(1310-07-14) Never Lose That... Hope!
Summary: Lord Sebastien de Basilisque has been spending his time with his son when they were both approached by a lovely Lady Guinevere. Trio starts quite an interesting conversation about dreams, hopes and life.
RL Date: 14th of July, 1310
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Public Rooftop Gardens


The Rooftop Gardens are filled with child's laughter this early morning. The weather might be in quite a bad mood taking into account all those gathered grey clouds and a light drizzle, but kid's emotions bouncing from the leaves of bushes to blooms of flowers and dancing around the floral decorations would brighten up a day to any grumpy soul. "Dad, dad, take a look here, please! Do you see that woman? She looks like an ant from here! I could take her to my hand!" A young boy drags a man to the edge holding on his hand tightly. The boy is fit and a bit too lanky for his very young features. His brightly red hair are dishevelled by the breeze and his cheeks are sprinkled with freckles. Though, a person who is called father has an unblemished shin. However, his short dark hair are tangled in a similar manner. A dark eyeliner makes his eyes to look a bit more somber but they are lightened up with a smile and love.

Sebastien follows his son toward the edge of the gardens and takes a glance down to the woman. "If you will keep up with your lessons and also will grow so fast as you are doing now, you will be able to take two of them in your arms with ease!" He jests. "By the way, people look even smaller when we look down at them from our castle." The boy raises his wide admiring eyes at his father, "I do not want to be strong as my warrior uncle. I want to be a sailor, like you!" He says. Sebastien just laughs at this and his thoughtful gaze wanders back to the Marsilikos horizon. He releases the hand of a young boy who jogs where his nanny is sitting. That woman with a strand of grey here seems to hold all toys Rousseau wanted to bring.

There are many rooftop gardens in the city, this happens to be one among the area where the noble's keep their townhouses and is open to the public. A good place for the children of nobles to mingle and for those who enjoy a spot of nature to gather as a storm seems to be coming in.

The woman who appears from one of the paths is dressed in a lovely day dress of flowing gold that wraps around her with a half corset of red that holds everything in place as the wind tugs at her skirts and makes it seem as if she is floating as she moves with a book tucked up under her arm. Intense and unusual violet eyes flicker around the garden and soften as she notes the young boy who is running from the male to his nanny. They linger only a few moments before a flash of sadness lingers on her features and she must shake her head and look elsewhere.

Those eyes return to the male and look Sebastien over curiously before she dips her chin gracefully in greeting, it would be unseemly if she was caught looking at his child and did not at least him with that nod.

Sebastien turned around to see where his boy ran off now. He was right on time to witness sorrowful glance which wandered off and later granted him with a polite nod. Vicomte de Montmarlon bends his arm to wrap his fingers around the golden button of his cloak and offer a barely visible bow to a lady. However, he turns to move toward the bench then where his child ran off. But it seems that Rousseau is way less interested to his wooden sword and horse upon arrival of a stranger. he claps his tiny hands and jumps up. His eyes focus on the book.

Children rarely focus on etiquette and they just genuinely show their interest. So, the younger Basilisque changes his direction and instead of reaching his Nanny, the boy wanders off toward Guinevere. "What is this? Is this a book? A book?! I already know how to read! I can read! What are you reading?" Despite of his blunt approach, properly taught Rousseau offers a very deep even if a bit clumsy bow, "M'lady." He finishes off.

Sebastien sighs, "Forgive me, m'lady. He is but a curious child still…"

Guinevere turns her violet eyes down to the young boy as he comes over and she can't help a brilliant smile that both puts the watcher at ease but also seems to make them the center of the world for a time. So the young Lord is greeted with a graceful curtsy that takes Guinevere down to his leave and her eyes meet his for a moment before she speaks, "Yes young Lord, it is a book, and it is a book on flowers and herbs and those used for caring for the wounded.." She answers him as if he was an adult but with a soft tone that is simply lovely than anything else. "And knowing how to read is very important, so I am pleased to hear you can do such.."

