(1310-09-03) Marsilikos Tournament: Archery Competition
Summary: The archery contest of the tournament.
RL Date: Mon Sep 03, 1310
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Tournament Field — Eisandine Countryside

The wind billows pennants and banners as far as the eye can see, here. The terrain is generally flat, with some signs that areas of the plain might have been built up to help flatten it— one corner in particular overlooks a steep downward hill. The plain is partitioned off by fences into walkways and competition grounds, and in the middle of each set of fences feet have long worn away the grass, leaving the centers of each area naught but earth and dust, all the better not to accidentally trod in a hole and break oneself.

On the western edge of the field a huge mass of stands has been erected out of fresh beams of wood, all redolent of pine and of cedar, nailed in place with giant iron stakes and sturdy enough to stand firm below the mass of humanity which moves onto and off of it every day during the tournament competitions. Opposite the stands are the brightly colored pavilia, each with its banner waving overhead, where the competitors of each family might store equipment, rest and prepare. In the middle of the pavilia is a raised stand where the Duchesse, her family, and invited VIPs may sit under a canopy of their own and watch the games from closer to the action.

Part 1

Weather conditions have calmed after a downpour started off this early September day. Luckily enough, the sun has come out in the late hours of morning, which means the archery contests can be run as planned today, the first official day of the annual competitions. Targets have been set up on the far side of the tournament field to allow for contestants to take part in the competition in groups of four to six people. As the first group of contestants goes into their last preparations on the field, a herald repeats the general rules of the contest. There will be three rounds of increasing difficulty, with three arrows shot at their target per contestant. Depending on where on the target an arrow hits, there will be points awarded. Three failed shots within one round will lead to an archer being eliminated from the contest.

A cheering crowd has gathered in the stands, and with the herald finishing his announcement there is a ruckus of excited shouts and exchanges.

A young Tsingani is already prepared for his first tournament. He is standing there close to the spot where the shooting will start. He sways to the sides slowly brushing one of his arrow heads with a side of his colorful shirt. His bow and arrows seem to be old and used more than once. He also wears a bunch of those pendants, anklets,rings and other jewelry as a sign of the culture he comes from.

Through sheer good fortune, Yun's arrival in this new city…and country…coincided with a tournament. Interested in seeing how the locals perform, the Chi'in native has entered into the archery competition; though it would be better if they were riding while shooting. Her dark eyes studying her competitors as checks the pull of her bow. The dark haired woman dressed simply in boots, loose pants, and a padded jerkin over her plain white doublet.

Fleur has decided to participate in competition today, and stands waiting to be called with the other contestants for the second round of the archery contest. Whilst she's certainly not renowned for her prowess with a bow,the reason for her deicision might lie in form of an excited five-year old boy from whom she now disentangles her hand "Yes Bastien, I will try my best. I shall even close my eyes and imagine that it is Madam Fauvier at the bottom of the field, and not the target." Her answer is met by delighted laughter, and she swings the lad up and plants a kiss to his cheek before handing him over to the care of his nanny. There's a wiggle of her fingers as both he and her daughter are ushered off to a place of safety behind the ropes by the nanny and an escort of guards, before she makes her way back to where the next round is now being called. She wears a simple gown of russet today, the sleeves close-fitting so as not to interfere with the drawing of the bow's string, and the wheat-gold lengths of her hair are restrained within a finely meshed cowl. "Good afternoon," she greets her fellow competitors. "May the companions guide all of our arrows with accuracy today. Good luck."

Charlène Morhban de Fhirze is among those on the field. The Dowager Marquise de Fhirze wears her long dark tresses braided and pinned up with hair needles to keep it from hampering her whilst taking aim. Her attire is similarly functional, a fine riding dress which allows free movement, an arm guard of leather strapped about her lower left arm for protection. After walking towards her spot with the help of her cane, that same cane has been handed to a servant as she now stands on her own, quiver of nine arrows placed where she can easily reach it, and a fine hunting bow held now loosely in her hand. A glance and a vague smile is offered to Fleur, Yun and Abraham. As she holds herself with the pride of her House, chin lifted slightly. Fleur's words elicits a deepening of that smile. "May Camael guide our arrows and make them hit true.", Charlene responds. Before her gaze returns to the aim.

"Ready your first arrows," the herald calls, standing back. After which three first volleys of the contestants will assault the as of yet unscathed targets.

<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged: Success. (6 7 4 3 4 2)
<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged: Success. (6 8 2 6 6 4)
<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged: Failure. (1 6 1 4 6 5)

<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged: Good Success. (8 1 1 1 6 2 5 8 5)
<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged: Good Success. (2 1 2 8 7 2 5 5 4)
<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged: Good Success. (4 3 5 2 6 4 8 1 7)

<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged: Good Success. (3 1 8 2 1 1 5 8 6 3)
<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged: Good Success. (7 6 6 5 3 8 4 1 6 5)
<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged: Good Success. (5 8 6 3 7 6 2 3 8 6)

<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged: Success. (5 8 2 4 4 1 6)
<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged: Good Success. (4 7 7 4 4 5 5)
<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged: Success. (6 5 8 6 4 1 1)

When the herald gives a sign, Abraham stands forward. He takes his first arrow and aims. He stands there frozen for a minute before releasing the first arrow. Not even flinching or changing his position,he immediately grabs two other arrows and lets it go one after another before even the first hits the target. All three arrows hit the inner ring

Charlene narrows her brown eyes as she takes aim, carefully, her back straight, knees as flexible as possible as she places the arrow against the string, pulling it back against the increasing pressure; trying to keep her hands steady. The first arrow hits the outer ring. The second at the same distance to the center, on the opposite side. The third going past the target draws a slightly frustrated sigh from her lips.

Yun's two fellow female competitors seem to be rather important - nannies and servants. At their wishes of good luck the Chi'in woman offers a nod of thanks, even braving a slight smile. Then her expression turns serious as the herald calls on them to shoot. Yun uses the thumb draw technique - as most do in her homeland - loosing three arrows in rapid succession. All three thudding into the inner circle, each still quivering from the impact as she lowers her bow once more. A respectful nod for Abraham with his similar grouping. A sympathetic wince as one of Charlene's arrows impales some grass beyond the target.

Fleur is handed her bow and quiver by a servant in the livery of House Valais, and she slips the strap of the quiver crosswise from shoulder to hip before filing onto the tournament field in a line with the others. Fingers are adjusted within the brace that she wraps about her hand and her wrist, and an arrow is fetched from her quiver. She handles herself with style, showing competence thrice over in the drawing of her bowstring. Zip. Zip. Zip. Her arrows fly true, two sinking themselves in the outer ring, and one in the inner. There's a cheer from a certain section of the crowd that press to the ropes, and most especially so from a Comte-to-be, the lad lofted upon the shoulders of one of his guards. It can only be imagined what he is shouting, but it has his curly-headed sister squealing in delight and clapping her hands.

"Mademosielle Yun and Monsieur Abraham take the lead… each now at 6 points in their score. Lady Fleur Courcel de Valais follows, at 4 points. Lady Charlene Morhban de Fhirze… at 2 points. All four archers proceed to the next round", the herald calls, announcing the result of the first round. A wave of his hand gestures for a number of lads to put the targets a bit further back. After which he gives the sign for the next round to commence.

<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged-2: Failure. (6 3 4 4 4 3 5)
<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (3 8 4 4 8 7 1)
<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (4 1 8 8 8 2 5)

<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (3 5 7 7)
<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged-2: Success. (5 8 2 4)
<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged-2: Failure. (1 2 1 6)

<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged-2: Failure. (4 1 6 3 4)
<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (6 4 8 5 8)
<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged-2: Success. (1 8 5 6 2)

<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (3 7 2 3 7 5 4 3)
<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged-2: Success. (6 8 5 6 2 2 6 1)
<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (3 5 1 3 7 6 7 8)

The young Tsingani man takes another set of three arrows when the herald asks them to shoot again. He once more quite simply stands into the right spot, aims and releases arrows one after another. However, he is in a slower pace this time. The first arrows goes once more into the inner circle. The second arrow hits the outer circle on the other side. That does not steal away a casual and relaxed smile from Abraham's features, though. The third arrow once again hits the inner circle. He looks at the other opponents, especially Lady Fleur. A man offers a smile to her and then his gaze wanders to find her children in the crowd. If he notices them, he would give a casual wave.

Yun steadies herself as the target is moved further back. This should not be any more difficult than hunting on the Steppes, so when her first arrow thuds into the ground in front of the target, she is momentarily horrified. The next two arrows save her blushes a little by hitting the inner circle but how to explain that first attempt? The arrow was bent? A sudden gust of wind? Yun was distracted by overeager children? Or maybe it was the result of cockiness. Probably the last one.

Fleur turns where she stands, and waves a hand to her children after the first round of arrows have been verified and the scores announced by the Herald. They wave back. "Hurrah Maman! Hurrah!" Laughter breaks upon Fleur's lips, and she makes a show of crossing her fingers on that upheld hand before turning back to face the targets. Goodness, what a difference a few paces to the distance can make, and her eyes narrow as she judges the distance that now lies between. Thunk. Her first arrow plants itself in the grass in front of the target, falling short by a good metre or more. Lips purse, and it's with determination and the additional knowledge of how much extra is required to pin her arrows in the target that she lets fly with the following two; the first of which clipping the inner ring to score itself higher than the one that follows. "Necklace man!" Giselle's spotted Abraham when he turns to wave, and there's a shy wave given him back. "Nice shooting," Fleur calls over to Abraham, acknowledging the superior placement of his arrows over her own.

Maybe a Morhban grows with the challenge? Charlene for her part seems to step up her game a little, when her first arrow hits the inner ring. A triumphant smile forms upon her features, even if it dims a little, as her next arrow strikes at the outer ring. And the third, as if concentration leaves her, misses the target altogether, and lands upon the field somewhere further away.

There is a cheer that goes through the crowd, for each of these inner ring hits. The herald steps closer to inspect the targets, one by one, before he raises his voice again to announce the current score. "Monsieur Abraham takes the lead, at 11 points, closely followed by Mademoiselle Yun at 10. Third place currently is Lady Fleur de Valais at 7 points, and Lady Charlene de Fhirze currently follows at 5. All proceed to the last round. Again. Targets are to be set further back to the next mark." His instruction is followed, and now the final round of arrow shots will decide the outcome, of this part of the contest.

<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged-4: Success. (4 8 4)
<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged-4: Good Success. (7 7 2)
Fleur spends 1 luck points on Mastershot.
<FS3> Fleur rolls Ranged+16: Great Success. (6 8 6 1 1 6 7 4 1 7 4 5 6 3 3 8 3 6 1 2)

<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged-4: Good Success. (2 7 6 7 1)
<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged-4: Failure. (3 3 5 5 3)
Yun spends 1 luck points on Mastershot.
<FS3> Yun rolls Ranged+16: Good Success. (1 4 6 6 6 6 5 6 3 3 6 6 8 5 5 7 1 5 7 3)

<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged-4: Success. (5 5 2 5 2 8)
<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged-4: Great Success. (5 1 7 7 7 8)
Abraham spends 1 luck points on Mastershot.
<FS3> Abraham rolls Ranged+16: Great Success. (3 6 7 2 5 1 3 3 1 5 6 4 2 8 3 1 4 7 7 5)

<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged-4: Success. (5 8)
Charlene spends 1 luck points on Mastershot attempt.
<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged+16: Amazing Success. (3 6 1 1 7 1 2 8 1 8 4 2 1 4 8 3 1 8 8 5)
<FS3> Charlene rolls Ranged-4: Failure. (6 1)

"Thank you, m'lady," Abraham answers to Fleur, "Your talent impresses me as well!" But then he focuses once more on the target and the competition. He draws three more arrows in a very casual manner as if he wouldn't even be trying to win. It was more an entertainment than a real competition to him. So, the first arrow hits the outer circle and the two others reach the inner one. After that, the Tsingani simply takes his bow, puts it back on the shoulder and looks at one of the staff who helped to arrange the event. "Can I take my arrows back? They are re-usable for me. Expensive."

After receiving an answer, the man also turns back to Fleur. "What are your children and you are planning to do now? Would you like to go get something to eat and drink some wine, maybe?"

Fleur draws a deep and cleansing breath, her shoulders squaring as she stands sideways to the newly distanced targets. What target? That tiny thing there, way off in the distance. She nocks an arrow to her string and draws it back, back, back. Perhaps she's mindful of her first attempt at the last distance and is determined that the first of this next round doesn't suffer the other one's fate. She holds it… holds it… holds it, filtering all but the sounds of her childrens' voices from the general noise of the crowd.A mother can never truly not hear her own offspring! Thwick. Thwack. Thwick. She lines them up like ducks across the target, each arrow scoring higher than the last. "Oh goodness, they all hit?" It's to Abraham that she asks the question, perhaps since that outcome had been quite unexpected. "And oh. Thank you but no. I am here with my family and will be expected to show face there. I do hope that your score is enough to win you a placing however."

It all comes down to the last round. Yun takes a deep breath and then looses all three arrows in another blur of movement. An inner circle hit. Then an arrow that hits the target with the shaft rather than the arrowhead, spinning off to one side. The third hits the inner circle but compared to her competitors, it seems her luck has deserted her. "Such is life" she sighs to herself, unstringing her bow while the winner is determined - though she knows it is not her. "Hey!" she calls out to the same groundsman that Abraham addressed. "He can have my arrows too. Maybe not the one that split when it hit the edge, that one you can put on a fire."

