(1310-08-31) The Debut of Paris nó Glycine
Summary: Paris' debut fete held at the Salon de la Glycine.
RL Date: 31/08/2018
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Salon de la Glycine — Night Court

The glorious dome of La Glycine rises overhead here, ribs of veiny marble with studs of bronze inset at measured intervals rise to meet at the wide mouth of the oculus above, through which a shaft of light moves over the course of the day, wending its way from one side of the atrium to the other in an insistant caress. The floor is a patterned sequence of white marble squares inlaid with green marble trellis patterns, at the center of each of which is a round golden circle around a stud of glistening emerald. In the middle of the floor, directly underneath the oculus above, is a round pool of rainwater with a high rim for seating and a collection of fish and turtles living inside.

The lofty space is open with a pair of giant bronze doors leading to the courtyard to the south, and the north wall is largely taken up with the descent of a massive stairwell which provides a dramatic route of entry down into the atrium from the Northern Wing and beyond. The Eastern and Western walls each sport two smaller archways; both the eastern archways lead into the Baths, while the two to the west grant access to the Gambling Hall and Hall of Oddities.

Furnishings are strictly at an ad-hoc basis, temporary for the need, but may occasionally include furnishings hung from the studs in the great domed ceiling.

The usual decor of the Salon has been modified a little, the regular lights put out and replaced with Oriental style lanterns, shaded and cut in various fantastic forms, so that their light flickers , casting shapes on the floor and on the walls until one is no longer sure what they have seen…and where. The candles inside are scented too, Glycine and Jasmine could not miss from the aromas, but other heady mixtures too, cinnamon and cardamom and verbena. Servants walk with trays of spiced liquors, but also plainer, if refreshing wine, along with small baskets of hors d'oeuvres, clearly the House serves all appetites..and one doesn't want patrons to leave too early just because they got hungry.

As people begin to walk into the salon, an adept welcomes them …showing them a small scene set in the middle of the Salon , with couches on three sides of it for people to sit on, or pillows strewn onto the floor if they wish to be..more comfortable. Please, take your seats..or walk around, it shall be a little while until our Debutant makes his entrance, enjoy the hospitality of House Glycine…have a drink , a treat, if you wish the company of one of our flowers..feel free to askAnd for your delectation, the outfits worn by courtesans tonight have been designed by the talented young man who is to Debut. Young men and women do circle indeed, sensual smiles on their faces, outfits enticing..though of course none wishes to steal the glory of the young man set to debut…still not everyone may be here to bid.

Evelyne arrives, masked as had been requested in the invitation she had received from the salon. Green is the mask, and green is the dress, very much as if she were a green apple. She does have that faint scent about her, at least. The blonde Somerville lady takes a first turn about the foyer, snatches a glass of *something* from a tray carried by one of the beautifully clad flowers of the salon and then… elects to lounge on one of those cushions upon the floor.

Audrialla is hardly to be mistaken for one of the flowers of the house. She wears a dress of blue silk adorned with pink cherries flowers setting her apart, and she locks the mask of the would be patrons. She is, of course, setting up a table with fine desserts.

A jolly sort of clown is making merry on the edges of the crowd, generally making less of a show of herself than she usually might, in deference to the nature of the evening, but still— you can't de-Orchify la Cochonnet. She's dressed fabulously in a pair of narrow silken blue and yellow trousers in a Caerdiccan style, with a dramatic waistcoat to match, sewn in a masculine style but with tailoring meant to accentuate her curves instead of hide them. A codpiece of moderate size protrudes before her, with a few swinging dangles of silver chains swaying from tip to testes that sway as she dances. She's wearing the most humorously hideous masque— a caricature of a wicked Caerdiccan pirate, carved with greedy wrinkles and boasting a giant bushy black mustache which she twirls villainously while leering at the accumulating patrons when there's downtime from her play. She has a little wand tipped with silk ribbons that match her outfit, and she bounds about with those who are game for a bit of chase here and there in the mime.

No sign of Paris yet, but as people walk in they are greeted by servants, pointed to the couches.. and there are conspiratorial whispers of .. 'Don't eat too much' , there will be a surprise. The music is muted for now, allowing for conversations and commingling.

