(1310-09-14) Alban Games
Summary: During the days of the Marsilikos Tournament, the Ambassador of Alba hosts an event of Alban games.
RL Date: Fri Sep 14, 2018
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Tournament Field

The wind billows pennants and banners as far as the eye can see, here. The terrain is generally flat, with some signs that areas of the plain might have been built up to help flatten it— one corner in particular overlooks a steep downward hill. The plain is partitioned off by fences into walkways and competition grounds, and in the middle of each set of fences feet have long worn away the grass, leaving the centers of each area naught but earth and dust, all the better not to accidentally trod in a hole and break oneself.

On the western edge of the field a huge mass of stands has been erected out of fresh beams of wood, all redolent of pine and of cedar, nailed in place with giant iron stakes and sturdy enough to stand firm below the mass of humanity which moves onto and off of it every day during the tournament competitions. Opposite the stands are the brightly colored pavilia, each with its banner waving overhead, where the competitors of each family might store equipment, rest and prepare. In the middle of the pavilia is a raised stand where the Duchesse, her family, and invited VIPs may sit under a canopy of their own and watch the games from closer to the action.

It is a day of festivities as the Tournament continues but today, today is a bit different with the barbaric Albans having taken to the field en masse. There are woad painted Albans in varying stages of dress, many of the men having opted to go shirtless as they either compete or man the various games. In the southern section of the field, large tree trunks are being hefted and then thrown end over end with great yells, the cabers measured not only for how far they travelled but how accurate a line as well.

His rather subpar performance in the dueling event doesn't seem to have dampened Arion's spirits. The fully marqued Coquelicot even gained some admirers from daring to try it would seem. Or maybe people are just having fun staring at his tall muscled frame clad in nothing but a loincloth. He has clothes here somewhere to put back on after he competes but for now he is mostly exposed, that flawless skin and the marque on his back in full view. Strolling around his feet are currently covered by sandals as he drifts through the grounds with a curious expression.

One of the things Antoine is a bit fascinated by is different cultures, and so he's made his way out to the field again today. He comes to a stop as he looks around, smiling a bit as he does so.

To the north where are war hammers being thrown, both light and heavy, to see just how far they can be tossed. It's no wonder that if these are the sorts of games they play for fun that the Albans are a notoriously hearty lot and fearful in battle.

A certain young ambassador and her companion (read: guard) can be seen moving between the events. There is a smile on Aedhwyn's face as she watches people coming out to compete and try some of the games she grew up playing. Granted these weren't the only games but they are among the most popular.

Theodosia walks onto the field, the young woman has returned to her dresses after her riding outfit the day before. She seems curious , looking around at some of the stranger Alban things, but she definitely stares at the big logs. "Now if anyone's throwing those…I should be .." is she looking for someone brawny and strong?

In the middle of the field there is an area for the light and children's events which includes sack races, three-legged races, and the Long Leap. These Albans just don't do anything by half measure.

Aisan arrives on the tournament field with a somewhat curious expression on his face as he examines what has been set up. The young lord makes his way through towards where there is a gathering going and studies the various events. Well the events that need a setup. Wrestling hardly does! There are polite nods given to those whose attention he might draw and often an introduction: "Lord Aisan Desrouches d'Aiglemort." A polite bow will always follow an introduction however.

The barely clothed figure of Arion continues his wanderings. His tall and nicely sculpted form drawing a bit of attention here and there. Coming to a stop near Theodosia he smiles warmly for her. "Hello my lady. You are enjoying yourself I hope?"

Theodosia almost jumps a little as she hears the voice, she had probably been lost in…dreams. She turns her head and dips into a curtsey. "Oh, good day to you, my lord! Yes, indeed, I had been..curious about this sort of contest, rather exotic, don't you think?" Her eyes study him … and does she feel the scent of pastries?

Aedhwyn bellows out a yell, her voice carrying the distance. One by one the Albans spread throughout the tournament grounds joins in until it forms a dizzying and deafening cry. The call out in unison, a cry meant to frighten the enemy or perhaps call them to battle. It is a cry that marks the official opening of the games.

Aedhwyn stands in the center of the tournament field, "Greetings my lords and ladies! Greetings to the people of the land! Greeting d'Angelines and travellers from afar! This day…this day I welcome you to The Games, to compete in games of brawn and accuracy, to test your strength and your skill." As she points to the various events, there is a demonstration one by one with things being tossed, thrown, or otherwise hefted in some manner or another.

Looking to Aisan as the man introduces himself, Antoine offers a smile and a nod. "A pleasure to meet you, I'm Antoine Valais," he offers, before he focuses on Aedhwyn as she speaks, listening intently.

Audrialla is here to watch, not to sell. The slender baker finds a place amongst the gawking D'angeline to observe the foreign affair. She cringes a little at the war cry, clearly intimidated.

Aisan smiles at Theodosia: "That is why I am here honestly, I heard of these games and thought to come see for myself. I have never been to Alban and so have little experience with their people or culture." His attention drifts towards Aedhwyn when she starts with the greetings. A bow of his head is given to Antoine as well: "A pleasure to meet you as well sir, we shall have to compare later to see whom has truly had the most." He smiles a little wider with mirth in his eyes then turns his attention back to Aedhwyn and the games.

Theodosia jumps a bit at the rather surprising yell, and she grins finding herself between Aisan and Arion. "Well, in that case, I wish you gentlemen good luck in the competition, looks like quite a bit of strength is required. In the meantime, I shall make my way so see what sort of sweets are available. Of course, if you wish to indulge, you may join me." She makes her way towards Audrialla.

Aedhwyn wears well not a whole lot this day, an Alban variation of the tunic dress given form by the golden pins at her shoulders and the golden belt worn around her waist and hips. The sides are open with almost every inch of visible skin down her sides painted with swirling, intertwining patterns. Her hair as been worn in a single braid down her back, the myriad of little warrior braids woven into the larger plait. "The first of the competitions will be the Caber Toss where you will see the might of the men and women that compete tossing tree sized logs end over end testing strength and stamina. But it is not just that they must toss them, any man, woman, or child can do such a thing but it is about control. The caber must go land facing due west. I also call forth at this time, the competitors for the Axe Throwing competition."

Audrialla always has something sweet on her, even if she's not carrying a vending tray. Seeing Theodosia making her way over, she curtsies and pulls back the cover from a basket. Ginger snaps and thick chocolate brownies fill the basket. "Ah! How may I serve today," she said with a broad smile to the slender girl.

Arion bows to Theodosia. "Wish me luck my Lady. I'm going to try my hand at throwing an axe." He grins and saunters off towards the Axe throwing contest where the other who might wish to compete are gathering.

