(1310-09-29) A Dance of Colors
Summary: An event of love and art, held at the Salon de Coquelicot.
RL Date: Sat Sep 29, 1310
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Le Coquelicot — Night Court

Tiles of fine beige colored marble cover the floor in an ever repetitive pattern that is only broken by the circle of inlay work in its center, where through the use of white marble and dark red obsidian a likeness of the poppy flower comes to life, informing the visitor which salon it is he has entered. Long white drapes embroidered with a line of similar earthy dark red to the obsidian used in the floor are arranged to frame the windows, through which the parlour will be generously lighted through the day. Scattered about the room are comfortable chairs, light rattan fletching topped off with comfortable, cream-colored cushions, beside small tables where long slender flagons of wine stand at the ready beside goblets made of clay, glazed in warm earthy tones. %r%rThe air is that of relaxation, on more levels than just the physical; this extends to the mind, the soul, and the heart as well. An effect that is enhanced by the soothing melodies played by a lutist in a corner, by the pleasant subtle scents emanating from clay bowls filled with aromatic oils sitting on the tables; the warm lighting of oil lamps through glass shades painted with soothing patterns of waves in orange and dark red. Enhanced further by the soft laughter rippling through these halls where the visitor for once is allowed to take a break from his everyday trials and tribulations, from fears and worries, from tenseness in muscles and sometimes just loneliness.%r%rArchways in old Tiberian style lead onwards to three areas, where patrons can find soothing in the way they wish to. Whereas a stairway at the back curves all the way up to the upper floor, where private quarters of courtesans and adepts can be found.

The main room of the Salon Le Coquelicot has been divided into two parts for the evening of the Dance of Colors. One part of the room has tables and seats arranged. One can chose to occupy a chair behind the table or one could rest on a more comfortable seating such as an armchair or a small couch. The young novices are lingering there providing refreshments and snacks.

The other part of the room has many canvases laid out on the floor. Each canvas is separated from one another by the arm's length. The canvases itself are large enough for two people to stand and move in a slow dance, but a pair would have to keep close to each other. A few adepts of the Salon Le Coquelicot are there to assist patrons who might be interested in a unique dance lesson. Before an interested pair steps on the canvas, they have to take off their clothes. They can chose to go fully naked or remain in their underwear. Then an adept pours different colors of paints on the canvas and a pair has to stand into the small pool of cool paints, barefooted. Finally, a pair is given a palette of colors and two brushes. That's when they are left to their own thoughts and freedom to create and draw while a slow music of a violin, piano and lute is playing.

A couple of different pairs are already standing on the canvases, drawing shapes and lines on each other as well as turning round and around on the canvas itself to draw unique shapes by their feet. One young pair of two nobles is already fully covered in dry paints and so they come back to one of the adepts who cuts their canvas in two different pieces and gifts one piece to a man and the other to a woman.

It should be noted that each pair is granted some privacy from curious gazes, as each canvas currently being painted and danced upon is surrounded by dividers, paravents upon which the play of shadows hints at the dancing and painting that is going on behind them.

Those who arrive are met by an adept as well. If one doesn't have a pair for a dance, they are pointed towards the adept known as Melville Charlot nó Coquelicot to go and get a part of a puzzle and later find another person who received the other end of a piece. That person is suppose to become a dancing partner for the night.

The room itself has a very dim light creating more mysterious and safer environment as if all secrets may not be revealed, as if assuring that the shadows will protect anyone who dares to enter the dance. The smell of burning candles is mixed up with the scent of few different flowers and fruits such as lavender, jasmine, bergamot, lemons, clary sage and others.

Lois is here to help those who need help with the dance of colors. The adept is clad in a green, sleeveless gown, reaching till a little below the knees. Her feet are captured in Tiberium-style sandals, with leather straps wrapping as high as mid-calf. Red hair is worn in a braid, with a few strands framing a face of faintly freckled beauty. Right now, Lois stands somewhere close to the area of the canvasses, ready to help and assist when needed.

Emeraude makes her way into the Salon Le Coquelicot with a soft, slightly nervous, smile curling her lips. Upon her form today is a sea blue bodice with dark purple ruffled skirts, a pair of sea blue slippers and her cloak matching her dark purple skirts with its hood down at the moment. Her steps gracefully lead her towards Melville and awaits to recieve her puzzle piece to see whom her mystery partner may be.

Elspeth attends to those in the salon for the dance of colors, wearing a sleeveless light blue gown and thin chain that indicates she is Second to Balm. Her long sable tresses are twisted upon her head. Her keen eyes watch over the novices serving drink. She moves with a natural grace, a gentle compassion that shows she is here to help others this evening and assist Melville with his event.

Melville Charlot nó Coquelicot may be found lingering between those separated canvases. He is the one who brings necessary paints and more canvases to the other adepts. He himself is wearing light blue underwear which is actually painted in brightly green ornaments as if that would be a grass. The rest of his body would be naked if not the drawing on his skin. Two snakes are circling around his arms and reaching for the apples of a large branchy tree drawn on his chest and abdomen. There are birds flying around and a small fox hiding behind that tree. His legs are entwined by the roots of that apple tree. The roots are dry, rotten and infected by various worms. His back in the meanwhile represents the sky. It's completely blue but has some white clouds and a sun, a couple of other birds. Finally, his face has no colors except three blue tears drawn to fall from the corner of his right eye.

Enter a blonde, hair done in a fashionable manner that gathers most of it in a pleasant arrangement of curls upon her head, some strands left to frame a face of d'Angeline beauty and noble heritage. Evelyne de Somerville may not be a regular visitor to this salon, but she enters with the nonchalance of a connoisseuse, on the arm of the man in her company, whom she will marry in less than a month from now. Her dress is risqué for the season, in that it is sleeveless, and a shawl of green she has slung about her shoulders is stand-in of a cloak. The color of her gown, white, with red and green dots. A contrast in light colors, possibly, to the darkness of her companion's attire, the Vicomte de Montmarlon, Sebastien Basilisque.

Ailene Trevalion comes to this event upon the arm og Lord Thibault Charlot. She is dressed quite simply today in a linen blouse, yellow corset decorated with flowers and a dark red skirt. Her bodice and corset, plain though they may be, puts emphasis on the generous swell of her bosom, which she seems quite proud of showing off. Her cleavage swells above her bodice and bounces a little when she walks. It is not an outfit she is usually seen wearing, as those who know her would know. On her feet, she wears a pair of plain lace up ankle boots. Her bright hair is left hanging loose, crimson curls kissing down her back, all the way to her wait. Her grey-blue Trevalion eyes are excited, of course. "My Lord!" she exclaims to Thibault. She points to Melville. "It's your brother!" Those eyes widen as she sees the other man up close, the twin to the man whose arm she holds. "He truly does look just like you!" she says and giggles happily. "Just like Ari and I!" she adds. "Same face, just different hair!" She smiles and nods to the others she sees, her cheeks rosy hued, but most of her attention is focused on looking back and forth between the twins for moment.

Narcisse looks just as puzzled as the pieces of puzzle might seem, as it seems like he has stumbled into this without having known what he's got himself into. And then he slowly realizes that he's been tricked and there's a short flash of anger showing in those deep blue eyes of his "That little…" he mutters under his breath, as his eyes seem to scan for a certain person, but soon enough he lets the matter drop and wears that mask of a friendly smile, as he slowly makes his way further into the room, taking a glance around, his steps only the slightest bit of hesitation, as he still is wearing his silken outfit, while others are…not.

While lord Narcisse looks around puzzled, he is approached by one of the adepts. A young and tall man. "I see that you are alone. Would you like to participate in a dance of colors, m'lord? If yes, pick a card!" He offers a small bag. "And then you will have to wander around in order to find your missing piece and invite her for a dance. Better than being alone!" He smiles warmly.

Elliot drifts through the doors wearing a doublet of rich purple over a bronze hued silken shirt. His trousers are also a dark bronze color tucking into his matching boots to complete the look. The well groomed Rocaille Lord peers around curiously, he does not have a date it would seem but he doesn't seem overly concerned about that either. He steps forward towards Melville smiling warmly to the young man as he waits his turn.

Emeraude receives the piece of the puzzle from Melville and kindly says, "Thank you," before she holds it close to her chest and begins to make her way towards one of the couches to sit down upon. As a novice approaches her, she offer a warm smile and takes one of the offered glasses of wine and kindly says, "Thank you," to them as well before she begins to drink generously from the flask, seeming to need a little of the liquid courage. Her eyes falling upon Narcisse and noting the he also has a puzzle piece. She swallows nervously and begins to slip from her couch and make her way towards him as she kindly says, "Hello, I am Emeraude de Delaunay, Baroness of Velaux. Might I inquire which piece it is you have?" Her own gently grasped within her hand that is not currently holding the wine glass. Though that glass of wine is quickly drained and she is looking about to locate a novice who is walking about to garner another.

The Vicomte de Montmarlon is clad in his usual attire of leather as if the man would not have any other clothes. His leather trousers are tucked into large boots and his jacket is open showing deep blue shirt and a pendant of a snake. The moment he steps into the salon, the man rolls his eyes. That music. It's way too loud. He does look like a very tired man. Or to be more clear, like a very hungover man. While he doesn't seem to be very excited when an adept approaches him and speaks introducing the events at offer, he is obviously already painted. Well, a bit since his usual eyeliner seems to have ran down a tad and those black lines are so obvious now, way thicker. He has a young lady at arm - Lady Evelyne de Somerville, who is supposed to become his wife. "I will go and take a seat." He states to her. "Grab us something to drink."

Elspeth notices that Emeraude is looking for another drink and motions to a novice to see to the baroness needs. Another novice is sent to bring Evelyne and Viscomte some drinks. Elliot's arrival gets a gentle smile as she makes a point to come greet the lord, "It is good to see you again in the salon." For newcomers, she will direct them to Melville to get a puzzle piece if they wish to dance this evening.

After giving a piece of Emeraude's puzzle, Melville notices Elliot and moves straight towards him. "M'lord, you came! Thank you so much!" If allowed, he would offer a hug. But since Melville's whole body is already drawn, Elliot would risk to get mildly stained. "I haven's seen you for awhile. How are you? Oh, and you did not bring a pair! Do you mind grabbing a piece of a puzzle and searching for a second half? Just to get a chance to dance and paint. My whole body is already in colors!"

"A drink?" Evelyne's lips curve in a smile, as she shoots Sebastien a glance. "Of course…" She has been to quite a few salons already in her young life, and some Houses of Mont Nuit, even, in the Capital. With a lazy gesture, Eve gestures for one of the novices to provide her with two glasses of wine. Then to saunter over where Sebastien has already taken a seat, one glass carried in each hand. "Thirsty already?", she smiles, handing her intended one of those glasses. "And we haven't even gotten to demonstrate our creativity yet."

Narcisse's confused look soon enough fades away as he is approached by one of the staff and he can't help but give a smirk, as he responds "Sure, if I'm already here I can take part in whatever that woman has dragged me into now again…" and with that he takes a puzzle piece out of the bag, before he is approached by Esmeraude. A dark eyebrow arches up at her words and he muses in his ever charming voice or at least he tries to sound like that "I am Lord Narcisse Mereliot… and while I may be more accustomed to the sea thanks to my bloodline fate must have drawn me to the wolves instead." he offers to her, watching her nervousness with just a little spark of amusement in his eyes.