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Draw/paint: Failure. (2 6 3 5 4 6 6 2 2 1)

Vespasien is wearing a mask, of course, when he enters into the debut- as one expects. His mask, of course, is selfmade. It's not his best work, however, it seems slapdashed together- just a quick paint job on a mask blank. It's lazy. And while technically quite good, it really doesn't scream 'art' as much of his work does.

But, Vespasien is not a fan of masks.

Ailene comes in with Vespasien. She, too, is wearing a mask, but it is obviously bought. It is sea green silk, lined in ivory lace, matching her formal dress. Though she is masked, those who know her could certainly guess it is her simply the bright red of her curls, which are now arranged up and back, in a fancy 'do. Plus, her Trevalion eyes, sea blue-gray and sparkling devilishly behind that mask is also a dead giveaway. "Ves, I am so excited!" she whispers to her brother, hopping up and down on her feet a little at the entrance. "This is my first debut event!" She giggles excitedly.

"Well, it is a fun thing to do." Vespasien offers to his little sister, with a quiet nod of his head. "Enjoy the food, the drink, the pageantry. It's all well done here. I'm sure Coco had a hand in all of it- she is quite fantastic at this sort of thing." he remarks, only slightly dressed up for the event- his clothes are nice, but not overly ostentatious. He's just not that sort of Lord- as always, his clothing is what he is most comfortable with. A little frumpled- all well made, of course.

As always, he has his bag with him. He's never without that messenger's style bag with all it's little toys and tools and supplies inside.

Cochonnet has done her research, at least to some extent. In her motions she plays with limps and trots common to the Caerdiccan comedies, skip-pouncing after Aily with her whip-wand of silken ribbons and then darting back again, one leg crooked, the other toe pointed, curling her mustache and cackling with an only playfully racist sort of hyper-exaggerated Caerdiccan accent. A strange combination of realism and its mirror. But don't think on it too much, it spoils the jest.

Ailene shrieks in merriment as Coco skip pounces her ribboned with her whip-wand. "Lady Coco!" she greets happily. "I adore your costume!" she says, taking it all in, her cheeks rosy. "I am very happy to be here at House Glycine for my first debut event." she tells her. "She then turns to her brother. "Paris is my friend." she tells him and Coco. "So I wouldn't have missed it for the world!" A servant comes up and offers refreshment. She nods and chooses a glass of spiced liqueur. She sips at it, eyes wide, as it is obviously her first time tasting such a beverage.

Vespasien keeps looking back towards the door, as if expecting someone. Still, he's here with his sister, just keeping an eye on her quietly. "I am glad to be the first to bring you to an event like this." he offers to her. "I'm not sure how our brother would expect you to behave." he remarks, as he reaches to grab a pair of alcoholic drinks as they pass- and handing one over to Ailene. "Start drinking now. It's much more fun to bid when you're tipsy."

Servants with trays of drink and various snacks circulate , repeating the rather cryptic message for guests not to eat too much. Clearly some kind of special food has been arranged. Then a small gong is sounded and the Second of the House appears in front of the crowd. "Welcome, Gentles to a celebration of Naamah. Today we rejoice in her gifts and teachings as a young man will go into her service, and taste her delights for the first time. "Please, take your seats and enjoy…the evening shall include a show of dance from young Paris…then those who wish to bid for his virgin price will be handed closed envelopes where they can write their offer. Each offer is final and as you are all in masque, the winner will be.. kept confidential." She smiles brightly. "For a while at least, since the winner will also receive the right to have the first officially designed and signed PAris outfit for an event of their choice. So when you see one..you shall know…"

Ailene smirks cheekily at Vespasien. "I know how to drink, big brother." she tells him, setting down the glass of spiced wine and taking the glass he offered. She winks at him at sips. "In fact," she says, lowering her voice confidentially, "I have been to the Wine Cellar quite a few times." Her voice lowers even more. "The last time I was there, I even got drunk with the young debutante of the evening." She giggles again. "Well, I got drunk, he watched." She downs the wine and then, seeing that her brother is awaiting someone, wiggles her fingers to him, skipping off to find a seat.

