(1310-08-10) Meetings in the Gardens
Summary: Arsène meets Annette and Jelene in the Gardens, where much banther is had. Rajiya joins the then duo later to discuss colors, till the meeting is brought to an end.
RL Date: Fri Aug 10, 1310
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Jardins d'Eisheth

Tranquility and beauty of nature is what those coming to the gardens of Eisheth usually seek. There is a playfulness in the arrangement of paths through the greenery, and the way four of them wind to the center, where there is a pond surrounded by a few elm trees, beside an area with wooden benches and tables beneath an arbor, where ivy winds about wooden posts, and a roof of colorfully glazed tiles offers shelter from the sun but also moderate rain. %r%rBushes are trimmed, and the green is kept short, so that people coming here can enjoy the dramatic view over the coast all the way to the sea, with the harbor and the citadel slightly to the north. Slightly towards the south and close by is the infirmary with the herb garden beside, where a variety of plants used for healing and treating certain illness are grown under the immaculate care of the healers. Towards the east, a path leads towards the temple district, where the dominant structure of the Temple of Eisheth looms, the white marble shimmering almost otherwordly on late afternoons, when it catches the warm, orange light of the setting sun.

The tranquility of the gardens are today met by the oppression of heat that keeps most from enjoying them. Its growing closer to evening now, the sun setting slowly over the horizon as Annette and her guard and chaparone wind their ways through the garden paths. The golden haired girl wears a modest gown of blood red silk, the fabric flattering her skintone and her shape all in a subtle and understated fashion. On the front of the gown a brooch in the shape of a golden lily is pinned, a simple ornament that does more to allow the girls natural beauty to shine than to overpower it. Those soft steps find their way across the garden to a small alcove near its center. With grace she settles onto a bench to rest, her calm gray gaze going upwards to the sun as it slowly bleeds its way downwards in a smear of color.

Arsene finds his wandering steps take him to the Jardins d'Eisheth, a rare appearance of the Vicomte ever since his mysterious departure to Genoa. Yet the adventure does not seem to have left many marks upon the man, walking so casually amidst the flowers and plants of the beautiful, if incredibly hot, gardens. Foregoing his usual cape, he is clad instead in silken shirt and trousers, both of a blue so dark as to be black. Completed with black leather boots and a belt that sees his longsword secure at his side, the Trevalion exhibits the allure of the noble duelist and their feline, deadly grace. He does not seem to be present for such a dance, however, his walking taking him close to a particular bench. His dark eyes wander upon the various hues of the gardens, till they fall upon the red gown of Annette, followed by the rest of the Lis d'Or novice. "Enjoying the gardens as the southern air chokes the last breath out of you?" he asks, arching a brow. That he too is present in this heat is no concern, apparently.

Another has decided to enjoy the tranqulity of the Gardens this late afternoon. Followed by a trio a sturdy guards dressed in Rousse livery and sporting a red dragon insignia upon the shoulder, walks the flame haired Vicomtesse de Draguignon. She, too, is dressed completely in red, and upon spying that familiar shade and cut of cloth upon that figure, halts in her tracks. She holds up a hand to her guards, staying them. "I shall return in a bit." she tells them, then walks towards Annette, a prowling smile playing upon her lips. "Ah, if it is not the girl with the similar taste in fashion." Jelene greets her, approaching the alcove. "You left so suddenly earlier at the Wine Cellar." she says to her. "I really was quite disappointed." There is then a bit of a laugh, not exactly friendly, but not especially /un/friendly, either. "The funny thing is, right after you left, another young girl came in wearing crimson, as well." She smoothes down the silk of her skirt. "You and I wear the color much better, however." she tells her. Arsene and his greeting get a turn of her head and a frank appraisal. She lets her eyes travel up and down the man, unabashedly. "Yes, it is rather overwarm here, isn't it?" she asks him with a bit of a smirk. "I, myself, a enjoy the heat." Taking note of the way he moves and he sits, without introducing herself first at all, she headtilts. "You are?" she asks him bluntly.

Cool toned gray eyes gaze calmly up at Arsene, a subtle quirk of Annette's lips given as the Vicomte approches her. "If the air wishes to choke me Lord Trevalion, it shall have to gain a stronger grip. I am not so easily defeated." A subtle and discrete touch of mischief shows in those gray orbs before they flick over to the lady approching them. She smiles faintly and dips her head in a regal looking nod. "My Lady, I do believe I owe you an apology for such an abrupt departure. I shared your disappointment it seems, as I never even got your name." A golden brow arches as Jelene mentions another in red. "I wonder if you have not started a trend then my lady? Or at least made people more fond of the color." That soft spoke voice holds just the subtlest touch of a tease to it. As Jelene looks to Arsene she smiles faintly and gestures elegantly with one hand. "May I present the Vicomte de Dreux, Lord Arsene Trevalion. I would introduce you both but alas, I only have one name out of two."

