(1310-09-30) Sometimes Hunting Ends With a Slap
Summary: Rosalie is leaving Bois d'Aubagne and happens upon Amoux as he is painting a commission.
RL Date: 9/30/1310 (9/30/2018)
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Countryside - Eisande

The road that leads from the city winds its way through lush countryside. Drenched by the sun in summer months, it provides a fertile ground for fruits and crops, with well-tended vineyards that produce some of the finest grapes for summer wines. To the south, a rocky coastline slopes down to the silver sands of beaches, and where coves and inlets are littered with fishing boats that plumb the depths of the sea for the fish and seafood that makes up the traditional Eisandine diet. Small stone buildings crouch in the fields to provide shelter from the sun for those that work the land during the heat of the summer months, and there's an open-fronted wooden stall set back from the road where produce such as melons, peaches and a variety of other fruits might be bought when in season.

Trees line the banks of a river where it cuts along dividing fields towards the end of its journey that started somewhere in the Camaeline mountains. Swallowed by a rocky gorge to the south it disappears from view, though a well-trodden path that follows alongside allows a person to track its course towards the ocean.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and overcast.

Amoux, had taken the novice out into the world, and they had been talking softly, and then the novice head home, and he was bored now, with a empty canvas to fill, per the current request on his plate, the idea of a nature painting forcing him on, to find himself a quiet spot, now there is a deer drinking from a the stream, and his brush tightly gripped in his right hand, as he starts to paint it back and forth slowly, the paint resting on a small table, that he brought as well, and his wine in a glass, and a few bottles under the table.
<FS3> Amoux rolls Painting: Amazing Success. (2 3 7 8 3 7 7 7 7 4)

Rosalie was seeming to be heading towards Marsilikos from Bois d'Aubagne with a fox following alongside of her. Her honeyed eyes casually scanning as she draws closer but when she sees Amoux, she stops in her tracks and tilts her head softly as she begisn to study over him. The words of her parents repeating in her mind that she need to become more social, at least she wasn't trapped inside at this moment. Eventually she begins to walk towards him and asks, "What are you painting?" Given she isn't wishing to disturb the scene he is painting, she wishes until she is close enough that her voice won't spook the deer. Not as if the scent she emits may not aid in them coming back around however.

The brush is held high, as he starts to paint it quicker now, and then he turns slowly with a bowing of his head slowly."Hello there, it is a painting, of a this deer, and the river, and it is for a young noble woman." His voice is soft, as he starts to move along the river, and then he stops to look at the scene, and then at the painting."Now, you have quiet the amazing fox there, and you have such amazing movement." His voice is musically, and then he bites his lip softly."I'm Amox Audibert no Lis d'Or."
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Rosalie stiffens at the mention of being from one of the houses in the Night Court, she swallows nervously and say, "Oh… I have never.." She stops herself and just shakes her head as she says, "I'm Rosalie de Somerville and this is Kit. I have had him since he was well… a kit kinda why I name his such. He is rather obedient and good for tracking." Her eyes flitting to the painting before back to him as she says, "Your artowrk at least looks lovely." Her fox lingering by her though sneaking off to try and rummage through a bag for snacks cause tricksy fox. Her shoulders rolling, causing the bow and quiver upon her back to shift about and her cloak to open up a bit more and reveal the sword upon her hip. She glances back to the forest as if wondering she should return to it before looking back to Amoux.

Amoux laughs softly for a moment, as he turns now to look at her, and then he licks his lips softly."Now then, it is a pleasure to meet you Rosalie, and also you Kit." His voice is soft, as he starts to paint quicker now, and his brush moving slowly now, with a little chuckle."Thank you for that about my artwork, it is quickly moving it seems." He looks at the painting, and then he lowers down his brush slowly."Also, I'm your first Courtesan, that you have run into?"

Rosalie kindly says, "Nice to meet you as well." Her eyes following the deer and looks to Amoux as she says, "I could try to get it to come closer if you wanted, you would just need to keep an eye upon Kit is all." At his inquiry she simply 'mhms' softly, not exactly verbalizing the yes. "I prefer the woods.. and out here…. not a fan of… inside of well… large gatherings. But my parents are quite insistant upon me finding a husband… even I really rather not…"

Amoux watches her for a moment, with a little chuckle."Finding, a husband seems to be common goal, and a something everyone wants." His voice is soft, as he licks his lips with a little chuckle."Not in my future it seems, just to do my work, and my pleasuing of those that want it." His voice is soft, as he works now the brush moving across the canvas, with a second chuckle."No it is fine, it is good distance, I enjoy it, makes it all seem muich more real, and much more real."

Rosalie sighs as she says, "I /don't/ want it but it is expected of me so I must." She shifts a bit nervously at his mention of the pleasuring and looks towards the deer as a flush echoes on her cheeks. She nods softly and says, "Suit yourself." She looks about and goes a bit wide-eyed as Kit has disappeared into Amoux's bag while she wasn't paying attention and begins to look a bit panicked as she calls out "Kit… where are you?" Her honeyed eyes quickly scanning the area.