Aedhwyn is never too early or late, a princess always arrives exactly when she means to do so. Upon her head is a small tiara of sapphires and diamonds. Her dress is meant is elegance in simplicity, layers of barely opaque fabric in shades of blue pooling and flowing around her as she moves. A masque is worn in Courcel blue, the lace intricately woven in intertwining pattern. She pauses near the door, seeming well perhaps a touch nervous a moment, almost looking as if she might withdraw rather than enter.

Vespasien had his eyes out for a particular individual- and there she is. He kisses his Sister's cheek as she wanders on. "I will see you later." he says to her gently, before approaching Aedhwyn in her masque at the door- offering a quiet arm to her.

"I'mma no Coco, pretty Lady," Coco-mime dances to her slanderous pidgin, "Come-a wit me, I have-a de seat right down front for pretty Lady want-a bid," she goes on, luring Ailene and company with her simpering scandal-dance, all mustache-twirling to the seats in question, intimating, perhaps, the shades of a scandalous kid-napper as Vespasien takes his leave, "No need-a your bro-der, bella, bella," the Caerdiccan kidnapper lures playfully, swatting with ribbons to goad Aily on.

Vespasien, of course, looks over his shoulder at Coco, speaking flawless Caerdicci, <"Most in the audience won't understand this, so I'm sounding angry and making a lot of noise for their benefit!"> he shouts, sounding quite upset! Pointing at his sister and Coco the Caerdicci Kidnapper.

Ailene giggles delightedly at Coco, taking her hand and letting her lead her to a seat. If she is being kidnapped, she is a willing party to it! She turns to smile dazzingly at Vespasien and wave to him again, seeing Aedhy arrive. She drops in a clumsy curtsy and, giggling all the more, skips off with Captain Coco, letting her lead her to a seat.

From behind the curtains a drum roll begins. Slow, one beat every two seconds, meant to draw attention…

Cochonnet lifts one hand to her hair in a mime of panic when Vespasien sounds the alarm. Seizing Ailene (gently! gosh!) with her other hand, she bundles the young lady off to a seat still open at the fore of the seating, setting down into it and quieting down as she draws Aily down into her lap, wrapping arms about her waist to hold her there with a little shimmy of delight while the show begins.

The drumroll continues…faster now. Faster, faster faster…and some of the lanterns are turned towards the scene.while a voice behind the curtain speaks. My lords and Ladies..if I can

Ailene settles down upon Coco's lap, bouncing playfully on her knees. She is grinning from ear to ear, obviously a bundle of teenage excitement, and clasps her hands together as the drumroll begins. She bites a quiet squeal of delight and awaits nervously.

The feminine voice is interrupted..by a blur…a streaking white blur as a slender white clad shape cartwheels over the stage, disappearing as quick as it has appeared. "As I was saying..i I can have your attention"

Aedhwyn moves with Vespasien ot her seat, her fingers wrapped around his arm in escort. She smiles a bit though her breath seems to speed even as does the drumroll. A spiced liqueur is picked up along the way, likely to help steady her nerves or provided a bit of courage. One might think it was her debut with the way she reacts though she does remember to smile and nod in greeting to people she recognizes even with their masques.

Cochonnet cackles as the blur interrupts the familiar voice, but calms herself soon after, only lifting up her massively mustachioed masque to sit on the top of her head, instead. There's no one in front of her but performers and Ailene and the masque is hot. She bounces Aily on her knee and allows herself to relax and enjoy the evening a little bit.

Together they move- sitting not so far from Ailene. Vespasien smiling over to Aedhwyn- a hand coming up to rest on her's as she holds to his arm. He leans in to whisper softly to her as the 'show' begins. A gentle touch. He's smiling quietly- a small thing on his face as he takes a sip of his own drink.

