(1310-09-26) Emeraude's First Day Out with Breakfast.
Summary: Emeraude's First Morning exploring the city
RL Date: 9/26/1310 (9/26/2018)
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Market Promenade — Marsilikos

Two massive promenades, separated by a narrow row of alternating planters and plinths supporting marble statues from all over the known world, make up a marketplace that extends in a narrow space far to the north of the grand plaza to the south. Each walkway is two two-meter marble slabs wide, one gleaming white, the other greyish-blue, and they alternate to and fro in coloration all the way down each promenade, their intersections marked with a series of equal-armed crosses in shimmering black stone. While there is plenty of space for vendors to set up ad-hoc establishments to hawk their wares, to each side of the double promenade are stoa of fluted marble, holding up a terra-cotta tiled roof over a shady, cool walkway, punctuated here and there with doorways and windows open to a long series of indoor shops, each marked with a hanging sign outside the door.

Every twenty meters or so, five stairs lift the level of the promenade as the marketplace works its way uphill, to a smaller plaza at the northern end where all the most exclusive and expensive shops are established. This smaller plaza also has an obelisk of red granite in the middle; it's shorter, and more slender, but when the change in elevation is taken into account, its tip is at the exact same height as the massive obelisk in the town square to the south.

It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and stormy.

Leaning casually against one of the walls of a shop, Colombe d'Eresse is speaking idly with a fellow who looks like a sailor by his clothing. Colombe's smile is confident and bright, and he laughs easily at some comment made by the sailor. There's a sharp nod from the nobleman, and he claps the other fellow on the shoulder, saying, "Right. Back at it then, Pasquale. The fouled boards need to be replaced, and I don't trust anyone else to oversee it." There's a note of pride in Paquale's chinlift and then he nods, heading off in the general direction of the docks.

Emeraude had decided that today was a purple and green day it seems, her bodice of a lovely lavender with her cascading skirts of dark green upon her feet is a pair of lavender slippers and her hooded cloak dark green much like her skirts. The hood down with her hair slightly pinned back as her blue eyes look about the market as she takes in a slow deep breath. And those blue eyes eventually fall upon Colombe and begins to curiously watch him as she begins to enter more into the market. There is a deep breath as if she is attempt to muster up courage before she draws herself closer to him, offering a soft, shy smile. Her shoulders even shift back slightly so she stands up a bit straighter before she offers "Good day, might you be kind enough to perhaps give me directions? It is my first time within the city and I fear I may be a touch lost." A hinted flush echoing upon her cheeks as she makes the admittance.

Colombe's blue eyes spot the woman long before she approaches, and by the time she's spoken to him, that smile is flashing brightly. He straightens up off the wall, and offers a polite inclination of his head as she near. "Welcome, then, to this fair city," Colombe replies warmly, "It's always nice to meet a visitor. If I can help you find the place you're looking for, I would be delighted to. Where would you like to go?"

Emeraude's own smile grows at his bright one, beginning to let the sight of her teeth peek from her lips as she responds, "Thank you for the welcome. I am Baroness Emeraude Delaunay. And in truth, somewhere to fetch some breakfast would be lovely if you have any suggestions. Somewhere that offers both sweet and savory?"

Colombe offers a polite bow to the woman and says, "Lord COlombe d'Eresse, Baroness. It's a pleasure to meet you." His smile is even wider at the introductions, utterly delighted. "Ah, breakfast. Well, if you'd like, I would be honoured to show you a place I rather enjoy. Suitable for a woman of your august status. It's called the Golden Harbour. Now, it is a walk to the Noble district, but if you'll allow me to accompany you, I'll do my best to captivate your attention so the distance doesn't seem so far." That smile is charming and warm as he offers her his arm. "Shall we?"

Emeraude's shoulders relax a bit as her smile grows all the more. Her nerves beginning to melt awa some as she happily responds with a graceful curtsy, "And a pleasure to meet you as well Lord Colombe. The Golden Harbour sounds lovely and I would be quite happy if you were to accompany me." Her dainty hand slipping into the crook of his offered arm and her steps easily moving along with his once they begin to walk there as she says, "Yes please. And perhaps you can tell me about how long you have been within the city? Or if there is anything exciting going on that I should be privvy of."
You begin following Colombe.

Colombe's laughter is warm and rumbling and he pats her hand gently. "I pay so little attention to the goings on of court, my dear Baroness, that I would be perhaps the worst person to give you any insight," he explains as they set off toward the noble district. "I've been returned to the city for a month or so now - my family has been here for… well, as long as anyone can remember. But I'm usually found aboard my ship - protecting convoys and hunting pirates."

