(1310-07-07) The Space Between
Summary: A walk outside town leads to a meeting.
RL Date: Sat Jul 07, 1310
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Le Cascade

Taking a smaller path that splits from the main one, following it through the trees and down a small slope, and a person would find themselves in a large glade at the foot of a waterfall. Entering the glade is like stepping into another world; for no views of the city, or the sea that can be heard in the distance, are possible from here due to the trees that surround it. It's here that the river which has wound its way through the Eisandine fields, tumbles over a fifty foot cliff and into a pool at its base before continuing on its way. Over the centuries the rocks surrounding the pool have worn smooth, and the natural hollows and formations of which they comprise allow for sitting or bathing in the sparkling clear waters, or for stretching alongside the pool in the warmth of the Eisandine summers. Trees around the edge of the glade offer respite for those that prefer to seek shade when the sun is high, and one large flat rock that overhangs the pool is a popular spot from which to dive. %r%rAt some point in history, someone carved a small grotto into one of the rocks behind where the water cascades, and lovers will often place a devotion to Naamah here, asking her for blessings.%r

The day was a little cool, but there was no cloud cover to stop the sun from beaming down on the beautiful summer day. The La Cascade was vacant at least which left Lilyana a place to sit and appreciate the view. At the side of the water she has seated herself and beside her on a rock are a pair of dainty slippers, a hint that she had her feet dangling in the water. The light splashes give her away though, as does the soft smile she wears as she kicks a little harder to make the droplets go higher, then to fall like rain into her head. There is no one else about, but she seems to be enjoying the solitude for the moment.

A cool day, a good day to walk. Vespasien moves quietly along the path to Le Cascade. Deep in thought as his steps bring him closer and closer to where Lilyana relaxes. He doesn't yet, seem to have noticed her as his attention seems to be more on a pad of paper in his hand than on his surroundings.

His movements, however, are of an amazing grace- he is truly a Scion of Azza- every movement in line with the other as he stalks along with stunning confidence, even when he's not looking where he's going.

It is not that Lilyana heard any sounds from the approaching Vespasien, it was just that she had been alone and then somehow sensed that she was no longer alone at all. While she keeps her feet in the water, she does cease her splashing to turn and look who is coming. A familiar face, or at least a man she had met only once, but that was at the port on the day of his arrival, to know that their paths had crossed again brings a whimsical smile to her youthful features. For the moment she does not interrupt his privacy, except to quietly watch and admire the confidence and grace of his movements.

Vespasien pauses a moment, tapping the paper twice with a slow breath as his eyebrows knit together a moment, "Sill doesn't feel right." he says to himself, brassy baritone voice curling through the air like honey and smoke.

He lowers his paper to notice Lilyana. A blink. "Hello again." he offers to the young woman with a bow of his head, "This seems a peaceful place." he says- as he looks up towards where it is he's found himself. Looking over his shoulder to peer back the way he came. It's all new to him- he was very much in his own world while he was walking.

"You look somewhat surprised to find yourself here at this enchanted place. I admit it seems much like a dreamland, all of the surrounding beauty. The perfect backdrop for almost anything." The whimsical smile remains but there's welcome in her eyes. "Would you like to come and have a seat? Rest awhile and wet your feet in the water?" Even going so far as to pat the place beside her where she is seated. "Perhaps tell me what still does not feel right?" Letting him know she had overheard his musings.

There is a moment where Vespasien is clearly making a decision, a long moment of quiet as he weighs his plans of the day versus of the offer given. "Very well." he answers then as he approaches to join Lilyana in her repose at the side of the cool water. He comes to sit nearby after removing his boots so he, too, might put his feet in the cool, clear waters.

He offers the pad of paper over to Lilyana- it has numbers all over it. Numbers and equations. "I'm missing something." he admits, "But I've gone over this two dozen times, and every time I come to the same answer- but it just feels wrong. Something is telling me I made a mistake somewhere, or the premise itself must be flawed."

