(1310-07-21) Relaxing at Coeur de Lavande
Summary: Margot no Coeur de Lavande has invited nobility at Marsilikos to an evening of pure relaxation. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and of course it is most fitting to host such a thing at the salon known for lavender. Through the entertainments of the evening, conversation is had about lies, other salons, male courtesans - and plants! An estranged d’Angeline makes an appearance, along with a pair of Trevalion twins.
RL Date: Sat Jul 21, 2018
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Salon — La Coeur de Lavande

Intimate. That is the first thing that comes to mind when entering the salon of Coeur de Lavande. The room is on the smaller side, perhaps purposefully so, so that there is a feeling of intimacy. Even the lighting is subtle, soft to add to the intimacy. Even the paintings adorning the walls go well with the coloring and create that feeling. THey are of people in intimate moments, a mix of romantic, sweet, and amorous. The furniture is placed so that they create the illusion of small private areas. The couches, chairs, and tables are all comfortable and go well with the decor.

Near the back of the salon is a long table, a buffet of many fruits, vegetables and small snacks that one could nibble on without filling themselves before dinner but something to carry you over. However no need to serve yourself as there are many novices around the room to plate and deliver snacks to you as you desire. The same goes for tea, water and wine as well.

Standing near the entrance is Margot, dressed in that lovely gown that was a gift. It has not become a favorite to her white one. Taking a deep breath, she smiles as she starts to greet those as they make their way inside to simple relax. With a circlet of lavender upon her head, she offers each patron and guest a small bouquet of the flowers as they step inside.

Jehan-Pascal is dressed appropriately for an evening of blissful serenity. A knee-length robe of weighted pale pink silk embroidered with a pattern of flowering vines in grey and studs of pearl dotting the centers of the flowers hangs low enough and with enough substance that it stands for a decent outdoor garb, even with no tunic beneath, as made evident by the sliver of bare chest on display. His long legs are covered in a sheer grey stocking, smooth to the touch, and his feet are tucked into white fur-lined slippers. He cherishes the hand of his escort for the evening on his elbow as he enters, stroking it with the thumb of his further hand before he dips in a slant of a bow to Margot on his way inside, reaching out to take the offered flowers, lifting them to his nose to give them a sniff. "Good evening, Margot. It's good to see you again. Thank you for having us. Everything looks perfect," he lavishes the hostess with blandishments in a quiet voice.

Dressed similarly to her companion, but in white and with veils, is Marielle. The robe she wears is deceptively modest and the shoes on her feet go well with it. As one expects from the innocents the veils leave only the eyes exposed for view. The affectionate touching is returned by Marielle to Jehan-Pascal and she settles comfortably into his side. When her and Jehan-Pascal greet Margot MArielle gives the sweetest of smiles to her, "Margot, it is a pleasure seeing you again. This time I am in your hoe instead you in mine."

White and green are the colors of Evelyne's dress, the fashionable sort, sleeveless bit with a thin gauzy shawl wrapped about her arms. The Somerville lady has visited Coeur de Lavande before, and so she offers Margot a smile as she accepts the bouquet of Lavender from the Second's hands. "Thank you, Mademoiselle," she says, before she brings her nose to the flowers, taking in the scent. "These smell so nice," she opines towards Margot. "I feel already all the more relaxed." A curious glance is given to the lord and the veiled creature at his side, before her gaze finds the table at the back, and novices going around to offer beverages and the like.

Seeing Jehan-Pascal brings a bright smile to Margot's lips, dipping her head. "It has been far too long. I had to return to the City of Elua for a bit….a dear friend was ill. However now I am back….and catching up." Turning her attention to the veiled innocent on his arm, she nods to her then. "A pleasure to see you again as well. I hope all has been well! And welcome to my home officially. I do hope you enjoy with your handsome companion…." Winking a bit she lets them make their way inside to great the lady next. "Welcome! I do hope that you find yourself at ease while here. The point is to mingle, enjoy the scenery and of course….to relax and let your worries melt away…." Winking she looks around and motions. "Please let one of the novices help you all gather a drink or a snack….you shouldn't have to lift a finger."