Thibault walks in arm in arm with Ailene dressed in a simple outfit of mostly black with dark red details and accents and a pair of short black leather boots. His black hair is, as always, kept loose in it's untamed manner yet manages to look as stylish as ever. His eyes scan over the arrangements of the Salon as they enter, greeting those he sees already assembled there with a small nod. He looks down to the young Trevalion on his arm with a smile. "That it is. I'll finally get a chance to introduce you two to each other." He says. "Too bad your sister couldn't make it, it would have been fun to see how the two of them would get along." He looks around the place for a longer moment. "But first, let's have a drink before this gets started, shall we?" He leads her to where one of the novices serving drinks, handing Ailene one glas and taking another for himself. Then he leads her to where Melville is standing greeting the different guests and is currently in conversation with a young lord in a deep purple doublet. He doesn't interrupt the two, but waits until MElville is finished greeting his guests.

There are places and activities some people would be hard to convince of to attending. Sure, Eneas could probably have talked the Mereliot priestess into it, but he knows the stubborn one by now. And so, she would have been invited for dinner instead. Of course, the trip with the coach would be filled with distracting talk, so that the red-head might only realize the destination is the Salone Le Coquelicot once they are already disembarking. Taking her arm, Eneas chuckles as he enters with her, "…told they have quite exquisite food, that is all.". He claims. Yes. Just while they step into the two-split room that would call his bluff at once. Just ignore the grin he gives her. Hey, if you lie this obviously, it isn't a lie, right?

Elliot smiles warmly to Elspeth and offers her a bow. "It is an honor to be here again and I am pleased to see you again as well Lady Elspeth." Then Melville approaches and Elliot reaches out to gently accept the hug with a chuckle. Apparently stained clothes are a risk he will take. "I don't mind no, I'm curious to see who I am paired with. It is lovely to see you again Lord Melville. Tonight promises to be a lovely event, and one to be remembered." He looks back to Elspeth and smiles warmly as he studies his puzzle piece. "It seems now I must go on a quest to find a perfect match. Wish me luck?" He glances around curiously to see who else has a puzzle piece.

"My dear," Sebastien accepts the drink, "My head is hurting so badly after yesterday. I believe that only a couple of glasses of strongest wine will fix the situation!" He takes a large gulp of the wine provided by his to-be-wife. "By the way, I am not feeling like going out there and dirtying myself. But, Evelyne, dear…" He leans in closer to her. "What about you going out there, grabbing a piece of a puzzle and enjoying your freedom while you can?" He laughs. "I would very much love to see that…"

Dinner outside the temple is something Gwenaelle would not pass up, especially when it's with Eneas. No thought is given as he keeps her entertained with conversation within the carriage until it stops. Indeed, it's not till they are walking up to the door itself that the priestess then realizes they are not at a restaurant as she first though, "But… why…" He quickly disarms her arguments, at least at first, though she blinks several times as she stands at his side once they are within the divided room. "Oh my." Looking to her escort, she whispes a little loudly, "What.. are we here for exactly?" Can't be for dinner, right? Oh, he's going to hear about this.. later!

Elspeth gives Elliot a gentle smile, "I am sure you do not need luck." She gives him a fond look, "Your perfect match is just waiting out there." She glances at Melville to make sure that he doesn't need anything. She does see Gwenaelle's confusion as they arrive and tries to soothe any ruffled feathers, "Welcome to the Salon. I do hope you will enjoy this evening's festivities." She motions towards Melville, "Please see our host if you wish to dance and paint in the canvases. Or enjoy some relaxing refreshment."

Emeraude smiles gratefully as the novice comes by and she grabs another glass of wine and kindly offers, "Thank you." Her attention back upon Narcisse as she gives the empty glass back to the novice, carefully to hold onto her puzzle piece. The charmingness to Narcisse's voice makes her relax a bit and a warm smile curl her lips as she just idly holds the glass in her hand. She oohs excitedly as she says, "You got the wolves? I did to so I suppose that means you are by partner." Her cheeks flushing a bit as her blue eyes look up into his blueish-gray eyes. She then inquires, "Did you wish to sit for a bit while we wait for the painting to start? Or did you… perhaps wish to start painting now?" Her voice echoing her nervousness as she inquires.

"Thank you, m'lord!" Melville cheers up when Elliot decides to grab a piece of a puzzle. "Good luck finding your second half, and I will find you once I will be a tad less busy!" Then a young adept turns around only to face Thibault and his companion. He can not hold his emotions and first thing he is going to do - he will try to embrace his twin brother. Again, his whole body is covered in not yet dry paint. Will his brother's bravery matches lord Elliot's and he will dare to have his clothes stained? "Thibault!"

Eneas says, "Dinner, dear.", comes Eneas steadyfast answer, though those blue eyes are alight with mischief and when he lets go of her arm, to lift her hand instead to give it a little stylized hand-kiss, he adds. "Perhaps a dance, afterwards, if you feel like it. Or the other way around.", he offers, only to have Elspeth back him up! Of sort. "See? The lovely Mademoiselle sees it the same way.". A grateful smile and nod is given to the courtesan, before he gestures into the room to see if Gwen is going to bolt back out of the door, or step into the room. And if so, in what direction!"

Ailene sees Evalyn and sends the other young lady a big smile and friendly wave over on the couch with her companion. "That is Lady Evelyn." she tells Thibault as he leads her to get a drink. "I met her at another event I attended here at the Night Court." she tells him. She smiles and takes the glass of wine when offered. "She is very friendly and so much fun!" She giggles. "I don't know her companion, but I heard she was getting married soon, so maybe that is her husband to be!" She turns and waves to them again, still a little bundle of excitement, before they are approaching Melville. "Oh, I know what man with him, too!" she says. "That is Lord Elliot Rocallie." She smiles to him, as well. "We met once, I think." she says, headtilting. "At the Wine Cellar, wasn't it?" Another giggle as she stands there, waiting to see if Thibault will embrace his twin. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Narcisse. She almost bursts into a fit of uncontrolled giggles at the sight of him, but fights them back. Instead, she wiggles her fingers to him in greeting and smiles ever so sweetly, before giving her cousin a thumbs up as she sees he is talking to a woman. Teehee!

"Excuse me?", Evelyne counters towards Sebastien, and it seems, her smile brightens just a touch as she pointedly sits down beside him on the couch. "What an odd request to make. As you most probably will miss the spectacle and view…" She gestures towards the paravents, that will be most likely drawn to offer some privacy to those courageous and bold enough. "And the view, if I recall correctly doesn't necessarily need to be pushed off till the wedding night. This is about art, my lord. Why not be a little… adventurous tonight, and show me the artist you can be…?" There may be a faint challenge in her tone, but her smile is all sweet as she sits down beside Sebastien. Once seated, she lets her gaze drift, and in spotting Eneas, a grin blossoms on the apple lady's cheeks. "There are familiar faces here tonight," she murmurs. Only distracted for a moment, before her attention sweeps right back to Sebastien.

The Vicomte eyes his to-be-wife in a deep consideration as he empties the goblet of wine in a one long breath. Then he gives an empty goblet to her. "Alright, if you will give me three more glasses of this, I will go and join canvases with you. Just… don't paint anything silly! I hope you also have a very good talent in painting since I am a man of fashion!" He laughs and leans back in his seat. His gaze follows Evelyne's as Sebastien tries to figure who of those people are familiar faces to the young woman beside him.

Thibault looks down to Ailene as she points out some of the people she recognizes, smiling and shaking his head in faint amusement. "Is there anyone you don't know… Maybe you can introduce us later, I would very much like that." He says, as he gives the people she has mentioned a nod in greeting and keeps leading her towards Melville to to a bit of introductions of his own. Not often he gets the chance to introduce Ailene to someone she hasn't already met.

Thibault's bravery does indeed match Lord Elliot's, or maybe it's just the fact that he has chosen to wear a rather simple attire for the night, clothes easily replaced. He offers his brother a smile that quickly turns into a small frown as his brother embraces him, but he doesn't move away but reaches one arm around Melville to meet the embrace half reluctantly, leaving him indeed rather stained by various colors. "Melville. It's good to see you again." He gestures to the young woman in his company. "May I introduce you to Ailene Trevalion. I don't think the two of you have met yet." He looks to the fiery redhead in his company with a hint of pride in his features and tone.

Blue eyes follow Elliot Rocaille as he makes his way through the foyer, and as if by coincidence, Lois pushes herself off of the column she ahd been leaning against. "My lord," she addresses him, and in offering a curtsey to him, seeks his attention. Her dress may be sleeveless, but the back is covered fully, as befits an adept whose marque is still in the making. "Might I ask for the piece of the puzzle you have received? So that I might assist you in finding your partner?"

Narcisse takes a brief glance over Esmeraude and smiles once again, maybe this evening won't turn out so badly after all. "I see…" at her question, he shrugs his shoulders and lifts himself up to his full height as he considers "Well, to be honest I didn't know what I got myself into here. My cousin tricked me into it by claiming it would be a wine tasting event." Speaking of wine, he waves himself a servant over to order a deep red one, before focusing his attention on the Baroness once again "So maybe I need to get myself warmed up to the idea at first… so" he hesitates for a moment "de Delaunay you say? You must forgive me, but from which province is that family?" Ah yes, the pride and maybe arrogance of a Trevalion.

"I really did not expect seeing you here!" Melville laughs patting his brother's shoulder but then his attention goes to the lady Ailene who is being introduced to him. "The pleasure is mine, m'lady." He bows to her but instead of being a polite young lord who would ask for a hand and who would place a polite peck on her knuckles, Melville glances at Thibault, "Do you mind?" And then at Ailene as he extends his arms to the sides ready to embrace this lady upon her introduction. "A friend of my brother is a friend of mine!"

Elliot looks a little lost as he wanders through the salon, so the approach of Lois is a welcome thing and met with a warm smile. He bows respectfully to her. "That is most kind of you. He shows her the puzzle piece discreetly with another gentle smile. "It seems we are looking for an owl. But first, might I have your name? I'm Elliot Rocaille."

Elspeth gives Lois a smile as she moves to assist Elliot with finding his partner for the evening. Her eyes then sweep to the novices to make sure they are keeping the glasses of their patrons filled. There is a gentle calm about the woman as she tries to make sure that harmony and art are encouraged here. Unlike Meliville, her body is not yet painted in case one of the guests are in need of a partner.

Gwenaelle is seriously considering leaving, but she's already here, and there's so many nearby, she merely gives Eneas a glare that promises retribution at some point after the evening. "Wine?" That might help her out a little, especially on an empty stomach, "What is exactly going on?" She sees the dividers, and the shadows, but it's not quite making sense to her at the moment. People she may recognize are given a nod, though the priestess doesn't look to interrupt anyone's conversation.

Emeraude softly giggles at Narcisse's response and happily says, "I am a huge fan of wine myself, I drink it will every meal. but I am also very very fond of painting it is one of my passions I was able to follow while I was receiving my lessons and tutors. Well that and dancing, so perhaps it will go better than you had thought?" Her own nervousness melting away quickly and standing a bit straighter as her confidence sets in. As he inquires as to where she is from she sips upon her wine and swallows before she responds, "Eisande, and if I am not mistaken you are from the Azzalle province yes?"

"Ah… I see…", Lois reaches out to take that puzzle piece into her hand, inspecting it, a thoughtful smile playing across her features. "An owl, you say?" Her eyes lift to meet Elliot's gaze, and with a faint glint of mischief, the Coquelicot adept produces a similar piece from a fold of her dress. "I got the owl as well. Lois no Coquelicot, my lord. I may be your canvas for tonight, for the dance of colors."

