(1310-07-08) La Fête du Verre
Summary: La Glycine Theme Orgy: Glass/Mirrors/Toys/Voyeurism
RL Date: Sun Jul 08, 1310
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La Glycine

The glorious dome of La Glycine rises overhead here, ribs of veiny marble with studs of bronze inset at measured intervals rise to meet at the wide mouth of the oculus above, through which a shaft of light moves over the course of the day, wending its way from one side of the atrium to the other in an insistant caress. The floor is a patterned sequence of white marble squares inlaid with green marble trellis patterns, at the center of each of which is a round golden circle around a stud of glistening emerald. In the middle of the floor, directly underneath the oculus above, is a round pool of rainwater with a high rim for seating and a collection of fish and turtles living inside.%r%rThe lofty space is open with a pair of giant bronze doors leading to the courtyard to the south, and the north wall is largely taken up with the descent of a massive stairwell which provides a dramatic route of entry down into the atrium from the Northern Wing and beyond. The Eastern and Western walls each sport two smaller archways; both the eastern archways lead into the Baths, while the two to the west grant access to the Gambling Hall and Hall of Oddities.%r%rFurnishings are strictly at an ad-hoc basis, temporary for the need, but may occasionally include furnishings hung from the studs in the great domed ceiling.

La Glycine's great domed Atrium has been festooned in dozens of dangling cut-glass chandeliers for the occasion of the Glass Fete. And that's just the beginning. The centerpiece of the room, the large fish pond at the center of the room, has had its inhabitants captured and water drained, replaced by cushions that line the hard marble corners of the pool and make an excellent place for ten or fifteen people to lie down comfortably with one another. Inside the pond, four giant oaken posts are stranding, holding up a thick plate of glass riveted in place on top, a see-through table sturdy enough to bear a great deal of weight— and translucent enough that those underneath can get an excellent view of what those on top are doing.

To either side of the fish pond a mysterious drape of vivid blue velveteen has been draped over two tall cubes, the contents, as yet, kept fastidiously out of sight, twin smudges of opacity in an otherwise translucent and glittering set.

See, behind, in the two corners of the atrium to either side of the main entry hall to the south, large chaise lounges have been set up, surrounded on two sides and from above by an artfully placed variety of glass-covered mirrors, wonderously casting vivid reflections of every little thing that happens on those lounges.

In addition, in front of each of the four main arched doorways to the eastern and western wings of the building, tinkling crystal curtains obscure only the edges of large glass panels behind which courtesans and participants may slip to cavort in the sight of those who would watch them through the glass. Mirrors have been placed over the doorways, so that anyone watching the people behind the glass will be able to see details from both sides of the action.

At the front of the room, on a flat landing halfway up the grand stairwell to the northern wing, a lush lounge is appointed in silver and blue emboidery and lush white cushions, upon which the Queen of the Fetish Ball, the Piglet of Glycine, Coco herself may lounge while overseeing her domain and from whence she can issue proclamations as the evening wends on. Behind her lounge stand four glistening marble pillars with dazzling crystal-studded treasure chests resting atop them.

Evelyne de Somerville enters - on her own, meaning without escort. Can it be that the blonde lady is in a daring mood tonight? Such can be assumed as soon as she first pays the fee at the door and then hands the covering cloak of green color to an attendant, revealing her attire of tonight. Skirts of thin white see-through silk worn beneath a chain of glass beads that is slung about her hips, connecting to a crescent shaped disc of green colored glass at the front where her legs are joined to her hips and one at her back, barely covering the rear. A thin chemise of sorts, fluttering loosely about her torso, reveals even more daring details of what she wears below, artfully blown glass art that cups the curves of her breasts, see-through mostly, apart from a stretches of green color that bloom like a blossom as to conceal more central points of attention but little more! The 'glass bra' is held in place by silver chains that cross at her back right between the shoulder blades, attached to eyelets in the glass at the outer sides of each cup, keeping the cleavage in an alluring lift. Blonde hair has been pulled back and worked into a braid, more glass glittering here in hair pins. Slippers show off green glass applications as well, adding to the daring outfit of this Somerville, and the faint scent of apples that surrounds her. After taking a long and quite impressed look at the interior of the atrium, her steps take her over to the lounge where La Cochonnet lounges.

Vespasien has been here for at least fifteen minutes before the doors opened, having had to take some time to set up a small station for his painting of glass blanks for the party-goers. He is dressed like the stars- a map of the sky on his midnight blue clothing.

Vespasien has set up an easel and has a multitude of paints available in various glass jars- all freshly prepared for this very event. Special paints for painting on glass.

Already he's quietly waiting for the first to come up for a painting of themselves in various states of glass-fete-fun.

Vespasien's station is set up for several people to sit- a chaise style lounge set up opposite his own double-wide comfortable chair- enough room for two, it seems.

Ysabeau is counting the paint pots to make sure they've all been unpacked and that all of the brushes have been found, she is there near to hand to act as Vespasien's assistant or the night. In sharp contrast to his dark clothes, the Valerian wears… not much at all. A fishnet cast about her, made of delicate chains that are 'wet' with 'water drops' of glass across her skin from throat to hips. Nothing is left to the imagination, not really, and a few extra adornments might draw attention to things most would prefer to keep covered on themselves.

The glass for rinsing the brushes in is checked as well, keeping herself busy with the details the artist himself might forget.