The further away the targets are, the calmer Charlene Morhban de Fhirze appears. Her focus seems to increase, as she leans forward to pull the next arrow from the quiver to place it against the bow string. The first arrow hits the outer ring, but even so, there is a murmur going through the crowd. Perhaps they were already taking bets whether she would manage to hit the target after all? The dark haired lady seems only to be spurred on by the success of her first shot, with a soft exhale she increases her focus, eyes staying fixed on the bull's eye so far away… and the impossible thing happens! With a sound TWONK, the second arrow sinks into the very center of the target, and a roar goes through the crowd of spectators. It does not matter that the third arrow goes astray, no one is really paying attention, when Charlene managed such an impressive shot.

Again, targets are meticulously inspected and points counted by the herald. "Quiet please!", he calls, waiting until the crowd has fallen silent enough for him to announce the results of the first part. "Lady Charlene Morhban de Fhirze… manages an impressive 11 points, saved by her phenomenal last round of shots. Lady Fleur Courcel de Valais surpasses her, if only slightly. Her score is 13 points!" There is a pause, and the herald looks towards the remaining two contestants. "Mademoiselle Yun comes out second place for this part, beating Lady Fleur by one point, at a score of 14. Which leaves us with Monsieur Abraham as winner. His victory is a clear one, at 18 points. We shall see about how the next contestants will fare."

Third! The herald's announcement of her placing has a smile melting over her face to rival those of her children. As arrows are returned, she strips the heavy brace from her arm, then hands her bow and quiver to one of the servants before slipping beneath the ropes and into the excited embrace of her family. "Did you really pretend it was Madam Fauvier, Maman?" Questions on questions, delight upon delight, Fleur takes the hands of her children and the small party slip through the crowds with their next destination promising to be baker's stand, or a confectioner's wares.

Yun seems happy with second. Abraham was better than her, she will happily admit that. And the other women certainly pulled a trick shot from the hat when they needed to, so it was no shame to be runner-up in such auguste company. A quick look to ensure she has all of her equipment before she too heads off through the crowds. A last 'Well done' to her competitors who are still there before the foreigner disappears in the direction of her home away from home.

Charlène does not look too disappointed, her final overall score was much better than the first round of the competition had implied. And can it be called defeat, to fail only by points, when she of all managed the one master shot that hit right into the bull's eye? There is pride in her bearing as she lets her dark eyes drift over the crowd, hearing their cheers and knowing they might be cheering a little for her as well. Gesturing for her servant to approach and hand her the cane she then limps to the sidelines, knowing that he would retrieve and carry her archery gear.

Part 2

Gemma left her hired hack at the stabling area and followed the other watchers to the tournament field. Mindful of the weather of late she has a cloak over one arm, ready to be put on at the first sign of rain. Lifting her skirt a bit, Gemma makes her way across the bare ground.

Augustin follows the crowds in from the direction o the city, dressed easily to watch the competition. A simple dark blue tunic, dark trousers and shined boots, with his curved sword slung through his sword belt. But apparently he is repping the family as well, with a half cape of rich blue with gold stars embroidered in them dangling from one shoulder.

Ailene enters the tourney field, on the arm of Lord Thibault Charlot. She is rosy faced and excited, if her eyes are any giveaway, which they usually are. They are are dancing and twinkling in anticipation of the event. She is dressed rather plainly, too. A practical green dress of cotton, with a square bodice. Her bracers are simple black leather. Her waist is cinched by a black leather corset and her green skirt hangs to her ankles. She wears a pair of knee high, black leather lace up boots. She didn't know if the contest provided its own arrows or not, so she wears a quiver with her own, just in case. In her free hand, the one not claimed by Thibault, she carries her bow. As soon as she enters, she sees her big brother and her face lights up. She waves her bow at him and gives him a proud, Trevalion grin. She also sees Gemma and waves at her, too. She then turns to her companion and whispers something to him, before letting go of his arm, a little regretfully even, and walking over to where the contestants are supposed to be.

Jehan-Pascal never really thought he'd be out amongst those competing in the games, at least not the… physical ones. He's been working for a while now on an entry for next week's poetry contest, but something in the air or a rush of confidence inspired by his first pieces of new apparel has got him sort of haplessly restless and willing to take an L next to some of the real athletes and soldiers in Marsilikos' ranks. He's looking smart again, this evening, leaning on his bow, wearing that deep crimson jacket with the tails he's grown rather enamored of, but open, today, with a fine grey silk shirt below, left just open enough to be fetching and casual while not so far as to be crass or flashy. The soft, billowing blouse is tucked into the supple fit of his riding trousers below a tall mahogany-colored belt that separates grey from dun. Knee-high riding boots are narrow and stylish, better to look good on a horse than to ride on one for long. He's got an embroidered quiver on his back and a drinking skin held to his hip by a hide shoulder-strap. He spots Ailene heading over to join him and gives her a cheerful little wave. "Afternoon."

Tournament grounds is once again the destination for Narcisse and no this time it is no spitting contest he is competing in. It is the true official archery contest. And as thus he has at least chosen to not wear any jewelry that might get in the way while competing or even worse lost somewhere on the ground. Still he is wearing a silken tunic of silvery colour, the Trevalion emblem embroidered on it in a navy blue that sticks out. He himself has brought his own quiver as well of the finest goat leather. Spotting his cousin on the arm of another Lord he knows, there's a dark brown eyebrow arching more in amusement than in confusion at her blush, but he makes his way over to the two, shortly inclining his head "Lord Thibault." he addresses the man and then his cousin, mirth sparkling in his eyes but he bites his tongue there "Dear cousin. Competing as well I see."

Aedhwyn is perhaps a little late to the tournament but when she comes out…oh my! She is in fine barbarian form wearing patterns of woad and paint all over every visible inch of her body and there's quite a bit of it.

Aisan makes his way through the tournament fields looking like he is here by chance as he is still wearing travelling garb. Taking off his riding gloves he shakes them out and tucks them into his swordbelt blowing hair out of his face before raking his fingers through the blonde mess. Definitely has just been riding there is grime of the road on his face. Heading to a bucket of water he dips a handkerchief into it and starts wiping his face and neck down to make himself more presentable on his way to watch and observe.

It's like a lost dog that the barefoot, blue clad, brown haired man stumbles into the tournament grounds. He drifts over to the competition grounds before being ushered away and then over to the stands where he wanders into without much mind "so many people here, it must be true what they say about Eisheth and archers."

Augustin grins a little bit and waves to his sister as he sees her. When he notes the Lord next to her — the same one from the feast, it seems — he raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything further as he moves to sit down in one of the provided viewing areas to take in the tournament.

Catching Ailene's greeting, Gemma dips into a curtsey before lifting her hand and waving to the other woman, a smile moving quickly over her features. She keeps to the stands but she makes sure she gets a good seat so she can watch all the arrivals. Around her neck is a little clay necklace with holes, some sort of musical flute.

Another figure joins the other competitors as stands start to fill with spectators - tall and svelte, Isabelle de Valais is made all the more so with her ensemble, as always something from her private collection: a high-collared, sleeveless dress dyed a deep crimson fits her torso and hips snugly before the silk gives way to a loose configuration, pooling towards the grass and slit high on either ends, both daring gaps of fabric stopping at the upper thigh; painstaking, intricate embroider runs entirely on one side of the dress, from the edge of her collar, to the hem of her long skirt, wrought from gold and black thread - an arrangement of swirling branches set now and then by small gilded birds and their more ominous shadows. Whatever lengths of lightly sun-kissed skin that would have been shown are obscured by very long boots with heels thin enough to punch through a body, pulled over the knees and clasped shut by thin black buckles. One one seemingly endless limb, glimpses of a golden ribbon is visible, tied high upon her left thigh; upon it dangles a small crystal charm, refracting the light of the dying day in a spray of rainbow motes.

Gloves of snug black leather are pulled up high past the elbows - opera gloves made for archery, though there are fingers missing from the right hand - only the thumb and the index finger are covered, the rest left bare.

"A fine day for shooting," she greets Ailene and Jehan-Pascal. There's an appraising eye on both her fellow contestants before her smile broadens. "I suppose there is some comfort to be had that if any of us lose, we'll at least make it look fabulous."

She slides her fingers over the arch of her recurve bow in a reverent, almost loving fashion. Fingers lift, to tip a salute towards Augustin in the stands, standing out in his blue half-cape and golden stars.

Thibault arrives with Ailene on his arm and a smile on his lips, the pair exchanging words that has him in turn look at her with amused skepticism and laughing. He is dressed in all black, save for the red leather belt around his waist. It's a much more simple attire than he usually wears but more than presentable enough for the event. As they near the competition area, he leans down and lets her whisper something in his ear, giving her a few slow nods in answer to whatever she said with a playful smirk barely contained. Then Another Trevalion he knows approaches them. "Lord Narcisse." He greets the man. "We missed you at yesterday's opening ceremony. I am glad to see you have not decided to skip the tournament altogether." He looks back to Ailene, with a smile. "Best of luck, m'lady, may Azza guide your arrows to hit true." He lets her go and stands there for a moment, watching as she walks of to where the competitors are gathering, before moving to the stands where he can get the best possible view of the action.

Finding a relatively out of the way place to stand, likely with the commoners, Aisan leans against a post to watch the ensuing archery tournament and also to observe the interactions between those at the more noble seating area. A hand reaches up to run fingers along his chin and neck as he listens to the commoners gossip about who and what and gets names where he can when certain notable individuals are mentioned in passing. Ah commoners. Great sources of gossip.

Marco picks his way out and into the stands. It's clear he's not planning to compete rather set up with a heavier cloak to enjoy the day and sipping at a flask from underneath it. He searches out a seat considering the different groupings and decides on a place midway up the stands to observe looking with interest as to who is competing.

Aedhwyn has with her one of the Alban longbows, though meant for her size and strength. It is said that one of these can skewer a man to the ground at 300 paces. She is looking rather fierce, the swirling pattern forming lights and shadows the play over her body. Down her spine there is a single unbroken line of woad that peeks out from beneath her hair as it swings in her braid. Despite her rather frightening countenance, she smiles and pauses to wave at the crowd. She moves at a jog the rest of the way, not because she is late but because everyone needs that slow motion run at least once in their lives. She smiles at those in the competition she recognizes, a slightly more enthusiastic one for Ailene.

Ailene, also carrying a longbow like Aedhwyn, stops and gapes at her cousin, Narcisse. "Pray to Azza!" she exclaims. "You mean to say that you are actually /competing/?" she asks him, blinking. She steps closer to him, sniffing. "Have you been drinking?" she asks him suspiciously. "I have never known you to…" She just shakes her head. "WEll, I commend you on your bravery, Sissy." she tells him and slaps his shoulder. "Best of luck!" She smiles and waves to Isa and Aedy. JP also gets a smile and a nod of greeting. She looks back to Thibault then and gives a big smile and flutter of lashes before she turns back to the gathering, ready for action.

Anse drifts through the assembled nobles on the stands, occasionally giving a sideways look at this person or that as if he’s looking for someone or something. That focus melts away though as he comes to the edge of the noble stands nearby where Aisan found himself and he oohs "oh, is this where we get to talk about the nobles in peace?" He asks more or less to himself as he looks around the assembled commoners here for the tournament.

Jehan-Pascal grins back over at Isabelle when she quips re: the comeliness of the evening's participant spread. "We clean up pretty well," he adds, to no real import, more something to say and carry on that genial tone than anything else, eyes drawn, as eyes would be wont to do, to the slow-mo jog in body paint Aden is performing on her way out with that monster bow of hers. "I've a feeling we're all about to be put tidily away. Is it too late for me to commission a funeral shroud?" he asks the designer. Then, a notion sparked in his mind, "Ah — sorry. Too grim? I hope everything's well with your mother, I missed our luncheon this week," he murmurs apologetically. "Let me know where and I'll have some flowers sent, yes?" he goes on, quite contrite. His contrition meets a force of attrition in Marco's arrival over there in the stands, and he gives a quiet flutter of a wave, probably not even visible from over there, one cut off when the trumpets sound a fanfare for attention, and a herald steps forward to bellow:


The red-haired young Trevalion gets a smile and a wave in return. "May fortune smile on all of us today, yes?" Isabelle says, spinning her recurve bow deftly with one hand; nothing so cumbersome as the longbows in the field, the weapon is a sleek, deadly thing made out of sturdy wood treated with natural black lacquer so dark, light seems to soak completely within it where it hits. Clearly well-maintained, well-loved….and well-used, considering the lady huntress' particular predilections. An index finger subtly tests the tension on the string.

There's a glance towards Aedwhyn, dressed in her proud native regalia…and dark-and-gold eyes wandering to the marque framing one eye so fetchingly. "Well, between you and me, dear, all my money is on you this afternoon," she tells Jehan-Pascal, a grin coupled with a wink. "But ay, too late, perhaps. Plus I would never, I have it in mind that you will live forever, mon laureate."

Words regarding her mother has the lady lifting her eyes to meet the lord's kindly blue ones. "She would love that, thank you, Jehan-Pascal. Perhaps a turn of a verse or two as well? She misses the duende often inflicted upon her by the poetry of her native Aragonia and I can think of no one better with the written word to introduce her to the D'angeline equivalent."

