(1310-08-23) A very unique flower
Summary: Lady Irene and lady Ailene meet at the perfume shop and start a long conversation full of excitement, dreams and praises to their siblings.
RL Date: 23rd of August, 1310
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All things decadent and beautiful need not be seen for fullest appreciation, an Eisandine maxim played out to the fullest in this romantic shop perched in a corner unit. Diamond-pane windows overlook the street behind flower boxes piled high with fragrant blooms and clumps of lavender no matter the season. Within, the humble interior converted from a ground-floor home to a shop reveals itself in the darkened crossbars and posts holding up the plastered ceiling and the humble stone hearth still providing warmth in the cooler winter months. There all semblances end, demolished by the splendors performed on the honeycomb terra cotta tile floor.

Distilled herbs and flowers, fruit extracts and far more obscure oddments procured from mountains, sea, and forest take place of prominence. A full wall of narrow shelves rises behind a low filigree walnut enclosure, something vaguely resembling carved Ephesian screens. Bottles labeled and stoppered form an indecipherable treasury to be mixed and balanced on scales and in tiny cauldrons heated by candles or open flame. Droppers and glass tubes abound in neat arrangements around the worktable, all evincing the scientific arts used to produced perfumes of every sort. Flowers hung from the rafters in the cozy backroom and an indoor herbal garden further soften the interior. Guests, however, will find few comforts other than the padded chairs lined up around a banquet table laid with a white cloth, the better to focus their attentions upon the perfumerie's products. The concoctions meant to beguile the olfactory sense reign supreme, after all.

It's a pretty morning in Marsilikos. The sky is clear, the air is cool, not blazing hot for once. The Market is alive with shouting and bartering, the shops are open and displaying their wares. It is one shop in particular this day that redheaded Ailene Trevalion makes her way to. The Parfumerie. Entering the establishment, a young, strapping guard behind her, she takes a big sniff. "My favorite shop!" she declares with a smile. She nods to the shopkeeper and immediately starts to browse. Her guard stays by the door, out of the way.

A few moments after, another young lady steps inside. Her guard remains outside. Irene is caring a small woven basket. The goods inside can not be seen since they are covered by the silken scarf. The young woman seems to enter the Perfume Shop for the first time since her steps are careful and mildly hesitant. She approaches one of the shelves and stops simply staring at the bottles. Her attention briefly turns toward the people inside. Polite smile is offered. Her cheeks are mildly reddish because of a long walk in a fresh air. But then again she looks back at what is on offered today. She ponders.

Ailene picks up a glass bottle and uncorks the stopper. She brings it to her nose and take a delicate sniff. "Oh this smells nice." she muses. She sees the new arrival enter and gives the young woman a friendly smile, before putting the bottle back and choosing another. Once again, she sniffs the scent and makes an approving comment, but once again, she sets the bottle back. "Hmm…" she muses, also pondering. She glances over at the other young woman. "Are you looking for a particular scent, too?' she asks her. approaching her. "I want to find something divine for the opening ball coming up, but have no idea what kind of scent I want." She sighs dramatically in lamentation.

Irene smiles at the other young stranger, "I was simply… considering. Not about the ball but something…" Her cheeks blush brightly and the d'Eresse lady turns her gaze away, showing a sudden interest into one specific bottle. She opens it and smells. Then closes. Her cheeks are still quite crimson. Though, Irene looks back at Ailene. "I just heard that some of the scents may be quite aluring?" She blinks and studies the new companion. "Do you know a lot about this, m'lady?"

Ailene nods enthusiastically. "Oh yes!" she says, her smile brightening. "I bought a scent here for my cousin, Lady Ortolette." she tells her. "It is supposed to evoke thoughts of sensuality and a virgin's first night!" She reaches over and chooses a bottle. "It was this one." she says and uncorks it. She dabs a bit upon her wrist and then holds out her arm to the young lady. The scent is of amber and honey with a touch of vanilla. "Ortolette quite liked it." she says. "I collect perfumes, so I am always trying new ones out." There is a girlish giggle. "Are you looking for a particular type of scent to lure someone?" she asks

Irene leans in to smell it and mmmhs quietly. "It is very good indeed." She looks up at Ailene. "You are a cousin to the daughter of our duchess? I am Lady Irene d'Eresse. I am lady in waiting to the duchess. I had a chance to speak to Lady Ortolette. She is a very lovely woman and very intelligent." A young lady complements.