Antoine smiles, looking between the others, moving forward towards the competitors, smiling slightly. "Sounds like an interesting thing to try," he offers, rather lightly as he looks around at the other competitors.

Aisan smiles at Theodosia: "As much as I would love to share pastries with you another time my lady, I think I shall see how badly I perform at these events. Hopefully not as horribly as I did at the duel and grand melee." He winces and rubs at the stitches from his eyebrow going up into his hairline.

Theodosia blows Arion a playful smile with the tips of her fingers. "I do hope nobody loses a finger or anything..those axes look sharp." She says in an aside to Audrialla, handing over a few coins and selecting a ginger snap. "Thank you very much!"

One by one, the cabers are hefted and thrown. Perhaps most surprising is that it is not only men that enter this competition but women as well though they use two different lengths and weight of wood. Some of the competitors do rather well, getting the beam to go end over end and land fairly close to the requisite westerly direction. Others….do not do nearly so well with one lad having the saber go backwards, sending competitors diving left and right lest they be flattened.

Aedhwyn moves towards the axe throwing event. There are two sizes of handaxes available, large for the men and small for the women and boys. "Thank you for coming out and competing today." She smiles and looks at each person in turn Arion, Antoine, and Aisan. "The rules for this are similar to the archery event from the other day. You'll notice on the ground there are two lines painted. The line closest to the targets is the line you may not cross or it is considered foul. The line furthest back is as far back as you may go to get a running start. Targets have been placed at three distances with the greatest number of points winning."

Audrialla hands over the cookies and grins at Theodosia. "So are you cheering for any of the menfolk in particular, my lady? Any favorites?" She eyes the axe throwing line with a curious smile.

Aisan looks at the lines on the ground and then the targets: "This will be new. I've thrown knives, but never axes." He starts to pace over towards one of the starting lines and then looks at the targets, trying to get a good judge of distance, how much the running start might help, etc.

Theodosia bites into her cookie and smiles. "No, I don't really know anyone, but well, I do like watching manly men trying to show their prowess." She watches with interest and adds. "And it's sunny outside, so a good way to spend a day."

<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction + Reaction: Good Success. (3 7 5 8 3 2)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction + Reaction: Success. (2 8 5 1 5 3)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction + Reaction: Good Success. (4 3 7 5 8 4)

Audrialla says, "I should have tried to enter. I can throw pots and pans well enough, how hard could an axe be," she jokes. "But it doesn't seem ladylike to me."

Taking up the the three axes, Aisan hefts them and tries to get a good grasp on their balance. He flips one about and watches it spin before he snatches it out of the air after a toss. Nodding to himself he smiles and calls out: "Clear the lines of fire! I have no idea where these are going to end up!" Turning, he presents his left arm to the target and then pivots to stamp his right foot forward. Using that momentum he whips an axe out and it hits the inner ring! Blinking in surprise he tries again! It's nowhere near as good a throw, but at least it sticks into the target. With a laugh he steps back and wings the third axe which hits in the inner ring again, but on the other side of the target: "Well, that could have gone horrifically worse."

Aedhwyn laughs at Aisan's warning, clapping her hands in delight as he not only throws the axe but all three stick into the target. "Good job, my lord."

<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (4 2 1 7 3 1)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (1 6 7 2 6 1)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (8 1 8 7 1 4)

"Nicely done," Antoine offers to Aisan, before he steps forward. Taking the first axe, he turns it around in his hand a bit, as if trying to figure out something. "Well, let's try this," he offers, mostly to himself. He manages to hit the target with his throws, although only one of them manages to hit the inner ring. "Interesting competition," he offers as he steps back again.

<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (3 1 5 2 2 1 4 7)
<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (4 4 7 6 7 4 1 1)
<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (1 7 5 5 6 7 5 2)

Audrialla resolves herself. She sets the basket down and waves to the foreign princess. "Ambassador, is it too late to try to throw?" She gathered her skirt in her hand and makes her way over to join the line.

Aedhwyn smiles at Audrialla, "Please…join us. The games are open to everyone and we even have smaller handaxes for the ladies to use, if you prefer."

After watching the other two men make their throws Arion grins at both Aisan and Antoine in a friendly fashion. "Well done my Lords." He offers before stepping up to give it a try. The first throw hit but lands on the outer ring. Arion blinks in surprise and then throws once more this time with more focus, his eyes narrowed slightly. The next two throws hit the inner rings landing close to each other. He grins and nods in satisfaction before stepping back.

Theo watches the throwing, applauding as the men seem to be doing well, then she giggles as Audrialla goes forward. "yes! Go, mademoiselle!" The petite girl bounces on her toes, clearly having found a favorite to cheer for.

<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (1 3 3 7 5 6 5 8 3 7)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Good Success. (4 7 3 1 3 5 8 6)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Success. (6 8 3 4 3 4)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (7 1 1 8 1 5 5 3 2 3)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction: Great Success. (5 8 2 5 7 8 5 5 7 5)

Audrialla says, "My lords." The commoner woman gives a smile and a curtesy as she takes her place alongside. She takes the petite axe and weighs it in her hand. Judging the distance, she lets loose with a surprising accuracy. Two within the inner ring and a third Just shy of center. "Companions bless," she says with amused surprise."

Aedhwyn applauds at Audrialla shows shows the boys how it's done. "M'mselle you are a natural. Remind me to stay clear of you when you are defending hearth and home. Or perhaps stand next to you so we might defend it together." She motions towards the boys and girls stationed at the event, watching them spring into action retrieving axes and returning them to their rightful throwers.

Aisan nods towards Antoine and Arion: "Well thrown!" He says companionably with a smile, but when the baker, of all people, gets up and throws like that he just blinks. Stunned. After a moment he laughs: "We should just concede I think, to salvage some of our pride." Lips quirk into a wry amused smile and he claps loudly for Audrialla: "Amazing aim. Absolutely amazing."

<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Good Success. (3 8 2 8)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Success. (2 8 2 6)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Good Success. (7 4 7 5)

Aisan steps up to the second set of targets and he looks down range. Maybe Audrialla inspires him! He throws axes down range and lands two more in the inner ring, and one in the outer. Almost the same as before: "Well there is something to be said for consistency." He smiles and steps away from the range and targets. Looking over at Audrialla again with a more appraising look on his face this time.

From across the field laughter errupts as one of the young men manages to not only toss the caber in the wrong direction but manages to lose his kilt in the process. And it's true what they say about Alban wearing beneath their kilts.