She would say more, but archers are called to their places. There's another grin at her friend, before she pivots and takes her position at the fifty-paces mark, quiver and bow in hand.

Aedhwyn moves to her mark, a look into the spectators stands as if she searches for someone before shutting it all out. Her eyes close as she speaks in Cruithne, steadying her breath before her eyes open with the swiftness of a departing arrow. The arrow is selected, the feather passed through her closed lips to help stiffen them for the flight.

Narcisse quirks an eyebrow at his cousin's tease, but then he shakes his head "I'm sober to the core, dear." And there's a proud smile as he seems to believe himself in the next words he speaks "Yes, I am competing and I can bet that I will hit that target more often than you." Ha. Challenge offered and he doubts she can refuse that. Taking his own longbow, which might not be as impressive as the Alban one, but it should work well enough, he then steps into the position he was assigned, only shortly gulping as he realizes he is standing right next to that Alban warrior.

"That is the rumor." Aisan tells Anse with a wry quirk of his lips at the man's question: "They will be so busy watching the archery, drinking their wine, and making bets to really pay attention to what the little people say." He blows hair out of his face and his attention wanders back over towards the Archers as they prepare to fire. Aedhwyn in her striking style and with that impressive bow draws Aisan's attention first and foremost. A tilt of his head towards his right shoulder accompanies a thoughtful expression. Aside to Anse: "Is this tournament in honor of anything in particular? A yearly event? I've quite lost track of all the ways nobles spend their coin these days."

Marco returns a wave to Jehan Pascal grinning as he lifts a hand and considers for a moment and he seems to be inspecting JP's outfit for a time as he settles into his seat glancing around at the nearest observers. "So is anyone taking bets?" He asks curiously perhaps a little hopefully with clear mischief in mind.

Gemma stands up as her view is blocked, moving over to a relatively empty spot on the rail she leans forward. Nudged from behind, someone asks if she wants to buy a tart pie, she can't help but chuckle and shakes her head, nope none for her.

Anse grins back at Aisan "that sounds like a wonderful time. It is hard to hear what little people say sometimes though, they're so short" there is a snicker at his own bad joke as he glances over to the archery field. His head tilts in curiosity at the sight of Aedhwyn "is she from Alba, or just a very convincing d'angeline?"

Aedhwyn smiles, her d'Angeline clear and fluid, in complete contrast to her appearance. It's really almost an aside to Ailene across Narcisse, "Is your brother here, my lady? Or perhaps you've seen Paris out and about?"

"On me? Gosh, well, I'll be sure to make you up your losses in your shop's revenue," Jehan-Pascal laughs as he steps to his own mark and takes a deep breath of the summertime air and the dust of the fields. It smells so sportsome and healthy. Then he sputters a little bit, grinning ruefully when his immortality is announced. "Angels all forbid," he wards off that wish for longevity. "Whenever I have three days' worth of work to do and a day to do it in, I always remind myself that one day I will die and then I can get as much sleep as I want. Aww," he adds, heart melting a little bit at the tale of Isabelle's mother's woes. "I will be honored to include a selection of couplets for her convalescence," he agrees, before turning to watch Aden have her shot.

Thibault, having made his way to the stands to take a seat, gives a little wave to Ailene as she glances up at him with that bright smile of hers before reaching for something contained in the inner pocket of his cloak, producing a small metal flask that he untops and takes a sip from. His eyes are mainly on the competitors but when he hears someone proposing a bet, he turns his head towards the voice, his gaze finding Marco. "Certainly! A little extra on the line could only make this even more interesting. Any particular stakes you had in mind?" He half says in a slightly raised voice, being seated a number of seats away from the lord proposing the bet.

Ailene sticks her tongue out at Narcisse, then winks at him. She then leans over him, from the back, to reply to Aedhwyn. She glances up at the stands. "Just my oldest brother, Augustin." she says to her, turning back to smile and wave at him again, and to Thibault. She then turns back to the Alban princess. She looks again at her outfit and grins, turning to Isa. "Isa, I want an outfit like hers!" she tells the dark haired lady. "One like yours, too!" She laughs and looks down to her simple maidenly clothes. "I look so plain compared to the both of you." She then leans back and, from behind JP's back, sends a whisper to Isa.

Aedhwyn sets a flight of arrows in the ground, ready to be easily taken up and shot. Deep breaths are taken before withdrawing and notching a single arrow and drawing back on her bow. Her focus is singular, her vision narrowed to the target ahead of her, her breath halts a moment before the arrow it let loose, the spirits guiding it to where it may land. It would be easy to see how facing an angry hoard of archers on the field would not be an ideal situation or how easily they can likely disappear into the shadows and lightness of the forest with the way the bands of woad dance across her body and breakup her silhouette.

<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged: Good Success. (8 1 3 5 1 8 2)

Aedhwyn the next two arrows are taken up in rapid succession, each let loose down the range.

<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged: Good Success. (8 7 8 4 2 5 6)
<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged: Failure. (3 6 5 6 6 2 5)

"But that is entirely the point of gambling, my lord," Isabelle says, words leaving her in a rich, low laugh. "From what you know of me, am I the sort to bet on a sure thing? What would then be the point?" She adjusts her gloves, before crossing her arms over her torso as she watches the Alban princess take on the targets. "After all, it wouldn't be gambling without risk." His wishes for eternal sleep taken in stride, there's a humored tilt to her smile as she regards her friend and patron sidelong. "Not too soon, then," she tells him. "But yes, please do. It would do her health wonders. I trust were she well, she would be making the rounds - she is ever so fond of the literary arts. I gather she'd be happier were I a poet instead of a…" She waves a hand. "Whatever I am."

The red-haired Trevalion snares her attention easily, and whatever subtle something that colors her words is banished by the quiet chuckle effortlessly pulled from her by the little spitfire. "Of course! I've spent some time in Alba, you know. Their leather goods are excellent, I'm certain I can at least put my own spin." Dark eyes watch the princess as she makes her shots. "And one of mine as well." Her whisper has her eyes gravitating back to the Knight of the White Swan, before dropping a quiet murmur on the young woman's ear.

Marco shrugs at Thibault, "Well I'm open silver, or wine seem good." He grins, "Perhaps the Dragoness' wine will be up for a wager." He suggests and grins faintly considering those lined up. He looks to Thibault, "Who did you have your eye upon?" He asks and then watches Aedwhyn's first pair of shots flittering away.

As shots are sent down range, Aisan watches the arrows find their mark, and those that don't. Tilting his head over towards Anse: "There are good things to not being able to hear yourself think. It makes even ordinary conversations much more discreet hmm? It is often better to find a crowd than a secluded corner." Lips curl into a wry somewhat playful smile: "So I am told anyways."

Narcisse takes a deep breath as he watches the first contestant right next to him take her first three shots. And yes he may try to learn a trick or two just by observing there in that moment, knowing his otherwise lack of skill oh too well. And then it is his turn, he gazes down into the quiver, trying to decide which arrow might give him the best luck today. And then a second and a third one as well of course. Picking up the first arrow he loads his bow with it and his movements seem to be a bit tense and certainly not as smooth as Aedwyn's, though this doesn't seem to stop the young Trevalion from firing off those 3 arrows, maybe even risking shooting any nearbystanders instead the real target.

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged: Success. (4 3 6 8)
<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged: Good Success. (6 8 8 4)
<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged: Failure. (3 4 5 2)

Aedhwyn says something in Cruithne that sounds rather well rude, Ailene's words perhaps finally filtering in through her focus. "You will have to introduce me to your eldest brother, my lady." Her words are a little clipped around the edges, her eyes show a bit of irritation or anger but her mannerisms are at ease. She sighs, "That last shot did not quite go as planned but the gods are fickle and I'm not use to shooting something that is not trying to escape the pot." She laughs a bit, peeking around to wave brightly at Jehan-Pascal. "Though I think you look lovely this afternoon, my lady. We all dress to the manner best suited to us, no need to copy another when your own makes you look so you."

Ailene 's eyes pop out of her head as her cousin and BFF, Narcisse Trevalion actually does…pretty well, despite not being an archer at all. She gapes at him now. "How the hell….?" she asks, blinking. "I can't…" She shakes her head then raises her chin. "You are a Trevalion, that's why!" she states firmly and nods, looking proud. She then looks to Aedhwyn and smiles at her. "You still are a million times better than most, Your Highness." she says with an encouraging smile. She nods happily to Isa, giving her a thumbs up sign then it's her turn.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged: Good Success. (8 8 1 6 5 1 8 1)
<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged: Good Success. (1 2 5 8 1 4 7 7)
<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged: Success. (6 1 6 1 3 7 4 6)

"An excellent suggestion! A case of Dragons Blood it is, then!" He answers to Marco with a wide smile on his face, raising his flask to the man. His eyes return to the competitors for a moment as Aedhwyn takes her shots, before looking back to Marco. "I'll stake my fortune on Lady Ailene this evening. And you? Anyone you favor for this?"

"It's early yet, Princess," Isabelle tells Aedhwyn. "The spirits of fortune are as capricious as the wind, they may favor your still." Her gloved hands lift to clap for the red-haired Trevalion impressive showing, and even puts her fingers to her lips to let out a piercing whistle of approval. "With that said, we do have to compete with Trevalions, and the ghost of the mighty Azzalle may have a different opinion."

Jehan-Pascal returns a warm smile for Aedhwyn's wave, a little surprised at her last shot going so awry. But these things happen, and he nods his head supportively to her from uprange (downrange? siderange? wheverever he is in relationship to her). "If you insist," is a jestful retort to Isabelle's bid for his putting off morbid intents, and his acceptance of her charge to aid her mother in recuperating her spirits is the much more heartfelt, causing him to rather miss Narcisse's showing, eyes cast the other direction. "Oh, parents are always like that. Whatever you are, they'd have preferred something else," he shakes his head, but a little woesomeness still tinges his features. "You can only do so much." And he turns to watch Ailene take her own turn.

Anse chuckles at what Aisan says "interesting concept. Not being able to hear yourself think. I feel its most often people trying to make the voices in their head loud as possible, not softer. You should tell whoever you heard that from that they have some interesting ideas."

Narcisse does quite impressive for someone with his skill and so he can't help to look even more smug with himself than before, if that is even possible. Even if the last shot goes awry he just shrugs it off and then turns towards Ailene when she nearly goes mad and he's about to murmur "Tol…" just in time for her even beating him with her performance and there he falls silent for a brief moment but then he gives her a nod and a warm smile "Impressive. Let's see how you'll fare next round."

Gemma jumps up and down as Ailene makes her shot, a loud 'WHOOOP!' leaves her throat at the success on the shots. Oopse! Was she not supposed to be so vocal?

Ailene looks surprised and very pleased with her performance. She grins to Narcisse. "Yeah, yeah." she says to him. "You told me so, blah, blah." She again sticks her tongue out at him, then looks over to the spectators, seeing out first her brother Augustin. She gives him a raised chin and a look of confidence. She then looks to Thibault and her smile is wide and happy. She winks at him. She then turns back to the competition. It is JP's turn.

Ailene also sees and hears Gemma and laughs. She waves happily to her!

Anse snickers and nods his head up towards Gemma "I think she's enjoying the archery more than the archers are."

Marco chuckles as Thibault agrees with the bet and takes the Dragon herself for his favored. He considers the groupings and shrugs, "Mmm oh? Well I will admit I don't know all that well the other participants. Is it multiple rounds the Lady Aedwhyn always seems excellent at outdoor antics. So perhaps I shall bet upon her." He pauses and then asks of Thibault, "Do you know the others well?"

Jehan-Pascal takes a quick breath in watching Ailene's arrows fly — "Nice work," he tells her, as she leaves off her mark and he comes to toe his, electing to set his quiver on the ground and stoop to select a fletched shaft and bring it up to notch it on the string and draw it back to his ear. Isa, the only competitor on the opposite side of him from the stands, can see his tongue tip poking at the side of his mouth as he makes aim, holding a breath and letting the point fly.

<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged: Good Success. (5 2 3 8 1 5 5 8 4)
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged: Good Success. (2 5 5 7 8 1 3 7 1)
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged: Good Success. (8 3 8 8 6 1 2 3 2)

Aisan smiles at Anse: "I will." A dip of his chin towards the man in a nod but there are many things that also gain Aisan's attention. Like the archery contest, who's shots are hitting the target closest to center mass, the banter between the archers and the nobles. What can be heard over the noise of the gaggle of commoners that are nearby at least. Especially as cheers go up with arrow shots, boos from others, as fan favorites make their bows sing and kill what must be very dangerous non-moving targets.

Jehan-Pascal dips a knee twice more, liking the feel of that first shot and not much minding where it landed— he sticks to a rhythm and releases one arrow per breath, and they all land in a tidy little cluster sort of aside from the bull's eye. Then he kind of stands there, half-blushing, lifting his right hand to the back of his head before ambling back away from the line. He leaves his quiver up there, since he'll need it again.

"I'M RICH!" crows the lady huntress when Jehan-Pascal's performance proves to be more than just an able one. Her faith is thus rewarded when Jehan-Pascal makes his own impressive showing. "Well, I may not be part of the winner's circle but I'll certainly be coming home with a heavier coin purse," Isabelle remarks, clapping appreciatively for the future Comte d'Avignon as his arrows fly true and hit his target.

