(1310-07-23) In the Garden, Art.
Summary: Aedhwyn visits the Vespasien at the Trevalion home.
RL Date: Mon Jul 23, 1310
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Rose Garden

A wrought iron gate opens to lead one inside a small and intimate rose garden. A high stone wall shrouds the garden from the outside, providing a quiet, private escape from the bustle of the city'ss noble district. A sweet floral scent of roses perfume the air. Roses of every size and hue grow abundantly here, creating a serene and lush space for quiet exploring. A pathway of stepping stones leads around, branching off only once near the back to lead to a tall weeping willow tree. The foliage of the willow serves as a curtain, providing a discreet hiding place from the rest of the garden. Hidden amongst the shadows under the tree is a small stone bench, only big enough for one or two people. While kept neat and trimmed along the path, the roses are mostly left to grow wild among the various beds, making one feel as though they are inside a fairytale. %r%rDirectly in the middle of a garden is a small gazebo, painted white. It is covered in vines of roses. While small, it can fit one or two people comfortably and provide shelter from the elements.

An invitation would be sent to Aedhwyn from one Vespasien de Trevalion- asking her to join him for drink and conversation at his family's local home. From memory, a drawing of her relaxed on that dias at the party- a nod that he'd sussed out who she is, and a reminder of who he is.

Vespasien himself is in the garden long before the apointed time- painting a rose as it sits on the bush.

Aedhwyn arrives mostly at the appointed time, or at least fairly close to it. She is wearing on of her finest gowns, layer upon layer of it and it truly looks as if she might faint from the heat of it all. Her face as been marked with dots of Courcel blue across her cheek bones and the bridge of her nose while the visible skin on her arms have been painted as well with swirling patterns in woad with accents in white.

The servants of the family are all too happy to lead Aedhwyn to the garden where Vespasien is painting away. He looks up when the young woman is announced, "Ah, yes. Good to see you- although, you didn't need to dress up quite so much. We're only meeting as friends, but I am touched you think I am worth such fine clothing." he says with a bow of his head, standing as she's led into the rose garden. Luckily, the garden is cooler from all the plants. "Would you like something to drink? Wine? Brandy? I have a honey liquor I make in small quantities." he says, as he offers a hand towards the Gazebo he's sitting in- inviting her to join him.

Aedhwyn smiles performing a practiced curtsey when she is presented. "Thank you for inviting me, my lord. I was a bit…shocked to receive such an invitation from one not yet known to me but I am gladdened that you already think me a friend." Her d'Angeline truly is flawless but her accent is just a touch watered down as if she learned the language second or third hand. "Your generousity and hospitality in offering the honey liqour is most kind and appreciated." She's being formal or at least trying to be. Her hand lighting gently upon your arm in escort should you allow for it. The coolness and greenery of the garden seems to be appreciated. Her eyes close a moment, a breath taken as she tries to mentally cool herself. "Forgive me, I'm not yet use to the heat."

"Take your time." Vespasien says, raising a hand towards the servant, "Some of my private stock, please, for our guest." Vespasien says to the servant with a bow of his head, "Thank you." Respectful, it seems, even of those who serve.

"Yes, the summers are quite nice here, if you dress properly for them. However, as I am typically up overnight I am spared the worst of the heat."

The servant is quick to return with a decanter of golden liquor, and a small glass for Aedhwyn. "It's quite strong, but you wouldn't tell from the sweetness." he offers a gentle warning, "So, do take it slowly. Otherwise, I'm sure you'll find the heat all the more obvious."

Vespasien has partially disconnected.

Aedhwyn nods her head, "I was not…prepared for the heat and how truly opressively warm it is." Her features are a bit flushed but not overly so. She smiles at the servant, "Thank you… and to you as well, my lord." A small sip of it is taken,a smile blooming on her features. "This is very good, refreshingand sweet." She tilts her head to the side, once the servant has receded, her voice lowering. "You have a good memory, my lord, as well as a keen mind."