Maximilien steps in through the entrance, looking around rather carefully at the decoration. "Impressive…" he mutters, mostly to himself, as he looks around once more, stepping further inside. He's dressed in fine clothing, although it's not the ones he usually wears. Darker colors as well. He looks around at the various people present now, a bit carefully.

Lilyana is not completely dressed, not overtly. In the theme of the evening she wears a few golden chains around her hips, coin shaped circles affixed to the chains. Another one is worn draped crosswise between her gently rounded breasts, leaving them on display. Around both ankles are twin anklets, both with amethyst colored gems around, interspersed with tiny golden bells that tinkle when she walks. Her feet are bare. Hair is left to tumble freely in waves almost to the small of her back. Towards the crown of her head there is a metal band, made almost like a backwards tiara (almost) that has small chains of matching coin like circles dangling down her hair. (Something like this for the headpiece: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHr9_fIVAAAV03k.jpg ) As she watches the door, she takes note of those entering and a smile lights her features as Maxililien steps through. She had invited him and he had come. For the moment, she is doing nothing more than greeting people.

Aedhwyn is a surprising arrival on the arm of Mathys. She may have missed a bit of the intent of this fete, a mask of the most delicate lace upon her features. She is truly the picture of innocence in a dress meant for the heat of Marsilikos summer until the light filters through and her silhoute can be seen. It is likely as daring as she gets even with the protection of semi-anonymity. There is a pause as she takes in the room and those around her, a lovely rose starting to creep up her cheeks. Her hand tightens on that of her escort, a breath taken before she dares a step further into the salon.

Cochonnet has been lounging up on her throne, watching the guests enter with a leonine smile, assured but lazy. Her sky blue eyes sparkle merrily at Evelyne's approach, the young Lady's outfit much admired by the Orchid Glycine, who blows Evelyne a jaunty kiss of approval. With a further nod from her, a few silver and glittering-tulle clad adepts slither from where they had been hiding among the dangling crystal curtains at the four glass panels, bearing trays with glasses of wine and little glass bowls filled with cherries, strawberries and blackberries, pine nuts and sunflower seeds— just some light nibbles for an evening of action. Timely she rises, Cochonnet does, the long strands of glass crystal beads which hang from the bottom of her glass-paned corset — her only cover from the waist down — sliding across her thighs as she uncrosses her legs and plants one high-heeled glass slipper onto the floor, then the other, rolling her fingers down the white-furred seams of her glass corsetry as she rises to stand at her formidible six feet of height— plus those heels, of course.

Cochonnet: "Welcome, friends, lovers, perverts of all stripes, to la Glycine's Fete de Verre! Please, take something to drink, have a little nibble to tide you over. We'll have heartier food later when we need to," she pauses just enough to lend an air of anticipation, underlined by a fleeting smile of mischief and merriment, then concludes, "Re-fuel. But! For now, we're going to be starting out our evening with a brief performance," she announces, beginning to strut her way down that grand marble stairwell, the glass slippers clinking against the stone as she walks with remarkable surety on those heels, knees rising sultrily through the beaded strands, parting them and letting them slink back together in turn.

Cochonnet: "Come, gather around— House Glycine is on the cusp of a glorious bounty, we have two novices just about to bud into flower. Tonight we would like to present them to you with a dance they have prepared — strictly lookie, no touchie," she wags a cheeky finger at the crowd. "And JUST IN CASE you horny little monsters can't keep your mitts to yourselves," she teases, strutting to the first of the blue velveteen drapes, "We've made sure they've been PROPERLY LOCKED AWAY. Though whether it's for their safety or yours— well, that will be yours to say," she beams with a bright grin, bending down at the hips, no end of suggestive as her bosom moves against the flat glass panes hemming them in and her bare ass appears between cascading strands of glass beads. She takes up the edge of the first curtain in two hands. "Presenting, for your approval. Mon petit Paris!" she announces, and yanks the drapery off of a glass cube with silvery fittings between the panes of glass which entrap the little novice within.

"Now that is quite…", Evelyne begins, but then falls silent as her blue gaze gets lost somewhere while studying Cochonnet's attire. She smiles, and snatches a glass of wine from somewhere, taking a good sip from it. But then the purpose of the cubes is explained, and the Somerville steps closer to the one the Glycine Second unveils. With her brows lifting in obvious curiosity she regards the novice, so safely secured within the glass, that she has to step closer and place a palm against the cool surface, glancing at Paris as she tilts head a little to the side. "Tasty," Eve remarks to Cochonnet. "When's the debut?"

The velveteen curtain in the first box drops…A boy stands in a cage, slender and nut brown, with long, unbound hair , jet black and silken soft. An apprentice it seems, like the glassblowers of La Serenissima, and for once, not in his customary whites, but in a black leather vest, undone to show his smooth chest, and black leather pants, snug on his hips and legs , leather gloves covering his hands and going up past his elbows. His arms raise over his head as he begins a dance, slow, measured, bare feet starting a rhythm as he presents himself in his glass cage to all who would look from around him…he slowly uncovers a cauldron, with carefully designed mock flames underneath…and he takes hold of a bellows, stoking the ;fire as he twirls, faster and faster, his leather clad body becoming a whirlwind, then…he wipes his forehead as if the heat is getting to him. A smile is given to the viewers as he bows deeply and reaches to pick up a long blowpipe.and waits for reactions from people.

Aedhwyn just isn't sure where to look and then Paris is revealed. Her features pinken a bit more as she watches him, takes in his movements. There is a smile that turns the corners of her lips upwards should his eyes meet hers even for a moment. She leans into her escort a mmoent, speaking softly to him in another language, hoping her words do not carry overly far.

