(1310-09-26) More Delicious Dining
Summary: Emeraude and Tavi grabbing a bite to eat at the Golden Harbor and happen to run into Lord Colombe and Sister Gwenaelle there as well.
RL Date: 9/26/1310-9/27/1310 (9/26/2018-9/27/2018)
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The Golden Harbor - Noble District

Situated close to the Opera and upon the famous wine cellars below, the Golden Harbour Restaurant offers the same refinement it expects in turn from its clientele. The name has influenced the choice of interior, where walls have been painted in sea green with golden ornaments, and one wall features the outline of this city's harbor in gilded painting that will catch the warm light of candles and oil lamps. Candelabras made of brass show the likenesses of mermaids and seasnakes. Tables and seating are of dark mahogany, cushions and upholstery done in dark green velvet, heavy drapes of similar color set into the ceiling that can be drawn to allow a certain privacy when such is wished for. Staff is attentive and discreet, and up to the standards of high nobility in their quality of service. They are clad in the unique livery of the place, sea green gowns, chemises and trousers, always tidy and well kept.

Meals served here are mostly local seafood dishes prepared from sophisticated recipes with inspired seasoning. Finest wines are available, both red and white, a supply never ceasing as they have the wine cellars below, to acquire even the most exquisite and costly vintages if requested. High windows offer a view over the city, especially where it slopes down to the harbor, with masts and sails of ships moored there visible in the distance.

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Tavi walks in to the Golden Harbour with a lovely young woman in fine clothing. He himself is in…good clothing. Well made and cut, of fine fabric but plain design, in contrast to her loveliness—also he completely lacks shoes. He smiles at her as he walks in, holding her hand all gentleman-like no matter how she might give him wry glances at the pretension. "Honestly I eat the seafood, mostly, because I missed it while I was traveling through a lot of the interior; getting good fish in Azzalle reminded me of home."

Emeraude smiles fondly as she look to Tavi and responds, "I think I may as well, it was quite delicious this morning when I was here. Did you have a preference upon where you had wished to sit Tavi? You know I am not too terribly picky. And I am curious about your travels, you should regale me with stories. You know how much I adore them." Upon her form is a bodice of a lovely lavender with her cascading skirts of dark green upon her feet is a pair of lavender slippers and her hooded cloak dark green much like her skirts and that hood is down.

Colombe sweeps into the Golden Harbour with a possessive air, pausing just inside to quickly scan the interior. Spotting Emeraude, that smile turns from merely confident to delighted. Colombe makes his way over toward her and Tavi, and offers a polite bow to the pair. "Baroness," Colombe intones, "a pleasure to see you again. And so soon." The fellow she's with gets a friendly smile and he says, Colombe d'Eresse, friend."

It must be a busy time for the restaurant, for soon another appears at the entrance. Gwenaelle pauses within, gaze to sweep the place, seemingly in search of someone. Not spying whom she's looking for, she will step forwards to seek a table herself, not truly paying much attention to those around at first. Dressed in fine, clean robes, her hair is pulled back, and surprisingly decorated with a few autumn flowers at the back.

Tavi looks over to Colombe, and returns a polite bow as well to him. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Colombe. I'm Tavi Delaunay, and I see you've met my sister Emeraude already," he grins. "Making friends in the city so quickly," he teases Emeraude, nudging her with his hip. And then he spots Gwenaelle, and gives her a big wave as she passes by. "Hello, Sister Gwen!" He greets the other woman wearing robes.

Emeraude's smile brightens as Colombe comes over and offers the polite bow, offering a curtsy in turn as she says "Lord Colombe, it is a pleasure to see you again as well. Admittedly I am quite fond of the food served here and I suggested to my brother that we should grab a bite to eat. Would you like to join us?" As Tavi nudges her with his hip and teases, she giggles and a faint blush caresses her cheeks. And as he calls attention to Gwenaelle, she offers a warm smile as she offers "We were just about to grab a table if you wish to have some company. I am Tavi's sister, Baroness Emeraude Delaunay."

Colombe nods politely at the introductions and takes the offered seat. "I'd hate to intrude, but an invitation from such august company can't be ignored," he tells the pair. To Tavi, Colombe says, "The Baroness was looking for directions to a breakfast worthy of her. I was all too honoured to bring her here. And her company outshone the breakfast." He's absolutely shameless in his flattery, but it seems to be in good humour. He flashes that charming smile Gwenaelle's way as she moves into view, but lets the siblings do the talking, there.