(Fast forward to the Golden Harbor)

The Golden Harbor — Noble District

Situated close to the Opera and upon the famous wine cellars below, the Golden Harbour Restaurant offers the same refinement it expects in turn from its clientele. The name has influenced the choice of interior, where walls have been painted in sea green with golden ornaments, and one wall features the outline of this city's harbor in gilded painting that will catch the warm light of candles and oil lamps. Candelabras made of brass show the likenesses of mermaids and seasnakes. Tables and seating are of dark mahogany, cushions and upholstery done in dark green velvet, heavy drapes of similar color set into the ceiling that can be drawn to allow a certain privacy when such is wished for. Staff is attentive and discreet, and up to the standards of high nobility in their quality of service. They are clad in the unique livery of the place, sea green gowns, chemises and trousers, always tidy and well kept.

Meals served here are mostly local seafood dishes prepared from sophisticated recipes with inspired seasoning. Finest wines are available, both red and white, a supply never ceasing as they have the wine cellars below, to acquire even the most exquisite and costly vintages if requested. High windows offer a view over the city, especially where it slopes down to the harbor, with masts and sails of ships moored there visible in the distance.

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When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is warm and stormy.

Colombe leads Emeraude through the city, pointing out this or that interesting feature or regaling her with some story about something that may have happened - or is a sailor's tall tale - until they arrive at the Golden Harbour. They're seated with a smile by the staff, leaving the pair to consider what breakfast they'll have.

Emeraude laughs softly at Colombe's comment about the worse person for insight before she responds, "Well I shall keep that in mind then and perhaps ask my dear brother when I see him. I know where I will be able to find him without worry in truth. And your ship?" Her voice peaking in curiosity as does her smile before she inquires "And hunting pirates? Please to tell me you have some stories you can share with me of such? I am ever so fond of tales of heroism." Her cheeks flushing softly once more as she walks into the Golden Harbour open Colombe's arm.

Upon the Baroness's form is a bodice of a lovely lavender with her cascading skirts of dark green upon her feet is a pair of lavender slippers and her hooded cloak dark green much like her skirts. The hood is down with her hair slightly pinned back. And she gracefully moves to the seat and slips into it as she places the orders of "If I could have a small platter of your breakfast meats and cheeses as well as crossiant and some slices of sweet fruits. And your finest white wine please." Then finally quiet so that Colombe and place his order before her focus is upon him as she inquires, "Have any harrowing tales that might be safe to speak of over breakfast?"

"I'd recommend the seafood platter, it is very good," comes an almost disembodied voice from the table behind the one that's now occupied by Emeraude and Colombe. "Especially when they've taken delivery of fresh lobster, which the server assured me they have." It appears disembodied, though obviously it's not, because the young woman who speaks hasn't as yet turned, continuing to sit as she is with the apex of her chin propped in one hand. A cassiline, whom one could presumably suppose is assigned to her, keeps close watch on his ward. "Unless," she continues after a moment upon hearing Emeraude's selection with which to break her fast, "your fancy lies more in the direction croissants and fruit." Her voice is quiet in its recommendations, perhaps much like the girl herself, who appears, at least from the backward presentation of herself, to be sober in the manner of her mood and her dress.

Colombe lets the woman order and is about to order when the voice speaks form behind him. Colombe turns and says, "Thank you, mystery lady," in a tone that would tell her he's smiling even if she doesn't look to see, herself. "I'll have that," Colombe tells the server, then says, "If you'd like, I'm sure you'd be welcome to join us. I'm Colombe d'Eresse, but /this/ is the Baroness Emeraude Delaunay." Emeraude's request for tales of heroism bring a grin to the man - prideful and exultant - and he says, "I have plenty of tales, Baroness. Some suitable for breakfast, others for stormy evenings in a bar. Let me see…" he idly strokes his trimmed beard in thought. "Ah, there was the time I finally tracked the pirate who called himself simply 'The Wind' to his sheltered port in the Middle Sea. He'd been expertly raiding and sinking ships, then disappearing almost as quickly as the wind itself, thus his moniker. I'd caught sight of him a few times, but could never quite close the distance before he'd slip over the horizon. I'd almost begun to believe the stories told - that he could command the wind itself, and that it always blew in one direction for him and the opposite for anyone else. But then I knew I would have him. He ran but my ship - The albatross - started to close. It was a fine race. And when night fell, I was certain I'd find him in a certain place on a small spit of land in the sea. And I did."