Maximilien 's attention first goes to Lilyana, studying her carefully with a smile. There's a nod and a wider smile offered if she looks in his direction, before he pauses at the announcement made. He looks towards the box and the boy in there, keeping silent as he watches the performance.

Evelyne isn't that shy. On the contrary. Even if her features and what is visible of her body make it obvious that she must be younger than twenty, the young Somerville makes sure she is pretty close to the glass of the box when Paris begins his performance. And while he is so beautifully clothed, she makes a game of it to tease the poor novice. Lifting that thin chemise up over her head to toss it aside, reveaing the glass art she wears on her body. A cheeky grin she offers Paris, the smile deepening even when she watches him handling the cauldron. "Mark me down on your list for invitations you send out," this said in a murmured aside to Cochonnet. "Evelyne de Somerville."

Vespasien sits back and waits for the first of the attendees to approach him for a painted remembrance of the evening, looking quietly over to Ysabeau as he waits. "Are you thirsty? I think I could use a drink." he remarks, "Perhaps some wine is in order, yes?" he asks of her quietly- as he, too, double checks his brushes and paints- all in order. "Or, we can start with a painting of you, if you'd like." he offers to his assistant- "It would bring interest to the event, although, I imagine they're watching the young man in the cage, for now." he says, partially to himself as he takes a silk cloth to wipe clean one of the glass panes he's got for the painting.

Cochonnet sidles up to the glass beside Evelyne, arm outstretched to give her a gentle, encouraging pat on the rump, maybe a little squeeze to press the glass joints of her netted over-skirt into the white under-shirt she wears— and even further. "Tee bee dee, just yet. But I'll be sure to keep you updated— or I'll send the boy himself with the news once it's been scheduled. Oh— looks like he's getting hot, in there. What about you, my Lady de Somerville?" she asks openly, not even— it can't possibly be considered flirting when it's so brazen and open. Then, aside, to Maximilien, "And what of you, my Lord? Clap your hands hard if you wish to see how well the boy can blow," she encourages, lewd undertones not even bothering to stay undertones as she riles the crowd to encourage the boy.

Paris first breathes in , his chest swelling at first, then he picks up the blowpipe and dips it into the cauldron, releasing all the air inside, and a small balloon of bright red silk comes up, mimicking incandescent glass, that he raises, his feet moving to a slow, sensual rhythm all the while, and as he moves the silk changes shape …and even..colour, as his blowing causes the balloon to open more to reveal pale,translucent silk.and more imaginary sweat is wiped off his brow…as he lowers the glass bubble over a cooling bench…and rolls it…his hands moving forward, as if to touch, a flinch at the heat, and he speaks. I have a prize…for someone tonight.. His gloves brush the shimmery, silk, a neat sleight-of hand…as he molds , switching sheet of silk after another until the color of glass , still warm forms under his fingers. Something for our host to hand out tonight He drops his vest, standing bare chested in just leather gloves and breeches, his dark eyes meeting some of the glances of those outside, a smil, slow and sensual on his lips. For the guest who most catches her eye..in whatever fashion she decides.. His hips undulating through the dance, he lets the silk drop, and his hands hold up a chalice of purest Serenissiman crystal,with a wide mouthed cup..and a foot sculpted in the shape of the Wisteria flower for which La Glycine is named.

Ysabeau's cheeks flush, "Wine? Of course." She is here at his whim, to tend the artist's needs, after all. She's distracted by the unveiling of the glass box, turning to look over the offering that will be debuting soon. Clapping sets the delicate chains and glass beads to tinkling against each other, creating little waves in the netting she's clothed in. "Clever, don't you think?" she asks of Vespasien before gathering herself to hunt down a glass of red and a glass of white wines. Bare feet might not be the best move in a room filled with glass, though the chance of broken glass isn't why the long-haired red rose moves with such care as she seeks drinks for herself and Vespasien.

Aedhwyn draws in a breath, her hand leaving that of careful escort as she moves towards the hard working glassblower. "Beautiful….." Her eyes lower only to catch glimpse of something she hadn't intended and pop right back up to watch Paris. "I have never seen anything like that before." Surely she means the crystal but her words may well be in reference to something else.

Evelyne's eyes widen as she watches the performance continue. "Companions… he's really doing this." And yet, she does not avert her gaze, as Paris proves to be quite the eyecandy. Especially when he discards his vest and stands there just in breeches and gloves. "Hot. Yes.", she murmurs towards Cochonnet, not objecting to the squeeze to glass bead chain and flesh covered only by very thin fabric. "Very." Her blue gaze meets the dark eyes of Paris, and yes, she looks intrigued. Definitely.

Maximilien pauses as he hears Cochonnet's words. "An amazing display," he offers, words kept rather calm. He looks around for a few moments, at the various people present, then back to the performance, watching it rather carefully once more.

Lilyana watches the display as well, but walks over to approach Maximilien, sidling up beside him as she touches her bare shoulder to his. "Good evening," she murmurs softly, eyes flickering over him rather suggestively. "The dancing is incredible, he is putting on quite a show," she smiles at what Paris is doing, appreciation in her eyes. "Would you like to go explore the table after the dances?" Indicating the large, see through table that people can walk under.