Jehan-Pascal gives Margot a bashful little smile when she compliments him to his escort— Mari's shyness always seems to rub off on him when he's wearing her colors, these days. But he scoots on along to allow her to continue greeting guests, only leaning in and dipping his head to Mari, "She said I was handsome," he points out in a sort of boyish titter, scoping out the place with a fleeting inventory of a glance, the meanwhile. It's a benefit of getting here early that he's able to pick out a good spot for the pair of them, and soon he's nodding gently over in one direction to score a luxurious couch right to one side of center in the room, plenty of room for two to lie down if they don't mind close quarters. Which, y'know. Jehan-Pascal doesn't. "Here we go," he guides Mari closer, escorting her couchside and sliding his hand to just below hers to let her sit, first.

"I always enjoy my time with Jehan-Pascal." assures MArielle with a smile. Though, of note she does not seem to play the innocent card with Jehan-Pascal, at all. Outside the proper Alyssum attire, of course. Up at JP Marielle looks and says with a smile, "shall we, Jehan-Pascal?" To him Marielle leaves deciding where to go and sit. When he guides her to the couch Marielle easily follows along, "Of course you're handsome, Jehan-Pascal. I tell you so all the time." Onto the couch Marielle settles, placing herself just so, habitually, really, so that Jehan-Pascal has no choice but to settle right against her side. She might not be playing Alyssum but trained habits are hard to break.

"Hmmm, relaxing sounds so very tempting… Even if I don't actually feel very stressed of late," Evelyne replies to Margot with an easy smile. "In fact… As you mentioned ELua? How I miss it. It has been quite the memorable experience to see the Capital. I hope your friend is recovering?" She couldn't help but overhear some of what Margot addressed to Jehan-Pascal, and again she gives the tastefully outfitted lord a curious glance. Not quite discouraged she is, when both lord and his company drift off towards a couch. And call it lack of tact, or just a curse of curiosity that eventually prompts the young blonde woman to follow in their wake. "Evelyne de Somerville, my lord.", the same introduces herself, perhaps in the hope to make a new acquaintance as so many have of they haven't been in the city for long. "I don't think we've met, or I'd certainly remember. Mademoiselle." The latter addressed to Marielle whom she extends her introduction to with a smile. And there Evelyne draws a chair closer and places the lavender in her lap as she sits down, facing the lovely pair. "What sort of relaxation might we expect here, I wonder? Would you have any clue?"

"I do miss it too as it was my home for so long…." Bowing her head Margot smiles. "And she is doing wonderfully. Thank you for asking…." As Evelyne and the other pair make their way, she passes off the handing of bouquets to a novice before humming softly to herself. Finding herself a seat, for now she slowly sits down and adjusts that dress so it sits and falls perfectly over the plush seat. A small boy with curls bounds over with a lute then, handing it to the woman. "Thank you, Marcus…." Exhaling softly she plucks a few strings then looks up. "Thank you everyone for coming…." Her voice raises ever so slightly. "For those that wish it….I will be offering massages at the end of the night. I will also have several varieties of tea distributed to taste as well as care packages for you all to take home…..but for now…" At that, her fingers began to work at the strings of her lute as a soft melody began to play for those assembled.

