(1310-09-13) Swimming in the Baths
Summary: Two men meet in the Temple Baths and finds out that they have a lot in common.
RL Date: 13th of September, 2018
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**Temple Baths - Temple of Naamah **

A large circular window of colorful stained-glass depicting Naamah is framed by two crescent shaped ones, sitting further up the wall as to allow for generous lighting during the day, with the shades of the glass used in the center painting the interior of the Temple Baths in colorful hues. The light beige tiles of the stone floor are arranged in a pattern, spaces between filled with darker shade mosaic stones. The changing area is divided into two spaces, hidden away behind semi-opaque drapes. Here, visitors can leave their clothing and move over towards the pools that are filled with the warm waters of a hot well, a faint layer of steam lingering occasionally in the air directly above the waterline. A larger pool of white marble is in the center, between two smaller pools that offer room enough for two or three people each. At the edge of the pools, trays are provided at regular intervals, some holding various flagons of bathing oils while others hold bars of flowery soap and other bath implements.

Acolytes of Naamah, clad in the red flowing robes of the temple stand at the ready, to provide towels or robes when needed and make sure a peaceful atmosphere is maintained within the baths.

This is the time of a day when people seem to be out of sigh. Most likely, majority of them are occupied with daily routines. For example, commoners and craftsmen have to work, nobles answer to the piles of papers, ladies have to spend their coins in the market and some lords train in the tournament ground to keep themselves fit. Finally, courtesans have to prepare salons for an upcoming busy evenings. So, it is not a surprise that an acolyte of Naamah, clad in the red flowing robes of the temple, sits on one of the corner benches a bit more idly since it seems that there is only one visitor of the Temple Baths right now.

A young man dives into the largest pool and stays under water for a decent amount of seconds before standing up and brushing his wet hair off from his fair features. Dark red drops of water mixed with an emerald shade and blue tone ripples from his neck across his back and leaves a mark on an almost finished poppy marquee. He stretches extending his arms up, tiptoes and jumps up to dive into the pool again. This time he stays a bit longer under the water. The stains of colors are quite pale once he immerses up a second time. His sigh echoes in the baths when the young man simply rolls on his back and swims to the other side of the pool while staring at the high ceilings.

It is then another wanders into the temple. Elliot comes in only to spot the young man swimming about in the largest pool all by his lomesome. He blushes a bit taking in the sight of the young man as he swims. The Rocaille lord sheds his clothing and tucks it away before padding over on bare feet. He stops at the edge of the pool looking a bit shy but unashamed as he offers the youth a warm smile. "Might I join you?" He esquires in a gentle tone. "I find that the water can be even more enjoyable with company to share it." Those blue eyes are soft as he peers down at the young man awaiting his opinion on the matter.

Hearing words so shyly spoken by another, Melville stops and stands to his feet. A broad smile curls his lips up. His gaze wanders from the feet of Elliot up to his eyes and a young adept offers a bow of his head, "M'lord, of course! Only the truth speaks through your lips. Even if I enjoy the silence of the Temple of Namaah just sometimes interrupted by a splash of water, another heartbeat would make the water warmer!" He swims to the side of the pool and leans his elbows to the edge of it, letting his feet idly sway under the water, "I am Melville Charlot nó Coquelicot."

Elliot smiles brightly to Melville. "Thank you kindly. I will be taking part in the upcoming bardic competition and I need to relax a bit if I am to be at my best." He bows though the affect is lessened a bit perhaps by the fact he is naked. "Elliot de Rocaille, a pleasure to meet you." He slips into the waters nearby with a smile. "That does feel wonderful. Now I see why you seemed to enjoy it so much." A warm smile is given as Elliot's eyes study Melville. "Tell me more of yourself please, Lord Melville? I have a curiosity for those of Coquelicot I do admit. Its likely due to my inner romantic…" He blushes a bit as he admits that but his smile never fades.

"It's my pleasure to meet you, Elliot de Rocaille, a future Nightingale of Terre d'Ange!" The young adept chuckles, and taps a side of the pool beside himself as if suggesting for another man to join him. "I would love to hear you sing. But I am sure that you have to save your voice for competition. A therapy of steam should be very good to your throat. But you have to make sure not to leave the Temple of Namaah too warm that a gust of wind wouldn't take away the precious instrument. Good but dangerous at the same time!" He ponders for himself and Melville's gaze wanders to the waving water. "There is nothing much to tell. I simply heal people through colors. My patrons and I paint and this way find answers to the hardest questions of the heart."

Elliot chuckles softly. "Would you believe me if I told you I could not sing? My weapon of choice for this battle is the violin. I can play but not sing, a tragedy I have long lamented." He sinks into the waters with a smile. His eyes light up though when Melville mentions painting. "You paint? Would you object terribly if I contracted you for a night to compare works and share a drink with me? I also paint but I have no idea if its any good. I have always wanted to open an art gallery though…" He smiles warmly. "Sometimes its easier to express ones feeling on canvas or in melody. I always feel awkward when I speak but when I paint or play…that fades."

