(1310-09-27) Time to visit the bakery.
Summary: Emeraude garnered some bravery and went to revisit the bakery.
RL Date: 9/27/1310 (9/27/2018)
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**Bakery - Market Promenade **

L'Agnacites hold with the truism the expression of art through food is a holy calling, and such a shrine pays homage to the creative spark. Gourmands worship at a marble altar groaning under a sinful array of glistening pastries and thin cakes. Offerings stacked in neat rows behind glass gleam bright as a raj's jewels: ripe cranberries and pomegranate seeds under clear glaze, clouds of pearly cream, ruby strawberries and pale jade grapes. Pale gold custard tarts and honey-drenched buns sit next to delicate finger-cakes dusted in cocoa and curls of shaved chocolate. Fruits of the season laboriously contrived into visual illusions transform humble apples into ladies' purses with aid of crepes, or create the famed dome of Marsilikos from apricots and oranges.

Senses besieged from every direction find no relief. Colourful cream-filled macarons whet the visual appetite as the scent of fresh-baked breads stir out from the ovens from the pre-dawn hours until mid-afternoon. Seating is sparse, merely a few wooden benches to the front. The long, narrow shop is dominated by display cases and the odd bottle of fruit wine and sherry mounted upon a shelf for an afternoon aperitif. Plain white walls graced by sconces overflowing in seasonal flowers hardly detract from the baked goods for sale, and the narrow shopfront windows allow light to pour in.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and fair.

The fall morning is met with the busy sounds of the kitchen ovens roaring and apprentice bakers working on their loaves, slapping and kneading the dough. Herself a master artisan, Audri is exempt from such work these days. She instead sits behind a display case carefully arranging a display of frosted pastry Leaves and candied apples.

Emeraude gracefully makes her way into the bakery with a guard following not far behind her though he remains lingering at the doorway to keep an eye upon the Baroness and all others within. Upon her form today is a pale green, rich in color bodice with dark blue skirts, her slippers matching her bodice and the hooded cloak, which is down, matching her skirts. And as Emeraude takes a breath in through her nose, a happy sigh escapes her as she draws closer to the counter. Her blue eyes soon falling upon Audra and gives her a warm, friendly smile as she offers, "Good morning miss! Might there be anything in particular you may recommend today? I am peckish but I fear a bit indecisive upon what it is I wish to eat. I not want anything too messy of course but something still quite delicious."

Audrialla glances at the guard and the fine dress and makes a curtesy as she rises. "Ah, Sweet But not sticky, my lady. I see. What sort of flavor are you seeking? Savoury? Sweet? Salty? And do you prefer confection over pastry?" She lays a hand over her heart. "I am afraid the indecisive find little safety with all the wares we have."

Emeraude's hand reach up to partially hide her giggle before she responds with kind jest, "Oh no! Then what are we ever to do. Alas!" More soft giggles escaping before she happily says "I think perhaps one sweet of each? I not mind if I have leftovers I could snack on through-out the day. I think though I want sweet and salty at this moment. And I am very fond of both confection and pastry so in those regards I am not all that picky." Her eyes briefly looking to the wares as she inquires "Do you have anything with a bit of caramel within it? I know I mention not sticky but I am ever so fond of it."

Audrialla finds herself giggling with the young woman. "A petit fors selection then," she says as she starts to put together a small plate of tiny desserts from the display case. "And what of a creme brulee to satisfy that caramel craving?"

Emeraude nods softly as she says "I think that would be best yes. A petit fors somes just lovely. As does a bit on creme brulee. Thanky you. Might I inquire to your name? It has been many years since I was in the city and trying to new learn faces. I am Baroness Emeraude Delaunay."

Audrialla says, "Audrialla Malet, Head patisserie. Welcome back to Marsalikos, Baroness." She curtsies once more. "I'm pleased to meet you." She wraps up the selection of small desserts- salted chocolates, iced eclairs, petite tarts, and a few macrons. She reaches into another display for the brulee. "Shall I toast it for you now or will your servants do that at home so it's fresh. I assume you have a residence, My Lady Baroness?"

Emeraude continues to have her warm, cheery smile as she says "Thank you Audrialla. It is a pleasure to meet you as well." Her eyes fondly watching as Audrialla put the treats into the box and kindly requests, "Could you please make sure that there are five of each item please within the box? It makes some of my… habits a bit more easy. And I not mind sitting here and eating it, so you may toast it now. And I do yes, it is where I was lucky enough to run into my twin brother Tavi. It was so wonderful to catch up with him, been seperated for a long time due to my studies and his dedication to the priesthood."