Ailene smiles and nods. "Yes, the Duchesse is my aunt." she tells her. "I am Lady Ailene Trevalion." she introduces herself, blushing a little. "It is very nice to meet you, Lady Irene." She puts the bottle back and chooses another, uncorking it and sniffing. "My brother is the Vicompte de Rouen." she says. "Most people know who he is a famous swordsman." Her chin lifts in pride of her brother, and she gives a little laugh. "Though, the rest of us are not really known at all." she adds with a little smirk. "I have another brother, Vespasien and a twin, Arianne." She puts this bottle back, too as she continues to browse and chatter. "Yes, Ortolette is very sweet and kind." she says of her cousin, her smile turning soft and fond. "It is such a pity she is so frail."

"The pleasure is mine, lady Ailene," The dark haired woman smiles and offers a polite bow of her head. Her smile broadens when her companion introduces the whole family. "I definitely heard of your brother. I am not much into the swordplay myself but my both brothers definitely mentioned the name of yours!" She hears out the rest of the list but no glimpses of recognition of any other names show up in Irene's features. Her smile fades when frailness of the daughter of the duchess is mentioned. "It is a pity indeed. Though, even if her ability of walk is taken, she was gifted with a kind heart and a very intelligent mind! She is also gorgeous!" She nods and joy comes back to her lips curling them up into an honest grin. "My own brothers are away, by the way. Are yours here? If they are here, I am jealous! Gauge has left since he has so many duties to attend to as the lord of our lands. My brother Belmont recently got married to lady Gabrielle. She is very lovely! Incredibly charming and beautiful…" Irene looks around and leans in to whisper, "Her skills of seduction are without any limits. When my brother was with her, he was absolutely charmed, not even able to focus on the conversation at hand!" A sigh of jealousy leaves her throat when the lady straightens up again.

Ailene grins again. "I am not interested in swordplay, either." she admits. "I like to shoot my bow instead." Once more, her chin lifts in pride. "I am still learning, though, but one day, I want to be a champion archer!' There is another giggle, at that, but then as the conversation turns back to Ortolette, she grows serious. "I am so uplifted to have known she was feeling healthy these past days." she tells Irene. "She got to enjoy her first assignation, which was like a fairy tale!" Her blue-grey eyes turn dreamy. "All the city was talking about it and how lovely she was! She, herself, was so happy and content." Her smile now is one full of affection. "I pray to the angels she can stay feeling so well." she adds. She then listens to Irene describe her brothers, nodding and looking interested. "Yes, both of my brothers are here." she says. "As are many cousins." She chuckles. "I would love to meet your brothers, when they return." she says to her. Her head then tilts. "I have not had the pleasure of meeting Lady Gabrielle." she says. "I would really like to, though, if she is skilled seductress!" Eyes grow wide and she smiles. "I want to learn how to be one!" she says. "Then I bet I could any man to buy me anything I want!"

Irene laughs when another lady expresses her wish to become the champion archer. She nods slowly, "I imagine all members of your family want to me champions or are champions of specific sport?" Her eyebrows briefly jump up in consideration before she shakes her head, "I must admit I have no talent in anything of that kind. I sketch. I have been sketching my whole life and, I guess, a bit too much because I skipped so many other lessons just to focus on that…" The regret is quite obvious in the lady's tone. When Ailene starts speaking of Ortolette's assignation, Irene turns around and seems to focus a bit more on perfume. She opens a couple of bottles and takes the scent in. She offers a few nods as if to allow her companion to know that she is listening, but it's not a very interesting part of the conversation it seems. So, Irene's attention comes back to Ailene when the subject changes. "I am not sure when Gauge is coming back but I do hope that Belmont and Lady Gabrielle is coming back soon. She likes to spoil me. She buys me jewels and dresses, and…" The lady chuckles and shrugs innocently, "I love it!"

Ailene laughs. "Most are, actually." she says about her family. "My eldest brother is a reknowned swordsman. My other brother is experienced with sailing, as are most of my family. My cousin Arsene is also a swordsman." She then ponders. "My sister is more of a healer, though." she muses. "She takes after the Mereliot side." she tells her, then adds hastily, "Our mother was a Mereliot before she married our father." She then sighs and picks up another bottle, sniffing it and then dabbing some on behind her ear. "She has been staying at the Temple of Eisheth these past couple of weeks." she says. "Studying. I have missed her something terrible and have been trying my best to stay busy so I do not dwell upon it." She puts the bottle back and, noticing Irene doesn't seem interested in Ortolette's assignation, smoothly lets the conversation slide. "Oh, she sounds wonderful!" she says of Gabrielle. "My family spoils me, too." She laughs. "Especially my cousin, Thaddeus. He is much more generous than Auggie! He even bought me a horse!" She really seems to like Irene and it is evident by how she keeps chattering on and smiling. "What kind of dress will you be wearing to the ball?" she asks her, then lowers her voice. "I confess that it shall be the first ball I will attend." she confides. "I am ever so excited!"