As another servant passes, Ailene leans up off of Coco just long enough to grab another glass of whatever that delicious spiced wine is, and a small piece of cake. She sits back down upon Coco, nibbling and sipping, her eyes large behind the mask she wears. As the shape cartwheels over the stage and then disappears, she gives a little bounce and hurriedly finishes her little treat and wine, setting her empty glass down and clapping happily.

Aedhwyn blushes a little, a small smile on her lips at whatever is said to her. She keeps her voice low, not wanting to disturb those around her.

Vespasien replies to those whispers with a pat of his hand against her arm, and a gentle squeeze. Nodding quietly. He then indicates they should watch the stage.

"Please.give a round of applause…for the young man who will honour Naamah tonight…the one..you're probably here for" Another drum roll. "Paris" And contrary to the quick drumroll form before…just a bare foot raises from behind the curtain, toes wiggling. "No!" Another drumroll and the foot goes away, this time replaced by a hand, long fingers twirling as if the person at the other end is dancing. "Glycine!!" And this time the young man comes into view, slender, clad in a leotard..and the drums change to a flute which holds a hypnothic rhythm, the boy having his back turned to the public and stepping to the tune, hips rolling, knees lowering, like a serpent under a spell .

Ailene is clapping merrily now, though softly, not at all obnoxious. As Paris is announces, her claps become louder, she smiles widely at him, watching him slither his body seductively.

Cochonnet doesn't have a round of applause to give, arms snugged around Aily even as she wriggles for respurces just out of reach of her lappers. But that doesn't mean she hangs silent in the middle of the applause, but she lends her voice, dropping her silly Caerdiccan accent and just crowing in a raucous tone, "Ow OOOWWW! PARIS PARADIIIISE!" she rolls her shoulders to and fro in a salacious shimmy while the applause rises and falls, then rests her chin on Aily's shoulder when the performance begins in earnest.

Aedhwyn claps when Paris makes his appearance, her drink set aside and momentarily forgotten. She watches the performance, her gaze flittering to catch the little movements, those rolls of the hips and the little twists of the hand. "So very handsome."

The dancer moves, slowly, lowering his shoulders, until he can reach back with his fingers and he slowly raises himself in a handstand, still for a moment.then undulating his hips as his long black hair flows to the floor, then with a springlike gesture , he leaps back to his feet…and then , his smile wide, eyes bright with passion, stands so that everyone can see him. He sees Ailene in Cochonnet's arms, Aedhwyn with Vespasien…and his smile widens.

Ailene leans over to grin and nod to Aedhwyn, agreeing with her sentiments, then snuggles back against Coco, taking a deep breath to quell some of her nervous excitement. She stops wiggling. Well, she /mostly/ stops wiggling. There is still a little excited squirm every now and then upon Coco's lap. She watches Paris' performance, mesmerized by his agility, and claps happily at the handstand. When he leaps back upon his feet and looks out at the people gathered, she offers him a little wave.

Vespasien looks over towards his little sister, eyebrows raised behind his mask- before he looks back over to Aedhwyn. He's made a promise to her this evening, and he just smiles. Watching as she enjoys the show. He seems quite content to enjoy things vicariously.

Cochonnet whistles low at that upside-down booty-shake, not so as to be intruding upon the music, but Ailene can at least intuit her being impressed by the move. Or the booty. Or both. She nuzzles in against the side of Ailene's neck, delivering a little whisper to her ear.

Ailene turns her face to Coco's and gives an amused grin at the other woman's whistle. She sees her brother's raised eyebrows behind his mask and she raises one of hers right back and gives a little smirk, as if to silently ask a cheeky, 'What?', before sticking out her tongue playfully at him. She then nods at whatever Coco asked her and whispers back a reply.

Paris bows with a flourish…a thin sheen of sweat shining on his face, his smile bright. "Now, gentles!" the Second calls out. "Our young flower will walk among you. He will greet each and everyone..and you can whisper one thing in his ear that you should like to do with/to him. See who makes him shiver, blush or giggle! And for other delights, here is a cake to celebrate the happy occasion! Servants walk in, carrying a large silver tray on which rests a three tiered cake iced in white coconut cream with the exotic tang of rum inside the spiced cake. The outside is a pristine white covered in hand-made chocolate jasmine blooms, each molded and painted to mimic the real thing. The blossoms start at the top tier and cascade their way towards the bottom where a few real flowers float on a small moat of fragrant rose water. Its eft to be admired for a few moments. Coming from Mademoiselle Audriallas pastry shop, enjoy.. The servant cuts it into large, decadent slices, and glasses of sparkling champagne are offered to accompany the plates and silverware.

