(1310-07-25) Imaginative Young Minds
Summary: … are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for their double debut. As Annais and Lois channel their nervous energy and anticipation to plan the fête that will mark the beginning of their true Service to Naamah.
RL Date: 30/07-02/08/2018
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Le Coquelicot — Night Court

Tiles of fine beige colored marble cover the floor in an ever repetitive pattern that is only broken by the circle of inlay work in its center, where through the use of white marble and dark red obsidian a likeness of the poppy flower comes to life, informing the visitor which salon it is he has entered. Long white drapes embroidered with a line of similar earthy dark red to the obsidian used in the floor are arranged to frame the windows, through which the parlour will be generously lighted through the day. Scattered about the room are comfortable chairs, light rattan fletching topped off with comfortable, cream-colored cushions, beside small tables where long slender flagons of wine stand at the ready beside goblets made of clay, glazed in warm earthy tones.

The air is that of relaxation, on more levels than just the physical; this extends to the mind, the soul, and the heart as well. An effect that is enhanced by the soothing melodies played by a lutist in a corner, by the pleasant subtle scents emanating from clay bowls filled with aromatic oils sitting on the tables; the warm lighting of oil lamps through glass shades painted with soothing patterns of waves in orange and dark red. Enhanced further by the soft laughter rippling through these halls where the visitor for once is allowed to take a break from his everyday trials and tribulations, from fears and worries, from tenseness in muscles and sometimes just loneliness.

Archways in old Tiberian style lead onwards to three areas, where patrons can find soothing in the way they wish to. Whereas a stairway at the back curves all the way up to the upper floor, where private quarters of courtesans and adepts can be found.

Lois certainly is not of a particularly nervous disposition. On the contrary. There is a calm about her, even as the day of the debut draws nearer. But most probably this is the consequence of her daily routine of meditation and contemplation — and the most calming pastime of diverting her attention to her collection of pebbles. On this early morning, she is kneeling in a corner of the salon's parlor, aware that no patrons or other visitors might be around at this hour. Before her, a small pile is forming upon the carpet, as she carefully adds pebble after pebble. The novice is clad in a plain green dress. Her red hair has been gathered and tied to a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck. Her blue eyes stare attentively at the frail looking construction, bottom lip caught by a line of teeth, in the moment of utmost concentration and focus.

Nervous is certainly not the word to describe Annais, either, as she appears from one of entrances to the back rooms leading in to the salon parlor with her normal lithe and graceful gait, a small box of something-or-another held in both hands. There is, however, an excited sparkle in her eye and an almost invisible skip to her step that only those that know her well would notice. She is wearing a simple sky-blue gown reaching down to end just above her feet, revealing a pair of lightly worn leather sandals. When she notices her fellow novice in the corner, an impish smile appears on her face and her whole body lowers slightly. It doesn't look like Lois has noticed her, and Annais slowly starts approaching her, carefully, like a cat sneaking up on a mouse, the small box tightly clasped in her hands. As she gets closer and ends up right behind her fellow novice, she leans down ever so slowly, holding her breath, until her mouth is only a few inches from Lois' ear. Then, with a cheery and slightly teasing voice she speaks in a slightly higher voice than appropriate; "Good morning!" A bright smile appears on her lips even as she speaks the words.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lois=Perception Vs Annais=Stealth
< Lois: Good Success (8 6 7 5 3 1 7 3 3 3) Annais: Success (5 7 3 3 6 2)
< Net Result: Lois wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Lois rolls Composure: Good Success. (5 8 6 5 2 8 1)

Another courtesan walks into the salon's parlor. Her eyes are more focused on the general look of an interior than people who are gathered around. After all, soon patrons might show up. Her fingers brush across the table and Fayette looks at them. A content smile curls her lips up. No dusts. Very well.

Her slim body is adorned by a dress made out of a light silk which has a bright red tone to it. Attire of the Second of Coquelicot elicits grace from the deep v-neckline down to the showstopping floor-length hem. Decorating every inch with intricate floral patterns and creating an intriguing trim, embroidered lace offers a unique texture to the bodice. Supported by a thin horizontal band, the v-neckline makes a statement as it plunges all the way down to the natural waist. The thin spaghetti straps cross over the breathtaking open-back in a unique design and it also reveals a fully finished tattoo of red poppies. Because the long chiffon skirt extends exquisitely from a seam at the natural waistline and falls to a floor-length hemline, Fayette's steps are slow, quite careful but remain graceful.