Irene enjoys the conversation as well but she keeps a bit more timid demeanor. Her gaze not always stays on the partner of conversation and she sometimes takes a peek toward the exist. But those moments are brief and then she quickly focuses back on Ailene. The young woman clasps her hands behind her back and sways slowly hearing out the story about sister, and brothers. "Well…" She says later when the subject of the ball is touched again. "I am not sure. Maybe something quite simple. I do enjoy simple gowns but quite magnificent jewels. I still will have to think about it. I am not even sure if I will participate, you see…" She drawls. "I might just stay at home. I was at this previous small ball arranged by Duchess Armandine. I escaped after an hour or so!" She admits.

Ailene notices her new acquaintance's demeanor and smiles a little. "You must be shy." she says quietly. "I am so talkative and outgoing, I hope I do not make you uncomfortable?" she asks her. She is also quite blunt, it seems. A little obtuse, as well. "I am known to be quite the chatterbox, so I apologize if I am talking too much." she says. Her expression is very open and friendly. "I like all pretty things." she then says with a chuckle. "Though my taste in jewels is a bit understated." She reaches up to touch the necklace she wears, that of a water lily. "This is mostly what I wear." she tells her. "Though I do sometimes wear pearls or a choker if I have to dress up." She turns to Irene fully now. "You said a moment ago that you draw?" she asks her. "What do you draw?" she asks her, her interest growing. "People, landscapes, objects? All of the above?"

"No no no!" Irene protests. her cheeks blush mildly and her gaze roams the room in a mild panic. "I am- I am not shy. Simply… I love talking to you! You are very sweet and interesting." She explains and bites her bottom lip to hear out the rest of the Ailene's speech. She nods slowly and even more eagerly at the end. "Your pendant is beautiful and I draw everything you mentioned. I wouldn't call it draw, though. Drawing and sketching is a bit different. When I sketch I leave some parts less visible, and I leave a bit more space for interpretation. My favorite are portraits. I love drawing people. This allows me to remember them and their emotions!" She beams broadly. "What do you like doing without your archery?"

Ailene now blushes red, worried she said the wrong thing and made Irene even more uncomfortable. "Um…" Now she, too, darts a look around in panic. Luckily, however, Irene saves the day by continuing their conversation and assuring her she likes talking to her. The redhead breathes a sigh of relief and relaxes. "Oh, thank goodness!" she says. "I was afraid I made you even more uncomfortable by being so forthright!" Again, she laughs. "I usually say exactly what is on my mind and do not stop to think first. Please forgive me, Lady Irene." Her eyes are twinkling, though. "I never knew there was a difference." she then says, about the difference between drawing and sketching. "Then again, I'm not an artist. My brother Ves is. Maybe he sketches too!" Her eyes light up and she studies Irene more fully now. "I would love to see some of your sketches one day." she tells her. "That is, if you do not mind showing them." she adds. As for Irene's question, she ponders. "Hmm…" she muses. "Anything fun!" she finally replies. "I am not very good with academics, save geography." she tells her. "I also do not do any sewing or other ladylike past times." Now, a playful glint appears in her eyes. "I like to cause mischief!" she proclaims proudly. "I like playing jokes and tricks, though not mean ones." She then leans in to whisper. "Did you hear about the spiders in the market?" she asks. "That was me!" She starts giggling again. "Though I did pay for it, I assure you."

"Ewww!" Irene exclaims but is quick to bring her fingers to her lips in order to muffle the sound. "I hate spiders. I squeak like being slaughtered if I see one. Good I was not at the market that day. I could have fainted even!" The young lady admits. "Though, I have met Priest Tavis. He also loves pranks. He offered me to take some itching pouder and pour it into the shoes of my brothers. I did it to Belmont. He was not mad though. He actually was happy to see that I still have some childhood in me! He said I am too serious," Irene sighs, "Both of my brothers believe that I have more sense than they both put together. They listen to my advice sometimes. Though, they both are very reckless. So, often they do what they want but then apologize me and they know that I was right to say that they shouldn't do it…" Irene rolls her eyes. "But now I am blabbing. My guard has my basket. I carry my notebook and pencils in it. If you want I can show you some of my works," she gestures toward the man lingering outside.