While he seems indecisive a moment, Lilyana waits, not wishing to discourage him. As his decision seems to be made shortly thereafter, her smile returns and she continues to quietly watch him as he manages to remove his boots and join her. The pad of paper is taken after it is offered and she gently traces a finger over all of the numbers and sums. "Are you searching for an answer to something? How can you tell that the premise is flawed. Certainly not the execution."

"Well, it would require much more work to prove the premise flawed. I'm using someone else's initial measurement to the size of the moon, compared to the size of the earth." Vespasien explains, "This comes out to approximately one-third the size of the planet, according to the works of another mathematician." Vespasien offers, tapping the numbers. "But, I think it is larger." he says, "It must be larger than one third." he says, then, "The numbers just don't work like this- there's a flaw somewhere. Either it is my flaw, or the flaw of the original numbers."

Tilting her head back, Lilyana looks for the moon that is not yet visible before turning more to look at him, offering the pad of paper back to him. "Is there a reason you need to know the size of the moon in regards to the size of the earth? I suppose if one had works on it before, it must be something important to know. Could you imagine if one could travel to the moon?" Laughter, soft and light accompanies her own musings. "I think it must be a flaw in the original numbers if you have checked your own work repeatedly and still found no issues. What is your fascination with the moon?"

"I'm an astronomer. It is all of interest to me. The moon. The stars. The wandering stars… their place compared to earth. I have many theories, which may or may not be true- for instance," Vespasien flips to a new page, pulling a bit of charcoal out from behind his ear. "The Earth is round- this is true, the numbers don't lie there. But how large it is, is difficult to say. I'm working on that, as well- but knowing that it is round, I can tell that it rotates. It moves around the sun- that I am certain of. Others may tell you the cosmos go around us, but the math doesn't support it." he explains as he begins to draw a circle- a sphere. "Knowing the size of the moon, in relation to the Earth means that navigation by the stars can be more accurate. How far a ship is going, how long it takes- these things are important for missions that would bring our navy to foreign shores."

It makes sense in theory, what he says, but she extends both arms out to her side and tilts her head back some, closing her eyes. "I remember I used to stand outside my home back when I was younger, I would spread my arms wide and look up to the stars and spin around and around in circles until I fell down, laughing, the whole world spinning around me." Opening her eyes, she smiles at him, warmth in her eyes even as she says softly. "If the earth is spinning, how do we not feel the spinning like that?" Her arms drop back down and she does look genuinely interested in the response.

"That's a question of physical properties that I don't know the answer to." Vespasien states, "Some force is keeping us anchored, but I have no idea what it is. We all know things fall towards the ground. That same force is probably what keeps us anchored on the ground, despite the spinning of the earth. Maybe the spinning is what causes it, even, and we are simply designed to not feel it." Vespasien offers with a bit of a shrug.

Vespasien takes a slow breath, "I'll need to do some measurements. These must be incorrect." he concludes, "Anyways, I'm more interested in the sky than the Earth- still, knowing the actual size of the Earth is useful for figuring out where we sit in the universe."

It was something to contemplate, certainly, and Lily shares another smile with him after his explanation. "I think, if the earth is indeed spinning and I believe it since you say it is so, I think that I am glad we cannot feel it and walk around feeling as if we have had too much wine." Kicking her feet a little, she glances down again at his paper and is careful not to splash, not wanting to ruin his calculations. "How is it you do the measurements? Is there something I can assist you with?"

"I can't do the measurements today." Vespasien says, "I would need to start on the Solstice and Equinox and measure shadows… I'd also need a particularly tall tower or something similar. WIthout anything around it- so, unfortunately, the citadel's tower isn't particularly useful." he explains as he leans back, and slides the papers back into his bag.

Out comes a bottle marked with a naval symbol- navy issue brandy. The cork is pulled out and he takes a pull from the bottle. "Brandy?" he asks, "It's the navy proof, so… a little strong." he warns.

"I know of any other grand towers, though I would help you if I could." Lilyana glances over at the bottle as he offers it to her and with a smile, she reaches for it. "I have never had anything except wine before, but I am willing to try it." She has to work up the courage though and she looks down at the bottle before smiling back up at him, "Is it good?"