"Well, you have to say that, you're, like, my best friend," Jehan-Pascal gently hipbumps Mari in a playful gesture reacting to her retort, then, allowing Marielle to settle in, he looks back over his shoulder to Evelyne, who's followed them, surprised, briefly, but giving her a big gawky grin, anyhow. "Hey," he greets, casually. "I'm Jehan-Pascal de Baphinol. Just Jehan-Pascal is fine, though," he dismisses any need to milord at him with an effortless swat of the air. "This is Marielle, of the Savage Roses, my dearest friend in the city, a wonder of a woman with a wondrous heart," he makes introduction, gently placing his hand on Mari's shoulder. "Why not sit across from us?" he invites, nodding across the centerpoint to the mirroring couch on the other side before he slides in behind Marielle on the couch, sprawling against the back and getting some pillows to prop himself up on so he can watch what's going on without actually needing to use any muscles to hold himself upright. He tries to beckon Mari to lie down next to him so he can play big spoon against her and drape an arm over her waist. "Ohhh, a massage. We're going to stay for the massages," he decides, tucking his little bouquet within sniffing distance among his pillows.

When not directed to Jehan-Pascal the perfect modesty one expects from the veiled Roses. Upwards Marielle stands to sweep into a curtsy before settling back down, lashes lowered as she says sweetly, "Hello, my lady. I am Marielle Rousse no Rose Sauvage." Her 'Rousse' marks her as nobility but her actual last name marks her as a Courtesan. An amused look is given to Jehan-Pascal at his more elaborate introduction of her. It does get a bit of a blush, though. Can't entirely take the Alyssum out of Marielle even with her best friend. "I never say anything I don't mean." says Marielle. When he nudges her to lay she easily shifts to lay along side him, settling back against Jehan-Pascal. "I don't know too much about this salon." admits Marielle to Evelyne, "IT is a younger one, but a few years old, but Margot is quite lovely and it is a beautiful place." Then Margot is explaining what the night entitles and she smiles at Evelyne, "It seems your question has been answered by the host herself."

"Hmmm, massages…", Evelyne murmurs with a smile, and yes, somehow a glass of something wine-esque has found its way into her hand. "Jehan-Pascal," she repeats the informal address the same had offered to her, adding in the same breath, "And yes. Please. Call me Evelyne. Or just Eve, if you like." Her blue gaze sweeps to Marielle and she says, "I'm enchanted. I've been here once before, an art thing it was, with paintings…" Words trail off, and attention shifts to Margot who seems to be about to perform something. "Ah… lovely." A first sip of the wine is had, and Evelyne sighs contentedly, finding the wine to be to her liking.

Softly, that slowly melodic tune upon the lute begins to play. The music isn't loud but it is ringing out throughout the salon. As Margot plays, the first selection of calming teas come out upon trays. The young novices curtsey to those present before offering the first tea. This one fragrant of lavender and honey and a small hint of chamomile.

"Wow. I say things I don't mean all the time," Jehan-Pascal reaslises, and it's a bit of a startle to his system, even if he's otherwise being lulled by a listless lounge upon the softest of pillows and the lulling strands of a meandering melody. "I mean, I don't think myself a liar. Just… small things, you know? Conversational falsehoods, bits of polite fluff that… just keeps life moving on in a convivial fashion," he murmurs, drawing a sprig from his lavender bouquet and sneaking his hand up below Marielle's veils to trace the tiny blossom along her skin, down her neck, just below her ear. "What do you think, Mari, Eve? Am I a terrible liar?" he wonders the ladies' opinions. He leans his cheek on the arm of the couch, then lifts his chin. With one hand teasing Mari's neck and the other hand sort of trapped underneath her in their snuggle, he has no hands left open for tea, so he lets the novice hold his cup while he takes the first drought. "Mmh," he breathes out, feeling the herbal chill caress the insides of his sinuses. "Very nice, thank you," he tells the novice.

"I hope you'll frequent Rose Sauvage as well. Your company would be welcome." Anything more she is going to say is distracted by Jehan-Pascal and his flower dipping under her veil and trailing along her skin. It gets an instant reaction: a small shiver. She shifts a little to make it easier for Jehan-Pascal to get a tea. Towards Margot MArielle's attention shifts, waching her play her lute a moment. "Her playing is lovely." observes MArielle to both her companions.