Nocking the first arrow on her bowstring, she lifts her recurve, sighting the target along the shaft. One flies, and two more follow suit in rapid succession.

<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged: Good Success. (5 8 4 2 3 6 4 2 8)
<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged: Good Success. (1 6 2 6 5 2 8 7 5)
<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged: Great Success. (7 3 1 2 8 3 8 7 5)

Overhearing Anse's coment, Gemma looks at the archery range a moment before turning and heading over in his direction. She's no clue who this guy is but she nudges him with an elbow, "Someone's gotta be rowdy and noisy. Now to find someone who wants to be over the top."

Anse beams a happy smile at Gemma when she elbows him and he just claps his hands together, doing his best to flurry the sleeves of his robes for added affect "I am positive Elua would love your passion. Who is it we're cheering for? I don't know any of the people competing."

Ailene watches as JP takes his turn. She claps for him, even though she is knocked down to second. "That was wonderful!" she praises him, sincerely. "Great job!" Now, it's Isa's turn. Ailene grins. She already is expecting some major skill. Sure enough, Isa's archery skills are excellent. She starts to cheer and jump up and down for her. "Oh, Lady Isa!" she exclaims. "That was truly amazing!" She looks over at the spectators again, specifically her brother Auggie and points, mouthing, 'DID YOU SEE THAT?'?

"A fine choice!" Thibault answers to Marco's pick, despite not knowing the young Alban woman or her skills with a bow. Then again, he doesn't know how skilled any of the participants, including his own favored competitor, are with archery. "No, sadly I can't say that I do. I haven't been in the city for long and I've been rather occupied with such boring things as duties and trade negotiations for most of my time here." He then says with a mildly disappointed shrug. Thibault's gaze is quickly drawn from the Mereliot lord and back to the competition as first Narcisse and then his chosen competitor gets ready to take their first shots. His hands come together in a series of claps for both and a smile and a nod is sent the young Trevalion lady's way should she look up to the stands again. There is a small hint of playful disappointment in the way he looks to her, but it quickly disappears as he looks back to Marco. "A promising start, you can have the case delivered to the Charlot Residence later." He says with a confident smile that holds enough mirth to show that he doesn't actually consider the bet resolved yet at all, before taking another swig of his flask and returning his attention to the competition as the next shooter steps up.

Aisan whistles lowly to himself: "Now that was a hell of a shot." His attention fixes on Isabelle with a more appraising look.

Gemma turns her head back to the range, looking over the contestants, "Lady Ailene. She's the only person competing that I really know though I have met the Alban princess. Lady Ailene's a friend so I would still root for her if I knew the others well."

"Ok, so, we're in support of Lady Ailene" Anse nods in complete agreement without hesitation "she's a wonderful person and the greatest of friends.. or so I hear anyway" Anse gives a playful grin to Gemma "so then, how do we try and get the crowd on her side? If I had a bag of coin I would just offer everyone free drinks to cheer for her, but im afraid all my bags of coin went the way of my shoes."

Aedhwyn smiles and claps as others take their turns, "Fate is a fickle thing but it does not hurt to have a bit of skill to help it along. It is obvious you have both, my lady!"

Jehan-Pascal dips his head almost bashfully toward Isabelle, laughing off the praise, "Don't count your coin just yet, there are two more rounds to go, and this was the easiest," he reminds her, playing his fingers at the wineskin at his side, as though half considering having a draught to cool down. But it'll wait until after the competition, and he gets to watch Isabelle shoot, now. Which is… really a thing of glory, come to that. "Oh, my god, Isabelle, that was amazing," he bubbles a little bit. "We'll have to organize a hunting trip when the weather goes cooler. With you along we might not come back empty-handed," he grins. And then the pages are all over the field, picking up the targets and running them back to the second line.

"THE NEXT ROUND AT A HUNDRED PACES!" calls out the Herald. Oh, yeah, those targets are getting further away. "IN THE SAME ORDER, THREE SHOTS IN SUCCESSION, THE TRUMPET WILL SIGNAL THE START OF THE NEXT ROUND." Which blows once, and only once all the pages are safely off of the range.

Gemma's eyes twinkle as she suggests, "Boo when everyone else shoots and cheer when she does? Get the crowd behind her, hmm, start chanting her name?" she laughs, "Make her famous. She will love it! Might even get her free tarts, she would love that even more."

Narcisse claps ever so politely for the other competitors, seeming indeed impressed by their shown skill, not to exclude his own of course. Once everyone has finished their first round he nods his head and smiles a little as he picks up his quiver and walks over to the second station. At least he made it to the second round. Who would have thought that? Well besides him of course!

Two of her arrows find the inner ring, and Isabelle sets loose the third, letting the ebony shaft and its feathered tip slicing through the air to embed close to the target. Vibrations from the impact thrum along the length, and she lowers her darker-than-black recurve bow to her side; the lift on the corner of her mouth is evident, before she turns towards her most vocal supporter. There's a wink towards Ailene, and dips a bow in her direction. "Your fervent hopes for me were clearly inspiring, my little spitfire, and I would be remiss if I didn't let them guide my hand and somehow answer them." To the princess of Alba, there's another hint of her laughter. "You'll trounce us all in the next, I'm certain," she tells Aedhwyn.

To Jehan-Pascal, her smile takes the turn for the indulgent. "For you, my dear? I'll hunt even the biggest of bears. But an Autumn Hunt is a marvelous idea, shall we talk about it in our next luncheon?"

The next round commences, and she waves towards the Alban princess for whenever she takes her turn.

Anse rubs his jaw "I'm not sure that booing against people would be the right thing to do, but cheering for the lady? That I can get behind. Chanting her name seems like a simple things people do absolutely love to chant things. I should know." Anse gives Gemma a friendly nudge with his elbow at his bad joke.

Ailene looks over to Gemma and her face is red as the filling in those raspberry tarts she loves so much. She is giggle-laughing, totally bashful from the attention. She waves again to her and winks, doing her best to quell her laughter, looking around and seeing if people are watching. She dips her head, then it is time for round two and the Princess' turn.

As the targets or archers move to increase the range Aisan moves away from his port against the storm of conversation to wander closer to the shooting field. Not on it of course, but, close enough to see better from the closer vantage point. Fingers are raked through his short blonde hair and Aisan's attention focuses on the archers as they take aim again: "Now this is a bit more sporting hmm?" He muses to himself: "See who rises in the face of greater challenge."

Aedhwyn nods her head as it comes back around to her. She sets three arrows in the ground and readies herself, letting lose with another volley of arrows.

<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (8 2 4 8 3)
<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (8 5 8 2 7)
<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (4 8 5 8 1)

"Chanting Lady Ailene's name it is!" Gemma grins and waves to her. She falls silent as the length of the targets is increased. Hmming to herself, "There are some good contestants down there."

"Thats a good thing though, contests are usually boring if one person is the guaranteed winner" Anse says back to Gemma before nudging one of the people next to him "did anyone ever tell you about the time Lady Ailene rescued a kitten from a well? It was quite miraculous from what I hear. That's why me and my friend" Anse gestures to Gemma "are here supporting the lady" Anse turns his head back to Gemma then and leans in a little to say lowly "maybe that will convince them?" he says, waiting for Ailene to take her chance to start cheering and chanting.

Ailene cheers happily for the Princess! She then looks at the range of the target and back to Narcisse. "Sissy." she says to her cousin seriously, grasping his shoulders. "You can do this!" she says to him. "You are a Trevalion. You have Azza's blood flowing in your veins. Let his breath guide your arrow to its mark." She then smirks. "Just don't hit anyone, alright?"

Gemma lowers her voice into a near whisper, "Better not tell them he's who let the spiders loose in the market. They might not like that all that much." she giggles, "She just knows how to find trouble."

Marco lets out a low whistle as the contestants begin backing up. He looks distracted only belatedly responding to Thibault and he grins, "We'll see. We'll see. It should be fun. Well it is an excellent city for meeting people perhaps this will be a good excuse to make the acquaintance of more."

"Well.. spiders need somewhere to go too.." Anse says, but then eyes the man next to him before continuing "but you're right that that's probably a hard sell. We'll stick with rescuing kittens from wells and children from burning buildings. People usually like those things."

"Oh, let's," Jehan-Pascal does adore a hunting trip, even if he's usually better fond of the company and trappings than the actual hunting involved, and the notion of putting a trip together with someone as fascinating and fashionable as Isabelle clears away any leftover gloom. Those targets are really getting pretty far out there, aren't they. And then Aedhwyn is hitting her stride, and all is right with the world as she nails the target from double the distance. "See, the first round was just too easy for her," he leans toward Isabelle to tell her, lifting his hands to clap for that impressive showing from the Ambassador, then even putting both hands to his mouth to produce a cheerful whistle of approval.

She claps at the princess' impressive showing at the more difficult challenge presented. Isabelle turns her head towards the stands to fix her attention on those gathered, dark eyes moving over familiar and unfamiliar faces. Eyes lid faintly at the sight of her right-hand man, Guillermo, standing just a little bit aways, his gloved fingers curled on the reins of a sleek black horse of Aragonian stock. The proud animal tosses its head, and the man presses a hand against his chest, and bows from the waist.

Her hand follows, fingers brushing over her heart in silent acknowledgment.

She turns back to Jehan-Pascal when he whispers to her, and she laughs. "I'm not usually wrong, I meant every word when I said she may very well trounce us all in this next round."

Narcisse squints briefly at the distance, maybe hesitating for a moment, but then a Trevalion never steps back from a challenge and the words of his cousin only encourage him further so he firmly grasps the next three arrows. Though before he shoots them he briefly closes his eyes, focusing and then he lets his arrows fly one after the other, hoping noone has to take cover.

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged -2: Failure. (1 3)
<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged -2: Failure. (2 3)
<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged -2: Success. (8 2)

<FS3> Ailene rolls Dodge: Good Success. (7 6 8 3 4 3)

Gemma claps for the other contestants, you can't not encourage them, you just cheer a lot more for your favorit. Her head tilts back as she looks up at the arrow that goes up and up and up, "Oops, that one got away."

Ailene has a look of utter concentration upon her face as Narcisse steps up. She does not look anywhere else. She looks at him, the target, back to him. Then, as the first arrow flies…She ducks. She does not know whether it is even coming off course anywhere near the vicinity. She does so because it is Narcisse, who has absolutely no experience at all and he is shooting at 100 paces. She hears the whooosh, and then…nothing. Alright, stand up—-DUCK! She ducks again. A second or two passes and she stands, very slowly, watching his aim very carefully, ready to duck again at any time. Then…. He hits the target! She relaxes and claps.

Anse takes a moment to point to the field "thats why its best to have everyone be a good contestant"

"Oh," this is the first time JP has actually watched Narcisse shoot, having missed his last round, "Oh, honey," hee murmurs, loud enough for Isabele and MAYBE Ailene to hear, but definitely not the man at the mark. "Eyes open, eyes should be open," he coaches wincingly. But, hey! The guy managed to hit the target. That's worth some applause, right there. Adn the fact that nobody died.

<FS3> Augustin rolls Dodge: Great Success. (3 8 6 3 7 4 2 8 7 3 2 4 1 2 4)

<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged -2: Success. (6 5 2 8 3 3)
<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged -2: Success. (2 3 5 7 2 3)
<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged-2: Success. (7 6 5 1 2 1)

Jehan-Pascal's sympathy has Isabelle quirking her lips faintly in the corners. There is a glance afforded to Ailene, before dark eyes take in the wake of two arrows flying towards the audience. "I suppose I was also correct there as well, the first time I postulated that all Trevalions were dangerous."

And Ailene only proves her words credible when she manages to hit her target despite the increased difficulty. She claps enthusiastically for the red-haired lady, before whispering to Jehan-Pascal.

"Would you like to know how much I placed on your chances before or after the competition?"

Augustin has been watching in quiet appreciation, although he has been clapping when the commoner cheering section adopts his sister as their mascot. He does blink as Narcisse fires so wildly out of line, casually leaning out of the way to avoid being skewered. "Target is that way," he offers his cousin helpfully.

Gemma starts up a chant for Ailene, getting the other commoners into it, "Do it do it, hit it hit it. Sock it to em!" she grins, hand coming up to cover her mouth as she hears Augustin's comment about the target.

Narcisse doesn't do the best of impressions and yeah it dampens his mood maybe a little, a scowl turning on his face briefly, as he mutters "Those damn arrows must have been rigged…" No it wasn't his lack of skill at all. Peering all suspiciously at his cousin he still claps ever so politely as she hits the target every time "Well, I'm at least still in the competition." Which might not be good news for everyone involved.

Thaddeus was running late, he was tied up with family business, and now he is running quickly to support his brother. Dressed in a simple tunic, long pants, his hair is flying this way and that, his string to tie it back around his left wrist, as he leaps over things, moving quickly dodging in and out of the crowd, something pinned to his back tied back with a silk tie, and then he is next to gemma, with a nod and watching it all, as he licks his lips slowly, and then he starts to rip the item off his back, it is a banner for his house, and then he is holding it yelling quickly."GO NARCISSE!"