Cochonnet holds her hands over her bosom, all smushed as it is up against the glass of her corset, not really hidden, but at least resrained. She looks touched to the heart when Paris offers up the chalice for her to offer away from among the prizes she's already stored up for the evening's events. "Mon petit Paris is too beautiful and good for this world. Someone must come to deflower him — and very soon," she cheers, "Paris, mesdames et monsieurs!" she presents the novice once more, then attempts to beckon the gathering along with her toward the second drape while adepts come and unlock the cage to let Paris out, bundle him up as well as his props and steal him away. The chalice gets left on Coco's chaise up on the dais. The courtesan herself, meanwhile, takes up the edge of the second curtain, "And for your further consideration, our second upcoming debutante— Morgana!" she announces, drawing off the second pool of blue velveteen with a flourish.

Morgana: Crouched within one of the glass cages built to house the novices is a creature both exotic and wild in appearance. Gleaming silver and glass scales catch every hint of light that touches her form as she waits, crouched low in her cage a chain going from one corner of the cage to the collar about her neck holding her there. Slowly though, a few moments after the curtain drops and she is revealed, she rises. It starts slowly, a graceful pacing in her prison and a slow spin and a yank on her chain that makes the caged creature appear to be dancing. Its a dance of protest a dance of defiance, of a dragon unbroken and who refuses to break away from her true nature. Shimmering eyes surrounded by silver glitter narrow at the crowds and she stalks forward as far as she can baring her teeth and licking her bottom lip as her eyes sweep over those watching her intently. Those green eyes peer out with heat, the mirrored scales on her body reflecting the eyes of any who stare at her right back at themselves.

Evelyne, despite other details that do catch her eye, regards the chalice Paris presents to Cochonnet looking quite impressed. "A true talent," she remarks. "And possibly in other areas as well." She lifts the glass of wine to her lips and empties it, only to hold it out to someone in passing for a refill. But there is the other box of glass that is revealed, and the Somerville turns her attention there, watching with delighted appreciation the display the dragon novice Morgana provides. "She's a wild one, eh?" Eve tosses good-naturedly at Cochonnet in question. "Someone that wants to be tamed." Watching intently, with that narrowing of eyes that signals interest.

Paris laughs merrily, taking a final bow to everyone in the room, Evelynne and Aedhwyn catching his glances..and then the curtans fall over his cage, alas a novice isn't allowed to see..or be seen anymore at this party. He will probably be feted with a cup of wine by his fellow Glycines in the back.

Vespasien looks up as Ysabeau begins to walk in search for wine, just smiling quietly as she continues on her way. Now he begins to paint- entirely for himself. First a bit of work involving Paris, and next a bit of work following Morgana as she appears- the pair on either end of a pane of glass, with Cochonnet in the middle on her throne- just quiet as he begins to paint.

The pane of glass is set in a landscape position as he works quietly- painting dragon and glass blower. He continues adding delicate details to the pane of glass. Some might notice he's painting everything backwards on the piece of glass.

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Draw/paint: Good Success. (1 7 5 1 4 6 8 3 3 3)

Aedhwyn watches until the last moment when the curtain falls over Paris' curtain once more. She moves closer still, trying to move around the side to catch another glimpse of the novice before he is spirited away. She smiles, the colour high in her cheeks. She speaks towards Cochonnet, trying her best not to allow her gaze to wander anywhere but her face, "How would one gain Paris' gift, madame?" There is a glance towards Morgana, an appreciation of the grace of movement and artistry of the dragon.

Cochonnet: "Oh, yes, she has sharp edges to spare, and is hardly scared to stick you with them," Coco lowers her chin almost menacingly as she watches the dragon writhe on the chain, "But she does take to the chain fairly well. Look how she thrills to pull on it," she narrates in a low, dusky voice. "Don't be scared!" she lifts her voice to encourage the rest to approach the glass. "She can't hurt you, no matter how she tries," she grins, and turns, demonstating Morgana's helplessness, taunting her by pressing her bared buttocks to the glass, turning to press out her tongue and taunt the dragon into an attack. "Oh!" she remarks, when Aedhwyn asks after the chalice, "You desire the chalice? All you must do is to surprise me, my Lady," she puts out there as a challenge. And it's quite a challenge. Coco isn't often surprised.

Morgana ; A hand lifts slowly and caresses the glass that traps her almost like one would a lover before she rears back and strikes it lightly with fury, right across the spot where Cochonnet has pressed her backside. Sharp nails graze the glass lightly as she stares out at her viewers. Grinning wickedly she backs away circling her cage in a predatory like dance, twisting her body in slow erotic movements as she pulls on her chain, wrapping it around herself and then upwrapping it, testing its limits along with those of her body before twirling and pressing that mirror scaled body against the front of her cage. Her hands rest on either side of her as she stares outwards thrusting her hips slowly and sensually forward tilting her head at the crowds and managing one final playful thrust forwards at the glass as her part of the show concludes and she slowly backs away once more, circling the length of her cage in a slow seductive dance, visibly teasing and taunting those who watch. Their own gazes staring back at them from the mirrors on her shining scales, any desires of those in the crowds shown openly there but left unfulfilled…for now.

A young Glycine courtesan is carrying drinks, a glass tray covered with shot glasses of what looks a deeply herbal, chilled liquor, encouraging everyone to take one, the young man in the prime of his beauty, bare chested, and wearing pants of shimmmery glass icicles.. "Whoever downs a glass, earns a kiss.." A marque is shown on his back, fully completed, his arms stong and muscular, his eyes dark and lips cherry red and sensual.

