(1310-09-26) Catching up with Tavi
Summary: Emeraude catching up with Tovi in the salon.
RL Date: 9/26/1310 (9/26/2018)
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Salon - Delaunay Townhouse

The parquet floor is almost completely covered by a large Akkadian carpet. A quartet of panoramic and gloriously mendacious oil paintings of famous historical sea battles are placed two apiece upon the longer walls, above marble-topped tables and commodes of marquetry and gilded bronze. At one end of the room tall, many-paned windows facing the courtyard are (according to the hour of the day) framed or shielded by drapes of heavy crimson brocade; their positions are balanced by long mirrors at the other end. In the evenings light comes courtesy of candles in gilded sconces with looped crystal beading.

Several comfy silk-upholstered armchairs are gathered about a black marble fireplace, whilst a dainty mahogany secretaire inlaid with exotic fruitwoods stands between two tall casement windows overlooking the gardens. A scroll-backed chair upholstered in the inevitable purple velvet is positioned before the secretaire. To the left a run of tall mahogany bookcases are crowded with colourful leather-bound volumes.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is cool and clear.

Emeraude walks into the salon wearing a bodice of a lovely lavender with her cascading skirts of dark green upon her feet is a pair of lavender slippers and her hooded cloak dark green much like her skirts. The hood down with her hair slightly pinned back as her blue eyes look about the salon with a bit of hopefulness echoing in her features. Drawing in further to see if she can find her brother Tavi.

Tavi grins. "I think it's been the longest period in our lives," Tavi agrees. "Which is terrible, and I'm so happy it's over! I've been good. I did my year traveling the Kingdom, and it has been good here in Marsilikos at the Temple." He doesn't let go either, beaming smiles at his sister. "How have you been? Are you in the city for a while, or are you going back?"

Emeraude only draws back slightly so she can look at him as she says "I am happy it is over too! And I imagine that traveling was quite lovely. And I am well. I already went and explored the city a bit and ran into a few new acquaintances, some more pleasant than others. And I plan to be here for a while. I… have to look about for a husband once I get a feel for the city. Not in a rush for it but… we both know that it is something I need to consider at the very least. But I am more curious about the latest gossip about the city if you happen to know or latest events I should know about."

Tavi blinks again when she mentions new acquaintances, some more pleasant than others. "I hope nothing too bad. Here, join me," he motions to the couch, and moves to sit on it. He quirks his lips a little. "Well, that is one thing to worry about when I burdened you with that title," he teases wryly. "Although…Love as thou Wilt, if you don't find someone you love then don't do it." He hmms. "Well, there were the tournaments recently; lots of people competed and there was a grand ball. Before that there was the horrible massacre of Lady Desirae's family…"

Emeraude nods softly and slips away to gracefully sit upon the couch as she says "No nothing too bad just one named Lord Drake whom was quite the thief of my fruit while I was having breakfast. Though he claims he will make it up to me with fruit and wine but time will tell." She smiles as she says "I intend to only marry if I feel they are more than just something to strengthen the family but I must take all things into consideration but you know I am rather… unfamiliar with such things. And I actually had the pleasure of eating with Lady Desarae, she was quite lovely. I can tell she is very brilliant but I did offer to give her my notes from when I was doing my tutoring before I took my place as the Baroness. And I did hear about that back home but I dare not make mention of it to her. And I heard I missed the tournament but I hope for another soon. Though it gives me time to find someone to give favor to should I desire to." She sits back as she smooth out her skirts and inquires "Are there any I should perhaps be weary of? You know how much I adore my romance novels and my worries of falling too quickly."

Tavi nods at that. "I have heard his name in town, but I don't know him personally. He is from that family that styles themselves like dragons, if I recall?" He offers curiously—he normally has a very good recall, but it is always good to be sure. He smiles as she confesses she is looking for more than just an alliance, and then nods at her mention of Desarae. "I daresay not, that would be…awkward. It's like when people try to bring up Father and Mother sometimes," he offers with a shake of his head. He shakes his head at her question. "I'm afraid I'm not much help there. I'm not terribly connected with court, although I hear some things about a Trevalion named Arsene and there was a Tsingani man who recently got his stall flooded with scented oil in some quarrel. I'll help as best I can, though!"

Emeraude nods softly and says "I think you are correct given the wine his family is known for. And you know how fond I am of my wines." Her hands reaching up to check her hair and make some minor adjustments to ensure it stays nice and in place given the weather outside. "I agree, it would be awkward, a young Lady actually did inquire as to how her mother was and called her your grace. She is still quite young and only arrived to the city today much like I did. But I think she will blossom if she finds the right place to put her roots." As she listens to the information about the people she says "I see, I will do my best to remember that about both of them."

Tavi snorts a little bit. "I do seem to remember that, and a letter requesting some wine from the city," Tavi points out wryly. "Oh…that's awkward," he winces at the mother question and wrong title. "Wrong on several levels, sadly. I'm glad you didn't. Who was it?" He asks curiously. "I could be wrong, I'll admit. I spend most of my time in the Temple. Just like always."

Emeraude giggles softly and says "Oh yes and I has some delicious white wine at the Golden Harbour. As for the whom. Lady Inesse Baphinol. And I know you do, I am glad that is something that has not changed, though you could help me figure out how to get there from here. I feel like this place is so large I will get myself lost."

Tavi laughs at that and shakes his head, reaching out to tickle his sister's side. "Just be careful," he says wryly. "And that is too bad for Lady Inesse, I hope she is not too horified." He grins. "We've been in the city before, Emmie, it's just been awhile for you. I'll help you get a feel for it; and we'll get rooms prepared for you in the townhouse."

Emeraude giggles as she squirms, trying to get away from the tickle and tries to tickle him in retaliation. Though soon scooting back on the couch and relenting her attempts to tickle him as she catches her breathe. "I think she is fine. Lady Desarae seemed to not mind it in the slightest and then Lady Inesse began to ask me about my hobbies. But then her mother sent a missive for her to return home. And.. it has been so long if feels like so much has changed. And the aide with re-remembering would be very welcomed." She bites her bottom lip briefly before she makes the admittedance, "Especially give I have been considering visiting some of the courtesan houses. My heart still aches even if it has been years since mother and father passed. I am just nervous about going to all. Is that silly?"

Tavi yelps as she tickles back, laughing and squirming away himself, before very maturely sticking his tongue out at his twin. "I'm glad that it did not bother Lady Desarae, and that she won't hold it against this Lady Inesse." He is about to say something else before she responds, and he smiles softly and reaches out to take her hand. "I don't think it's silly, Emmie, I think it's perfectly normal. But they would want you to experience the joy they both found in the little court here."

Emeraude smiles softly as Tavi takes her hand and softly squeezes on his as she says, "I know you are right just nervous is all. But I will work up the bravery and go in time." She pauses before she inquires "Are you hungry at all? We could go and grab something to eat out in the city. You could show me somewhere you like perhaps? Or perhaps at least something to nibble upon that you find yummy?"

"If you want me to go with you when you do I would be happy to. I havn't gone to the Court either, although that is more so because of time than anything else," Tavi admits, shrugging. "Although I understand if you want to go by yourself as well." He grins. "I could eat! Although I basically only go to the Golden Harbor or buy from street vendors to and from places."

Emeraude smiles as she says "Well we can go to the Golden Harbour, breakfast there was indeed quite lovely after all." She begins to gracefully slip from the couch, smoothing her skirts once more as she inquires, "What is your favorite thing to eat from there? I had the seafood platter this morning and the lobster was absolutely divine."

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