(1310-09-01) Can't We All Just Get Along?
Summary: A group of young nobles find themselves sheltering from the rain, under a tree. Then, potential trouble arrives, in the form of a forigner with a hot temper. Later, a giant comes to difuse the situation.
RL Date: 1st of September, 1310
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The road that leads from the city winds its way through lush countryside. Drenched by the sun in summer months, it provides a fertile ground for fruits and crops, with well-tended vineyards that produce some of the finest grapes for summer wines. To the south, a rocky coastline slopes down to the silver sands of beaches, and where coves and inlets are littered with fishing boats that plumb the depths of the sea for the fish and seafood that makes up the traditional Eisandine diet. Small stone buildings crouch in the fields to provide shelter from the sun for those that work the land during the heat of the summer months, and there's an open-fronted wooden stall set back from the road where produce such as melons, peaches and a variety of other fruits might be bought when in season.

Trees line the banks of a river where it cuts along dividing fields towards the end of its journey that started somewhere in the Camaeline mountains. Swallowed by a rocky gorge to the south it disappears from view, though a well-trodden path that follows alongside allows a person to track its course towards the ocean.

What a morning! What a morning it was! The sun was shining brightly and a mild breeze was offering a refreshing gulp of air. Though, it was quite sudden, around the mid-day, when a wind raised and brought dark clouds. A drizzle was quickly changed by a rain. Even if warm still not pleasant. It turned roads into mud, afterall! So, a young lady finds herself standing under a large oak tree. The thick branches offer a shelter to Irene. Her light rosy gown has a much darker shade since it's absolutely wet. Her hair are tangled by the wind and became quite curly because of the wetness. Some of the raindrops are rippling across her cheeks. The end of her skirt is muddy. She is holding a basket half filled with some herbs in her hands. She is a bit shivering at the suddenly much cool weather. Her dark eyes scan the surrounding and glare at the sky which shows no interest pushing the clouds away.

A couple of figures come into a view. One of those figures is like a beacon with her bright red hair, whih is soaked at the moment. She is running towards the oak tree, carrying a completely defunct kite. As the figure nears the oak tree, one that knew her could tell it was Lady Ailene Trevalion. "Hurry, Sissy!" she calls back to the figure behind her. It is a male and none other than Narcisse Trevalion. As she nears the tree, she slows, seeing Irene. "Oh!" she exclaims in surprise. "Lady Irene!" She looks around glumly. "So much for the weather today, huh?" She then looks down at her kite and pouts.

Yes indeed it is the most glorious Lord Narcisse Trevalion the grace of every ball and party… eh nevermind, he doesn't look like that at all, as he finds himself all damp and hurrying towards said oak tree himself. He was wearing a silk outfit of bourbon colour today, which is clinging all soaked to his body now. At least the rain makes his hair curl even a bit more than normal, which the young Lord doesn't seem to mind at all. Huffing a little as they finally come to a stop, he then needs a moment to recover before casting a smile towards Irene "Ah Lady… Irene, wasn't it?" Remembering her just enough from their last, if brief meeting.

A tall figure clad in a dark crimson doublet over a black shirt and matching pants appear on the road leading back towards the city. Black hair is slick against his head from the rain and his clothes are obviously quite drenched, making the mostly crimson attire an even darker shade than normal. He doesn't seem too bothered by the fact though, as he walks along the road, nearing the place where three figures are gathered below a large tree. Thibault pauses for a moment as he comes close enough to reckognize one of the people in the small gathering, seems to ponder something for a moment, and then changes direction to heads towards where they are gathered. He has a half-eaten apple in one hand, of which he takes another bite walking closer. "Lady Irene, what an unexpected pleasure." He offers to the young d'Eresse lady before turning to the two other people gathered there. "My lord, my lady." He offers to them in turn, a polite smile and a small nod accompanying the words.

Irene flinches when she hears some voices. She looks around mildly confused. Maybe she believes that it was simply the sound of wind and rain. But when she notices those red curls, Irene immediately smiles and waves. "Lady Ailene!" She pushes aside one of the wet curls away from her fair features. Then she tiptoes and looks at the other figure. "Lord Narcisse Trevalion? You are with your cousin?" Her eyes on the other lady and her kite. Irene shrugs, "Yeah…." She shows her basket with wet herbs. "I think Mistress Orianne will not have any use of those anymore. I wanted to help her today! As well as to take a look at the tournament ground. I believe they started to decorate it for festivities." She looks at the lord Trevalion one more time and nods at his question. But then d'Eresse lady focuses back on her friend. "I received your gift! It's marvellous! Thank you so much!" Irene moves aside a bit to make more space under the tree.

Irene's attention is stolen by another voice which brings even broader smile to her features. "Lord Thibault!" She immediately turns around and steps closer to the stem of the tree to give him space as well. "A pleasure meeting you!" She points at the ginger woman but keeps her eyes on the newly arrived, "This is lady Ailene and Narcisse Trevalion. They are cousins." She makes an introduction. Then she looks at Trevalions, "This is lord Thibault Charlot. He is a cousin to lord Cyriel! And he is my dancing tutor."

Ailene 's and holds up her kite. "Yes, I had felt a breeze and thought I could fly my kite today." She gives a mournful. "Twas not meant to be, alas!" However, she cheers up immediately when Lady Irene says she recieved the present she sent her and that she liked it. Her pale, wet face breaks out into a dazzling smile. "Oh, I am so glad you did!" she tells her. "I thought long and hard about it before deciding it was the right one." She chuckles and turns to her cousin. A brow arches as they seem to have met. Devilish eyes dart back and forth between the two, and a secretive, devious smile appears. That is when Thibault appears. She blinks rapidly and glances down at her dress, which is quite drenched and clinging to her a bit scandalously. It was of the palest blue, almost white. She gulps and hurriedly hands over her kite to Narcisse. As the young man approaches, she gives a polite smile, though a bit of a blush and folds her arms over her chest for modesty's sake, trying to make it all look as natural as possible. "A pleasure to meet you, My Lord Thibault." she says to him as Irene introduces him. She then looks to Irene. "Who is Lord Criel?" she asks, headtilting, before looking back to Thibault. "Oh, you are a dancer?" she asks, looking quite interested.

Narcisse nods his head ever so politely in Thibault's direction as they are introduced to each other "A pleasure to meet you, m'lord." and indeed he has a warmer one of his smiles worn on his face for once, before he is left there holding the kite like he would be a servant or something. And he scoffs for a brief moment, but there's hardly anything he can do about it right now. So he quirks an eyebrow at the mention of dancing as well, while the rain keeps pouring around them "As long as those are all proper dances and nothing too savage I presume." And nose high up in the sky of course as he speaks those words as if to overdramatazise them.

The slowly mounting hum of activity around the Tourney Field may be a draw to several city-dwellers, but for those who have long been camping the summer away in said fields it's only a world of bother. Look, it drives Hel straight from the grounds, and even the downpour doesn't persuade her to return to the comfort of the tent. A little rain never hurt anyone, after all, or, if it did, never her. She's taken off her well-worn tunic and tied its arms around her belted waist, the weight of her baldrick dragging one side of the waistline low over a hip. But she's not indecent underneath, either— a band of cloth that generally serves to keep her chest bound — not flat, just enough to make motion and vigorous exercise less bouncy — still doing so, just out in the open, now, as her short, wavy mud-blonde hair weeps rain onto the muscled sculpt of her shoulders and down her back.

