(1310-08-09) Decisions
Summary: Marielle is summoned to a meeting with Olivia to discuss rumors that have been reaching the Second's ears.
RL Date: Wed Aug 08, 1310
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Alyssum Second's Office

Situated on the ground floor, the room has tall casement windows that open out onto the south-westerly facing grounds of La Rose Sauvage. Soft white muslin drapes filter out the heat of the sun in the summer, and during the cooler months the heavier drapes of cream that hang at the sides add a layer of warmth to the room. The floor is of burnished golden oak, laid over with an Akkadian wool rug in muted shades of creams and golds. A desk of pale ash wood stands in the center of the room, its surface kept clear save for whatever contracts and paperwork relating to the running of the Salon might need to be dealt with at any one time. A small fireplace is on the eastern wall, and warms the office with a cheery brightness during long winter evenings, and a wider than average mantel above is the perfect spot for the numerous flower displays that are to be found there.%r%rA tall bookcase filled with books on a variety of subjects stands on the wall opposite to the fireplace, and alongside it is a white-painted door that leads through to the Second's private chambers.

It's around five in the afternoon, the heat of the day is starting to fade from the earth, and is filtered further from the inside of Olivia's office by the sheer muslin curtains that billow at opened doors. Yesterday Olivia had penned a quick note to Marielle, informing her that the Second of the White Roses would like to speak with her, and the time had been set for around this hour. When the courtesan opens the door to the office, she'll step into a room that's perfumed with a multitude of freshly cut flowers, a domination of oleander and white jasmine amongst them, that stand on the mantle. Olivia sits behind her desk, a tray of tea to one side as she works her way through some paperwork. It appears that her progress is slow.

It comes as no surprise that Marielle arrives a bit before the arranged time. She is pretty on point with attending most arranged things by being on time or early, unless it is part of making a show about arriving late to be 'embarassed' about it. "Hello, Olivia." says Marielle, dressed as a proper White Rose should be, just in case the meting is about setting her up with a potential patron or others are around. Mari dresses in a less 'Alyssum' way when she is in the more private areas of Rose Sauvage.

"Hello Marielle. Please have a seat." Olivia's tone is one of warmth and welcome, spoken in softly rounded tones as, with the gesture of one hand, she indicates the seat that's opposite to hers. Olivia herself is wearing the usual whites that their canon dictates, the silks today both sheer and fine, and embroidered delicately with glittering silver threads that catch the light along its hems and across the bodice. "Would you like some tea? I can offer you either jasmine or chamomile." Her eyes flit to the paperwork that's stacked before her, and she blots the signature that's still drying on the uppermost parchment, then moves the pile to one side.

"OF course." says Marielle as she moves to tuck into a seat. At the offer of tea she shakes her head, "No, I'm good. I was with a patron who insisted he had to try every drink he could." Which, of course, meant Marielle dutifully tried every single one with him because that is what a proper girl does, or something. To the papers she glances then back to Olivia, patiently waiting until Olivia is ready to address what she summoned Marielle for.

Olivia pours for herself a cup of the chamomile, taking her time about it, before drawing the cup before herself. "How are you finding things here in Rose Sauvage, Marielle? I ask because it's come to my attention that there iare one or two patrons in particular with whom you appear to be spending a great deal of your time. It's quite unusual for us to find long term patronage within the Innocents, and it's rather lovely when we do." She leans forward in her chair as she speaks, her hands lacing around the edges of her cup as she searches Marielle's countenance, and her tone is nothing but gentle as she presses further. "Whispers have reached my ears about a patron in particular that you entertain. Perhaps it's time that we talk about this."

"The majority of my patrons are long term. It is far more enjoyable for me that way." A small frown mars Marielle's face a moment as she considers her patrons, "You mean Marco? He is a difficult one. He is absolutely wicked." Even without him present Marielle actually flushes. She is with her Second so there is no need to act embarassed. So, whatever thoughts that entered her head in regards to Marco legitimately made her blush. "He does some terribly scandalous things but he pays well for the trouble he causes me."

