(1310-07-11) Of wild adventures and wilder boys
Summary: Lady Irene meets Lord Marco once more but this time they discuss wild adventures of wild boys and a missed birth day.
RL Date: D11th of July, 1310
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Rooftop Gardens


It's a very early morning. The weather is already hot even if the sun is just starting to raise up. Marsilikos looks quite mysterious and beautiful at the early hour when nightly shadows withdraw to more quiet corners and the rooftops are enlighten. Irene is standing at the edge of the gardens indulging into magnificent view. She holds a book with leather covers tightly to her chest. Papers are sticking out various directions from behind the covers. She is wearing a light rosy dress quite suitable for such a warm weather. This time she has less jewelry but still some silver glints on her wrists and neck.

Marco emerges into the rooftop gardens with a sleepy expression. He's stretching and shows all the appearances of not as much being out and in the royal palace as being someone who woke from a nap walking in the manor gardens. He's stretching as he goes shifting and letting out a sigh. As his hands rub at his bleary eyes he blinks in surprise, "Well.. hello again." He says gently studying Irene curiously.

"Oh!" Irene turns around and seems to be a bit startled. "Good morning, m'lord. What are you doing up so early? I really did not expect to meet anyone around!" Irene reaches for a curl of her hair to straighten it up a bit, brush it a bit more properly. She does not feel that she spend enough time in front of a mirror to look completely presentable judging from her action. "I still did not read your book. Just a couple of pages into it. A bit harder reading than I am used to but still interesting," she explains looking at the man a bit apologetically as if having his book for months at her home.

Marco shrugs his shoulders and laughs, "It seemed like the time to rise." He admits with a shrug, "And what about you? What brings you here?" He asks and he waves his hand, "It's quite alright I wasn't expecting you to have already read it rather if you had already I'd be a little concerned." He admits playfully.

Irene sighs and relaxes a bit. She looks toward the horizon, "I just had many thoughts on my mind. I haven't slept at all. I came here because I may be needed to the Duchess. I wanted ro ask her what plans she might have for me today or I could just take a day off and spend it sleeping," the young woman laughs and turns back at Marco. "I have been drawing. The whole night. Nothing good, though. Had to throw it out."

Marco smiles, "Oh? You might be needed yet?" He asks curiously considering her thoughtfully and smiles, "Well it is good to sleep when you can but I understand sometimes being caught up." He tilts his head, "Does she often call you for your drawing or is it simply something that you do?" He asks moving to throw himself down into a cushioned seat and indicating a nearby one for Irene.

Irene moves to take an offered seat. She sets a notebook on her lap and then turns at Marco. She smiles, "Drawing is what I do for my personal pleasure. I just enjoy it. Duchess knows that I sketch but she has never seen it before. She calls me more often for bringing messages here and there, and assisting her on different kind of occasions. For now, she is just checking on me. Still deciding if she likes me. I was so indulged into this that I even forgot my birth day. Few days ago I turned eighteen… I planned to arrange a small feast for my family but… Nothing happened. I've done nothing and…" She looks up at the sky, leans back in her seat, "Many things have happened and I guess my day has been forgotten since I did not receive any wishes from anyone. It felt a bit strange but," the young woman shrugs and looks down at her lap. "One of my brothers is away with his beloved and the other is busy preparing for his marriage, mother is back at home."

Marco looks fascinated as he listens to her stretching out with intrigue, "Oh? Messages?" He asks curiously considering her in a new light and he smiles, "I'm sorry I didn't realize." He considers for a time and he smiles, "Well perhaps we could celebrate it. I know I am a poor replacement but I think we could have the chefs organize a little thing. What do you favor? Cakes? Pies? Pastries?" He asks brightly and he smiles, "It's terrible to feel alone in such a grand city."

"Nothing too special," Irene waves off any fascination of potential intrigues, "Just arranging things with tailors majority of the time." Then her features brighten up. She looks once more at Marco, "You are very kind. I appreciate it. Lemon cake is my favorite. It's usually quite refreshing as well and I feel we are going to have a one more very hot day! Though, what do you enjoy? You look like a chocolate person to me," Irene chuckles.