The hand not currently holding the apple comes up to let the fingers run through the thick, black hair. Not so much to make it look better but more to get the insistingly errand strands out of his face. He then offers a more formal greeting now that they have been introduced. "Lady Ailene, Lord Narcisse, the pleasure is all mine, It's always nice to have a chance to meet more members of your family." The words are nothing but sincere but the expression on his face would make you think he was incredibly bored, were it not for a clear sparkle of interest in the dark golden eyes. He turns to Ailene first. "Lord Cyriel is my cousin, and the current love-interest of this fine young lady." He answers on behalf of Irene with a small nod gesturing towards her, seemingly not bothered if that is too much information or not, and perhaps there is even a faint glimpse of amusement in his expression as he speaks the words. A quick glance towards Irene before his eyes are again on the redheaded Trevallion lady. "Well, I dance. If that makes me a dancer, then yes, I guess you could call me as much." He muses with a smile. "Lady Irene told me that she had some upcoming events and would like some help getting introduced to the basics, so I naturally agreed." His focus turns to Narcisse then. An eyebrow is quirked at the kite held in his hand, but it receives no mention. "Yes, quite proper, I assure you. I happily leave the rest for my cousin." A small smirk tugs at one corner of his lips and his lips move as if to speak again, but then another newcomer arrives and steals his attention for a second. A small nod is given in greeting to the woman.

Irene rolls her eyes at Ailene's question. "You have not seen lord Cyriel?! He is so… different! He is a Vicomte. Vicomte of…" Her eyes wander to Thibault asking for help but instead he just blurbs things. Irene's eyes grow wide and she quickly protests, "He is not my love interest!!!" She pouts. Irene takes a step back getting closer to Narcisse, glaring mildly annoyed at Thibault. A shake of her head brings a polite smile in few moments and then she tries to focus on Narcisse beside whom she stands. "I did not see that coming. That you would be a man of a kite!" She chuckles.

"Oh,look! There is another figure!" Irene laughs pointing toward the direction where another stranger seems to be coming from. "A knight? A soldier?" She asks and looks at Narcisse.

Ailene rolls her eyes at Narcisse and stands back so that she can gently elbow his arm without uncrossing her arms. ""What is wrong with savage danes?" she asks him, raising an auburn brow. "I happen to have seen one last evening and I found it most fascinating." She makes a face at him, clearly in jest, then turns to Thibault. She blinks at his words then looks back to Irene. "Is that who you wanted it for?" she asks, mirth filling her gaze. "Ah, I get it now!" She giggles and winks at the embarrassed young woman, but says no more. She just gives her a knowing smile. Again to Thibault, her eyes light up. "Are you planning to attend the opening feast tomorrow?" she asks him. "If so, if there is dancing, you must surely dance with me!" Again she rolls her eyes and sighs. "Unfortunately I have no one but my brothers and cousins to dance with…" She sneaks a glance to Narcisse. "Not that I mind that…" She adds for his benefit. "It's just, a girl doesn't want to be dancing with her relatives /all/ the time." She flashes the young lord a dazzling smile and a bat of her wet lashes. Then…Helisson appears. Ailene groans aloud. "Ugh." she mutters. "Not her…" She closes her eyes and shakes her head. "I know that person, unfortunately." she says to them. "It is a woman and she…she…tends to releive herself in public."

Narcisse may notice the lack of interest in Thibault's voice, but then he is not too much a fan of those proper formalities either and it shows in the smirk on his face, as he nods his head "Just like I let my older brother do the adventuring side of the family's business. I am more the… business type." Yes it sounds a bit boring and he feigns a little yawn to mock himself maybe just a little in the process. The gossip of who is whose love interest doesn't seem to interest him at all though and he pretty much addresses it with a dramatic eyeroll, before he chuckles politely at Irene's remark "That is not mine to be fair… I'm not that interested in the art of kiting myself, but my dear cousin needed someone to accompany her, especially now that the weather has taken to a worse. Someone has to assure that she doesn't get into too much trouble after all.." Or at least not trouble which wasn't started by him. At the mention of dancing he then frowns briefly "Ah yes, of course you may dance with others as well, especially as dancing is not so much a gift of mine sadly…" At the mention of the new intruder his sea blue eyes focus on her, for a moment even narrowing dangerously, but then he returns his attention on the already gathered group of nobles.

Helisson keeps the collection of people huddled for shelter in the corner of her eye while leaning forward into rain and wind, moving step by step with an almost equine gait, chin dipping into each trodge. She'd generally be as like as not to just pass by, but then one of them is looking at her. Then another one is looking at her. Then ANOTHER one is looking at her. And she stands there, thumbs twitching at the sides of her thighs, her deep maroon, slightly off-focus eyes (maybe one of them is faintly crossed?) staring with a strange sort of neutrality through the ranks of those convened below the sheltering boughs. Not really at anyone, just sort of through the area, as though she maybe thought she smelled one of them but couldn't quite find one to look at. "Weh?" she asks.

"Oh, I am terribly sorry if I spoke out of turn, I must have misunderstood." Thibault says to Irene after a slight pause, the faintest of smirks still lingering on his lips. Oh woe, the mild scorn of a young woman. This has never happened before. Whatever will he do….. Take a bite of his apple. That's what he'll do. His eyes flicker between the two ladies as a mention of some gift or similar mentioned with a curious glance before they settle on Ailene again, letting them glide over the contours of her body on display under the wet dress. "I very much hope I'll get the chance. I have some business to take care of that is sadly dragging out a bit, but I am hopefull that it won't steal away my time tomorrow night. If I am lucky enough that such should hold true, it would be my utmost pleasure to share a dance or two, m'lady Ailene." He answers with a short bow and a quick wink. "As much as I enjoy the lessons with lady Irene, and I certainly do…" He looks to Irene with a smile to underline the sincerity of the words. "…it would be lovely to take to the floor with someone who already has some experience, even more so when that someone is as lovely as you." He gives the newly arrived woman a glance as Ailene talks about knowing her, taking a small step back from Hellison and towards Ailene at the mention of relieving oneself in public, a slightly critical look on his face." He looks to Narcisse with a nod. "Seems like we are of a similar mind on that matter. Why do things we don't excell at or find pleasure in, yes?." A small shrug at this before again looking to Hellison. He leans in to Ailene and talks in a slightly lowered voice, although not so low that Hellison won't be able to hear it. "Does she speak, then? Or does she just stand around grunting?"

"He is a perfect dancer!" Irene nods toward Ailene almost ignoring Thibault's words. There is a mild disbelieve in them in her eyes. "I am pretty sure that you will be happy to dance with him. I also guess that you will be way more pleasant companion to lord Thibault than I was…" She smiles apologetically at Thibault but then her gaze wanders to the other woman. "Ewww…" She frowns when Ailene makes not a very pleasant introduction. When the stranger speaks to them, Irene whispers, "Is she a foreigner? Did any of you understand what she asked?" A shake of her head follows the question and Irene takes a one more step back. She looks at the sky. Still cloudy and the rain still goes on and does not plan stopping. "I hope my guard will not get worried. I told him that I will be back around mid-day…" She sighs speaking to herself quietly.

Ailene raises her chin at Narcisse. "Of course I shall." she tells him, giving him a curt nod as well. "I always do just what I please, do I not?" She then smiles at him ever so sweetly before turning back to her companions. "My family is rather protective of my twin sister and I, being as we are the youngest." She sighs, but she doesn't look displeased. Looking to Thibault, her cheeks pinken and grow warm as he quite boldly eyes her rain-soaked figure. She sneaks a look again to Narcisse, biting her lip to keep from giggling, but raising a brow ever so slightly at him as if to dare him to say something. She then smiles. Clearly, she liked the attention. Enough to loosen her folded arms just a bit. "I confess that I am not an expert at dancing." she says. "Though I do enjoy it." She gives him an apologetic smile. "I fear I am only average, though I hope to become better at it now that I am here in the city and must attend events." She then bats her lashes again at him and looks down shyly, whether actually shy or pretending to be, it is a mystery. "I hope you shall not be too disappointed." There is another little smile and then they are all looking at Helisson again. She nods. "I think she is a foreigner." she says to them. "She knows profanities." she says. "She cursed out my previous guard and tried to duel him in the market." She shakes her head.

