(1310-07-24) A Horse, Of Course
Summary: Ailene buys a horse from a dirty Tsingano
RL Date: Tue Jul 24, 2018
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Grand Plaza

No humble, cobbled, crowded town square, this: the grand plaza of Marsilikos gleams, a true centerpiece of a wealthy, international port city. The marble tiles of the square itself are fitted smoothly together, alternating white and greyish-blue with obsidian equal-armed crosses inset at the intersections. Four raised planters, ten meters square, offer cool travertine seating around swaths of raised ground, grassy and tended in all seasons with foliage best beautiful and suiting to the weather, positioned in each of the corner quadrants of the square, and, in the center, a concrete-laid pool is lined with marble, into which four ichthyocentaurs are pouring cool, clean water from carved vases of striking white marble. On a pedestal half-hidden by the winding tails of the ichthyocentaurs is an ancient obelisk, one solid piece of red granite, imported with great expense from Menekhet, mounting twenty one meters into the sky and casting a winding shadow around the corners of the plaza as the day progresses.

On the western edge of the square a grand marble stairwell overlooks the port and the harbor below; to the north, two strips of marble extend far between the stoate pillars of the marketplace, embracing a well-cultivated spina of greenery.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and raining.

Ammy is seated along the fringe of the plaza. He is sitting on a large bale of hay. It's the kind of bale you feed to a horse. Though, he doesn't seem to have one presently. He's flopped atop it, his long hair pulled back in a pony tail, as he focuses intently on unwinding a broken string from the violin that sits in his lap. His tongue sticks out of the corner of his mouth in dumb concentration as his brow furrows and he tries to get the string off the tuning keys at the top of the neck.

Ailene comes strolling into the plaza, a uniformed guard behind her, keeping watch. She looks as if she is on a mission today, as determinination pains her expression. As she reaches the middle of the middle of the plaza, she stops and wrinkles her brow then frowns as she looks around. A strand of bright red blows lightly across her face and she pushes it back absentmindedly. "Hmmm…" she murmurs to herself, then spies the Tsingano lounging on the fringe. She brightens up immediately and heads right for him. "Pardon me, sir." she says as she approaches him. "You are a Tsingano, yes?" she asks him, eyeling him up and down. Her eyes linger on his partially exposed chest and she blushes.

Ammy tilts his head, and he scowls at Ailene. "Dat's a bit racist, don't you t'ink?" he asks, flatly. He studies her for just a moment longer than he probably should, and then blurts out, "How do you get your hair to be so red?"

Oddly, it's not the Tsingano or his violin that first draws Gal's steps away from his path across the plaza to the market, but rather the bale of hay that someone's left there— that's an odd thing to see, no matter who's lounging on it. But his curiosity vanishes like a morning fog under the light of a dawning grin that takes up residence among his features when he sees Ammy there in concentration. "Candle-man," he greets. "What's with the hay?" he prods the bale with the toe of one boot. Then Ammy asks after Ailene's hair and Gal has to stifle down a snicker. "Shushhhh," he tries to guide Ammy inconspicuously, but let's see how well that goes.

Ailene blinks at the scowl she recieves from Ammy and scowls right back at him. "How is it racist?" she asks him and gestures to his clothing. "You are the spitting image of every description of Tsingano ever written." she tells him. "You even have your shirt half on and are wearing a gold chain." She folds her arms across her breasts and gives him a challenging look. "It would have been racist of me had you not looked so obvious, but you might as well be holding a sign over your head that read: 'Look here! I am a Tsingano!' with your fashion choices." She smirks. "It was actually very polite of me to ask if you were instead of referring to you as one right away. So there!" She sticks out her tongue at him then tosses her hair over her shoulder. "I was born with this shade of hair." she answers him. "I have a twin sister, but her hair color is blonde. My oldest brother has blonde hair too, but my other brother has dark hair. I am the only one with this shade. My mother says it is because I was born to make trouble."

Ailene also notices Gal approach and gives the young man a polite smile and nod in greeting.

Thaddeus dressed in his sea clothing, a tight leather clothing hugging his muscler body, his blade is on his back short thin, the style of a blade for quick strikes, and his hair is tied back with a red cloth, and his bag is over his shoulde, for once he is relaxed in the city. There is a flask in his left hand, that is making soft noise of something inside, something not heavy as he sips the water with a content sigh, and then he stops to look at the people, with a little annoyed sigh, he makes his way towards Ailene."Hello again my dearest are you causing trouble again for these fine people?"