"I likely wouldn't have if not for this young lady." Thibault offers in a matter-of-factly tone with a small shrug, head indicating towards Ailene. There is a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips, however. He takes a small step to the side to allow Melville the room to embrace Ailene, if she herself allows it. He knows his brother and how he is, this is just his very direct way of expressing excitement and joy. "Please, by all means." He looks around the room and notices another Trevalion attending, and gives Narcisse a small wave if he notices it. Couldn't blame him if he didn't, he seems to already be in rather enchanting company himself, after all, in talks with a young blonde woman.

Well, no hasty retreat by the priestess, and Eneas does not quite rub his hands, as his plan comes together, but one might get the impression it was a near thing. Gesturing into the room, as Elspeth moves on to the next patron to help out, Gwenaelle is gently steered deeper into the room. "Well.". Okay, so this might require a bit more finesse in explaining. "We'll get a table and you may order some food and wine…", and at that he does wave one of the novices closer to relieve them of two glasses from their tray, offering one to Gwen. "…and enjoy the evening. If you wish to dance…well. As you see, they are pairing it with a sense of art this night. Paints are to be used, and of course, they would not wish to stain your clothes, so…we'd have to take them off, if we were to step on the canvas.". See, it makes perfect rational sense. As long as you do not worry too much about the premise. "The idea is to paint your dreams, on the canvas of your dance-partner.".

There are actually not many Eneas recognizes in the crowd, though Evelyn, when she is spied, is given a nod in recognition, and Eneas leans in to speak a few quiet words to the priestess he accompanies.

Ailene blushes deeply and giggles as she is introduced to Melville and the young man asks for a hug. She complies, of course. She wraps her arms around the young man and hugs him warmly, not caring in the least if she gets covered in paint. She giggles again and then steps back. "The pleasure is all mine." she tells Melville and glances back to Thibault with stars in her eyes. It is very apparent in her gaze that she is quite enamored of the Charlot lord. She flutters her lashes at him before turning back to his brother. "I have a twin, too!" she exclaims happily, bouncing a little in her excitement. "We are just like you both!" Her eyes go wide. "I have red hair and she has blond hair!" She grins. "Perhaps it is fate that we have met, after all!"

A touch of a smirk graces Narcisse's lips, as he nods his head "Yes I like myself some wine every now and then myself. Not too much to get in trouble though." There he lifts his chin straight up, before chuckling at his own thoughts "But I'm not the most giftest dancer myself. But then I would give it a try to not hurt your feet…" Once he gets the glass of wine, he takes a deep sip of it and then inquires "So shall we seek out one of the places to dance then?" Just in that moment he notices Thibault and his company, which makes him shake his head in her direction for a moment, but he still gives them both a nod of his head, before returning his attention to Esmeraude "Yes I am proud to call myself a scion of Azza to be exact."

"Hmm…" Evelyne waves a novice over and orders, "Three more glasses of this. Please line them up neatly on this table so that the Vicomte may be at leisure to empty one after the other. Thank you so much." Her tone is sweet, and the look she gives Sebastien, only slightly challenging. Her own glass, still half full. Eneas has spotted her as well, obviously, and to him she nods. Then to Ailene. Ah the redhead, she remembers as well, as the wicked little smile betrays.

"Is it?" Melville seems to be amused at Ailene's excitement. "Maybe it is a fate to you. Though, I hope on my end it's not a simple accident or fate, but my brother actually wanted to come and visit me?" He looks at Thibault with a small frown in his features. But then he focuses back at Ailene. "Did you know that we haven't seen each other over twelve years and I did not receive any messages from Thibault?" But once the question is ask, the frown from his features fades as Melville bursts in laugh. "I am not mad. I completely understand! Everything. I am just happy that you both found each other here and I hope you will be happy!"

When three more glasses are presented at his table, Sebastien reaches for the second and takes a sip. Though, a frown in his features deepens. "Nah, hell…" He curses and shakes his head. He sets the goblet aside. "Who am I trying to trick? This is not going to work! And there is no need to prolong this painting adventure of yours!" The man raises to his feet, stretches and then turns towards Evelyne. He extends his hand to her, "M'lady, will you join me for the dance?" If she accepts, Sebastien will guide Evelyne to one of the empty canvases.

Elliot grins brightly at Lois his expression warm and delighted. "And I will be your canvas as well. I think I can turn you into a masterpiece my Lady Lois. Not that I will need to do much to achieve that I suspect, you are already quiet radiant." He offers her his arm. "Would you like a drink before we begin or shall we simply get started?"

Taking the glass of wine, Gwenaelle thanks Eneas, listening as he explains what sort of event he's brought her to at the Salon. A brow is lifted as he gets to the part about removing her clothes, a hint of pink to appear upon her cheeks and a hasty sip of wine taken, "I.. see…" Teeth catch her bottom lip and for a moment, she is quiet, considering. Downing the last of her wine, she hands the empty glass to a passing novice, and then turns to her escort, "Okay.. " To what exactly is she agreeing too?? When he leans in to whisper, she glances towards Evelyn, no doubt, being told who she might be.

"Hah!" It is a light sound of amusement that escapes Evelyne when Sebastien meets her challenge with… submitting to her request? She empties her glass and moves to stand, resting her hand upon the Basilisque lord's arm as he guides her towards one of the canvasses. There might be a mischievous glance she shoots Eneas' way as the Somerville lady claims one of those canvasses for her own. There is a paravent drawn then, so that she and Sebastien can get rid of clothes and engage in the arts. And there, a giggle can be heard, when Evelyne starts fidgeting with her shoes.

A man strides into the Salon Le Coquelicot carrying an authority of sorts in his posture. His confidence is so high as if this whole room would be a battlefield and with every step deeper an army lead by him conquers a piece after piece of precious land. The reflection of candlelights in his deep and dark as the ocean gaze waves as if a stormy horizon. He is wearing a luxurious black coat embroidered by golden thread. The silks of his shirt and trousers seem to have a glimmering in a dim light, and the dragon's pendant dangling on his neck adds to the whole visage of superiority. Timothee is followed by another person. A man in his late thirties. He is wearing a simple black silk attire and seems to come more as a servant than a companion. Ducal Heir removes his cloak when he arrives and gives it to the man at his side. When he is approached by an adept, a young and overconfidant lord waves him off after giving a polite bow. Then he takes a goblet of wine and scans the surrounding like a predator who seeks for his prey. His eyes land on another who seems to have some responsability in this establishment. A beautiful woman, the Second of House Balm.

"It seems I got lucky in drawing such a beautiful canvas in my pairing," Lois replies to Elliot. "A drink? Perhaps. A glass of wine. It might help in getting creativity flowing…" Her hand finds the offered arm, and she smiles as they already move half-way towards the area with the canvasses. As an attentive novice provides them both with sparkling white wine of the area."

Elspeth is directing the novices to see that the patrons have their glasses filled. Although at the arrival of Timothee, she feels the predatory gaze of another on the back of her neck. She turns and gives a gentle smile to the ducal heir. Her light steps taking her to his side with a sweet greeting, "Good evening m'lord." She motions to the host, Melville, "If you wish to participate in the dancing and painting, please see him for a puzzle piece.

One pointed out, the other soon nodded to for Gwen's sake, "And Lady Ailene de Trevalion. She tried to assassinate me with a fan. Threw it right at my head. And no, I did not deserve it.", Eneas explains the only other person he really has met before. Yet, when the wine glass is emptied like that, he blinks at the Mereliot. "Okay…?", he echoes, then chuckles, torn between amusement of the blush and trepidation he caused, and confusion as to what she means. "Okay?", he echoes, then tilts his head. Oh, he will get blamed for this anyway, so he might as well interpret for her, right? "Okay!", he says, taking her hand, his own wine-glass taken a deep sip of, before he tugs her towards those Canvases.

Sebastien takes off his jacket and shirt before joining the canvas. His clothes will be given to one of the adepts who already is preparing a canvas and pouring some paint over it. He takes off his shoes as well but remains in his leather pants. Vicomte accepts the pallette of different colors presented to them and two brushes. Then he patiently waits for Evelyne to be ready. "Will you draw first, or shall I start?"

Thibault returns the offers his brother a glare of slightly narrowed eyes at the frown given to him by his brother and leans in to speak in a slightly lowered and midly annoyed voice. "You know very well why that is!" He says, before he catches himself and his tone turns more relaxed if still a bit stern. He straightens his posture and takes a sip of his wine."Besides, it's not like the missives from you was pouring in, either." He defends himself. A beat. "But let's talk about that another time, this is a day for more happy emotions, yes? It is good to see you, I had hoped to be able to introduce you to Arianne, Aily's sister but sadly she was kept from attending by other matters. Hopefully well get a chance for that another time. It /is/ good to see you again." He then offers to his brother before he looks down to Ailene, taking her hand and giving it a light squeeze, the smile returning. "Anyone else you'd like to speak to before we start? OR should we try and find an unoccupied spot?" His eyes drift down her neck and over her body, already painting it with his eyes.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Perception: Good Success. (7 5 6 4 2 8 5)

Gwenaelle is tugged forwards, her steps hurrying along with her skirts floating behind her as Eneas heads for one of the canvases. Considering that she's not pulling back on his hand, he may have guessed right on her confusing 'okay'. "We have to take off all our clothes?" The question might be heard with a hint of a gulp from the redheaded priestess who's still blushing quite a bit. Sure, she can make a person disrobe without a bat of an eye in the infirmary, but get her to take her clothing off is perhaps another story!

Timothee straightens even more when he is approached by the Second. He does not hurry to answer. Instead, he takes a longer sip of wine scanning the woman over the edge of his goblet. "Thank you." He offers afterwards. "But I do not need a puzzle to find someone I might be interested to. What if you would become the one who keeps me company? I am lord Timothée Rafael de Somerville. A new arrival to the city of Marsilikos." He bows his head lightly. "Or are you watching over your little flock? I am pretty sure they are absolutely talented to make sure that this event has a huge success. Especially, if they have been trained by you."

Emeraude offers a soft giggle before she offers, "I rarely get into trouble myself but I often not go out too much but now that I am in Marsilikos, I indeed to be more sociable. Hence my attending this party, well that and I do adore painting and dancing so I image that combining the too will be ever so much fun. And I am sure you are a better dancer than you give yourself credit for." Her attention looking towards some of the empty canvases before she looks back to Narcisse as she says, "I think we should." Though after she says that, the rest of her wine is quickly finished to apply more liquid courage, it is needed. She then smiles as she says, "I am a scion too, of Eisheth however." If an arm is offered to move towards the canvases, she will take it and begin to move towards an empty one closest to them.

There is a rustle of clothes coming from behind the canvas that is now hidden from view by a paravent, and shortly after, a novice can be seen emerging from said space with the dress of Evelyne upon her arm.