<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+raction-2: Failure. (5)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+raction-2: Failure. (5)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+raction-2: Failure. (3)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Failure. (2 1 2 4)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Success. (8 1 4 3)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Good Success. (8 7 5 1)

Antoine frowns as he moves up to attempt this next round of throws. His first throw misses, but the second hits, and the third hits the inner ring. "A bit harder than it looks," he remarks as he steps back.

<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction-2: Good Success. (2 5 8 8 2 2)
<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction-2: Good Success. (7 5 8 6 4 1)
<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction-2: Good Success. (2 5 3 7 1 7)

Arion blinks at the amazing performance of Audrialla. "That was impressive!" He offers before preparing for his next throws. He is focused as he throws three more times, the axes hitting the inner rings consistantly this time.

<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Failure. (5 4 2 5 6 2 6 3)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Great Success. (7 4 3 7 7 6 6 7)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Good Success. (6 7 3 3 8 8 5 2)

Audrialla Curtsies for the compliments directed at her excellent first round, and prepares for the second. But a certain men de=kilted Distracts her from her first throw and it goes wide. The second and third are much more on target as she demonstrates her schedule.

<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Failure. (2 5)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Failure. (2 2)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Failure. (5 4)

Showing up late is ALWAYS fashionable for a Courtesan, right? Regardless of how late it is. To te grounds Marielle rrives and she moves to a spot to observe the games. THe White Rose, probably, would not join in.

Aisan shakes his head with a low appreciative whistle at the other throwers skill: "I know I am beat but, may as well try hmm?" He smiles wryly and walks over towards the last set of targets. He tries something different this time. This time he tries for running starts for distance! It doesn't help. Axes go flying past the furthest target to hit into hay bales set behind them. Just in case something like that happened. No commoners getting killed this time!

<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+Reaction-4: Success. (8 2)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+Reaction-4: Failure. (4 2)
<FS3> Antoine rolls Reaction+Reaction-4: Good Success. (7 8)

Frowning as he looks at the new distance for the targets, Antoine winces briefly. "That's… quite a distance," he says, before he lifts the first axe, managing to hit the target. "Or…" The second goes wide, and but the third is a good one again. "Not too bad, I think…" he mutters to himself, as he turns to look around, offering Marielle a smile and a salute as he sees her.

The caber tossing is a lively event with several of the competitors getting their beams to go end over end. One of the crowd favorites despite his stunning failure that caused his kilt to take a trip through the air is Jaime. What can you say, Alban and d'Angelines alike favor a good pale, taut moon.

Alas it is not poor Jaime's day and he is not the winner of the Caber Toss event. Claps on the shoulders are given all around to the competitor while the winner receives a wreath of ivy. The next event they congregate to is the Hammer Toss where they are throwing heavy and light warhammers for distance. The athletes must throw the hammer without moving his feet.

Cochonnet is late, herself, tracking Marielle's footprints from just slightly behind, as though herding the white flower toward the event. For her part, she's dressed in her wrestling gear, chest wrapped in a theatrically tattered band of leather, hips the same, with an angled edge of a skin hanging to just barely cover her pudenda, while a similar triangle in the back doesn't… really bother covering her rear, much at all, actually. Slacker. No wonder she's walking behind Mari. The White Rose would die of shame to have it the oppoite way. At any rate, she'd heard her favored event was making a showing at the tourney ring, and so up she'd braided all her hair into wild-looking rows, and she's ready to get into the mix of things, levelling a loud two-fingered whistle at Jaime's hind end in due turn.

<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction-4: Success. (3 4 4 8)
<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction-4: Good Success. (8 6 3 7)
<FS3> Arion rolls Reaction+Reaction-4: Success. (8 3 2 6)

A glance is given over towards the caber toss and Arion chuckles at the sight of Jamie. Then he remembers and looks down at himself and the loincloth that serves as his only covering. He blushes just a touch and then squares his shoulders. He has nothing to be ashamed of even if he isn't wearing anything underneath either. It comes his turn to throw again, this time at greater distance and he hits the outer rings twice while hitting the inner ring once. Not perfect but fairly consistent at least.

<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Good Success. (7 8 7 5 2 6)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Good Success. (3 2 4 8 4 7)
<FS3> Audrialla rolls Reaction+reaction-4: Good Success. (6 8 6 8 1 2)

Audrialla focuses with the intensity all great chefs have. Plus knife skills- and as she said she throws pots and pans regularly. Her axes all land in the inner ring, no bullseyes but clearly well placed throws.

Aedhwyn has a runner go to the center table to bring back the prizes for the event with a wreath of ivy for the first prize winner and tokens for the second and third place. There are other runners that retrieve the handaxes seeing that they are properly put away after being oiled once more. The targets - well they've seen better days but there's a reason that this event was after the archery event. It just wouldn't have worked the other way around.

The smile from Antoine has Marielle drawing towards him so she can touch a kiss to him in greeting. Though, it is quick so she does not interfere with his game playing. Everyone else gets a sweet smile and a curtsy from the veiled Marielle. THose she knows, like Aisan and Aedhwyn get a more affectionate note to the smile. Then there is Coco in all her glory. "Coco." says Marielle, flushing at her style of dress, though, she does not seem surprised.

Aedhwyn smiles at the four competitors in this round of the event, "My lords and ladies, m'sieurs and m'mselles….may I present your winner….M'mselle Audrialla. Winners of the events will be receiving a wreath of ivy blessed by our Ogham. The second and third runner up will receive tokens for a sampling of the famous and original usighe produced by my people brought with me from Alba."

A cheer goes up from the crowd as the baker wins the crown, ivy though it is. She claps for herself and the others with a sheer enthusiasm as she's announced. Her head of golden hair bows to accept the ivy wreath but she seems more excited for the flask pressed into her hand. The scent intrigues her. "Many thanks, Highness," she says to Aedhwyn as she curtsies.

Aisan claps for the winners, having knocked himself out of the competition with his spectacular misses! He doesn't seem upset by it at all though. Spotting Marielle out of the corner of his eye, means spotting Coco afterwards and he can't help but grin at the image the courtesan presents, in public even! There is a shake of his head and a soft laugh as he waves over towards Marielle as well.

"Hey," Antoine offers to Marielle, with a smile, before he applauds Audriallas win. "Well done," he offers.

"Mari, sweetie," Coco slides straight past the more demure courtesan (though which courtesan is less demure than Coco, I'd like to know), maybe sneaking her a squeeze on her amply veiled rump in the doing so. Then she's more or less sizing up the competition, in their own loin cloths— though sizing them up for what remains ambiguous— a gleam of sensual jocularity glittering in her sky-blue eyes— she licks her lower lip— on the prowl. She brings her hands together to applaud vigorously for Audri when she's crowned, knowing her well enough from her catering house events, and then cups her hands around her mouth to give her an enthusiastic whoop, into the mix.