Ysabeau: There's a pause in Ysabeau's steps when she sees the incredible costuming on the mirrored scales of the dragon. Paired glasses of red and white in hand, she drifts towards the cages before shaking it off. Rerouting back towards where the painter has set up to paint, she presents of the glasses, cheeks a bit flushed from the careful walk to fetch the beverages. "The glass scales are incredible. Did you see?" Of -course- he saw, he's painting them, but the seamstress' excitement can't be contained enough to think about the question before asking it. "Just amazing." she adds more quietly, waiting with both glasses held for Vespasien to make selection of which he wishes.

Maximilien smiles a Lilyana approaches, looking to her. "Good evening," he replies, before he adds, "It's good to see you." He then looks back to the dancing, nodding a bit. "Incredible," he agrees. "And the table looks like it should be explored at some point, yes." And then his attention turns to the next dancer, watching rather carefully now. "That is rather incredible as well," he says, with a smile, as he continues watching. Watching, not staring. Even if it might be close to that.

Aedhwyn smiles to Cochonnet, "Have I not surprised you just now in my approach of you and asking after the chalice?" There is afterall no harm in trying to claim a thing. She jumps a bit when the dragon 'attacks' the glass.

Cochonnet jumps just a little bit, mouth forming into a clownish 'o' of shock when the dragon rampages after her bottom, despite having just taunted her into it. "Morgana no Glycine, mesdames et monsieurs!" she calls out, declaring the second dance at an end and beginning to trail her way back up to the dais and her couch there while more adepts sweep in to bundle off their dragon-novice, dragging her in her chains out of the room and to safety, clearing out the second cage and leaving it unlocked and with the door-panel open, but with the key still at hand, in case the revelers decide to lock someone else in, later. "No," Coco answers Aedhwyn, "But you did surprise me by trying to riddle me out of the prize! I do love a healthy riddle. Come and claim the chalice from me… later," she winks, strutting back up to her chaise and standing in front of it with her feet planted just past shoulder width, hands on her hips, hips forward, chest out, chin up, about to embark upon some new announcement, perhaps.

Aedhwyn grins brightly at having earned the chalice afterall. "Thank you, madame. I will surely return for it…later." She nods and with that there is the matter of a drink. As the young Glycine courtesan passes her, she speaks to pause him in his journey. "I would like to try a glass of it."

Evelyne eyes her glass and then the tasty Glycine courtesan coming by, and she smiles, as she replaces her empty one with one of those from his tray. "A kiss?", she grins, and then very pointedly just does what is required, downing the glass. "And if you're good enough you may tear a little a t my skirts." This her little challenge she has for him.

Vespasien smiles to Ysabeau- nodding, "Yes, the costuming is fantastic." he agrees, "You should see who helped them with these costumes, perhaps share designs and techniques." The man suggests as he takes a red wine and takes a long, slow sip. "Mmm. Perhaps a little tame, though." he mentions off hand as he continues his painting.

A toss of black hair and as the white clad beauty approaches him first, Marian, the Glycine courtesan bows and offers up a still cold to the touch glass, a small frigid shimmer above the little glass, as he offers it to Aedhwyn. "One gulp, milady, and mind the burn.." he says with a grin, then notices Evelynnne, looking towards her dress. "Oh…well, if you are the first to do so.." he takes her in his arms, a hand on the back of her neck and his kiss isn't light or tender, but almost rough, needy, filled with primal hunger, as if he wants to taste the herbal liqueur on her lips.

Cochonnet: "For those of you saddened by the loss of the chalice prize, I am pleased to announce that we have five — count them — one, two, three, four, five other prizes to give out to-night! The first two prizes must be allotted close to immediately, and so I am hereby summoning all who would compete for Fete de Verre Best Dressed to come up here and be judged before all these delicious clothings begin to come off, hm?" Coco smiles wickedly, perhaps pinpointing Evelyne in the crowd, while summoning those who would compete up to her couch to show off their outfits. "Men to my left, women to my right, and the helplessly androgynous right between my legs because you are my very kink," she jokes merrily.

"Our prize for best dressed man," she gestures to one side, where an adept opens the far left treasure chest and draws out a gorgeous mahogany walking stick with an intricately formed glass handle and a glass and silver inset in the middle, rendering the middle section of the walking stick nigh invisible. "And for best dressed woman," she gestures to her right, and the far right chest is opened, similarly, with a pair of gorgeously glittering glass slippers drawn out for display. "We have several pairs, in fact, so you may choose the ones that fit you best. Though some people like a little pinch," she winks.

Cochonnet: "At the end of the night, another set of prizes will be awarded for Most Adventurous Man and Most Adventurous Woman in the course of the evening's fun. I have my little spies about the place, but all you really need to impress— is me. Now, don't be shy. Remember the judge takes bribes of all genre: compliment, coin or cunnilingus," she grins impishly. "For our Most Adventurous Woman we have an exquisitely wrought glass brassiere to take home with you to-night, as well as a mahogany paddle with glass window insets— good for the sub who likes a cool, glassy chill— or for the domme who just likes to see what she's doing! For our Most Adventurous Man, we have an assortment of glass sounding rods and cock rings. I also have my own versions of all of these toys which I will be demonstrating the use of over the course of the evening, for those not acquainted— after tonight they will be housed for your playtime pleasure in the Hall of Oddities."