Ammy looks at his own clothes, tugging his shirt open a bit, revealing that wide, muscular chest and the piercings that lay on either side of it. "What's wrong wit' my shirt…?" Then he just rolls his eyes at the young woman, "You WISH you could make trouble wit' me, lady." He sees Gal and he huffs, "So much for dis bein' a good day…" He tosses Gal the answer, "It's for my horse. I can't make him eat it, dough." He snarls a little, at himself, adding quietly, "Her eat it. Him. Her. I dunnow what de t'ing is…" He huffs again, and looks back at Ailene, noting with a gruff, angry timber that's almost comically out of place given what he says, "Well, dat hair is VERY pretty." So there.

Gal tips his head to a coy angle, giving Ammy the big Gal eyes. "Love you, too, Candle-man," he chuckles, turning to flump down on the hay next to the Tsingano and glance hither and thither for the sign of a horse, "Do you know… where the thing is?" he asks, turning back with one brow arced questioningly. "Just, y'know, generally the first step in making a horse eat is getting it and the feed, like, in the same general vicinity as one another," he adds, tone a parody of helpful. He grins a greeting at Ailene and Thaddeus.

Ailene 's face breaks out into a happy smile when Thaddeus appears. "Thaddeus!" she greets warmly. "My favorite cousin in the whole wide world!" She flutters her lashes at him and it is rather obvious that she probably wants something from him, but she does not yet specify what that something is. Instead, she links an arm through his and laughs. "Of course I am being a good girl, I swear it!" she tells him and then turns back to Ammy and smirks again. "Believe me, young sir, if I were really trying to make trouble with you, you would know it!" She does seem pleased with his compliment of her hair, though. "Why thank you." she says. "Yours is very pretty too. Also." she adds, not the least bit begrudgingly. "Your shirt is fine." she says, sneaking a peak at his chest and those pierced nipples again. BLUSH. She clears her throat and then nods at Gal's words. "Yes, well, he is right." she says, looking around, confused. "Where is the horse?"

Thaddeus looks between them back and forth with a little sigh, and his smile is wide."I see, no Ailene you are trouble, not often do you see it though, but my dearest it is your skill." His voice is soft teasing, as he pats her hand gently under his own, and then he chuckle, again with a little frown on hjis face."It is what she loved about you, buy yhr past is over, in the present we need to dwell. Now then what is this about a horse?"

Ammy looks between the three of them considering for a moment, and then he sits his violin down on the hay stack. "Well," he says as he stands. "I'm glad you've asked me dat." He claps his hands together, rubbing them together. "Dis horse is one of de finest specimens dat you will ever lay eyes upon. It comes when you whistle. It is broke and rides with grace and poise, and the beautiful shade of white with black accent marks will take your breat' away when you see her." He tilts that head again, "Him." Then he shrugs. "I don't suppose any of you would be in the market to acquire such a wonderful beast, would you?"

Gal eases back over the haybale, ending up resting on an elbow and leaning his cheek toward his shoulder while watching Ammy spin his horse pitch. "Getting into the horse business, Candle-man? Well, your candle didn't stink, at least. But a horse is a little out of my price range, anyhow. Unless you wanna do a half-off deal," he grins, lifting his other arm as if to eard off an expected blow with a frivolous laugh. "Anyone else? You, sir?" he looks to Thaddeus, "Come to see a man about a horse?" he can barely get the words out before devolving into boyish cackles again, eyes damp.

Ailene gives Thaddeus's arm a squeeze and she turns to him, giving him a soft, sad smile. "I know you miss her very much." she murmurs, and gives him a pat. Ammy's sales pitch as her turning back to him, however, and an auburn brow arches. She waits for Gal to opt out of the offer, then pretends like she is thinking it over. "Hmmm…" she says, twirling a lock of fire around her finger. "I just MIGHT be in the market for a horse." she says to him. "IF the horse is in excellent shape and is a good price." She then shrugs. "Too bad the horse you are trying to sell is a sickly invisible one, though." she tells him with an overdramatic sigh. She glances at Gal. "You know him then?" she asks him. "Has he a reputation of conning?"

"Well, I don't need a horse it is not me, I enjoy the sea not the land." Thad nods slowly with a shake of his head, and then he licks his lips slowly, with a shake of his head."Now then Ailene, what would you do with the horse?" His voice is soft, and then he looks overf at Gal, and then the horse salesman."Is this the same horse you tried to see me last time, we ran into each other?"