The Hammer Toss is underway with the contestants warming up and testing out the weight of the hammer in their hands. Some seem to prefer the overhand throw while others the side throw. But alas poor Jaime, he is destined to show the field his spectacular bottom this day. While he does not seem particularly skilled in any of these games, he is one of the ladies' favorites.

<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction: Good Success. (6 3 1 4 8 2 7)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction: Success. (3 8 4 3 4 6 6)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction: Good Success. (3 7 3 4 7 3 2)
<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction: Good Success. (6 1 1 7 1 7)
<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction: Good Success. (4 7 6 1 1 7)
<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction: Failure. (2 4 1 1 2 2)

The hammer toss is well and truly underway with the light competitors going first. Up first is Seamus MacDougal performing admirably with an overhand throw. He releases the hammer at just the right point in the arc so it flies out and down the range.

"I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever done this." Aisan mentions as he removes his shirt and coat so that he can go toss sheaf's of hay. Looking at the pitch fork he considers: "Saw a farmer run a Skaldi through with one of these once. Bad way to go." Taking it into his grip he adjusts his hands along it until he finds what is comfortable at first. The first toss makes him adjust the grip again, and it /barely/ goes over, but go over it does. The third one goes better! He seems to have gotten the hang of it. Of course all throughout, there is a Cochonnet there trying to toss hay bales too. She is a distraction, or an inspiration! Whatever the case the young lord performs admirably! Throwing two of them over he didn't even have to!

Aedhwyn can be seen moving towards the Sheaf Toss where it pays to be a farmer. Each competitor is given a pitchfork with 3 tines and a cloth covered haybale. She smiles at the competitors, Aislan and Cochonnet, as she explains the game. "You will each have three attempts to toss your sheaf over the pole but not only must it go over, it must also stay between the two poles. After each round, the pole will be moved higher. When only one of you makes it over and the others do not, the winner is declared."

<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction -1: Failure. (6 5 3 4 4 3)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction -1: Good Success. (5 4 8 4 1 8)

Cochonnet hasn't held a pitchfork in a long time. But she takes to it like to the hand-press of an old friend, feeling its weight and moving it into a jaunty spin before clasping it in place again and stepping back to watch Aisan go first, if his posture and poise can tell her anything about the event. She tosses him a wink, when he can be bothered to be distracted by her, then struts long-legged to her place, and, stabbing the fork into the bale, she braces her bare feet against the ground, the muscles in her arms shifting and flexing with the grip, but most of the work done in her legs and back as she raises the bale off of the ground and sends it flying upward with some great heft to slide from the tines of her pitchfork and sail— between the poles. Laughing, she goes to lift a hand to Aisan, slapping her palm against his as they switch places again.

<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction-1: Success. (3 3 6 3 7)

Several events are happening simultaneously. The Caber toss has been completed but currently there is the hammer throw for distance and the sheaf toss for height events going on. The Sheaf Tossing so for as is going pretty well with both Aisan and Cocho getting their sheafs well and truly tossed in the first round. The pole rises just a bit more and the competitors are cleared for their second round.

Aisan bows over Cochonnet's palm and goes to press a kiss to the back of her knuckles all gallantly like, assuming she doesn't steal her hand away and allows him to do so! The young lord is constantly distracted by Cochonnet in point of fact, distracted so much in fact that when the pole is changed to a different height he accidentally throws the first sheaf of hay the entirely wrong way! With a wince he calls: "Look out!" Hopefully nobody gets hammered by a sheaf of thrown hay. With a wince and a laugh he waggles a finger at Cochonnet: "You are a dangerous lady in that outfit." He says to her with a chuckle and then his second sheaf of hay gets lofted right over the newly raised bar. Whewh!

Over at the Hammer throw, it is Jaime up once more trying for an overhand throw. He has quite the swagger to him as one of the crowd favorites. Once, twice, three times he goes through the motions. On the third he lets the hammer fly only to have to yell out, "Watch out!" Too high does the hammer fly, released at the wrong point in the arch.

Gemma arrives with a few other late comers, following the rest of the group to find her way to the tournament field. She looks over the strange assortment of events and wanders about, watching. When she comes across a vender selling hand pies she picks one up to nibble on.

Cochonnet ohs! Her hand taken from high-five to bowkissed— well, that's fine, too. It makes her laugh. Then she goes and leans on her pitchfork— and lifts a hand to cover her mouth in a look of shock when thus accused. "Who, me? I'd have thought you'd be more worried about the pitchfork. Though I have more dangerous sorts of pitchforks at home," she grins a big, slow cheshire grin, then bounces a little when his sheaf goes up and over. "I got dressed up for the wrestling," she explains, on her way back to the mark, shifting her stance so as to face the poles with her back, one heel gracefully drawn backward to plant her stance before she shucks the metal prongs into the hay once more and heaves it into the air, where it clears with plenty of altitude but almost brushes the leftmost borber pole. "I wasn't going to let you walk off with the first prize without a fight, though," she tells him as she steps down again.

The vendors are the same as those that have been here all week though there is the addition of a stand giving away samples of haggis.

<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction -3: Success. (7 3 5 5)
<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction-3: Success. (1 8 1)

The bar is raised again at the Sheaf Toss, each time Aisan and Cochonnet manage to succeed it only becomes harder for the next round. It would seem that Sheaf toss gives the pole a rise.

It could indeed!

Or it could be the participants and that outfit!

"I wasn't planning on wrestling actually, but if you're going to be wearing that and wrestling I guess I will have to." Aisan says to the courtesan with a playful smile. He sticks the pitchfork into the next sheaf of hay and lobs it up over the bar with some effort! It's definitely not as easy as it was before to get the hay high enough to clear the pole. Other poles might be making things uncomfortable!

It is now Michael from the province of Camlach that is up in the light hammer throw. He too opts for the overhand form, lobbing the hammer in a beautiful arch that sends it far afield. One of the furthest throws thus far.

Gemma finds a place to stand where she can get a good view of the hammer throw and also see the strange hay throwing. Her head tilts at the hay throwing, silently wondering how that sport got started.