She then offers her free hand to the child, "Would you do me the honor of an introduction and maybe to your father as well?" She is assuming but that smiles moves from the child to Sebastien and it might have a different effect on the elder of the pair, "Nothing to forgive, polite curiosity simply builds one into a curious adult.." But while she speaks to Sebastien, she turns her eyes back to the child as she did make a request of him.

"Ooooo…" A child drawls looking at the book. "So, this is a book for women because when we fight on the front, women are suppose to take care of our wounds and make us happy, right?" Honestly spills the fiery boy. Most likely, he has heard some men discussing the topic before and now just repeated what he has heard. Though, those words make Sebastien's eyes grow wider. "Women can also wield a sword impressively and a man can be a very talented heal-…" He does not finish the sentence since Rousseau squeezes Guinevere's fingers and starts leading her toward his father.

The young lord is not dragging a lady. This time his pace is slow, making sure that she is not left behind. Though, taking into account how small his steps are, it might be even too slow for a lady. "This man is Sebastien de Basilisque, Vicomte de Montmarlon. He comes from rocky and mountainous Camlach. His brother Stephane has been fighting in battles with Skaldi in order to keep us all safe and he did quite a pride to ou-…" They get close to Sebastien and he is quick to silence his son with but a wave of a hand, "I am pretty sure that lady is not interested to the battles, Rousseau." Still holding the golden button of his black leather coat and circling his finger around it, Vicomte looks at the lady in front of him with an expectation to receive an introduction as well.

Guinevere listens to the young boy as she moves to stand from that curtsy and let's him lead her over towards Sebastien. A small smile appears as she nods at his words, "Well that is all true, but this book was written by a male medic from the front. He sent it to me when I return home and asked me to add a few drawings. I hope in a way that does make him and others happy.." Then Sebastien speaks and she glances over to him with another of those smiles, but there is something in the spark of those violet eyes that show she is enjoying the conversation.

As they come to a stop she tilts her head to the side to listen to the introductions and then curtsies once more, "I do thank you for the introduction, but to who do I have the honor of speaking who has made such an introduction?" She offers to the child before she turns back once more and offers in a voice that is husky but clear with just a hint of whispering water in the hue. "I am, Guinevere Yolande l'Envers, Vicomtesse de Bazoches of Naamah.." The intro is to the taller of the males but she smiles to the younger so he is among the introductions.

"I am! I am Rousseau de Basilisqu, heir to Vicomte de Montmarlon! I am also going to be as talented as my uncle and my father! I will also fight and I will," he releases Guinevere's hand and starts to show some sword moves, circling around and pretending to defeat an enemy with an imaginary sword, "I will slice those bad bears and wolves of Skaldi, and people will also like me, because I will slice them like this, and like that, and also this way! Ah, Grrr, Harr!" He dances around two adults showing his skills before throwing his sword away. Then the young boy extends his hands to the sides and puffs out his cheeks. He speaks in a lower voice, "Or I will sail. Like my father. And I will just sail, sail and fight storms and winds!" He walks around again but this time pretends to be a ship tossed in the ocean by a heavy wind.

Sebastien can not hold his laugh seeing his child enjoying the company of a lady. Vicomte looks up and warmly smiles to the new acquaintance. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Have you been staying here for awhile? We just recently arrived."

Guinevere places her hand over her heart as Rousseau goes on to show just everything he will do, "Well my young lord I am sure you will be all that you desire and you seem much the likable sort already, no matter what you do in the future, never lose that. A man can go far when he holds enjoyment of life and family in his heart. I thank you for sharing with me this day.." That smile is true but Seb might notice a look of sadness that passes her eyes once more before she glances back up to him, "You both as well. But no I have just arrived within the last week or so. Hoping to find a few things I am missing while within the city. And you and yours?" She questions as a gust of wind blows her hair gently and he catches her scent; something warm, something with a hint of sweet, but also a touch of musk from ink and a beautiful blend of herbs and flowers that is just exotic and memorably.