Humour twinkles in Olivia's eyes. "Ah. The Vicomte de Toulon. He does have a reputation for such, and I'm so very pleased that you have enticed him into favouring our Salon. But no. I wasn't referring to him." She studies Marielle a moment more, then draws a breath and leans back in her chair, her fingers lifting to catch with them the small pendant that swings on her wrist. "It's the Vicomte de Marcoux to whom I refer. I am told that marriage has been mentioned, so I must ask you whether this is something to which you are giving serious consideration."

"He takes quite the pleasure in making me all flustered. The name Coco has coined for him seems quite fitting." Again she gets that moment of a natural flush. Lord knows what Marco talks Marielle into. Then Antoine is mentioned and Marielle gives a pause. The affectionate, and embarassed talk about Marco goes briefly forgotten. "Antoine?" Marielle doesn't even pretend to use the titles of her regulars around her Second. When a regular it is inevitable for titles to not be constantly used, after all. "It has not been marriage talks, persay. He has asked me to consider being his" A small frown is given here, "I am not exactly certain what that would be, though." Her eyes lower, "I would retire for Antoine and that is what he is asking me to do. However, he said I can take as long as I need to for making a decision. He doesn't pressure me to decide or anything. Retiring to be with him would leave me with an uncertain future and taking me out of sometihng I decided to continue with. Staying a Courtesan.. a White Rose keeps my future stale.. secure." Likely for the first time since she was a young Novice Marielle has a note of uncertainty to her voice that is very real and not played as part of her act.

The smallest of frowns etches itself on Olivia's brow at that news. Clearly she'd been misinformed. "Not marriage," she clarifies. "A consortship, then?" The silver heart at her wrist glints as her fingers drop from it, and it spins slowly, glittering as her hands reach for her cup of chamomile. "But a consortship is as good as a marriage if your affection for each other is true. We would of course be tremendously sad to see you retire from your service to Naamah, as you are a popular courtesan amongst your peers and patrons." She pauses, attuning herself to the mood of the girl before her. A soft sigh. "Believe me, I can see the attraction of retiring if you feel that it is love that you have found, but you seem uncertain as to what exactly it is that you're being offered. It is to stand at his side as an acknowledged consort, isn't it? To leave the security you have here for anything less, would be a mistake."

"I don't think it is yet." admits Marielle. "It is why things would be uncertain. I am not going to deny that I love him. He's kind, visits me often, and in general expresses that he is not really overly interested in making any other woman his." Marielle tilts her head back to look up at the ceiling, "I'm not rushing to decide. If I retire to be with him, I completely change the path I am going down with my life. Even I have plans for things I want to do as a Courtesan. Meeting Antoine added a fork in my path." She pauses, "Also, meeting Marc added another as well, of sorts. Well, I suppose meeting him just makes my path as a Courtesan rougher." It doesn't sound like it is an unpleasant roughness, though.

Olivia is quiet, a singular finger tapping against the side of her cup as Marielle explains her position. "It seems that you have indeed been faced with a number of choices, and only you can know what is truly in your heart. If you are torn, as I feel that you are, then you absolutely must allow yourself that time that you say you are taking. As you said, there is no need to rush into anything." Her eyes finally break from Marielle's, flitting down to focus on the tea in her cup. "You know," she continues gently, "…we were all so pleased for Virgine when she found love and retired. Her doing so gave me the opportunity to step into her shoes. I see ambitions much as my own within you, Marielle, and it is possible that I will not be the Second here forever. I may return to Elua in a year or two, or even retire myself at some point should circumstances dictate." Another frown pulls at her brows, though it's fleeting and followed by a sigh, and her eyes cut to the paperwork that's pushed to one side. "You may go, Marielle, but, know that my door is open for you to come and talk things over again should you need to. You could have a long and successful career here in Rose Sauvage, but this is a decision that only you can make." And the meeting apparently at an end, she'll wait for Marielle to leave before once more settling to deal with those papers.

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