It seems that whatever Arianne was doing when Ailene left, she has come to find her twin sister. The blonde with a guard trailing her, a spitting image of the redhead even despite the hair and eye color. "Aily!" She calls out as she makes her way over. There is a smile for their cousin as she sees Thaddeus before her smoky gaze turns to the other two there in turn. She sidles up to her sister for the moment, though she doesn't seem to want to interrupt whatever is going on more than she already has.

Ammy grins widely at Ailene, "I t'ink you mean cunning, my lady." He glances at Gal, muttering, "I don't need your help, gadje." Looking at Thadeus then, he shrugs, "It hasn't sold yet. What would you have me do? Keep it forever simply because you did not want it?" And then he steps closer to Ailene. Should she allow it, he takes one of her hands, clasping it with both of his. "One such as you, wit' de truest beauty of sunfire hair, would look simply marvelous upon this mighty steed. De price is a fine price, my lady. De horse it tied off in de woods nearby, for safe keeping."

Gal is just going to settle in on this haybale, looking for all the world like a cat in a sunbeam. "It's pronounced 'Gal,'" he corrects what he can only assume is Ammy's mis-pronunciation of his name, or— that's how he pretends to interpret it, just to needle the candle salesman further. But then, features softening into something less jocular, "Are you really hurting for cash?" he wonders, worrying slightly about the circumstances which might be leading Ammy to sell his horse. He looks past the guy to Ailene, "Nah, he's cool by me, at least. He sells candles down by the docks. I bought one. It's actually pretty nice." It's not much of a vouch, but, y'know. It's all true.

Ailene is taken slightly aback when Ammy takes her hand in his. Once more, her brow arches. She does not flinch, nor does she turn bashful, though her cheeks do pinken. Her eyes glance down to his half naked chest and those piercings, then baack to his face. She keeps her eyes on him then, and without looking away, hears her sister approach. "Hello Ari." she greets her, not breaking eye contact with the Tsingani. "I am looking into purchasing a horse." she tells her. Then, to Thaddeus, "For riding, of course, dear cousin." She listens to Ammy's reply and frowns slightly, thinking. Still, without removing her hand, nor losing her staring contest, she smiles sweetly to him. "Do bring it over, shall you?" she coos to him, fluttering her lashes.

There's a lift of her dark blonde brows as Arianne watches the Tsigani take her sister's hand into his. That looks doesn't seem to fade any at the conversation that goes on. There's a swwet smile at that with perhaps a hint of amusement before she looks over to Gal at what he says about the candles. "Candles and horses aren't quite in the same vein though I would think." With that though it seems she thinks she has said enough before she looks over at Thaddeus for a moment as he asks if it's the same horse he tried to sell before. It causes her to look at her twin again, but with the flirty staring contest going on she doesn't interrupt it.

Ammy never takes his eyes off Ailene, and he smiles just a little, kind of dumbly at her attention to him. He licks his lips, and nods, "Well den." He sniffs, and he releases her hands. He throws a quick glare at Gal once more. "I'm fine," he says of the cash question, dismissing it quickly, before looking back at Ailene. "For you, I t'row in a large candle, too." He smiles, "Stay here." He takes a few steps backward, eyes remaining on her, and then he turns, hopping over the hay bale and darts off into the trees.

Gal meets Ammy's eyes when the latter tosses him that glare, not glaring back, just receiving the gaze and all its connotations, trying to puzzle it through with a sympathetic warmth. But then the guy's off to get the horse and Gal just continues to lounge on the hay. Keeping it safe until the guy gets back to claim it. That's all. In the absense of the Tsingano he actually notes how similar in appearance Ailene and Arianne are, his eyes skirting from one to the other as if in a game of 'spot the differences,' noting this feature, then that one in common. "Woah," he finally remarks, "Twins, huh?" Leave it to a d'Angeline teenage boy to issue that question with just the slant of tone, matched with an impish smile, to make it sound rather dirty. "You get a chance to do a lot of riding?" Dammit, Gal.