"If I only went sheaf-tossing on your account, the least you could do is return the favor," Coco simpers sweetly, a sway of her rather ample rump serving to hip-bump Aisan casually as she passes him by again,shoving her pitchfork into the next bale and then rubbing her hands together, leaning over at the waist to daub her fingers with dust from the tourney grounds and then caressing the shaft of the pitchfork with a smooth sweep of her curled-in palm while she stands again, making brief eye contact with Aisan as she works the handle suggestively with a brisk up and down of her hand, then, laughing, she reverses her grip, leans into it and heaves it about as hard as she can to get it to clear. She squints up at its progress, shielding her eyes from the sun and whooping when she sees it clear. Then hops back down to let Aisan take his turn. And let the attendants come and raise the pole. Again.

<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction -5: Failure. (2 1)
<FS3> Aisan rolls Body + Reaction -5: Good Success. (7 8)

Aedhwyn watches as Aisan and Cochonnet trade places back and forth. Each has their own sheaf to toss with Coco's sheath being a little smaller and lighter. There is a bit of laughter from her as she catches the antics at the hammer toss. Another Camaeline seems to be giving it a whirl though his toss he seems to be trying for height rather than distance. Competitors dive and scatter as the one stone (14lbs.) hammer rises into the air end over end and comes back down only about 3 paces backwards from where it was released.

<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction-5: Failure. (5)
<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction-5: Embarassing Failure. (1)
<FS3> Cochonnet rolls Body+Reaction-5: Failure. (4)

Stepping away from the healer's tent that has seen much less use this day, Gwenaelle wanders a little closer to the field to see what all is going on, intrigued by the hammers and hay throwing contests that are happening.

Coco is very good at distracting Aisan.

Her suggestive handling of the shaft of that pitchfork is enough to nearly make him blush. Nearly. Instead it does heat his neck near his ears a bit with a flush. Shaking his head he tries to clear his thoughts and grabs his pitchfork again once the bar has been raised again. Striding over towards the next sheaf to be chuckled, Aisan jams the pitch fork in and rips so ferociously in his attempt to prove his masculinity that the sheaf flies straight up…. and straight back down.


It lands at Aisan's feet and he blinks. Now he is /really/ blushing, his ears turning red and the very back of his cheeks as the pitch fork's tines jab back in and he hurls it up and over the pole this time. Planting his pitchfork into the earth Aisan leans against it: "Oh never you fear, I'll be joining in for sure." He tells Coco. He looks. She wore that outfit to get looks. Might as well give her what she wants right?

Thaddeus moves into the field, trying to find a place to watch, and his hands thrusted deep into his pockets, and then he bites his lip with a shake of his head, watching the fight, with a soft chuckle. His eyes moving around taking it in, and his little brother not fighting, he hopes. His voice is soft, as he whisper a silent pray, to the heavens to keep it true, as he walks towards a group trying to find a fae, that he knows.

Gemma uses the wrap that held her handpie to brush off her fingers, she half ducks when a axe is thrown though of course it comes nowhere near to hitting her or anyone else for that matter. Moving away, she tucks the cloth in her pocket. Seeing a familiar figure, she slips behind a group, half hiding as she sneaks up on Thaddeus.

Gwenaelle recognizes a few here and there, but none that she truly knows well enough to speak to as of yet. Still, she remains out of the tent, her curiosity getting the best of her. Occasionally, she glances back to the tent, making sure she isn't needed within, though likely not until the wrestling begins with strains and wrenched muscles that might come about.

Cochonnet is a better sex clown than a farmer. But nevertheless there's a hearty stock behind her figure, a rustic cornfed juiciness that doesn't comply with the nobly-born litheness and fragility of so many ladies of the court. No, she might not have grown into a farmer, but she would have, had she not been marked for the court. And even now she can at least sort of hold her own out here, hiding a smile behind her hand as that sheaf falls to the earth back where it began. But she'll go and take her own turn, looking contented to have coaxed Aisan into wrestling with her. A deep breath, a look of something quite near concentration, and that first sheaf barely makes the height but goes left of the border pole, making Coco sigh slightly. "Always did hang slightly to port," she considers, then, stabbing her second sheaf, she leans into the stabbage a little too far, and, when she heaves it behind her, the sheaf actually stays put on the pitchfork instead of flying off, the impetus making sheaf arc in the air and then land violently behind her— dragging the pitchfork with it— and the courtesan, who lands on her back hard enough to knock the air out of her lungs. And toss up her loincloth, uncovering her chubby little mound, much more likely to the general interest of the crowd. But Coco's taken her share of pratfalls in her day— she sits up well enough after and waves a hand about to let everyone know she's quite alright. Then leans to her side, stands and grabs the pitchfork again, hucking it once more with enough tenacity to make the heaf go flying— just not quite high enough. A little worn out, by now. "Phew," she swats her hands against her outer thighs, after handing off the pitchfork. "That's brisk work, isn't it? Nice little warm-up," she grins, coming to give Aisan a hug for his victory. "Good job!"

Aedhwyn smiles at the two competitors in this round of the event, "My lords and ladies, m'sieurs and m'mselles….may I present your winner….Lord Aesan d'Aiglemort. Winners of the events will be receiving a wreath of ivy blessed by our Ollamh and a small flask of the original Uisghe Beatha. The first runner up will receive a token for a sampling of the usighe beatha produced by my people brought with me from Alba."

The Hammer Throw is going well with the Light Throw having been concluded with only two minor incidents - poor Jaime and his seemingly easily flying kilt and the competitors having to dive out of the way of a rogue hammer. One the bright side no one was injured the the ladies continue to favor Jaime and his lovely pale moons. The Heavy Hammer Throw is next with some of the same competitors lining up. The men and women seem to take a slightly different tactic with this round, a sideways thrown that look more akin to a discus throw technique being used.

Up next seems to be the wrestling competition where there are assistants to help oil the participants. All competitors are required to dress down to loinclothes or loinclothes and breast bands. There is a small tent provided as a changing area for those needing it.

Thaddeus watches now, and he is slides out a little silver flask to take a long sip of it, and then he watches the fight with a wide eyes."

Gemma slips up behind Thaddeus and snakes her arm around his waist, "Looking for someone to share that flask with?" as Cochonnet takes a fall she brings her hand to her mouth to keep from chuckling, instead she cheers for the announced winner.

Thaddeus turns slowly, with the voice behind him, with a wicked smile, as he pass the flask over."Help yourself my dearest, it is wine, from a new place, trying it out, not sure how I feel." His voice is soft, and then he places an arm around her with a wide smile."How have the fights been so far?"

Gemma curles up against Thaddeus, tucking herself under his arm, "I haven't been here very long, I just saw a few of that strange straw throwing thing."

Ammy makes his way out to the tourney field. He's wearing only a short pair of britches, his muscular upper body and olive Tsingano skin glisten in the sun. He rubs his hands together, and he smiles.