"Why would you ask me of all whether I'd consider you a liar?", Evelyne asks of Jehan-Pascal, eyelids lowering as she is apparently already in the state of relaxing slowly. The glass of wine is set down when tea is offered, and the Somerville lady smiles. "Ah… this is nice." To Jehan-Pascal, she continues, "You would be a most magnificent liar, in my opinion, as I have no way to decide whether you are not telling the truth." To Marielle: "Rose Sauvage… yes. I have yet to visit that salon. It sounds intriguing. I wonder… do they have courtesans of your particular branch? Male courtesans?"

That song slowly fades into conclusion then before she just picks up another. Margot seemed to be keen on just playing for the others and letting them enjoy. By that time another tea sampling was brought out, this one however was of rhodiola rosea and kava kava sweetened with honey ever so slightly. Looking up, those bright blue eyes looks about then back to her instrument. It would seem at this point, a group of four young novices would start to dance along with the more upbeat tune.

"I only meant on the basis of the lies aforementioned," Jehan-Pascal replies, no longer seeming agitated on the topic, at least. But who could be agitated when plied by such a soothing atmosphere? "I suspect I should be more like Mari in that regard. But there are few regards in which that suspicion would not well apply," he adds with a smile, twirling the little sprig-stem to make the flower flutter behind Mari's earlobe. "My little brother is a Wild Rose," he offers up, when Eve asks after boys in the other salon. "An Adept among the Red Roses. I obviously don't know from, heh, experience, but I hear he's doing very well." He lifts his chin again to sup down the next offering of tea. "Oh! That one's very nice. Can I get a parcel of that wrapped to take with me when I go?" he asks of the novice, then finally gives up tickling Mari, snuggling around her waist instead and nestling up against his escort from behind while he's distracted by the mazy motions of the dancing quartet.

"Of the White Roses?" wonders Marielle, "There are, yes (but no PCs, alas). There are also male Red Roses and Thorny Roses. Like all salons we offer things to meet the needs." Marielle likely purposefully ignored Jehan-Pascal (totally not because her player forgot to respond to it). Little nudges are given to Jehan-Pascal t his continued tickling and she playfully grumps at him, "you, my lovely Jehan-Pascal, are taking advantage of how responsive I am." So far Marielle seems not to have found a tea to her taste. When the dancers start she glances that way to watch them now, content to lean into Jehan-Pascal.

"I don't mind lies," Evelyne states matter-of-factly, "unless they keep me from enjoying myself. I currently am, so I am not complaining." The second tea is tried and then waved away, when this young lady prefers to enjoy a sip of her wine instead. "White Roses… These would be the innocent ones?", she wonders towards Marielle. "I would be interested in making one of your brothers in this canon blush. I am not sure, Red Roses would be what I'd find diverting." The performance of the dancers then diverts her attention, and Evelyne watches and sighs softly to herself. "Such a soothing view. Are any of these available, for the massages mentioned earlier?"

Jehan-Pascal nestles so sweetly up against Mari's back, resting his cheek on a pillow that lets him gaze either at the profile of her cheek through her veils, or, beond to the dancers, and to Eve, while he wraps his arms around the white rose's waist and just holds her gently. "I've never been particularly given to either the Valerian- or the Mandrake-lined paths to Naamah, myself," he agrees with Eve, "But, then, I never thought to tread Alyssum's route before I met Mari. Maybe it just takes that… personal connection."

A smile is given to Evelyne, "Stop by anytime then, my lady. There will be someone willing to be made to blush." Absently MArielle's hand smoothes along Jehan-Pascal's arm. THe affection is obvious. Towards the dancers she looks again then says, "They probably are?" The head of Marielle tilts to place a kiss on JP, "Even then you do not get the full experience."

Evelyne watches the dancers that move to the soothing tunes of Margot nó Coeur de Lavande's lute, her gaze dreamy and so content and relaxed. "Ah… I don't know," she murmurs. "Each courtesan offers a full experience, or so I've been told? It is just that they show the flavor of their particular canon. I myself am quite fond of Jasmine. And… Hmm… Orchis? Perhaps because I am such an easygoing person." She chuckles, her hand patting the bouquet of lavender resting in her lap. "Massages… I wonder… I wonder if one of these adepts would care to give me a foot massage?", she wonders, at one adept in passing in particular. "Who knows, if he's skilled… I might consider spending some of my modest income."

