(1310-07-29) An Innocent Arrival
Summary: Olivia welcomes the newest of the White Roses to La Rose Sauvage.
RL Date: Sat Jul 28, 1310
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Alyssum Second's Office - La Rose Sauvage

News that Jacques had acquired the marque of a recently debuted young Alyssum from Mont Nuit has been a topic of much discussion and excitement for a number of days amongst the White Roses of La Rose Sauvage. Word had been sent that he'd be arriving shortly with the young man, but that had been a week ago. Yesterday, his carriage dusty from the road betweeen Marsilikos and Elua, had swept into the courtyard and both he and the young man he'd travelled with, alit the carriage. Aimeric had been given the briefest of tours and introductions, before being shown to the dormitory on the first floor of the salon,where he'd have been fussed over by the other novices and adepts whilst getting settled. It's the following day that Olivia would have sent word that she'd like him to present himself to her in her office, and at two in the afternoon, as sun filters through the muslin drapes that shade the office of the Second from the worst of the day's hea,. Aimeric will be shown into the office by the Novice that's been sent to fetch him. He'll find Olivia seated behind her desk, the room perfumed by vases of flowers that adorn the mantle and any available surface.

The youth that enters is a picture of an Alyssum, clad in a white shirt and white trousers. His gaze is downcast, eyes veiled a little by his lashes and some fringes of dark hair as if to shield them. Where female Alyssums have their face covered by veils, any male adept of this canon usually has to do without. But even with the features on display, little is usually visible in regards to the adept's emotions, apart from what he wishes a patron to see. It is an act that is not needed, when speaking to the Second of the salon you are supposed to serve in for the coming years, and so these mannerisms fall away, at least to some degree, when he lifts his gaze and grants Olivia that opportunity to study and gauge him. "I am Aimeric," the lad introduces himself, his voice a soft thing, flirting with shyness. His eyes are brown, curious as they take in Olivia. Before he remembers his manners and offers her a bow, flawless. He has after all been trained on Mont Nuit.

"Hello Aimeric. Please, sit yourself down." The chair across the desk from where she sits is indicated by Olivia. "I hope that you've been made to feel welcome, and that the others have helped you to settle?" Her words are gently spoken, and she takes a moment to search with questioning eyes the features of Jacques' latest addition to their numbers. Within the privacy of her office, her veils are drawn to one side, the sheer silks hooked into the elaborate silver headress that pins them all to her head. "We have been much anticipating your arrival, but I hope that you don't feel too overwhelmed. Like you, I was also fostered on Mont Nuit, and you'll find the salon different in very many ways from House Alyssum, but I hope in a good way." A smile melts on her lips. "But first things first. Perhaps you could tell me a little of yourself? Jacques' letter gave only the briefest of details. You are seventeen, he tells me, and your debut was delayed."

The adept sits down as told, chair scraping lightly over the floor. "Yes, I have," Aimeric assures softly. "This salon… has a more intimate feel to it. It is different from House Alyssum, yes. Especially…" And here he pauses, meeting Olivia's gaze, "since there are other canons under this same roof." He studies her features, perhaps a little surprised at the fact they are revealed to him. Almost stares, before he lowers his gaze again and follows her suggestion. "I debuted on my seventeenth birthday," Aimeric confirms in a slow drawl, lips curling faintly. "There were a number of reasons. One of them, being the Dowayne. It was… calculation on her part. Hoping to provoke a higher virgin prize."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aimeric=Subterfuge+2 Vs Olivia=Perception
< Aimeric: Good Success (4 7 4 1 5 5 3 1 7 4 5 6 5) Olivia: Great Success (5 8 3 2 6 5 8 5 7 6 8)
< Net Result: Olivia wins - Solid Victory