Ailene keeps her eyes locked on Ammy and her lips curved into a sweet flitracious smile until he turns and darts into the trees. Once he is out of sight, her cheeks flame red as her hair and she lets out a long breath. Her hand fumbles in her purse and she takes out a little lace fan and starts to fan herself mightily. "Good grief!" she exclaims, eyes wide as she finally looks to her sister. "I thought I was going to die! What is it with these non d'Angeline men not covering their chests?" Her eyes close and she shakes her head. "Are they trying to make us swoon apurpose?" It is apparent, now that Ammy is gone, that the crimson haired twin has little experience with flirting, given her reaction after he was out of sight. Gal is given a wide eyed stare. "I ride horses a lot back home." she replies, clearly not getting his insinuation, despite acting so worldly just a moment ago. "And yes, we are twins." She does look confused, though, like she knows he is hinting about something, but doesn't know what it is. She frowns and turns to Thaddeus for clarification.

Thaddeus leans back now, and his hand resting on the blade, his fingers curled aroudn it for a moment, and then he let's it drop for a moment, with a shake of his head."Yes they are twins, and one is good, one is evil. It is up to you to pick which is which, I shan't spoil the shock." His voice is teasing, and then he lifts his water to his lips to take a long sip of it, with a content sigh."Dearest Ailene do you need some water to wish away that blush in your little checks? He is expressing his joy for seeing the pretty face twice, on the twins comment I feelt."

Arianne almost seems relieved when that flirty staring contest is finally over as Ammy moves to go get the horse leaving the two of them with Gal and their currently occupied cousin. What her sister says causes her to giggle, though she tries to hold it back, but she lifts her shoulders a shrug at the mention of the men not covering themselves. "I haven't run into it as much as you have yet. Perhaps you're just the lucky one?" A laugh is held back then before her gaze moves from her sister. Once it does she notices the way that Gal is looking between the two of them so intently and it causes a hint of pink to go to her cheeks at it, especially with how he asks the question of if their twins. While it seems like she perhaps gets the innuendo unlike her sister she doesn't point it out isntead just answering similiarly. "Yes, twins. I'm Arianne." It seems she assumes that her sister was already introduced. Then there's the last question in a similiar vein as the question if they're twins. "We have ridden horses back home in Azzalle." Then comes the explanation from Thaddeus and she gives Gal a sweet smile as if the explanation her cousin gave must be what it meant.

Ammy remains gone for another moment as he's out fetching the horse…

"Exactly," Gal will easily grab on to the nearest available PG explanation— in this case the one so kindly provided by the twins' cousin. Then, leaving her pervy notions behind, for the moment, since neither twin seemed keyed into what he was saying, in particular, "So you're really looking for a horse? This guy's not really big on haggling, just so you know. Like, I tried, and it just seemed to annoy him. So I'd be upfront at the beginning about what you want to spend and what you're looking to get," he gives his advice, quite possibly on Ammy's behalf.

Ailene listens to Thaddeus' explanation of what Gal has meant, but doesn't seem entirely convinced. She gives a suspicious glance all around, but then shrugs and lets it pass. She looks to Gal when he talks about haggling, but smiles widely, looking pretty sure of herself in that regard. "I think I can handle myself there, if it so comes up." she assures him. "But I thank you for your advice." She gives a wink to her sister and a grin to Thaddeus, then looks over to the trees. "Where on earth is he?" she mutters. "Does the horse even truly exist?" She hrms and taps her foot impatiently. "Also, I am not evil." she whispers over to Thaddeus. "I make everyone's life much more interesting!" A little giggle. "Besides, Ari can be bad too!" she insists. "Just not as often as me."

"I have seen Ari behave more then I have seen you little one, my wife enjoyed that about you." The tune of his voice is a tad sad, and then he takes another long sip of the water."But you do that just fine, make my life more interesting, but sometimes quiet is good." Thaddeus laughs again softly, and then he watches for the man."Also don't lie, your going to try and trick me into buying said horse."

It's been a few minutes, but finally, Ammy emerges from the tree line and he is, indeed, leading a horse. It looks a bit thin, not unhealthily so but if not properly tended to soon it might begin to be so. Otherwise, it is indeed a fine steed that was likely paid a noble's price for. The horse is white with a few patches of a dark gray color, and is a strong riding horse that would suit a knight heading into battle. In fact, the saddle on the horses back is certainly as fine a saddle any noble would be interested in being sat upon as they charged an enemy. Ammy leads it along, though it's clear by the way he does so that he's a little intimidated by the horse and has clearly not been around them much. "Look at dis beauty…" he says as he approaches the hay bale with it. He smiles widely again as he sees Ailene, and he offers, "You would truly be the sun riding across the sky on dis creature, my lady."