Hearing the call of a familiar voice draws Gwenaelle from her thoughts. Turning to spy the priest with the others, she offers a warm smile to not only he, but his guests. "Brother Tavi.." She returns, pausing as he extends the invitation, "If you do not mind? I was to meet my sister here, but no doubt, she's gotten held up." With Emeraude's introduction, she moves closer, extending her own, "Gwenaelle Merliot, at your service." Colombe is included, a glance to the young lord given as well as a smile.

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Tavi shakes his head. "No need to apologize, Lord Colombe, it's quite alright. My sister is here to meet people after all, and I'm all too happy to help her with that. Please join us," he grins, and looks over to Gwenaelle. "Well, instead you can meet my sister. This is my little sister, Emeraude Delaunay, Baroness de Velaux. Emmie, this is Sister Gwenaelle Mereliot, of the Temple of Eisheth. We work together in the infirmary."

Emeraude's face almost flushes at the compliments paid to her by Colombe about her company outshining breakfast, but her cheeks instead only softly pinken as she kindly responds "And your regaling of the tale of you capturing The Wind outshone breakfast as well my Lord. I look forward to when I can you are willing to tell me of another." Her attention upon Gwenaelle as she says "Lovely to meet you Sister Gwenaelle. And I promise I enjoy company. I only arrived into the city just this morning and it has been a long time since I have been back so everything feels so new to me all over again. So how long have you been in the service Sister Gwenaelle?" She teases to Tavi "I am only younger by ten minutes."

Colombe orders some sort of chicken dish - he doesn't pay much attention, just pointing at an item seemingly at random - and then his attention can return to his companions. He looks truly delighted to be here, constantly smiling, his body language open and inviting. Even when he doesn't necessarily speak, Colombe communicates presence.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Emeraude." Gwenaelle murmurs, chuckling softly before taking a seat at the table. "By a few minutes?" The amusement continues, though when questioned, she doesn't hesitate, "Since I was about six… I am blessed by Eisheth, and my family decided I should learn to be a better healer within her temple." Her own order will be of mulled wine and seafood, something caught fresh earlier in the day. "I have actually only recently returned from spending a few years in the City of Elua at the temple there."

"An important ten minutes," Tavi points out to Emeraude, as he orders seafood for himself because mmmm…fish. He nods to Gwenaelle. "Yes, we're twins; I'm the older by the very important ten minutes. Which means I constantly get to say things like 'When I was your age', and then recount what I did ten minutes ago," he offers, wiggling his eyebrows. "I'm glad to see Emmie is making friends, especially ones who make her blush," he offers amusedly.

Emeraude orders herself more lobster and some shrimp to accompany it that was catch fresh this morning with some white wine to pair with it. Her own smile remaining warm and bright as she gazes at Colombe for a few moments before her attention is upon Gwenaelle and she responds, "I am blessed as well though my calling was more for the arts than it was for being a healer. And how was the City of Elua?" Her attention then looking to Tavi as her eyes go wide for a moment as she nudges his arm saying, "Tavi… shhh.." As if no one noticed and one made note when he brought it up, her wine arriving in the nick of time to drink from it in an attempt to hide her cheeks flushing a little deeper.

Colombe grins at Tavi's dig at Emeraude and taps the side of his nose meaningfully to the fellow. In something of a stage whisper, he says, "Honestly, I think she just gets lost in my eyes. I can't even recall saying anything that was particularly scandalous." But the look on his face is harmless mischief, and he gives Emeraude a playful wink. "I haven't been to the City of Elua in… years," he says to Gwen, "I should get back sometime."

"The City was lovely for the most part. Quite a bit to see and do. I attended the palace a few times while there. " Gwenaelle answers, though smiles a little more as she listens to the banter between the siblings and Colombe. There comes a soft dramatic sigh offered to Emeraude, "I may not have a twin, but I do have five older siblings, and do recall them acting all the same.."

Tavi takes his own plate of food and wine and then beams when his sister shushes and nudges him, giving her a grin. "I have so missed teasing you," he says sincerely. "It's like having a part of my soul back to have you in the city." He grins to Colombe then. "Well, then you must step it up!" He nods to what Gwen says. "I do thhink it is universal. But hopefully it is as fondly as it has always been between us."