Fenris has been hunting this Skaldi speaker for hours. He gets lost easily which is the worst part so getting from one place to another is a hassle then to find out she's not there but at another? He's a little frustrated when he shows up. He's wearing typical Skaldi gear but it's mixed with D'ange things as well. He moves in through the door and stops dead in his tracks. His eyes scan the group and he blinks a few times. He grumbles to himself as he starts to make his way as inconspicuously as a tall man can through the crowd.

Jehan-Pascal meets Mari's lips quite chastely from the other side of her veil, quite used to the strange separation in public, by now, even if they can dispense with it in private. "No? Well, maybe that's fine. I like the you that you share with me, even if you don't bring out the heavy rouge," he lifts a hand from her waist to pinchtweak at her cheek through the veil, referring to her blushes, which, to be fair, he generally spares her. "I think I could get to enjoy patronizing this salon, if I'm not careful," he brings the attention back to the fine establishment hosting them with all this luxury. "What would you think of a private full-body massage for two, Mari? Maybe one of those facial masques with the soothing oils," he purrs a little bit at the thought, wriggling subtly behind Marielle in the meanwhile, sending Eve a cheeky little smile as she tries to tempt an adept, who, indeed, promptly comes and takes a knee couch-side, drawing a bottle of oil from a pouch and beginning to warm a few drops of the stuff, rolling it between his hands and simultaneously demonstrating the sleek but pronounced musculature of his arms. "Are you ticklish, my Lady?" might be a tease— or important information going in. It looks like a tease.

Sometime after the tall man that tries to look inconspicous makes his way in the salon, the two Trevalion twins make their way in arm in arm. One blonde and on redhead, they're identical except for their hair and eye color. The blonde of the two looks around the salon, seeming to take it all in as her sister walks in with her. Arianne looks over to Ailene and lets her arm go as they make their way fully into the room, her smoky eyes still scanning everything as she looks over to her sister, "So… what do you think?" She seems genuinely glad to be there, or at least incredibly curious about it, more than likely that mixture showing up on her features.

The redheaded twin doesn't seem to notice when her sister drops her arm. All of her attention is captured by her surroundings. Blue gray eyes are wide with excitement and wonder as she drinks in each detail. "Hmm?" Ailene murmurs to her sister still looking around, agog. "Oh yes I like it here!" she exclaims and her jaw drops as she notices the tall tank-like man who arrived before them. "Ari!" she whispers, grabbing for her twin's hand. "Did you see how /TALL/ he was?" She is definitely not subtle in her enthusiasm, but thankfully seems to notice herself rather quickly. She blinks and clears her throat, straightening her back and smoothing the skirt of skirt of her dress, so as to appear a proper noble young lady.

Those new arrivals will be handed a bundle of lavender by a Coeur de Lavande novice or adept, as the theme of tonight's occasion is relaxation and being at ease.

Evelyne notes the tall and impressive frame of Fenris. Yes. Her eyes widen a little as she follows him with her gaze. The view almost distracts her so much that she almost misses the fact that the adept indeed follows her suggestion. "Ah. Very well. And wonderful." Pulling her right foot out of the slipper she places it into the adept's care. "I'm not ticklish, my lord of Baphinol," she clarifies. "But foot massages… they help me get into the mood…" At which she reclines and closes her eyes, ready to enjoy the attentions of the adept.

Fenris stares at the bundle of lavender and he blinks a few times. He brings it up to his nose and he sniffs it. He nods his head and holds it delicately in his hands. This creature of a man is not at ease though. He turns his eyes to the Redhead, Ailene. He side steps further away and hunches his shoulders down. He grumbles quietly as he looks around and slowly finds a seat to sink into to try to look as small as he call. Looking like a bear hunching over in a small chair. He keeps holding that lavender carefully with both hands.

