(1310-09-27) Mother and Daughter
Summary: …discuss future endeavours, such as a delightful sixteenth natality feast and another undertaking that is common for such a day.
RL Date: September 27, 2018
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Baphinol Residence — Noble District

Through the portal, one enters a spacious parlor, dark teak wood furniture contrasting to white walls, cushions of red and yellow adding to the comfort of seating. Chairs showing off the crest of House Baphinol carved into the comparatively low back have been arranged about a long table that easily offers space enough for eight people. A pair of more comfortable long-backed chairs can be found in front of the hearth of white marble, with a warm fire burning there especially in the colder months. The wall facing the hearth is covered by a large tapestry, depicting a heroic Baphinol ancestor engaged with fighting off a dark and evil foe.

At times the furniture may be re-arranged in such a manner as to provide more space, for the occasional fête and dancing. Heavy red curtains at the windows are usually pulled to the side and secured with thick cords of yellow color during the day, to admit the light from outside, whereas lighting becomes much more intimate in character during evenings and night, from the warm flicker of oil lamps at the walls and candles burning upon the twining chandelier that hangs from the ceiling by a gilded chain.

A stairway leads up to the gallery, from which several doors lead to the private chambers of the residents.

It is sometimes hard to adjust to new surroundings, but in the case of Delphine Baphinol, little of that can be said. Some of the house servants are quick to claim the exact contrary. That the moment the Namarre-born widow of the Vicomte d'Orange entered the residence, she filled it easily with her charming smile and personality. Despite the preferred red colors of her dresses, her charm is of the warmer, less extrovert sort. But many find the emotional glow of those dark eyes quite encouraging and even inspiring, to say the least.

And inspire is, what Delphine has been doing since her arrival two days ago. She inspired the servants to make extra haste in preparing their chambers. Chambers for herself and her two daughters, Inesse and Vivianne, both teens that still are in need of the extra care of a mother. While this mother made sure to have all of her wardrobe settled in her own private dresser, and to have her own personal pair of maids handle the challenge of her long dark brown hair adequately.

On this late morning, Delphine can be found downstairs in the parlor, seated upon one of the comfortable chairs by the hearth, where a fire is already spreading a nice warmth to fight of the chill of a beginning autumn. Her hair is piled up and arranged in impeccable fashion, and she wears a nice long-sleeved dress of red color, with rose applications sewn to the bodice. Beside her seat on a table sits a pot of tea and two cups, that are poured by a servant. Apparently Delphine expects to be joined by one of her daughters.

Lady Inesse de Baphinol loves to sleep. She usually tries to sleep as long as she is allowed and gets out of her bed only when the servants start knocking. This day is no different. Even if the bed is new, it's still very comfortable to the lady. So, the tea might have gotten cool while Inesse managed to roll out of it and then wash herself up to be presentable. But then she slowly and still a bit sleepily climbs down the stairs to meet her mother.

Inesse's floor-length gown features a beautifully embroidered sweetheart bodice with sparkling sequin accents and delicate silk spaghetti straps that criss-cross over her open back. Her elegant attire has a long satin ribbon that ties at the natural waistline and a floor-length multi-layered skirt that is gathered at the waist and floats to the floor in a cloud of tulle. The color of her dress is that one of an innocent rosy blush. To keep herself a little bit more warm, the soon to be woman wears a sheer rosy open front shawl that is buttoned under her arms to form a flutter sleeves.

She approaches her mother and if allowed would lean to place a peck on her cheek, "Morning, mum. I hope you slept well?" She smiles broadly and sits down beside already reaching for the cup.

Delphine would not allow Inesse to sit down, without herself rising to her feet first and giving her daughter an affectionate good-morning-hug. "There you are," the mother murmurs into Inesse's ear, before she lets her go and gives her an appraising look that soon shifts into a cast of admiration and pride. "You look beautiful, but a little sleepy, little darling. You should have some fresh warm tea though…" A glance is given to the maid who takes the cup intended for Inesse and disappears to the kitchens for a moment. "It is getting colder outside, the days of summer have come to an end. I would hate for you to catch a chill." Even as Inesse sits, her mother steps closer to have her fingers brush over the light flutter of sleeves. "It should be warm enough, here by the hearth.", she decides, before retaking her seat from before.