"Either I've missed the news regarding a local festival, or we're seeing a drop in originality." Arsène remarks wryly, glancing from Jelene to Annette idly. "Mm, why you would be drawn to the colour is clear enough. You could not scream fire any more loudly than if you set the ground ablaze wherever you might walk." he tells Jelene before his attention shifts to Annette. "As to you, dear Novice, I'm glad to see you would not find your precious vocal chords so easily defeated. It would be a shame, and one I'm sure much mourned by the locals." Whether Arsène is truly being complimentary, mocking, or a mix of both is unclear. "Yes, I'm sure you do." he remarks with appropriate dry amusement towards Jelene's comment regarding heat. "While I'm sure it has its upsides, it is no blessing when one is without entertainment or distraction." He considers Jelene while he is introduced, tilting his head to the side in mild curiosity as to who she may be, but little more. Bored, his eyes say. Bored, bored, bored. Will it end with their company? Who knows!

Jelene frowns at Annette's attempt to make light of the red dress situation. It is clear she is not happy about it. Arsene's remark is given a deeper frown and her eyes flash a hot, steely gray, but she forces a polite smile to them both. "I have other colors to choose from, fortunately." she replies loftily. She listens to Annette introduce the Vicomte and arches a brow, as though unimpressed with his title. "My Lord." she murmurs cooly but politely. "I would say it's a pleasure, but I've not yet decided if it is yet. I shall let you know when perhaps I do." She has taken note of his bored gaze. She turns to the blond adept. "Ah, that is right." she says to her. "We did not have a proper introduction." She nods, even turning to give the Trevalion man a nod, as well. "I am Lady Jelene Rousse, Vicomtesse de Draguignon." she says.

"My talent lies with the violin Lord Trevalion, I do not need my voice to make music. Though I suppose the fact that you feel others would mourn the loss should flatter me? If that is your goal despite my doubts on the matter, I urge you to try harder." Annette remarks calmly in a perfectly neutral tone. She smiles ever so faintly as if to show the Vicomte he cannot affect her before looking over to Jelene and rising. A curtsey is given. "A pleasure Lady Rousse. I am Annette Chalasse nó Lis d'Or." She takes note of the womans eyes and how she seems to mask irritation. "Would you care to sit with me Lady Rousse?" She asks gently not sitting back down just yet herself but waiting.

Rajiya has arrived.

"I would hope it's not a pleasure, unless you enjoy the colours of your wardrobe to be criticized by complete strangers." Arsène remarks easily to Jelene. "Take your time. I'd hate for hasty judgement to lead you astray." he adds, amusement still colouring his tone. All the while, his black eyes remained on Jelene, expressing little save what starless nights might share. "It is not song I would praise where you are concerned, Novice, for I've never heard you sing. Merely your amusing verbal company, however short it was once you were done playing. Praising your skill with the violin would be a waste of time. The applause of the crowd, I trust, was clear enough indication." he answers Annette, smirking at her neutral tone, though he waves the matter aside. "My Lady. Are you a recent arrival to the city? I don't recall seeing your face here before."

Jelene 's mouth twitches in the faintest reaction of amusement at Arsene's comment. "Hence why I cannot say it is quite yet, Lord Trevalion." she says to him. "And why I said I would let you know." At that, she turns back to Annette. A bit of a nod and a smile of approval is given to the novice, at her words to the Viscomte. There is even a very soft chuckle, though she quickly hides it by clearing her throat. "Oh?" she asks Annette. "You are a musician?" That seems to interest her somewhat. "I shall have to hear you play." she says. "I do enjoy good music. A pity I do not play an instrument myself." When Arsene asks his question, she turns back to him to reply. "I arrived the other day." she replies to him. "Your house should have recieved a cask of Dragon's Blood." she tells him. "As a gift since I am guest here in the city."

Stepping into the gardens comes another figure, this one followed by two guards. Pausing briefly to speak with one of the priestesses in the area, a short conversation is held between she and the foreigner. Before long, there is a dip of one dark head before Rajiya turns to the path to wander within the garden. Slowly does she move, seemingly lost in thought until the moment she might arrive to where they might be. A polite dip of her head is given, a softly spoken word given to excuse herself, not wishing to interrupt their conversation, it would appear.

