(1310-07-10) Communion

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Summary: Warning - Explicit Content Cochonnet lets her hair down and her clown mask fall after the orgy; meets a young noblewoman just on the cusp of finding her path with Naamah.
RL Date: Tue Jul 10, 1310
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Temple Baths

A large circular window of colorful stained-glass depicting Naamah is framed by two crescent shaped ones, sitting further up the wall as to allow for generous lighting during the day, with the shades of the glass used in the center painting the interior of the Temple Baths in colorful hues. The light beige tiles of the stone floor are arranged in a pattern, spaces between filled with darker shade mosaic stones. The changing area is divided into two spaces, hidden away behind semi-opaque drapes. Here, visitors can leave their clothing and move over towards the pools that are filled with the warm waters of a hot well, a faint layer of steam lingering occasionally in the air directly above the waterline. A larger pool of white marble is in the center, between two smaller pools that offer room enough for two or three people each. At the edge of the pools, trays are provided at regular intervals, some holding various flagons of bathing oils while others hold bars of flowery soap and other bath implements.%r%rAcolytes of Naamah, clad in the red flowing robes of the temple stand at the ready, to provide towels or robes when needed and make sure a peaceful atmosphere is maintained within the baths.

A day of rest after the orgy. And the day after that, a visit to Naamah's temple, an offering of thanksgiving to Her altars; its a rather subdued and contemplative version of the Piglet of Glycine who comes, subsequently, to the baths, wearing an altogether subdued beige linen dress with lacing up the front and a simple skirt. Is she showing humility in this place of worship? Or is she simply letting down the sex clown mask she habitually wears in public to commune with the Angel she serves in a more personal manner? A quick trip behind the gauzy curtains, and she's packed away the simple gown into a cubby, taking up a wrap towel instead and stepping back out, her hair having been bound up in a simple, lazy bun. "Oh, that looks delicious," she tells the unknown young lady on the table.

Orgy? There are orgies? and she's missed one? Nooo! The young woman turns her face…her blue eyes open lazily and she lets out a moan as the acolyte is rubbing one of her toes. "He has…the most amazing.ooh..hands..hello, mam'zelle.."

"Mam'selle," Cochonnet echoes back. The temple baths are the great social equalizer, in a way. Without clothes, and without prior knowledge of the people involved, it's hard to say who is deservant of what title. "I can see that. I may have to steal your place after you're done," she smiles warmly, then dallies along past the table, stepping down into the pool and unwrapping the towel to leave it on the edge as she descends, revealing the only part of her sex clown costume which she cannot and would not remove: the marque on her back, an orchid in flower, ringed at four points of the blossom with sprigs of wisteria. That would be enough for anyone familiar with the local night court to identify her; its enough for anyone who knows the first thing about the marquing system to read the history of her marque and her traits as a courtesan: pleasure and humor.

The young woman purrs some more, and her eyes admire the woman's marque, the curves of her body and she smiles. "I….I don't want to get away from here..ooh.." She whimpers as the acolyte moves to spank each of her pert buttocks, to..make the oil settle in, probably.

"By all means, take your time. It's not right to rush an artist at work," Cochonnet breathes out the words as she sinks into the soothing water. Truth be told, and, just between the courtesan and the Angel as the former lifts her eyes on high to regard the latter, and perhaps imagine that the Angel is somehow looking back to her, arms spread in the cool water— in that moment of communion, she doesn't crave the woman's place on the massage couch in the least. She's having a moment alone, without being— spanked, fondled, caressed— without being touched at all, or ogled, except by the kindly eyes of the one in whose service she ever yields her body's favors. It's a fine and quiet moment, drawing hard on Cochonnet's heartstrings, drawing moisture to her eyes which is helpfully hidden when she slips her head under the water and stares up as the world grows wavery, weird and distant.

Theodosia lays her head on her arms, watching Cochonnet and her delightful bliss, the young woman nodding to dismiss her attendant..and just lie there soaking in the fragrant oils. "This..is such an amazing place, isn't it?" the girl asks, some of the accents of the countryside to her voice.

Cochonnet remains underwater for a time. A long time. A worryingly long time. It stands to reason a sex clown has various and entertaining causes to learn how to hold her breath for a considerable period, but even she's pushing herself to the very brink, spurring up the burn in her lungs and the involuntary flutter of her biceps before she pushes back to the surface, just on the instant her mouth gapes open and she gasps for what would, a split second ago, have been water. The gasping noise is well masked in the general dolphin-splash of water as Cochonnet emerges from the mirrored surface of the pool, at least. She settles down on one of the marble submarine benches along the pool's side and looks back to the oil-coated woman. "Mhm," she answers quietly. "Have you been before?"

Theodosia raises her head a bit worriedly at seeing how long the courtesan stays under water, then she gives out a breathe of relief seeing her surface. She smies gently, rolling her head from left to right as if to loosen her neck and shakes her head. "No, I've not been long in the city, so I..am indulging myself a little."

"Hardly a more fitting place. Whence do you hail, mam'selle? Or should I be calling you 'my Lady?'" Cochonnet finally broaches the topic of etiquette between them, even though, from the younng woman's demeanor, she hardly suspects that the latter cares. Someone with a mind to vaunt herself with titles would have informed her already by now. But that's no reason to at least not give nod to the reality. Besides, if she can get a title and a birthplace, it's six to five and pick 'em she can pinpoint the woman's identity.

Theodosia giggles some more as the acolyte returns with a glass of pale wine and whispers something in the girl's ear, which makes her blush..but yes, she does turn around, revealing slender hips, firm thighs..and breasts a bit large for her young age. The acolyte's hands star oliing her up…from the ankles up, but she keeps her head cocked to the side to look at Cochonnet. "I am Theodosia Fhirze, from Namarre, I'm the heir to a Baronnie, but…well, I am just…enjoying myself now, under Naamah's aegis, we're all the same, aren't we?"

