(1310-09-29) The Maiden and the Giant
Summary: Lady Inesse de Baphinol bumps into lord Gaspard 'Fenris' Valliers. Miscommunication leads to quite an interesting conclusions.
RL Date: 2018/09/29
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Market Promenade

Two massive promenades, separated by a narrow row of alternating planters and plinths supporting marble statues from all over the known world, make up a marketplace that extends in a narrow space far to the north of the grand plaza to the south. Each walkway is two two-meter marble slabs wide, one gleaming white, the other greyish-blue, and they alternate to and fro in coloration all the way down each promenade, their intersections marked with a series of equal-armed crosses in shimmering black stone. While there is plenty of space for vendors to set up ad-hoc establishments to hawk their wares, to each side of the double promenade are stoa of fluted marble, holding up a terra-cotta tiled roof over a shady, cool walkway, punctuated here and there with doorways and windows open to a long series of indoor shops, each marked with a hanging sign outside the door.%r%rEvery twenty meters or so, five stairs lift the level of the promenade as the marketplace works its way uphill, to a smaller plaza at the northern end where all the most exclusive and expensive shops are established. This smaller plaza also has an obelisk of red granite in the middle; it's shorter, and more slender, but when the change in elevation is taken into account, its tip is at the exact same height as the massive obelisk in the town square to the south.

The autumn weather slowly becomes more harsh and that is why this early morning one could see a breath let out from their lips in the form of a mist. The leaves start to fall from the trees and float in the streets coloring them in all shades of brown and yellow, even a bit of red.

The Market Promenade is quite busy despite the coldness. People still have to take care of their daily life. Majority of them are common folk who are rushing to their job. But one young lady steps out from the bakery. A fresh and still hot cinnamon bun is steaming from her palms. She seems to be more on a leisure time and quite slowly starts walking towards the center. Her dress has a design that features a young rosy blush on the outside of the dress and a white and rosy swirl pattern on the front panel. The same swirl pattern is used as an accent trim along the sleeves, the hood, and on either side of the front panel. On top of the dress, Inesse is wearing a black cloak which has white fur decoration around collar.

Inesse is followed by her guard. Her eyes are focused on a steaming bun and she licks her lips. Tasty!

The giant man has just come from his D'Angeline lesson. Something he's getting MUCH better at. He is wearing only a pair of dark trousers, dark tunic which is not loose on his large upper body. His shoes look almost new in their leather but there is mud on them. The tunic's sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and tucked only in the front of his pants. His hair is cut short to his head except his one cow lick which is much longer. His beards been trimmed back into a goatee around his mouth but that is still trimmed down. He moves with the common folk but he's at least a head over everyone. He stops at one stall which has fruit and he starts picking some out.

Eyes. That's what Fenris is going to feel. Eyes stabbed straight into his back. When Inesse sees someone so tall, someone so large she has never seen, the young girl is not able to not gawk. She is a lady, she knows it's not proper but how could one be so tall?! She took a bite out of that bun before seeing Fenris, but she has forgotten to swallow or even chew on it. The bite kinda stopped halfway and a small part of it is sticking out from her mouth. The rest of the bun is steaming in her palms held in front of her. She does have very large obsidian black eyes. She herself is quite short, not even reaching 5 feet. So, her chin is raised to look somewhere at the neck area of a man. Her guard, though, leans in to whisper something and gently push the girl to move, but she stays in one spot.

The big man turns a little and looks at the crowd. The bunch of shorties don't really seem threatening but why does he feel like someone is watching him? He grumbles quietly and picks out a few strawberries and some other fruits which are starting to go out of season. He pays for them and starts moving towards Inesse. He wants pie. He keeps his eyes on the ground when he walks, shoulders slumped forward. He's not a proud man and it looks like he might have been raised to be submissive somehow. He lifts his eyes a moment and stops in front of Inesse who is blocking the door to the bakery. "Excuse me." His voice is heavily skaldic accented and deep, rumbling in his cheset.

"Are you a giant?" Inesse blurbs while her mouth is filled with a bun. So, her question is more a muffled one. She uses a free hand to stuff that large bite into her mouth and chew on it. Her cheeks color brightly red, especially when her guard 'tsks' at such a question. "I am so sorry, sir…" She whispers an apology when her bite is swallowed. She takes a step away to allow for the man to enter the bakery if he chooses. "I have never seen someone so tall before! You look very strong. Are you a warrior?"

Fenris pales at the question and just stares at her for a long few moments before she apologizes and asks more. He blinks slowly. "Not giant. Just big." His voice rolls around in his gut like rocks. "I was one. Maybe again one day." He bows his head to her and moves into the bakery. He gets one of the pies and a few loaves of bread. He pays and walks back out of the store with his hand fulls of food.

When he comes back, he finds that same lady still standing in that same spot. She smiles. "Even at home we do not have a bakery like this! Deserts here are absolutely perfect! I just recently came to Marsilikos and I was told that this is the place where I have to come if I want something sweet. What did you get, if I may ask?" She looks into his hand. "I got myself a cinnamon bun!" Inesse shows her own hand. "I am so sorry… Am I bothering you?" She shyly lowers her gaze to the ground. "I do not mean to. I just have never met anyone who was a giant before!"

Fenris is starting to look lost. D'Angeline isn't his first language so he's trying to keep up with her. He lifts the bread and the pie for her to see before he brings them back to himself. He blinks a few times and sighs quietly. He shakes his head to her question before correcting her. "Not giant." He speaks softly. "I…not mythical. I am real." He points out. Though he doesn't seem sure himself. He grumbles quietly before turning and moving into the street.

The girl looks at Fenris who is walking away and then back at her guard. She takes a step forward as if willing to follow the man, but her guard shakes his head. The man did not say nor yes, nor no on her question if she is bothering him. But her uncle Bernard known better. So, Inesse turns to simply stare at the giant who walks away. She slowly raises that bun to her mouth and takes another bite, and slowly chews on it. Dark obsidian eyes still mildly confused stare at the man's back. Is he lying now or was he lying before? Is he a giant or is he real? Or was he a giant and became real now? Where does he come from? Will she see him again? Did her guard saw what she saw? Thousands of questions run in her head.

Fenris walks by two commoners having an argument about price and he just grabs the loudest one by the back of his jacket and lifts him up. He grumbles annoyed as he moves the man to the other side of the larger road and sets him down. He points with his pie and the man takes off running. He turns to look at the cart keeper who is standing shocked. He sighs quietly and moves over to pay him some money. "Sorry."

Inesse can not do anything but laugh at such fold of events. She looks up to her own guard and whispers something to him, pointing toward Fenris' direction. But Bernard doesn't seem to be as amused as his charge and he nudges the young lady to move further. So, she does obey and starts walking toward different direction than Fenris. However, she keeps turning back towards the man and that makes the guard more responsible to keep her safe from stumbling down than by being attacked by the outer sources.

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