"You should get some dresses more suited for the heat, I would think. Not every visit requires a ball gown." Vespasien says, without any kind of malice or dislike in his tone- just a statement of fact. Clinical, even, that tone as he continues his work on painting his roses.

"I'm glad you like it. I raise the bees who make that honey, as well." Vespasien notes, "Very nice little honey bees. I'm hoping to have a second or third hive within a year."

"So then, what has brought you here from far off lands?" He wonders, "And please, you can call me Vespasien. I am not much for titles."

Aedhwyn takes another small sip of the honey liquour. "I am in the process of having gowns made for me that are a bit more acceptable for visitation that are not formal occasions. I have several gowns of Alban style and make but I thought my first invitation into a d'Angeline home should be more formal." She blushes a bit, though it's not overly obvious with the slight flush from the heat.

The man nods quietly as he continues his painting- just quiet in his contemplation of the rose and his guest. Nodding as she speaks and says what she has. "I appreciate the forethought then, thank you. I'm surprised to be the first to invite you- " he pauses a moment, "I suppose on second thought, perhaps not so surprised. I forget that most of my people are somewhat less than welcoming to foreigners. Ignorance and arrogance, mostly, those kinds of things."

"So then, I imagine these lands are very different than the northern alban lands you are most familiar with."

Aedhwyn mms, "I do not think that it is that. Those I have met, for the most part, have been very kind and welcoming. I have been taken on several outings, toured around town, and escorted to a few events." She smiles as she looks off though it is followed by a hard blush.

There is a small pause as she takes a sip and tries to still her mind, "These lands are very different. I have never seen so many buildings and people all in one place before. There is a constant din of sound and activity. But there are also places like this…oasis of the wild yet somehow also so very tame." She takes another small sip, the honeyed drink rather quickly disappearing. "But as I was saying I do not think that it is that people are unwelcoming but that they enjoy showing me their world, taking me to see things I have never seen or experienced before."

"I imagine so. Our culture is quite a bit different than any of our neighbors." Vespasien says, as he leans back from his painting of the roses. "Open in some ways. Certainly more…" he pauses a moment to find the proper words. "Passionate than others." One can only guess what he means by that.

"That you've seen though, and it does seem to interest you. Otherwise, you'd have never come to that little party." Vespasien smiles at that, "A lovely outfit that was, by the way."

Aedhwyn mmms, loosening her collar so that a bit more of her torq is revealed. "It is very different than my own though my father taught us, my brothers and sisters and I, much about your culture growing up. It was his mother's wish that he know about both ways and that those traditions and stories be passed along the generations. She learned our ways but also taught hers." She blushes easily as you mention the party. "I went to support a friend and I was told it was a fete that should not be missed." She takes another sip, the last of the sweet drink vanishing away. "I was able to see him perform and then was caught up with interest in your drawing. I can not say I stayed much longer and I certainly did not…participate but it was…quite different." She looks away, not entirely able to keep your gaze, "I thought the dress appropriate though I had thought myself well disguised."

"Mm. From a distance, perhaps." Vespasien begins, "It is very difficult to disguise yourself the closer one looks at you. The blue gave it away." Vespasian notes. "There are very few women in this city with blue on their faces." he remarks. "I pay attention to color. It is something that is important to notice. Life gets very drab if one does not take a moment to pay attention to all the colors around them. To be aware in the moment. Just to be."

"It was a lovely dress, though. Very sweet. Much better when bunched in all the right ways." Vespasien teases her with a quiet, playful smile.

Aedhwyn blushes a bit brighter, her hand rising to run through her hair, revealing that marque at her temple for just a moment before her hair falls back in place. "I will have to remember to disguise myself the better and I'm still not sure about the way it was arranged but it was a beautiful portrait…my first."

"You are a most excellent model." Vespasien replies, "You pose well, and show emotion. You are alive when you pose. Very important when you're painting a person for them to look more alive than a bowl of waxed fruit."