"You missed Her Grace's court event, the Novice here played her violin for the event." Arsène remarks to Jelene, indicating Annette. "But no doubt it'll be repeated. What value is one that plays only once?" Ah, but the novice has to go away! And thus does the Vicomte's attenturn turn solely upon Jelene. "I cannot say I saw such a cask, but I'll assume my cousin Reina kept it all for herself." he smirks. The approach of a foreigner distracts him, however, as he glances to the side and sees Rajiya. "Mm… Now even this one here wears red. I would be very worried about the revelence of your wardrobe, Vicomtesse." Arsène remarks with evident amusement. He notices the two guards, and considers Rajiya anew, black eyes focused on her. "I am Arsène de Trevalion, Vicomte de Dreux. Who might you be?" Direct introductions as far as these things go, but then, he doesn't seem particularly concerned with proper protocol… or care about the young woman's attempts at excusing herself from potential conversation.

Jelene seems a trifle disappointed when Annette has to run off, but her attention is then drawn back to Arsene. "Ah, there was an event?" She shrugs. "I am sorry I missed it, but as you said, no doubt there shall be another." She then chuckles about his cousin. "I could always send you another." she offers, but then shrugs again. "If I ever get the inclination, that is." She smiles widely at him and flutters her eyes. However, she seems to be warming him, well, in her own way, that is. She is no longer giving him the cold shoulder and seems to be finding amusement in his banter. When the foreign lady approaches, she turns an openly curious gaze upon her, and then…very nearly growls. "It does seem I need to find a new dressmaker while I am staying here." she says, her mouth now curving downward in a displeased frown. She doesn't take it out on the lady, though, although her introduction does remain rather cool and somewhat clipped. "I am Lady Jelena Rousse." she greets here. "Vicomtesse de Draguignon." She then turns once more to Arsene. "Know any good clothiers?" she asks him.

When not one, but two, introductions come her way, the Bhodistani's steps pause there. Polite is she in the dip of her head t the two nobles, "I am Princess Rajiya Jadeja, Bhodistan Ambassador." Her voice is enchanting, it's tones almost musicial. There is only a faint hint of an accent, her D'Angeline quite fluent. "It is a pleasure to make both of your aquaintance." Amusement might show upon her lips at their banter, her gaze moving between her own outfit and the other lady's. "It is a happy color.." Red, that is.

"Ah yes, the tally is still up as to whether I am a worthwhile distraction or simply an annoyance to be endured and then freed from at the earliest opportunity." Arsène smirks. "Is your Dragon's Blood worthwhile enough to make me wish to supply additional effort to winning you over? Not that I'm especially moved by most drinks." he shrugs, speaking to Jelene. "I find my amusement through other means." Whatever that may be, however, he doesn't divulge just yet, choosing instead to find his amusement in the popularity of red. "Now, dear Ambassador, don't be so quick to express pleasure, we've just had a talk on the subject, and how such decisions must be made with proper consideration." he remarks. He's probably teasing. Right? "Mm, happy, did you hear, Vicomtesse? Perhaps you should be proud to spread happiness so. This is why I stick to blue or black." Or maybe it's just because they're Trevalion colours. Makes it easy. "I go to a local shop whose provided to be worthwhile enough, at the market. I can't recall the name, clothes are no special concern of mine, save when one might be reduced to ribbons after a worthwhile duel."

Happy? Jelene's eyes look down at her dress and a perfectly manicured finger comes up to lightly touch a lock of her hair. "Happy is not quite the word I would use to describe the shade." she murmurs, bemusedly. She then dips a curtsy, for the other woman is of higher rank. "Your Highness." she says. She then straightens and offers a much more polite smile to the ambassador. Still cool and rather distant, though. "Bhodistan…" she murmurs, her eyes turning green and going distant at some memory. Her lips now yurn into a smirk. "I think I once knew of your cousins." she says to her. "When I was at University in Angeloume." She very slowly licks her bottom lip. "He was a prince, or so he said." she says to her. She doesn't say exactly how she knew him, but if that smirk is indication, it can't be in a pure sense. To Arsene, she shrugs, then looks down at his sword after his remark about dueling. "If you like the taste of blood, then you should like it." she says to him.

"Then we'll see, won't we? But I've another to meet before the day is gone, and thus shall I depart filled with the uncertainty of our rapport." Arsène smirks, nodding once to Jelene. "Till next we meet, Vicomtesse. Somehow I doubt it'll prove too difficult in this city." And with that, the noble duelist takes his leave.

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