Helisson continues to stand there, very much as though that were ideed her highest capacity. But she's not sure what she's supposed to even do with herself right yet. People standing there talking about her as though she weren't even here. Or as though she weren't able to understand them. And maybe they're right, to some degree. She doesn't understand people very often. But the language— she knows that, even if she's not very tender in her treatment of it, and their behavior leaves her perhaps right in being mystified, brows lowering slowly, upper lip turning into a curl of distaste as she stands just outside of the area of protection beneath the summer greenery. A veil of rain between her and them may as well be the veil between worlds, for all that she might know what to say to express the rising irritation— nay, rather, indignation she feels boiling up under her diaphragm. Finally, she only sucks at her teeth, shaking her head only scant few degrees back and forth as if unable to believe the gall of Ailene and her cohort, and demonstrates the gesture commonly known as the shameless finger.

The young Trevalion Lord takes a few steps back from the foreigner as well and he is not hiding the disgust on his face. Though Narcisse's attention is drawn towards the whatever exchange it may be between Thibault and his cousin and it seems to displease him as well, as he promptly clears his throat, facing the other Lord in the area now he steadies himself up to his hopefully impressive height "Watch yourself, m'lord or I might be forced to defend the honor of my cousin here…" yes, he is protective of her and shows, but there's another smirk as he doesn't keep the seriousness of the topic too long, before he adds "Especially we of true D'Angeline blood should not be tempted to lower ourselves to such /savage/ instincts…" with those last words his gaze falls upon Hellison once again and he takes a few steps towards her "Do. You. Speak. Our. Language?" he asks, nearly mocking her in the way he pronounces every word for itself so she can clearly understand them. Hopefully.

Instead of indulging into conversation further, lady Irene studies the clouds even more. She shakes her head. Her attention comes back to her companions after a few moments. "I do not think it will end. Since I am the only member of our family currently present at Marsilikos, my guard is very protective of me. He will be absolutely mad if I will not come home on time. And… I am already late. He will be alert. So, before he makes a scandal of a missing lady, I shall go home. My dress is ruined anyway." She sighs and offers a curtsy to the group as well as a smile to the stranger woman. Then Irene takes a few inhales and steps into the rain. She rushes off toward the city. Though, her basket is forgotten to stand on the ground. It has the herbs she collected inside. Most likely she set it on the ground while looking around to see if there is no clearing visible in the sky and then simply forgot about it.

"Your company was hardly the issue.." He says to Irene with a smile that, as far as Thibault goes, holds a large amount of humor and one hand goes instinctively to rub the small of his back for a short second. His attention switches quickly back to Ailene. "I am not sure you could disappoint me even if you tried, m'lady. If anything, I am afraid that I will be the one disappointing you after being offered so kind words from the lady Irene. As much as it pains me to say, perfect is perhaps a little too much." Just a little, naturally. His eyebrows come up for a moment in seeming surprise as she mentions her sister. A twin sister, non the less. "A twin? Interesting. Maybe we have even more in common than I thought.." He lets it hang there. No need to spoil all the mystery right away after all. He slowly looks to the young Trevallion lord, taking a small step towards him straightening his own posture and, unless Narcisee happens to be 6'4" or taller, will look down on the other lord. Not in a threatening way, as much as a Scion of Kushiel can be unthreatening, more just to make a point. "I am sure that won't be necessary lord Narcisse, but should you insist…." His left hand goes to fiddle with the hilt of the long, thin rapier held in the thin leather belt around his waste as he gives the other lord a confident and midly indifferent smile. He steps back again and once more turns his attention to the weird foreigner as she raises her finger to him and the group. A quirked eyebrow and a wrinkle of his nose is offered at her gesture and he looks between his companions and her, a small laugh barely contained at Narcisse's words at her. Saves him the trouble of asking the very same thing, convenient! "A pleasure as always, lady Irene. If your guard has any complaints, you can tell him that I was the cause and that he is free to come and see me about it. Until next time." A courtly bow offered to her as she departs.

Ailene is momentarily distracted by Irene's departure, so misses most of the exchange between Narcisse and Thibault. "You forgot your basket!" she calls after the young lady, dropping her arms and going to it, with the intention of running after her. Unfortunately, Irene was too quick. "Oh dear." she says, looking down at the ruined herbs. "I should at least return her basket to her." she murmurs and slings it around her arm. She turns just in time to see her cousin go asking for trouble with Helisson. "Oh bother!" she says, looking to Thibault. "He's going to get himself beat up!" She sighs, as if she is so hard done by. "Looks like I shall have to intervene. Care to join me?" she asks the Kusheline lord with a bit of smile. She inclines her head towards the direction of Narcisse and Helisson, then chuckles and leaves the protection of the tree, boldly walking out into the rain, not seeming too perturbed by getting even more drenched. "Sissy!" she calls back, jogging over to him. "She can and will beat you up!" she warns, before turning to the other woman and scowling. "You." she says. "Remember me?" She puts her hand on her hips. "You urinated all over that handkerchief I offered you in goodwill." she reminds her. "In public, no less! Plus." At this, she raises her chin. "You tried to start a duel in the market." A shake of her wet, red head. "I have good reason to think ill of you." she tells her. "Speak ill of you." she adds. "You insulted me and my guard, though he deserved it." A frown appears. "You should apologize." Curt, decisive nod.

Helisson is well as disgusted by Narcisse as vice versa, though perhaps she doesn't express it quite as well, her eyes still reading flat and somewhat half-focused. But don't mind that, it's just how she looks. Her chest is rising hard against the cloth that binds it; she's— like, almost visibly seething by the time Narcisse is addressing her with such condescending fuckery. She'd roll up her sleeves, but she's already sleeveless. As stands, she just draws herleft foot back a hint and points her the toe of one oversized boot out to the east, drawing her shoulder back and lowering her stance just faintly, ready for fisticuffs or a blade. "Bite. Me. Ass. Cunt," is her retort, matching the pauses of his mocking cadence, but, syntactically, there is an audible comma after the former two words, and a hyphen between the latter two, comprising presumably some sort of insult of the backdoor variety. She seems to speak d'Angeline, at least? But before fisticuffs can ensue, Ailene is intruding. Fortunately, her slightly wonky gaze leaves it at even odds whether she's even looking at… Sissy? Or his cousin. Looks like some strains of horrible just run in families. She snerks, aloud even. "Sissy," she whispers, mirth rising at the corners of her mouth even as she squares off against increasing numbers advancing on her, a soldier's training coming amply through in the sheer force of muscle memory, bypassing any sort of logic or reason. It's not like Ailene is a real threat, after all. Who knows about the other. "An' when I am so made insulted, I should not have recourse to a duel? Which I gave off after he was rebuked by his keeper? You, now, weh? Where is your apologue?" She is not, perhaps, the most eloquent of speakers, but her accent sounds perhaps more rustic than foreign, or perhaps as she were simply not much given to speech.

Narcisse shrinks away from the challenge to a duel, as he is indeed smart enough not to engage someone taller than him and most likely more skilled than him - or it is simply because that his attention is caught elsewhere by now. Wrinkling his nose at the insult, he doesn't back down yet, trying to shove his cousin out of the way this time at least "I won't let myself be disgraced by such… scum and from what you just told she more than disgraced you as well." Too bad he hasn't taken his own rapier with him, even though his hand reaches for it, but there's only thin air he grasps, so he finally takes a step back, but not without spitting right in front of her.