Ailene had been distracted by Sissy's turn, so almost forgot she was next. She is still slightly distracted, even after taking a deep breath , she still is. However, she takes her mark. She squints, eyeing the target carefully. Then, eyes on the prize, she aims and shoots. It hits, but not her best. She shoots again. Same. Third time. Still simply alright. She sighs, but smiles and shrugs. She looks up to her brother and Thibault and grins, but still she raises her chin. She then hears Gemma getting all the commoners to cheer for her and she goes redder than that raspberry filling. She hides her face in her hands, giggling. "Oh my Elua, what is she doing?" she says, bashful, embarrassed and amused all at once.

Anse joins in with the changing and cheering, doing his best along with Gemma to pump up the crowd in favor of Ailene. "sock it too em!" Anse joins in loudly before muttering something over to Gemma

Aedhwyn smiles brightly as each contestant takes their turn, clapping her hands and occasionally giving little whoops of sound in celebration of others.

Tournaments are great for two things. Archery and pickpocketing. It just so happens that Ammy is not very good at archery. He's counting coins as he walks through the commoner area. He laughs when he sees everyone cheering for Ailene, and so he saunters over to where those folks are cheering for her and he hops up on the wooden fencing, up high above the others. "Kick dere fuckin' ass, Ailene!!!" And then he raises his fist, joining the chanting of her name.

Gemma turns her head to look at Anse, blinking a moment before she starts to laugh. Leaning in to whisper something to him, she misses Thaddeus's arrival till she's drawn away. Turning to look at him, she dips her head and sinks into a curtsey, "Afternoon my lord." turning back to the range she smiles at Ailene's reaction.

Jehan-Pascal redoubles his applause as Ailene shoots, her performance looking regularly Odyssean in the wake of Narcisse's. "Huh? Oh, heh," he laughs at Isabelle when she teases him about her wagering. "Leave it 'til after, or I'll start to think of all the things I've got on my wish list. I love this jacket quite nearly to death and I suppose that people will soon tire of seeing me wear it. Not that I mind their boredom when these tails make my ass look so nice," he grins, giving them a subtle little swish that he has definitely not been practicing in front of the mirror at home, on his way to the mark to look down at the ground, heft up his bow and stoop to grab up an arrow, narrowing his eyes down range while stooped as though about to start a sprint, then standing tall and drawing back the string, making a crescent moon of his bow and holding it for the rise and fall of a breath, trying to find that rhythm from last round. We'll see if he finds it again.

<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (2 1 4 3 8 3 8)
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged-2: Great Success. (6 8 8 3 7 6 8)
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged-2: Success. (2 1 8 2 1 4 5)

<FS3> Ailene rolls Perception: Success. (7 3 1 3 1 1 5)

Anse points up at Ammy "I think we started a cheering section. If the port of Marsilikos is burned to the ground because the crowd went too wild for Lady Ailene i'm blaming you." Anse says then laughs quite loudly and happily for whatever Gemma whispers back "aye, I hope so as well" He gives a small little bow and a grin to Thaddeus when he unfurls the sign nearby "we have quite the cheering section over here."

Gemma takes a step towards Thaddeus, lowering her voice a bit as she nods her head to the banner, "So which one is Narcisse? Let's hope it's not the one that shot two arrows into the crowd. Everyone was ducking over those shots."

Thaddeus nods slowly towards Gemma."I hope not as well." He then points towards his brother, with a wicked smile."That one right there is my brother Narcisse, I hope it was not him who did so" His voice softly, whispered as he then reaches over to grab a empty banner holder to rest the banner in with a chuckle."How are you Gemma?"

The swish he makes with his hindquarters gets a nudge from the end of her recurve towards the targets, the designer flashing him a look from where she stands. "Far be it for me to besmirch your affable grace and good sense, dear, but that seems too practiced for an improvised sway." There's a quick grin flashed at the poet's direction when he saunters off.

And then he shoots.

She lets out a gasp at the second shot, hand dramatically to her heart. "You do like me!" Isabelle tells Jehan-Pascal with a laugh. "I can hear the clink-clink-clink of a hefty purse of ducats calling my name as we speak. I wonder what that says about me, hm? To find a way to win even if I lose? Perhaps I, too, should swish my arse about if it'll make me shoot better!"

Ailene is clapping for JP appreciatively when she hears a certain voice….Her eyes go wide and she whips her head around to where the commoners are. Her face is still bright red and she stares. Then she also notices Thaddeus is there. "Oh damn…" she murmurs, and looks up at the stands, to Augustin and Thibault. Then to Sissy. She gulps. "Sissy!" she hisses urgently to him. Then she whispers.

"I'm doing well, enjoying the competition." Gemma then grins over at Ammy and lifts her hand in a wave. Looking down at who Thaddeus has pointed out she shits and clears her throat, "Ummm… he's in last place. He had a horrid round. He's still in but I don't see any hope for his next shots."

"I hope so." Is the short answer to Marco, Thibault himself quite distracted my the fine marksmanship shown by every competitor. Well, almost everyone, anyway. He winces a bit as Narcisse makes his shots, but he claps at the effort nonetheless, perhaps a little ironically judging by the expression aimed at the young Trevalion lord. Ailenes next series of shots gets a more earnest applause and he even stands up, giving a loud whistle at her performance, adding to the already chanting group of people calling her name from elsewhere in the stands. He sits back down but the next shooter's performance has him stand up again and applaud loudly after a more than impressive display of skill. "Who is the lord who just shot? That was quite spectacular." He asks, and states, in the direction of Marco, but the question meant for anyone who could provide him an answer.

Jehan-Pascal does. Somehow. That first shot hits right near the cluster from the first round, and the second — why, a little closer even to the bull's eye. Encouraged, he'd pulled a little further toward the bull's eye, only to have the shot hit far to the other side of the target — but still hit. Only when he's taken a second to process the standings does he step back and laugh with Isabelle. "It's always sensible to come up with a plan B. What would be the sense of wagering on yourself, anyhow? You'd be doubly happy or doubly disappointed. I, for one, put my coin down on the Ambassador," he confides. "And I still think she could take it. She seems to grow better the further the target gets. But she'll have to get past you," he grins.

Narcisse can't help a little grin as he hears a familiar voice cheering for him and he waves over to his brother, simply ignoring any disapproval he might have gotten by the crowd for his misleading shots. But that grin soon dims a little as his cousin whispers something in his ears and his gaze searches the crowd before they find a certain figure and the disapproval is just showing in his eyes. But there's a little mirth in his eyes, as he replies in hushed words to her, maybe teasing a little.

"An accurate and astute statement, my lord, though I wouldn't oppose having a measure of double-happiness at all." Isabelle cants her head at Jehan-Pascal, flashing him a brilliant smile. "Though I suppose I can get triple or quadruple that in the bedroom than the gambling circuits. Still, wish me luck. I may have jinxed myself just then."

With that, the Valais lady lifts her bow and nocks her arrow, letting her eye draw down to the distant point of the target.

<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged-2: Failure. (5 3 1 6 1 5 1)
<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged-2: Good Success. (8 5 6 5 5 5 7)
<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged-2: Success. (1 2 8 4 3 4 5)

Ammy hops off the wooden rail and he furrows his brow at Thaddeus. "Ouch," he says, clutching his chest as if he were shot in the heart. "T'addeus, you KILL me wit' your sign, sir," he teases Thaddeus. "How could you betray me so and offer dis kind of public cheering of anyone but Ailene?" He laughs, "I should pick your pocket for dat, pal."

"Eugh," Isabelle declares, turning to Jehan-Pascal. "See? I should change professions, I think, and claim myself a seer instead."

"Hello Ammy, this is my kid brother, I have to support him." Thaddeus smiles at the man, with a wide smile, and a soft chuckle."It seems, he was not doing his best yet." His voiice is soft, with a joking tone, and then he, with a nod towards his brother."But I hope, she does well of course, but one has to support the youngest." His voice is soft, as he pulls out a flask to take a sip of the wine inside slowly, and then offers it to Ammy."Care for a sip of wine?"

Jehan-Pascal just grimaces a little bit when Isabelle carries out the effects of her jinx the moment after declaring it. When she comes back from her round, he approaches her, even, offering up a friendly hug of condolence, patting her on the shoulder. "Not enough bum swish, especially if you're seeking your dividends in the bedroom," he jokes with her kindly. "But look how well you recovered from that shot. That's not nothing," he encourages her. "And every profession requires a quantum of prognostication. Especially the one you've chosen. I've already seen orders coming into other shops for crimson colors for the fall. How did you know it would be in every wardrobe?"

Ailene listens to her cousin's whispered response and seems to calm down a little. She gives him a smile, still a little nervous, but better, She nods, resolutely, and lifts that proud Trevalion chin hers. She then looks back at the competition, watching Isa. She cheers for her, but winces at the first shot. "It's alright, Lady Isa! You can do it!" When her other shots hit the mark, she jumps up and down, clapping. She then can't help it. She sneaks a glance over to the commoners section just in time to see Thaddeus and Ammy sharing a flask of wine like best friends. She winces and smiles at them, giving a little wave. She then sneaks a glance over to where her brother is, letting her eyes slide a bit to the side to Thibault. Nervous smile and wave to both, then she looks back to Narcisse. One more whisper, though she is smiling when she does it.

Meanwhile, the pages come dashing out, going to work up a sweat carrying the targets back another hundred paces. The Herald is tallying scores and giving them some time to do so. When they're close to finished, he begins his announcements anew. "ROUND THREE IS AT TWO HUNDRED PACES. iN THE SAME ORDER, RANGE LEFT TO RANGE RIGHT, THREE SHOTS IN SUCCESSION, WHEN THE SIGNAL IS BLOWN." Which, again, it is, after all the pages are getting into their waterskins after all that hauling in the heat.

Gemma leans against the railing, giving a rounding cheer for Ailene, can't let anyone forget who they are cheering for. Her brows furrow a little, turning she looks behind her to look between Ammy and Thaddeus.

Ammy takes the flask, "Is dis more of de stuff dat tastes like rich person ass?" He takes a drink, swallows roughly, and makes a disgusted face. "Ugh. Yup. Dat's HORRIBLE." He takes another big drink, and then hands it back. "No wonder you grow so ugly. It's dat wine." He laughs, and looks back out at the tourney field. "So… Any t'oughts on how to cheat for her?" he asks, playfully of Thaddeus.

Aedhwyn spends 1 luck points on Doing a mastershot cause she's a badbutt mammajamma Alban.
<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged+16: Great Success. (1 4 8 5 2 5 6 2 3 1 4 8 5 2 1 8 7 1 5 8)
<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged-4: Success. (2 5 7)
<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Ranged-4: Success. (8 2 4)

His embrace is one that she returns, Isabelle squeezing him fondly before taking a step aside and smiling - there is commiseration on the lord's face, but there's nothing but good-natured cheer in her own. "Well, if I knew that was all it actually took, I'd be dancing with veils this entire competition with nothing but a strip to cover my nethers," she tells him, planting a hand on her hip. "But you are as always, a bastion of kindness and grace, Jehan-Pascal. It would be an honor to get my pockets fattened because of you." Another impish wink shot his way, before glancing at the rest of the field when the pages start to pick up the arrows, and change the targets.

How did you know it would be in every wardrobe?

"Trade secret," she tells the man with a laugh. "Or it could simply be my foresight at work. Would I ever steer you wrong when it comes to color?"

The Alban princess makes a tremendous first shot, and when both her other arrows find their marks, she applauds for her.

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged -4: Embarassing Failure. (3)
<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged -4: Embarassing Failure. (1)
Narcisse spends 1 luck points on Doing a mastershot.
<FS3> Narcisse rolls Ranged +16: Amazing Success. (3 8 8 7 1 2 2 8 7 3 2 5 4 1 8 1 8 4 1 8)

"Now then, if we are going to cheat, we should help my brother it sounds like." Thaddeus chuckles as he watches as he takes another sip of the wine."Last place is a rough place to be, but she is doing fine it seems, and some ladies like how I look." There is a warm smile on his face, and then he is quiet as it is his brother turn to shoot, a soft silent pray on his lips.

As the cheering dies down for the moment and people around him greet one another, Anse takes a moment to watch the tournament and the odd looks Ailene and Narcisse give the group around him. Anse looks between Gemma, Thaddeus, and Ammy then and their seeming casual interactions with one another. When the page calls out the next round Anse claps and also lets out a loud cheer for Ailene. Anse glances over to Thaddeus "hopefully the one your supporting can step it up this round."

Aedhwyn draws in a deep breath as she lines herself up for the final three shots. There is a pause, a holding of her breath and then a great warcry released with the first shot. An additional two follow with great speed, good but not great.

Gemma leans towards Anse, listening a moment before she responds in kind. She turns then, introducing Thaddeus and Ammy to Anse. Giving the priest a smile, "Now you know two more!"

Ailene winces and cringes as Sissy's first two shots go completely flying to Elua knows where. Then. Then. Everyone! Then, the man, the myth, the legend he will will now become….strikes the bull's eye! She starts screaming and jumping and hugging him and going crazy! "SISSY!" she calls out his name in a loud whoop. "Everyone, did you see that?!" she calls out, her own personal troubles forgotten. It has given her the courage she needs to go forth and bring pride to her house, too. She walks up to the mark and prepares to shoot. It's do or die now.

Anse smiles a warm smile at Gemmas answer back to him then beams a bright new smile to Thaddeus and a slight bow "a pleasure Lord Trevalion" and then turns that bright smile to Ammy "and a pleasure to meet you as well Ammy. I have been fortunate enough to meet a good deal of enjoyable people today. You both seem to have good choices in friends."