"There are certain behaviors I give to others that I don't give to Jehan-Pascal. Jehan-Pascal be my most beloved person since I hold him as dear as I hold my siblings." The wriggling of Jehan-Pascal behind her gets responding ones as well as a low murmur. Then his question gets a gentle smile, "It doesn't seem a terrible thing. I wonder if they do them." Then Fenris and the twins arrive arrives and Marielle nudges Jehan-Pascal's arm from around her so she can stand and curtsy to the new arrivals before she once more lays in his embrace.

Arianne's smoky eyes widen at the sight of the large man that her twin points out to her. "I think that's the tallest man I've ever seen…" She exclaims to Ailene as she almost outright stares at him. It takes her a moment to notice her sister smoothing over her skirts and the bunch of lavender that's handed to her, but it seems being caught in that causes a hint of pink to rises to her cheeks as she peels her eyes away and smells the lavender in her hand instead, holding it there before letting it gently fall to her side as she does the same as her twin and composes herself by straightening up and looking around the salon again.

Jehan-Pascal makes mild little complainy noises when Marielle gets up from in front of him, leaving him behind to adjust his gown so that he might not inadvertantly offend anyone glancing his way. But she's welcomed back again with the same mild-mannered affection as always, and not even a trace of a pout. Well. Maybe a TRACE of a pout. His eyes, though, are diverted to the giant who looks all the more giant by the tiny little bouquet of lavender he's holding, and the contrast startles Jehan-Pascal into having to stifle down a snort of laughter, over which he clears his throat, one hand lifted to his lips. "Pardon me," he murmurs, disguising the aborted chuckle as a sort of half-sneeze, half-cough. "Do you suppose he's alright?" he asks, more concerned now that the initial surprise has left off. The man looks lost, after all. The adept, meanwhile, taking it under advisement that Eve is not ticklish, begins by placing his fingers, all eight, in a pattering row down the top of one foot, like a flute, then rolling both thumbs upward from heel to ball beneath.

Evelyne will become increasingly quiet. Apart from the occasional "Hmmhhh," and "Mmmmhhhhmm," sounds of contentment, as she relaxes further and further. A state in which she cannot quite react if being addressed verbally, when focus is turned towards fingers and what magic they can do.

Ailene nods emphatically to her sister, agreeing with her, but then she sees the man's reaction to her and stiffens, eyes falling to the floor, abashed. She raises her arm and lightly smacks the back of her own head at her rudeness to him. "I think I offended him." she says, sighing. Then she brightens up and once more reaches for her sister's hand, this time to try and tug her over to the man, to hopefully make amends. She stops abruptly, however, when the lavender is presented to her. She cannot help but get a strong whiff of the scent. She bites her lip and goes a tad bit pale, but forces a polite smile and accepts it. "Ah, um, thank you." she murmurs and discreetly passes it along to her sister behind her back.

Fenris turns his eyes to Marielle and stares at her while she bows. He grunts a little. He nods his head quickly and sighs quietly. The Skaldi warrior pulls the flowers closer to his chest as he glances around the room. His eyes untrusting of all this friendliness, what do they want? He brings his hand up to scratch his beard before he sniffs the lavender again puts the flowers down on his lap. It's clear he likes the flowers.

Arianne takes her twin's hand when she reaches for it, even though it's to pull her towards the man that she just perhaps rudely stared at too. With the abrupt stop, she also stops in her tracks as her sister is handed the lavender. It seems that she can sense what to do as the transition of that bundle of lavender is subtly handed off to her so that she has both of them in the hand that isn't holding her sister's as they make their way over towards the large man that's currently sniffing his own bundle of flowers.