Thibault, who has been observing the escalating scene between Narcisse and Helisson turns to Ailene again when she speaks to him, the amusement on his face visibly increasing at every word exchanged by the two would-be combatant. "I'm guessing this wouldn't be the first time?" He replies to her remark about her cousin possibly getting himself into more than he can handle, a knowing look on his face despite not knowing the man at all. "As much fun as I imagine it would be to watch, best not let your dear cousins honor be besmudged. Wouldn't want him to have to miss the feast tomorrow, after all." He gives Ailene a wide smile, well, wide for him anyway, and a small nod, gesturing with his hand for her to lead the way out of the cover of the tree towards the others. A slight laugh as Helisson returns the insult. "Such colourful language. She might be dirty, crude and uncivilized, but at least she is mildly entertaining, you gotta give her that." He mumbles with a slight shake of the head as they approach. His gait is calm and relaxed but there is a slight twitch to his hands which seems eager to go towards the blade at his side. Not likely, but one can always hope. As they approach, he adresses Helisson directly for the first time, a skeptical look taking his features. "What /is/ that thing you're doing with your face? Are you constipated or something? Or are you simply having trouble finding the words to apologize?"

When Narcisse puts himself in front of Ailene, as though to 'protect' her, she gapes at him, as if to silently say, 'Are you kidding me?' She rolls her eyes again, side-steps, and stands in front of him now, looking back at him with a slight shake of her head. She gives Thibault a bit of a smirk, looks down and notes his hand twitching. Her eyes twinkle appreciatively, but then she is facing Helisson again. "It started with me." she tells the other two. "So I should be the one to try to rectify it." Another nod to the woman but she frowns again at her. She then points a finger at her. "You started the insults." she says to her, knowing she can understand what she says. "The handkerchief was given as a gift." she says. "If you did not want it, you could have politely declined it, yet you threw it down and then…" She scrunches her face up into a look of disgust. "Urinated like a man on it." She narrows her eyes. "I do not know where you are from, but when a kindness or a gift is given, is it standard procedure to insult the giver?" she asks her. "Or are you just trying to start fights with people?" She looks to both Narcisse and Thibault. "I daresay public urination, especially in the market, is illegal, is it not?" She headtilts. "I have no idea myself, as the thought has never occurred to me." She shrugs, pondering. "Hmm." It is true, she is no threat. She is but a wee slip of a thing. She also has no weapon. However, she is obviously brave to the point of foolishness and has the air of of Trevalion pride about her. It could be good, or it could be very, very bad. "I only ask that you reflect upon your actions and then understand that is why you are being treated thusly, by us."

Oh, it's spitting, now, is it? Hel can spit like a farmhand (which is probably where she learned it), and, those gates opened, she makes a rather loud and garish hocking noise, getting all that phlegm from the back of her throat and leaning in to cast it after Sissy, all PTAH and a great gobbet of ick making for him. Then, for once, her eyes seem to come into focus. On Ailene. That's got its plusses and it minuses, that. Bonus, you know who she's looking at. Less bonus, she looks— mad. Not, like— violent, mad. Just mad. "The fuck? You send insults, sneer down your nose at me, all better-than, and call it a gift, call it kindness. The great dicks will have you at your word, for all your fine dress and manner. But you know that you sent insult to me, sent your mocking, disguised as kindness." She peers back at Narcisse. "And here, the same. You insult me in the guise of a halloo and expect me to only bear it. I insult you back, in no guise, and you act as though I have done you grave wrong." Then to Thibault, eyes still focused, with some strain. Her eyes narrow, not really sure what she's doing with her face or not. "Are you worried for my shits? I will take one for you and lay it in your hat if you are so worried," she offers, presumably in jest.

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Dodge: Success. (3 6 6 2 8 6 1)

<FS3> Ailene rolls Dodge: Success. (5 4 1 6 8 6)

<FS3> Helisson rolls Ranged: Good Success. (5 6 2 7 4 8 3)

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Composure -1: Good Success. (7 7 5 6 8 3 1 1)

<FS3> Helisson rolls Composure: Failure. (5 3)

Narcisse might have not expected it, even though his attention had been on the foreign girl all the time, so his reflexes fail him as he cannot dodge the ball of spit sent his way. The fury shows in his blue eyes for once dancing like flames, though he keeps to himself and simply wipes the fluid from his face like it was acid or something worse. Ignoring his cousin trying to play the hero here, he then shakes a fist at Helisson "Get. Away. Now." he has to keep his own voice down there and succeeds at it, but his pride is clearly shaken and he is trembling just a bit.

Thibault follows Ailene as she approaches the larger woman, easily side-stepping as she does to not bump into Narcisse, giving the man a look that clearly shows that he is quite impressed with his cousins boldness. "If you say so, m'lady." He answers Ailene as she declares that she should be the one handling this. He stays just to the side and slightly behind Ailene, just enough to make it clear that he doesn't want to deny her the chance to defend her own honour but close enough that he can intervene at a moments notice if things should become physical and she, or her cousin for that matter, should need his help. "If it isn't, it certainly should be." He agrees with a nod to her comment about publicly releiving oneself being a crime. Then the spitting starts and his expression changes immediately as the gobbet of saliva hits home on the face of Narcisse. He takes a single long-legged stride forward to put himself right in front of Helisson, his eyes visible turning darker and sparkling. Not figuratively, literally. He looks at her with until-now hidden disgust, as if the spit had been sent towards himself rather than Narcisse, looming over her. "I think that is quite enough, cur! As fun as this has been, I'd suggest that you make with the apology for your non-existing manners. Now! "A smirk forms on his lips, although there is not the slightest hint of mirth there. "It's a long way to crawl back to the city from here." A beat. "And no, I don't care about your shits. So far you seem to be full of nothing but shit, and I'm just about at the point where I'm inclined to cut you open where you stand to see if I am correct." He draws the his raper in a fluent, clearly practiced motion, letting it rest by his side but making it clear that he is more than ready, and willing, to use it. A deep, soft exhale through the nose as the darkness seems to spread from his eyes to cast a shadow from nowhere on his features. "Last chance." He warns her, apparantly completely convinced that he would win should it come to an actual duel.

<FS3> Thibault rolls Intimidation: Good Success. (6 4 6 6 1 8 8)

<FS3> Thibault rolls 2: Failure. (3 4)

Ailene 's eyes go wide as saucers as she hears the hawking. She instantly reacts, moving out of the way instinctively, not really on purpose, the glob of phlegm hitting Narcisse square in the face. She stares at him in shock. Her eyes, flashing a darker, more gray-blue now, slice into Helisson. She opens her mouth to say something, but then Thibault is there, now in the front, his sword drawn and at the ready. Though she is furious, her cheeks turn rosy, impressed and mayhap a bit smitten, by his boldness and intimidation towards the enemy. She looks over at Narcisse and headtilts, and then turns back to watch the scene unfold. She finally speaks, though, after Thibault has spoken his last word to Helisson, though she stays behind him now. "You took offense when none was given." she states loudly and clearly. "I said so before, yet you refused to understand, even though you clearly did." By the way, she is a couple of feet behind the sword wielding, tall Kusheline and standing on her tip-toes. "It is customary here to offer one a handkerchief if it looks like they need one." She is glaring. "I was not looking down you. I do not even know you." Actually, she thinks that accusation is quite absurd, really, and starts to laugh, as if it is the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard. "If I so did, why do I count your friend Fenris as a friend of my own?" she asks her. She then looks at her and the back of Thibault, waiting to see what will happen next. She makes a motion to Narcisse to stay put and balls up her fist, subtly threatning him with it should he get them in more trouble.