The maid returns with the now empty cup in hand, which will be refilled from the hot pot of tea on the side table. "So… how are you finding Marsilikos, Inesse? I hear you were out yesterday? Did you have a first tour about the city?", Delphine inquires, with a mixture of motherly concern and curiosity.

Inesse is one of those girls who would never refuse a mother's embrace. If allowed, she would stay there for as long as possible. But once Delphine's arms let her go, Inesse settles down and yawns. She politely covers her lips, of course. "I am sorry, mum. I tried to wake up earlier but my dreams were very beautiful. I was dreaming of Papa!.." She drawls and the corners of her lips fall down for a brief moment. But then again she is fast to smile. "He is happy. Everything is fine. He is also with us. Here." She taps her chest where her little heart is beating and then nods. "It's warm here but I would need some better clothes, if you allow. A warmer cloak at least."

Inesse then leans back in her seat and wraps her fingers around the warm cup of tea. She looks into the green liquid thoughtfully. "I do enjoy Marsilikos. I met a few new people. One of them was Lord Drake Rousse. His family make the dragon's blood wine. They said it's very famous. I have never heard of it, but I told them that we know it since you are very interested to wines and you know them well." She then makes a bit longer pause and adds, "I also met Baroness Emeraude Delaunay and Lady Deserae Mereliot. I… I thought she is a daughter of the lady of Marsilikos and made it ob-obvious. I hope she was not offended. Both ladies seemed to be polite. But… What about you, mother?"

<FS3> Delphine rolls Composure: Success. (8 2 5 1 5 1 2 6 5 1)

The mention of her late husband causes a surprised intake of breath, and a momentary flicker of hazel-brown eyes. The smile dims even a little as the expression gains in depth, and becomes slightly wistful. "Ah… my love. Yes, Florentin is with us. He will always be." Leaning forward she catches her daughter in her arms for another hug. "We carry him in our hearts, and I see him every time I look at you. You have his eyes.", Delphine assures softly, blinking away a moment of deep sentiment and pleasant and somewhat paining memories. "He wouldn't wish for us to hide from the world. And so… here we are." Her lips brush the cheek of her daughter in a brief kiss, before the Vicomtesse leans away and now reclaims her cup of tea, which she had emptied and which, by now, has received a refill.

<FS3> Delphine rolls Oenology: Good Success. (8 5 2 2 8 4 1 4 7)
<FS3> Delphine rolls Politics: Great Success. (2 5 6 7 7 1 7 4 8)
<FS3> Delphine rolls Empathy: Good Success. (6 8 6 8 7 1 1)

"Dragon Blood?", Delphine echoes the name of the wine, one corner of her mouth lifting in a lopsided smile. "I recall one branch of House Rousse cultivating and vintnering such a red wine… It sounds so dramatic a name," a faint, playful roll of her eyes there, "and I personally prefer other names, such as those of the Le Blanc wines. More subtle, more affectionate. Can you fault me?" She chuckles, a pleasant sound of low register that rises in her throat, as she shakes her head at herself. "As for the wine as such… It has definitely its qualities. Lord Drake, hmm?" She falls silent, as she ponders the other names, Inesse mentions. "Emeraude Delaunay is still young and new to her duties, but I heard she is pleasant enough. As for Desarae Mereliot…" Her brows furrow and the smile dims. "She is the only surviving child of the late Marquise de Chavaise. Niece to Her Grace. You didn't think she was the Duchesse's daughter, did you? Then why did you tell her this?"

Inesse sips her tea listening for the mother's deeper explanation of wine culture. She nods in agreement that her mother knows best of what wines are the tastiests and what names are the most fitting. However, the latter part makes a young lady furrows her brows. "I am sorry. I simply heard that her last name is Merliot. I know that the lady of Marsilikos has a young daughter. I immediately asked how is her mother doing. But the lady did not seem offended. She laughed and spoke of the previous tournament!"