"I would go without the disguise, though, unless that is the point of the celebration." Vespasien notes, " Why hide yourself? Be who you are. Unless you are plan to commit a crime, I suppose. In that case, most certainly disguise yourself." Vespasien continues with a playful half smile.

"Would you like another portrait, perhaps?" he asks of her quietly, "I always enjoy painting while the sun is up. It keeps me busy."

Aedhwyn giggles as you make the comment about disguising herself to commit a crime. "Thank you and I would not mind being a model once more." She bites her bottom lip, "It was a bit thrilling and I suppose I disguised myself because I was a bit…unsure. I still do not understand your world entirely. I know and I have learned many things but hearing of them as stories, learning them in lessons is so much different than being here, in this place. It is so much more…alive." She looks back at you, "In many ways our people are so alike, we are both so very vibrant but in others we are like night and day. It is difficult but being masked allows me to observe to be perhaps a bit removed. It feel…safer in some ways."

"Yes, being the stranger can be quite freeing." He agrees, as he looks back to his painting and seems happy with it for now. He pours himself a glass of brandy, leaning back to sip it quietly as they talk. "Anonymity has it's advantages, particularly when you might be… exposed. It allows a new, non-identity. Or, perhaps, without your face it lets your heart explore more readily. After all, if no one knows who you are, how can they speak ill of you the day after?" he asks the rhetorical question.

"As for our customs, live them. Learn them. Know them- just be careful you don't prick yourself too badly on all the thorns in the rose of D'Angeline society."

Aedhwyn mms, "I'm not quite entirely certain I'm sure what you mean by pricking myself too badly but I imagine I will have to experience it or at the very least view it to understand." She sets her glass aside, "I am learning quite a bit, exploring your culture."

"I'm glad to hear it." Vespasien says, "It is important to learn new things. Explore the world. At least, that is my take on it." he remarks, "But, I consider myself a scientist. Asking questions and finding answers is my bread and butter."

"What about you, though. What are the expectations of you?" Vespasien wonders of the young woman. "Do you stay, do you go back? Is there a duty you have or are you allowed to fly free?"

Aedhwyn mms, "I am here as part of an ambassadorial delegation. Some went to Elua and some came here. My family thought it best that I learn a bit more about trade and negotiations in Marsilikos." She's not even going to mention that Marsilikos is at least a bit smaller and less high stakes than Elua. "For now I remain but the future is yet unclear though I do have certain duties and obligations to my family and to Alba."

"Do you miss Alba?" Vespasien wonders, next. "Or, are you so far enjoying your studies and explorations here so far south?" he says next, "Is there anything you need to make you more comfortable?" he asks next, still curious. Welcoming, in his own way.

"Perhaps you'll let me purchase you a dress that is appropriate for the summer weather here." Vespasien offers, "Although, it does come with the cavet that I get to choose the design." He smiles at that, "Don't worry. I know you are a shy sort, so, it won't be too revealing."

Aedhwyn nods, "I do…it is sometimes lonely here. I miss sitting round the fire, listening to my father play or tell stories." Her smile falters a bit, "But I am creating quite a few new stories and learning some to bring home round the fire for the next time I return." She draws in a breath, "As to more comfortable, truly it is no necessary. Your friendship is gift enough though I might seek advice on some d'Angeline fashion. I have gowns and clothes of my own more suited to the heat though of Alban design."

"Well, I am not the most fashionable man in Marsilikos." Vespasien notes, "I typically defer to my sisters or friends when it comes to finding new clothing." He is, indeed, dressed well but not fashionably. He look, rather, like a man ready to do work. To get dirty. To get his hands into something and potentially ruin his clothing. It's all well tailored, of course, made for him specifically of the highest quality materials but there is most certainly more thought given to usability against fashionability.

