(1310-09-20) Hell Hath No Fury Like A Trevalion Woman Scorned
Summary: After hearing a shocking and dreadful account of Ammy's actions at the Alban Games, Ailene and 'Sissy' vandalize his candle stall in the dead of night
RL Date: 2018-09-20
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Marsilikos Docks

The Docks of Marsilkos, Ammy's Candle Stall, In the Middle Of the Night

It is the dead of night. All is quiet down around the Docks, save for some rowdy laughter coming from the taverns and brothels. Two figures enter slowly, rolling a barrel. "Sissy!" one of the figures hisses, obviously female. "Push some more!" She elbows her companion. "This is heavy and I'm a girl!" There is a growl. "Actually wait a moment." She stops rolling the barrel and stands straight, stretches. "I need something to drink…" she murmurs, sniffling loudly. She reaches inside the big sack she has slung over her back and takes out a large a bottle of rum. "That bastard!" she sobs and takes a big swig. "How could he do that?!" Another big swig, then she is putting the bottle back and bending again, determined.

The male figure of the two scowls a little at the touch of the elbow and lifts his chin up just enough "I'm trying my best…" he murmurs in response and gives the barrel just a bigger shove. Yet, he rolls his eyes inwardly at the plan she offered to him and he reassures himself by asking her "You sure that little bugger is worth the risk of getting caught here at night?" Not that they have pulled similar stuff before…

Ailene sniffles louder. "They told me he…he…." Pause. Stand. Reach for rum. Uncork. Chug. Put back. Start rolling again. SOB. "Rape kissed the Princess of Alba!" she wails, then stops and slaps a hand over her mouth. Blue-gray eyes go wide and she looks this way and that, making sure no one heard her. Relaxing a little, she drops her hands back to the barrel. "They said…" Loud sniffle. "It seemed like he would have his way with her right there!" Fury is making her shake as they keep rolling, all the way up to Ammy's candle stall. She pauses and listens. "He isn't here." she whispers. "Good." She stands now and motions for Sissy to straighten up the barrel, then slings her sack down gently, so as not to break the bottle of rum. "We need to check to make sure nothing will catch a fire first." she tells him.

Narcisse would take that bottle away from her, but he probably knows better than to do so. Instead he swallows a little grumble of his own, as he mutters "That little dirtbag…" and moves to straighten up the barrel all… gentlemanlike. "Yeah nothin should burn but your temper…" he says, not able to taunt her just a little, but not in a mean way, as it's shown in his teasing voice.

Ailene looks around, checking. She tiptoes into the little tent where Ammy sleeps, checking his caulderon, which he usually uses to make his candles. She hears some kittens meowing and sniffles, shooing them off. She stands there for a moment, looking around in the dark, despondantly. She sees Ammy's violin lying there and gently picks it up, cradleing it and crying softly. "You lying little bastard!" she sobs, then gently sets it back. Next she sees the clothing she gave to him. She picks up the expensive trousers that used to belong to her brother, Vespasien. She growls and stomps out. She doesn't say a word to Narcisse. Instead, she rummages through her sack and takes out a pair of scissors. Growling softly, she proceeds to cut the crotch out of the pants. She tosses the scissors back into the sack, returns the pants to the tent, and comes back, Narcisse's boots in her hand. "Here." she mumbles, handing them to him. "Let's do this." With that, she reaches inside the sack for two small buckets, handing one to her cousin and keeping one for herself. She takes another long swig of run, wipes her mouth, then squares her shoulders.

Narcisse just silently watches the griefing of his cousin and can't help but shake his head "Told you he ain't worth it from the beginning…" and even if he triumphantly raises his chin for a moment it doesn't last for long and he simply takes the bucket offered to him, gripping it tightly in his hand. And then he waits for her sign or something before he begins to join the effort of soaking that dirty tent in whatever they have prepared.