<FS3> Ailene rolls Intimidation: Failure. (5 6 3)

<FS3> Narcisse rolls Intimidation: Success. (8 6 3 4)

Helisson brings her hands to her waist, slowly beginning to untie the arms of the tunic that's trying to pull her pants down. Water comes seeping from the arms of the clothing as she does so, gaze returning to something neutral in intent and empty of soul. "Per keh, sir? It must not be on account I made insult, as I was insulted before. It must not be that I made spit, as I was not the first there, either. Tell the first to do wrong to make apologue, and I will follow," she states her terms, drawing the stiff garb up and overhead and sliding it down over her torso, revealing, at the same time, the armored flanks of her trousers and the broadsword in its baldrick. She's ready for a duel if there need be, but is also willing to make restitutions if she feels treated fairly.

Narcisse doesn't mind the taller man taking the front for once but only because he is not in the condition of having a fair fight without any sword to his hand. Instead he still looks a bit disgusted and it doesn't help that the stranger exposes her lady parts to them and urinates. Wrinkling up his nose, he then averts his gaze and settles it upon Ailene instead, inquiring "You don't have any handkerchief with you, do you? I need to get myself clean from this… fluid somehow." And no it doesn't seem like he's even having the thought of an apology coming from his lips.

Thibault's features remains locked in place, almost as if they were those of a statue and not a living, breathing person, as he watches her untie and put on her tunic. "I think it was just made rather clear to you that you were not inulted, but that you simply chose to misunderstand a kind gesture as redicule or arrogant pity. For that, you should apologize to lady Ailene. The least one could expect even from a savage is that you'd take a little time to understand the customs of the nations you decide to visit, so as to not go around making a fool of yourself and threatening others. As far as the spitting goes, yes the lord there did so first, but he clearly aimed at the ground to show his well-placed disgust, while you chose to discharge your flem in his face. For that, you should apologize to lord Narcisse. And now were getting to the point where I'd almost say you owe me one as well, simply for wasting my time with you stubborn babblings. Now, are you gonna speak the words or are you gonna give me a very welcome excuse to put this to use." A faint swirl of the rapier as his hand tightens closely around the grip, the dark gold og his eyes flaring in anticipation, the smirk reappearing on his lips.

The hot rain has turned to drizzle by now, though the figures of the ones gathered in the countryside this day are still drenched from the earlier downpour. Ailene Trevalion stands behind Thibault, sometimes standing on her tiptoes to see over his shoulder, sometimes hopping to get a view now, too. She holds a soggy basket over her arm. As things start to escalate, she looks to Thibault to see how he shall handle things. As he points out everything to Helisson, quite logically at that. She gives an approving nod. "You summarized things quite well, My Lord." she says. However, as he readies his rapier and things start to look too much like a duel is actually going to go down, she frets. She glances to Narcisse in worry, then, because she doesn't know what else to do, she steps forward and lightly taps the Kusheline man on the back. "You needn't go so far." she red head girl says softly to him. "To defend us, that is, though I am extremely grateful." She bites her lip. "It would be a shame if you were to be injured." She peeks over to see that Helisson has a much bigger sword. She looks to Narcisse for help.

Helisson considers at length the terms the statuesque lord is describing, but now there's steel in play and she can feel the bloodlust rising in her. There's very little that brings actual joy to the House Blade aside from a bit of the old ultra-violence, and once the demands for apologies have gone as far as to include apologizing for pointing out the insults she has suffered since first coming across this sorry group, her lips draw together in a hateful sort of smoosh, her eyes going dead, her nostrils flaring and unflaring with an eager breath as she draws her blade and steps back enough to present him with a salute of it. At least she has duelling manners, and doesn't just come rushing the man. On the other hand, it probably means she's been trained in this art… rather extensively.

Walking mountains don't happen every day. A mountain wearing pants, no shoes and a leather cloak - that's less rare for this one. This giant beast of muscle is walking from the city towards the tourny ground after his few days of being intoxicated and this rain…he's soaked to the bone. So he's grumbling deep in his chest as he walks. He is holding a pack over his shoulders with things in it. The man hears all the yelling and his eyes turn to the group. He sees two he recognizes and he moves over to them. To him this looks like an uneven argument so bringing grumps to it might work. He literally positions himself between Thibault, Narcisse, and Heli. He first looks to Heli growling a little before turning and grumbling to Thibault and Narc. Those blue eyes quickly assess both men and he bares his teeth slightly before looking at Ailene. He points over his shoulder. "Oil." Then to Ailene. "Water." He shakes his head. "No mix. Always fight. Stop." His eyes darken slightly before looking to Thibault. He touches his own chest. "Savage. Not fool. Spitting wrong, not matter aim." He glances to Narcisse. "Spitting cancels spitting. Done." He growls at Thibault. "Oil, water…fool to get near." He puts his bag down and turns to Heli. "Stop look with that tone of face. No fight." He warns her.

Narcisse watches the situation nearly escalate without much of a notion, but then he suddenly realizes something. Maybe that it would leave a bad mark on his reputation and that of his family if a noble of another family got injured because of what he might have done or not done. But just as he is about to open his mouth to try and fix things, someone steals the show and he huffs, turning to take a dramatic leave, but stops in movement to just pass by Thibault, lowering his voice "Please take care of my cousin's well-being. She's just as stubborn as me." Not that he wouldn't have noticed such yet. And then finally it's time for the dramatic exit. Bah.

Thibault glares at Hellison, the smirk turning into more of a real smile as her features harden and she draws her own, large blade. He turns his head ever so slightly, his eyes still firmly fixed on the blade-wielding woman in front of him as he answers Ailene's remark. "I'm not the one who is gonna get injured, and even if I should, I heal fast." He says in a calm tone that almost seems to defy the sombre expression on his face. A small nod then to the departing Trevallion lord, eyes still mostly fixed on Helisson. "You have my word lord Narcisse, no harm shall come to her, worry not." His head turns again and his muscles tense for but a moment as he readies for the sword-play to begin, but then suddenly another figure joins the group and the moment is, at least partially, defused. He looks at the mountain of a man that now stands before him, his expression changing. He's confident, perhaps even to the point of being cocky, but he isn't stupid. Not that stupid. Not only does the mountain actually stand a few inches taller than the Charlot himself, he is also much wider and more pshyically intimidating, at least at first glance. "And who might you be, then? The referee?" He says to Fenris with a look that is a mix of annoyance and skeptical surprise. "Do you know this man? Another firend of yours?" He asks of Ailene, with sarcastic pressure on the word 'friend' turning his head to the side a bit to make it clear that the words are meant for her, even if that would be obvious. The rapier does come down to his side a bit more relaxed, however, despite his expression remaining cold and dismissive. He doesn't address Helisson, but not out of disrespect this time. This time, he simply can't see her as the man is close enough, and broad enough, to cover her behind his body.

Ailene is biting her lip in worry. When Fenris appears, sge seems rather relieved. She doesn't seem scared of him, exactly, but as he lectures, she can't help but sulk a bit at him. She opens her mouth to argue, but then Narcisse is high tailing it out of there and leaving her in the care of Thibault. Her mouth drops open and she glares after him, turning to kick out a foot in his retreating direction. "He /always/ escapes and leaves me to face the music!" she mutters, scowling. She sighs and returns her attention to the situation at hand. "He is a friend." she replies to Thibault. "He is a good friend." she then adds. "He is not an enemy." She then eyes the other two men warily. "Monsieur Fenris." she says to him. "Your friend is too quick to draw her sword and threaten." She lifts her chin. "She refuses to listen to reason."