Her soft fingers carefully correct the bouquet of flowers on another table nearby the couch. Just then her eyes catch the sight of two young novices. "Lois, Annais…" She softly mentions their names allowing the girls to know of her presence.

Her eyes are focused upon the tower of pebbles in the making, and Lois' fingers take another pebble from the leather pouch, her hand moving slowly forward to place the stone. There is a pause, however, when a soft creaking sound from the wooden floor might give Annais' approach away. But neither does Lois interrupt her current task, nor does she turn her head to glance the other novice's way. A faint smile curls her lips when - despite the distraction of breath and words felt against her ear, she manages to place the pebble.

"Good morning," the red-haired novice of Gentian canon replies, as she turns her gaze towards Annais. "You look lovely today." A fact stated, in the moment the thought crosses her mind. Blue eyes alight, holding Annais' gaze for a moment, before Lois looks towards the box in the other novice's hand. "What do you have there?", she asks curiously.

It is when the Second enters and addresses them, that Lois moves to stand, fingers moving over her skirts to smooth the fabric. "Mademoiselle Fayette. Good morning.", she greets, and offers a curtsey to the courtesan.

There is a slight disappointment to Annais' expression and she rolls her eyes as her chest rises and falls quickly with a soft, deep sigh. "Truly, I don't know why I even try anymore. It's the same every time." A small amused shake of the head as her posture straightens from that of a feline ready to pounce to stand upright once more.

A soft smile appears at Lois' compliment as their eyes meet, bright blue peering into honeyed hazel. "Thank you, I always loved this." She looks down over herself for a short moment before answering the question posed. "Oh, it's just some inc….." Her words quickly trail off as a soft, familiar voice speaks out from behind the pair.

Her body makes a small jump on the spot in surprise, apparently her senses are not quite as sharp as her fellow novice's, and her facial expression turns blank for the shortest of moments. Her hands go to smooth out her gown even where there is nothing to smooth out.

When she turns around to face the salon Second, the surprised expression is completely gone, replaced by a calm, demure smile, her hands clasped in front of her. "Good morning, Mademoiselle Fayette" she says, mirroring the curtsy in concert with Lois.

"Good morning, girls," Fayette smiles warmly and looks the girls over. She frowns a bit playfully, "I hope you are not up to some sort of a witty escapade? It looks quite suspicious when you both whisper in the corner out there!" Her fingers wrap around withered carnation in that same bouquet she was trying to fix and with a light pull she separates the flower from the others. The stem of the carnation is broken into four pieces that all of it, including the bloom, would fit in the woman's palm. She clasps her fingers and then moves to lean against the side of the couch. "Are you both feeling excited about your upcoming debut? Maybe you already have someone who caught your eye and you would wish them to win?" The older woman takes a deep sigh. "I remember my own debut. I really hoped for one specific lord to win but it was another… However, I managed to hide my disappointment. So, I hope you both will be more than capable of the same?" Her eyebrow raises up studying the girls.

Lois inclines her head in a nod to Fayette. "Excited. Yes," she confirms, and for once a bit of that excited anticipation shows in her face, from the way her nostrils flare and her blue eyes brighten. "It is not like I've a wide range of interested parties to choose from. There is a lord though. Some might find him an unlikely contender. Even if I don't know whether he will attend the debut or even consider bidding… I have thought more than once about him. Wondering how it would be to enter his dreams." She glances towards the tower of pebbles, looking back over her shoulder and then turns her attention towards the Heliotrope Second again. "And I assure you, we aren't up to something."

"We weren't whispering!" Annais protest softly under her breath, a small pout forming on her lips. Then her expression turns a bit more thoughtful as she seems to understand that she isn't being scolded and she considers the question. "Yes, of course, you know that I am…….should have happened already….." The last part is spoken in an almost inaudibly grumble with a tone of annoyance, before she quickly catches herself and gets back to answering the question.