Arion goes over to prepare for the wrestling. His lightly tanned skin glistens with oil and his golden hair has been pulled into a ponytail that lays at the base of his neck. He flexes his muscles lightly and glances around waiting to see who he will be facing.

Aedhwyn heads to the changing area and comes out wearing nothing but a loincloth, very, very carefully arranged and tucked to ensure it will stay put and a breastband plus a whole lot of oil. Her skin sheens in the summer light, the swirling designs on her body more pronounced for the oil. It's obvious from the slight golden hue to her skin she spends times outdoors. She stretches as she moves forward to the edge of the wrestling area.

Aisan has also decided, once there was oil involved, to go with a loincloth himself, because oil and silk do not mix: "Whoah, this is… breezy." He then looks over at Ammy as it is about time to start: "Blame her if I accidentally uh.. jab you."

As the wrestling bouts begin, Gwenaelle moves closer, a basket picked up so she might be nearer at hand if a healer is needed. Yes, that's her excuse and she's sticking with it!

Cochonnet gets a little bit of a breather from her tumble at the forks, being set on bye for the first round of the wrestling matches. But she's content getting oiled up over here, yep.

Ammy furrows his brow at Aisan. He bends over and runs his finger in the mud at his feet and then uses it to draw a dark streak beneath both of his eyebrows. He shakes his head, noting dryly, "Keep your peen to yourself if you want to keep it, dirty gadje."

Ohhhhh, oiled male bodies to oggle, Gemma is in her element!

Aedhwyn smiles at Arion, her body low and quick at the start of the round. She's smaller than most of the competitors, her build slighter but she's a scrappy little fighter. She moves in to try for the pin, an aggressive move but instead winds up clotheslined. She tries to roll out of the way but doesn't quite manage to get out in time finding herself rather trapped beneath Arion's form. Oh she tries and tries to push him up and off of her, her feet planted on the ground and her hips rising but to no avail. She's trapped beneath him.

Arion keeps Aedhwyn pinned there until she yields to him. He remains on top of her, a wall of unmoving muscle Then with a soft charming smile he gets to his feet and offers her his hand. "You fight well and with spirit. I enjoyed the challenge of facing you." Then with a bow of respect he turns away and prepares for the next round.

Ammy snarls like an animal at Aisan as he takes position to prepare to wrestle the other man. He takes a moment to give Aisan an intense stare, muttering a few sentences in Tsingani that clearly include the name 'Aisan' in it, and then he turns his head and spits. He looks back at Aisan and offers a wild smile. The signal is given and he charges at Aisan. He quickly grabs the man, and they struggle for a few moments, each trying to strongarm the other to the ground. It takes a minute, but finally, Ammy is able to slam Aisan onto his back. He growls as he holds the man down, but loses his grip, allowing Aisan the chance to get back up. They grapple again, but this time, Ammy gets Aisan down with better positioning. As he holds Aisan down, he gets nose to nose with him, offering a feral snarl right in his face as he maintains his grip until the judges count Aisan out and declare him the winner. He hops up, shaking his arms to relax them as he hops about and then begins to pace, waiting for the next bout.

"What is a Gadje, and what the fu-" Aisan was in the process of asking questions when all of the sudden he is rushed and even the oil doesn't help Aisan get away. When he is finally counted out and he gets up, brushing himself off he looks at Ammy and says simply: "If you ever touch me again, I will cut off your balls and feed them to you. Animal."

Thaddeus cheers as the combat is ending, with a loud whistle, and a pumping his fist up and down with a smile at Gemma."Did you see, that just wow, and so quick. I need to get better at hand to hand."

Aedhwyn blushes quite a bit as she takes the offered hand from Arion. "Thank you. You were a most worthy competitor and I look forward to battling you again." Her back is a bit filthy from the tournament ground dirt but it is what it is. She moves to the side, reoiled for this round. She's breathing hard, her chest rising and falling. There are some words muttered in Cruithne as she uses the dirt from the ground to unslick her hands a bit for the next round.

Blink, and you might have missed those bouts! At least, that's what Gwenaelle is thinking from the sidelines. A slight shake of her red head is given, and when the opponents exit the field once donce, she's there to offer, "If you feel any strains, let me know and I will tend them?"

Gemma eyes Thaddeus, drawing back at arms length from him. Her lips turn up into a smile, "If you go out all oiled up I totally approve. I'll be your cheering section."

Cochonnet is getting all slippery there by the end, and that's generally one of her favorite states of being. She glistens while cheering the other competitors on, not really minding who wins as long as everyone has fun doing it. She does sort of cock a brow at the dark turn the match between Aisan and Ammy took, and as she makes her way past to her first bout, "All in fun, boys, hm?" she checks to make sure. She spots Arion and gives him a nod and a warming smile, recognizing her brother from another brothel.

"It may have been at one time. His behavior has changed that." Aisan says to Cochonnet and then goes to get cleaned off, not even watching the rest of the wrestling. Judging by the way he goes about it there seems to be no way he can get himself clean fast enough after that wrestling bout.

Ammy stands across from Aedhwyn. He looks at her through half angry eyes, his fingers twitching a little as he readies himself. Just before it starts, he winks at her, and a second later, he charges at her. They come together and grasp each other like warriors. They struggle for a minute, and then Aedhwyn swings her leg out and sweeps Ammy's left leg. He winces as he tumbles to the ground, but doesn't release his grip on Aedhwyn's shoulders, bringing her down with him. The moment they hit the earth, Ammy spins and leaps on top of her. He slams her onto the mud, and growls something quietly at her face. He lays atop her, legs straddled across her thigh, and then, holding her down with one hand, he lays his lips on hers. For the next ten seconds, as the judge begins to count Aedhwyn out, he holds her down with one hand and his other hand moves so his fingers intertwine with her hair. Until the judge declares him the winner, he simply passionately kisses her, his lips lustfully pressing across hers, tongue exploring her mouth, nibbling at her lips. When she's finally counted out, he lifts his lips from hers, smiles at her for a moment, and then hops up to his feet.

Aedhwyn tries, oh how she tries to hold her own in the wrestling but she doesn't stand a chance. She may have gotten the first hit but there is a reason why she doesn't call herself a warrior. This would be it. No sooner does she meet Ammy in combat than she winds up flat on her back. She struggles, she wriggles, she plants her feet and tries to push him off, she tries to gain some space for her legs to push him up and over but in the end she is well and truly pinned. Though it's not a bad way to go, getting kissed into submission.