Ailene frowns and takes one last long look over the stall and tent. "Don't break anything." she tells Narcisse. "We are not hoodlums." She raises her chin. Of course, they are about to vandalize anyway. She walks over to the barrel and crack it open. A very strong, perfumey scene wafts out. She wiggles her nose and lets out a small sneeze. She then dips her bucket in and gets it filled. It is perfumed oil. The kind made for the courtesans of the Night Court to use as massage oil for their clients. "Since he gets so turned by oil…" she grumbles. She walks back to the stall, motioning for Sissy to get started. Yet, for a brief moment she pauses, as though unsure. She bites her bottom lip. "Sissy?" she asks him, turning to him. "You are a boy." she says, stating the obvious. "If you tell your very understanding girlfriend, who would allow you to see others if you wanted, that you do not like a particular girl, yet you then go and force an extremely lust-filled, dirty, violent kiss upon them, that counts as lying and cheating, right?" She wants to make sure. She needs to make sure. "he never even kissed me with all that lust they said he had!" That seals it. She doesn't even wait for Sissy's reply. She stomps, fuming, and pours her bucket of perfume oil all over the candle stall. Is she jealous? No doubt there is some form of jealousy involved. It seems to be related to just /how/ that kiss was described to her being. Apparently, it was described in such a way to have her lose her temper to such a degree.

Narcisse shakes his head at her "I won't… you better watch your temper." he says, as if knowing what would beforehand, when he moves to fill his bucket with the perfumed oil. Taking a short sniff at it, he then wrinkles his nose and shakes his head once again, but skips a comment as he recognizes the fury building up in her. Instead he shrugs his shoulders "I never have been in such a situation and hope I never will be." Love as thou wilt or whatever. "And you seem to have made up your own mind anyway…" he says, point delivered by her actions.

Ailene sure has! She is blinded with rage, confusion, shock and that little bit of jealousy. "How could be?" she sobs again, making sure she soaks every inch of the stall. "In front of the whole damn city!" She is crying and stomps back over to the barrel, pausing to drink some more rum. She offers some to Narcisse. "Then he had the /nerve/ to get mad at me over my seeing Lord Thibault!" Growl. Another big swig. She fills up her bucket with more oil and heads for his tent, splashing it all over the canopy. "Sissy!" hisses. "I can't reach the top!" She is hopping, trying to pour some at the top of the tent. "Come help!"

Narcisse takes a deep sweep of the rum himself, being a sailor runs somewhere in his blood or it must be somewhere at least. And then he shakes his head "Yeah how could he dishonor such a respectable Trevalion Lady like you are.." not sure why but he is urging her on to keep going and now finally speeds up his own motions as well, pouring the oil over the tent, ignoring the smell as it reaches his nostrils and he shudders at the junk he has to wallow through "Disgusting…" he remarks and then moves to help her by lifting her up to the top of the tent, letting his own bucket glide to the bottom in the process.

Ailene throws the contents of the bucket on top of the canopy then taps Sissy's shoulder to let him know she is through. She sniffles loudly again. Her cheeks are getting quite pink from the rum she has drinked. "The Princess is seeing Ves." she tells him. "So not only did he humiliate me, he did it to my brother's girl!" Growl. "That mean boy!" she sobs. "If he liked her, all he had to tell me!" she cries. "I already told him it would be alright with me, but he said he didn't! Then he made me swear to always tell the truth about my other men!" She heads back over to the barrel. "Once more!" she says. "I think it should be dripping from everywhere." she tells Sissy. She drinks some more rum and then fills her bucket up some more with oil. This time, filled to the brim. "He didn't have her permission to kiss her so…so…." A growl of fury, followed by a sob. "Violently!" She can't stop harping on it and the more she does, the angrier and more berserk she is feeling. All the kittens have fled the area, the strong perfumey odor too much for them. "Ammy Kovak, you mean boy!" she shouts and douses the tent with her bucket full of oil. "You mean, horrible, lying, mean…mean…/TSINGANO!" Luckily, no one hears her angry shout because a ship horn blows at precisely the same time. "I was going to…make him my…" Hiccup. "Consort…eventually!" She looks to Narcisse to see how he will take that bit of news and to see where he will pour the rest of the oil, himself.

Narcisse lets her down when she gives him the sign and gives her a brief hug in the middle of the night, where no one else could see it of course. He even gives her a little smile "Well, that will show him that he shouldn't mess with someone of Trevalion blood like he did." At her further words, he doesn't speak a word, but just furrows his brows and empties his bucket on some more personal things of the victim "Well, good to know you found out beforehand then."