Ailene glances back and forth between the twin brothers. She hasn't missed the tension at all. She turns to Melville and smiles warmly. "He has told me of your separation, yes." she replies to him. "I can only imagine how heart wrenching it has been for you both." She reaches out and, if Melville will let her, lays a hand upon his arm. "My twin has been away from me for several weeks." she tells him. "She is studying healing at the Temple." She sighs sadly. "It is very hard to be away from the one most closest to you, I do know that, but I can only imagine how hard it has been for the both of you, separated by years." She then winks at him and lowers her voice, though not so low that Thibault can't hear her. "Also, it was /he/ who asked me to attend this event with him." she tells him. "So do not let him fool you." She then turns her impish face to Thibault. "Oh, we can go paint now." she says, her eyes twinkling. They also peruse his body up and down, a smirk slowly forming upon her lips. "I am getting so many ideas…" she murmurs devilishly then laughs. She reaches for his hand. It is then she hears her name being spoken by someone. She frowns and stands upon her tiptoes to look around. Her eyes find Eneas. "Oh, /that/ man!" she mutters and scowls. She glares at him and then sticks her tongue out right at him. "It was an accident!" She 'humphs' and tosses her red hair. "I wasn't /trying/ to hit him in the head with a flying object…/that/ time!" she adds the last couple of words a bit louder just for his benefit. She then waits for Thibault to lead her to a canvas, all happy and excited, when…..Her little nose twitches. "Huh…?" she murmurs. "Is that…" She starts to go pale. "Lavender incense?"

The louder words tossed after Eneas by Ailene make Eneas laugh out, his head turning, and lips part to call back, "…If it was an accident, I will gladly hear your apology later…", he lets her know, chin lifting just a touch, before he just turns to let her stand there. For now.
Eneas chuckles at the question from Gwenaelle however, and he shakes his head. "Of course not. You can stay fully clothed if you wish!", he offers her magnanimously, though it is clear that the d'Aiglemort lord is amused by the blushing priestess. Of course, by now surely there are novices already pouring paint onto the canvas. "It depends on what you are willing to have as very colorful attire from now on.". Is that grin he gives her devilish? Perhaps a touch. And it might become even more so when he leans in to once more offer quieter words to the redhead.

He himself? Well, Eneas is mostly shameless, apparently, for once stepping back, he begins to undo the vest and shirt he is wearing, to hand it off to a novice. Belts and boots are next, as do the pants after that, leaving him quite skyclad.

Elspeth gives a deep curtsey to Timothee, "I am honored m'lord that you would choose me for the evening." She motions for another to step forward, another courtesan so she can attend to the ducal heir, "I am Elspeth nó Coquelicot." She motions to the couches, "Perhaps you would like to have a drink while a contract can be brought for my services for the evening." She gives him a gentle smile, "It should not take long."

Melville laughs at Ailene's comment. He gives a quick glance at Thibault, "You still own me a private visit, my brother. We have much to catch up on! But now, you both shall go and enjoy the dance!" And the young adept turns around since a few people are already lining up to receive their parts of the puzzle.

Timothee offers his hand to the Second of Balm. If she accepts it, the young lord will lead her towards the couches. "Why would I chose anyone less? You stand out in the crowd and I am sure that waiting is worth it. However, may I ask if you have only wine? I really enjoy more stronger refreshments such as apple brandy." He explains. "I am sure we can grab a goblet of that before contract arrives?"

Gwenaelle shakes her head, glancing over her shoulder as the other redhead responds to her escort, a quick smile to appear upon her lips, "I could see why she might have actually thrown the fan at you though, if not an accident." Not like she hasn't been tempted to do hime bodily harm in some way or another herself! And she a priestess! At least she'd be able to tend any wound she gave him, right?

Once they circle the divider, she watches as he begins to remove his own clothing, down to the skin, leaving her to stand there momentarily undecided. It is the whisper given to her that has her blushing more, but soon asking one of the nearby novices if they might help with the buttons down the back of her gown. The lovely green dress, along with her underthings, are soon handed off, though not before the redhead makes sure that she's standing covered by the divider. Likely now, she's wishing she'd worn her hair down!

Behind the paravent, where Evelyne and Sebastien have vanished, some giggles can be heard. Giggles and wisps of conversation. About colors. Favorite colors. "Green… orange…", the voice of Evelyne declares, before adding some more words at a lower volume.

Narcisse can't help but smirk another time, yes this woman somehow seems to strike his liking and with the added input of liquor he inhibes, he just relaxes ever so more from his normally stiffer mood, which makes him nearly ignore that oh so familiar voice from the background. Oh well nearly. He rolls his eyes ever so slightly, as he shakes his head "That woman…" he says with a grin on his face "Is my cousin and she knows how to get into trouble.. a lot. I still like her though." He then offers his arm gentlemanlike and leads Emeraude towards one of the empty canvases. "I for myself know how to avoid trouble… or at least talk my way out of it."

Thibault gives Ailene a slight glare and a low sound escapes his lips as she admits on his behalf that it was he who suggested coming here today, but he doesn't look mad, but perhaps a little betrayed. But the smile soon returns once more. He looks at Melville. "Yes, we do. I'll try my best to make time to come visit you in private." Then he looks back to Ailene as his brother departs to attend the arrangements and his guests. He gives her a mischievous smile at her words about all the ideas she has. He isn't surprised, she is always full of 'good ideas' after all. A flash of amusement at her reaction towards Eneas and the words about an airborne fan almost hitting the man. He just shakes his head in amusement and gives the man a look and a nod. He leads Ailene to one of the still available canvases, where the two of them disappears behind the covers.

Elspeth moves with Timothee to the couches as a novice goes off to retrieve one of Elspeth's standard contracts. She calls another and quietly murmurs the young lord's request for apple brandy. There's a brief nod and then the novice rushes off, "You are in luck m'lord, I've done a bit of cooking with apple brandy for desserts so we do have it on the premises." She gently places her hand on his if he doesn't mind, "Did you have anything in particular that you wanted to paint this evening? Or is your muse still waiting to be inspired?"

Emeraude looks a little nervous as she draws closer to the canvas with Narcisse and gives her second empty wine glass to a novice who comes up. And she carefully makes her way into where the partitions are, her breathing hastening ever so slightly, though she tries to hide her nervousness as she inquires, "Oh? Is that so?" Her attention glancing to Ailene as she is mention before she says, "I will be sure to remember that." She then slips behind the partition with Narcisse.

Of course, Timothee takes Elspeth's hand. However, he does not answer to her questions as well as he does not make any comments. Not at least till they occupy a couch. Then he shifts to face the woman better, "I do not want to be painted on. I might consider painting on someone for as long as I do not have to remove my shoes. But I am seeking for a conversation. Maybe some introductions as well. As I mentioned, I am new in town. However, I might get inspired after those deserts!" He leans back and brings one of his legs over the other. He folds his hands on his lap. "How common are events like this in the city of Marsilikos?"

Ailene flutters her lashes and gives Thibault a completely angelic, innocent face. Her eyes, of course, betray her true emotions. Pure and utter mischief. She then turns back to Melville one last time to send a grin and a wave, before she is following Thibault to a canvas. "Oh, good!" she says, relieved. "Sissy won't be able to see me this way!" She makes a face in his direction, followed by a girlish giggle, then gives her cousin /two/ thumbs up this time, for managing to snag a partner so quickly. Emeraude is given a wide smile, and then she dips behind the partition with Thibault. "I have nothing to apologize for!" she calls out merrily, obviously in reply to Eneas, back behind another partition with the priestess. She giggles to her companion. "I made sure not to tie my corset in a knot this time." she says. "Still, could you help me, pretty please?" She flutters her lashes again and then turns around, showing her back to him.

Eneas gives Gwenaelle a bit of a dirty look as she takes Ailene's side in this. "She did not even speak a single word to me before she threw, I have you know.", he defends his honor. Of sorts. And it is Gwen who gets paid forward that stuck out tongue from Ailene then. Once behind the partitions, Soon a poor novice is leaving overladen with clothes, and Eneas has to chuckle, even as he starts to step on the canvas, quiet words given, though there might be words that carry, when bare feet step on chill paint. "My. Cold in here…".

Narcisse takes another glass of wine with him into the canvas as well for courage it seems and soon enough there's the faintest touch of rosé on his cheeks be it from the alcohol or something she said… or maybe even both combined, but it fades soon enough, as he makes himself as comfortable as one can be.

The not-so-subtle mischief in Aily's expression is mirrored in Thibault's own. "I think he's probably happier that /you/ can't see /him/." He muses in response to her comment about her cousin. When she calls back in response to eneas, he just looks to her with amusement. "You'll have to tell me that story some day." He starts to undo his own clothes but naturally offers his help when she asks for it. "Of course, my lady." He says with a slightly exaggerated polite tone as she turns around, and he starts to undo the corset. And off it comes, followed by his own shirt, then belt and pants, all of which are flung casually to one side, careful though not to land in any paint.

Ailene makes a face. "I /DO NOT/ want to see Sissy bare assed, thank you!" she says and shivers. "I will be traumatized for life if I ever did!" Another face. Just…nonono. She then chuckles and rolls her eyes. "It isn't much of a story, really." she says, as he unties the laces on her corset. "I was waving to Lady Isa, but I waved a bit too enthusiastically and my fan went flying." Corset loosened and then removed, she turns back around and grins, now watching him remove his clothes. "it didn't even hit him!" she says, raising her voice again so Eneas can hear. "Lady Arielle Rousse caught it and saved his pretty face!" She sticks out her tongue again, at the partition. Too bad Eneas can't see! "That is it." she says, lowering her voice again. She waits until he is completely unclothed before disrobing herself. In fact, she makes a big point to oggle him boldly as he does so. Then, with a laugh, she pulls her blouse over head, then lowers her skirt. Shoes and stockings come next, leaving her in nothing but her drawers. She then makes that innocent angel face again and speaks now in a whisper, so others on the other side of the partition can't hear her.

Behind the partition, shadows move in half a circle, as Eneas and Gwenaelle move closer on the Canvas. The thin lines lines of the paint-brushes to look exaggerated as they creep towards the respective other shadow to meld into one connected shadowy blob. Ahem.

The way Timothee has entered, the way Ducal Heir has to stride off out of the salon. It seems he got a chance to spend less than two minutes on the couch with the Second of House Balm before a servant approached him and the man's attention was demanded elsewhere.

Eneas chuckles, though, then calls out. "So you think my face is pretty, huh?".

Elspeth gives a gentle smile to Timothee as his duties take him away from the pleasant conversation. She motions for a novice to take their drinks away and gets up to see to the other guests. The courtesan that had briefly stepped in to cover for her is relieved to mingle with the guests. The Second of Balm goes back to assisting Melville with hosting until there's need again to be paired with another that hasn't had a chance to paint yet. Unlike her fellow host, her skin is untouched by paint yet.

There is one novice whose been playing the piano and violin all night, at separate times. This has been her task. Her fingers are currently dancing over the keys as the beautiful Odette plays a serene song on the piano. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAcj8me7wGI) She's been at it a while. Though she's been keeping herself quite busy improvising music, she's not been paying much attention to those around her. Odette has a task, to entertain.

Circles and movement to be found upon the divider where Eneas and Gwenaelle are. Those shadows come together briefly, only for those closer to pick on a soft exclamation of 'Eneas!' before a hiss comes. Paint is cold, people!

The giant of a man walks unsure into the venue. Fenris glances around slowly taking in all the sights, scents, and sounds. He is wearing all black. A black tunic with sleeves rolled up showing his brands and tattoos and it's tucked into his dark trousers. His boots dirty but at least they aren't old. He shaved his beard down to a very trimmed goatee. He moves over to the wall and tries to disappear, instantly being uncomfortable. He grumbles to himself.

