses, "I never said it unusual I simply stated surely there is more reason than what you said. It makes it sound as if you are merely visiting. Is that the case?"

"Well, then it seems like my mission will be blessed by many, I hope it goes well." Thaddues nods with a little chuckle, as he lips are slowly licked, to get the last of the wine."I thank each of you for that, and I hope you will be here for more wine in the future."

Symon smiles again at Emeraude and shrugs. "I can hardly tell the future," he responds. Then a nod to Thaddeus. "Oh, you can count on me b-being around for more w…wine. Although…" he leans to one side to look out the door. "I may need to take m…my leave just now. I hope you don't mind terribly."

Emeraude looks amused as Thaddeus doesn't concern her assumption and just sips upon her wine before she responds, "I do indeed hope you get your documentation so you can make things official with your intended. And hope to meet her once all is set and proper once more in her life. Also is she needs to borrow fancier things for events I can easily offer for her to borrow from my colorful wardrobe until she find something for herself." She lets a single hmm be hard as she muses to Symon, "I not think anyone can tell the future, otherwise I think we would all be quite prosperous and over run, thing of all the murders and deaths that would be halted if one could see the future, my parents would still be alive today and I an heir instead of already the Baroness. And I am not one to keep another, if you wish to leave you can. Just a pity since I know so little and we only just met. But I am sure our paths will cross once more."

Thaddeus sips his wine slowly, rising it to wards Symon with a wide smile."It was a pleasure to meet you, I'm not hard to find if you wish for more wine." His voice is soft, as he leans back in his chair now with a little chuckle."That is truth, seeing the future would help so much in the upcoming days, and years and help one plot, so well, it would make it all a boring game though."

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Emeraude giggles softly as she agrees with Thaddeus, "Indeed that it would, all the surprise gone, and I am quite fond of pleasant surprises, I do not know anyone who is fond of unpleasant ones. But I am sure they exist out there somewhere." She pauses before she inquires, "I know you rather I ask your brother but do you happen to know his favored colors? Or at you just going to play coy and make me have to find out for myself hmm?"

"Nope, not gonna share at all." Thaddeus nods for a moment, with a little chuckle as he sips his wine."I think you got this down pat, just make it happen talk to him. He is open most times, also maybe I don't want him to get you easily." His voice is soft teasing, and then he looks into her eyes."Maybe my plan is to seduce you secretly."

Emeraude giggles softly and jests, "So unfair of you." She sips upon her wine a bit more and says, "I hope I have it and I can understand that about the not wanting to catch him easily, I am not wishing to be caught easily myself." Her cheeks them flush as she looks a bit surprised at his words and comments, "As much as I do believe Elua's words, I am not sure he would be alright with sharing me with you."

Thaddeus laughs softly, as he sips his wine with a little chuckle."I like your reaction, it made it so worth the bad joke." His voice is soft, and then he sips his wine again, with a wink at her."Now then, I'm also taken, we have rules, that would make it complex to be able to chase, but I hope you treat him well, for as long as you two are an item, have you visted the night court yet?"

Emeraude laughs softly as she gently shakes her head before sipping upon her wine and responds to him, "I will treat him well, and I met him at the party at the Night Court. I attempted to go to the Rose Sauvage with Lord Marco but… I got so flustered I left. I am sure I will eventually return to it once I regarner some courage or a lot more wine." A soft laugh at the comment of more wine.

Thaddeus sips his wine, and then he sets it down softly on the table, as he fills it again with the liquid."Now then, it is always a good time there, so much to see, and so much to talk to, and I have learned to enjoy it." His voice is soft, and then he sips his wine slowly, with a little smile on his lips."Now then, treat him well, and he will do the same, I hope."

Emeraude smiles as she says, "I am pretty sure he will, I have no doubts of such. I am quite eager for our dinner in truth. And curious about if he would visit the Night Court and if so, which ones." A soft giggle emitting as her cheeks flush a bit.

Thaddeus nods with a little chuckle, and then he stands up slowly."Now then, I need to head to my ship to get it ready to sail, if you wish you can join me, or stay here." His voice is soft, with a little chuckle, and then he looks towards the door.

Emeraude smiles as she says, "I think I will remain here and drink, thank you for the invitation though. Perhaps you can show your vessel off to me another time. I am muchly in need of more wine." A soft giggle then escaping her lips.

Thaddeus nods towards as her orders more wine, with a little chuckle."ENjoy the next bottle, take it home if you wish." His voice is soft, as he moves towards the door waving towards her, with a little chuckle."Best of luck."

Emeraude smiles at the generousity and kindly says, "Thank you muchly and I am sure that I will. Be will until I see you once more and I truly hope you discover the information that is needed so you and your intended can be happy and wed."

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