(1310-07-14) Musical Meetings
Summary: Two musicians meet in the temple, mild banter and musings.
RL Date: Jul 14, 1310
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Temple of Eisheth — Marsilikos

Architecture so very reminiscent of Hellene style is apparent in the tall columns of milky white marble rising all the way to the high ceiling that has been painted with floral patterns of finest artistry, giving the hallways surrounding the atrium-like space in its center an airy feel. More frescos cover the stone walls, some depicting Eisheth healing the sick and the wounded, others showing scenarios of lighter atmosphere with Her as the patron of arts, playing a lap harp, singing and telling tales.

There is a path if one follows the pattern on the floor inlaid with moasic stones of various green shades, a path that leads from the impressive double doors in a winding circle deeper into the center, an inner square with no roof where the sacred pool is located. Moss covers the rocks surrounding it, and they must be climbed if one wishes to anoint themselves in the holy waters of the pool. Fire and candles of beeswax can be found in a cabinet in one of the hallways. And there is hardly a day, when the effigy of Eisheth on the larger rock in the center of the pool has not one or two freshly lit candles at its feet.

Priests and acolytes attired in the sea-blue robes of Eisheth clergy roam the temple, ready to offer counsel, arrange for healing services in the nearby infirmary or perform rituals to worship the patron Companion of Eisande. Light filters in through circular windows of stained glass, painting the interior occasionally in shades of blue, turquoise and green, especially on sunny days.

The atmosphere within Eisheth's temple is as calm and soothing today as it is all days. Only today the temple seems to have been graced by a minor oddity of sorts. A regal looking young blonde girl in a plain gown of sea blue silks comes into the temple followed by a guard and an equally regal looking older woman. The subtle cut of the girls gown is made to accent her form in the most modest of fashions rather than reveal it and her golden hair is left tumbling down her shoulders and back. Yet despite the understated nature of her attire she cannot help but command attention. In one hand she carries a violin case which she opens and lays before the effigy of Eisheth. The elegant intrument of pale wood laying within the velvet lined case is given a soft smile from the girl as she is handed a candle by one of the priests who are apparently at least somewhat familiar with her. She lights the candle and places it at the statues feet. Offering up a softly spoken prayer she reaches for her violin. "Beloved Eisheth, Companion of healing and music…it was you who gifted me with my talents and it is now that I ask your blessing on my upcoming performance. It will be my first time performing in a truly public place…I ask that you bless my music today as you have blessed me. I offer you this song in tribute, hopeful that it will please you." Her tone is soft refined and spoken with a calm composure that seems unshakeable. And true to her words she lifts the violin gently and begins to play, the notes drifting through the temple.

No stranger to this temple, the Bard of Basilisque has been seeing to her own private prayers in an alcove set apart from the main avenues of foot traffic. Ligeia has paused in her prayers for a moment of contemplative reverence when the young girl appears. Dark, sharp eyes dart to the newcomer to track her approach to effigy of Eisheth. A brow arches in curiosity as the horse hair of the bow slides across the strings, rosin tugging to herald the first notes of Annette's offering. It is when the girl seems engrossed in her song that Ligeia steps out from her alcove to approach, within eyesight so as to not startle her, but polite enough a distance to remain an audience rather than an intrusive participant. Her gaze is distinctly analytical however, studying rather than admiring Annette's progression of song.

<FS3> Annette rolls Violin: Good Success. (3 2 5 8 6 4 5 3 3 8)

The song rings out softly, the notes steady and gentle with the tone of a polite question and the brightness of hope all carefully wrapped into the piece of music. Annette is relaxed even though she feels the eyes upon her, that gaze watching her as she plays. Still she doesn't get distracted, playing the song to its conclusion and then lifting her gaze slowly to the statue before it is drawn away by the sight of her small audience. Thick lashes blink over gray eyes as she studies Ligeia calmly her gaze retaining that perfectly composed expression that matches well with the rest of her regal air. She curtsies politely as she speaks, her tone soft spoken yet steady. Gentle yet firm and unbending. "Did I disturb your prayers my Lady? If so I must apologize."

"You have a talent." Ligeia remarks with an observational, rather than complimenting, tone. A statement of fact. "None in the slightest. Had I wished seclusion then I would not tarry in a temple where over half the clergy pay tribute in song. Self-defeating and an invitation to be antagonistic, to come here with a wish for silence." She takes it upon herself to sit on a nearby bench, smoothing out with care the skirts of her modest in cut but richly embroidered blue gown. A half-crescent, equally as embroidered headpiece with a long veil to match hides her hair - save for a small glimpse of the dark locks just at her brow. "Was that your own composition or have you borrowed the notes?"

A faint quirk of Annette's lips is given at those words. She does not respond to the comment about her talent though merely inclining her head slightly, instead she replies to what is said next. "Very true. Silence can be relaxing but it has its own place, and in my own mind Eisheth enjoys the sound of music more than silence from her worshippers." She gently stores her violin away in its case before glancing back that way. "It was my own composition, one of my older ones truth be told. I compose songs to offer Eisheth in my prayers, as I will be playing for a crowd later today I felt prayer might help." A faint smile is given. "Might I ask your name my Lady?"

Ligeia rests long, graceful fingers in her lap as she listens, the same hawk's gaze given to the instrument as it is put away. It is a studious air, curiosity rather than critical now. "Far more admirable, and freeing. While composers from all walks of life must be given their dues, it can be rather restraining to play anything but your own work past a certain point. Where shall you be playing this evening?" she asks politely before the introduction: "Lady Ligeia de Basilisque, recently returned to the city for..well, my reasons are my own. What of yourself, Virtuoso?"