Aedhwyn claps once more at the show of not only skill but strength and agility. A small comment is made towards Vespasien as she leans towards him, not taking her eyes off the performance for a moment. Not even the promise of sweets can tempt her to miss a moment.

Vespasien passes on the sweet stuff- but does take some of the bubbly wine. Sipping quietly, waiting still as time goes. He's enjoying himself, clearly as he just watches all of the various ongoings. "Mm. Very… flexible." he notes softly, taking a slow breath and giving another quiet squeeze to Aedhwyn's arm.

Ailene listens attentively as the Second speaks, her cheeks turning pink when she hears she will have to whisper what she wants to do with him. She giggles softly, thinking momentarily, then giggles again, bringing her hand to her lips. As the cake is passed around, she eagerly accepts a piece, immediately nibbling upon it, especially since she heard it came from Audriala's. As she eats, she also sips more of the spices wine that servants are passing out, though she doesn't let her gluttony take her attention off the stage and off of Paris. So there she sits, atop Coco's lap, nibbling on cake and sipping on wine, a little bit of coconut cream upon her upper lip.

Aedhwyn is not one to pass upon sweets nor the assorted d'Angeline delicacies that she's been offered. Her cheeks start to colour at whatever thoughts intrude, "He is. It takes great strength as well to lever oneself into such a position." She blushes a bit bright still, lowering her voice for the next few words.

And Vespasien leans in to whisper to Aedhwyn quietly, chuckling gently as he smiles to her softly. Leaning back then, as he sips his wine and continues to watch.

With the cake serves, the second steps back and gives Paris a quick nod, the barefooted boy stepping forward, the lines of his body shown off by the leotard. And it seems he's wearing cologne, not just the scent of his young body. The scent is masculine, bringing to mind insatiable lust and unending vigor. Vanilla and amber with juniper, rosewood and white pine. He moves among the table and smiles, despite the masks, it's not hard to guess who is whom…and his every step is a tease as he approaches..first Cochonnet and Ailene. "What would your desires be?" He says, leaning in close so they can whisper in his ear.

"Oh-oh, here he comes, beb," Coco jostles Aily in her lap, fluffing her skirts in preparation. "Do you have something for him?" she coos, giving Paris the eye while she teases the first-time bidder in her lap, doing her best to prime her for when Paris Paradise arrives on the scene in person. She doesn't offer comment, herself, only remains a platform from which Aily can voice her cravings.

Ailene perks up as she smells the scent Paris is wearing. Her cheeks blush bright pink and she gives him a pleased smile. "It suits you, I think!" he says to him with a wink. To Coco, she blushes deeper and nods, Then she clears her throat and leans forward, setting down her empty plate and wine glass, then tilting her bright red head up, her lips just barely not touching his ear. Then, she whispers to him.

Ailene, red faced and giggling in girlish embarrassment, leans back into Coco and buries her face in her neck.

The giant is late. That being said if he was early he probably never meant to be there. When he does show up, he's wearing dark trousers, a dark tunic and jacket and an intricate steel and leather mask which is clearly made to look like a raven. The handy work is amazing. (https://tinyurl.com/ydbbf87a) The man unbuttons his leather long jacket and moves to a place he can stand. He doesn't recognize anyone just yet.

Aedhwyn draws in a breath where she sits, her features growing a bit pink beneath the masque, her chest rising and falling with suddenly quickened breath. She finally remembers that spiced drink she had before drinking it down in a single go. Perhaps not the best idea, the slight bite of the spices seeming to only flush her features all the more. She whispers something to Vespasien before turning to brush a very light kiss upon his cheek.