"There is a few lords I've seen that drew my attention more than most but I am not sure that my specific skill set is what they're particularly looking for." A short pang of sad disappointment flashes across her delicate features but it is quickly dispelled by a shrug and a shake of the head. "/But/, If there's anything I've learned from fairy tales, it's that you never find love when you're looking for it, or at least not /where/ you're looking for it. I am sure the same applies here, so I am likely better of for it." Her words are sincere but her eyes betray that she might not be fully convinced about the "wisdom" she has just shared.

Then she looks to Lois for a moment with clear jealousy in her brown eyes when her fellow novice mentions entering people's dreams. "Ugh, you're so lucky. I wish I had the gift of Oneiromancy…"

"Annais…" Fayette drawls a bit more firmly. "Do I hear a grudge about what has happened? Be careful, little Annais, or I might think that you did not learn anything. Your debut was postponed because you were not ready. Please, make sure to convince everyone that you grown up." A more serious tone fades off at the end of the sentence and a pleasant smile comes back to the Second's features. She looks at Lois. "My dear, I am sure that this is exciting. I only wish that the lord would come and chose you. Does he have a name?" Her attention comes back to Annais afterwards. "A woman has many ways to enter a man's dreams. You need to find your own."

"Annais," Lois echoes the name, albeit a bit softer, lifting her hand to touch it to the cheek of the other novice. "We all have our different ways we will serve Naamah. I may have the gift of entering dreams of another, but your strength…", she smiles, removing her hand from the check to place her fingertips gently a few inches below the collarbone of Annais nó Coquelicot, "lays here. In your heart. It is a strength that will easily make someone fall for you. Don't be envious of me, when you call such a treasured skill your own."

Blue eyes shift their gaze away from Annais then, when Lois considers Fayette's question. "He does have a name, yes. But as I said, I dare not hope he will attend the debut. I shouldn't tell you his identity. I am not sure how you'd react." Meaning, this particular lord might be a challenge, in more than one way.

"No Mademoiselle Fayette. Yes, I will. I mean I have." Annais answers the Heliotrope Second, a faint shake of the head turning into a small series of nods as she straightens herself up as much as she can and let's her eyes meet those of Fayette with a determined confidence that stands somewhat in contrast to her usual excited and inquisitive demeanor.

When Lois turns to offer comfort and places her hand on her chest, Annais raises up her own hand to gently cover it, giving it a light squeeze, before looking up at the slightly taller redhead with a soft look and a faint smile of adoration. "I know, I know. It's just……" a small shake of the head "…it doesn't matter. You always wish for the things you don't have, I guess."

When Lois seems reluctant to share the name of the lord she has hinted at earlier in the conversation, Annais' smile becomes slightly more impish and and she bites her lower lip as she looks at Lois through the corners of her eyes. "Oh, and if you don't want people to know such things, maybe you shouldn't be talking while sleeping. You might be able to enter the dreams of others, but you tend to speak of your own while having them on occasion…" She gives her fellow novice the faintest of hipbumps after the words and her eyes return to Fayette as the impish smile quickly fades again.

"Well, you both can admire as many men as you desire. Just make sure to follow our rules. Because otherwise, you might get stuck or… delayed…" She looks at annais again at this. But then she smiles and pushes herself up from leaning at the side of the bed. "I need to look over some other rooms. Just to be sure that everything is prepared for the day. If you need any assistance regarding your debut, let me know. Otherwise, I trust that in your hands. Because you both are grown up and ready as far as I understand. So, I am pretty sure that your ideas will be marvellous!" She turns around and moves into another room. "Play nice, girls," is added before she disappears.

"Wait… I do… what? Talk in my sleep?", Lois asks, shooting Annais a faint glare. "Well, if I've spoken of my secret, I believe it is no secret anymore. Who is it then?" She tilts her head a little to the side, "If you already know, we can tell Mademoiselle Fayette anyway." But the Second seems to be already on her way to do her other chores of the day, and so Lois lets out a soft sigh. "I suppose we are on our own then to plan this great day of our lives. Did she just give us free hand? What elements do we want in the event. Fairy tales. Fairies? Unicorns? You could be the princess and I the pixie. What do you think?"