"It's nothing, really. Just a gift. Anyways, it'll give me a reason to bring my little sisters shopping. I haven't sent them a gift in a while, so I'm behind." he says with a quiet grin. "I often get lost in myself. I'm used to being alone- but aloneness is very much not the same as loneliness. They look the same from the outside, but inside, very different beasts."

Vespasien nods towards the honey liquor, "Would you like some more to drink? Something to eat?" he asks.

Aedhwyn nods her head, "I couldn't accept so generous an offer but if it is an excuse to take your sisters shopping, I would gladly participate." She smiles, nodding at the offer to the honey liquor. "That would be lovely, thank you. But yes, being alone and loneliness are very different things. Back home, I was often nearly alone or alone in the woods but it was different. Here I am surrounded by people but sometimes quite alone." She shakes her head, "But enough of such things. You spoke of painting and I am a willing model this day."

"Ah. Today then!" Vespasien says with a quiet smile, "I hope again you'll imagine my brush running along your skin as I paint you." he says, "And we must decide how you'd like to be painted- I'm guessing here, in this place. Private, a lovely garden." he says, as he waves to a servant who is undoubtedly just waiting near the entrance of the garden. They do have guests, of course.

"I will need a new canvas- there are some in my room. And we need to refill my guest's decanter, please. The same as before." he says, as he moves his rose painting off to the side- it's a rather scientific look at the rose. Very realistic- almost photo-realistic.

"And, of course, style must be decided. Pose… Do you have any ideas?"

Aedhwyn mms and blushes as you mention your brush stroking along her skin, "I rather like the idea of staying here within the garden." Her own companion has been keeping watch over her allowing for the illusion that she is alone but always close enough to be able to defend her if necesssary. "A bit of privacy is always appreciated but I am not certain about which way to pose. Last time the pose was dictated by the chaise."

"Well, then in the garden we will stay." Vespasien says, as the servant returns with a pair of fresh canvases for Vespasien and a new decanter with that golden honey liquor inside, as well as a fresh glass. The others taken away quickly.

"Now, do I paint it on wood, or fabric.." Vespasien says, mostly to himself, "Mm. Yes, that is true- but the best paintings find their own pose, I suppose. The paintings on glass were something of a series- the atmosphere was one of ecstatic pleasures. Here, we have a different feel."

Vespasien stands quietly from his spot in the gazebo and starts to very slowly walk around the garden- watching Aedhwyn as he goes. Pausing here and there to shift his gaze- checking lines of sight. How things look.

t"Hmm." Vespasien ponders quietly to himself. A hand coming up to his chin as he weighs the options.

Aedhwyn tilts her head as you start to wander, following your movements much like a wolf would watch a rabbit darting across it's path. "Do you have any water features or a fountain of some sort? Perhaps some hidden alcove or garden within the garden so as to create the feeling that you are getting a glimpse of something…private?"

"Mmm.. Under the tree." Vespasien says, nodding towards the willow with her branches hanging down. "There is a bench there.." he remarks, "And that would be most lovely, I think. The branches hang not unlike a curtain." he takes a slow breath- just taking that moment as he turns to look towards the willow tree. He looks back to Aedhwyn. "Yes, come over here a moment- bring your liquor."

Aedhwyn rises from her seat, bringing her glass with her though her progress is a bit slower than normal. She joins you beneath the tree, looking up at you. Just the difference of being in the shade seems to bring her relief. "You have a lovely garden."

"Thank you." Vespasien begins as he continues to watch the young woman- there is a certain intenseness to his gaze- he's studying her. Her movements and the statements each movement makes. "Relax- as if you were alone. Resting and alone under the willow's branches." he suggets, indicating all the space under the tree. "I would like for the painting to feel natural… to feel like no one was watching you, or painting you."

Aedhwyn mms and nods her head, the glass set aside on the bench before she sits, not to relax but instead to remove her shoes and stockings. Her toes wriggle and just the look of relief from so small a thing as being able to feel the earth beneath her soles makes a difference on her expression. She rises, a bit of a blush colouring her cheeks, "Would you…would you mind loosening the laces of my overdress? I would not wish to get it dirty beneath the tree and I am more comfortable in simpler garments."