Gwenaelle turns as another couple of bouts begin, only to blink in surprise when the one between Ammy and Aedhwyn goes down /that/ path. "I wonder if that is a form of cheating or not…" She's a healer, not a fighter.

Thaddeus watches it all, and he is sipping his wine, with a little chuckle."Not liek this, I need it for real battles, Gemma. I tend to find trouble in my life." His tone is teasing, as he passesh er the wine with a wide smile."Not so much since I left the sea of course."

Gemma takes the wine with a smile, taking a long sip before capping it and handing it back, "Damn, it would have been really nice to watch you all oiled up and wrestling someone. Well not Ammy, he looks pretty bad ass."

Cochonnet comes to meet Arion with a hand extended in friendship, to clasp at the wrist and pull him in for a quick, oily hug before she backs off and goes low, then digs the balls of her bare feet into the earth and goes to meet him, staying upright with him and getting in her shoulder against his chest to try to throw him on his back — only to get shoved back, harder, and find herself on her own back with his weight coming down on her — it makes her grunt out the air in her lungs, but it almost can't help but come out in an erotic little gasp, the jarring pressure on her chest making one of her breasts pop free from her breastband (though, honestly, the breastband is designed for just these sorts of 'wardrobe malfunctions,' which make the Glycine mud wrestling bouts so fun to watch). And she's been in quite a lot of them, as evidenced when she slithers around artfully with Arion in the dirt, getting filthy and rolling herself all over him, getting on top again and driving a knee down into his chest to try to pin him there while her other thigh braces against the ground and her left arm tangles with his right. Though she does peer at the liberties Ammy is taking with Aden. That's borderline, even in her playful sex clown eyes. She tries to catch Aden's eyes to see if she's OK.

Aedhwyn hops back onto her feet and it's back to the edges to get oiled though her back is more than just a little dirty.

Over in the Heavy Hammer Throw area, the competition is fierce with Michael from Camlach and Seamus MacDougal fighting it out for first place. An even heavier 2 Stone weight hammer is brought out for the face off. Sure there healers will be needed should one of those go awry.

Thaddeus watching it all, with a weird look on his face, and his hand reaching under his shirt, to grip his dagger, his eyes on the fight now, and his arm holding Gemma, tightly now, and his teeth clenched tightly, and he liikes at Coco, and then back at Aedhwyn watching her now, and then he looks at Ammy, and he is waiting now, and he trusts this man, and he has done right by him so far, but he has been wrong before.

Gemma runs her fingers along Thaddeus's back as she watches the boughts, "Do you know all of the contestants?"

Aedhwyn shakes her head as she stretches some more, the woad painted along her spine obliterated into a smear. She looks a little flushed but thus far she's been pinned once beneath a lovely courtesan and once beneath Ammy which were both interesting for their own reasons as she wriggled and wriggled beneath them. Really there is likely an Aedhwyn size indentation but she looks happy to be playing with everyone else. A bright smile is given to Aisan though she looks a little winded. "You ready for me?"

Aisan returns to the field before he could get all cleaned up once someone informed him that he wasn't done yet. Likely an attendant who didn't look to happy to have to be the one addressing the clearly incensed vicomte. Entering into the wrestling pit Aisan looks over at Aeshwyn and he shrugs slightly: "As ready as I will ever be." It seems his taste for the wrestling match has been completely destroyed. What was fun and games, are no longer fun and games.

Thaddeus shakes his head, with a little chuckle as he sips his wine, with a wicked laugh."Now then, I know a few of them, you?"

Gemma nods her head towards Aedhwyn and Ammy, "Your cousin introduced us, well maybe you did. The picnic on the docks was it?"

Thaddeus watches with a nod of his head, as he sips his wine watching the fight, and then he bites his lip."It was all of us there, and but they are both good people, this is one hell of an event."

Gemma says, "I found the weapons events to be pretty interesting as well. If someone wsa paired up with an equal the bought went for quite a while as they wore each other down."

Gwenaelle continues to watch, her keen eyes to take in each hold and struggle, making note to herself of those that may show signs to her knowing gaze to perhaps have suffered a strain of some sort. Intrigued by this sport is the healer, however, a hint of color to show upon her cheeks at times.

Something is said between Aedhwyn and Aisan before the match starts. At least Aedhwyn says something to Aisan but the young noble just shakes his head a bit and just looks determined. When the match starts Aedhwyn tries to strike out at Aisan but the man is good at avoiding strikes. Much better at that than he is wrestling. As soon as he gets a hold of Aedhwyn they both slip to the ground because of the oil. Limbs flailing, getting tangled, but in the end Aisan ends up half sprawled over Aedhwyn and trying to pin her down. He gets to a two count, and then she escapes. He lunges at her and grabs hold of her arms but she slips free and slams the noble to the ground. Before there is even a one count Aisin pushes off the ground and flips Aedhwyn over.

Only for her to escape. Again.

Back and forth they go with Aisan taking the dominant position only to lose a hold on Aedhwyn and she wiggles out and away from him.


It had to be Oil.

Finally Aisan manages to clamp a bear hug onto Aedhwyn and trap her arms to her sides so that she can't really wiggle. He hooks his ankles under hers to keep her feet off the ground and One.



The match is /finally/ over. Aisan immediately springs to his feet, somewhat breathless, and holds out his hands to Aedhwyn to offer her assistance in rising. Only then does he actually speak back to her in a quiet murmur to her ear.

Cochonnet stands from her last bout, after giving Arion a hand up, and, since her breastband is already slipped loose, she just unties the whole thing and casts it into the crowd for some lucky fellow to take home for a souvenir. She flexes her muscles a little bit between bouts, grinning over her shoulder and looking more kindly upon Ammy and Aedhwyn once it's clear their canoodling is completely fun-hearted and consentual. Then she beckons Ammy to her. He's been tearing up the competition, and she wants to at least give him a bit of a challenge. She goes to ground with him almost immediately, not even bothering to struggle upright but drawing him to the earth with her and trying to loop her leg back behind his leg to get him tangled in her. Now she's on top, now he is, and at the very least it's not just him pinning someone for the count for a few rounds. Her oil mixes with sweat and she's really exerting herself against him, obviously well-trained in the art, and soon it comes to rougher moves— a knee to her chest. She gets him in a headlock for a moment, then gets pushed away with an elbow to the throat. Finally it's a twist of her arm behind her back that has her tapping out when she can't slide out of the clinch, panting and flushed with the good, wholesome exercise.

Ammy gets to his feet, and he wipes his mouth off on the back of his forearm. He offers a little smile to Cochonet, and simply says, "You're one tough lady." Then he nods to her, respectfully, before moving to ready for the next round.