Paris reaches to brush a finger over Ailene's cheek, smiling as he listens to what she will say.. and his dark eyes brighten. "That..would be my pleasure, my Lady." he says, clearly fighting to keep his face straight. "Maybe later, who knows?" He says in a suave, calm voice…then he makes his way towards where Aedhwyn and Vespasien are sitting, the boy bowing..to Vesp first. His hips shimmy, so it gives a rather nice look from behind, and is he deliberately letting Aedhwyn be last? "And what would be your pleasure, my Lord?" he whispers, catching the rather flashy giant's entrance with the corner of his eye, a smirk blooming on his face.

Vespasien smiles quietly- first to whatever Aedhwyn says (And, of course, the Kiss)- and then quietly to Paris as he leans close to whisper to him ever so softly. Soft and quiet words.

Cochonnet gathers Aily back in against her and covers her forehead and cheeks with kindly kisses, laughing warmly and almost maternally at her show of shyness.

Ailene accepts Coco's kisses then glances up and sneaks a last look at Paris as he passes by. She giggles again then sits back up, arranging herself again atop of Coco. Her face is quite red under her mask, but she is smiling widely.

The boy's eyebrows go up, maybe surprised, maybe shocked…but also delighted and he whispers back to the lord, then nods. "And now it is milady Aedhwyn's turn, I think.." Then he takes Aedhwyn's hands into his own and in the lightest of voices he says. "And what would you have, Lady princess?" His breath warm on her cheek.

Aedhwyn meets Paris' gaze momentarily before he leans over to hear Vespasien's wish. She watches the two of them interact, perhaps even trying to figure out just what is being said so close to her yet just too low for her to properly overhear.

Fenris watches the leotard youth move around like a bee pollinating. He holds his gift in his hands and nods his head slowly. He glances over to the women and he sees Coco and Ailene. He recognizes them. He courtesies to the ladies before bowing to them.

Aedhwyn smiles when Paris takes her hand, her already flushed feature growing just a touch brighter. She brushes just the smallest whisper of a kiss against his cheek before leaning in just a bit more to whisper to him.

Cochonnet bundles an Aily on her lappers and holds her comfortably, letting her settle in, only watching the novice flit about with a quiet gleam of pride in unusually sedate eyes. She's murmuring to Aily again when Fenris arrives and presents himself. "Monsieur Fenris, bonsoir."

Another blush from Paris and he nods, leaning in to kiss the young woman's hands. "Most delightful it seems." He whispers, and then, makes his way to the new arrival. "You come late, my lord..but welcome nonetheless." he stands and kisses Fenris' cheek lightly. "All others have had a chance to see me dane..and they have just whispered things they wish to do to me in my ear..will you do so too?"

Ailene turns and smiles over at Aedhwyn as she whispers into Paris' ear. She gives her brother another playful raised eyebrow, teasing him still for his earlier. Seeing Fenris, she waves to him happily and beckons him over. "Hello My Lor—" She swallows and bites her lip. "I mean Monsieur Fenris." She giggles again and reaches for another glass of spiced wne. "I am rather tipsy!" she says between giggles. As Coco whispers to her, she frowns slightly, then it turns to a little pout. She whispers back.

Fenris is standing by Coco and Ailene when he is approached by Paris. "…Bon..jer." He seems proud of himself. "I not tell you drunk." He waves his hand to Ailene. He is a little shocked at the kiss, even though he's got a mask his ears are visible and they are red. He glances down at Paris and lifts a brow slowly. He leans in and whispers into Paris's ear. He pulls back and waits quietly. "I do not know customs…but … here." He hands the leather bag over to Paris and grins a little.

Cochonnet's masque is still sitting on the top of her head. It's cheating, a little bit, but she's suave enough to pull it off. At any rate, her mouth turns into a perfectly clownish o of surprise at Paris' words to Fenris. "They all want to do things to you in the ear?" she willfully misinterprets his words. "Why, what a kinky crowd you draw, Paris Paradise," she winks, giving the sulky little Ailene a nibble to the side of her neck for good measure.

Ailene 's sulk eases at Coco's nibble because it tickles her and she starts to giggle and squirm. She glances over at Fenris as he whispers to Paris. She gives him a nod of approval and then turns back to Coco and whispers something to her.