Emeraude looks a bit surprised as she hears Desarae speak but not see her for a few moments. Her blue eyes looking about for a few moments to try and find exactly where it comes from. Though soon Colombe discovers and her smile returns as she adds on "Yes please do join us, I only recently arrived to the city and would welcome meeting more people. I was just in the mood for more savory and sweet this morning is all. But I am quite fond of lobster.." She raises her hand to garner the attention of the server and requests for the seafood platter when bacon to accompany it. Her attention then returning to Colombe as her hands rest in her lap and she seems to be listening intently to his tale as his strokes upon his trimmed beard. Her smile growing as he tells of the capture of 'The Wind'. She looks wonderfully entertained as she inquires, "Did he actually have command of the wind? What all was upon him when you did catch him? How much was the bounty of his head?"

A moment of silence from Desarae follows Colombe and Emeraude's invitation to join them at their table. Perhaps it's the story which Colombe begins to relate that makes up her mind for her, for her silence is broken when she accepts. "That's very kind of you. Thank you. I hate breakfasting alone." She rises to her feet, a graceful if youthful figure in a gown of bronze that complements the warm undertones of her complexion. A lift of her chin has two servers hurrying forth to collect up her half-eaten breakfast as she and it are neatly relocated. "Lady Desarae Mereliot." A curtsey is dipped before she slips into one of the vacant seats. "I only caught a little of your story, but I'm sure I'll catch up." Introductions made, she settles herself to hear a little more of the tale that's being spun, eyes of bright green settling now upon Colombe as she picks at her platter with no real attention.

Colombe just grins, exulting in the attention of the two women. Because of course he is. His demeanour becomes more animated without being flamboyant, his blue eyes lock to each woman's in turn as he recounts the tale. "Of course not," Colombe assures Emeraude, "but it is a good lie to spread, isn't it? Ah, but those details will be revealed…" He sips the wine as it arrives and rejoins his story. "I waited until I believed his ship would have docked, and sent a skiff to spy on the pirate's hole. Then I brought my own ship in closer and sent a group of my finest sailors to take his ship silently. Oh, they were masterful! The ship was secured in mere moments, and I knew I had The Wind, then. My men went into the haven and took every last one of his crew, or slew them where they fought. Quarter was granted - I am no monster, after all - and my prisoners were rounded up and tied together. The Wind, however… oh, he put up a terrible fight. Skilled with his sword, and vicious to boot. Our swords clashed over and over, and blood flowed freely; I'm not too proud to say I believe I met my match in him." He pauses there to eat some of his food and take a drink. And not for dramatic effect or to garner even more of the ladies' attention…

Emeraude breaks away her gaze from Colombe as she kindly says to Daesarae, "It is lovely to meet you lady Deserae and I hate eating breakfast alone a well. It is always much better when one has company." Her gaze back upon Colombe as her bright smile remains curling her full lips. She lets a few soft giggles escape before she comments back to him "It is a good lie to spread indeed." As the wine arrives, she looks quite happy for it and sips upon it shortly after it is placed within her hand. Her breathing hastening a touch as she listens to the recant of how The Wind was captured. A brief nip of her bottom lip is given before she inquires "Given you mention how blood flowed… how many scars did he leave you with? And did he eventually yield or did you have to take his life? And for the record, I would never think you a monster when dealing with pirates."

Does Desarae forget to eat as Colombe continues with his adventurous tale? The lobster meat that she'd speared on the tines of her fork, hangs mid-way between her plate and her mouth, the buttery sauce in which it's presented, dripping slowly. Drip. Drip. Drip. A muffled snort that sounds suspiciously as if it's from her cassiline sets a frown upon her brow, and her mouth purses briefly. A sigh. "Nicolas has not a romantic bone in his body when it comes to the telling of tales." She sets her fork down. "But I do." Her eyes cut to Emeraude, and a ghost of a smile to be found at the edges of her lips. "As I am sure that Lady Emeraude does too." And back to Colombe. "Did you skewer him through? Remove his head with a swing of your sword?" She begins to look more animated with the questions she asks, allowing herself to be drawn further into the tale — whether it be real or imagined.