<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged -4: Success. (7 2 2 2)
<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged -4: Good Success. (6 8 2 7)
Ailene spends 1 luck points on Scion of Azza. Let him navigate this last shot to perfection..
<FS3> Ailene rolls Ranged +16: Good Success. (4 6 7 1 5 3 7 5 2 6 2 1 2 3 4 8 6 5 3 1)

Narcisse is clearly distracted by those words that are whispered to him and it shows as he trembles with his first shot, sending it wildly wide, probably in the direction of the crowd. Cursing to himself, he quickly picks up the second one and it lands just ten feet in front of him. Hanging his head in shame his hand slowly glides toward the third arrow and he closes his eyes as if in prayer "Azza please let me hit at least this one…" And then he opens his eyes and it flies, flies, flies… in the right direction and BAM nails the center of the target. He opens his own mouth in disbelief and he turns around raising his arms in the air like waiting for cheers.

The amazing bullseye is warranted applause. Isabelle claps enthusiastically for both Trevalions, especially when all three of Ailene's shots hit the mark. "Bueno," she murmurs.

Thibault is still sitting in his chosen seat, alternating between small swigs of his flask and applauding the competitors, seemingly very focused on the competition and especially how Ailene is doing. He notices the glances sent from her between himself and another group of people standing a bit off to the side, and then also notices the banner carrying the symbol of House Trevalion. They seem to be having a lot of fun down there, loudly cheering, and so, he rises to his feet and makes his way down towards the area where Ammy, Gemma, Anse and Thaddeus is gathered while there is a short pause between shooters. "Evening ladies, gentlemen." He offers in turn, as appropriate, a wide smile on his face. "Would you mind if I join you?"

Jehan-Pascal giggles with Isabelle and then turns to watch Aedhwyn take her last turn, giving up a cheer when she proves herself so skilled. Narcisse's turn has him conveniently on a knee to tauten a boot buckle and in no way to dodge out of the way of flying arrOH WHAT THE FUCK, "Is that a bulls eye?" he stands, just sort of agape. "That's… OK," he's trying to wrap his brain around it, still, but then just joins into the applause. That's the shot people will be talking about over drinks later, no matter who wins. Some bookie is paying out some weird odds on bull's eye bets tonight!

Gemma can't help it, a shot like that that Narcisse just made, that deserves a cheer just as loud as the ones she's been shouting for Ailene. She almost misses the voice behind her of Thibault stepping over. Turning, she dips into a curtsey, "Afternoon my lord. Of course not. I am Gemma."

Anse turns his head and offers Thibault a warm smile "of course not, provided you're interested in cheering that is."

Ammy laughs at Thibault's arrival, "Come down from on high to mingle wit' de commoners, eh?" he asks of the noble with a smirk. "You're welcome here, but you have to cheer for Ailene. It's a rule. De only exception is T'addeus, here."

Thaddeus nods towards Thibault, with a wide smile."Come come, sit with us." His voice is friendly, as he sips his wine in the flask, with a little sigh."I'm Lord Thaddeus Trevalion, thank you for understanding Ammy, I'm secretly cheering for Ailene." His voice is soft, and then he sips his wine again with a wicked cheer for his brother, and his voice booming out.

Ailene stands there. She takes a deep breath and readies her quiver. She pulls her arm back. Her eyes are on the target. If Sissy can do it….well, anyone can, he certainly proved that. Another deep breath and then she shoots. It hits the mark on the outermost ring. She frowns and reaches back, taking another arrow from her quiver and readying it. Another deep breath. It soars to the next closest ring. One more time. She closes her eyes and prays to Azza, her lips moving. Finally, she readies, aims, and shoots! Still no bulls's eye. Ah well. She shrugs and smiles. She gives Narcisse a hug and turns to give a self deprecating smile to Augustin watching. Another shrug. She looks…someone is missing. Her eyes scan the crowd. They dart to the commoner's section. "Oh shi—" She almost says it, but claps a hand over her mouth. "Sissy!" She turns to him and whispers, as they wait for JP to take his turn.

Gemma looks back between the four men, she smiles at Ammy's comment about cheering for Ailene before turning back to watch. She whoots for Ailene's shots but tilts her head a bit. Hmmm, wonder what trouble she's caused this time.

Narcisse's cheering is just interrupted by another whisper that makes him frown and he seems to be gazing at the family and company gathered at a certain part of the crowd and then he looks back at Ailene shaking his head, before murmuring something into her ear. And then the otherwise so unemotional man makes something odd, he reaches out to hug her closely to him, seeking to comfort her.

Jehan-Pascal is in no rush, he ends up sort of watching Ailene and her pre-shot routine, scanning the crowd and saying her prayers. It makes him kind of glance up to the crowd, himself, as though he had sort of forgotten people were there, the roar of the crowd sort of fading into a sense of General Loudth. He returns her smile for her when she's done, taking up his bow onto his shoulder again and strolling forward to the mark for the last time. He's done better than he thought he'd do, and he tries his best to think of it that way — like, he had no expectations coming in, so even if he completely screws it up now — nothing lost, in particular. He shake his head, loosening his tight neck muscles, then kneels for an arrow, almost planting his knee to the actual ground before standing and fitting the string among the fletchings, pointing the arrow tip at the ground until it's set, then raising the whole of it to somewhere near its full extension, squinting down alongside the arrow.

Jehan-Pascal spends 1 luck points on Master Shot.
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged+16: Great Success. (6 3 1 4 6 5 2 8 3 7 8 8 1 1 6 1 5 5 8 1)
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged-4: Good Success. (8 1 8 6 6)
<FS3> Jehan-Pascal rolls Ranged-4: Good Success. (3 7 3 8 3)

Thibaults own focus is drawn once more to the competition as Narcisse takes his shots. Eyes go slightly wide at the shot and the clap starts slowly, as if he isn't sure he actually just saw what he did. "Thank you, you're very kind. Thibault Charlot." He introduced himself, giving as much of a bow as the place in the stands allows before taking a seat next to them. "Certainly, that will not be a problem monsieur, I was rather inclined towards that already, even if I do applaud for Lord Narcisse, too. I even bet a case of Dragons Blood on her to win, as it were." A loud whistle and a standing ovation, then, as Ailene steps up and takes her next three shots, hitting the mark on all of them.

Anse tilts his head at the comment from Thibault "a case of dragons blood? Is that wine or do you have a secret cache of dragons you've been hiding from the rest of the country" he grins a bit then before looking towards the archery contest once more.

Ailene hugs Narcisse back and clings, sniffling a little. She then pulls back after his his whisper and gives him a puppy dog face, nodding. "I am so proud that you made the bull's eye, Sissy!" she tells him. "You brought such pride and honor to House Trevalion!" She hugs him again. "I shall take you out on the town to celebrate soon!" she promises him, wiping away an emotional tear. She then sniffles once more, then straightens her shoulders and lifts her chin again. She turns to watch JP. Her eyes go wide. Almost as wide as when Sissy made the bull's eye. "I think he might win." she says, then looks to Isa. "Isa!" she calls out. "Beat the knickers off him!" she tells her. Then she gives a sly smile and runs over to whisper to her.

Jehan-Pascal is satisfied with his showing, at least. Isabelle can knock him to second, but he hardly even expected to get as far as he had. Evidently his fancy for shooting at rabbits has served him in good stead. He might seldom hit any, but maybe if they stayed still like the targets do, he'd have better luck. It's among these quiet considerations that Ailene cheers for Isa to peat the knickers off of him. He fingers the finely sculpted side of the hide knicker, where the fabric hugs to the outside of his elegantly proportioned thigh. "Hey, she worked hard on these knickers," he argues back, taking it all in good fun.

<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged-4: Failure. (1 5 2 3 3)
<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged-4: Success. (3 4 3 8 6)
Isabelle spends 1 luck points on Doing a Master Shot.
<FS3> Isabelle rolls Ranged+16: Good Success. (6 4 3 4 2 1 3 1 2 4 3 8 2 6 7 7 2 2 5 5)

Her horse in the race manages to do another impressive performance, and Isabelle can't help but laugh and raise a fist in the air at the minute distance between the first shot and the bullseye, and the two other shots in the inner ring. "My faith's about to be rewarded rather heftily, my dear," she says. "It seems that my foresight will be paying off dividends today!"

There's a whisper by Ailene, and she stoops a little to hear the redhead. After a glance towards the spectator stands, she inclines her head at the redhead, mischief on her features as she whispers back.

With that said, she picks up her arrows and situates herself with feet apart, her shoulder towards the target. The first arrow goes wide, but the first two shots make their mark.

Lowering her bow, she grins and inclines her head towards Jehan-Pascal and Ailene.

Thibault's gives an impressed nod at the performance of Jehan-Pascal, but holds off on any loud cheering. "Just wine, I assure you, but the depth and richness of it almost does make you wonder." He answers Anse with a grin. "If you want to know for sure, you should talk to Lady Jelene Rousse or her brother Drake. As I understand it's their family who produces it." Is added shortly after, before his attention is drawn again to the competitors as Isabelle steps up to the mark.

Anse upnods his head towards Ammy "you were the one who had a lot of opinions on wine, is that one good enough to make you think its a proper dragon?"

Thaddeus sips his wine, watching now, as he smiles softly, whispering towards Gemma.

Ammy tilts his head, "Why does she keep whispering about us? Do you t'ink we aren't loud enough?" He purses his lips, and then waves at all the commoners around him. "Everyone! Up on de rail! Come on!" And once again, he's climbing up onto the wooden rail, both arms in the air, shouting, "AILENE! AILENE! AILENE! AILENE!" It's the kind of infectious chant that naturally gets some of the other commoners around them to climb up on the railing as well and join him in the cheer.

Aedhwyn claps and impressed by many of the performances, jumping up and down a bit as a few bullseyes are made. She may not have had one but she she's never tried to slay a target before. She starts in Cruithne before switching to Eirean and then finally to d'Angeline. It just took her a few tries to get to the right language when excited. "Congratulations! I have seen some fine skills and honour should belong to all of us for having even tried such a competition."

Gemma turns her head to look at Thaddeus, her lips turn up in a quick smile. She watches him a moment before her shoulders lift in a shrug, "I don't know. I haven't seen her in a few days." she has to raise her voice a bit to be heard over Ammy, looking over at him she shoots him a grin.

Ailene clasps her hands together and prays as Isa takes her shots. She watches, and her eyes go wide as her arrow flies off. "Oh no…" she moans and glances at her. "Come on, Isa!" she cheers! She keeps watching and clapping. Her arrows hit the mark, but…ah, not enough points. It looks like JP has won. She turns to JP and gives him a congratulatory curtsey. "Well done, My Lord." she says to him with a smile.

"Only one way to find out!" Thibault answers Ammy loudly before the latter turns to climb the railing. While Thibault doesn't actually climb up onto the fence, he nonetheless rises from his seat to join in with the chanting, only interrupted by the occasional ear-shattering whistle from his lips. He's good at whistling. If there was a contest for that he would probably have entered it with a good chance of winning. The smile on his face is wide and he seems to be carried away with the enthusiasm of Ammy and the rest of the crowd.

Anse chuckles as Ammy takes the wall and the cheering starts up again, hard to answer joking questions when you're throwing yourself that much into cheering. Of course, as everyone else is cheering and it was his and Gemma's idea to begin with, he also joins in the chanting, only pausing for a moment to shake away the sound in his eardrums when Thibault whistles.

Ailene watches as Sissy heads home. She is all alone now! She smiles nervously and looks up to Auggie. She waves to him and bows her head, an apology for not winning, but she isn't upset about it at all. She then hears all the yelling over in the commoners section, especially Ammy's voice. She looks over there, eyes wide and frantic, and then, Thibault joins in with him. Her face is red and everyone yelling her name is making her nervous and and jittery. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, counting from one to ten. It helps a bit. She then opens her eyes. She lifts her chin, swings her bow over her arm and heads over there. Right straight to the commoner's section.

Jehan-Pascal does pick up his quiver and toss it back onto his back over a shoulder, knowing he won't have to go up for another round, fully intending to yield should it come to a tie, and glad enough to be done. "Well done," he tells Ailene, coming to greet her with his right hand out to grasp hers, if she'll meet him halfway, "You have quite a fan base," he goes on, in sportsmanlike good cheer, then he turns to his other side to go meet Isabelle with the same gesture, though he can't help but pull her into another hug, if she's amenable, while the scores are tallied. "You'll have to tell me next time you mean to put money on me for a competition, just in case I haven't signed up for it yet," he chuckles, his decision to come and shoot a … real last minute decision.

Aedhwyn smiles and turns to look at the crowd, the cheering of the fans. She gives a wave before heading over toward Jehan-Pascal and Aileen. "You two were wonderful. I will look forward to going on a hunt in the Autumn with both of you…perhaps your brother as well, my lady?"

Gemma claps and cheers, not just for Ailene but all the competitors. As Ailene heads over she hangs back, letting her family greet her first. She leans against the railing, watching. Her gaze looks away towards Anse and Ammy and back to Ailene.

As the tourney seems to come to an end, the Ailene chanting simply erupts into a cheer as the noble woman begins walking toward the commoners' stands. Ammy hops off the rail, and he elbows Thaddeus, "Looks like she's decided to snub her brot'er to say hi to you instead, huh?" He smiles, and joins the clapping fans.