Olivia listens intently to Aimeric whilst he speaks, attuning herself to the newest adept that's been brought within their fold. "Jacques likes to think that the canons of Mandrake, Valerian and Alyssum are as three sides of the same coin, and that each of them complements the others. You will, however, not be allowed within the downstairs salon during the evenings, and are necessarily restricted during the hours of the day. The gardens are open to all, however, and you are free to make use of them. The Mandrakes of the salon have particularly sharp tongues and enjoy provoking, so be warned of that. It is their nature, and they cannot at times help themselves. Bring problems to me should any arise. But…" she tilts her head to one side, catching something within Aimeric's tone that furrows her brow and intensifies the manner in which she continues to scrutinise him. "You say that one of the reasons for your delayed debut was your Dowayne. There were others?" She rises from her seat, and collects a tray from one of the side tables, bringing back to her desk a jug of hot water, an enamelled pot and two matching cups. "It is jasmine. Would you like some?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aimeric=Subterfuge+2 Vs Olivia=Perception
< Aimeric: Failure (5 3 4 1 5 5 1 1 3 3 4 5 5) Olivia: Failure (3 6 4 1 1 4 5 4 5 2 3)
< Net Result: Both Fail.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aimeric=Subterfuge+2 Vs Olivia=Perception
< Aimeric: Good Success (6 7 7 1 2 4 2 4 5 6 6 7 1) Olivia: Great Success (2 4 6 8 8 3 1 2 3 7 8)
< Net Result: Olivia wins - Marginal Victory

"It is a unique concept," Aimeric remarks, and then he nods his head when Olivia lays out the rules. "So we are to remain upstairs and linger in the Solar? I see." A flicker of smile then. "And the gardens. Yes." His gaze goes distant for a moment, when he considers the threat of Mandrakes, a hint of amusement showing in his hazel eyes. "I haven't met any of the… Thorns yet. But I shall heed your warning." He exhales through his nose, lowering his eyes again, when Olivia persists on the matter. "There is always more than one reason, isn't there?", the adept says. "There was some discord, an argument that threatened to get out of hand by two… very interested parties.", Aimeric offers then, shooting the Second a glance, eyes narrowing as if to read her reaction. "There were politics involved." He lifts his hand in a dismissive gesture. "It was putting a lot of strain on me. I am not permitted to speak about the matter, as you may very well understand." Discretion, as required from any Servant of Naamah. "Yes. Thank you. I would like some tea.", the adept replies then, reclining against the back rest of his seat, tilting his head which causes his hair to tumble slightly over his forehead and eyes.

Olivia pours a thin stream of tea into each of the cups, and slides one of them across the desk to Aimeric whilst he explains. There's something in both his tone and his manner that strikes a note of discord with her, and claiming her cup with one hand, she leans back in her chair. "I see. Well you won't be the first novice that's had their debut postponed, for whatever reason, and I doubt that you'll be the last." Whatever untruths she senses she's apparently willing to allow a pass on for now, given subterfuge is all part and parcel of what their canon encourages at its core. "I don't know if anyone has mentioned to you as yet, but the salon has decided to hold a fête to introduce you to the patrons of our salon. It is to be held in the gardens. Whilst not a debut, there will be elements of one since you are fresh to us here. If there is anything that you would like incorporated, then now would be the time to let me know."

A flicker of a smile touches the features of Aimeric, a lightness coming through his facade at Olivia's when he chuckles a little when Olivia makes her remark about delayed debuts. "I suppose so." He seems a little relieved though, when the Second seems to buy his story and doesn't inquire further. He accepts the cup, when the next topic addressed has him look up. "A fête? Held for me?" This causes a blink of his eyes and a surprised smile to show on his handsome features. A faint furrowing of his brows following instantly, as he shoots Olivia a glance. "I suppose Monsieur Jacques has informed you about the fact that my debut has been not that recent as we claim it was?" His features softening as he adds, "I doubt any skill of mine would need to be showcased. Apart from presenting my canon." The latter a half-question.

Olivia's eyes lid as she lifts her cup and inhales the steam that curls upwards. "Jacques told me, yes." Though veiled by her lashes, her eyes remain upon Aimeric whilst she speaks. "The date of your debut is of less importance than the fact that your back is uninked, and as I said, whilst it's not a debut, the throwing of a fête to introduce you will be a delightful way to mark your arrival. It will afford our patrons the chance to meet you and serve to whet their appetite. Invitations have already been sent." Her lips quirk, and the frank appraisal of the adept before her continues, as with every word and nuance of his emotions that she observes, she continues to evaluate him. "You will do well here, and I expect a deal of interest in you. Your marque will quickly be made."

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