Colombe lets the women get drawn in and then he says to Emeraude's question, though he looks to both women as he answers, "Ah, I have no fewer than six scars from him. None I can show, you however, since we're in public. But if you want to see them, I am sure I can find a place that provides suitable privacy." He takes a sip of wine, and continues. "Steel clashed against steel for what felt like an hour, though I'm sure it wasn't. He bled. I bled. I knew I needed to bide my time, however, that he was fighting for his life - the slimmest hope that if he could take me hostage, perhaps my men would let him and his go in trade - and that would make him desperate. A feint with my blade and he leapt to slash at my sword arm, but I spun on my foot and dropped low. My sword pierced his belly, all the way through." Colombe's voice is low and grave. "He sunk to the hilt of my blade and breathed his last words - for my ears alone, he said - and I set his body on the ground, eyes staring up into the sun. I took his body to the nearest port and received my bounty, which was divided mostly among my crew. We also took the plunder he'd collected from his time as a pirate - returned the things whose provenance we knew, and split the rest. And I decided to leave his crew there. I took the ship and boats, of course, and left them to their own devices. And so was the end of the Wind."

A hinted blush comes across Emeraude's cheeks at Desarae's comment about the romantic bone and she kindly responds, "I do indeed yes, when I do tell tales, though I not many to tell in truth. But have a fondness for listening." As the question is asked to Colombe by Desarae she looks back to him with and eagerness in her eyes to hear the answer to their inquiries. She is even scooting forward a little bit upon her seat as she takes another sip of her wine, her food untouched as she is enraptured in listening to him. Her cheeks flushing a bit more at the mention of inability to show the scars due to being in public and the offer to show in private makes her cheeks flush and spread across the bridge of her nose as she takes a deeper drink of her wine. Her eyes growing wider as he tells more of the fight when he speaks of the sword going through ones belly. And as his voice drops low and grave, she leans a bit forward as she softly nips upon her bottom lip. Shortly after he finishes, she kindly says, "That is quite a fight and… I would not mind seeing such scars in time. I am curious what all sort of things he plundered that you did indeed return."

"I will take you at your word on your scars," Desarae informs Colombe, and though she appears to all intents and purposes not quite so captivated by it as Emeraude is, she's clearly invested. Her fork remains idly in her fingers, and her eyes remain firmly on him. Unblinking. "But what was it he said?" She's locked onto the only part of the story that Colombe has kept as a mystery, a chew of her lip as the question is asked. "Or are you going to tease us both by telling us now that you cannot say?" A lift of her chin. "That would be most unfair of you to leave us dangling, were that the case."

Colombe shrugs those broad shoulders and replies, "Heirlooms with the names of the families who owned them, mostly. He wasn't particular about the sorts of things he stole, thinking perhaps he could melt them down for the metals, or keep them as trophies. But the majority of what we took was of no known origin, and so we kept." Spoils of war, after all. His smile turns impish and wry at Desarae's desire to know the secret. The man sips his wine and then he tells them both, "What he told me remains a mystery so far - the meaning, I should say. And so, until I discern what he meant, I'm going to keep it for myself. Another prize that the victor gets to claim. However, should I solve the riddle, I'll share it with you both. A success is only half as sweet if there's no one to share in it."

Emeraude gives a brief, playful pout to Colombe as he denies telling herself and Desarae the riddle of those last spoken words. But quickly her smile returns as she kindly offers, "I suppose that is indeed fair, and I am not one to know of riddles in truth. I am more knowledgable in other things, mostly the arts. And caring for my lands. And most of my reading when not for education is more upon the romance side of things. Not often one finds riddles within those pages." She softly laughs at her own little joke before she begins to cut the lobster into small, dainty pieces before just barely dipping it into the butter. Her fork lingering until the butter isn't dripping before she eats it, chewing with her mouth closed before she swallows and repeats a few more times, 4 to be exact then taking a sip of her wine. She then inquires of Colombe "And what spoils did you keep for yourself?"

"I'm very good at riddles," Desarae states, her eyes digging deeply into Colombe's. There's an intenstity to be found within the depths of her own that speaks of a deep intelligence, but there's also something else to be found there. Irritation, perhaps. She draws a slow breath, a scowl showing faintly on her brow as she drops her eyes from his and onto her plate. That Emeraude takes a more genial approach to being denied the riddle appears to wash over her, and she reaches for the glass of chilled elderflower water that she's chosen in preference to wine. "Is chasing down pirates a full-time occupation for you my lord? It must be profitable indeed if it is. Or have you something else that lays claim to your time?"