Cochonnet: "And, lest you think you've lost your ability to count, we have one more prize on offer to-night. I call it— the New Friend Award, and it will go to the first two people here tonight who manage their way in one fell swoop from introduction to copulation. Get to know someone new to-night, and you two will be treated to a day-trip on the luxury yacht l'Aloyette, to be redeemed at any point with that vessel's Capitaine in the next two weeks."

Cochonnet swats her hands together, utterly pleased with herself. "Winning one prize does not preclude you winning another, so let me see you party with ambition out there. As well, everyone who has come here tonight may, at their leisure, have a portrait of him or herself done on a pane of glass by the inimitible Vespasien de Trevalion, so feel free to stop by and see him when his hands are free. Now, let's see these outfits," Coco steps back and then eases down, reclining on her couch to look over the outfits as those who come up to her show them off.

Aedhwyn smiles, taking the offered glass from the Gylcine courtesan and lifting it in a salut to him before then lifting it to her lips. It is a single long sip, a single tilting back of her head in which the herbal liquid disappears. There is a small shake of her head, little braids making themselves known, followed by a lick of her lips. "That was….tasty, flavourful without too great of a burn."

Ysabeau: The wine has been judged and found lacking. Setting the glasses both aside, Ysabeau considers Vespasien before she bows slightly towards him, sent off on another of those forever-long seeming walks, cheeks flushed and eyes bright with mischief for his game.

Making her way towards the courtesan with the tray of shots, she's more than willing to pay the price for Vespasien's drink, but the announcement of the contest has her stepping with that same care to get in line for the judging of the outfits.

Evelyne licks some of the liquor off her lips still, as the Glycine courtesan elects to take her in his arms and claim the kiss he had offered. It may be no surprise, that the Somerville suddenly smells even more intensely of apples, that she returns the kiss most eagerly. So eagerly in fact, that the unthinkable happens and the emptied shot glass drops to the floor, where it shatters into a multitude of shards. "Oh! Kushiel's Balls. I'm so terribly sorry!", Eve gasps, when she realizes the mess she has caused. "Sorry…" Mouthing the word again to one of the many helpful attendants that starts to clean up the shards, she then heads off to Cochnonnet. Someone mentioned prizes? Marking the spot where that tasty courtesan lingers, Evelyne then elects to strip herself off the skirt. Pulling all of that thin fabric away, tearing it even. Which leaves her only clad in glass. Colored green in places, but not everywhere. As befits an apple.

Maximilien pauses as he hears the announcements of the prizes. "Hmmm…." he remarks, mostly to himself, ads he looks around briefly, to see who gets into the line for the prizes. Not looking like he's about to move into any of the lines, just watching a bit carefully for now.

Marian tastes the last droplet of the green drink from Evelynne's lips, then takes a napkin and carefuly wipes his mouth, as he sees Aedhwyn's own judgment of the shot he's taken. "Your turn, my Lady.. he says..and the kiss he gives her is different, long, tender, searching, first a brush of lips, a caress of a hand over a shoulder, then a deeper exploration though he can feel how young she is behind that mask.

Vespasien finishes his first painting, cleaning his brushes as he hands the glass piece off to a passing novice. "For the house. Give it to Cochonnet." he states simply, speaking of the work on glass, meant to be looked at through the glass to the layered paint on the back. Painted in reverse- but now, looking at it one can see well that the delicate work has Coco herself as the centerpiece to her fete- with Morgana and Paris on either side, dancing and playing their part. A lovely, well done piece of art, over all.

Likewise, Vespasien watches as his 'assistant' for the evening walks off to explore the gentle suggestions he's given- just curious, really, to see how she decides to go forward- a quiet, barely there smile for Ysabeau's movements.

Cochonnet: There is an absolute team of adepts on the ready for just such an occasion. More so than in other fetes, this one requires there to be some safety precautions on hand. No sooner is the crash heard echoing through the atrium, but an adept rushes in from the side of the room with a thick, wet rag made of a bunch of rags tied together, scooping it all up and getting all the tiniest shards stuck to the hundred wet dangly bits of the rag, then darting back to take the remnants of the shot glass back to be disposed of safely.

Cochonnet: The Piglet of Glycine, meanwhile, unharried by the accident, waves it off and beckons Evelyne up to join the contest. While the ladies continue to ascend and arrange themselves, Coco looks over the line of gentlemen who pass by her, becoming adorably charmed by one gentleman who has honored her by wearing an oversized glass codpiece. She beckons him closer, exploring the underside of the codpiece (the gentleman is wearing naught else but a glass-studded collar) with her hand. Gently knuckling at [CENSORED], "Look at him in his little glass cage! I hope you'll let him get some air tonight, Monsieur!" she grins, and grants him the glass and silver walking stick. Then, looking over the women who have assembled, she stands up off of her couch and goes to examine what is on offer. She walks the line, strutting in her ridiculously perilous glass heels, dismissing this one and that one until only Evelyne and Ysabeau are left, and she examines each one in turn, circling around them as one would inspect a statue for sale.

Aedhwyn seems to be caught a bit by surprise at the kiss, her eyes closing at the tender exploration of her lips that leaves her stepping back glassy eyed. Either the drink or the kiss was rather potent.

Vespasien has partially disconnected.

Ysabeau: Inspections aren't unfamiliar. Ysabeau's cheeks flush and she hides the bright green of her eyes behind her lashes, spreading her feet before clasping her arms behind her - hands hold the opposing elbow in a fashion that offers her breasts up by causing the back to arch. More interestingly, the spread of feet makes it easier to spot the jewel-cut glass that seems to be decorating her bottom. She stands still as she can, pulse quickening along the side of her throat. The waiting, the judging is the worst for the little Valerian, but also the best.