Emeraude looks to Colombe as he comments about his eyes, unable to help herself for gazing at them once more as she kindly retorts, "Well my Lord, they are a very lovely shade of blue though I think your tales are what I get lost the most within." A soft giggle escaping her lips before she looks to Gwenaelle as she speaks, responding to the inquiry and then smiling as she says, "Indeed so, and I do tease out younger sisters muchly in the same way in truth." Her eyes then look to Tavi as she says "I have missed it as well Tavi and it is like having a piece of myself back being here. Though.. what is it you mean by step it up?" Asking with curiosity as she inquires about his statement to Colombe.

Colombe interjects and answers Emeraude's question to Tavi. Colombe looks at her intently and says, "Your brother is suggesting I do more to make you blush… more frequently, and unless I miss my guess, also more deeply. But, I doubt he means for me to do that here and now. Best to leave that to a more private setting." There's a vaguely smouldering look to the man, but then it vanishes and he laughs warmly, giving Tavi an elbow. "Was I right?"

"Of course.." Gwenaelle says in answer to Tavi and Emeraude both, "I don't see mine very often, but they are missed." That said, she thanks the server who brings her drink, listening as the men seem to gang up on the poor lady, a soft chuckle to escape her as she glances to Emeraude to likely gauge how deeply Colombe's words might make her blush.
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"Oh I meant you needed to try harder at saying scandalous things," Tavi agrees. "But there's only so far I would go toward encouraging men I hardly know to make my sister blush, even in jest," he does offer with a conciliatory grin to Emeraude. He nods to Gwenaelle. "I didn't realize how much I missed my sisters until just now. We should make a trip to see them."

Emeraude's cheeks flush more deeply and spreads across the bridge of her nose as Colombe interjects though she doesn't object to it given her smile as she finishes off her wine so quickly and signals for a refill to try and buy time of her flushing cheeks to qualm. Her gaze upon Gwenaelle as she says "My younger ones I miss terribly but they will come to the city soon enough I am sure." And as she looks to Tavi she smiles warmly to his grin as she comments, "And for that I am quite glad. And we should indeed take a trip and visit. It feels like it has been ages after all. But that is because I have been so buried within my paperwork."

Colombe just laughs at the woman's response and gets to work eating his meal. And he seems to really enjoy it. He listens and nods at times, but since he has nothing to add about siblings, and the meal is getting cold, he's going to handle that business first. Still, he watches intently, smiling that friendly smile.

Gwenaelle nibbles on her own food, her gaze turned to the entrance at times to make sure she doesn't miss her sister at any time. "How many are there exactly?" She asks, question directed at either of the twins who might answer. A blush touches her cheeks as she admits quietly, "I have probably asked it of you, Brother Tavi, but I don't remember. Forgive?"

Tavi grins. "I can't imagine the paperwork for the Barony, I'm glad all I have to do is paperwork for the Temple," he agrees with a shake of his head before he looks over to Gwenaelle. "Only the four of us; two younger sisters beyond the two of us. And we were born fairly close on after Mom left the Little Court," he answers her with a smile. "And nothing to forgive, even if you asked before."

Emeraude can't help but smile back to Colombe when she occasionally glances to him. Soon cutting upon her lobster into small dainty pieces and eating five individual bites at a time before she sips upon her white wine. She was about to answer the question, but Tavi beat her to it and responds to Gwenaelle, "We all sometimes need a reminder of things we may already know." She looks to Tavi then as she muses, "Given how I accelled in my lessons upon stewardship and economics, the paperwork is now much easier to unable and go through, I just had to find my rythym with it is all. You know I have my little eccentricies." Her eating habits always having been one of them as she eats five of the small shrimps she requested before sipping upon her white wine once more after it.

Gwenaelle is with Tavi on that, "I don't think I could handle the paperwork either. Keeping up with the infirmary's inventory and the students in the temple is quite enough for me as well." If she's taken note of Emeraude's little eccentricies while eating, she doesn't remark upon it. "What brings you to Marsilikos?" The question asked of Emeraude, though she may include Colombe as well, if he is new to the city as well.

Tavi grins to Gwen. "Oh yeah, and doing the same for the Temple," he shakes his head. "I much prefer responding to the letters we get that aren't requests for money for supplies," he sighs. He doesn't even seem to notice Emeraude's pattern, which might mean it is well known to him. He looks like he is about to say more, when a young Acolyte of the Temple pops up and whipers something to him. "Speaking of, I'm so sorry but I have to go." He leans in to kiss his sister's cheek. "I'll see you back at the Townhouse, sorry to disappear."