The thought of festivities bring back a cheerful mood. "Mom, why didn't we come here earlier? Do you think anybody would have asked for my favor if we would have been here for the tournament? Maybe someone strong, brave and handsome. Lord Drake is quite handsome but his hair was not that tidy as I would expect of a noble. My father was always very well groomed!"

"Awww, Inesse… You blundered. And I thought I had managed to prepare you for our visit adequately.", Delphine says, words that come with a warm smile, oddly enough, that take immediately the harshness from her remark, along with the fact that the tone of her voice remains low, smooth and velvet-like. "Desarae Mereliot will be Marquise de Chavaise one day. Whereas… the Duchesse has three daughters. I hear the medium one is of frail health. Ortolette Mereliot." Using the opportunity to instruct her own daughter all gently, Delphine then shifts to the next topic. "We were delayed, and I am sorry. Dear, that we couldn't make any events of the tournament. Of course. I am certain you would have found someone to wear your favor. Your beauty is breathtaking. I am certain, there will be other opportunities." She considers this for a moment and offers her daughter a plate with some pastries. "On the other hand, I am planning to establish ourselves well in this city. I shall host a few little gatherings soon here, or so I hope. I am certain, some of our neighbours might drop by and become new acquaintances, and then friends."

Inesse listens attentively for her mother's lesson on the ruling family here at Marsilikos. "Poor lady Ortolette. Do you think her health can be improved?" But then again a more joyful topics are more attractive. "Mom, I know that you are going to run the best events! This whole city will see how you shine in the social circles! Everybody will love you since you are so pleasant, and beautiful!" The daughter reaches for pastries and nibbles on one of them before adding, "What about…my day?" Her question is asked with her feet being shyly rubbed into the ground. "Do you think we can celebrate it? Would anybody come? I mean… none of those people here are my friends. Would they even want to home? And what about the oth… you know…"

"Ah…." Delphine's lips curve in a warm smile, as she reclines in her seat, elegantly crossing one leg over the other which will cause a soft rustle of her red skirts. "Your sixteenth natality shall be celebrated, in the way it should, little one." Her hazel gaze veils just so by slightly lowered eyelashes. "First… a fête, held here at our humble residence," at which she laughs, actually, unable to hold mirth back at the obvious understatement. "I shall send out invitations… To people that are related to us and others that are not!" A thoughtful sip is taken from her cup of tea, while the glint remains in the Vicomtesse's eyes. "Later then… we shall see you sent off as befits you, to the local Court de Nuit. I have yet to check out the salons… but if I go by what I have heard, I would actually suggest le Lis d'Or. Maybe la Coquelicot, and perhaps la Glycine. The question would be, which - and which courtesan or adept in question to choose."

"Oh, mama!" Inesse claps her hands even if they hold half of a pastry still. "I am so excited! Will you take a look around salons yourself? I would like that you would make sure that they are nice and… things. Do you believe they will assign a woman to me or a man? I mean, how do they pick? How this is happening? How was your day back then? Did you become friends with the person chosen for you? Or did you choose yourself?" Her eyes grow wider with every question asked but then the flood of inquiries is over when she stuffs it with half of the pastry and her cheeks puffs up from the meal. Inesse even has to take a sip of tea in order not to choke on a too large bite. But who can blame an excited one?"

Delphine cannot help but smile at her daughter's naivité. "Inesse! I will take a look at the salons. And I shall take you with me. It will be your first time, after all." A shake of her head follows that makes those dark curls dance a little in their elaborate pile. "They? They won't 'assign' anyone to you. The dowaynes and Seconds might offer their suggestions, though. And they shall be presented before you so that you can make your choice. I remember how my own mother took me around Mont Nuit in the City of Elua, and we looked at all thirteen Houses there… Such a variety to choose from. Whether male or female, this will be for you to decide, based on your personal judgement and preference."