Augh, Fen. Stepping right in the middle of her dueling patch. Hel steps back another step or three to give room for the man to take up the middle of the space while still holding her blade in salute pose for when Fenris steps out of the way. If he will. His edict that there's not to be a fight is met with a soft coughing sigh and a droop of her head to one side like a teenager who's just been told she can't go out with her friends. But at least Fen is on her side where the apologies are concerned, and when Ailene speaks up to scold her for drawing her blade too soon, her jaw absolutely drops, eyes widening. "This again! I am scolded, but say, Lady, which of us here was the first to draw? To threaten, weh?" She's agitated, but, honestly, who wouldn't be?

Fenris glances at Thibault and he looks down at the sword he still holds. "Stab me or put away." He growls at him. His eyes are locked on the shorter man for a few moments showing he's not wavering in protecting Heli for now. Then he turns to Ailene. "Yes. Walk her shoes. Understand her before conclusions. Call her savage and say she no listen to -your- reason. What her reason?" He asks Ailene. "Know why she defensive? Know why she threaten? Know her reason? Always escalate, escalate, escalate. Never listen and learn." He growls at both her and Thibault. "If you better than savage, should reactions not be better?" He turns to Heli and he frowns. "We here. In this land. Not at war anymore. It okay to be peace for time." He points out quietly. He frowns slightly. "Yes but no need to be offense on all things. Be better or you always savage to them." He growls at her. "You are better."

Another sideways glance to Ailene behind him and a nod. His muscles and the grip on the rapier loosens slightly more and the blade is left pointing towards the ground at an angle in. He looks back to Fenris, gritting his teeth for a moment in obvious displeasure at how the situation is turning around. A roll of the eys as Helisson speaks up from behind her massive friend. "You were threatening us with your ignorance and non-existing manners. To spit someone in the face, you might as well have cut him across his cheek with a dagger. The fact that you were given a chance to apologize for your rude behaviour without even the mention of steel drawn…." His voice trails off as he is interrupted by Fenris, who gets a scowl for his efforts. The grip on his rapier tightens for just a second, but then it relaxes further and he slowly sheathes it, not taking his eyes from the large man. He scoffs at the notion of the large 'savage' trying to lecture him, but there is, annoyingly enough, quite a lot of wisdom in his words. Not that Thibault shows that he thinks this, of course. "Listening to a rat squeal doesn't help you understand it.." He mumbles under his breath, still calming down from the situation. Another scoff at the suggestion that Helisson is better than anyone, let alone himself and Ailene. "Well, since you seem to know both these individuals, even naming one as a friend, and it's your honor being defended here, I'll let you decide how we end this. I'm sure your cousin will get another chance to defend his own, should he so choose." He speaks to Ailene, for the first time since the escalation turning his eyes from the others to look at her.

Ailene headtilts. Helisson has a point. She did not draw first. This time. "You did jump to conclusions before, howeveer, which has led us straight to here." She then looks to Fenris and frowns. "I called her no such thing!" she says, raising her chin another notch. "I look down on her not because of who she is, but how she acts." She then folds her arms over her chest. "Do I call /you/ a savage?" she asks him pointedly. "Am I in any position to judge another in that way?" She asks this to Fenris very pointedly. "Matters not if savage or not." She touches her heart and then her head. "These matter." She then looks from Thibault to Fenris and, as Thibault speaks, nods and finally steps forward, out from behind him. She nods solemnly to him and then turns to Fenris, also nodding to him. "I only ever wanted an apology from her for her behavior from before." she tells Fenris. "She almost caused bloodshed in the Market and relieved herself upon the gift I gave to her in earnest." She then nods again. "Whatever slight or ill she thought day was not what happened." She then stands there, straight and proud.

Helisson didn't draw first in the marketplace, either, for the record. It's a mandate from Zephyrine, never to draw steel first without direct orders, and one that she follows assiduously, as she does all orders from her commander. She retreats another few steps, and a few to the side, just to be able to get a sense that Thibault is indeed standing down, and she replaces her own blade in its scabbard. She could argue further their own ill behavior toward her, talking about her like she wasn't even here, mocking her the way they were, but she's had more than her share of words, today. She sucks all that hurt inward where it can brew into bloodlust and hate, letting all that remains of that most recent injury to her personhood retreat from her blood-dark eyes and leave that lifeless, soulless, vacant stare in its place, staring off across the fields.

Fenris frowns a little and takes a step closer to Thibault. "That mean. She not rat." He points to Heli. "She brave warrior with many experience. Ignorance does not make less human." He points out to the man. "That rude. You better." He points at that man. "If she rat. I rat. Both savages." He gestures between them both. "Have I be rude? Threatening?" He asks the man with a rumble in his lips. His eyes and body turn to Ailene and he growls a little. "Actions speak loud yes. Demanding apology from anyone never work. Never sincere." He points out simply. "Look down on someone will never get apology. Compassion shows honor." He points out to her. "No never call me savage, he call her." He points out. "She did. Understand why? Know what life she live?" He gestures between all of them. "She no understand you life and you no understand hers. She understand war. Blood. Pain." He points out. "Heli raised for war. Pretty thing no interest her. Like you gift. You get in her face escalate tension. Oil and water." He grumps again. "Treat as you treat." He rubs his head and sighs quietly. "I tired of fight all times." He gestures to Thibault. "To pretty to stabby." He gestures to Ailene. "To soft to keep push." Then he turns to Heli. "To grumpy to nice." He shakes his head and bows his head. "Please for me…just be kind to each other."

Thibault remains in place as Fenris takes a step closer, giving the man a slightly tired look. "No, you have not, and since you have not, nor have I towards you, which is rather the point and should prove that behaviour and not origin or place of birth was the cause for anything that might have happened." He answers when the man compares himself to Helisson. "And just for the record, she was given a perfectly good chance to apologize for her previous behaviour after having been sincerely told that there was no mocking or 'looking down upon' involved in the gesture. I have never claimed to know what anyone but myself have been through but I hardly think I need to know a persons entire life story to expect them to have a modicum of manners." There is a small flicker of the Charlot's eyes as he grows silent for a moment and he again hears the ever present voice of his brother in his mind, agreeing with and repeating everything that Fenris is saying over and over and over again. It never goes away and it has not become easier to ignore over the years. He dispels it with a short, hard shake of the head and looks back at first Fenris and then Helisson. "Maybe 'rat' was uncalled for….." The worlds smallest nod sent Helissons way, as much of an apology as he is able to or willing to muster, and not without a little apprehension. He takes a step back for the first time since stepping up to Hellison in the first place. Then he looks to Ailene as if he is not sure what to do next, other than stay at her side and make sure she is ok, as he promised her cousin. Not that he wouldn't have if the Trevallion lord hadn't asked. Seems like any possible danger have passed.

Ailene listens to Fenris' words and her posture eases somewhat. Even smiling a little at the end of it. She nods. "No, I do not know her, nor do I know what she has been through." she says. "Yet what Lord Thibault says was also true." she points out. "One does not need to know such intimate details to expect a little manners." She then nods to Thibault and then silently regards Fenris. "I can apologize for any slight she might have felt was cast upon her, but I reiterate that no slight was intended and I wished her nothing but goodwill." She then once more lifts her chin. "To that I can assure." Then she turns to Thibault and lightly touches his damp sleeve. "I think that should suffice, should it not?" she asks him, wanting to make sure. She headtilts and smiles at him. "I am grateful that you have stood by me for my honor, My Lord." she says, her cheeks pinkening again. She looks to Fenris and angles her body, trying to see behind him, to Helisson. "What say you?" she calls out to her. "Does that suffice?"