"Brandy is made from wine." Vespasien explains, "And I am very fond of it." he says, "The naval brandy is a touch stronger than most house brandies- but, it has a certain spiciness that I very much enjoy." he explains, "And really, who wants to face this word completely sober?" he asks, perhaps rhetorically.

"So, what brought you out here today?" Vespasien wonders, "The waterfall, perhaps?"

"Is it?" Lilyana is surprised to find that out and she lifts it to her lips giving him a quick flash of a smile before tilting it back for a smaller drink. Oooh, it is heated though, in her throat and though her eyes water she does not cough or spew the liquid. Once she has swallowed she offers it back and when she is able to speak, her voice has an uncharacteristic husky quality that goes away after a moment or two. "I have never been behind the waterfall. Would you like to adventure there with me?"

"I've never been here at all." Vespasien says, looking towards the waterfall. "Why not?" he asks, then, "Let's see what lies beyond the waterfall." he agrees, as he shifts himself and takes his bottle back, and pulls his bag off to set it somewhere secluded- tucked into a bush. His boots, however, are left right where he'd removed them. "I'm not sure there is a path that won't lead to getting soaked." he remarks, as he works off his shirt next to stand in the sun wearing only the trousers he'd come walking in.

His skin is tanned, sun-touched- as if he's spent a great deal of time under the sun in just this condition. He is not bulky, but rather lithe. A body built for dexterity and agility over raw strength. A swimmer's build. He leans down to snatch his bottle again and take another long pull at the liquid within.

"Then I am doubly glad that you made your way out here somehow." Remembering his somewhat distracted manner at his arrival. Lilyana gets to her feet with a rustle of skirts. "It is a good place to have a bath out here if one were so inclined. People do at ti.." He removes his shirt and she smiles her approval at his sun kissed skin. As he takes the bottle, she offers her hand and a playful smile, "To each keep our balance to go through the water." It was as good an excuse as any, and only an offer. He could decline if he likes. "I wonder what it is like behind there."

Vespasien looks to Lilyana's hand and nods, although he doesn't seem particularly worried about his balance. Bottle in one hand, Lily's hand in the other, he begins towards the waterfall- letting her set the pace, really, he just initiated the movement. "Well, we are about to find out, aren't we?" he wonders as he takes another long pull from his bottle- offering it again to his companion as they begin towards the waterfall.

Walking with him, the trail looks to be marked in the grass by a flattened down area, however the closer to the waterfall, the more it skirts it. Still it is a small pond so it takes little to get to the splash pool that is necessary to cross before coming directly to the waterfall. Getting behind it seems to be rather simple and there is room for more than one. The offer of the drink is accepted and she holds her breath as she takes another drink, this one a little bigger than the sip she had before. "I think I like Brandy better than I imagined at first." The offer of the bottle back is made as they get almost to the waterfall. "It is louder over here than it seems like it would be from over there."

"I'm glad to hear it." Vespasien says about the shared drink, nodding in quiet as they walk through the spray from the water- his skin soon glowing from the water that sets on him as they move further and further behind the waterfall- to find the grotto carved there by who knows who.

"Oh. This is nice." Vespasien says- with the curtain and splash of the waterfall this place seemed particularly cut off from the world.

STill, he walks with such obvious grace- steady on his feet as he almost glides along. The brandy has warmed his skin- a bit of a flush to his cheeks- the cooling spray of water much welcomed as they journey behind the waterfall.

Once Lilyana had passed the bottle back over, she hesitates beneath the falls and smiles as she reaches out a hand to touch the walls that had been carved out. As he moves on a little, she releases his hand and laughs, finding initials carved there, tracing them. "A spot for lovers it seems," she muses, looking after him and his water glistening skin. "I wonder," she says softly as she turns to follow him, "Do you visit the night courts?"

"I do." Vespasien answers, "An excellent way to spend an evening. Or a day. Or a weekend." he continues as he sees this place of privacy in the middle of an open place. "Why do you ask?" he wonders, then, as his hand is released- not seeming to mind as he looks at the water. Cool, clear. A place to relax in quiet.