When Melville sees that another lonely figure enters the Salon, a figure which hardly can be missed, he first moves towards the Second of Balm, who is now free. "Excuse me," He speaks up to Elspeth. "I believe I may need your assistance." The rest he leans in and whispers, withdrawing something from a small bag and then giving to Elspeth.

It seems the first pair has finished their artistic endeavours of tonight! With a faintly triumphant grin, Evelyne de Somerville emerges from the hidden sanctuary of creative freedom, and yes, apparently her skin has become the ecstatically painted canvas of a rainbow. Underskirts still offer some sort of modesty, but the torso is bare and on display, even if the paint gives the impression of it being not quite so bare. Beside her, Sebastien Basilisque, his torso painted with a black snake with blue eyes, surrounded by fires, and these fires, again, kept at bay by blue and green impressions of water. The pair presents themselves proudly to those present, before they withdraw to a pair of seats, to enjoy some more wine and conversation - and perhaps, to see what others have been working on.

The silhouette of Thibault's tall body can be seen as he starts to remove his clothes and strips down to nothing behind the paravent where him and Ailene has taken 'cover'. A small laugh as she expresses her unwillingness to ever see her cousin naked. "Good point, I'm sure he's got all the attention he can handle anyway from the look on that young ladies face." He says to her with a wink, before leaning in to her to talk in a lowered voice that only she can hear.

When Fenris enters the salon, he is immediately approached by an adept. "M'lord!" he offers to him. "Take this small piece of a puzzle!" He offers to Fenris. "You need to find a person who holds another piece of your puzzle since that person will be your second half for tonight, and you will be able to join a dance of colors with that person!"

Soon a novice is leaving the parition around the canvas where Emeraude and Narcisse are with an arm full of ruffling dark purple skirts, a sea blue bodice with matching slippers and a hooded dark purple cloak. Only to return with more wine to give to the nobles within.

Ailene calls out to Eneas, from behind her partition, "I think /you/ think you have a pretty face, my lord!"

Ailene called that out in amusement.

Fenris grumbles quietly as he takes the piece of the puzzle. "Thank you." He looks at the picture and grumps quietly. He crosses his arms and bows his head. Tasked to find the other half of a bear? He keeps his eyes on peoples hands but he's not one to approach so he stays against the wall. He bites his bottom lip and keeps his head down.

Elspeth spies his puzzle piece and then gets a gentle smile as she looks down at her own piece that appears to be a bear. She moves from her position, her hips swaying to the song that Odette plays on her piano, as she approaches the rather large man. She gives a curtsey to the lord, "Excuse me, but I do believe that you have my puzzle piece." She opens her hand to show that she is indeed holding the bear.

A quiet laugh escapes from behind the divider where Eneas and Gwenaelle seem to be dancing. Along with a little bit of grumbling from Eneas for some reason. It is the priestess that will speak up then to Ailene, "I have noticed that he thinks that of himself.."

Eneas just chuckles behind that canvas as the treacherous redheads joining forces. "I don't think so. I know it to be true.", he boasts.

<FS3> Thibault rolls Dancing: Great Success. (6 7 5 7 2 5 8 8 8)

The two silhouettes behind the paravent where Ailene and Thibault has disappeared move closer together to meet on the canvas in a long kiss, making it impossible to see where one body starts and the other begins. Then the two forms start to move slowly with and around each other in a tight embrace to a silent rhythm.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Dancing: Good Success. (7 8 5 1 8 6)

Fenris lifts his eyes quickly and stares at the woman that approached him. He looks at her piece and shows her his own piece. He bows his head and clears this throat. He pulls his piece back and grumbles. "Bear." He's smooth as coral. He bites his bottom lip and keeps his eyes down. "Sorry you got bear. Not much of… partner." He apologizes to her while keeping his eyes on his feet.

Behind the partition, where Ailene dances with Thibault, there is a peal of laughter, in reaction to Eneas and Gwenaelle.

Elspeth gives him a look of compassion and if he permits, puts a gentle hand on over his where he is holding out the piece, "I am not sorry m'lord." She then introduces herself, "I am Elspeth nó Coquelicot, Second to Balm." She gives a sweet smile, "I look forward to being your partner." She gives a nod to a canvas area that is open, "Do you like to paint or dance? I'm afraid I have more skill in the garden than I do with such artistic things. It is I that hopes you won't be disappointed for being paired with someone that does not have those skills."

Low chuckles are given, one moment the movements are slow from Eneas and Gwen, then quick, as if they are chasing one another around the canvas for a moment. Down to one knee, then the other dips Eneas then, the thin shadow of the pencil to go flying, spinning to the side as apparently the d'Aiglemort Mercenary decides hands and fingers are just going better and faster.

The woman playing the piano slowly changes to her other instrument so she can stand and not get cramped up. Odette quickly tests her violin before she lifts her arms and starts playing. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KaYzgofHjc&t) She is wearing a long dress that touched the floor and wraps tightly around her upper body with a silver silk rope. Her long sleeves flowing as she moves her bow over the string.

<FS3> Emeraude rolls Painting: Good Success. (4 2 6 8 4 7 6 1 5 1 7)

Fenris watches the woman and shakes his head. He bows his head when she introduces herself. A proper bow. His eyes lift up and he gulps. "Lord Gaspard Fenris Valliers. Call me… Fenris." He touches his chest lightly. "I don't dance or paint. I… blacksmith and garden." He grins a little. "I use…herbs for healing." He watches her carefully as he speaks. "What gardens do you…appreciate?" He has a heavy skaldic accent.

How the play of shadows continue, Eneas to circle Gwenaelle with a few soft murmured words. Another brush is tossed aside, and at one point, the priestess seems to bend over to press one hand into the paint at their feet before stepping closer to he, a kiss shared if briefly. And then comes the laughter, clear and almost musical as the priestess dances away from his form, though unable to truly run away given the size of the canvas.

The two silhouettes of Thibault and Ailene continues their slow dance for a while, soft giggles and murmured whispers barely audible. Soon, though, they come to a halt, still close together, and the silhouettes shift and dance as the form of a palette shows between them. There are no hint of brushes, however, the paint seemingly being applied with bare hands in a random pattern. The taller figure bends down to reach for something and after a short while, the two figures embrace and becomes one as they lower themselves to lie down on the canvas.

"It is very nice to meet you Fenris," Elspeth tells him softly, brighting a bit when he mentions that he like to garden, "I use herbs for healing too." She motions to herself, "I oversee the Gardens of Restoration here at the Salon. It has herbs from all over Terre D'Ange, including a cold greenhouse to house plants from Camlach, your homeland I believe." She does have to admit to him, "If you were to ask me my favorite plant, it would have to be the Dandelion." She gives a little laugh, "It's a rather stubborn weed to some gardeners but there are just so many possibilities, so many ways these survivors can help others. If you just look past the surface, you can see just how powerful it is."

Fenris brightens a little and grins slightly. "Sound… beautiful." He speaks softly. "I wish to see one day." He points out to her. "I…haven't garden since I got home. I miss. Been …smithing." He grumbles quietly. "I like… mint. Smells good, taste good." He suddenly feels self conscious so he stops grinning and bows his head. "Though… all plant good. Dandelion beautiful. Good for..stomach pain and making skin fresh." He shivers and bows his head again.

Elspeth looks back at the canvas that is waiting for them and then back to her companion, "If you would rather see the gardens than paint tonight Fenris, I don't mind taking you on a tour." She motions towards the Hall of Incubation, "It's just outside the hall there." She motions back to the canvas, "We can always slip out for a little bit and if you decide you want to come back and paint, we can." She makes a motion to herself, "Either way, I would enjoy your company…and the gift of your smile."

A bit of a chase from Eneas after Gwenaelle, before the shadow is caught and pulled tight for a kiss. Only to be spun around in a more dance-like fashion, before the movement slows, quiet words exchanged, laughter to be claimed for a moment or five.

The giant keeps his head down. "We should… do color. This is opportunity to paint. I see gardens another time." He grumbles quietly. He doesn't take her arm or anything but he just starts to move over to the canvas like he's on a mission. He stops at it and glares a little. His hand touches his chin and he watches the canvas like it's about to rob him, eyes narrowed and lips pursed.

Odette keeps playing but she slows to a stop and glances around. She shakes out her hands before she nods to another Novice to take over. Everyone is so distracted and no one is really listening so she lets another younger take over. She sucks in her emotions and bows. The other starts to play the piano and she closes her violin into it's case before she moves towards the door, almost appearing to be gliding.

There is not a lot of noise coming from the behind the partition where Ailene and Thibault are creating their painting. In fact, there is a suspicious lack of noise. Eventually, what might could be heard as muffled little moans escape, and that is it. Shadows of the two can be seen laying upon the canvas, locked together, rolling over every now and then.

For those looking at the shadows of canvas 1, there is a large shadow sitting, partially bent as a smaller one moves with grave between the larger shadow and something to the side. Here and there their forms seem to merge as the smaller shadow partially forms with the larger one. No loud noises or sounds come from the area as their focus on the painting doesn't require much sound.

With the sounds coming from the partition on the other side, Eneas and Gwen's shadows pause, and there is quiet chuckles and talk from there, before Eneas is nice for once, and lifts a hand over the partition to wave at a novice to come around, probably to bring some blankets and towels to clean up the soles of their feet, and wrap around the waist so they can sit once they are off the canvas without staining the whole Salon. Ahem.

There is just a little bit of surprise upon Gwenaelle's face when she and Eneas finally appear from behind the divider where they were working on a canvas together. The two have cloths wrapped about their waists and tied off, though no other clothing is worn by either. Blushing quite nicely as well, Gwenaelle's face is decorated with a red hand print on one side, the positioning an obvious caress during a kiss the shadows hinted at once. Her chest is painted blue and white, a cresting wave lapping upwards along her breasts, though the paint is a little smeared. As she walks towards a nearby couch, one leg may be spied, painted green with 'scales', giving her the appearance of a mermaid, maybe? "I can't.. you… I need wine." She finally manages to get out.

Eneas follows Gwen shortly after. His decorations are a bit more chaotic. A yellow belly button. Colorful handprints haphazardly left elsewhere. The hint of a painted red rose on his shoulder, with green stem, but a smear of hands along the back of his shoulders and that shoulder has ruined it slightly. His legs are covered in swirls of where he knelt and moved around on the canvas. The man himself, he just snickers at Gwen. Because she needs wine? No. It seems more to do with the red swirly line he painted on her back, swinging left and right of her spine with a triangular top on her shoulder. Does it look faintly like a red spaded tail that rises from the covered waist of the priestess? Ahem.

It's apparent that Gwenaelle knows nothing about that red tail that decorates her back. Not at all. Evil Eneas! Finding a nearby novice with a tray of wine, she plucks two glasses from the tray, offering one to Eneas before taking a sip from her own. Glancing to him, she offers the man a narrowed gaze, likely picking up on some hints of laughter that might be overheard when people get a glimpse of that devil's tail on her back.

The two silhouettes behind paravent four becomes more intense in their movements for a moment, before they seem to once again calm and relax, merging into one shadow and staying like that for a while. They soon stand up and something is reached for and given to the shorter and softer of the two figure, a robe by the looks of it. Words are shared in hushed voices before a hand comes up to motion for one of the novices to bring them some towels and take the canvas to be cut after the paint has dried. Soon after, Ailene and Thibault emerges from the paravent hand i n hand. They're both wearing a loose fitting robe leaving much of their bodies, and the swirl of colors upon them, still on display. The paint is everywhere. In their hair, on their faces and on most the visible parts of their bodies. There doesn't seem to be a real pattern to the colors, their bodies now two pieces of abstract art. Thibault leads Ailene towards where a novice stands with a tray holding glasses, taking one for her and one for himself, looking around at the others who have emerged from their painting adventures.