Helisson is hardly present anymore, except in body. Overwrought and overwhelmed, her whole self is directed inward and the rest of her seems more acting as some sort of mystical automaton, a creature made of clay and given life without, perhaps, the company of spirit. She's resumed a sort of default military stance, an at-ease kind of attention as though simply awaiting orders while Fenris and the others talk things out amongst themselves. Her head turns slightly when she's called upon by Ailene to answer, but her eyes don't really seem to see the maiden talking to her, just— stare off in her general direction. "Weh," she answers, which, in context, makes better sense as a sort of half-slurred 'oui.'

Fenris watches Thibault and Ailene start to make amends and he nods. He frowns a little a Heli and he reaches his foot out and lightly kicks her in the shin as she answers. "Don't go to dark place." He grumbles at her. He turns back to the other two. "You no need to know all life just think of some." He bows to both and stands up right though he wobbles a little. "Still…tipsy." He shakes his head a little and frowns a little more. "I no manners. Never learn." He points out to Thibault. "You speak many. You single?" He asks the man. "I fail words and bids but you no bid and you many word." He pitches his request.

"I don't think you can do much more than that, lady Ailene." He answers Ailene with a nod. "Apologizing for a sleight that did not actually occur seems as incencere as not giving one at all, but apologizing for any feelings that might have been hurt or feathers that might have been ruffled unintentionally……..That seems as honorable as anything I can think of." A smile at her thanks for him staying with her after her cousin decided to suddenly leave. "Of course, my lady. Honor would not allow me to do any other thing, and I must say that the thought of anything happening to you does not sit well with me in the slightest. Besides, you still owe me a dance.." He gives her a small wink and a spirited smirk at those words. He looks back to Fenris and offers a nod in return to the mans bow, looking at him a bit curiously at the words spoken to him. "Bids? Do you mean for debut's at the night court?" The question is utterly sincere, no hint of mockery or intentionally trying to not understand the words. "Yes, I am unmarried and yes, I have won a debut, albeit not here in Marsilikos…… Why do you ask?" He thinks he knows where Fenris is going with his questions, but everything has just calmed down so no point in unintentionally causing new drama over a possible misunderstanding. "I think I understand, but given everything that has just happened…" He gestures with one hand to the general area they are in and the two women in their company. "…I hope you'll understand if I'd want to make sure as to not have another situation arise." A smile then to the large man to underline the words spoken.

Ailene is utterly charmed by Thibault and his chivalry. Her cheeks are rosy, her lips are in a little bow of a smile, her lashes are slowly batting. "She nods to him. "Again, thank you, My Lord." she says to him. "I truly am looking forward to that dance with you." She then chuckles. "Though I pray I do not step upon your toes with my average skills." Her blush pinkens at his wink, but then she is turning to try and see Helisson again. "Is she…alright?" she asks Fenris, sounding a little concerned by the lifelessness she hears in the other woman's voice. Yet, her expression turns utterly confused as Fenris speaks to Thibault. "Bid?" she asks him. "You mean like at the debut we were at last night?" she asks Fenris. She also thinks she understands what he meant, and glances at Thibault, a little unsure. "Er…" she murmurs. She doesn't always have common sense so she tries to explain. "A debut is for the Night Court." she tells Fenris. "Only for them." she says. "Flowers." She smiles, not at all mockingly, just sincere and trying to explain helpfully.

Helisson gets kicked, and it unsteadies her a little bit, forces her to a reaction. She returns the kick with a boot to the back of Fen's knee, but it's nothing particularly violent. Something like a sister kicking her brother or something like that. Almost affectionate, in a violent sort of way. She wonders quietly, just betwen herself and herself, at how these people who were so cruel to her are so kind and gentle with Fen. Not that she needs anyone to be nice to her. It's just strange to see that they're capable of it after all. It's hard to say whether that makes it better or worse, and that might be a question for her to mull on later, but for right now she's too done to really worry about it. "Fine, weh," she answers Ailene, even though a) Ailene asked Fenris, not her. and b) it's probably not even in the vicinity of true. Fen's attempts at courtship inspire in her a yawn she shoves a fist overtop of. Or maybe that's the fact that people were building bleachers while she was trying to sleep. She knows how the Night Court works, anyhow, even if she's not particularly eager to partake, herself.

The giant of a man listens and watches between Ailene and Thibault carefully. He turns and shakes his head. "I not win." He frowns. "I single." He touches his chest. He waves his hand slightly at Heli and grumbles a little as his knee is kicked and he slightly looses balance. He scratches his head and frowns a little looking to Ailene for a little help. He knows Heli would be slightly more crude about it. He thinks about it a moment and growls under his breath. He removes his thick leather cloak and then drapes it over Thibault's shoulders leaving him in only pants. He picks up a little dirt and slides it over his own cheek in a very Skaldic pattern and then brings his hand with mud on it over to Thibault's cheek and draws the same pattern. He nods his head and grins a little. He's trying really hard to convey his message. He shakes his head to Ailene. "He no flower. Free men. Choice. No bid. Ask if…his choice be me to try. He good at word. I not for now. He pretty. I not. We tall. He smart. I…not as much." He pats his chest leaving a hand print of mud there. "Good match but alone. No just savage. Valliers. Need mate." He nods his head again but sighs a little. He turns to Heli and he nods his head.

"Any time you might need it, m'lady." Thibault answers Ailene with a soft smile, his body insinctively settling into another short bow at the words. "As far as the dancing goes, fret not for you dear friend, the lady d'Eresse, has already made my toes more than ready for what anyone else might have to offer. I can assure you taht it will be my pleasure…and yours." He keeps his eyes on her for a moment as she turns to face Fenris and explains some details of the night court and how it works, before himself turning to the man again and casting a short glance towards Helisson as Ailene remarks upon her well being, still not fully able to know what to make of the woman and her behaviour, but trying not to judge her in his head. As weird as it might sound, it's not an easy thing to do, but he manages to neither judge nor pity her. She's clearly not interested in either, and from what Fenris has said, doesn't deserve it, not in the bad way at least. He goes with that for now, letting the other voice in his head guide him despite having tried so hard to silence ever since it started. Then his attention is back on Fenris as the man does his best to convey his proposal. The way he looks at the man changes slightly, maybe so slightly that only Fenris would notice, as he let's the man place the cloak on him and then proceeds to 'mark' himself first, and then Thibault. A smile forms on his lips. "I have been called many things, but a flower certainly isn't one of them, you are correct about that. And you should see my sisters face if she heard anyone call me smart.." He says to the man with a laugh, his mood clearly lightened over the last minutes of conversation. He looks at Fenris for a moment longer, before answering. "Yes, I think we could come to some sort of arrangement and, who knows where that will lead us."

<FS3> Ailene rolls Flirting: Success. (6 5 8 1)

Ailene frowns at Helisson's reply, clearly not believing a word of it, but then shrugs and lets it go. As Thibault speaks to her about dancing, she smiles and giggles a little, though when he speaks of it also being "her pleasure" her eyes start to twinkle and sparkle and she begins to blush again. She giggles again, this time shyly and girlishly, fluttering those long lashes at the Kusheline man who defended her honor. However, Fenris seems to be competing with her for Thibault's interests. She isn't jealous at all, but rather amused, especially when he marks Thibault with mud. She giggles and thumbs up to Fenris for his efforts, but now it is /HER/ turn, seeing it as a fun game to play. She takes a breath and then sashays around Thibault, slightly swinging her hips. Her dress is still damp and clings to her body. She walks past Fenris and playfullt humphs at him, flicking her wet red hair back. She gives him a wink, though, so he knows she is not serious. She then turns right to Thibault and slowly walks to him, still swinging her hips slightly. She stops just close enough to reach out and run one finger up the sleeve of his doublet. "Just how good of a teacher are you, My Lord?" she asks him, teasingly. "Do you only teach dancing?" Another fluttering of eyes and then she head tilts, slightly as she waits for her answer.