Whatever Desarae's irritation, it seems to have no impact on Colombe. The man remains as unflappably confident and certain of his decision. "I don't just chase pirates, but I do escorts for my family's merchant ships as well," he says, "I just prefer chasing pirates. It /is/ more profitable, and serves a rather important public service, wouldn't you agree?" He's somehow - despite doing all this talking - finished his meal, the plate now empty. To emeraude's question, the man says, "Oh, I shouldn't like to brag too specifically. There was gold and silver, some rings and a necklace or five. Rather interesting candlesticks that appealed to me. Most of the items I sold or melted down for the metal - I have no need for rings and necklaces, especially stolen ones - but there are a few trophies I keep on the Albatross."

Emeraude kindly comments to Colombe, "I imagine that it is much more profitable and it is indeed a public service you are performing I feel. Perhaps I could look at them? Never had a chance to look at much jewelry, I not often buy such things for myself. Or even show me the other trophies, only if willing of course. Though I am unable to today given I have some paperwork to handle later and meetings. But it isn't for some hours." She glances down to her plate as she says, "And I still have a bit to go before I am finished with my meal it seems." Her attention then looking to Desarae as she then inquires, "What else are you good at besides riddles?" Her wine then finished off after her inquiry and she singals for a refill.

Desarae's brow returns to its former, unfurrowed state, though an earnestness remains in her voice. "It is a very important service. Yes. Far too much has been lost as it is, and placed as it is, the merchants of Marsilikos suffer more than most." A pause. It's a pause that's filled by Emeraude and her talk of jewels and trophies, and she concentrates on picking a scallop out from amongst what's left of her lobster. "Me?" She glances up at the question. "I'm not good at anything much anymore, my lady. Had my life progressed as it should have, it would be a different story. But it didn't. Most of my time is now occupied with the driest of lessons and the most boring of tutors. Certainly nothing as exciting as hunting down pirates is on my agenda."

Drake arrives from the Noble District.
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Colombe is about to say more but a messenger arrives and whispers in his ear. Colombe frowns a little and then he rises, saying, "I am afraid I'm being summoned away. But this was a true pleasure, my Ladies. Thank you for your time, and rapt attention. Look me up if you ever want to hear or see more." And then he's gone, striding with purpose from the restaurant.

Colombe leaves, heading towards the Noble District [O].
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Inesse arrives from the Noble District.
Inesse has arrived.

Is currently sitting at a table with some of her breakfast eaten and her white wine being refilled. The lovely Desarae is one of her breakfast dining companions today, as was the tale-telling Lord Colombe though a messenger seems to have drawn him away with his breakfast already finished and the servers taking his plate and making it presentable once more.

Emeraude curiously inquires of Desarae, "What sort of studies and tutors? I had a myriad of them for a while myself given my parents death when I was 11 and my Aunt's decision upon her intention of giving the barony to my twin Priest Tavi but he had already decided he wanted to be a priest so I have been quite diligent in my classes. It was indeed tiresome at times but I knew it had to be done. How far along in the studies are you? Perhaps I could have one of my assistants draw you up a copy of my notes I took?"

Emerging from the kitchen area is one Drake Rousse, white shirt half open over dark-red breeches, similarly red hair standing in various directions. He yawns loudly then claps his mouth shut at the sight of all the ladies present. "Must have died and gone to heaven.", he comments to himself, remaining in the middle of the large room to gawp a bit.

"I am heir to my mother's title," Desarae says, her voice quiet and modulated as she explains herself to Emeraude. "My previous studies left me lacking in such things as the finer details of politics and economics, so these I now study. I do have two years in which to rectify this before I come of age, however, so I have high hopes." A tilt of her head, and her eyes settle quietly upon the older girl. They're a study of opposites; she herself dark and dressed in dark threads, Emeraude blonde and more brightly clad. She pushes her plate away, done for now with her food it would seem, and narrowing eyes fall upon the newly entered Drake. Does she know him? It'd be difficult to say, though her expression might indicate she does. Perhaps it's only from his appearance at the tournament.

A very young lady followed by her guard comes to the Golden Harbor. She has her long brown curls gathered into the large bun but some of those locks were left to fall down to her shoulders and bellow. Her jewelry is made out of silver and is decorated by obsidian stones which resemble her dark dark eyes. Those eyes timidly look around as Inesse nervously nips on the ends of her black embroidered cloak sleeves. The cloak is not tied so her rosy lace gown is visible. The skirt of the dress is a bit muddy since it sweeps the floor.