She sweeps a bow towards the audience before making her way back towards Jehan-Pascal, the dark-haired lady tossing her precious recurve bow to the waiting page, who runs it back towards the waiting Guillermo. Fingers lift, to start unlacing one of her gloves, plucking at the strings that hold it closed over that slender, elegant limb like a lyre. With the man himself turning to embrace her, she laughs and folds one arm around him, squeezing him tightly.

"I always check in the last minute," she confides, tugging off each finger one by one. "As there are always late entrants. The Princess was the favorite to win." A glance towards Aedhwyn, and the symbolic and significant mark framing one of her eyes. "Followed by the Lady Ailene. Your reputation as a poet precedes you, but as an archer, not so much. Going by the numerical odds, you were the underdog." Eyes light up in mischief. "And I can't resist a challenge."

She watches as the young, red-haired Trevalion moves towards the commoner section with a considering look, and the members of the nobility ensconced within them. "You would never know that she was just arrived here less than two months ago," she murmurs.

As for the hunt? There's a glance at Jehan-Pascal, another laugh loosed. "Well, now we have to organize one and I suppose if the Princess is looking forward to the company of a certain Trevalion brother, perhaps we should invite both. Though considering his last encounter in the woods, I place equal odds on Augustin looking forward to it and not."

Anse claps for the competitors and then swivels on his bare feet to look at Gemma "that was a delightful time. I'm glad you introduced me in a way to your friend, Lady Ailene. It was fortunate to meet you I would say." He bows his head a little to Gemma "I would more than welcome a visit from you at the temple to blessed Elua if you were ever so inclined, maybe then we can even exchange names" he says the last part with a grin.

"Good kobp Ailene, you bring us much honor, and so did that one shot of my brother's, I shall start his training soon." Thaddeus nods slowly with a little chuckle."Also my own, not too skilled with a bow, and I prefer swords." His voice is soft, and then he licks his lips slowly, offer the wine to her, with a little chuckle."Now then sorry for ignoring you priest, it is a pleasure to have meet you, and each of you tonight."

<FS3> Isabelle rolls Gambling: Success. (1 4 3 4 1 7 2)

Gemma lightly folds her hands together, turning at Anse's voice to offer him a wide smile and a nod, "We can do that now. I'm Gemma and I would be honored to come and visit." her gaze follows Thaddeus for a moment and back to Anse, "I spend most of my time on the docks if you ever wish to visit, I could introduce you around if it interests you."

The herald takes up the list of tallied scores, and, after another fanfare, begins to announce the scores.




Jehan-Pascal is suitably excited and goes to give Aedhwyn a hug as well as she comes close and asks after the hunting trip, "Rumor spreads fast, doesn't it? We'll have to plan in earnest this week," he laughs brightly for Isabelle.

"AND IN FIRST PLACE, WITH NINETEEN POINTS, LORD JEHAN-PASCAL AUMANDE DE BAPHINOL." Is not on the list of things JP thought he would hear today, for sure, not shooting against Aedhwyn.

Anse grins back at Gemma "I've yet to make it to the docks of this city, that sounds downright fascinating. I'm Anse. And as I said, it was a pleasure." Anse offers the same bow of his head to Thibault "it was fortunate meeting you, always good to learn a little more about dragons" he says with a slight smile "I hope you also have a wonderful night, and look forward to our next meeting."

Ailene , as she walks away from the field, hears the Princess' question and pauses, turning back to her and nodding. "That sounds lovely!" she calls back. "I shall tell him!" Her smile grows warmer. "You did wonderful, Your Highness!" she also calls out, then curtsies to her and waves, turning back to head in the direction was going. She arrives at the commoners section, standing straight and proud. She is red in the face, but smiling. It is a rather nervous smile, though. One that she is trying to make seem as normal as possible. She curtsies to all. "Thank you for cheering me." she murmurs, bashfully. She looks down. She gives a nervous sort of giggle and sways a bit to and fro, making the skirt of her plain cotton dress twirl a little.

Augustin has been here the whole time. He definitely did not go to get dinner for his family at one point. He raises an eyebrow when he hears that his sister and Isabelle tied, which makes it easy on him. He clap enthusiastically for the both of them.

"As rumors do," Isabelle says, a leg stepping back and bowing from the waist in a flourish to the first and second place winners. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hefty purse to collect." She pivots around and waves a hand, looking over her shoulder. "It was fifteen, by the way," she tells Jehan-Pascal as she moves towards the stands. "Fifteen thousand ducats!"

She may have lost in this battlefield, but she has certainly won in another and with a laugh, she stops at the vicinity of one of her liveried staff, to set the gloves upon her waiting hand and reach into the box held up for her. Inspecting the contents, she selects her accessories - a pair of crystal earrings to match the charm hanging by her left thigh in a length of gold ribbon, a golden torque tipped with diamonds on both ends, fitting it around her neck, and a slave ring; this, she attaches to her right hand, latching the bracelet on a seemingly delicate wrist, and tugs out the links just so before slipping the ring upon her middle digit.

And with that, she moves on an interception course to accost Ailene de Trevalion's eldest brother.

Now that the competition is over, Thibault also gives a round of applause to the combined group of competitors. He stays standing as he sees Ailene head towards the group of people he has joined. Sitting farthest from where she is approaching, he lets her greet her friends, or relatives, he can't be sure which yet without proper introductions, first. He nods in agreement at Thaddeus' words before turning to Anse. "Likewise, a pleasure making your acquaintance monsieur Anse." He then takes a step towards Ailene, leaning down to place a kiss on her cheek. "A fine display of skill lady Ailene, I think a congratulations are in order. You might not have won the competition proper, but you have most assuredly won the heart of the crowd, and is there really a greater prize than that?" He says to her with a smile.

Anse offers a bow to Ailene when she approaches the commoner section. "Lady Trevalion, it was fascinating seeing the way the crowd reacted to you. I think someone in the crowd even told me you saved a whole litter of puppies one time. You have some interesting friends Lady, it would be nice to get to know you some time." But with that, Anse disappears into the crowd, not sticking around it seems for whatever the follow up to the tournament might entail.

Augustin gives a sly grin when he sees Isabelle putting on her accessories, and stands up as she approaches. "You did wonderfully," he tells her sincerely, grinning. "I was debating competing, but I'm afraid I would have even given poor Narcisse a run for bad shots. No wonder the wolf didn't have a chance," he offers. is smile turns slightly wicked. "I did mean to compliment you on the jewelry at the feast," he offers wryly, capturing the hand to kiss the back of it if allowed.

Aedhwyn looks surprised when her name is announced and claps all the more then Jehan is announced as the winner. She bows towards Jehan, "My congratulations, my lord. You have won this day and I am pleased to concede victory to you." She grins brightly and does a double take at Isabelle's wager, "By the Old Ones!"

Ammy hops his butt onto the rail and spins so his legs are now on the tourney field side, and he smiles widely at Ailene as she nears. He watches as Thibault gives her a greeting, and he laughs, nodding with him. "Dis crowd's heart is CLEARLY all yours, Lady Ailene. You were brilliant! Why, if I didn't t'ink all dese crazy nobles would completely lose dere shit, I'd totally give you a congratulatory kiss, free of charge! And, I'll have you know, my people don't just give dat kind of t'ing away all will nilly like." He winks her way.

"What in the — Isabelle! You didn't," Jehan-Pascal lays his hand over his heart, retroactively stressed out to the extreme. It's a good thing she didn't tell him that earlier, or he would have hardly been able to hold the bow without shaking. He looks back to Aedhwyn in disbelief with Isabelle makes her way off, and he smiles shyly at her. "Thanks," he murmurs, hardly audible in the middle of everything else going on. "You did great, too. I thought you had it — but I guess anything can happen."

Isn't that typical of her? She is fond of saying something along the lines of go bold or go home!

"Didn't you know that is the first thing a lady does before she engages in a catfight?" Isabelle muses as she approaches Augustin, his sly grin answered by her own winsome and more innocent one - so innocent that it would push any court within Terre D'Ange to convict her on the spot. "Take off her earrings, necklace and rings before using her fingernails on the poor unfortunate creature that dared." He would easily be able to capture her hand, his kiss pressed into the back of her knuckles. Situated so far away from the rest, it is easily missed, how that veneer of perpetually amused imperiousness softens just a touch at the man's presence. "But you are kind to say so. Not as wonderfully as I would have liked, but I suppose I'm not ready as of yet for the rest of the country to know too much about me. Still. It would have been interesting to see how you would fare."

As for her jewelry…there's a glance at the slave ring, before she tilts her body, and checks him with a hip. "You would," she tells him exasperatedly, but the words are brimming in good humor, before tilting her face towards his, mouth close to his ear as dark-and-gold eyes track Ailene from the present distance.

Gemma doesn't hop the fence but she walks around till she's at the opening in the rail. Stepping through she moves over to greet Ailene with a curtsey and a hug, "Congratulations, I think you have people all wanting to have lessons." with the hug given she takes the moment to whisper to her.

Thaddeus stands there now, and then he sips his wine again as he offers it to them, with a little chuckle."Anyone care for wine, there is much left?" He laughs softy, with a nod of his head, as he watches as they chat, he missed much of it all.

Ailene blushes deeper at Anse's words. "A litter of…puppies?" she asks, tilting her head. She eyes Gemma suspiciously, then laughs. :Mademoiselle Gemma, you sly fiend!" she teases, easing her posture a little. "Thank you so much, though." she says, touched to the core. "It meant so much to me, truly." She giggles shyly then Thibault is there kissing her cheek! She almost steps back, but doesn't, going the reddesy shade of red imaginable. Then Ammy is congratulating her and joking about kissing her. She gulps and then laughs nervously, reaching up to tug at a lock of bright red curl. "Thank you…" she murmurs, then slides over to Gemma, positioning herself half beside, half behind her. She hears her whisper and hesitates, then whispers back.

Gemma turns her head to look at Ailene and then slowly between the three men, her gaze ending on Thaddeus and then back at Ailene. She blinks slowly and mumbles to herself, "Oh… boy. Maybe you should go hide in one of the temples till whatever it is blows over?" that's not quite as much a whisper as the last was.

Thaddeus looks over at Ailene, and then over at Gemma with a confused look, and then he sips his wine."Is there, something wrong my dearest family?" His voice is soft, and his hand is resting on his belt, with a nod of his head, and then he sighs softly.

"Having both older and younger sisters," Augustin points out, "I am somewhat familiar with the ditching of jewelry before a fight. And occasionally heels and clothing, depending on how drunk you are and the occasion. Although the last one wasn't any of my sisters, but observations on a dock catfight in Pointe des Soeurs." This last bit is offered with the air of a fond remembrance. He grins wolfishly at Isabelle's teasing, gently nipping the back of one of her knuckles with his teeth. He raises an eyebrow as she leans in to whisper, and then laughs. His eyes fall on Ailene as he leans back in to whisper to her in return.

Thibault's smile turns into more of a jovial and satisfied smirk as he sees the blush his kiss causes. Maybe that was, in part at least, why he chose to do it so overtly infront of her friends and relatives. I mean, red looks good on her, you can't deny that. His eyes follow her for a moment with an amused look as she 'retreats' to the side of Gemma. "Yes, please! That would be wonderful, I'm afraid I've run out myself, and just in time for the celebrations." He answers in response to Thaddeus' offer, then, holding his flask bottom up with a slight feigned sulk.

Gemma reaches back to give Ailene a one armed hug. Turning back to the group, pulling Ailene just a bit forward she nods her head to something Thaddeus has said privately, "Of course my lord."

"Really? I could picture the Lady Margret de Trevalion doing exactly that if given the occasion, if she's anything like your spitfire sister…or you, as far as the competitive spirit is concerned. Still, that would be a sight to see, I would have expected that would be the first I would have been able to witness from one of your spirited lot. But one of your lady sisters appears to be too busy winning over hearts to engage in the kind of scrappy, silk-tearing affairs such as that." She nods towards Ailene's direction and her bevy of admirers. "Ah, Augustin. Were we ever so young? It's clearly a jest, with the deliberate emphasis and inflection on her rich contralto, but at the playful nip he dispenses on her knuckle, followed by the whisper, there's a laugh. "I suppose I shouldn't talk as if I'm about to fall into a decrepit pile of bones before your eyes, especially with the ridiculous wager I managed to win. Shall I tell you about it?" Her lips plant a humid graze on his cheek in appreciation. Her reply, once she gives it, is too low to hear amidst a dozen conversations happening at once.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Perception: Great Success. (7 5 5 7 2 7 7)

Thaddeus watches them all, with a little sigh of air, and then he nods towards them."Now then, sadly I have work over at the docks, I hope to see each of you soon." His voice is soft, as he nods towards them."Enjoy the wine, and I sadly must away quickly/.

There is an aura of tension radiating from Ailene, but she keeps her smile in place. "I have a wonderful idea!" she suddenly bursts out with. "Why don't you all go the Wine Cellar and drink and become friends while I go visit Ari at the Temple?" She nods but then is pulled slightly forward by Gemma. She looks at each one of them with a hopeful expression that they might agree with her idea. "No?" She looks to Gemma. Then, suddenly, Thaddeus announces he is leaving. She seems to relax. Not completely, but a good deal of tension leaves her body. She sighs and then plops down on the stand and leans back. Then…her eyes pop back open and she looks at the other two. She smiles very, very sweetly and bats her lashes.

