(1310-09-05) A Rose's Thorns
Summary: A meeting in the Rose Sauvage Garden
RL Date: Sep 5, 2018
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Gardens - La Rose Sauvage

The gardens of La Rose Sauvage offer a different ambience and atmosphere than that of the more oppressive and richly ornate salon. Tall casement windows spill out onto a paved area which gives way to neatly arranged flowerbeds, where a predominance of roses pay homage to the canons encompassed by this salon. The paths are of a dark granite grey which have softened over the years by the enroachment of mosses and lichens, with smaller paths winding off through the beds. It's here along these secluded paths that arborial areas and private nooks might be found, and where privacy is granted to those that seek it through flowering hedges and curtained awnings.

A fountain plays at the centre of the garden, the copper figures of two nude women, long since mellowed to a soft verdigris, spill water from shells into a pool at its base. The main pathway through the garden leads to a terracotta tiled courtyard that sits towards the farthest end, the walls here flanked by creeping ivys which cloak the walls in scarlet and orange during the autumn months. An oiled silk awning hangs over the courtyard to give shelter from both sun and rain, and oil lamps light the area when evening falls.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and clear.

Into the Garden comes the lean form of Aisan, the Camlaech lord wearing black and white today. White silk shirt. Black silk pants tucked into black leather boots. White gloves the type swordsmen use cover his hands and a short cape is worn, also in white with black trim. The symbol of the Aiglemort house emblazed on the back and over the heart. His blonde hair is slightly messy, windswept, but it suits him rather well. His usual sword is on his hip in it's sheath, the broadsword rather elegant in design. Making his way through the paths he meanders casually. Looking for something. Someone. Not in a rush though or at least he doesn't seem to be in one.

There's a simple white blanket spread on the ground in a quiet corner of the garden, nestled beneath a low hanging tree. Curled up on that blanket, with a lap blanket draped over her lap is Bijoux. She's got a small plate of sweet pastries on the blanket next to her, and her back is leaning against the tree. Her knees are pulled up and balanced on her knees is a thick book that looks quite old. She's idly nibbling at the sweets as she reads, and the bodyguard standing nearby looks quite bored.

Finding the white blanket in the corner of the garden after a long perusal of the whole place, Aisan smiles as he spots who's curled up on it with her pastries and a book. As he approaches he starts to take off his gloves to tuck them into his sword belt: "Is it a good book?" He asks curiously, pale blue eyes flow over her form, what he can see anyways, wrapped in the blanket and against the tree: "It is yet another day, and here I am once again." He chuckles softly and gestures to the blanket that isn't pulled up around her: "May I join you? I know. No touching."

When Bijoux glances up from her book she seems almost startled, but her face lights up in a brilliant smile as she realizes who has interrupted her reverie. "Viscomte! I was hoping you'd come visit today!" She pats the blanket in front of her and closes the book. She rests it carefully next to her and she gives a sheepish smile. "It's instructional, my lord, but quite interesting indeed. Please do join me. It's been quite a day!"

"Every day." Aisan answers with a smile and he moves ot sit down on the blanket careful to keep his boots from getting the white blanket all dirty. He adjusts the sword on his hip so he can half sit and half lean on that side with one hand helping to support his weight: "An instructional book to a novice? I bet that is more interesting than you let on for those of us outside of Naamah's service." His smile widens mischieviously. His free hand reaches out to lightly touch not her, but the blanket over her knee gently. Probably enough to be felt: "Every day I will come visit you, and if I cannot have you as mine, then every day I will contract you, and the moment you are out of recovery I will do so again. And again. Until you relent. I will buy your marque all at once, or over the space of years."

Bijoux smiles warmly at Aisan's words and when he touches the blanket her own hand moves to his, resting lightly atop it. "Until I relent, my lord? You make it sound as if I'd be unhappy for that to happen." Her fingertips trace his fingers as she pulls her hand away. "I adore you, my lord. If I weren't in the service of Naamah I'd freely give you everything I had to give. I am, though, so we must work within those confines. The worst case scenario is that it takes some time for my marque to be complete and then I'm free to make my own choices. There are worse things."

"It is as I said. If I cannot make a deal with the Salon to purchase your marque out right I will buy it every day even when you are in recovery from my attentions and affections. You will be lavished with gifts and my attention. It will be more costly but still very much worth it. I will consider it a minor price to pay to have you as mine." Aisan seems very determined, his expression is not playful, it is completely serious. There is a heat in his eyes, the tightening of his jaw. Something about Bijoux has the man completely enflamed and impassioned. Shifting a bit closer he murmurs softly into her ear for her alone: "This passion I feel for you. I have never felt it before. I have been with Courtesans before of course but you are different to me, my Bijoux. We may always love as we will, but all of my love belongs to you."

The warmth of his breath against her ear makes her press closer to him, but she glances up toward the bodyguard as she does. Her hand lifts to caress his cheek as he whispers, and as he pulls away her hand drops back to her knee lightly. "Do you prefer valerian courtesans, my lord? Are you…." her voice falters and she says, "Are you a particularly harsh patron?"

The fingers on the blanket over her knee squeezes gently, then more firmly. Not enough to bruise but definitely enough to feel the strength in his touch: "I do. Occasionally an Alyssum. Occasionally a Glycine. Most often it is Valerian's that earn my touch. My command. The feel of rope binding them how I choose and where I choose. The sting of whip. Of crop. Of flogger. Of hands and teeth. The burn of candle wax. The flame itself. Until I hear their Signale. At that moment is when I take them to a different breaking point hmm? As for harshness… that depends on my mood. Some days I enjoy dispensing pain. Others I enjoy the domination and control more, some days I desire just a lover in my arms and spasming around me as I take her."