Inesse raises her gaze up at the guard and lingers a bit at the entrance before stepping deeper into the room. She chews on her bottom plump rosy lip scanning the current customers. Once she catches the sight of some who are obviously nobles, Baphinol lady tucks the sleeve of her guard and tiptoes to whisper something into his ear. Her gaze not even for the briefest moment leave Desarae's side. The guard smiles and gently pushes the girl forward. She squirms shyly, chuckles, her eyes loose the vision of a duet at the table but then Inesse quickly gawks back at them. She does not even watch where she is going and so she slightly stumbles stepping on her skirt. Though, the guard is quick enough to place his hand on her shoulder and keep Inesse's steady posture.

The timid lady and her guard settle behind the table nearby Desarae and her companion.

Emeraude switches from the lobster to grabbing some of the sliced fruit upon a new fork as she offers a warm smile to Desarae as she offers "I am rather decent with both of those. I could happily share my notes with you upon such things. I promise I not mind in the slightest." As Drake enters, her eyes look towards him to study over him for a moment before she looks back to Desarae and softly inquires, "Are you familiar with him? I only recently arrived so I truly only know my family and now you and Lord Colombe." Then Inesse happens to catch her attention next to which causes her to add upon her curious inquiry, "Or do you happen to know her?" Most of Emeraude meal still remaining, seeming to get easily distracted by conversation from actually eating. Though she does finally take five dainty bites of the sliced fruit before she is drinking upon her white wine once more.

Drake's eyes drift from the women at the table to the newcomer, watching her stumble and then find a seat. He ambles over to the table where Desarae and her unknown companion are sat and picks up a small piece of melon from a platter to stuff into his mouth. "Morning, ladies.", he greets casually. There's a whiff of yesterday's wine around him and… something else.

Inesse smiles broadly at the serving woman who approaches their table. Her guard makes an order of a drink while the lady herself takes some time to decide. She makes quite a few inquiries in regards of how meal was prepared and what actually goes into that stake, into that apple pie and a couple of other suggestions. Finally, she ends up ordering a goblet of watered wine and a chicken tart. She does apoligize the staff for taking a long time before making a decision. But once the wench is gone, Inesse focus her eyes on the trio now. Her gaze is not intense and she definitely remembers to shift attention to some decorations, ceilings, her own lap and table in order not to appear impolite. But she keeps ending up observing the action at the nearby table.

Desarae's head turns when Inesse passes by their table, and her eyes settle upon her as she sits quite close. "Would you like to join us?" Her invitation comes after Inesse has taken her seat, but the offer is genuine. "I know that I dislike eating alone, and was most kindly rescued from that fate this morning myself." A gesture is given the seat most recently vacated by Colombe. A wrinkle of her nose as some part of Drake's own particular odour assualts her. "My Lord Drake Rousse. Would you care to sit also?"

Emeraude sits up a bit straighter as Drake arrives at the table, offering a warm, welcoming smile to him as she says "Good morning. I not think we have met. I am Baroness Emeraude Delaunay." She pauses before she inquires "We you perhaps wishing to join us and order something to eat? Given you already procured some of my melon?" Her tone in her asking at the later more jesting than upset. Her eyes then flitting to Inesse as she offers, "You need not be shy, you can come and join to if you like but the price is I must know your name." Her gaze then back upon Drake as she says "Pleasure to make your acquaintance Lord Drake. Though.. I am a bit curious of your.. cologne?"

Drake bites back a comment on procuring someone's melon and instead accepts the offer of a chair. "I believe a trip to the baths in in order, but first, perhaps a hot strong black beverage. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Emeraude. And of course your very sight always brightens my day.", he turns to Desarae, hiding the fact that he has forgotten her name behind pleasantries and a sweet smile.

"Ah!" Inesse cheers up immediately when another woman speaks to her. The young lady looks at her guard briefly as if asking permission. When he nods, she raises to her feet and approaches the table full of strangers. At first she looks them all over with widely opened eyes filled with curiosity. Her one arm is dropped down in front of her while the other hand tightly holds the elbow and squeezes it a tad nervously. "Thank… Thank you so much." She then adds and curls her lips into a smile. "I am new here. I came with my lady mother." Inesse chuckles at the encouragement which comes from an older woman. "I am lady ?Inesse de Baphinol. It's a pleasure to meet you all!" She curtsies and remains standing at their table, her gaze wanders from one to another person.

"I'm Lady Deserae Mereliot," Desarae says, making her own introduction to Inesse. "And this is Lord Drake Rousse. His family make the dragon's blood wine, of which you might have heard." Drake might not recall her name, if indeed he ever even knew it, but she recalls his with ease. "It is a shame that you were not to the city a weeks or two sooner, my lady, for you could have attended the tournament. Do you enjoy a good tournament? I simply love the jousting, don't you? The publishing of the lists is always a highlight." She leads them gently towards conversation of a general nature in which they all might partake, burying her nose in her glass of elderflower water as another wave of unwashed body rolls over the table.