Paris smiles warmly at Fenris, peeking inside the bag, his eyes widening. "this is..a very thoughtful gesture, thank you my Lord!" Another quick kiss to Fenris cheek, then he hands the bag over to a servant with some whispered instructions..then heads to the stage again. The Second steps forward and her voice is warm , maybe approving of her novice's style. "Now, gentles, it is time for you to open your purses! This youth's virginity is at stake, the first taste of his deliciousness. And I hope you enjoy the cake too.." She claps her hands and another servant comes forward carrying sheets of paper, quills and bottles of ink an envelopes. "Write your name..and the sum you would bid, then an adept will come and take them. We shall endeavour to keep the winner..a secret." though since they all seem quite friendly to each other, the secret will not last long. "Once done, adepts will summon you all…for delights within our house, but only one shall be led to the room where Paris waits.."

Fenris nods his head and grins a little. He takes the quill and frowns as he stares at the paper. He practised this. His tongue sticks out from his lips as he concentrates and writes down his bid. It's VERY slow. He finally pulls back and folds it up right away which smears the last numbers a little but he hands the paper, quill and ink to the adapt and points at it to Coco and Ailene. "I wrote." He is so proud of himself.

Cochonnet is kind of proud of Fen, too, to be quite honest. She watches him do up his bid with a smile that threads the needle pretty well when it comes to being encouraging but not patronizing. "Oh, well, its like hey say," she begins, reaching easily with a hand to see if she can fuss with the direction of the pen.

Ailene beams at Fenris and looks very proud of him. She lifts up her mask a little bit to show him who she is finally, then lowers it once more. When the quills, ink and envelopes arrive, she takes a deep breath and scribbles her bid, before folding it and handing it back. She then sits back against Coco and sighs.

Aedhwyn takes the offered quill and paper, leaning in to Vespasien, seeming to consult with him before carefully starting to write. Each letter and number is painstakingly written though she occasionally looks to Vespasien before writing a letter in air and then putting quill to paper. The paper is salted and she hands it to another to be included in the bids.

"We have a winner!" The second announces! servants rush forward to pour more wine into glasses, the bubbly champagne properly triumphant. "Enjoy the comforts of House Glycine…and make merry." She says, nodding to Paris, who stands and beams brightly. "Thank you all for coming, you honor me..and please me..and I shall hope to please you." His eyes are twinkling and merry and he bows…then disappears to head to a lavish patron room.

Fenris blinks from where he stands and drops his hands. "Always lose." He grumbles as he pulls off his mask and glances over to Coco. He hands Coco the mask gives Coco this really beaten look before he turns and leaves.

Ailene sees Fenris look so beaten and jumps up off of Coco's lap. "Monsieur Fenris!" she calls out. "Don't be sad. Here, have some cake!" She snags a plate from a passing servant and offers it to him with a grin. "It is really, really good!" she promises. "Mademoiselle Audrialla baked it!"

Vespasien smiles quietly to something Aedhwyn says, leaning close he presses a gentle kiss to her lips- right here, where everyone can see. He whispers then into her ear, something soft.

Fenris turns and stares at the cake and shakes his head. "No." He grumbles to her and frowns. "Keep. I know Audri." He shakes his head. "Cake no fix this." He pushes it away and grumbles. "Go." He turns and leaves officially now.

Ailene pouts after Fenris but waves anyway. "I will eat it myself then!" she says, but she doesn't. Instead, she slyly asks a servant for something to wrap it in, then looks around. Seeing her brother otherwise engaged, she giggles. She winks to Coco and waves bringing a finger to her lips to say "Shhh!" then slides out.

Aedhwyn wasn't expecting the kiss nor the words that follow, her features colouring brightly. She tucks her head shyly, biting her bottom lip before raising her gaze to Vespasien, returning his whisper with her own.

Vespasien quietly he shakes his head, smiling quietly- placing a finger to her lips as she whispers. "Never." he says simply. "I should make my leave now, though. I have paints to prepare."

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