Ailene giggles again. "I don't like spiders either." she says. "However, my brother Ves keeps them and I had always wanted to set them loose in a crowd to see what would happen!" Her giggles turn to full blown laughter at the memory of the prank. "He was so devastated!" she says. "So I had to go out into woods with my friends to find more to replace the lost ones." She sighs and her cheeks grow red. "It rained most of the time, but I came home victorious!" She then listens to Irene speak about her own personality and grins. "I lack common sense, so I am told." she says dryly. "I guess you could call me impulsive. My twin balances it all out, though." she explains. "She has the good sense that I lack." There is a nod again and she chuckles. "Maybe I shall ask you for advice one day." she tells her. "I am always finding myself in one scrape after another and confused upon how things ended up the way did!" A rueful shake of her head but then her eyes are lighting up. "Oh?" she asks. "Yes, yes!" she exclaims. "I would love to see, please show me!"

Irene laughs at Ailene's story of spiders, and her adventures in finding replacements. "Why does your brother keep spiders?" She asks curiously. "That is a very rare hobby, I must say!" She laughs together with her potential new friend, and offers a nod about the other part of the conversation. "I love offering advises to people. You can always ask me one. That would never bother me. Helping others is what I enjoy." Then the d'Eresse lady gestures toward the door, "Shall we leave? I feel mildly dizzy from all the scents around here."

Not waiting for a confirmation, Irene moves out of the Perfume shop and is quick to approach her guard. The man raises up the basket and the young lady opens a silken scarf to withdraw a small book with leather covers. Old pages seem to be sticking this and that way from behind the leather. Then she turns around to see if Ailene has been following her. If she was, Irene will gesture toward the bench, "Shall we take a seat and then I show you?"

Ailene grins wider. "Ves is…" she head tilts and reaches up to tug a lock of bright crimson as she ponders what to say about her brother. "Different." she finally decides. "As in, he likes strange stuff like spiders and scorpions." She laughs again. "He is absolutely brilliant, though!" she adds, lest she get the wrong idea. "Very much a scholar and an artist. He likes looking at the stars through his telescope, too." About the advice, she looks thankful. "I shall keep that in mind!" she promises. "More than likely, you will have me show up, needing some guidance on something or another." she says, shaking her head, again ruefully. When Irene then asks if she wants to step outside, she nods and follows her out. Her guard follows them part of the way, until Ailene motions for him to stay back and give them some privacy. She then sits down upon the bench and waits for her new friend to pass her leather sketchbook over.

"Oh, sounds like a very interesting person! I have never looked at the stars through a telescope. I bet it's quite impressive. He must be very intelligent since he is an artist and a scholar. I have never managed to find time for both. I simply really focused on the art part." Then she bursts in laugh. "Though, I can not sing, I can not dance, I can not play an instrument, I can not write prose or poetry…" She shakes her head, "I can not even paint. All I can do is this." She pats her book. Then she unties the laces which keep pages together and carefully offers the book to her new friend. There is a small blush on her cheeks and a tremble in her arms. Worried about the criticism? Perhaps. Each portrait is done on one page. The front part of the page has a picture and the backside has a small note. Majority of the portraits belong to Belmont and Gauge. The rest are of commoners and nobles from her hometown and from Marsilikos. (OOC: Some examples can be found on her wiki - Sketch Book Tab).

Ailene laughs and nods. "Oh, he is!" she tells her. "I love him to bits. He is very good to me." She grins more, her eyes shining. "I will have to introduce you to him." she says. "Though, because of his stargazing, he keeps odd sleeping habits. He is mostly awake at night." The rest of what Irene says has her nodding in agreement. "I can dance alright." she says. "And sing a little." she adds, "But the rest of those?" She shakes her head. "Not in the least! I think it is because I am too impatient to sit still and learn." Then, the book is handed over. Ailene notices that slight bit of hesitancy and the little tremble in her arms. She gives an encouraging smile. "I am sure they are lovely." she assures her, and then opens up to look. At the very start, the first sketch she sees has her gasping in appreciation. "This is your /brother/?" she asks, eyes wide. "He is absolutely gorgeous! What a shame is already taken!" She shakes her head sadly, but she has a grin on her face and she turns the page. "Your other brother is nice looking too." she remarks, giving an approving nod. She keeps turning each page, and each sketch is met with an appreciative nod, smile and remark. Finally, after she has viewed the last one, she closes the leather bound book and hands it back to Irene. "Those were truly remarkable!" she exclaims. "I mean it." Her voice is serious. She is not joking with her compliment. "You have such an amazing talent, Lady Irene! I am positively envious!"