Evelyne is inspected, and yes, she doesn't seem overly troubled by that fact either, standing there with confidence that goes a little with flushed cheeks. Her stance more at ease and relaxed. Her gaze falls to Ysabeau beside her, and she cannot help but incline her head in a nod. "Very nice outfit." Where was the wine? Yes. More wine. Even as she awaits the verdict of La Cochonnet.

Maximilien watches the proceedings tather carefully, unable to hold back a bit of a smile as he studies the various participants. He raises an eyebrow momentarily, watching them a bit carefully, but otherwise keeping silent.

Cochonnet: "My girl," Coco utters, bending slightly with one hand on a knee and her other hand outstretched to cradle a cut-glass crystal hanging from Ysa's crotch, "Is this crystal clipped to your [CENSORED]? Marian! Come up here and fit this girl in a pair of glass slippers of her very own! A little too tight, if you don't mind," Coco grins, having made her decision based on that delightful little detail— and the [CENSORED], of course. She stands and moves to Evelyne, next, "You were out-acessorized, my love. But— I think that we can find a pair of slippers for you, too. If only you would put on the same accessories for me," she tries to tempt the young Lady into letting her festoon her privy parts with thematic decor.

A kiss is given to Aedhwyn's hand, as Marian leans to whisper something in the girl's ear, feeeling the flush that moves through her skin, and then a hand caresses her neck, like a horse tamer would do to a fractitious horse…before he winks. "Duty calls me…but seek me, beautiful." He says and follows Cochonnet's command, kneeling in front of Ysabeay, skillfully taking her shoes off…and his hands massaging her soles when he fits some veyr high heeled glass slippers on. It might also be that his breath makes that small glass icicle sway a bit..in the wind as it were.

"Hey…" Evelyne brows wrinkle a touch at Cochonnet's suggestive suggestion. "I don't mind aides d'Amour, but not… those of glass. See how I broke that one shot glass there?" She wiggles a little, forcing the glass beads in the belt to jingle a little. "Call me a coward. She's into that kind of thing, obviously?" A sideways look towards Ysabeau, and she smiles. "No. I'd prefer a tasty courtesan in the flesh to a cold piece of glass shoved in somewhere. Even if it feels interesting to be clad in nothing but glass…" A bit of envy is in her gaze though, as she watches Marian fit those glass shoes to Ysabeau's delicate feet.

Vespasien's smile grows ever so slightly as Ysabeau takes the prize. There is a confidence to the smile- almost as if had no doubt. Still, he again begins painting- another pane of glass taken as he begins to paint once more- this time his subject is Ysabeau. A teasing positioning of the young woman on glass- one that would show both the piece of crystal hanging from her [CENSORED], and the [CENSORED].

Using the properties of the glass he's painting on, Vespasien is able to add a certain realism to the glass beads she wears for her outfit- the curves of her body painted with delicate and intimate knowledge on a background of stars while she sits in the rain- adding to the water-droplet effect of her outfit.

Cochonnet: "Ah, but the glass had thin walls and was dropped from a great height," Coco points out, noting the envy in Evelyne's gaze, thinking she still might be able to sway her. But she isn't the sort to insist on [CENSORED] if someone's really not into it, so, "Then forget the [CENSORED]. Let me [CENSORED], and you may keep it as well as the shoes— and remove it as you like," is her final offer, while Ysa is set into one pair of the slippers.

Ysabeau: All of the walking Vespasian has sent her on had a purpose. Cochonnet cradles the crystal hanging by the carefully bent wire made to [CENSORED], causing her to shift her weight and stifle a low sound. Cheeks bright red, pulse running fast, she can't help but smile. "It is. I can make you one, if you'd like?" she offers quietly.

Marian wins another of those smiles as she lifts her feet for him, the tease of breath making her tense and shiver delicately, lips parting to take in a deeper breath. "It is a lovely weight that makes every motion a delight." she murmurs as an aside to Evelyne as the high heeled slippers are snugged to her small feet - knowing immediately of the ache they'll have later. "Thanks you, Miss Cochonnet." she adds, reaching to draw Marian up to whisper near his ear. "I am in need of a glass of the stronger spirits. Is it still a kiss to purchase one?"

Marian's nostrils fremish…maybe at the heady perfume that they feel, but as he is lifted, his long, strong fingers caress the sides of Ysabeau's legs, and his smile grows more wolfish, his teeth very white. "Oh yes, indeed, a kiss.." he says, and leans in to whisper something into the beautiful woman's ear…then reaches for the tray to offer a shot of the herbal liquid to her..should she wish to purchase it.

Evelyne asks, "Will the shoes be fitted by the same Glycine?" As if that would be the most important thing to determine her decision. "Ah… those glass shoes… Would I ever wear them?" The Somerville seems a little undecided, the apple scent growing stronger about her. It seems Marian is required on other tasks as well, so Evelyne leans over to murmur some words into Cochonnet's ear. A nod then, and a smile, as the Somerville steps away for the moment. A glance given to Marian as he gets ready to offer yet another of is incredible kisses to a very appreciative subject. The evening is still young though, and who can tell what may happen in the later hours of the night?

Aedhwyn blinks and draws in a breath before turning towards the contest only to turn right back around, her cheeks flaming at the very d'Angeline display on stage. It is Vespasien and the paintings being offered to be done that draws her attention. "My lord, how might one acquire a painting done by your hand?"