A pause then, as Delphine le Blanc de Baphinol tilts her head. "You ask whom I did choose? A hot-blooded Jasmine adept, half-Bhodistani, if I recall correctly. He was an excellent pick, and I did see him a number of times afterwards." She smiles, eyes going distant at the memory.

"Ah… I would love that whomever I pick would become my friend!" Inesse speaks out when her large bite is swallowed. "I am not even sure from which house I should pick. I could go with Valerians, but I am not sure I would enjoy the pain they cause to others. I could also maybe chose someone from Mandrake but then again, I do not think I would like to hurt anybody. There is also an option to chose someone of Jasmine that they would take a look at my dreams. Maybe they could tell me more about Papa! What did this Jasmine adept foreseen to you after he read your dreams?" She leans back in her seat setting a cup of tea on her lap but still speaks so fast that she leaves no time for mother to interrupt. "I could also go with Eglantine since we share passion for fashion and clothes. But then again these of Alyssum sound so alluring since they can do amazing massages I was told! Oh, mama! How am I going to pick?" She pouts and wonders.

"Inesse, child.", Delphine tells her daughter with brows that lift in faint reproach. "You are mixing it all up. The canons. I shall have a stern word with your tutors. Valerians are the ones that wish for pain and domination, while those of Mandrake canon seek submission. I doubt either of these two flavors would be fitting for you. My Jasmine was hot and passionate, a typical adept of that canon. You are confusing them with Gentians, those are the ones that can read dreams… Ah… well. Regardless what they are called on Mont Nuit, they will be called differently here, so why bother learning these names, after all. You just have to come along and form your own opinion. Perhaps this will make these Night Court details even sink in with a bit more…" She bites her lip, glancing towards Inesse, "Permanence. You make your choice, and in that, will mostly find a preference from where you can start."

"I would love to visit salons with you. I wouldn't dare to go there without you! Too many strangers!" Inesse shivers. "Especially when I would make fun out of myself if I would confuse the house. Imagine, if I would seek for Valerians and end up with a Mandrake!" The girl laughs. Because of this amusement she trembles a bit and the tea waves inside the cup spilling a few drops down on her skirt. But Inesse does not even notice it and continues, "I would like that it would be a man. Very tall and strong. Maybe dark haired. Or maybe blond. Or maybe fire! Red hair! But maybe I like the dark haired boys… Like that kitchen boy back from our home. He is so handsome and his shoulders are so broad!" She chuckles. Looks up to her mother. "I am so glad that you took me with you, mama. I appreciate the opportunity given. I am also glad you did not send me alone… I would be lost!" she tries to lean her head on Delphine's shoulder. Just to cuddle with her mother.

That shoulder is granted, and Delphine tilts her head even a little so that comes to rest lightly against that of her daughter. "We shall see whom they have on offer. Taking our little turn about the Night Court and let the interiors of those salons impress upon us. You are the daughter of the Vicomte d’Orange, child. You deserve nothing but the best and most charming adept they have. Meanwhile… on another day, I shall take you to the Palace. You. Not Vivianne. And you should try to go out more, and meet people. Hmm?"

Inesse smiles broadly and nods. She raises up to look at her mother but instead of saying something, she leans in and tries to place a peck on her cheek. "Yes, mother. I will go to the Palace with you, and I will go out to meet people. I promise that I will not disappoint you! May I excuse myself now? I actually would like to go and see if I can find a more warm dress to buy. Please?"

That cheek twists into a smile beneath Inesse's kiss, and Delphine lets go of her daughter in the moment she excuses herself. "Certainly. Make sure to take Monsieur Bernard along. And this here," she hands the young Baphinol lady a piece of parchment, neatly rolled into a scroll and secured with a red ribbon. "Go and visit the tailor, and they will know that I will pay for your dress." And with the smile still lingering on her pleasant features, the Vicomtesse d'Orange watches her daughter move off to get a warm cloak — and the necessary retinue of a guard and perhaps a maid to look after her while she is out.

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