Helisson is not going to join the queue for a ride on Thibault's cock, for her part. It might have been different had they duelled — nothing gets her hornier than a good rough fight — but as things stand she's not particularly keen. Fen's overtures having met with some success, though, draw a twitch of a smile from her, almost as to say, well, good on you, Fen. Ailene jumping for another spot— well, Love as thout Wilt, amirite? If Fen has a problem, he'll be sure to let Ailene know. But Hel just swallows down another yawn. "M'a go," she reports flatly. "Beat him at swords, weh, m'sieur Lord. Then he would let you bite down upon him," she claims, possibly truthful, possibly in jest. It's hard to tell when she's talking in her unmoved, devoid voice.

Fenris sees how the dancing is offered and taken. He scratches his cheek and grumps a little. Then the other man is looking at him a little different and the giant looks dumbfounded. His blue eyes keep on Thibault and he tilts his head. He isn't quite sure what to do. The guy said yes, at least he thinks so. He wraps his arms around his stomach and glances back over his shoulder to Heli and then over to Ailene. He's lost at what to do. The lost express is clear on his face. Though when Ailene starts in on her flirting… even with the wink… Fenris is really pretty but he can be a little dense. Like a big tree. Her hips and her red hair. He lifts his hands up and drops them. "No compete with her…" He bows his head and looks defeated. His shoulders slump and THEN HEL! He blushes bright red. He covers his face and brings his other hand up to cover where Heli bit him. He's really trying not to blush but the blush is travelling down his body.

Thibault isn't unaware, or seemingly unappreciative, of the 'game' played by Ailene as she does her little roundabout before walking towards him with that deliberately sensual gait, her hips almost beckoning his eyes to look at them and nothing else. The tip of his tongue comes out to wet his lips almost instictually. She's not a new player at this, that much is for certain. "I find it more honest when people are judged by their peers and loved ones rather than by themselves. What I can say is that I've never had any complaints…" A slight shrug and playful smile at this. "I have a few other…signature topics I like to…delve into, you could say. If the dancing goes as well as I am sure it will, you just might find out." He reaches out a hand to brush back a few errand strands og wet, red hair back behind her ear with a gentle touch of long fingers. He leans in to give her a kiss. Not vulgar or rash, but slowly and almost carefully. "I'll be sure to remember that." He answers to Helisson with a tilted nod of appreciation at the "advice", a barely kept-in-check grin taking his features for a moment. He looks between Ailene and Fenris and, having 'escaped' the spell the young redhead had put on him, for the moment at least, notices the uncertainty in his expression. He gives him a soft smile, almost adoring, and reaches out a hand to take his, looking him deep in the eyes, burning golden amber locking with the blue of Fenris'. "It's not a competition." He assures him, the hand that only moments before had pushed back the strands of hair from Ailenes cheek moving to run a single finger slowly down from the bottom of his neck and over his body, following the Âshapes of his impressively muscled body. Then the hand comes back, and with one finger he gestures for Fenris to move his head a little closer. If he does so, Thibault will meet him halfway, locking his lips with Fenris' and give him a slow kiss while the hand comes to rest on Fenris' chest where the handprint from the mud placed earlier is located. "See? No might not always mean no, but yes always means yes." He tilts his head and looks to Fenris' to make sure he understands, then looks back to Ailene as well with a smile. He knows that she already knows all of this.

Ailene 's eyes widen when Thibault compliments her, and widen even more at the gentle kiss he bestows upon her. She seems genuinely surprised. A sudden. playful, tinkling laugh escapes from her lips and her damp skin turns a rosy hue. She smiles a little at the Kusheline, as she watches Thibault walk over to Fenris and soothe him. She nods to Fenris, as well. "Tis no winner or loser." she says to him. As Helisson departs, she raises an eyebrow, but stays polite and civil, as was the agreement, and lowers her head in a respectful farewell. She looks up in time to witness Thibault giving Fenris a kiss and her face breaks out into a wide grin. However, something has her very…bemused. It seems to be the way Thibault is looking at her, in this knowing way. She bites her lip to keep from giggling again and flitters over to he and fenris. Tilting her head coquettishly up at him, she gently tugs upon his doublet sleeve, standing upon her tiptoes, she seems to want to whisper something to him. She does pass Fenris an apologetic smile for intruding briefly, but her eyes are dancing merrily, and rather…proudly.

Ailene 's face is pink and she cannot stop her girlish giggles from spilling forth as she now flits away from the pair using her long, wet hair as a bit of a curtain to shield her face.

The giant's hand is taken and he wraps his fingers around that hand. He points with his other hand to Ailene and then points to himself. "Lost." He grumbles out. He shivers as the finger explores his neck and body. He does lean closer thinking there would be whispers but there are only lips. He is a little shocked but he kisses the man back. When the kiss is broken, the turn of phrase makes the giant's face turn to confused. Those blue eyes are a void of lost. He slow blinks at Thibault and he grumbles deep in his chest. "Yes." He nods slowly before stepping forward and wrapping Thibault up in his arms. Fenris is rather warm, like a walking mini sun.

Thibault bends down just a bit as Ailene tugs on his sleeve, just enough to let her mouth reach his ears without having to stand on the tip of her toes. Even if she does look rather cute when she does that, especially in that still damp dress. His eyes go a little wider at whatever it is she is telling him. Seems like it is his turn to be surprised. Clearly, it is not an unpleasant surprise, if the smile on his lips and in his eyes are anything to go by. "I appreciate the candour m'lady, I can say in complete honesty that I would not have guessed that, nor believed it had it comes from lips other than your own. Truly. And just as honestly, I can say that it doesn't change a th….." His voice trails off and he leans down a sliver of an inch more as she gives his earlobe a slight nibble, eyes closing for that short moment and a small, almost inaudible growl of pleasure in conjured somewhere in his throat before she retreats a few steps away with that gorgeous, light giggle of hers. He smiles and shakes his head almost in wonder, like he can't believe what he just heard, before looking back to Fenris, the smile not fading in the slightest as their eyes lock once more. As he is held in Fenris' arms, Thibault leans into the embrace, relaxing his body completely. It's been a long time since he has felt this, have been ok with letting go of control even for the shortest of times. It's feels good, like he could just loose himself, but he manages not to. Not completely anyway. He speaks in a soft, hushed voice, almost whispering, his own arms wrapping around Fenris and just leaning on the larger man. After a few moments that feels much longer than what time really passes, he leans back again and looks at Fenris with that same kinda look offered to Ailene earlier, a look of joyfull confusion. But for now, how about we head back to the city before the sky opens up again and we'll have to run the whole way? He asks both of them, looking from one to the other, locking one of Fenris's arms in his own and offering the other to Ailene.

Ailene , playing with a lock of now drying red hair, turns to look at Thibault over her her shoulder. She gives him a very coquettish look, then blushes deeply and turns away, giggling rather shyly. She plays with lock of hair a moment, turning her upper body slightly to and fro, before she looks back and witnesses the cuddle-hug Fenris gives the young lord. When she sees the look of invitation from Thibault to take his arm and join them, she skips over, flashing both a smile. She hooks her arm through Thibault's, and lets him escort her home before the rain comes pouring down again. She still has Lady Irene's basket full of soaked herbs, too.

Fenris sees the Heli has wandered off so when he hears the whisper. The giant blushes and nods. He releases the hug and grabs his bag off the ground lifting it up and holding it, leaving his jacket over Thibault. THat jacket is heavy! Though it's warm and dry. He stands resolute beside Thibault and grumbles quietly. His head bows and he starts walkin. He doesn't know where but he's got Thibault and Ailene there too so he doesn't walk his normal pace. The growls do still continue though cause… it's Fenris.

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