A slow nods is given as Annette endures that curious gaze with regal composure and unflinching calm. She smiles ever so faintly before replying. "Freeing is a fine way to put it yes. Being able to play is one talent but being able to craft a song of ones own making is another altogether. I am doubly blessed in that case I suspect." She speaks with confidence, not arrogant merely aware of her own talents and neither boasting nor denying them, simply accepting them. The question is met with a look of calm with a touch of vauge amusement. "The Duchesse will be hosting a ball later today. I have been allowed to perform on behalf of my salon. I am Annette Chalasse no Lis d'Or, novice of Lis d'Or." She introduces herself smoothly and with a refinement that makes her seem a touch older than she is.

"Ah, that would explain it then." Ligeia notes aloud, dictating something to memory given the way her eyes lift momentarily to the ceiling as if the words were scrawled in its lofty heights. "Forgive me my intrusions; music has long been a study of mine and it intrigues me to watch the stylings of others. The tongue can turn to either side of the coin, to the compliment or chagrin of those on its receiving end." A ghost of a smile plays at the edge of her lips as she chuckles ever so softly. "Shall this be your first performance in front of such a crowd? The lyre and voice differs from the stylings of the violin, but the anxiety of being on stage is very much the same no matter the nature of the performance to be given. If you have questions, you may ask." The Lady tilts her head slightly, maintaining her perfect posture and the image of a doll delicately poised.

"My lady if you were intruding I would simply choose not to answer you, you are far from being an intrusion." Annette offers in a smooth softly spoken tone. "Music is something I enjoy the study of as well. Though my study is limited in focus to the violin. That is where my true interest and passion lies." She smiles faintly dipping her head in a slow nod. "Yes, it shall be the first time I've performed outside of practice in the salon in fact. I would not say I'm truly anxious, however I would be lying if I did not admit that I hope all goes well." As she is given permission to ask questions a faint smile is given. She remains silent a long moment her gaze thoughtful as is regards the lady calmly. "You play the lyre and sing then? How did your first public performance go, if I may ask about such."

"A choice that would have an interesting reaction, nonetheless." Ligeia remarks, lacing her fingers together in her lap. "I once saw a violinist - I can't recall the province nor city and not that it matters - but she was not much of a beauty. Well, she was at one time. Her scars could not hide that much, but the music had such a longing ache to it that still they flocked to see her play in the salon. That is the beauty of song, if done well it can hide even the ugliest of things even if they are in plain view. Diversion, distraction, divulgence and sometimes disillusion to our own discordant truths." A pale hand raises and is placed over her heart. "Forgive me, I prattle on in antiquated anecdotes. The truth is simple. If they did not want you then they would not have permitted you. It will go well, because there is no other option for it to go. The subjective truly is objective here, darling, you have the talent and they have the request." Ligeia nods once as confirmation. "Yes, for many a year and many a crowd now. My first performance angered a Lord that shall remain nameless. He did not like to hear the truth."

Annette listens calmly her eyes intentive and showing interest despite the unwavering composure of her expression. "There is nothing to forgive. You speak the truth and you speak in in a manner so poetic one cannot help but enjoy hearing it." A faint smile is given along with a slow nod as she is assured things will go well. Then that look of subtle interest returns. "To be angered by the truth suggests a weakness of ones self and insecurity. We all have flaws, a form of ugliness that manifests in some fashion just as we all have something that makes us unique and beautiful…to be angered by someone who speaks the truth about you is to be angry at yourself in truth but to take it out on another. That is one of the ugliest traits in my mind…" She smiles in faint amusement. "And now I am the one who must ask forgiveness for prattling it seems…"

The Basilisque shifts in posture, crossing her legs demurely at the knee all the while ensuring her skirts show not even a hint past the toes of her delicate silk shoes. "Keep that sentiment close to your heart and you will do well on your path in life. But, alas. Such is the way of things and anger will always be a dish best served fresh if the teeth have hunger and wit needs whetting. Anger keeps one from becoming docile…tame. For lack of a more poetic term, boring. So find the truths, dig in, and flourish. Do not become complacent - the violin is an instrument of passion in all its facets. It will sing of love and its aches, of anger and its flames. What is it, pray tell, that angers you?" Ligeia's inquiry is accompanied by an impish smile - the first crack of emotion for the porcelian doll.

A faint yet almost playful smile appears on Annette's lips at that last inquiry. "Many things have the potential to anger me, though admitedly those of my salon value composure so getting me to fall prey to showing that anger might be a challenge. Perhaps you might be up to the challenge of uncovering a few of those things that have such potential? That would be much more enjoyable than me simply revealing them wouldn't you say?" Those gray eyes smolder intently as they lock with those of Ligeia and she smiles softly. "However I must return to the salon for now. I still need to prepare for the performance to come. I do hope to see more of you though Lady Basilisque." She offers an elegantly executed curtsey and once she has received a reply she will sweep for the exit with her violin case in hand and her guard and chaprone trailing her.

"A challenge of cat and mouse, much like any female. How banally coquette of you." Ligeia's vulpine smile blooms fully then, a flash of pearly whites that might seem cruel on anyone else rather than the Lady who looks like a living doll. If anything, it only makes her seem all the more sweeter, a regular ol' ray of snarky sunshine. "It is not a challenge that interests me, alas. Perhaps if were phrased differently?" she offers, the game not quite yet abandoned by the bard as she rises to her feet gracefully with a soft rustling of silk. "I will be in the crowd. Do not disappoint, hrm?" She raises a hand in farewell and remains there, unmoving and watching her depart with dark, doe eyes.

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