Amoux watches her with a little chuckle, and then he looks around as well."It seems your fox has hidden." His voice is soft, and then he sips his wine with a nod of his head."Care for a glass of wine, there is another glass in my bag." He points towards it with a little chuckle, as he watches the deer, and tyhen he starts to paint quicker now, trying to get the movement of the water.

Rosalie shakes her head and says, "I am not really much of a drinker… not wines anyway. I rather something a bit harsher, makes me feel more alive than the simplicity of wine." As she glances to the bag and notices its movement though, she begins to move towards it with caution and peers into it. A true smile curling her lips as she kneels down and scoops Kit out of it, hugging the fox close to her as she softly says, "Don't scare me like that Kit… you know I worry." She begins to slowly stand back up but doesn't seem to be willing to put Kit down for the time being.

Amoux watches her for a moment, and then he smiles big at the fox is in her arms."I see Kit is a trouble maker?" His voice is soft still, and then he starts to paint it quicker now, and then he sips his wine slowly, with a nod of his head."Now then, you wish for something harsher, such as, I have some bourban, and some brandy, and a some meed."

Rosalie looks to Amoux as she bluntly asks, "What fox isn't? I have never met one who is not." Her eyes then flitting back to look into his bag as she murmurs, "I guess the bourbon will do…" Kit shifted to being held tucked around her arm as she uses her free hand to grab the bottle and then her teeth to open it, spitting out the cork before she takes a few deeper sips, wincing as she swallows and then softly shaking her head side to side a few times.

Amoux watches her with an amused smile, and then he sips his wine with a little chuckle."Now then, I like a girl that can just go for it, that is impressive." His voice is soft, now and then he sits down on the grass, to watch her."Now then sit with me, and it would be pleasure to get very tipsy and maybe drunk with you."

Rosalie narrows her eyes, perhaps a bit suspicious of Amoux, studying him through her squinting but eventually she relaxes her eyes and says, "I suppose I could. And I guess it is impressive?" Not seeming to really feel the same though, she does plop down onto the ground, there was no grace at all, just a crashing more so, her sword moved to the side so she not stab herself. "I dunno if I will get drunk but I can sit for a bit I guess." Now that she is closer the scents of the apples, her pets and a bit of blood echo off of her, though the dear rabbit hanging from her belt is the reason for the blood smell.

Amoux smiles slowly, watching her enjoying the smells, as he sips his wine again with a little chuckle."So then, do you enjoy hunting, I have not done it since I was a child, and I miss it." His voice is soft, and then he licks his lips slowly, with a nod of his head."It was something my brother and father enjoyed, before it changed."

Rosalie shakes her head softly as she says, "Not really no. I will do it out of necessity or to fit in but I am not really too keen on personally killing an animal. I feel really bad about this rabbit cause it remembers me of my bunny at home. Master Fluffkins. But I didn't wanna seem like a weird lady just randomly walking in the woods to someone I came across there. So I… I shot one. I wish I didn't." The guilt is echoing in her features before she takes a few more swallows of the bourbon. She shakes her head after swallows again and asks, "Before what changed?"

"Just life, and I might tell it to you another day." Amoux nods slowly, as he sips his wine with a little chuckle, and then he looks at her for a moment."Now then, that is a good work, sorry you had to kill him, and Master Fluffkins sounds amazing, I would love to meet him some day." His voice still soft, and then he leans back into the tree, with a little chuckle."Now then, a random walking in the woods is normal, in my view."

Rosalie nods softly at his words and shrugs as she says, "Ok." Seems to not be one to pry into such things. She looks a bit surprised and inquires, "Really? You wanna meet my bunny? I have other pets too. My parents say too many. But I think they are just closed minded." She shifts a bit, carefully resting Kit in her leg as she crosses her legs underneathe her skirt and says, "Well he was hunting when I was tracking to see where a wounded animal had gone so I could use it for my hobby but… I dunno… figure it would be rude to just like… watch him and not participate. I might just give him the rabbit and ask him to just give me the bones of this one too and let him use the pelt."

Amoux listens to her, with a nod of his head, and then he sips his wine slowly, with a little chuckle."Now then, what sort of animals do you have, let's hear about it?" His voice is soft, with a nod of his head, with a little chuckle."The bones, what do you use bones for?" His eyes locked on to hers, as he licks his lips again trying to capture all the wine, as he sighs with a content sound.

Rosalie gently scritches Kit behind his ears as she says, "Well I have Master Fluffkins, a squirrel named Bushy, and a lynx named Miss Claws. I tend to not bring her out as much, I am still working on bettering her temperment." As he inquires about the bones she blushes and says, "I'll tell you another day what I do with the bones."

Amoux nods slowly, watching the blush in her checks with a little smile."You are very cute, and I would love to get to know you, in all ways." His voice is soft, and then he leans back into the grass, as he leans back into the grass, with a wide smile."But I doubt you would enjoy being chased by one such as me?"

Rosalie looks a bit taken aback at his words and responds in shock, "I'm cute? I… I don't think so… you are just teasing." She looks away from him and to the water as her cheeks remained flush and only going deeper. She asks without looking away from the river, "What do you mean such as you?"