Annais simply nods at the Second as she speaks and dips into a curtsy as Fayette turns to continues her daily round to make sure that the Salon is in the best shape that it can be and that nothing is out of place. Nothing!

Then she turns to Lois, the well maintained composure already starting to crack a bit and a bright smile return to her lips even as Fayette walks off. "Oh don't be a sour puss, you know that I would never tell. I might stick my nose where it doesn't belong a little too often but at least I can keep a secret." The words are spoken with a warm and friendly voice, the voice you would use to assure a younger sister dear to you, and she leans into the other novice slightly and puts a hand on either side of her shoulders.

"And….yes, I believe she did….." Her expression momentarily turns almost blank as she seemingly considers the possibilities, but when Lois mentions unicorns she immediately snaps back and her gentle grip on Lois' shoulders tighten a bit and she looks Lois straight in the eyes and holds her gaze. "YES! Oh my god, yes! We NEED unicorns! At least one! I'm sure we could get one…right? We should make it like in one of the fairy tales, like a magical forest or something. That's both magical, mystical and serene, all at the same time! I love it!".

"Yes. One unicorn. We could see to have a real horse equipped with a horn… if the fête is to be held in the gardens. Or some Coquelicot brothers posing as one, should this take place in the salon.", Lois continues. The tease about talking in her sleep, forgotten, for now. "Lamps of dimmed green light in the trees and bushes. We could make up our own little fairy tale. The princess and the pixie. Hmm. Both of us could be become trapped at one point in the forest. In your case, only true love can release you. In my case, the pixie would be able to escape through a dream. What do you think?"

Annais nods eagerly as Lois pitches her ideas, her hands retracting from the other novice's shoulders to clasp tightly in front of her chest, her expression still all excitement and starry eyes. She does look a little disappointed about only having one unicorn but the disappointment is soon lost in the excitement like a drop in the ocean. "Mmmhm, yes, that sounds wonderful. You're so smart! It's almost like you read my drea….. wait a minute…." she leans back a bit and gives Lois a skeptical look through narrowed eyes, but she can only maintain the charade for a few seconds before her face cracks into a wide smile once more and a hand comes up to rest on her chin to cover a high-pitched chuckle before she continues her answer. "…I love the idea about making it our own little fairy tale. We would need to come up with some sort of light narrative at least for that, but I am sure we could do it! I think the gardens would be most appropriate if we're going for a magical forest theme, wouldn't you agree? A real horse would also be much more immersive for the people attending, as well as I am sure some of our Coquelicot brothers and sisters could pull it off dressed up." She looks to the ceiling for a moment before returning her gaze to Lois. "What about fragrances? Maybe some different areas with a different aroma to them? Some more stimulating, some more relaxing. Some light and sweet, some heavier and more spicey…? Do you think that would be too much?"

"Fragrances?" Lois' expression brightens. "I like the idea. I have no knowledge though about fragrances and aromatherapy. But we can get help there from other Coquelicots, I suppose. As for the fairy tale… it should be brief. A little story about how a princess and a pixie end up in the forest. After this part which could serve as our entrance and introduction to the fête, I believe it is custom to have an interlude, where people who are interested in winning our debuts might approach us (where we are caught and lost in the forest), and present things and ideas to us that might sway us in their favor. The winner, both in your case and mine, shall be decided both through the height of their bid, and that they will be a perfect fit for us on this debut night."

"Yes, we would need some assistance for that naturally but I believe we would for a large part of the setting up as it is. Hopefully some of our brothers and sisters would be willing to help out with this, I can't imagine otherwise." Annais again looks to the ceiling as fingers brush back long brown hair to rest behind her ear. "How would we give the impression of being captured so that the people attending would understand it and follow the narrative, even if it's short? Should there be a villain of some sort making an appearance shortly, maybe "capturing" us? And what about costumes/outfits? Do you think we should match somehow or have it stand very much apart from one another?" She looks inquisitively at the younger novice, clearly eager to sort out more details so that they may present them to the Dowayne.