Ailene sees Auggie whispering and looking at her. She raises a brow and waves at him, smiling sweetly. "Maybe we should go somewhere else…" she suggests in a very low tone of voice while keeping that smile on her face.

Gemma's lips turn down in a quiet frown before giving herself a little shake, "No no Ailene, you need to celebrate. If we are going off drinking you have to come along with us."

Ammy gives Thaddeus a little wave, "Later, T'addy!" He laughs, and then watches Ailene bing surrounded by her adoring fans. He gives a few quick claps for her, before he sees her looking off toward her brother. He purses his lips, and then he hops off the fence. "Well done, my lady! We were rooting for you!" He smiles, and then he bows to Ailene, a big, hearty bow with a flourish of a hand, and then he heads off back toward the port.

Augustin snorts. "Margret is a spitfire, to be sure; but she hasn't taken off her hairpins and gone after anyone's eyes in a long time. At least physically. Politically i an entirely different matter," he says with a laugh. He then grins. "I'm not surprised to see her so popular. She has that way about her, you either love her or hate her. If you're not family — we're fully capable of doing both at the same time," he explains. "I would love to hear what wager you made; and I'm assuming from the air of a cat who got in to the cream you're exuding that it was a great deal of money indeed." And then he leans in to whisper again.

"She sounds like a formidable creature I would love to meet one day," Isabelle says, shifting so she could curl her fingers into Augustin's inner elbow, taking a step down from the stands. Spectators appear to be heading off in their separate ways. "As for the wager?" She eyes him sidelong, mouth lifting in the corners. "Fifteen thousand ducats on Lord Jehan-Pascal de Baphinol, one of my very first patrons in Marsilikos and a dear friend. I certainly couldn't bet on myself, despite the odds being ridiculously against my favor as well…but it seems my faith and willingness to irresponsibly part with hefty sums are well-placed, indeed. As I was telling Jehan-Pascal earlier, gambling isn't gambling without the risk and as far as he was concerned, the risk was particularly significant. I simply couldn't resist."

His whisper has her leaning her head close to him and her lips part, eyes rounding as she looks at him with a mixed air of exaggerated surprise and very much how dare you. But there is clear enjoyment there, with the way the devil's own spark lights up those predominantly dark eyes…

…as she steers the eldest Trevalion brother right for Ailene's direction before she could escape.

"We should pay our respects to the rest of your kin before parting," she suggests, before dropping another whisper in his ear.

Thibault nods fervently in agreement with Gemma's words after having politely bid Thaddeus and Ammy farewell. But then he is interrupted by a young boy that comes running up to him with a flustered look on his face and heavy breaths from running, pulling on his sleeve and handing him a folded piece of paper. He takes it and hands the boy a silver coin, giving him a pat on the shoulder before unfolding and reading the words penned within. He looks up at the two ladies with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, but it looks like I'll have to take a rain-check on that trip to the Wine Cellar, duty calls once more I'm afraid." He says to them, sincere regret in his voice at having to cut short the fun he was having and the chance of being introduced to more interesting people in the city. "Mademoiselle Gemma, it was a pleasure meeting you, I shall look forward to next time we meet, hopefully we'll have more time for conversation then." Then he turns to Ailene, opting this time to merely offer his hand palm up, and, if she places hers in his, will give it a faint kiss. "I do apologize for this sudden exit lady Ailene, but I will be in touch as soon as these matters are dealt with, you have my word." He leans in to whisper something to Ailene shortly before he offers them both a deep, courtly bow that might be a little deeper than normal on the account of the amount of wine he has consumed during the event. He turns around and starts walking towards the city with long, fast steps, grumbling something to himself, curling up the piece of paper in his hand hard in annoyance.

Gemma dips into a curtsey, her lips turned up in her friendly smile, "I look forward to it my lord." she brushes a lock of hair back behind her ear as she watches the play between Thibault and Ailene, her lips turning up further into a brief grin. With the approach of the lord and lady she dips into another curtsey and nods her head to them, "Good afternoon."

With Thaddeus and Ammy both gone now, the tension completely leaves Ailene's body. "Goodness!" she exclaims, leaning back and sighing. "I thought all hell would break lose!" She sighs again. "That was close! I was not expecting them to be here today." She casts an apologetic look to Thibault and Gemma. "I fear I have gotten myself into quite the predicament." she muses ruefully. "I had planned to handle things but was not ready…especially for Thaddeus." She smiles, but then sits up when Thibault must leave. "Oh no." She looks extremely disappointed and gives a little pout. The whisper he gives her before leaving, though, has her blushing again. She can't say a word. She is completely speechless as she watches him leave. She looks to Gemma and then finally smiles and shrugs. "Do you still want to go have one drink at the Wine Cellar?" she asks her.

Ailene suddenly and finally notices that her brother and Isa are actually standing right there. "Oh!" she exclaims and blushes. "Forgive me, Augustin, Lady Isa." she says. "I was so distracted." She gives them a warm smile.

"Fifteen thousand is no small sum," Augustin offers wryly. "I do trust that they are good for it; I would be hard pressed to come up with 15000 liquid ducats on a random Monday evening for a wager. I'd at least have t look at my books for a few minutes," he offers wryly. "Well it wouldn't be gambling without risk. I have no issue with gambling on other people's fights." He then grin at the look in her eyes, and lets out a laugh at something she whispers while they walk. He shakes his head wryly, and then quirks an eyebrow to Ailene. "Ailene, congratulations on third. Should I ask why you needed to be prepared for our cousin Thaddeus?"

"It's a surplus amount that I keep in my coffers, in the event that I actually have to be competitive in one of the Night Court's debuts. And since I've not had the inclination lately, why not invest it in an entertaining way?" Isabelle wonders with a laugh, a glance over towards Augustin. "The risk is the sport…don't tell me you don't miss it. How uncertainty spikes the rush of your blood through your veins, the way it quickens your heart? It's the same effect as you must feel, I think, when embroiled in heated competition." Her eyes glitter with those embedded golden motes. "And I know how competitive you can be."

Towards Ailene and Gemma, she turns to the former first, her expression as bright as a star's cradle. "You did admirably, Lady Ailene. It would have been an honor to lose to you," she tells her. To Gemma, she smiles faintly. "Isabelle de Valais," she introduces. "Well met, mademoiselle. Are you a good friend of Ailene's? Augustin and I were about to collect something particularly hard won today, but I thought we would at the very least say goodbye properly before leaving." There's a sideways glance at the back of the departing Thibault, with his black clothes and red belt. "A paramour, Ailene?" she wonders - it is impossible not to notice the blush that lingers on the redhead's cheeks. "He's handsome."

Gemma inclines her head to Isabelle, "A pleasure to meet you my lady. I am Gemma Renault." she looks over at Ailene and gives her a quick smile before looking back again, "I like to think we are. I haven't known her very long, I can just hope such a friendship will continue."

Ailene sighs a bit at Augustin. "It's just about an agreement that we had, is all." she says to him. "I shall handle it." She smiles, again ruefully. "I just was not expecting…the situation to become so tense, is all." she explains. "I hadn't the time yet to handle things, is all. So..I was unprepared." She leaves it at that and sits up straighter and again, raises that chin. "Perhaps I shall tell you one day." she says to him. "Just…not now. Please understand." She bows her head in apology, then looks to Isa. "Ah thank you so much, Lady Isa!" she exclaims. "You did absolutely wonderful, yourself!" She giggles. "That Jehan-Pascal was seriously great! I thought for sure you would have been the winner, or the Princess." She looks around the field, to see if Her Highness is still there. As for Gemma, she blinks. "Oh!" she says in surprise. "This is my good friend, Gemma Renault." she says, introducing her. "She is also a friend of Thaddeus'." she says. Then, when Isa mentions 'paramour' she does blush, and deeply at that. She glances at Augustin. "My answer to that would depend on what my brother thinks, of course." she says, biting back giggles. Right…

Augustin doesn't lower his eyebrow as Ailene discusses an agreement, but he shrugs. "As long as it isn't going to result in a duel, assassins, public shame, or banishment, your affairs are your own, Ailene. Just let me know if there comes a time when you need help, or it is growing close to one of those other categories. The same," he offers wryly, "Goes for whether or not the dark dressed gentleman is your paramour. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, and all that," he offers with a shrug. He turns to Gemma and offers a polite bow to her. "Since neither one will provide an introduction, I'm Augustin de Trevalion; Ailene's brother, and several other things we can thoroughly ignore for the moment. A pleasure to meet you."

"Jehan-Pascal is a man of many talents, and is an agreeable gentleman who surprises many," Isabelle tells the younger Trevalion with subtle fondness; like how one would speak of a friend, or even a brother. "One day, I will have to introduce the two of you properly. He and I are thinking of organizing an Autumn Hunt once the season is underway, perhaps you and your siblings would like to join us?" There's an inquiring glance cast towards Augustin at that. "The Princess of Alba was wondering whether one of the Trevalion brothers will be present, I'm assuming she was asking about Vespasien, as he asked me to provide her with a consult before."

Ailene speaks of tension and while she is conversing with her older brother about it, Isabelle's dark-and-gold eyes remain fixed on the Kusheline lord's back as he moves away, just as the milling crowd swallows his lean, tall form. A more contemplative bent suffuses her features, but this is a reverie that she is drawn out of easily by the engaging Gemma Renault. "Well, any friend of Ailene's is a friend of mine, as they say, for surely she has captured my regard as swiftly and ruthlessly as she has her bevy of adoring fans. Sir Augustin is yet another competitor as well for the sword duels, being one of the preeminent blademasters of the realm. I will see you both there, yes? It would feel terribly lonely were I the only one cheering for him."

Gemma dips into a curtsey, her cheeks turning a light pink, "She is a bit fazzled this evening, I'm sure it's all the excitement of the competition. It's a pleasure to meet another of Lady Ailene's family." looking over at Ailene a moment she offers, "Ailene had just suggested heading to the wine cellar. Would the two of you like to join us?" she nods her head to Isabelle, "Yes I plan on attending."

Aedhwyn seems to have finally come back from having taken a moment to refresh herself and change into something a bit less frightful to the general d'Angeline public. She moves with easy grace across the field towards where she spots Ailene. The marks of woad are still upon her body but she wears a gown now that flows with the breeze. "I hope I do not interrupt but I wished to congratulate you on a job well done with the test of skill." Her gaze travels a bit here and there, looking at the others gathered round.

Ailene is flustered. "Sorry, Augustin." she says. She looks to Gemma and then sighs and laughs. "As he said, he is my eldest brother." She then looks at him, pride in her gaze. "What he is not telling you is that he is Knight and also the best swordsman in the Kingdom." She then turns serious briefly. "No, but I always…tell you..if I need to." She nods in the affirmative then smiles again, "I did not think you would have issue with Lord Thibault." she says to him. "He has been very good to me." She winks, but that is all she says. She does not catch Isa watching him, instead, she turns to Isa. "I would love to join!" she says excitedly. "Since I have dropped out of the horse race, it gives a chance to really let Tirre fly!" She claps her hands. "I would also love to be properly introduced to Jehan-Pascal." She then lowers her voice. "I hadn't the chance to say, but I loved his clothing too!" she says to them. "He did look quite dashing it the red." That is when Ardhwyn walks up to them. Ailene drops into a quick curtsy of greeting. "Thank you, Your Highness!" she says, beaming. "You were absolutely amazing!" she says. "As I was telling Isa earlier, I thought for sure one of you two would win!" She then sighs about the drink at the Wine Cellar. "I was wanting to a moment ago, but I am actually so very tired. I hope you don't mind if I pull out and meet you all another day?"

Augustin snorts as Ailene goes further to introduce him. "Well, after the fact dear. Yes, I'm also a Knight and the Vicomte de Rouen and other things which can be very intimidating and I was leaving off to not send your friend running in to the night," Augustin says wryly. He reaches to take Isabelle's hand, and holds it up to Ailene wryly. "And since you did so well I will avoid commenting on you looking quite so smug at the feast the other night; but for the moment if you will excuse us, I owe Lady Isabelle a drink and a discussion. Companions walk with you all," he offers, bowing his way out.

"Oh, Ailene, you flatter me with your hopes, but between myself and the Princess, even I would wager against myself," Isabelle says with a laugh, mischievous eyes glittering towards Aedhwyn's way. "What hope does an artist have against a royal that has clearly been battle-tested as her traditions demand? Perhaps if our implements were sketch pads, I would have better chances." She winks at Aedhwyn at that, and would have said something more until the Knight of the White Swan laces his fingers through hers, gloved fingertips curling over the golden links of her slave ring and bracelet, lifted up for Ailene to see. Against the beautiful setting is a cat's eye garnet, a deep, dark red, set on fire by the sunset sinking over the horizon, glinting faintly in the light even as it jealously guards its secrets.

"Your brother is being the tiger that he is," she explains simply as she's drawn away. "I will explain that analogy later, visit me in my salon later, alright, Ailene? Princess, Gemma. A pleasure as always." With that, long legs follow Augustin's wake, letting him take the lead this time as they head out of the tournament grounds.

Aedhwyn laughs softly, "My lady, I am not a warrior and make no claims to be one though I am a protector of my people and I am rather fond of meat for the evening meal." She looks over at Augustin, nodding her head in a very informal bow and acknowledgement and goodbye. "Until next we meet, my lady, may you travel well and never know thirst or hunger."

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