And so he removes his outer pants- a long pair of things that while well made are clearly designed for utility over look. Under it, he wears a pair of shorts in what appear to be silk. Standard underclothes for a nobleman, really.

He then steps into the water, called by the cool look of the stuff- setting his bottle on the edge of the grotto as he dives a moment before surfacing and pushing his long hair out of his eyes. "The water is lovely."

"I was only curious. You seem a man who knows what he wants. In regards to the moon, the stars, the earth, I am certain you would go to no ends to prove or even disprove your thoughts." Lilyana watches him as he removes his trousers and she laughs softly, mostly as she admires his frame as he gets into the water.
Like before, she moves to sit herself on the side and watches as he surfaces in the water, eyes moving from his hair then his shoulders, anything out of the water. "I am of the night court, Glycine is the house I serve."

"Lovely." Vespasien offers as he floats with ease in the water- taking another pull from his bottle which is set next to the young woman who's brought him behind the waterfall. "So, what do you do there, then?" he wonders quietly, "What path do you follow, I mean." he further narrows the question as he floats peacefully in the water'.

"Jasmine." Lilyana easily answers and she reaches for the brandy for another drink for herself." "I am an adept, though my marque is close to being finished. Until it is though, I am allowed only to be with those who give offerings." After a soft exhalation of breath she takes another drink before replacing it beside herself. "I do like to dance. And those of our house have been known to offer fetish pleasure, should someone have such a thing. There are many, I am learning from my Second. She is very wise in the ways while I find I have so much to learn."

"All are students of something, I have found. Even if they are unaware of their learning." Vespasien says as he floats lazily in the water. He seems natural in the water- comfortable. "All lovely things, though. One must live life to the fullest, I feel. Enjoy all the pleasures this world has to offer- there are a great many to be known and explored." he continues as he comes to settle in the water near to her- just quietly looking up at her with golden-brown eyes. "Will you be dancing at the fete, then?" he wonders of her, "I assume you'll be there."

"I have been learning since I was six, though more how to serve at first before learning more about the pleasures offered. Since my debut mostly I have been in long term contract with one person though he had plans lately and so I have been exploring a little more with those who do come in to the salon for someone who desires what we offer." Lilyana looks down, meeting those eyes with a smile that holds warmth, "I will be dancing if needed, though mostly that is for the novices. Perhaps I will be on the table, I am not certain as of yet. I wonder if you will come and find me?"

"I will be there, painting." Vespasien offers, "But, yes, I'm sure between paintings I will be able to come and find you." he says with a bow of his head. "And perhaps show the power of mathematics, depending on the game." he says simply. "Is there a particular game you'll be dealing- I assume that is what you mean by table, and not being a plate."

"I am not a gambler, I could never get into something like that. My Second has asked me to be on the table, it is a large, oversized glass table, and she has asked me to seek a volunteer to put on a display with." Lilyana glances back towards the initials on the wall that she had traced with her finger before offering him a smile again. "Though I much prefer privacy for such matters, it is a fete and there are those who certainly appreciate such displays."

"I see. And what, exactly, is it you're display will be about?" Vespasien wonders curiously, as he sips his brandy again- enjoying the warmth it brings to his skin against the coolness of the water.

"A dance, perhaps? Or, something a bit more…unique?"

"Something a bit more unique." Lilyana tells him with a blush rising in her cheeks. She is no white rose, but a public display is not something she had ever done before. "I believe the novices will be clothed and dancing in glass boxes while there are some of us on the glass, oversized table doing other acts. You see, the table is very oversized and you can walk very well beneath it to look up and see the happenings above you."

"Oh, I see. I'll have to take a stroll, then, and get a look." Vespasien says with a quiet chuckle. "Very curious indeed- I'll be sure to come for a visit." he says, "And hope I'll see just what ever it is that is making that blush." he notes as he begins to climb out of the water, "I should head back to town. Those numbers are still in my head." he admits, "And I need to do the math." he takes a slow breath.

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