"I'm Lady Deserae Mereliot," Desarae says, making her own introduction to Inesse. "And this is Lord Drake Rousse. His family make the dragon's blood wine, of which you might have heard." Drake might not recall her name, if indeed he ever even knew it, but she recalls his with ease. "It is a shame that you were not to the city a weeks or two sooner, my lady, for you could have attended the tournament. Do you enjoy a good tournament? I simply love the jousting, don't you? The publishing of the lists is always a highlight." She leads them gently towards conversation of a general nature in which they all might partake, burying her nose in her glass of elderflower water as another wave of unwashed body rolls over the table.

"Best wine in the land.", Drake says, rather matter-of-factly than as an actual boast, "If you want a bottle or two to taste, let me know." This for the newcomers to town, Emeraude and Inesse. "I almost won the sword contest at the tournament.", he adds when Deserae mentions said tournament. He only orders a beverage for now. Why pay for something else, when you steal someone else's fruit off the table?

Inesse's eyes grow wide when she hears the last name of Deserae. Her whole body stiffens for a second and she offers a much deeper curtsy, "Your highn… grace…" Right there! In the middle of her word, when she was about to address another lady by a very specific title, a quiet 'tsk' came out from her guard and Inesse decided to correct herself. Unfortunately, her guard just had to sigh at Inesse's choice.

The young lady starts to blink so fast as if something would have fallen into her eyes. "I did not know it was you. I apologize, I did not recognize you. I hope that your mother, Lady of Marsilikos, is doing alright?" There is a tiny grain of tremble in her voice. But it does disappear when a lady just a few months older than Inesse starts to speak of the tournament. "I do like various festivities. People are very happy, quite joyful during these type of occasions. But I am always very worried during the joust. Those knights and lords get hurt. Some really badly. I am not sure why others find joy in that but as long as people smile, I am happy!" She chuckles. "Did someone with your favor participated in the tournament, m'lady?"

But when others start to speak of wine, Inesse remembers other questions and nods, "I heard of this type of wine. My mother is very professional in regards of those drinks. She learned a lot since her family also make wine." She smiles and then moves to take a seat beside Emeraude since she was encouraged one more time by the Baroness. But her eyes are on Drake. "Were you not afraid, m'lord? To participate in the duels?"

"I was surprised by its eventual winner," Desarae says, allowing her glass to dangle between her fingers. "I believe the favourite to carry the title off was my cousin, Ser Augustin Trevalion, but it was not to be. I am glad that it was Lord Cyriel Charlot whom eventually carried it off, because some of our finest swordsmen lay claim to Kusheline blood." One eyebrow lifts as Inesse starts to speak. "Her Grace is not my mother, but my aunt," she says, the slightest trace of amusement showing in her voice. "I am merely a Lady, like yourself. And yes, I did give my favor in the tournament, though I have come to decide that my favors are more a curse than a blessing. My swordsmen did not progress terribly well, and my jouster was out quite early too. Perhaps in the future I shall remember to bestow it upon someone ill-favored." A twitch of her lips.

Emeraude begins to tear her crossiant into small dainty pieces as she responds to Drake, "Two bottles would be lovely, One only knows of the taste after two after all." At the inquiry of the health of Desarae's mother, she falls silent and her smile softens. Soon she is eating exactly five of the dainty small pieces of the crossiant before she drinks some of her white wine. And as the comment about the tournament is made, she switches to eating five dainty pieces of bacon and sipping upon her white wine once more. Though her smile softly returns as she asks Desarae "You think they are cursed? I surely doubt it they are. But do we happen to know when the next tournament is? I am quite eager to watch the skill of others in the more martial fields. I am not a warrior by any means."

"Afraid, why would I be afraid?", Drake returns Inesse's question with a soft laugh, "What kind of man would I be, if I were afraid to clash with another man's blade?" He then trains his green amused eyes on Desarae. "You know, my lady… my favour was worn in the horse races… and led the bearer to victory. So favours can be a blessing, too." Finally he nods to Emeraude. "Two bottles. I shall remember, Mylady. Perhaps you'd like to share them with me, some time?"