Audrialla says, "In the service of blessed Elua, no?" She smiles as she nods, obliging the request for many of the little treats by handing it off to one of her shop assistants, a girl who looks like a niece. "My aunt Emilie is Namaah's priestess," she says conversationally as she sets the caramel and cream dessert atop the counter. Another shopgirl fetched her a small flint and tinder as Audrialla pours a little brandy atop the dessert to get it flaming. Fwoosh. It alights with a delightful flicker of blue gold flame."

Emeraude smiles happily as she says "Indeed yes, that is my brother. And I have not had the pleasure of meeting your aunte Emilie but I am sure in time I will." Her eyes lightening up as she watches the dessert be made ready and breathing in through her nose. "I love how it smells when it is cooking, the smell of the cooking sugar is something I have a bit of a fondness for."

Audrialla says, "Only a little burning. Too much and ugh!" She presents the dessert and waves away the flames. A neat porcelain plate and a delicate silver fork are produced by a nephew and she sets it on a small tasting table. "My lady, enjoy. Would you care for something to drink with it? A light rose wine perhaps?""

Emeraude nods softly as she says "I imagine so, but I still adore the scent of it." Her steps easy leading her to the seat where her creme brulee is set down and she requests, "Could I have a spoon with it? And some light rose wine would be divine thank you. Might you be able to take a break and keep me company I as eay by chance? I dislike eating alone in truth."

Audrialla fetches a bottle from the wall racks and motions to her niece for the requested spoon. She adds a fluted Champaigne glass and pours out a healthy portion. And at the last request, sits across from the young duchesse. "I can always take a break for my customers. The advantage to being one of the owners, along with my mother and grandmother. Three generations of Mallets." She says it quite proudly.

Emeraude smiles happily as she says "I am quite glad for that then. Seems the arts for delicious foods runs in your blood as does the kinda for painting within mine. Might you have anything new in the shop coming out soon you think I may enjoy? Or that my brother might? I want to spoil him with sweets." She laughs softly before she says, "But only things I know he would be fond of. He doesn't need 5 if each as I do." She carefully uses the bottom spoon to crack into the creme brulee, smiling as it breaks and carefully dipping her spoon in to take exactly five little spoonfuls of the creme brulee before she sips upon the offered light rose wine.

The baker hums in thought. "Chocolate dipped fruits are always delightful. Oranges. Strawberries. Raspberries. Apples in caramel.." She smiles. "Elua's gifts made sweet and tempting." She motions behind her to the display cases. "It May be well suited to him that way." Audri adds, "For myself, I'm proud of my profiteroles. They're always light and crispy outside but that cool blast of cream inside is lovely."

Emeraude smiles happily as she says "Then could you make him a box for me and have them send it over? I have a few errands to run before I can make my way over to the temple to visit him. And I want to make sure he has something sweet to nibble upon. Just has he helped with my wine addiction while I was away from the city with my studies and getting everything for my barony in order. I may want you to put 5 chocolate strawberries a box for me please to take with me when I leave. And perhaps the same amount of your pride? it sounds quite delicious."

Audrialla claps in delight. "A remarkable idea, your ladyship." She turns in her seat and makes a motion to her assisting niece to make it so, selecting the largest of the dipped berries. "So a fruit basket of bounty dipped in chocolate for Father Tavi? Is there any he prefers over others?"

Emeraude hmms softly and says "I think not but his tastes might have shifted in our seperation due to studies. I am willing to cover any exchanges or requests he makes about the fruit basket. Perhaps put more of the berries? I am very fond of them."

The woman gives a smile even as she nods. "Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, then. One cannot go wrong with those three. Sweet, tart, and heady." She grabs a nearby piece of paper and starts to jot down the order. "And is this a surprise or from a loving sister?"

Emeraude smiles happily as she says "It can be from me. I not need it be a surprise. And I doubt he would mind such a delicious and tasty gift." She pauses before she inquires, "Do you know Lord Colombe?"

Audrialla says, "I can't say I've had the pleasure of meeting him, no my lady."

Emeraude nods softly and murmurs "I was hoping you had so I could send him something. But I not wish to try and guess since I am developing a bit of a fondness for him."
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Audrialla ahas gently as she jots a few more notes. "A gentleman you fancy. Well my lady Baroness- what do you know of his personality? A lover? A fighter? Dark or sunny?"

Emeraude's cheeks flush softly as she responds, "His smile is quite infectious, wonderfully so and I think he is quite sunny. He is also a man of the seas and has a fondness for rum. And I think he is a lover and a fighter. Given the regaling of his capture of that infamous pirate called 'The Wind'. He told me all about it yesterday over breakfast, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time."

"How romantic," Audrialla says with a sigh. "So a rum cake then? With a banana filling and cream cheese frosting. Or perhaps cheesecake tarts with bananas soaked in rum… rum is the drink of sailors after all."