Aedhwyn is getting better, really she is. She is easily enough pinned by Aisan but she manages to wriggle away once, twice, and even get him pinned beneath her, her legs straddling his thighs only to be rolled right back onto her back beneath him. She manages to escape once more but never quite far enough and never enough to get and keep the upper hand. Back and forth they go, Aisan and Aedhwyn rolling on the ground until she winds up well and truly pinned unable to gain purchase or leverage to slip away or reverse the win. When the match is over she is panting pretty hard, her features quite flushed. She gladly accepts the offered hand and even goes so far as to offer Aisan a hug though it might well be her holding onto him to help her wobbly legs solidify again. She exchanges another quiet word with him before smiling and moving off to the side to take a well deserved moment of rest. She's so tired not even Cochonnet and her free-ranged boobies draw her notice or she just can't get any redder in the face.

The Heavy Hammer Toss is decided and it is Camlach that is victorious! Michael has won after back and forth between him and Seamus. In the end, Seamus could not quite get the Heavy Hammer up and down range.

It is on the the Hammer over the Bar on the far edge of the field. While the Caber Toss was dangerous, it is the Weights over the Bar that is the most dangerous event at the games. A 4 stone heavy bell weight (56lbs) is thrown one armed over the same pole setup as the sheaf tossing. Each time, the pole rises in height.

As the sports change and those with a possible danger are started, there are healers to exit the tents to stand at the ready. Just in case. For the moment, Gwenaelle remains at her post near the wrestling, making sure that all continues to go well here.

Gemma gives Thadd a light kiss, walking him out of the grounds before she returns to watch the last of the wrestling. She's not ogling the guys, that was just to pull Thadd's tail, she's watching everyone equally.

Ammy gives Arion similar treatment that he gave Aisan, approaching him with a snarl and seeming wild like the tales of dirty Tsingano. The fight is fierce, however. Arion is tougher than he looks, however, and they spar back and forth across the dirt for several minutes. It becomes clear they are both too skilled at hand to hand combat to try to subdue one another, and instead, they begin to focus on wearing one another out through fierce wrestling. By the time it's over, however, Ammy has taken a few solid sprains to his left hand, the same hand hurt in the last round, and it weakens his approach. Finally, Arion champions, and Ammy is left on his back in the dirt, out of breath. He huffs, and then climbs up to his feet, agitated by the loss.

Cochonnet finally gets to play with her new hay-chucking friend, huh? And play with him she does, at great length, going after him bare-breasted and gleaming with oil, gripping first his arm to twist behind him as she straddles his ass with her slick-oiled thighs, thinking she has him well-pinned before he slips out of her slippery grasp and she rolls around with him on the ground, easily fending off his efforts to get her pinned, but at the same time finding it hard to keep her hands on him. She gets him in a good headlock for a moment, hooking a leg behind his thigh and smooshing his face down into her well-oiled bosom, lewdly smearing his face with the oil from her breasts as she tries to lure him into staying held there, but even so he slips from her grasp— for a moment, before she's on him again, her limbs just— everywhere, grappling him painlessly but surely, then finally rising up on her arms to flip over and land on his chest with her bare buttocks, sitting on him firmly and leaning forward, getting one of her ankles over his throat to keep him pinned with her ass and nether lips presented bare almost to his very face, and her own face resting quite near to Aisan's loin cloth.

It was a valiant fight! Aisan trying to fend off the courtesan as best he was able. Everytime he tried to grasp her she slipped easily away, only being caught when she wanted to be. He squirmed and wiggled free, attempted reversals, tried to trip her all to no avail! It takes a while before Cochonnet has finally worn the young noble down and he is pinned with an ankle across his throat. Feeling her breath across him in places he was definitely not expecting. After how annoyed he was at the start of the match Cochonnet has managed to get Aisan smiling again… then again maybe it is just the view. Or all the bare breasted wrestling. It all has an affect on the man, Aisan's loincloth is not so much a loin cloth as a loin tent by the time the match is done but he is clearly not ashamed and has no reason to be. When she finally lets him up off the ground Aisan speaks quietly to Cochonnet. Now that he is firmly out of the competition though Aisan can finally get clean and dressed.

Aedhwyn is watching the round of wrestling, watching the competitors go back and forth, spin round and round, grapple and pin only to break away again. She smiles bright, "Lords and Ladies, m'mselles and m'siuers….may I present to your winner….Ammy!" He is presented a wreath of ivy blessed by the Ollamh and a small flask of the original Uisghe Beatha. The first runner up receives a token for a sampling of the usighe beatha produced by my people brought with me from Alba."

Ammy smiles widely, and he takes a moment to flex for the crowd, his large arm muscles bulging as he does so, the afternoon sun shining off the oil on his skin and reflecting off the large gold rings pierced through his nipples. He takes the items from Aedhwyn, and he smiles at her. He does look at the flask a little funny, not sure what it is. He mutters to her, "Great. More of dat wine dat tastes like ass," he says as he rolls his eyes. He holds it and the wreath up to the sky once more as the crowd cheers, before making his way off the field.

Aedhwyn laughs and shakes her head at Ammy, "It's usighe beatha from my homeland. It will warm you on a cold winter night and set you free on a summer one."

It is good there is no injuries, allowing Gwenaelle to relax. With the overall winners declared, she offers a show of approval with a clap of her hands. "Good job to you all!" The priestess does call from the sidelines with a smile.

Aedhwyn smiles as the games continue all around, some dangerous, others not so much. There is a small area where the vendors selling food have been set up with the addition of a booth giving away small samples of haggis. It's fine until people start asking exactly what's in the haggis. That is when they line up at the next Alban booth with the small sample of uisghe, no more than half a sip.

Gwenaelle takes a moment to wander, the priestess nodding to a few people who greet her. First, a stop by the tent to check in, and deciding to look for something to eat, leaves her basket behind to journey forth towards the booths. Listening to those talk or explain about what might be in the various dishes leaves the redhead curious. While others might avoid the haggis, she steps forwards, offering the vendor a smile, "How much for a taste?"

The vendor smiles, his accent very, very thick. He speaks a mix of Cruithne and d'Angeline that might be taken for well pidgin. "Och for a braw lassie tis free."

The accent might be thick, but Gwenaelle's had experience dealing with patients from all over. Laughing softly, a pink hue to touch her lips, she smiles, "Then, I would be honored to try a bite, good sir." Leave it to a healer to have a strong stomach! Hey, she'll try anything once! "Have you enjoyed being here in the city?" Looking about, she spies Aedhwyn, and offers a lift of a hand, waving to the ambassador after recognizing her there.

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