Jehan-Pascal sees the twins are going to see about the large fellow, and, well, he's got Mari in his arms, is perfectly weightlessly poised on a multitude of pillows, and is being plied by relaxing scents and draughts. He works too hard for this to not soon enough end in his being unconscious, or half-conscious, at best, eyes closed, mouth open, breathing softly into Mari's veils.

Ailene closes her eyes briefly and tries to breathe in the air in the salon to get the scent of the lavender out of her senses. Once done, she opens them again and smiles brightly, feeling quite the thing again. Once again, she is leading the way over to Fenris, though she still cannot keep helpself from looking at the sights all around her. Marielle is given an especially bright smile, as is the man who is with her.

The Skaldi giant painted D'angeline giant looks at the two women heading towards him and he blinks. Fenris's eyes narrow a little before he stands up and tilts his head. Perhaps one of these are the ones that speak his language? He speaks out to them in Skaldi. His voice is deep and rumbling. It's not uninviting but a question. He's still delicately holding those flowers. His blue eyes are locked on the twins.

Arianne is pulled along with her sister as the two of them make their way over to that large man that's so delicately holding those flowers. She also can't seem to help looking around and giving the different people there before they make their way up to him. As he stands her head tilts as her smoky eyes gaze up at him. At the words that he speaks though she just looks… confused. Since it seems it's a question and not uninviting she stammers out to him, "Ummm, I don't… what?" Clearly she doesn't understand the language that he speaks, but it doesn't seem as if she looks all that afraid of him even despite his large size perhaps because he looks confused and the way he holds the flowers in his hand.

Ailene blinks at Fenris as he speaks in an unfamiliar tongue. She looks back to her sister as her sister voices her confusion then looks back to Fenris. She frowns and wrinkles her forehead as she tries to think of what to say to him. "Umm…" she says. I do not understand?" Once more she glances at Ari, feeling a bit helpless. "I guess he doesn't speak our language." she says to her with a sigh.

Fenris looks at Arianne and Ailene, frowning when they do not reply to his question. He licks his lips and with a very heavy Skaldi accent he grumbles out to them. "So you don't speak." His eyes narrow. He looks at Ailene. "I speak you a little." He sits back down, clearly frustrated but still delicately holding those flowers. Those blue eyes stay on the flowers for the time being as he breathes out loudly through his nose.

Arianne shakes her head at the large Skaldi man as he gives that clipped response. "We don't speak that language, no." She responds as his eyes narrow while looking at her sister. She looks at her twin as the man responds in D'Angeline that he speaks a little of it. It doesn't seem as if she's quite sure how to handle it as he frustratedly sits down while still delicately holding the flowers in his hand.

Ailene had a glazed look in her eyes until the man spoke that bit of d'Angeline. She brightens up. "Oh!" she exclaims happily. "You do understand a little!" Se immediately bobs a polite curtsy. "I am Lady Ailene de Trevalion." she greets, then indicates her sister. "This is my twin sister Arianne." She takes a step toward him, but noticing the lavender he is holding, keeps some distance between them. "We, er.." she swallows a bit nervously. "Wanted to apologize if we offended you at all. It is just…" Her lashes flutter as she attempts to appear demure and contrite. "We have not ever seen someone as tall as you before. We were very impressed."

Fenris lifts his eyes up and glances between the two ladies. He stands up and mimics her curtsy. He doesn't know! He looks to her for approval if he did it right. He points to her. "Ailene." Then to her sister. "Arianne." He slowly nods his head and thinks. He points to his chest. "Fenris." He grins slowly. "…servant Skaldi battleman. Strong." He grins proudly and then glances down to the flowers. "Lavender!" He lifts them up to show the ladies.

Arianne gives a curtsy as her sister introduces her before the tall man tries to mimic the motions of the two of them. Being soft-hearted as she is, she seems to feel bad for him as what he does isn't proper and she tells him, "No, you don't curtsy. Only ladies do." She gives a bow as she sees the men do. "That motion is what you do to a curtsy, or how we just greeted you." Whether he understands her or not, or takes that advice is anyone's guess. "Nice to meet you Fenris. I think we guessed you might be strong from your size." She motions to the two bunches of lavender in her hand that she has in the hand away from her sister. "Yes, lavender."