Emeraude oohs excitedly and says "They both sound very delicous. Though perhaps the cheesecake tarts with the bananas soaked in rum? I think he may like those. Or at least I hope so. And I not mind him knowing it is a gift of affection from me." Her cheeks flushing more as she makes the admittedance.

Audrialla writes "With affection, excellent." The baker woman smiles warmly. "And does he have a certain feeling about you, Baroness? He sounds very dashing and bold."

Emeraude bites her bottom lip before she admits "I hope he does. We seem to get along well enough but I did only meet him yesterday. But he has been nothing but wonderful and pleasant company since we have met. And he is very bold and dashing indeed. I know he speaks often of my beauty and I tease him that his favored colors are reds or pinks. But there is still much I need to learn of him."

Audrialla smiles gently. "Well I do hope he feels the same. You strike me as a woman of much charm and compassion so I hope his heart will bend to yours," she says with a romantic sigh. "I do love making cakes for sweethearts. It fills me with such joy."

Emeraude smiles happily as she says "I do hope as well but I am not one to really… rush into such things. I am rather inexperienced with such… things. I have pondered visiting the courtesans but I am nervous about it in truth. Sometimes my shyness gets the better of me."

Audrialla reaches out to set her hand over the young woman's, if permitted. "Oh Cherie… you've never been to the Salons? You are so young and have such responsibilities as a Baronesse, no wonder. The White Roses would prove a gentle way to discover Namaah's pleasures, if you don't mind a bit of advise from someone not quite old enough to be your mother."

Emeraude smiles softly as she says "I have never had a chance to go no. But I am thinking about it just nervous. I have two in mind that I was to peak in at but… still needing to work up the courage to do so. And I not mind the advice. Which are the white roses again? I need a bit of a refresher upon such things."

Audrialla says, "The White Roses are those trained as Alyssum. They are… as shy and unassuming as any maid or untried lad. It would be a gentle discovery for both of you. I myself only attend the salons to offer my pasteries. I've never had an assignation myself."

Emeraude nods softly and murmurs "Maybe, I may but I am not sure if it would be a good fit. I want aide with… coming out of my shell and I think those would just draw me back in truthfully. But I am sure in time I will decide upon something."

Audrialla gives a gentle laugh. "I'm afraid I'm not much help there. My only other suggestion would be a soothing Balm massage to help you relax," she says with a shrug. "But indeed. In time you will know the joys of Namaah's gifts to all of us. When you are ready-of course.."

Emeraude nods softly as she continues her odd eating habit of the five seperate spoonfuls before sipping her wine through out talking, only pausing between a drink and the beginning of a new set of five. A soft nod given as she says "Perhaps a massage would be a good idea. In time I am sure I will figure it all out. Still re-wetting my feet in the city and all."

Audrialla says, "Oh yes. The jewel of Terre D'Ange. The many delights of the city. Are you living here now or simply visiting, my lady?" She observed the eating with a mild curiosity before asking, "I've never left the city myself."

Emeraude smiles as she says "Living now, at least for a while. I have to eventually find a husband but… I am not wanting to rush such things. And I am hopeful that my talents can aide the city somehow. Even if it is more in the way of the arts."

Audrialla says, "I'm an artist myself. In pastry anyhow," she laughs. "I recently entered a contest showing Elua and the Companions in cake form. His temple atop and their flowers and symbols adorning the tiers. Do you paint? Or sculpt?"

Emeraude ooohs softly and looks quite intrigued as she inquires "Did you? I am ever so curious how you did. I wish I could have seen it. I love all art forms immensely. As for myself, I paint and dance. But mostly paint, many blame my love of colors for my wardrobe." She laughs softly at the jest of herself.

Audrialla says, "Your wardrobe is lovely. I fear mine often is dull due to my work. Bakers wear white to hide flour and showcase they didn't make a mess when they cook. I prefer reds myself."

Emeraude looks to her outfit and smiles fondly as she looks to Audrialla while saying "Thank you, I am very fond of it as well. Perhaps next time I come by I will be sure to include some reds within. Yesterady felt like a purple and green day. And told felt blue and green. I suppose tomorrow will be a blue and something day but I truly won't know until I awaken."

Audrialla says, "Blue. I shall remember that my lady." She grins as she stands and motions to her niece. The girl hands the guard several wrapped parcels. "Your order, my lady Baronesse, and I'll see to it your brother and adored receive theirs."

Emeraude smiles as she finished off her creme brulee and then the rest of her wine, setting flass and utensils neatly upon the table as she gracefully rises as she says "Thank you so much. I am quite excited to hear how they both like it. I should go and place thems at the house. And again, thank you so much for the wonderful conversation. I am sure I will be back soon. Have a wonderful day." Soon her guard is taking the boxes from her and following her out the door back into the market.

Audrialla curtsies as the pair go. "Companions bless, my dear!"

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