"I imagine it does exist," Arianne tells her twin leaving behind the other notions in the conversation since the explanation was given for it. "See!" She points towards Ammy bringing the horse over. That seems to be all she says about that before their talk of who behaves more. It seems she doesn't feel the need to put any of her own thoughts into that since they already have their own opinions on it. Instead she looks at the horse for a moment before back to her sister and then her cousin. "You're possibly right. Possibly."

Ailene turns back towards Ammy as the Tsingani returns with the horse. Her eyes widen once again. This time, it is not because of his alluring half covered chest. It is because the horse, though a bit thin, is absolutely beautiful! "Oh my goodness!" she exclaims girlishly and even squeals in delight, clapping her hands. She cannot help but rush over. Maybe it is because of her over-enthusiasm and squealing, or maybe it is because she turns to call out over her shoulder to Ari and Thad, "You both know me so well! Oh, could you, most darling cousin, pretty pleeeease?" she asks, right before she trips and very nearly crashes head first into the poor animal. It might even dislike her now.

"Well then, if you could ride it proper I will buy it for you." Thaddeus's voice is teasing, and then he looks at the man for a momment, with a soft sigh."I have business, to attend you tell her the price, and I argee will cover it after you barter, send me the invoice. But I have business I have to way too right now." His voice is soft, as he then slides out a little bag of coins placing it in Ailene's hands."Nevermind, I don't wanna know how much just use the rest for something pretty for yourself and your sister." With that he spins on his heel leaving them to barter.

Arianne looks seems happy with her sister's enthusiasm for the horse, but it's Thaddeus' offer that seems to surprise her as he hands the coins over to ther redheaded twin. That seems to elate her as she's almost giddy from it, but that seems to fade as her sister pretty much trips into the horse in her excitement. That causes her to frown as she moves towards her to make sure she's okay, but it seems she's smart enough to know to wait to not also get trampled by the animal from any reaction it might have. Her sister's welfare at what happens seems to be her main concern though.

Augustin steps in from the north, without guard or escort of any kind. His hands folded behind his back he could be walking almost casually, if not for the way his eyes periodically scan the crowd and the easy grace he moves with. He doesn't fail to notice his two sistrs, and pauses to see what's happening.

Ammy watches the relatives banter like family folk, and then that coin purse comes out. His eyes move straight to it, and he watches it as it changes hands until Ailene stumbles at the horse. The animal isn't skittish, it has seen battle after all, but it still leaps around, it's hind quarters shoving Ailene forcefully. The Tsingano is quick, and he takes a rapid step to catch the young lady as she's knocked aside. "Careful!" he shouts, though it's hard to tell if he means Ailene or the horse. As the horse settles, he holds onto Ailene for another moment, and offers her a warm smile. "Are you alright, princess?" he asks with a dimple-laden smile. He then slowly helps her back onto her feet and releases her.

Ailene at least caught the bag of coins from Thaddeus before she trips. She cries out and goes tilting forward, unable to catch herself. She feels the shove and the air at her back. Fully expecting to feel the groud thudding beneath her, she instead finds herself caught by Ammy's strong arms. Slowly, she opens her eyes and looks into his, her breath catching, her cheeks flushing scarlet. It is a long dramatic moment as she stares at him, unable to resist that dimpled smile. Her eyes turn all dreamy and she smiles back at him, a smitten little girl. "My name is Ailene Trevalion." she says to him, batting her lashes, introducing herself for the first time. She seems to have forgotten he is Tsingani here for a moment. She also does not yet notice Auggie approaching.

Arianne doesn't really have to look after the welfare of her sister. At least not in the injury sense anyway. There might be otherwise, but for now the Tsigani catches the redheaded twin. It causes the blonde one to stop in her tracks, almost looking a little suspicious at that long dramatic moment. She isn't so caught up in it though that she doesn't notice their brother's approach and so she calls out to him with an excited wave, "Augustin!" Though she doesn't bother to even try to explain the situation that has just happened yet.

Augustin blinks as part of what he sees seems to be his sister being assaulted by a horse. That draws him in to movement immediately, moving toward his sisters in a burst of speed that is just this side of 'disquieting to watch'. He pulls up at their side as Ailene is caught by Ammy, visibly forcing himself to stop from punching a horse. He looks to Ammy with a raised eyebrow. "Are you attacking my sister with a horse or seducing her?" He asks. "Just trying to bring myself up to speed here."