Ailene bites her lip to keep from giggling when Fenris mimics the curtsy. She lets her sister explain it, for she may laugh if she tries and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings! Instead, she nods, then takes a breath to compose herself. "Yes, Fenris." she says, smiling to him. "Very well met. You do look very strong!" Her smile fades a bit, though, as he holds out the lavender. "Erm.." She reaches into a small coin purse attached to her dress by a ribbon and pulls out a dainty cloth handkerchief. She tries to use it to cover her nose as subtly as she can, but that action is rather hard to do subtly. "She gives a bit of an awkward sounding laugh. "My apologies." she says, shooting her sister another helpless look. "I cannot seem to abide the scent of lavender." She winces, hoping she did not offend her hosts here at the Salon.

Fenris blinks a few times at Arianne and nods in understanding. He curtsies and then bows. He smiles proudly. He totally got that one. He takes a seat and brings his hands to his lips in a cup. "Wet? Uh… Water?" He lifts the flowers up. "Dying without wet." He frowns. Those blue eyes go back to Arianne and he glances down at himself and frowns. "Is wrong?" He tightens his leathers around himself and starts to feel quite self conscious. His gaze turns to Ailene and he tilts his head. "Stink? If you … no like… you need." He tries to explain. "Lavender good for pain and calm, blood move. You dislike because you might need. I do no like rose when I sick." He grumbles. "Rose clear wounds." He nods his head. Big man knows his plants.

"Don't do this motion," Arianne tells him as she curtsies. "Just do this one." A bow. She's really trying to help! When he makes the motion for water, she looks around for one of the adepts there who will likely take care of that request. "Wrong?" It doesn't seem she quite understands what that means. "Some people react differently to certain smells. It could also mean that it isn't what she needs if she isn't drawn to it. It has a lot of things that would be good, but if it doesn't work for her there are other things that will." She's still holding both of those bunches away from Ailene.

Ailene bites back another giggle as Fenris once more curtsies. She shakes her head and decides to help this time, even after Ari once more tries to explain. "Nono." she says to Fenris and smiles. She points to him. "You are a man. You do this." She then puts one hand on her chest and takes a bow. Then, straightening again, she points to Ari and then to herself. "We are ladies." she says. "We do this." She then curtsies once more and waits for Arianne to follow suit." Then she turns her expectant face to Fenris. About the lavender, she shakes her head and makes a face. "Lavender makes me not feel good." she tries to explain, scrunching up her nose and bringing the handkerchief up to her face once more. She nods at Ari's explanation of smells, agreeing with her.

Fenris watches Arianne and nods his head slowly. "Yes. Sandalwood, Chamomile, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Juniper… just some." He signs. "Though dislike mean it work faster. All others work good too." He nods his head and grins. He bows to the Adept to gives him a cup of water and he puts the flowers in the water. He sits back down. He did learn! No curtsy that time. He turns his eyes to Ailene and tilts his head. He nods his head again and frowns a little. "Other options."

The blonde twin does follow suit when her sister gives the curtsy as they explain to the large Skaldi what to do. "Some work better than others. It just depends on what you use them for," Arianne responds to him before that adept gives him a cup of water for the flowers. It seems he has learned as he doesn't try to curtsy again. "Other options?" It seems she's confused by that question so she looks to Ailene to see if perhaps she gathered what that question was about better than she has.

Ailene 'smiles again as she lowers handkerchief from her face, now that the lavender flowers are safely in a cup of water and a bit further away from her. "There you go!" she says happily, nodding her head in approval as Fenris finally gets the hang of it. She also seems to understand when he says different options. Ince again, she nods and looks to Ari. "I think he means that there are plenty of other plants I can use, since I can't abide lavender." she says to her and then looks back to Fenris. "Right?" she asks him, double checking.

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