Inesse blushes brightly and lowers her gaze down grumbling something about how confusing family trees might be and how sorry she is that she did not know that Desarae is not Duchess' daughter. But all this muttering is told to the edge of the table. Once it's over, she raises her gaze up just to giggle at Drake's comments and listen for the discussion of others. Her curiosity reaches a higher point when the subject of a potential curse is touched. Though, when the baroness dismisses it, Inesse follows the thought with a small nod and a question, "What do you enjoy yourself, lady Emeraude? Maybe dancing? Or maybe you love reading? You sound like you know so much!"

"No need to apologise," Desarae says to Inesse, though she falls quiet as a messenger approaches. He's dressed in the livery of the ducal family, and makes eye contact with Desarae before approaching the table and murmuring something quietly for her ears only. "If you will excuse me," she apologises, rising to her feet. "I am needed elsewhere." A glance to her Cassiline. "Nicolas, we must return to the palace." And back to the table. "It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I look forward to doing so again." A curtsey is sketched, before in a rustle of her skirts she exits the restaurant.

Desarae has left.

Emeraude offers a softly nod to Drake as she says "I do not see why not. I not mind sharing my wine." Her gaze then looks to Inesse as she says with a smile, "I am very fond of dancing as well as the fine arts and I dabble in a bit of painting myself. Hence my love of colors. And I have a passion for being a great baroness and making my grandfather proud." As Desarae takes her leave she kindly says, "I look forward to it as well," her gaze following the Mereliot as she takes her leave before returning to Drake and Inesse.

Drake occupies himself with his black hot beverage while he lets the ladies' chatter wash over him like gentle ocean waves lapping onto the shore. "How can one be passionate about being a great baroness? Either you are or you aren't?", he muses, then looks at Inesse. "And it seems you are new in town? You move around with all the wide-eyed grace of a little doe."

"Have a good day, m'lady," Inesse waves to Desarae when she leaves and then her attention goes to Emmeraude and Drake. "How do you manage to find time for everything including being a good baroness, and arts, and dancing?" Inesse inquires as well. Then her meal and a drink is brought and she focuses on what has been presented to her, but her curious gaze keeps coming back to her new companions since she listens for their discussion.

Emeraude was about to start upon her lobster once more when Drake makes his comment, her smile lessening some before she retorts, "I have only been a Baroness of my people for three years now and there is still much I need to learn, it is not something that occurs overnight. Anyone can claim to be a great anything but the proof still need to be there. And I intend to prove it." Her attention is back upon Inesse as she says "I have a talent for anything involving the arts in truth which to me, dancing is an art form as well. And my training to become a Baroness didn't start until I was 11 years old, my when parents died and my twin Tavi made his desire to become a priest aware to my Aunt."

Drake picks a stem of grapes from Emeraude's plate and plucks them off one by one to pop into his mouth. "You should meet my sister, you know?", he suggests, "She's learning to be a Viscountess. So you can, like, swap notes. And learn to treat brothers with the kindness and respect they deserve." Having finished the last grape and the last gulp of black hot beverage, the young Rousse gets to his feet again and stretches lazily. "Ladies. It's been a pleasure. I should be off to the baths now to… uh, deal with this particular cologne."

"Oh, I am so sorry about your loss!" The corners of Inesse's lips slumber down as she grows mildly upset. She parts her lips after a few moments as if willing to add a word or two but then the door of the Golden Harbor opens and a young man steps inside. He moves straight toward her guard. It takes less than a minute when her guard raises to his feet and turns at Baphinol's lady. "I apologize but it seems I have to leave as well. My mother demands my attention. It was a pleasure meeting you!" The girl raises to her feet and offers a polite curtsy before rushing to her guard and leaving the tavern.

Emeraude watches as he steals more of her fruits and kindly comments to Drake, "Perhaps, though I feel you are stealing all of my fruits. Do you happen to do this to your sister as well? I wouldn't mind it as much if you inquired if you could instead of just assuming you can. And yes that… cologne does need to be rinsed off, I agree." Her attention then back upon Inesse as she offers a soft smile "It was almost 9 years ago now, my family and I have had our time to grieve but thank you. And it was a pleasure to meet you as well Lady Inesse, I am sure our paths will cross once more."

Inesse leaves, heading towards the Noble District [O].
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"I'll make it up to you, mhmmm?", Drake suggests to Emeraude with a warm smile and a wink, "Wine and fruit. Send me a message when you have some time to spare, Mylady." He bows deeply to her, snatches another piece of melon, just to prove that he's a dang brat, then struts out of the restaurant to get himself cleaned up.

Emeraude offers a nod before she says "Very well, I shall. Be well until then Lord Drake." Her attentions soon returning back to her meal at hand, continuing to eat in her dainty but odd meticulous fashion.

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