"A non noble, a man that might have other lovers." Amoux watches her for a moment, as he looks right at her with a litle chuckle, enjoying her blush in her checks, and then he slides a little closer."Yes you are cute, and I think your almost sexy in the right light."

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Composure: Good Success. (7 5 1 5 7)

Rosalie would normally slap someone she just met for getting so close and making her blush so deeply but she refrains. She softly utters, "Elua's words are love as you will, isn't it. So who am I to judge when the Gods say we are to give ourselves freely when we wish to… just… not sure if that is for me is all…" She tenses as he draws closer to her side, shifting nervously as her breathing hastens a touch.

Amoux nods slowly, with a little chuckle watching her for a moment, as she is getting nervous, and then he looks into her eyes."Now then, you are such a temepting little girl, and I will be hoping to learn more of you." He then starts to lean closer, but not quiet in her range yet with a wicked smile, and then he starts to sing.

<FS3> Amoux rolls Singing: Failure. (4 3 1 3 3 3 1 6 2 3 1)

Rosalie looks to him as he chuckles and softly chews upon her bottom lip as he comments. And she looks worried as he leans closer and is soon wincing at his off key singing. She softly offers, "That… was nice… I guess… I… I could do… better though… no offense. And why do you want to learn more of me?"

Amoux laughs softly, with a shake of his head."I can sing most of the time, you just make me so nervous." His voice is soft, with a red blush in his checks, and then he reaches over to pick up his flute, from his bag as he sighs softly."Now then, to try the one thing I'm skilled at." He then blows softly into the flute.

<FS3> Amoux rolls Flute: Great Success. (7 7 8 1 7 5 4 3 6 3)

Rosalie bashfully looks away when he tells her that she makes him nervous, but she looks back as he begins to play the flute. A soft smile beginning to curl her lips that actually reaches her eyes as she watches him. And soon she begins to sing along with the song he is playing, remaining rather flush as she does, not at all use to singing in front of another but being a little trusting and brave.

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Singing: Success. (4 3 4 4 3 2 1 7)

Amoux starts to play softer, more romance, there is something seducitive in the tunes he is using, as he watches her now, with a little curl of a smile at the edge of his lips. He is playing softer now, sliding closer to her, and his eyes on hers as he starts play quicker, and his body is almost touching her.

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Composure: Success. (2 3 3 5 7)
<FS3> Rosalie rolls Singing: Failure. (2 3 2 5 2 2 5 5)

Rosalie looks nervous as he draws closer to her, almost touching her side, already brushing against her folded legs hidden under her skirts. And her singing plummets as she becomes a bit flustered and shyly looks away as she stops.

<FS3> Amoux rolls Singing: Good Success. (6 8 2 5 2 3 1 8 2 1 8)

Amoux nods slowly, and he is still playing his flute, and then he is touching her side now, and watching her still, and then he stops playing now. He is smiling at her softly, and then he starts to sing softly into her ear, it is romantic words, words of passion softly sung only to her, here in this countryside.

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Composure: Success. (6 5 5 7 1)

Rosalie's eyes closed as she felt him against her as he sings those romantic words into her ear. She begins to softly chew up her bottom lip, her nerves skyrocketing, she isn't use to someone being this close but she remains, for now.

Amoux slides away from here slowly, with a wicked smile and then he loosk at her for a moment, as he licks his lips slowly."That song is yours, I shall never sing it for another, you have a gift from me now." His voice is soft, as he looks right at her with a nod of his head, watching her now."Such a pretty girl, do you wish for another sip of your drink?"

Rosalie exhales a quick breath as he begins to slide away from her, at this point she is softly panting but it is beginning to lessen now that he isn't poking her nerves so heavily and being so close. She begins to slowly relax and curiously begins to study over him as she nods her head softly, a but speechless for the moment. And quickly she is bringing the bottle of bourbon to her lips and quickly down a good amount of it. As she pulls it away from her lips from the last swallow, she coughs a bit and makes a slight face. And then she lets herself fall back onto the ground, Kit moving to lay upon her stomach as her legs shift to be straightened instead of the folding there were when she was sitting, laying down like that is just not comfy.
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Amoux nods slowly, with a little chuckle for a moment, as he watches her with a little chuckle, and then he slides next to her quicker now, as he looks into her eyes."Now then, I have another gift for you, if you wish it close your eyes." His voice is soft, almost whispered into her ear, and then he waits to see how she reacts.

<FS3> Rosalie rolls Composure: Failure. (6 4 4 2 1)

Rosalie gasps in shock as he draws that close, out of nerves she slaps his cheek, not very hard but it isn't exactly soft either, enough to pink him. And she quickly scoots back and hops up upon her feet. She looks as if she is about to say something and then takes off running back for Bois d'Aubagne as she cuddles Kit close.

The hit is taken like a champ, and he stands up now with a little chuckle, as he watches the girl run."So sorry, I thought you were enjoying our game, have a lovely evening Rosalie, if you wish to see me again I'm not hard to find." His voice booms out of him, and then he sighs softly, with a sad look in his eyes, as he walks back towards the painting.

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