"Gladly." Vespasien offers quietly as he settles his easel where he wants it. He approaches quietly, moving with an almost impossible grace. He glides along the earth with such confidence in motion, despite the fact he seems to have no idea where he's going.

Vespasien's fingertips are rough, his hands shaped by a decade at sea- hard and strong, despite the sleekness of his lines. His fingers pluck along the knot at top- fingers familiar with tying and releasing knots, before his hands run down her back to loosen the laces with sublime grace. It's almost as if he were playing a harp.

Aedhwyn rises, gathering her hair in her hands as she turns with her back towards you. Unlike most of the ladies of court, her skin is suntouched from many hours spent in activity and wandering around trying to learn her surroundings. Her hands are soft but bear the telltale marks of a sword and bowman, fine scars and callouses on her palms. She turns ovr her shoulder to look at you, "Thank you,my lord." She allows the overdress to pool around her before stepping out of it and then carefully folding it and setting it aside on the bench. She might have servants to care for her but it would seem she takes care not to make their lives more difficult.

There is a moment of insecurity before she undoes the bow at her neckline and allows it to fall open into a modest "V" that reveals the entirety of her torq and the uppermost swells of her breasts, nothing terribly revealing but enough to cause her to blush. Her underdress is obviously one meant to be viewed on it's own, the fabric finely spun and intricate trim at the edges of the split sleeves and hem. She moves with nearly silent steps, so much more at ease in the simpler gown though it could simply be relief from the heat the lightens her step. When she sits beneath the tree, it is with her back towards it and one leg propped up to support her arm. She looks up at the light filtering through the leaves, "Is this alright? Would you prefer me posed another way?"

Vespasien steps back quietly. Weighing the scene. Studying her quietly. "Close your eyes." he suggests, "Take a drink." he notes of the honey liquor she's got with her. "Get comfortable- as if no one was here. Just you, and a summer day, and relaxing under a tree with a drink and your day dreams."

Aedhwyn rolls in this flowing motion onto her knees to reach for the drink before drinking half of it in nearly a single long sip. She doesn't shoot it back, clearly savoring the flavour of it but she does so in quantity. The drink is set back down on the bench before she sits back down with her back against the tree and her head tilted back as if she's about to take a nap. One leg is propped up to form a triangle with the ground, her skirts bunched up so that the fabric fall between her legs and her leg becomes visible. Her arm is propped on her knee, the picture of summer laziness. "How is this?"

"Don't ask." Vespasien says, "Pretend you're alone." he suggests as he brings the decanter of liquor over to place it on one of the paving stones within her reach- easy to get to if she wants it. He's setting the stage. "Just relax, and let your mind wander. Imagine whatever you want. Sing to yourself- do whatever you'd do if you were here, alone." he suggests, "I will let you know when I need you to pause in your movements, yes?"

Aedhwyn nods her head, making herself comfortable, her head tilting back. The light and shadows play across her face as the breeze causes the leaves to move. She bunches her skirts until it is thigh high though on the leg that is propped it falls down to nearly her hip.

Vespasien is quiet now- silent as a mouse as he watches her relax. Watches her relax. Enjoy herself. "Now, just rest. Just like that." he says, "Just stay in that pose there."

Quietly, Vespasien steps side to side- deciding where, exactly, he'd like to stand for this painting. Quietly watching as he picks a spot that would show the most of nothing at all- a tease of her relaxation. Of her thigh and hips. A sensual sort of shadow over her. "Perfect."

Aedhwyn lets her eyes close, taking a deep breath as the breeze and the shade help to cool her. And yet there is this feeling that she's still paying attention, still aware of the world around her, almost like were she a cat or a fox, her ears would shift and turn to follow your movements. Her dress falls a bit more open at the neckline but still it is well within the realm of propriety, even for those coming from another place.