<FS3> Emeraude rolls Painting: Good Success. (8 4 8 3 5 5 4 5 7 6 5)

The offered wine glass taken, Eneas gives his best impression of — okay, who are we kidding? He is grinning like the cat who got the canary. Especially when he gets that narrowed-eyed look from Gwen. "Everything all right?", he wonders, before Thib and Ailene step out from their partition. Look, a distraction, and Eneas sets down the wine glass on a nearby table. Why? So he can start to applaud. Yep. Shameless. And he will keep it up, just to see if he can get other patrons to join in. Hey, it was kind of a free showing, right?

Riiiight. Gwenaelle believes Eneas. Before she can question him further, the others come out, and he's soon applauding them for their performance. The priestess hides her growing blush behind the uplifting of her glass to down the rest of her wine before elbowing Eneas in the side lightly, "Behave!" Yeah, like THAT is going to happen??

Ailene is blushing when she follows behind Thibault, completely covered in paint. Her hair is a colorful mess, her face is, too. Her feet and legs, arms, hands especially. Still, she wears a happy, content smile upon her face. She is holding Thibault's hand and keeps glancing at him affectionately, when Eneas starts to clap. She blinks. "Why is he clapping?" she asks Thibault, then looks around. It takes her a moment to 'get' it. When she does….the flesh not covered by robe or paint can be seen to grow a bright, tomato red. She looks right at Eneas and smiles. She curtsies to him and flutters her lashes, though her eyes are glaring daggers.

Eneas IS behaving. He is just giving credit where credit is due. And if you book an showing at the Nuit, you do applaud the performance, right? See? So when he is getting elbowed, Eneas is not fazed, until the blush of Ailene reaches the same color as her hair, and at the courtsey, he finally stops, no matter if the rest of the Salon joined in or not. No further teasing, just a smirk is given to the Lady and the Lord, before he picks his glass back up to lift it in silent toast. Only then does he turn to Gwen. "Shall I make introductions?". Yeah. Okay. So he is not an angel. Only quite all right.

Thibault, likewise, looks to Eneas as he starts clapping when they emerge, then looks around to see what in Eluas name he could be clapping at, only to realize that perhaps he and Aily hadn't been quite as discrete as they thought. He looks to Ailene with a grin before looking up to Eneas, one shoulder lifting faintly in a half-shrug as he raises his glass in a small toast to the man and gives a little bow, the grin still lingering on his face as he wraps an arm around Aily to pull her in close for a squeeze and a small kiss, ending with a little smack to her backside that he doesn't bother to hide in the least.

Gwenaelle just shakes her head and offers the other pair a look that says plainly - she can't take Eneas anywhere's! Nevermind the fact she's blushing as well for them both in some ways. "Introductions would be nice." She murmurs aside at the offer given to her by her evening escort. Oh wait, there's more wine! Goody!

"We are courting." Ailene explains, as if that is an excuse. Still, she is blushing most fiercely, though Thibault's reaction has her relaxing somewhat. She grins up at him then squeals just a bit at the unexpected smack to her rear. She lightly smacks his arm and giggles again, tugging at her paint covered hair. "I am Ailene Trevalion." she says, giving a curtsy to Gwenaelle. Not one to Eneas. Well, they /have/ already met. "This is Thibault Charlot." she says, and her blue-gray eyes shine up at him adoringly. "Oh!" She remembers something. She peers around. "My cousin Sissy is around here somewhere…" she murmurs. "He is probably behind a screen painting with the lady he was talking to earlier." That has her looking her looking very pleased.

That is why Eneas takes _her_ to the Salons. Wait. Nevermind. With wine distributed to everyone, and Gwenaelle giving her assent to be introduced, Eneas chuckles, waiting patiently for the kiss and and the glaring dagger-eyes to subside. Before he can do the introductions, however, Ailene speaks up, introducing the pair and he nods his head. "May I introduce Lady Gwenaelle Merliot, then. She is with the Temple of Eisheth.". That he does not get _another_ courtesy from the Trevalion does not seem to faze Eneas much. "And I am Eneas d'Aiglemort. Pleased to make your acquaintance.". As for the courting-excuse. Eneas just smirks, and he might actually be biting his tongue a bit.

Thibault just nods with a smile and takes a sip of his wine as Aily 'explains'. Then he is introduced just before he can offer his name himself. She always does that! It doesn't seem to phase him, though. "Lord Eneas, Lady Gwenaelle." He offer to the pair in turn. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." He looks over their bodies shortly to admire, or something, the art they have wrought upon one another. He looks impressed. "Looks like you've enjoyed the event, too." His gaze then shortly drifts to where he saw Narcisse and the blonde lady disappear behind when Aily mentions her cousin also being here. He looks back at her with a playful smirk and a raised eyebrow, but stays quiet one matter. For now.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Perception: Good Success. (4 3 8 3 4 7 5)

"It is a pleasure to meet you both." Gwenaelle offers, though to Thibalt, she says, "You were in the tourney, yes? I believe I saw you around the various events. I was with the healers.." She turns then, briefly, to snagg some food passing on a tray, offering tidbits to the others if they wish it, and likely giving both Thibalt and Ailene a glimpse of that devil's tail that snakes up along her back.

Fenris takes a deep breath listening to her version of love and he nods slowly. "Love is those things. For another." He touches his chest. "Heart isn't big enough for lots of love. Been passed around so much…can't I ask for less?" He asks her quietly. "I have had more people touch me intimately… than many have. Even exquisite Flowers. I'm … in my later years and have had one or two…or many in a week. Adding them every night unless I was healing…even sometimes then." He lets his hands drop. "Can't I ask for less?"

Ailene narrows her eyes at Eneas and his smirk. "What?" she asks him. "We /are/." She sticks her tongue out him again, showing once more the childish side of her nature. She then straightens her spine and raises her chin in that oh so very Trevalion way, then turns to smile at Gwenaelle. "It is very nice to meet you, my lady Priestess." she says to her. "I am kin to the Mereliots." she tells her. "We might could possibly even cousins." She seems very interested in that. "Most probably we are, but most likely distant. Isn't that amazing?" Her smile grows and then she is offered a glass of wine from a passing servant. She takes it and sips, then notices Fenris. "Fenris!" she calls out, but then notices he is with someone so just smiles and waves. She turns back to her little group and, just as she was sipping her wine, she sees Gwenaelle's devil's tail. Wine goes flying out of her mouth as an unexpected laugh bursts out of her. Her hand flies to cover her lips, but it is too late. She glances over at Eneas and there seems to be…a bit of a differing opinion of him now. She gives him a very subtle thumbs up.

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Painting: Success. (6 6 4 8)
<FS3> Elspeth rolls Painting: Failure. (3 6 1 6)
<FS3> Fenris rolls Painting: Success. (7 1)

"Yes, indeed. I sadly have to travel out of the city on the day of the sword duels so I missed seeing my cousin's triumph there.." He says, his tone rather proud at the words. "…but I did compete in the Grand Melee and the joust. I did you see you with the healers after one of the events but I believe you were rather busy tending to those more badly injured than myself. I was also at the archery event, but only as a spectator. Not my strongest area, bow and arrow. I'm glad to have the chance for more proper introductions." He takes another sip of his wine and when Gwenaelle turns around to grab a snack and give a glimpse of that devils tail painted on his back, he chuckles a bit and murmurs under his breath as he looks between Eneas and Ailene. "I should have thought of that." He looks up to Eneas, then, still shaking his head in mild amusement at the sight of the tail on Gwen's back. "I believe I saw you too at one of the event, Lord Eneas?"

Eneas merely gives Gwen and Ailene a look as the potential blood-relation is brought up, and he has to chuckle faintly. "That would explain a few things…", he dares to comment, and yet, when Ailene sticks her tongue out, this time Eneas just sticks his out back at her. "I never said you were not. Though, one could argue, the courting phase is long over by now…", he comments. At the spit-take of Ailene however, Eneas has to laugh, finally unable to keep the charade up, grinning at the comments. "I think she has earned it tonight.", he comments. Poor Gwen. Still not sure what they are even talking about, surely. With the topic turning to the tourney, however, Eneas nods his head. "It is hard to keep track of who is who with everyone under helmets.", he comments, but nods. "Yes, I only was in time for the Melee. I do not think we traded blows. At least not extensively.".

Now there is someone for Gwenaelle to ask, for with Ailene's reaction to /something/ the priestess does wonder, "What is so funny?" A glance to Eneas, and she is ponder, "What did you pain on my back?" It's got to be /something/ there, yes? Everyone keeps smirking and laughing! As to the possibility of her being cousins to Ailene, she smiles, "Likely, though my own family is one of the unlanded branches. Papa did well with imports and exports." She offers his name, and it might be one that people would recognize, fairly well off with his business that two sons help with now.

Emeraude gracefully exits the canvas with her cheeks still deeply flush but a bright, happy smile upon her lips as she has a towel loosely wrapped around her waist and emerging with a field of flowers blooming upon a warm spring morning painted all over her from the neck down. She had painted Narcisse with cannons for his arms, if legs were visible, as roaring crashing waves from the tops of his feet till his waist. From the waist up is a grand sailing ship and upon his black a beatiful night sky including the constellations often used for sea navigation. She would bid him farewell before grabbing a glass of wine for the novice and making her way to join the others, her nervousness probably a bit obvious given how exposed she is allowing herself to be, even if just the waist up and a peek of her legs.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Politics: Success. (2 1 3 1 3 7)
<FS3> Emeraude rolls Politics: Success. (4 5 4 6 1 7 3)

Ailene is still trying to stifle her giggles at the devil's tail and she elbows Thibault playfully when he mentions he should have thought of that. "You really should have!" she teases him with a wink. "My mother says that's why I have red hair, after all!" She giggles again then turns back to Gwenaelle. "I have heard the name." she says, nodding. "Maybe I have heard it from my cousins." she said, as though trying to recall. "Anyway, I am pretty sure we are distant cousins." She grins again. "Therefore, as a relative, I should inform you that Lord Eneas has painted a devil's tail along your back." She holds her glass up to Eneas as a salute. "I have completely changed my opinion of him." She nods, then looks over as Narcisse and Emeraude emerge. "Wow!" she exclaims at the artwork. Especially on her. "Sissy painted /that/?" Her jaw drops. "This is just like the archery competition." she tells them. "Well, not the shots he made that injured some poor person, but the bull's eye." She shakes her head in wonder. "He has absolutely no skill yet somehow performs flawlessly. How..?" She sighs. "Azza has gifted him much more than he has gifted me."