Emeraude pauses before she switches back to the lobster as she responds to Gwenaelle, "To make new friends and allies. Eventually find a husband but I am not in a rush for such." She pauses before she makes the admittedance, "Still rather new to such experiences, the courting and all. Been so dutiful in my studies I not had much time to socialize in truth." She looks to Tavi, easily returning the kiss upon his own cheek as she responds "It is fine, I know you have your own duties to tend to dear brother. I will see you again soon, I know it." Her attention then upon Colombe as she inquires, "I meant to ask earlier, but what is the name of your ship?" Then takes her five seperate dainty bites of her lobster and then sipping upon her wine.

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Those acolytes must have been racing, for only moments after the first one shows up for Tavi, there is another who makes his way to Gwenaelle. Those at the table may hear something about a difficult labor at an estate. This draws a frown to her lips that are quickly wiped with her napkin, "I too, need to leave. Please forgive me for rushing off, but I am needed." Already, the Acolyte is hurrying out, no doubt to catch a carriage for the priestess to use, "A pleasure to meet you both, and hope to do so again soon." With that, she turns and heads out, her hurried steps to cause her robes to flow out behind her.

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Emeraude kindly offers to Gwenaelle, "And a pleasure to meet you Sister, be well until our path cross once more." Her gaze following Tavi and Gwenadelle as they take their leave. Soon falling back upon Colombe as she begins upon eating five of her small shrimp before sipping upon her wine once more, ever curious about her inquiry of the name of his ship.

Colombe returns to the table to find people have gone. "Well," he says with a smile, as he retakes his seat, "I suppose that will teach me a lesson about stepping away. I do it at my own risk." Colombe sips his wine and then turns all of his charming attention to Emeraude. "The Albatross," he tells her, "is the name of my ship. A good name, isn't it?"

Emeraude smiles fondly as she explains "They were both called away but I am still working upon my meal. And I do think it is a lovely name. What made you name her such? What was the inspiration?" Continues her eccentric eating habits after she makes her inquiries to him, her blue eyes continue to focus upon him mostly, occasionally glancing down to her dish from time to time.

Colombe looks entirely at ease, and he smiles charmingly. "It seemed fitting. She is fast and can range far into the sea. Like an albatross. Plus, they're beautiful creatures, especially in flight. My ship is likewise beautiful." Colombe looks to her eyes and the smile widens. "As is my dinner companion. I'm quite a fortunate man."

Emeraude's cheeks flushed deeply as she bashful looks to her almost empty plate as she kindly responds, "That is a wonderful reason then to name her such. And you paint me with such compliments. It makes me wonder if one of your favored colors is red or pink." Her eyes gazing back upon him as she makes her witty remark at the end about the colors. "What are your plans after dinner if you not mind my inquiring my Lord," is sweetly asked before she finished off the last of her meal and soon the glass of wine as well.

Colombe's expression is one of pride, and he replies, "I rather enjoy seeing the effect I have on you, Baroness. I'll admit it. Ah, but there's a chance I've been too forward…. unless you rather enjoy the effect I have on you, yourself?" That question is loaded with innuendo. He doesn't even hide it. "After dinner? I had nothing in mind, as it happens. Do you have plans?"

Emeraude continues to be a bit flush as she honestly responds "I have no complaints of the effect my Lord, I would have made mention if I had, I assure you. And as I made mention of earlier, I am rather new to much of the flirting and all attached." A brief, nervous nip of her own bottom lip before she responds to his question with a smile, "I had nothing set upon my agenda but I would not be opposed to you claiming such time." Her cheeks only darkening a bit more as she runs with her bravery a bit, her breathing a bit hastened as she sits up a bit straighter.

Colombe looks delighted at her bravery, and says, "Then, if you've no objection, I would be most pleased to lay claim to your time. I wonder what we should do…" He feigns thinking and then says, "We could practice flirting… since we both seem to enjoy it, and you've shown such an aptitude…"

Emeraude giggles softly before she agrees "We could indeed. And I suppose I am a quick study. Though did you wish to remain here or perhaps go for a walk? I would like to look at the stars for a bit, they are quite lovely after the sun sets after all."

Colombe nods to her suggestion and then rises. His eyes never leave hers, and he offers her his hand. "Sunset and then the stars? Sounds like a wonderful evening to me," he intones warmly. Colombe picks up his satchel and slings it over his shoulders and then says, "Shall we?"

Emeraude gracefully rises from her seat and takes his offered hand as she says "I am glad you agree, ever so much." A soft swallow as her hand remains in his as she responds, "Yes please Lord Colombe." Her hand soon moving to the crook of his arm and easily walking along with him.

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