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Draw/paint: Success. (4 2 3 5 4 7 2 1 3 6)

Vespasien takes his paints, and just quietly begins to work. He's silent, for now- just watching. Studying her. Every bit of offered flesh, every drape of cloth- his eyes intent on every inch of her being. He takes a moment. A short moment to just focus. To remember. To be in this moment as the breeze blows through the branches of the willow.

And so he begins to paint, color on the wood he's chosen for his canvas- layering paints. Splashes of color and dreamy kind of lines and spirals.

Aedhwyn opens her eyes as she feels a ladybug land on her fingers, turning her head to look at it, watch it crawling along her hand. As it moves, her hand turns to keep it where she can see it. It truly is as if for a moment, she's forgotten about you and the existance of the world beyond the protective edges of the willow's branches.

Vespasien's paintbrush flies- the ladybug included- a little splash of red on fingers. A focus to her eyelashes- the fall of cloth. The glow of the honey liquor- the drape of the willlow branches and the curtain of a lovely summer day. Vespasien's style is always changing- today, it is a dreamy somewhat impressionist kind of work. Softer lines. Less fine detail in the background. Aedhwyn, though, is painted in stunning detail- the focal point of the entire painting. Of the entire work. He pays particularly close attention to how the dress lays on her. The difference in color between her skin and the cloth- the subtle flash of her eyes under her lashes. A perfect moment of when he is not there.

Aedhwyn continues to focus on the ladybug, her hand turning to keep the ladybug from thinking it's run out of room. There is is soft smile, one that is not really meant for anyone, not meant to be viewed but instead is of pure enjoyment of the moment and of nature. The Alban influences in her heritage are obvious but so is the d'Angeline, in her bone structure, in her smaller stature and leaner muscles, in the way she allows herself to be lost in the moment.

The moment. That is what Vespasien always is searching for. The moments of sublime beauty that give meaning to existence- the moments that become their own universe. A hint of blue- a touch of passion. The painting is layered on, allowed to dry some before he begins again.

He smiles, a gentle smile, quiet and unwilling to break the beauty of this moment when Aedhwyn has forgotten him. Has forgotten the world beyond the curtain of the willow's leaves. The smile is captured- ever so enigmatic on the wood of his canvas.

Aedhwyn looks up at you, her gaze nearly sleepy when she hears you move, a smile offered that is yours and yours alone. It is a glimpse at who she might be, what she might look like when waking and rising from bed or rising after being sated. She is content in this little hidden paradise.

The nobleman pauses in his painting when she looks to him- eyes locked on her's. His gaze is one that is only shared by artists and scientists- rapt fascination. Total attention locked only on her and this moment- as if nothing else existed. As if nothing else was worth paying attention to- a gaze of one who admires and desires to know every inch as intimately as he ever could. To paint and explore her every inch.

Aedhwyn draws in a small breath through parted lips at the intensity of your gaze, her features starting to flush. Her gaze is locked with your own, the doe and the wolf though which she is a casual observer might find hard to decide. The ladybug is forgotten only remembered when it flies off and her head turns to follow it's path through the air. A bit of sadness enters her eyes for the loss of it, the loss of a momentary distraction or perhaps companion. But perhaps it is for the best, the rose of her cheeks able to recede with the shift in attention.

A touch of color to the cheeks- and he steps back, nodding quietly at his work. Like a madman he had worked for those moments of time- and now, with that same manic pleasure he found in painting he turns the painting for Aedhwyn to see. "It must dry." he says, "And I will have to do some touch up after it does- but.. I think I am happy enough with it."

Aedhwyn looks back at you, smiling though this one not quite so private. This is one meant for an audience though when she looks at the painting, she truly does blush to see herself painted quite so vividly. "It's….you are very skiled with a brush and you make things look so beautiful."