Marco smiles, "Yes… no doubt her grace has many tailors." He offers looking clearly thoughtful as he does and he smiles, "Lemon cake. I'm sure those could be managed." He grins, "Well do I? I…. suppose I enjoy chocolate plenty… though I enjoy caramel and maple more. Something about the sticky textures along with the sharp sweetness. Particularly over loaf cakes." He says with a happy sigh.

"I agree that maple syrup is very tasty but I am not a big fan of caramel. I find it too sweet!" Irene explains and then takes a notebook from her lap and offers it to Marco. "I remember you said that you would be curious to take a look at my sketchbook,"She offers a bit shyly, maybe scared of criticism she might receive. "Of course, if you still want it. I could also draw you one of those days if you want." (examples of what is in her book may be found on my wiki)

Marco chuckles softly, "Well then you're just not doing it right. No such thing as too sweet." He says playfully and then he perks up accepting the book handling it with great care. He smiles, "Why… thank you. I would love to see your rendition of me." He says and ahs as he glances among the first couple and he smiles, "You do adore your siblings."

Irene nods, "There is nothing not to adore. Gauge is adventurous but also stood up to take his duties even if they interfered with his desires. He is serious and very loyal. Also, he always tries to achieve everything by putting a lot of work into things. Belmont is the fun one. Jealous at times but also incredibly loyal and devoted to his family. He is also a person I can always approach with my silly worries and he will support me!" Irene sighs once more quite thoughtfully when she speaks of her family. "What about your family?"

Marco grins, "You don't suspect you might be a little biased?" He teases playfully but he continues to look through them slowly. He considers and he smiles, "Well obviously there are many Mereliot. But my own family is smaller. I have two younger siblings a brother and a sister but there is a bit of a gap between us. And my parents have both passed. I was fairly close to my father but…" HE shrugs his shoulders.

"Oh! I am so sorry… My condolences," Irene reaches out to gently pat Marco's hand if he allows, "I know very well what does it mean to lose one's parents. My father and my eldest brother died as well. Not that long ago…" She drawls and remains quiet for a longer time just to think on the matter or pay some respect to those who are no longer with them.
Marco shakes his head quietly, "Oh it was a few years ago. It's quite alright." He assures her firmly and he offers gently, "It is a risk of life… but well they are always missed and loved." He says firmly, "But I can see why that might make it all the more dear to you for the siblings you have."

Irene nods, "But now I have Gauge away and Belmont ready to leave and seek his own adventure. Gauge wants to prove himself to a lady while Belmont is jealous of Gauge and wants to be a hero as well. None of them listened to me even if I tried to put some sense to their mind," she shakes her head and then suddenly laughs, "Boys. I guess boys will always be boys. Have you also tried seeking your adventures and done really stupid things?"

Marco smiles softly, "That is the trouble with brothers they always need to prove themselves. But well it is part of our charm as well." He shrugs, "I always seek adventure but mine tend to be a more staid sort. As for stupid things…oh constantly."

"Oh! Would you like to share some of your adventures or stories of silly things you have done?!" Irene suddenly gets very excited. She leans her arms on the side of the armchair she is seated on and then fixes her eyes on Marco's with expectation that he is going to amuse her now.

Marco laughs, "Oh? My adventures?" He laughs, "I don't know that all of them are appropriate." He says playfully and he smiles, "But well I often got myself into foolish conversations at Caerdicca you never know what their game is I've lost at gambling far, far too often to keep track… I once chased a woman all the way through a library thinking she stole but she was just trying to hide a book."

Irene laughs, "Gambling? So… you have a thing for gambling?Like a serious one? I heard that some people gamble off even their home and children. I am not sure if that is true. But I just heard people saying it. Also… why did you thought a woman was trying to steal a book?"

Marco smiles, "Well I'm not against it. I wouldn't call myself a serious gambler I simply enjoy it." He shrugs and he laughs, "I think… because I might have been dozing a little amidst the reading." He admits sheepishly.

"Maybe it's a good thing…" Irene shrugs. She reaches out to get her sketch book back, "It's been a pleasure to meet you again, m'lord. Though, I should definitely go and check on the Duchess. I hope to meet you again soon." She stands up and looks back at Marco, "And thank you for your suggestion regarding the cake."

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