Bijoux shivers and whispers, "I met a nobleman in the bakery today. He said the night of the debut is always awful and cruel and…. I wasn't scared before, but I think perhaps I am now. I mean… I've been trained for many years to handle pain, but… he made it sound horrific. I fear he'll show up and bid as well, and if he wins….." She shakes her head as tears well in her eyes, "I'm scared."

Aisan falls quiet to listen to her whisper, his fingers tightening on her knee through the blanket gently this time. It's a comforting stroke as if trying to assure her that he is there and can always be there. He remains silent even when she is finished but he pulls his head back so he can look into her teary eyes. Letting go of her knee Aisan reaches up to rub with the tip of his thumb along the underside of her ears one after the other, trying to wipe the tears away: "He is not wrong in some respects. It /can/ be horrible. It can /always/ be horrible. You are a Red Rose, a Valerian, there will be those whom have no desire to pleasure you. There will be those whom only wish to make you suffer. There will be those whom will not care about your emotions. All they will want to do is rip your signale from your lips as often as they can. That can happen at /any/ time. Not just your debut. You have been trained for those times. For those types of Patrons or you would not be having your debut." Aisan's eyes remain on her own as he speaks softly but firmly. He is not trying to sugar coat it. It is what it is: "A debut can sometimes draw the most extreme. Those who only truly derive pleasure when they are defiling something pure but they forget one thing: It is not defilement. Their actions are still giving worship to Naamah. As hard and as harsh as they think they can be they cannot stop you from doing your duty. From giving yourself to Her. There is nothing to be afraid of because Naamah wills it to be."

Aisan's hand cups her cheek gently, just a cup. Surely that is allowed! His thumb tip strokes along the corner of her eye again: "Never forget that this is how you have chosen to serve her. If it is to much for you then you should leave the Salon now." He pauses a moment and then says fiercely: "Make no mistake Bijoux, I intend to win your debut. Not even the depths of my whole vicomte's bank account will limit me. I will have you as mine."

Bijoux's bottom lip is pulled by her teeth as she nibbles it, and she nods to him. "If someone else wins my debut….will you still feel the same about me, I wonder?" There's a sadness to her words and she scoots a little closer to him. Her head tilts to press against the hand as it cups her cheek. Her eyes drift closed and she basks in the nearness that Aisan afffords. "I would hurt for you gladly, my lord. In any way you wish… I promise you that."
As she nestles against his body the nearby guard coughs, and gives her a pointed look. She lifts her head and plucks up one of the pastries. She extends it toward Aisan and murmurs, "Would you like a taste? They're quite delicious." Her tongue slides over her lips and she murmurs very quietly, "I wish I could feel your lips on mine for a kiss. Just one kiss. It might be worth the punishment…"

"Yes." Aisan says firmly with no room for doubt: "Even if you had had your debut before I ever arrived I would still want you as mine. I would already be in talks to buy your marque however much remained of it. If you had earned your Marque already drawn fully upon your back I would be entering into negotiations to have you released from the Salon and to me as my Consort now. Instead of sharing pastries and stolen touches you would be in my rooms at the Aiglemort estate, serving Naamah with me. No matter how this ends up, even as my consort, your live will still be devoted to Her. It would only change in that it would be you and I together always and you would not have to worry about abuse from those who frighten you."

Aisan smiles at her and lowers his hand from her cheek with one last brush of his thumb. This time along the corner of her mouth when the Guard starts getting antsy about how long their contact has been going on: "If you wished I would not wait for your debut. I would pay your training price now so that you did not ever have to take an assignation with anyone else but me, never have to debut. We would do that together you and I."

"Taking assignations is what I've been trained for.. since I was so young. I can't even imagine it.. walking away from it all. What if you don't like me once… you know." She shakes her head and her hand moves to run through the blonde locks that spill over her shoulders. "You might not, you know. There are so many better courtesans in our house. Courtesans that would gladly accept assignations from you. Imagine if it turns out awful and then you're stuck with me?" She shakes her head again and says, "No, we must stick with the plan. We have to. It's the way things are done." She shifts slightly and moves the blanket over her lap to cover his hand, which she clasps underneath the blanket. "If Naamah has willed this connection we have then she will clear the way for it. I'm certain of it."

"Then do not let that man's words get to you. Your debut is just an assignation." Aisan tells her with a smile: "It will be the assignation that makes you a woman and opens your service to Naamah but, in the grand scheme of things? Is it really any different than any other? All assignations should be special. They all serve as worship. I promise you this: Even if somehow, someway, I do not win your debut my plans will not change. The only thing that can make them change is you telling me you don't want me. That you would rather remain a Courtesan rather than my Consort. I am positive I will want you. I am positive you will be everything I dream and more. I am positive that Naamah has brought us together, you and I. That we are meant to be."

Aisan's hand under the blanket takes hold of hers, gently squeezing with a rub of his thumb along her hand through the blanket. Over her fingers and teasing along her knuckles: "Believe me." He tells her firmly: "I know what I want. I want you."

Bijoux blushes and whispers quietly, "I want you too." Her hand shifts to allow her fingertips to brush against Aisan's and she lets out a soft sigh. "Even if someone else manages to outbid you we must only wait a short time after my debut. Hopefully the recovery won't take too long. Whoever wins could be sweet and gentle. We don't know." She starts to shift on the blanket and she murmurs, "I must go. I have a lesson this evening. We must still attend classes you know, now more than ever."

Aisan squeezes her hand before she goes: "I am going to win that debut." He promises: "And I will not be sweet and gentle."

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