"Ah! A violin!" Melville briefly closes his eyes and leans to the side as if already indulging into the soft tones made by a shivering strings of such a frail instrument. "Would you believe me if I will tell you that violin is my favorite? I have no abilities to play it but the melody always inspires me and carries my thoughts to the world of dreams, where I search for ideas," the adept explains and he focuses his eyes on the new companion. His pupils are circled by such a deep orange shade that and illusion of burning wild flames can be created in the low illumination of the Temple Baths. Then a whole scale of gold and brown extends towards the edges of his irises which are framed by a dark olive tone adding a touch of mystery to his thoughtful gaze. "I would very much love it, m'lord. However, my style is quite different and many find it… meaningless. I wouldn't trust my judgement on your works, but I wish to see your paintings, if you allow me! Do you also dance, lord Elliot?"

"I believe you. The violin is hard to master but when played well the sound is so sweet its beauty cannot help but inspire feeling in those who hear it." Elliot replies with a smile to Melville, he looks captivated in fact as he stares into those eyes. His own blue orbs hint at the power of a scion within them, deep and knowing. As Melville speaks of his style Elliot smiles. "I will show you my paintings if I may see yours in exchange. I find that when one paints it is often an act of expressing what they feel within themselves. That is different for everyone, but as there is beauty in each person that does not mean that one style is less than another. All have beauty to them if one keeps an open mind." Elliot chuckles softly. "But there I go rambling, yes I dance and I enjoy dancing a great deal when i can find an agreeable partner. Do you dance Lord Melville?"

"I dance but only if I can paint," Melville boldly looks the young lord over one more time. "More often a body is my canvas. Did you receive an invitation to the dance of colors? I will introduce people to the most favorite type of my art. Of course, some of my patrons are already well aware of the cool touch of blue, yellow, red and black paints. While I can show you my paintings done on a fabric, would you agree to offer me a canvas, m'lord? I could become yours as well!" This time the young adept has to turn his gaze away because of a mild shyness. "Forgive me, I am being quite blunt. I simply was so drowning into my own works to the duchess herself that I did not receive any patrons for awhile and forgotten the joy of coloring the shape of a body."

"Yes. I got an invitation and was curious about it. I plan to attend." At Melville's words Elliot blinks and studies him with a blooming heat to his eyes. He reaches out and gently turns that gaze back towards him with a gentle touch to Melville's chin. "I would be delighted to offer my body as a canvas for you. But I would like you to return the favor. I have never done such a thing though…you will have to teach me. But it would please me greatly to learn if you are willing?" He smiles at the young man his gaze tender and soft.

Melville smiles staring into these deep blue orbs of the lord and offers a small nod, "It would be my pleasure to teach you, m'lord. You will see that painting on the body of another, sharing your dreams and feelings through colors is the best healing potions. It heals your mind and offers a warm relief. And when we find peace of our mind, we are strong and healthy." An adept chuckles, "After all, winter is close and who knows how cold it's going to be!"

"Thank you. I will come by soon to arrange a contract. Will you attend the Bardic competition, you could come as my guest if other plans have not been made?" Elliot smiles at Melville. "I wish to play for you either way. Perhaps it will inspire you further?" He moves a bit closer and nods. "You are right though winter is dreadfully cold and is best faced with warmth close by and there is nothing warmer to me than shared affections." Elliot blushes a bit. "I would kiss you but I worry that it might frighten you off."

Melville slides a bit closer to Elliot and he raises his hand in order to tuck a small lock of the lord's hair behind his ear. His fingers are soft and still have an old remnants of paint under the nails. "It would be an honor to be your guest and see you play in front of the audience. And lets make a deal, m'lord, just to add a bit of excitement to the competition. If you win, then I will be the one who kisses you. Otherwise, we will have to wait with that… But now…" He pushes himself off, and dives under the water. When he gets out to catch a breath, he also adds, "We are here to swim, m'lord, aren't we?" The adept laughs and dives again trying to swim to the other end of the pool.

Elliot chuckles and ducks his head downwards with a blush. "Very well, we have a deal then." As Melville pulls away he watches and as the young adept moves to swim away he gives chase with a laugh of delight. "Indeed we are." He splashes a bit of water that way as he tries to catch up.

When it seems that Elliot is close to catch up, a young adept stops and sends a splash of water to the man's face as well. This is followed by his playful laugh. "I am sorry, m'lord! I am not used to lose!" However, he does not continue a swim. "Though, if you plan on getting on a stage soon, I believe you shall get out of the water and cool down a bit. As I said, you don't want to catch a throat ache. Plus, you may need to change your clothes. No offense but… You are not planning to go on a stage wearing these?" He points at Elliot's current attire hanged in the dressing area.

Elliot laughs as he is suddenly splashed in the face. "Its okay. I'm a graceful loser." He grins cheerfully. "Yes. I should go prepare. It was very nice meeting you Lord Melville. I look forward to seeing you again." He swims over to the edge and gets up out of the water before going off to dry and dress. A final wave is given before he leaves.

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