The child distracted by his dreams wanders off closer to his Nanny and his toys. Now he is focused on leaving an impression on her. Sebastien's smile fades when he notices that sad look in the fair features for a second time. He folds his hands behind his back, "Forgive me, but I've noticed that you might be in a less cheerful mood, m'lady, than you portrayed to my child. Is there anything I can help you with? I can not promise to find what you are missing because the city streets are still quite puzzling to me, but I can be the ears who hears you out. Some say, that it's enough to talk to a stranger to start feeling better."

Being concerned or on purpose, the man completely ignores Guinevere's questions about his own plans at Marsilikos.

There is a slow blinks and a tiny flushes that runs down her cheeks gently at the question and she shakes her head, "Mmm, clearly I am not as good at hiding emotions than I thought I was. Do forgive me, but your son has brought joy and sadly a touch of upset, only within my thoughts. He himself has been nothing but a gentlemen and you should be very proud.." She looks up at him, looking into his eyes and judging his offer as she motions to the bench he was about to take. With a soft touch to her skirt she settles down and looks off into the distance of the large city.

Maybe she is not going to be speak, but finally her voice drifts to his ears softly, "It is hard to see of what I truly seek, but I have return to where my husband disappeared 7 years ago to finish a promise to my father in law. While my husband was not one who desired to be such, his father had always been kind to me. And I always honor my promises. He left with his consort before he could be a true husband and as I am still young.. both families are pushing…"

Sebastien takes the offered seat. He understands the need to gather up her thoughts. So, he is not interrupting the silence. His own eyes wander in the horizon before Guinevere is ready to speak up. Then he looks at her, straight into her expressive gaze which lays on the floral images in front of her.

"I am so sorry," he replays at the end. "Life is usually unfair and if we would focus on all terrible things that happened to us, I believe that the world would turn grey and the sun would never raise again. That is why I have taught myself that one must never loose that hope. It may sound cold of me, but nothing happens in this world without a reason. Most likely, your husband had to come here and go missing that you would follow his steps. Most likely, you were not suppose to bare a child, not yet," Sebastien lets out a quite chuckle, "One of my tutors once told me that even a pencil which falls to the ground had to do that on exactly that moment and in exactly that spot to lead me toward my destiny. I know it might be hard right now, but you should not lose hope that you have a happy destiny drawn. After all, one should smile no matter what because one never knows who might fall for your smile!" He gives a reassuring nod before looking back at his child who now makes a small wooden horse jump from one leaf to another.

"Oh I am normally not sad, nor do I let the past shape all that I become, but the years are passing and steps towards that future must be taken. If I was going to fall into sadness or rage it would have happened at the time I was married for the second time and found that my husband had my best friend as his lover and then consort.." She chuckles softly, "I believe Daniel could not bring himself to tell him that he and I had been lovers before, if he knew maybe his desire to well disappear would have been different.." She shrugs then, "But you are correct life has it's reasons for everything. Even us meeting I am sure.." That smiles appears again but this time aimed at him and not his son, that smile that brings for that moment that he is the center of the world.

She then glances away and over towards the young boy playing with his horse and she can't keep that soft smile from her lips. "He really is adorable m'lord and the perfect size for a rocking and stick horse. I saw one in a shop when I was exploring before…"

"Well, your story definitely sounds like a scenario for the Opera House performancers. I honestly wish that before the end of this year you would find what you are looking for, and your future would be more assured! I myself have to take care of the future of my brother, to be honest. He is younger a couple of years. As Rousseau mentioned, his uncle have been fighting on the front but earned more passion to architecture there and… well, I would say that he is quite an interesting inventor these days. He is also here at Marsilikos." Sebastien ponders for a moment before focusing his attention on the young woman. "I heard that a Summer Banquet will be held this evening. Are you planning to participate? My brother Stephane will be there and I would love to make an introduction. I think that you both would enjoy each other's company quite a lot. He would definitely make you laugh and smile with his wild stories. Please, you have to come. I sense that you could use a couple of dances and a glass of the best wine!"


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