Ailene sniffles loudly and nods. Her face is red and tear stained and her eyes are puffy and red. She is already well on her way to getting drunk. She stands there and looks around, the strong scent of the perfume making her sneeze again. The whole stall and Ammy's tent, are completely soaked. "He deserves it!" she exclaims, stomping her little foot angrily, although her voice sounds just a tad bit still confused and unsure. She shivers and then shrugs that little bit of doubt away. "That mean boy!" she says again and stomps back over to her satchel. She takes out the bottle of rum and then sets it aside, before packing her bucket back in. She waits for Sissy to come put his in before tying it closed again. "We should get rid of the evidence." she murmurs, eyeing the barrel. "Let's roll it to the pier and drop it off?" She phrases that as a question and looks at her older, wiser cousin for his opinion.

Narcisse looks at her in a confused way and then shakes his head "No, he barrels do swim in the water and that would be too obvious if there were just some empty barrels swimming nearby at the pier…" he nearly seems offended by the idea and at least he can think clear instead of her. "We should go hide them somewhere where no one would expect them to be."

Ailene frowns. "Where would no one expect a barrel of perfumed oil?" she asks him. "Or where…." Her eyes light up and they peer in the darkness, over in the direction of L'Amour Méchant. "Such things would be normal!" She gestures to the brothel. "Lets take it there and leave it?" she asks him. "Maybe they will think a satisfied sailor merchant had some as extra cargo and left it as a gift?" For the first time, Ailene smiles, for having a wonderful idea always makes her feel proud of herself. "Is that a good idea, Sissy?" she asks him.

Narcisse can't help a little smirk that she knows of such a place, but still he nods his head "Sounds fine with me. Then let's get them over there." And with that he puts one of the barrels down and starts to roll it towards the brothel, breathing heavy every now and then, but not thinking of taking a pause, as he doesn't want to get caught.

Ailene scoodles over and helps him push, rolling it across the street and down a bit, over to the L'Amour Méchant brothel. "I..have…never been….here…" she pants and giggles. "I was…going to ask…Ammy…" Ther laughter dies and she growls. "Nevermind." she huffs. "Let's leave it in the back so we don't get caught." she tells him. It's night time, so of course the brothel is packed with sailors and other customers. She helps Sissy roll the barrel to the back of the establishment, doing well by keeping in the shadows. They roll it right up to the back entrance, and then she grabs her cousin's hand. "Let's go!" she whispers and starts to run, back to the stall, where her satchel is.

Narcisse just keeps his mouth shut this time and simply runs along when he pulls him by the hand, not wanting to get caught either. "Next time…" he pants heavily, still choosing to taunt her "Choose your lovers more wisely, dear cousin."

Ailene pants and bends down, catching her breath. "Only one now." she gasps out. "You like that one." She glances back at the stall of her…former lover. "Bastard." she mutters again, wiping away a tear. She goes to pick up her bottle rum. "Can you take my stuff back to the house?" she asks Sissy. "I'll follow in a bit. I want to rest for a while."

Narcisse nods his head "Yes, he is at least of noble birth…" he says with a smirk irking up on his face "And knows how to behave properly…" Not that what the two was did was just proper behaviour in any way. And another nod follows "Sure I can… and you better watch yourself don't drink too much of that or you might end up worse than before…" and there's a grin given that he is not too serious about that.

Ailene waves him off. "Yeah, yeah." she says, but she does look really depressed. However, she turns from him and goes to sit by the pier. "I'll be home soon." she tells him and she truly looks to be fine by herself. She probably just needs some time by herself to sort her emotions out.

Narcisse gives her a short, concerned look, but then nods his head once again "Take care." he says to her meaningfully, before turning, her stuff in his hands to move back to the Trevalion home.

Narcisse leaves.
Narcisse has left.

Once her cousin is gone, Ailene lets out a long sigh and then starts to cry softly. Her heart is broken. Completely and utterly broken. She had so many plans….

"Hey pretty lady." comes a voice.

She looks up. It's a random sailor guy. She raises a brow, nods at him, and takes a long swig of her rum.

"Want to come with me to the Kraken?" he asks her, winking at her suggestfully. "I'll buy you a drink.

She frowns, thoughtfully. "Only if you teach me how to cheat at cards." she tells him.

"'Course!" he replies, bowing to her.

She sighs and nods, standing. She follows the sailor into the Kraken's Den, where she will continue to drink until viciously drunk and continue to think and stew on what has happened….

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