"It is only how I see it." Vespasien says, "You are the vision, that is all." he offers quietly, with a certain modesty. He is a man who knows very well his abilities- and knows there are better. He's met them. "It is a hobby only, really. Something to keep me busy between the days when I can gaze at the stars." he says.

"But, with models such as yourself, I would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful star."

Aedhwyn blushes all the brighter, the colour rising high on her cheeks and out towards her ears. Her hand rises, brushing through her hair and revealing that marque at her temple. "I must learn to better guard myself against the silver tongues of d'Angelines."

"A wise policy." Vespasien notes, "There are far better speakers than I around this port." he continues, "Me, I am but an Astronomer who enjoys painting and drawing." he bows his head quietly, "But, for me, that is enough." he explains as he begins to clean his brushes- he doesn't wait for a servant to do it for him. Not Vespasien.

"Once I have finished the touch up, and it has dried, I will have the painting sent to you." Vespasien says, "I do not like to keep too much of my work close. It is better to be given as gifts."

Aedhwyn nods her head, "I am not certain whether to ask you to join me here in the grass or join you there or perhaps on the bench. I have found that most d'Angelines do not take pleasure in simply sitting beneath a tree. Or at least not many of the ones I have met at court."

"I'm afraid I can not answer a question you're not sure to ask." Vespasien notes, with a smile. He moves over to the gazebo, taking his bottle of navy issue brandy and his cup. He quietly moves over to Aedhwyn, and joins her on the grass. "You look comfortable, though, so perhaps it is best I join you here." he says, as he refreshes his glass and takes a quiet sip.

Aedhwyn blushes far too easily, the colour on her cheeks an easy indicator of her moods though her giggling doesn't hurt either. "I suppose you can not answer a question I am unsure to ask but I do appreciate your answering it without having done so." She smiles, once more taking up that relaxes posture, her head laying back against the tree. Her shoulders arch just a bit, the upper swells of her breasts just a bit more visible.

Vespasien does certainly notice the movement- and pauses to appreciate, although not for overly long. He takes another sip of his brandy, and a slow deep breath. "I like the sound of the wind in the leaves." he admits, "The soft shushing of the leaves rubbing on one another. The sound of my bees as they fly from flower to flower." he notes as one of those honey bees bumbles past with a little buzz. He, of course, is not bothered at all by the passing of the creature. "Fascinating creatures, bees. Very complex societies. They dance, you know."

Aedhwyn turns her head towards you though the rest of her body stays in that same posture. "The only thing missing is the sound of water from the loch." A bit more colour rises to her cheeks, "If you could have posed me or captured me in any way you wished, what would that have been?"

"Mm. Are you sure you want to go down that rabbit hole?" Vespasien wonders, his head lazily turning to capture her eyes. A wicked half smile there, "Because I do have some suggestions for the next time you wish to model for me, although, you will need to dictate where they stop." he notes, leaning in to whisper ever so quietly into her ear, "I think I'd rather like to paint you in so many different ways. Playful ways. Passionate ways. Paint you in your mornings and evenings. Paint you with and without clothes- perhaps hidden in the waters of a pond, or under a waterfall. Bound in ropes of silk.. or simply in the rain."

Aedhwyn doesn't shy from your gaze meeting it though she does colour. Her breath slows and deepens, a warrior readying herself, only to quicken at your words, her chest rising and falling with your words. It is as much your closeness, the whisper of your words against her as the wickedness of your thoughts. She swallows hard, her hand reaching for that honeyed liqueur she has been drinking, the rest of it taken in a long sip. "Some of that is very wicked but some I do not understand. Why would you wish to see me bound in ropes?"

"It is something I enjoy. I'm particularly good with ropes and knots." Vespasien explains, "But, it is not for every woman. That kind of..vulnerability." he offers, "I enjoy gentle vulnerability. A slap, as much as a tickle, as it were." he speaks quietly now- his baritone voice gentle in the swishing of the branches. "To be open and exposed. Unable to stop any touch- anywhere." he continues, "As fingertips stroked over your shoulders. The nape of your neck. Touching everywhere, but never where you might just desire to be touched."