Ammy laughs a little at Ailene. "Ailene," he repeats, a little dumbly. "I am Ammy." Then he looks at the rapidly approached Augustin, and he shrugs innocently, "Both?" He turns back to Ailene then. "I trust you like de horse, den?" He pats the animal on the side, and the horse huffs at him, which makes him take a half-step away from it. Yeah, he's not really a horse guy. "I make you a deal," he says to Ailene. "Take me to dinner and den let me walk you home," he says with a smirk, "and de horse is yours for…" He considers just a moment, and then offers her a price that is actually pretty reasonable, just a little under the actual value of what he should be able to get from the horse.

Ailene 's moment of soul seering romance is cut abrputly short by her twin's voice calling out, 'Augustin!'. The redhead blinks and, still in Ammy's arms, turns her head to see her brother running over. At his totally embarrassing question, and what's more, having him bust up on her in such a compromising position, she groans in utter and complete humiliation. She finds her footing and wiggles out of the Tsingani's arms, nervously trying to compose herself. "Good day Augustin." she greets him through clenched teeth. "How nice of you to show up." She glares at him and then sends Ari a helpless look, before clearing her throat and turning back to Ammy. She is blushing very deeply now and will not meet his eyes. "Deal." she mutters, opening up the purse and counting out the coins, handing them to him as quickly as possible. "Let me know which day shall be good for you to meet for a meal." She clears her throat again and looks at the ground awkwardly.

Augustin keeps his eyebrow raised at Ammy, although a shade of that seems to be directed at his sister. "How about she pay you that, I pay the rest of the actual price, and you take a rain check on dinner?" He asks. His voice is very wry. Unnervingly wry. His eyes flit to his sister at her comment. "It is awfully nic of mee to show up, isn't it?" He looks at the horse in question. "And since I do love my sister I'll not ask why she is randomly buying a horse." He pulls out his own coin purse, and pulls out a generous amount of coinage to toss Ammy to make up the difference.

Ammy takes the money that Ailene quickly hands him. He smiles widely at her, and then there's Augustin renegotiating. He furrows his brow a bit, "I am not sure who dis gadje is dat t'inks he can alter dis deal for you, Ailene…" He tilts his head at Augustin, "It is unfortunate dat you do not believe de young lady is trustwort'y or competent enough to negotiate her own purchases." He still takes the money Augustin hands him, of course. Shaking his head, he picks up his violin and gestures at the hay. "I'll t'row in de bale of hey. I don't need it no more." And as he begins to walk off, he notes to Ailene, "You can stop by my tent by de port to pick up dat candle." He sniffs and then gives a hearty bow to them. It's hearty enough, that it's clearly done with a hint of mockery. "Pleasant evenings to you," he offers, and then heads off into the market place.

Ailene is too busy being angry at Augustin to react to Ammy. She doesn't try to stop him as he leaves, instead glares at her big brother. "Just what do you think you are doing?" she says to him, face red now with anger. She stomps her foot and puts her hands on her hips. "Thadddeus bought me that horse and I did not need your coin nor did I bloody well ask for it!" She takes a breath and keeps going. "I wanted a horse because I can ride one! Why do all the men in our family naturally assume that I cannot because I am a female?" Another foot stomp, another breath. "Also, for your information, I will very well have dinner with AMMY! I can dine with whomever I please!" There are few more choice words for him, then she is walking over to the horse and starting to lead it home, flashing him a dirty look in parting.

Augustin tilts his head to the side for a moment when Ammy speaks this time. Something passes behind his eyes at Ammy's tone, a momentary flickering of something much harder than his normal amiable mien. "I explained who I am, son. I'm her brother, and the Vicomte de Rouen. Everyone can have one time taking the piss; but that's your one. I hope you enjoyed it." That same hardness is there when he turns to Ailene. "You did ask for my help managing your finances, Ailene, when I had a note passed to me about how I owed someone for an entire market stall that you bought out. I don't care if you can ride a horse, I was asking why you were buying a random one from a random shirtless man rather than a /reputable horse breeder/. Don't bring being a girl into it unless you want me to remind you that you are acting like a spoiled little one." He is apparently marginally better than his sister at keeping his anger in check. Marginally.

Ailene stops. Oh, yes. There was that. She winces. "I just knew he wouldn't let that one slide." she mutters. She also realizes that because of that, she has lost this argument. She turns to him and tries to offer a weak smile. "Alright, you win." she says to him ruefully. "But…" She quickly wraps the horses reins around her arm and starts to run, leading it with her. "I am still going to have dinner with him!"

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