Vespasien sets aside his piece on the lovely Ysabeau on a rack for drying. He's not finished with it, but, he does have a customer. "You must take a sensual pose on the lounge." he says, nodding towards the lounge. "Ideally, with an eye towards seduction. Or, you can have my assistant assist you in finding pleasure." he notes as he nods towards Ysabeau as she's played with by Cochonnet, "Well. That may not be possible at the moment- she is doing something else I require- however, I will stand in her place if required to bring the proper mood." he says with a bit of a quiet smile. "Assuming that is, Cherie, that you desire to fall deeper into our culture." A teasing, but friendly tone.

Ysabeau: "Oh! That is a high price…" Ysabeau declares, then matches the man's smile. Never set a price on something a Valerian has been tasked to fetch. Taking a careful step back, getting used to the high heels she's been fitted with, Ysa takes a moment to try and catch Vespasian's gaze, arching an eyebrow at him before bending forward in a smooth motion, fingers finding the button on his trousers and popping it with a practiced ease. In but a moment, she's [CENSORED] [MORE CENSORED] [OMG CENSORED].

Cochonnet: "Of course— as would the clip, if you would like," Coco offers, fiendishly tempting with Marian's time and attention. She leans in and angles her head in assent to whatsoever Evelyne has whispered to her, giving the maiden a pat on the rump and summoning another adept to escort her elsewhere for the fitting. But she nods her pleasure to Marian, tickling the back of his neck as she passes by where he works on Ysa, then looks out over the atrium to survey the burgeoning pleasure as people split off in pairs and threesomes and more to play among the different tableaux she has created. She smiles to see the masked maiden who riddled away the chalice going to have her portrait done. And angles her head to spot Maximilien. Slowly, so slowly, she takes a step down the stairs. And another. Beckoning him.

Having simply been watching the people, Maximilien pauses as he sees Cochonnet step down the stairs, and the beckoning. He glances around very briefly, before he takes a few steps forward.

Marian's eyebrows raise as he sees Ysabeau bends over..and her [CENSORED]. He laughs though as he feels the [CENSORED], and smiles. "Oh my…" Indeed, it seems the Glycine courtsean has been rather aroused by her touch. He profers the glass with a bright smile. "Well earned, my Lady!"

Aedhwyn draws in a small breath at Vespasien's repy to her. She looks to the lounge, her head tilting to the side before looking back at him. "I am not certain that I might be able to grant you the look you desire but I will try." At the offer of help, she waves her hand, "I….I do not need assistance in that manner but perhaps your direction in which way I should be seated would be sufficient." She leans down a bit, in truth she does not have to lean far at her height to whisper something to him.

Ysabeau: Drink claimed, Ysabeau grins at her fellow courtesan and bows, not spilling a drop of the licorice flavored fluid. "A pleasure." she says, straightening and starting back towards where Vespasien has set up his painting. There's only so much one can do in heels to avoid the sway of hips and the sort of motions that make the [CENSORED]. Between the adventure to fetch the drink, the price of the drink, and trip back, Ysa is a flushed, aching mess by the time she makes it back to the painting station - having to pause more than once to keep from losing her composure entirely.

Vespasien: "Mm. That is not a bad pose." Vespasien notes as the young woman leans forward, looking at her quietly, before he stands slowly and comes close to Aedhwyn to help starting her on a proper pose for the position she's in. As he's close, he whispers in return- quiet words while he has her lay out, one leg dangling off the edge of the lounge, the back leg slid up while her foot rests on the fabric, knee going up.

He shifts her dress up scandalously- but ensures that it remains more a tease than anything else. He shifts up, then, and pulls her dress down off one shoulder as he lays her back, both arms above her head- giving a most lovely teasing view of all her charms. "Here, like this."

He then looks back, Vespasien smiles towards Ysabeau. "Oh, barely keeping it together." he notes, "Once I start to paint, you'll have to find a way to entertain yourself." he teases, eyebrows raising just slightly in suggestion as he takes his drink and throws it back, before he looks towards the young woman on his chaise. "Comfortable? Please, feel free to move some."

Cochonnet makes her way down the last of the stairs, opening out her arms to her sides as if about to embrace Maximilien. But she doesn't. She stands there in her scarecrow pose, "Monsieur, why is [CENSORED]?" she wonders. "Tell me what [CENSORED], and Coco will take care of you." Spotting over her shoulder that Marian is done, she beckons him with a sideways tip her her head, "Marian, unfasten my garment. Gently, now," she guides him, before returning her attention to Maximilien. "Or [CENSORED]. Or [CENSORED]," she offers up. "Have you been yet sur la table?" she asks. "It seems lonesome up there, monsieur."

Aedhwyn sits on the edge of the lounge in a most proper lose, her legs crossed at the ankles and slightly to the side before she is repositioned into a position that looks as if she has been caught midnap. Her far arm moves from where it has been positioned to cover over her eyes even as the colour that has claimed her cheeks spread further up and out towards her ears and down her neck giving her a slightly flushed look. She really can't help herself, pushing the hem of her dress back down a bit to ensure her modesty from those that might be observing. "Is…is this ok?"

Marian drops his pants…it's easier than pulling them back again, and the naked Glycine laughs softly, giving Ysabeau a quick wave..then moves behind Cochonnet, to undo the hidden stays of her corset, and slowly taking it off, with a jungle of glass…and carefully sets it on one of the appointed hangers, from which there is no peril of it dropping and crashing.
















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