Lois seems to ponder Annais' questions for a moment, and she lifts her hand to brush a stray red curl from her view. When perhaps caused by the two of them letting their imagination roam freely, her own hair seems to develop a will of its own as well. "Hmm," the Gentian canon novice makes thoughtfully. "Maybe a villain was planning the death of the princess… and then the pixie came and saved her. The two of them fled deeper into the forest, the enchanted heart of it… And then it will be about how we would be able to escape. You, of the canon of love and devotion, can only be saved by this. As for me, the pixie.." Her shoulders lift in a light shrug. "I can escape through my dreams. Due to our different roles, we should have at least differing color in dress. Both should be fine, of course, as we are the two debutantes. Mine would be green, as I'm the pixie. Yours…? Your pick."

"Yes, I think that sounds just perfect! I mean, who wouldn't wanna be a princess, even if it's just for a day?" The Heliotrope novice lifts up her gown slightly and performs a graceful pirouette on the spot, her eyes turning distant and dreamy and a small, longing sigh escaping her lips before her gaze returns to the Lois. "I think I'll choose white, then. It contrast nicely to green and what better color to represent purity and innocence?" Her expression turns suddenly skeptical as she seems to consider her own words. "Or is that boring? Too traditional? Hmmm. What else goes well with green? I mean, there's gonna be plenty green apart from just your outfit, so it really needs to blend in and not break the scheme of things…" A finger comes up to tap her full lips a number of times as she considers this. "…….no, I think white will be perfect. I always liked traditional." With that settled, she moves on to another question. "Should we make an actual appearance of the villain then, or maybe the path from the main entrance of the salon and out into the gardens could be decorated somehow to tell the first part of the story?"

"White." Lois smiles and nods to this decision in obvious approval. "It is very fitting. You'll look so beautiful in white." A soft sigh escapes the Gentian canon novice as she observes the graceful pirouette of Annais, her gaze becoming a bit dreamy for a moment. Before the question pulls her right back on topic. "Ah. We don't need a villain to appear. What do you mean… the story being told through the decoration? Like… paintings and drawings depicting a villain who wishes the princess to be killed or captured? I like that idea very much, Annais. The decorations would lead the way to the gardens. And there… when the fête will commence with us two appearing, our Dowayne could recite the tale, as to explain. Maybe we could appear and dance through the 'forest' to the music, before the tale reaches that point where we get stuck. And we would move to a kneel, each in our own space… or perhaps find a chaiselongue to sprawl upon, amidst the stylized depictions of spiderwebs and branches."

Annais smiles at the words of approval regarding the color of her dress before Lois moves on to questions regarding the details of the narrative scenery. The brunette novice nods eagerly. "Yes, exactly. I was thinking something simple like silhouettes drawings or paintings of a few scenes of the story or something similar, a short introduction to the narrative so to speak. If you have another idea I would love to hear it but I think it would work very well, especially with the story being recited upon the guests reaching the garden where the fête will be held. I think the idea with our Dowayne reciting the story shortly leading up to us appearing sounds fantastic, I hadn't even considered someone actually telling it in voice. We could have the music help set the atmosphere, going from dreamy and pleasant to more eerie and darker as the story is told." She rests her chin in one hand, rubbing it softly as she considers something. "Hmmm, during which part of the story should we appear? I like the idea of us coming in together, maybe holding hands as you "lead me to safety" after having rescued me. Then dim the lighting and cut the music completely or make it go very faint for a moment when we get to the point of us being stuck. Or do you think we should appear at the very start of the reading? I like the spider web idea."

"Hmmm…." Lois nó Coquelicot smiles, her expression still slightly dreamy and her gaze somewhat distant as if she were envisioning the setup. "We shall sit down together and write the tale… to the point where patrons are asked to make their bids as who might come to our rescue… I believe then we could take our ideas to the Dowayne and see what he thinks of it. Mademoiselle Fayette might wish to know as well. There is still time, and perhaps we might have to change things a little, or they may have their own suggestions. This is after all not the first debut they are running here at Le Coquelicot.

Her hand reaches for that of Annais, and Lois adds, "It shall be an event they will speak of, in the weeks and months to come… The fête of our debut."

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