"From Namarre," Cochonnet marks the province, turning around to place her palms on the marble seat and kick her legs lazily behind her. "And a future Baroness. Yes, it's well time you relax and enjoy yourself," she smiles softly, leaving unsaid the amount of responsibility and duties she will inherit in her time. "I suppose we can't become much more equal than here, in our nothings, under the eyes of the Bright Angel. I'll call you Theodosia if you call me Cochonnet," she trades names. There's a solid fifty fifty that Theodosia has at least heard the name Cochonnet since arriving, or possibly before her arrival. She's become a bit of a phenom in her own right, even though this sedate, straightforward person hardly seems to live up to the wild, ribald reputation that precedes her.

The girl's eyes are closed as the acolyte massages and oils her legs, making them even spread a little, and she nods. "Yes, please, but call me Theo…only my father calls me Theodosia…and usually when he caught me doing something improper, like riding all day in the fields, or kissing the stable boy.." She blushes a bit. "Cochonnet..that's an interesting name, mam'zelle."

"Improper on whose count?" Cochonnet counters with a subtle curl of a smile, continuing to sway her muscled calves and powerful, shapely feet up and down in turns in the water, never breaking the surface to make a splash, but still causing a bit of a swaying ripple to and fro in the pool. "Thank you. My father is a swineherd and my mother— is a swineherd's wife," she completes the set of a perfectly ignoble and unremarkable couple who may, on some strange day twenty five years ago or so, have decided to name their daughter 'piglette.'

"My lord father's obviously." She giggles and shakes her head a bit. "Though I think it made him smile too." She says, sighing a bit as the acolyte's hands move over her taut stomach, and rub her sides too, fingers brushing just the underside of her young tits. "Oh, well, it is a fun name.." She says, clearly not someone to judge one's orgins. "And…you made your marque here in MArsilikos?"

"Finished it here, yes," Cochonnet answers, closing her eyes but maintaining that conversational pose, gently tucking her ankles against one another and beginning to kick her legs in unison, instead of one at a time, letting the motion roll through her legs and back in a sort of mermaid swim it seems like she has practiced before. "I earned the most of it on le Mont Nuit in Elua. The last few remaining portions were bought out by House Glycine, and I moved to Marsilikos. I was finished paying it off within a month of my arrival. But la Glycine gives me both the freedom and the structure to work as I like. I enjoy it there. I don't suppose that you have been, yet." She probably would have known. Not to say 100% she would have, but probably.

Theodosia shakes her head again, moaning as those strong hands finally cup her young breasts, massaging them thoroughly, making them shine with the fragrant oil..and her dark pink nipples are even pinched, causing her to squeal a bit. She laughs though and doesn't chide the acolyte, instead turning her head to look at Cochonnet. "I..I haven't my only visit to a house of the Night Court was La Rose Sauvage, for just a quick visit.."

Cochonnet keeps her eyes closed, the quiet sound of hands sliding against flesh timed with the squeal enough for her to amply picture the proceedings. "Ah, then your tastes run dark," she murmurs sedately in the pool, visualizing her form like a strap of leather moving in a whiplike wave, pushing her toward the edge of the pool while her arms keep her braced away from it. "I try to stay away from the darker manner of kink, in deference to those who have specialized in it."

Theodosia sighs in pleasure and takes another sip of wine. "Oh, not so dark, I think..more playful." She says warmly. "But sometimes, I must confess, I like forgetting about my duties, and just..submitting to a strong hand or a lash." She giggles again, she is a very young girl. "Though I will confess to more of it being in dreams and fantasies, or on the pages of books I have read rather than actual experience."

Cochonnet dips her head again, more briefly, matching the moment her head goes underwater with a momentary rise of her buttocks and upper thighs from below the surface. Then, again, a moment later, her buttocks set and her head re-emerges in conjunction with her heels, which promptly roll below once more. "Well… now you're here, I'm sure you can explore those fancies… gingerly… until you discover how deep you longing runs," she suggests.

"That's right….I..I don't want to dive in too quickly, I want to savor each..experience." She smiles gently andthe acolyte leaves her to rest, body shining with oil, her eyes closed. She turns her head just a bit, hearing the splashing and smiles at Cochonnet.

Cochonnet is having a rest day, hands planted on the underwater seat in a pool of cool water while her body drifts out behind her, guided still by a series of long, lazy leg kicks. Her head is all of her above water, at this point, maybe a glimmer of buff shoulder, but she's conversing with Theo, who's on a table nearby in receipt of a massage."Wise intentions, Theo," Cochonnet smiles, a subdued sort of expression that would give a passer-by to assume that the clown is taking a day off of clowning. "Do you have any other plans for your time here in Marsilikos? I suppose you never intended to sweat away a summer like this one."

The youngwoman laying on her back on the massage table is well oiled, an acolyte having just massaged her front, and she lays back with her eyes closed, shaking her head. "Oh, it's not so bad here, at least you have the breeze, back in Namarre…" she giggles. "And no, not just pleasure, I am to learn about government,and commerce and such, Father wants me to have a bit of an education of the world."

"Will you go and attend court at the Ducal Palace?" Cochonnet wonders. "I doubt there's a better place to learn of governance in the province. Maybe you can attend the Duchesse as a Lady in Waiting," she goes on to suggest, in terms of enacting Theo's father's plans for her education.

The naked, oiled noblegirl smiles. "Yes, perhaps, I wasn't so ambitious, but I would definitely visit the palace…and speak to nobles and functionaries there." She says, then stretches her arms slowly.

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