Thibault's amusement grows in tact with Gwenaelle's seeming confusion at what people could possibly be laughing about when looking at her back. "I'd like to think we're just getting started." He answers Eneas' musings about their courting with a faint smirk. Then to his words about the m not meeting head on in the melee, he gives a shrug and a smile of slight disappointment. "No I don't believe we did. Was sent out on my arse rather quickly in that one, sadly." One hand goes to his ribs for a moment as his body remembers that last blow. "Still feeling the sting of that one every now and then." He's still only wearing the robe over his otherwise naked body, seemingly not bothered in the least that most of his physique is on display here. He doesnøt comment on it when Gwen asks for an explanation as to what was painted on her back, leaving that to Eneas. He just enjoys the show of it. But then Ailene spills the beans and he can't help but let out another small chuckle. When Emeraud appears and Ailene expresses how impressed she is, his eyes turn to her, playing over the visible parts of her body. "That is impressive, yes. Almost as beautiful as the canvas on which it's wrought." He offers with a smile to Emeraud, before looking back to Ailene. "Seems like your cousin is full of surprises. Not that I should be surprised, I suppose." He looks a bit self-aware about the fact that everyone else seems to have created these magnificent works on each other, something that he certainly couldn't do.

Eneas chuckles more when he is given praise for the devil's tail by Ailene. "Oh, has it now?", he wonders, giving the woman a tilted headed look. "Well, I suppose there is a certain impishness in both of you.", he then declares, giving Gwen a look with his head tilted the other way. "I guess that's the family resemblance.". Yep, he went there, before he leans in to stage-whisper to the priestess. "Or are you denying you deserved it?". His chin lifts in that little way, that might hint that he is issuing a challenge there. Surely he would have to prove that she deserved it if she denies it. Does she want to take that risk? Ahem. When the next pair comes from the canvas and Emeraude approaches, however, Eneas has to agree with Ailene. "Thank the Companions there is someone among us with talent.", only to have Ailene complain about the success of her cousin and he snickers. "Now now. Envy is not a color that suits you well, Lady Ailene…".

When finally Gwenaelle is told just what decorates her back, she stares at Ailene, then turns to Eneas, "You.." Does she deserve it? Seems that challenge hangs between them, and she lifts her chin in response, "Do you deny that you didn't first deserve it for bringing me here under false pretenses?" He did sort of tell her they were going to a restaurant, not a Salon! She bumps her hip against his then, snorting, only to have attention drawn to the approaching Emeraude and the lovely bit of art upon her skin, "Quite nice.."

Emeraude's blush remains upon her cheeks as she happily says to Ailene, "Yes Narcisse did indeed, I think it is very lovely. As is your abstract art, I am very fond of the fine arts, in truth I couldn't resist coming to this party, even if I can be terribly shy at times, but wine helps. I also heard some mention of the tournament I missed, I truly wish I had come to the city earlier but some matters of the lands hand to be handled. I heard it was ever so exciting." Gracefully she moves to take a seat, then sipping upon her wine, her shoulders relaxing as the wine aides with her relaxing and her nerves ebbing away, considering how quickly she drinks her glass.

As a novice walks by with a tray of glasses, she trades her empty for a full one kindly saying to them, "Thank you." Her attention then shifting to Thibault at the compliment, the blush spreading across the bridge of her lightly freckle nose and into the tips of her ears as she kindly says, "Thank you for such compliments, and I am fond of our abstract art upon yourself as well. And he was also quite wonderful to talk with and quite glad he had the puzzle piece that matched mine." She then curiously inquires after Eneas comment, "Envy?" perhaps missing something that may have been hinted or that she had missed while painting with Narcisse. Though following to him with, "Yours is quite lovely as well." Then her gaze is upon Gwenaelle as she happily says, "Thank you, it is wonderful to see you again. And your artwork is quite lovely upon you as well." Soon her gaze looking from one to the next as she introduces herself, "Apologies for my delayed introduction for those who have not met me, I am Emeraude de Delaunay, Baroness of Velaux. It is a pleasure to make all of your acquaintance."

Elspeth slips on her dress partially, so it is at her waist and held up by the chain that she was wearing there. The top part falls over. On her skin is a series of mint and white Skadi runes painted on with wings on her back. She looks like something out of a mythic tale as she steps out from the canvas, displaying the art that Fenris painted on her. She turns to Fenris and waits for him to reveal what can only be described as mud…swirls of mud on his back. Apparently painting is not one of Elspeth's gifts. She has absolutely zero talen in this area.

Ailene suddenly swings her gaze back to Gwenaelle and Eneas. "You…tricked her?" she asks, her eyes full of mirth. "Oh that is so hilarious!" She starts to laugh again, this time almost doubling over. She clutches Thibault's ribe. "You see, /I/ tricked Sissy into coming here today!" She shakes her rainbow colored curls in absolute amusement. "I told him it was a wine tasting event!" More laughter. She can't control it at this point. "I knew he wouldn't come by himself so had to think of a way!" Still giggling, she looks to Emeraude and curtsies to her. "Well met, my lady." she tells her, eyes twinkling. "I am Ailene Trevalion, Sissy's cousin." she tells her. "You have absolutely no idea how happy I am that someone caught his eye here today." She grins, full of friendliness and good cheer to the woman. She is just about to introduce Thibault and her new friends to her when something said earlier finally clicks in her brain. "Wait." she suddenly says and turns to Thibault. "We are well past the courting stage?" She looks utterly confused. "Then what do we call it now?" The way she reacts to this quandary hints that maybe this is an ongoing issue for her. She chews her bottom lip. "Did I muck up another word?" she asks him, looking up at him all wide eyed and helpless, full of uncertainty.

"Thibault Charlot, my father is the Vicomte de Chateugiron, a pleasure to meet you lady Emeraude." Thibault answers in reply to Emerauds own introduction, hopefully before Ailene can introduce him, again! Despite the fact that Ailene doesn't actually seem to know the woman. "I am glad to hear that your pairing was a successful one, both regarding the art and the company. I've found the company of lord Narcisee quite pleasurable on the few occasions we've had the chance to talk." He says. "Although not as pleasurable as it seems you've found his company." He adds shortly after with a teasing smirk. He rubs a blue dab of paint that is sitting right at the tip of his nose and brings up the hand to rake through his thick black hair that is likewise dabbed with spots of different colours. He looks down to Ailene when s he 'confesses' how she tricked her cousin to be here. "Why am I not in the least bit surprised to hear that. I don't think he'll be too mad about you this time, though. I wouldn't." He adds with a wink, looking back to Emeraud with a playful smile. He then just looks a little confused as Aily ponders about how far in their 'courting' they are. Her just shrugs and smiles. "I couldn't say… do we need to have a word for it?" He does seem to ponder this a bit himself, though, despite the words. In the end, he just leans in to give her a kiss and takes another sip of wine to empty the glass before placing it on a tray of a passing by novice.

Eneas grins as Gwen answers the question with a counter question. "Not false pretenses. You can get food here!", he continues to stick to his guns, smirking. "Besides, I just…cut the discussions short. You know as well as I that I would have convinced you eventually.". If one thing, Eneas does not lack in self-esteem. Ahem. When Emeraude joins their little circle of semi-naked people, Eneas nods his head at the question. "Oh, it seems our good Lady Ailene is a bit envious of her cousin at times. Not that it is not deserved, beautifully decorated as you are.". With that, he does offer introductions back at her. "Eneas. Of House d'Aiglemort. A pleasure indee….". And that's when his eyes stray to Elspeth for a moment and his voice trails off. As does the smile he wears fade at the signils she bears, his form straightening for a moment, eyes to narrow a little. "Huh…", is all the eloquence he can muster for a moment, before Fenris is given a once over as he follows the courtesan into the main area. "Seems I wasn't the only one who knew the stories about mermaids…". Blue eyes turn to glance at Thibauld and Ailene for a moment. "Who is…that?", he wonders, inclining his head in Fenris' direction. There is alertness in the man's posture now, even if no outright hostility.

Fenris watches Els leave and now he's standing quietly as the paints dry on his back covering many sins. He moves over to the novice and grabs two big glasses of wine. He moves towards the wall and sips the wine as he goes. He doesn't join the group, he's more of a hide in the shadows kind of a giant.

Gwenaelle smiles, "It is a pleasure to see you again, Lady Emeraude. And it not only looks, but sounds like you enjoyed your evening." That narrow gaze is turned back to Eneas at his return, "Maaaybe.. but you should have given me a chance to decide without just leaving me to stand here surprised at first?" Or something. She might have been about to say more before Eneas' demeanor changes and she follows her gaze to the Second, "What.. is wrong?" She questions perhaps softly to her companion. The runes are not recognized by the priestess, though the gentleman is, "He is.. " She heard his name, what was it?

Emeraude looks a bit surprised at Ailene's words and inquires, "Oh?" A bright smile curling her lips as she continues to ask about Narcisses, "Do not many catch his eye?" Her attention shifting to Thibault as she says, "I did indeed, I even requested a dinner date with him and he agreed. I look quite forward to it." And then giggling at Eneas getting distracted bu Elspeth. Then her own gaze following Eneas's to fall upon Fenris, briefly and curiously looking him over before turning her attention upon Gwenaelle as she says, "I did yes. I adore painted ever so much and he was a quite a lovely canvas to paint upon." Then looking curious as she inquires about Fenris, though she sips upon her wine since she doesn't know the answer.

Ailene sighs at Eneas. "I am not truly envious of my cousin." she tells him. "I just find it remarkable how lucky he is at performing tasks he has no experience in." She chuckles. "I'd say it was a gift from Azza." Then, Emeraude, "He is notoriously picky in his companions, my lady." she tells her wearing another grin. "I have done my best in trying to introduce him to young ladies, but he has impeccable standards, you see." She raises her glass to her with a wink. "It seems you must have lived up to his standards." She chuckles, her eyes twinkling. Turning back to Thibault, she ponders a moment. "No, I suppose we don't." she tells him and accepts his kiss most willingly. "Out of all the terms I have mistakenly used, I like the courting one best, though." She nods. "We /are/ courting each other." she muses, and then makes a face over at Eneas. "We just are…making the whole courting courting thing rather spicier." Another one of her giggles and then she is turning to where Elspeth and Fenris emerge from. "Fenris." she says with a smile. "His name is Fenris and he is my friend." She waves to the giant and beckons him over. "Fenris!" she calls happily. "Come and join us!"

Thibault nods to the words of Ailene with a smile. His own eyes move to Fenris when the tall man, taller than Thibault himself, which is rather rare, walks out. He offers the man a smile if should look in their direction. "That is lord Gaspard Valliers, or 'Fenris' for short, at least that is the name I learned to know him as. Maybe you've heard about the nephew to the Duc de Valliers who recently was returned to us from Skaldia?" He says, gesturing with a look towards Fenris. "He is a good man with a complicated life-story, more than that I couldn't, and probably shouldn't, say. I consider him a friend, even if our relationship started off rather rocky, to say the least." He looks over to Fenris with an encouraging smile when Aily calls to the large man for him to join them.

The giant lifts his eyes when Ailene calls to him and he grips his shirt to his chest and frowns at her. He shakes his head at her and goes back closer to the wall and out of the light. Fenris is trying to morph into the wall because people are staring. He lifts his shirt to cover his nipples and growls out low as he stares at his drinks in his hands. He leans his head down and tries to drink from the glass without revealing his chest.

Eneas merely shakes his head at the question from Gwen, before he sighs, leaning over to place a kiss on her cheek — the unpainted one — if she allows. "Nothing. I…it is just not something I expected to see in a Salon in Terre d'Ange, is all. Surprised me…?", he tries to explain. When the pair explains they are friends of the man, Eneas once more nods, even if his posture only relaxes slowly. "Ah. That..well. Not explains, but I suppose the skaldi runes make more sense then.". A bit of a half-hearted smile is given then, as the man refuses to join their little group and Eneas sighs. "I suppose I shall meet the man another time, then."