"My both brothers are absolutely handsome and both have been taken!" She smiles broadly. The young woman straightens up when she speaks of her brothers since she has an obvious pride on the matter. "My brother Belmont is also an amazing person. He has a very good humor, and he is very kind but also fiercely protective. My brother Gauge is a bit more serious but only because he has to be like that. He is very attentive." She smiles and a crimson blush creeps up her cheeks when the otehr lady speaks of her talent. "I would love to see you shooting your bow. I am pretty sure that you are absolutely amazing at it. You also have very lovely curly hair. I always wanted hair like that. Would you like me to sketch you as well? You are very pretty."

Ailene listens as Irene describes her brothers. "They sound wonderful." she says. "Mine are amazing, too, though I think yours are better looking!" She giggles at that. "Both my brothers and my cousins are soooo overprotective of my sister and I." she says, rolling her eeyes. "They think we are babies and in constant danger." She is smiling, though. "It can be annoying sometimes and sometimes it can make me angry, but I love them all and they spoil us as much as they can be overbearing." Her voice also is tinged with love and pride as she speaks about them. "I do not have my bow with me." she says. "Maybe next time I can show, though." she says. Then, she is blushing deeply and touching her hair. "Thank you." she murmurs and for the forst time, she is acting shy. "It can get get so frizzy, though." she says, blushing deeper when Irene says she wants to sketch her. "You do?" she asks, surprised. "Me? Really?" She giggles again nervously. "Of course you can, if you truly want to."

"I mean no offense, m'lady, but your brothers might be so overprotective because you give them reasons not to fully trust you. You mentioned yourself that you love pranks and you may find yourself in trouble quite often. While you have been quite lucky for now and you got out fine, I am pretty sure your brothers know that one of your adventures might end up bad. So, they are very protective of you. My own brothers completely trust in me because I have never gave them reasons to believe that I might endanger myself. It is actually me who has to protect them!" Irene laughs. Seeing the blush of Ailene she giggles. "Frizzy hair are beautiful. You are one of the most ladies I have seen in Marsilikos. I will not be able to forget your hair, and your smile, and your excited eyes, blinking eyelashes and a mischief dancing on your lips. I will sketch you once I come home and I will send it to you later."

Ailene listens to Irene and casts her eyes downwards. "You are probably right." she concedes. "I do get in an awful lot of trouble." She bites back another giggle. "I don't do anything really bad, though, I swear!" she adds and this time, she can't contain her giggles from spilling forth. "I suppose I do give them cause to worry, though." she says, her lips curving in a little smirk. :I will try to keep that in mind." she then avows. Once more, she is touching her red hair and blushing. "Oh, how I wish it were dark at thick like yours!" she laments. "I think your hair is beautiful, Lady Irene." she tells her. "All dark and glossy while mine is bright and frizzy." She sighs. "My sister has straight blonde hair." she says. "I am the only ginger haired one in the family." Another sigh and shake of her head. "Stil, the way you describe me does make me sound pretty." she says, eyes starting to dance. "Are you sure you are describing me and not my twin?" She winks playfully and then nods. "Alright." she says. "I shall be expecting it and look forward to seeing it!" She gives an excited grin.

"I am sure that I speak of you. When you have such bright hair and a bit more paler skin, you are the most interesting flower. So, I am pretty sure that you can not escape all those suitors of yours! Simple dark hair like mine are boring. Majority of the girls have those type of hair. Men do enjoy something unique, I have noticed. You are very unique." She smiles honestly. Her legs slowly sway to the sides making the skirt sweep the ground. "I think I… Well, nevermind. Now I am simply excited about sketching!" She chuckles.

Ailene continues to blush. Her face is as red as her hair now. "Thank you so much for complimenting me." she murmurs shyly. "You are so nice!" Another nervous giggle. "I am so very happy that we could meet and hope we shall become good friends." she tells her. Her guard suddenly approaches them and gives each a bow. "I am sorry to interrupt, My Ladies, but I am supposed to have you back by luncheon." she says to Ailene. She nods and rises. "I fear I must return home now." she says. "I hope to see you again soon, though, Lady Ireene!" she says. "I am so excited about the sketch!" She gives a final farewell grin, then she is skipping off, her guard following behind.

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