Aedhwyn's breath deepens, becoming slower as once more she swallows. "I…I can not say I have any experience with such things but it sounds…very d'Angeline." It is easy to see she that your words have an effect on her, on the rise and fall of her chest. Goosebumps form on her skin despite the lack of chill. Her words sound a touch huskier, "The fingertips stroking over shoulders and neck sounds…bold."

"Oh, fingers can be ever so much bolder." Vespasien says with a quiet chuckle. "I would be glad to show you, sometime." he offers to Aedhwyn. "But, only if you'd trust me enough to do so. I wouldn't want you to not enjoy my little games. Pinching. Little slaps. Soft caresses. A strike, not meant to harm but to bring blood to the skin and endless kisses." Vespasien offers quietly, "Exploration. Discovery."

Aedhwyn bites her bottom lip, "I trust you enough to have come and to have allowed you to paint me. Though for now….I think I am not so bold as that." She surely will turn crimson at this rate, the colour flowing down her neck and towards her chest. "I am still new to your world and what is or is not in this place. And so I move slowly, perhaps a bit cautiously as I learn so as not to be stung by the thorns on the roses of d'Angeline culture." She smiles seeming quite proud of herself for having remembered a phrase you uttered earlier. She turns just enough to brush a kiss on your cheek, "For now I think I should return to my suites though perhaps you might help me dress once more lest someone think I have been very badly behaved."

He turns his head ever so as she kisses his cheek- stubble there. He is not as cleanly shaven as some- as if he doesn't pay quite enough attention to that particular aspect. Close, one can catch the scent of paint and the musk of books. A hint of honey- it clings to him. "Very well." he says, with a bow of his head as he throws back the last of his brandy.

Vespasien then stands quietly and waits for her to prepare her over-dress for a retying.

Aedhwyn seems surprised when she notices the stubble, her hand rising to caress your cheek, should you allow for it. "You…you have hair." She sounds surprised as she steps closer to you, her overdress nearly forgotten in the excitement of the discovery. She steps back and away, her cheeks colouring in embarassment at her boldness. Though she quickly covers the embarassment with turning to pick up her gown and stepping back into it. Once more does she lift her hair in her hands, exposing the back of her neck and the small hidden woad pattern she has painted there. "I'm sorry. I was told that d'Angelines are…as children, bare faced."

"It is the fashion to be clean shaven." Vespasien says simply, "I, however, don't really have time to keep up with it. Too busy to keep on top of something that will just grow back tomorrow." he says with a smile, not pulling away from the curious hand.

He then ties her gown- perhaps just a touch tighter than she would have done herself, the knots are perfect, of course- as one would expect of a sailor.

"These words." He wonders, a hand touching at the painted words on the back of her neck- gentle, despite the roughness of his fingertips. "Do they mean something?"

Aedhwyn nods her head, "I thought your men incapable of it, not that it is the fashion to do so." She draws in a breath when you tie the gown a bit tighter than she might have down so, her cleavage improved by your efforts, especially since she has neglected to retie the high diamond opening collar.

She lowers her head at your touch, biting her bottom lip to keep from making a sound. "They do…most of the marks I carry mean something whether temporary or permanent."

Vespasien smiles then, nodding. "Perhaps you'll tell me sometime." he says, not pushing further. "I'll have the painting sent over to you once I've touched it up with the final touches." he says, "I am very glad you came to visit me today. It has been lovely."

Aedhwyn smiles, letting her hair fall back down in place, all the little braids and accents catching the light. "I am glad I came as well. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Perhaps next time I will invite you to my home here instead." She turns and offers you a rather formal curtsey, "Thank you for the lovely time today and sharing your garden with me." With that said, her companion, a rather imposing looking Alban warrior seems to come out of nowhere to escort her home.

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