A sip from his wine is taken then, though it seems the carefree mood of before has been lost to Eneas for now, though he tilts his head Ailene. "Well. Courtship usually implies plans for marriage. So. Engaged?", he dares to put the two on the spot.

"That's it. I.." And then Gwenaelle likely realizes something, and blushes a little as she glances from Thibault to Fenris and back again as the lord mentions the rocky relationship the two men have. Right. "Now you have me wondering what they say." For surely she has the impression that he was able to read them! Finishing off her wine, she sways against Eneas, setting the empty glass aside. When he puts forth the question to Ailene and Thibault, she falls silent, perhaps to see what they will answer.

Emeraude looks a little proud as Ailene tells her of Narcisse's pickiness, smiling brightly before she finally sips from the wine glass she traded for the one previous that she downed in essentially a few quick sips. She quietly listens to Thibault as he explains Fenris and nods softly about the complicated life-story and does not comment, not wishing to bring up her own tragedy at 11 when she and her older twin brother, Tavi, lost both of their parents. And sipping once more as she sips upon her wine as she listens to Eneas. Currently she is sitting with Ailene, Eneas, Gwenelle and Thibault. Herself is topless with a wrap of light blue around her waist, though some of her legs peeking out and what skin that is visible is painted with a field of flowers blooming upon a warm spring morning painted all over her from the neck down.

Fenris grumbles quietly to himself as he finishes his drinks. He hands them back before turning and pulling on his shirt. He rolls up the arms and tucks the front into his pants. He man glances around and sees some eyes on him. He pales as he starts to weave his way to the door.

Ailene sighs at Fenris at scowls at him. "Fenris!" she calls again. "Come over and make friends!" She sticks her bottom lip out in a pout at him and pretends to sniffle. She even gives him puppy dog eyes. Then, suddenly, her whole expression changes. She goes from trying to tease Fenris out of of shell to looking quite….shocked and embarassed. Her eyes widen and she stares at Eneas a moment before she turns her shocked face to Thibault. This time, her innocence and naivety is not feigned. "My lord?" she asks him, eyes still wide and innocent. "Did you know this implication before you, too, said it was the right term?" Blinkety blink go those eyes. "Are you…/courting/ courting me then?" she asks, a tinge of wonder and excitement in her voice. "Like…as a /suitor/ courts a girl?" The excitement is rising. "Not as a /paramour/ courts her?" She stares at him and waits for his answer.

Thibault's expression turns a bit flat when Fenris denies their request to join them in his very Fenris-kinda-way, but he doesn't make anymore of it, simply giving a short smile and a nod towards the man, despite him not looking at the group. He turns his attention back to the group and looks to Eneas. "Not officially, no." He admits to the question of them being engaged. He gives Aily a soft look before returning his eyes to Eneas. "Let's just say…… we're working on it. Some things that needs to be worked out first." He scratches a spot just above his chest and below his neck, most of his body and the abstract art painted upon it visible. His expression does change minutely at her words, but he tries to hide it as best he can. He knows that she can be a bit slow at times, but he really thought she'd understood that much by now. Oh well, at least she doesn't seem to be abhorred by the idea. He just gives her a look that very much says that 'Yes', even if there's perhaps a hint of amused apology in that look. It seems like he might not be fully certain if she's just playing with him, as she likes to do, or if she's being serious. He then looks around at the gathered people who now all seem to be focused on him and Aily and their answer to Eneas' question. An answer he's been left to provide them. He reaches for another glass of wine and brings it to his mouth to take a loooooong sip.

Fenris turns his face towards Ailene when she seems to scoldingly call his name. He growls and moves faster. No one tells this giant what to do. He's going to get out of here faster. Though he's still glaring at Ailene as he walks into a table. He leans over it a moment as his face turns slightly green and he moves a little less evenly out of the door.

Well, sometimes Eneas is a bit of a troublemaker. Those who know him, know that quite well. And of course the question was a loaded one, and he expected to stir up trouble with it. In this case, he expected Ailene to once more glare daggers at him. This? This he did not expect, and yet, now that he kicked loose that avalance, what is there to do but to lean back and watch it roll down into the valley? Blue eyes peer from Ailene to Thibault, then back. What a simple question can cause, right?

A glance is given to Emeraude, when she falls mostly quiet. "Courting is a bad word, apparently. Confusing.", he pours a bit more fuel on the fire, only to turn to peer at Gwen and her question. "They mean…well.", he chuckles. "It is about mermaids who drag those who love them to their deaths.". he lets her know, the smile he gives her a bit crooked, almost char-grinned, only to tilts his head as she sways against him, and an arm reaches out to circle the waist of the Merliot, studying her. "…how many glasses were that?".

Gwenaelle knows Eneas. And is getting to know him fairly well on top of that. So she stood quietly by when that question was levied towards the two opposite, her green-eyed gaze to take in how the pair react. When there's no issues beyond the surprise from Ailene, she smiles and almost has that 'awwwww!' face on. Love, gotta love it, right?

With Eneas' answer, she ohs, peering at him, "Talk about your coincidence, hmm?" A leg is put on display from the split in that skirt of hers that reveals the slightly mussed green and black 'scales' that decorate her skin. The wrap of his arm to secure her to his side, her head tilts back and she grins at him, "I don't remember?" She admits with a soft giggle. Perhaps a few too many on an empty stomach!

Colombe is very late to this party. Very. So late it's all over. But that doesn't stop the man with the implausibly charming smile from flashing that thing to everyone he sees. "Well now," he says, "seems I've missed the whole thing." Spotting Emeraude, he heads her way, plunking down beside her without ceremony. "You look nice," he says, giving her a shoulder bump.

Emeraude watches as Ailene tries to bring Fenris to the table and then as he begins to take his leave, softly wincing as she watches him collide with the table and whispers "Ouch." About courting she says, "Perhaps some are still just getting to know one another and are not yet courting. Though the tales of mermaids are quite entertaining" Then she is finishing her glass of wine and easily trading the empty for another new one. She smiles brightly as Colombe arrives and happily says, "Lord Colombe, it is wonderful to see you and thank you. Lord Narcisse painted it upon me. And how have you been since I saw you last? And what are you opinions upon mermaids?" Thankfully the paint upon her skin is dry and not getting upon Colombe's clothes as he bumps her shoulder, gently bumping his back with a giggle.

Colombe takes another look at the artwork and replies to her, "It is lovely. Suits you. and I've been quite well indeed." He glances around the room quickly before his attention returns to Emeraude and he replies, "Mermaids? I've never seen one. Not sure what I'd do if I ever did. Why?"

The look on Ailene's face turns back to surprise and…joy. "We are…?" she asks Thibault. "Working on it?" She then wraps her arms around him and quite suddenly, hugs and squeezes him tight. "I am sorry for putting you on the spot." she says to him, that twinkle appearing in her eye once more. "I truly didn't realize that was the implication and was only teasing you for not telling me sooner." The smile she gives him is full of warmth and affection. She then stands on tiptoe and whispers something in his ear, before blushing quite deeply and turning back to the others. "Hopefully, you all will keep your fingers crossed for us, then." she tells them with a bit of a smirk. "As we are in the process of working on it." She giggles and then sees Fenris glare at her and walk into a table. She tries not to laugh. She really does. A small, stifled snort comes out of her anyway. She winces. "Ah well." she says as he leaves. She shakes her head fondly. "He is a truly good person." she tells them. She finishes her wine and then turns to Thibault. "Would my /courting suitor/ care to escort me home, hmm?" she teasingly asks him. She very purposely lets her robe fall open just a tiny bit, giving Thib a lovely view of her paint-smeared cleavage that he always seems so fond of. She giggles. "It was lovely meeting you Lady Gwenaelle, Lady Emeraude." she tells them both. "I hope to see you again soon!" To Eneas, she offers a grudging smile. "You, sir, have surprised me." she tells him. "I see you are not only an arrogant pretty boy." She winks at him. "I see you also like to play tricks on people and are actually quite clever." She nods her approval to him. "Perhaps we can get along quite well after all." With that, she snuggles closer to Thibault, inhaling his scent and linking her arm through his. "Good day everyone!" she calls out happily, before she lets Thibault lead them out.

Eneas cannot help but to smile when Ailene gives Thibault a hug and then proceeds to…tempt the man to escort her home. Ahem. Her begrudging approval? Eneas dips his head a little at it, though he does only offer a few words in return, "…That is the second time you called me pretty…", he reminds her, daring to wink at her at that.

"An rather odd coincidence, yes.", Eneas grants her that. At the question about how many glasses she had, though: She does not remember? Eneas cannot help but to laugh lightly at that. "That's more than three, then.", he comments, and shakes his head a little at the priestress. "I think it might be time to start getting you back to your cell at the Temple, as well, hm?", he suggests. Well, perhaps with a stop somewhere to get some food on the way. A glance up at the remaining pair is given. "If you would excuse us as well? I am certain we shall see each other again, soon.", he offers politely enough, even if Colombe's arrival is merely acknowledged with a nod of his head.

Once the farewells are done, Eneas will get one of the novices to bring in the packed bag from the coach waiting outside to help himself and Gwen into simple linen tunics for the ride in the carriage, keeping their clothes well away from paint-stained skin and the halves of the canvas that is given to them.

Emeraude smiles fondly to Colombe as she says, "Thank you, and just due to what was spoken before you joined is all. No other reason than that I assure you." She looks to Ailene and kindly offers, "And it was lovely meeting you as well Lady Ailene I hope to see you again as well." Her attention then to Thibault as she says, "And you as well Lord Thibault. I wish you both the best of luck with courtship!" Her gaze watching them leave before turning to Eneas as she says, "I not mind if you escort Priestess Gwenaelle back to the temple, I much rather her be returned safely after all." She then looks to Gwenaelle as she says "And if you like, we could have breakfast tomorrow at the Golden Harbor perhaps, or even lunch." Her attention then to Colombe as she says, "If you like, I can easily have one of the novices help redress me and we could go grab a bit, I realize I am a bit peckish."

So many people are going home, and Gwenaelle cannot help but giggle a little when she spies the way Ailene gets Thibault to escort her off home. Turning conversation back to Eneas, she hmms, but nods slowly, "Likely.." She'll allow him to guide her off after telling Emeraude goodnight, soon to be dressed in the linen tunics he thought to bring with him tonight.

Gwenaelle does answer Emeraude before leaving, "Breakfast would be lovely. I look forwards to meeting you then. Take care, and enjoy.."

Eneas just snickers, then stage-whispers to Emeraude. "Make that brunch. Trust me…". And /then/ they head off.

Colombe grins and then waves as others leave, chuckling at Eneas' boast. To Emeraude, he says, "May I walk you home, Baroness?" He rises and offers her his hand, smiling charmingly down at her.

Emeraude smiles happily as she says, "I would be very happy if you did Lord Colombe." She finished off her wine easily and takes the offered hand, gracefully rising. Then she requests two of the novices aid in redressing her within a matter of moment and soon there is a sea blue bodice with dark purple ruffled skirts, a pair of sea blue slippers and her hooded cloak matching her dark purple skirts. She takes his arm if offered and gracefully walks out with him as she inquires with a smile, "Where is it did you wish to eat? The Golden Harbor again or somewhere else today?"

Colombe hmmms and says with a grin, "I had a different place in mind…" And he leads her out with her arm on his hand.

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