(1310-07-07) Azzan Breeze
Summary: While attempting to visit his cousin, the Duchess, Vespasien happens to meet another cousin.
RL Date: Sat Jul 07, 1310
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Rooftop Garden

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Vespasien had come to the Ducal Palace to visit with the Lady of Marsilikos- to greet his cousin who he's likely not seen in some time. She is, of course, a busy woman and while he's been offered the hospitality one would expect from one's cousins, he has not yet been able to see her.

Still, that allowed him a chance to explore the Ducal Palace- and in particular the gardens on the rooftop. A lovely place to gaze at the stars, and Vespasien is loathe to give up a chance to look at the stars from a garden of this sort. To see the stars as they twinkle above and the sun begins to set. "Spectacular." he says, to himself, as he takes a pad of paper out of his always present messenger style bag. Some charcoal is found and he begins to quietly draw the way the moon looks as it rises over the ocean and city of Marsilikos.

As the sun starts to set and the moon rise over the ocean Vespasien will soon find he is not alone. For along one of the paths that the night blooming flowers start to open steps a beauty made of silence and movement. Reina is dressed in a lovely but simple dress of the lightest of blue's it's almost silver. The fabric clings to curves and swirls away from others as her steps carry her silently as she seems to dance to the coming of the night. A swirl, a sway and the flowers seemingly open just as she steps past, the scent and color making a pathway that the Angel of Azza descends.

The scent is of the nightflowers mixed with a touch of the ocean as the wind carries it to the Palace and as she makes little to no sound it is as if she walks on the waves that roll into the harbor. Her face is stunning, her smile soft, and those stormy eyes are not on the here and now, but sparkle light lightening with the change of lighting as the gardens comes to evening..

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Draw/paint: Good Success. (2 5 2 3 7 5 3 1 1 8)

<FS3> Reina rolls Dancing+1: Great Success. (2 7 7 1 5 7 2 1 2 8 7)

The scents. The sounds- all of it enough to spark Vespasien's muse. He doesn't hear the approaching Reina- rather, he is completely struck by the beauty of the gardens. Of the moon. Of the stars- his attention is on the sky when she comes close enough for him to notice, eyes falling towards her.

And then the charcoal in his hand holding the charcoal begins to move. To draw and form lines on his pad of paper. For now, it seems to be nothing but lines- curves and gentle spirals that slowly start to form an image. Slowly, bit by bit, of Reina and the gardens. Of Reina and the moon and stars behind her. Dancing in the sky among the stars.

Reina is almost past Vespasien before something draws her out of wherever she was for that short time and she pauses and blinks once or twice before turning back and moving towards the man where he is tucked into that corner of the garden. She does not want to spook him so only after his drawing has stopped does she clear her throat oh so softly, the first true sound she has made. If/when he turns her way she smiles gently, but even that smile as gentle as it is, seems to glow with lush life as she looks at him. "Forgive me. I almost missed you here.."

Vespasien's golden-brown eyes are on Reina all the same- noticed or not. His eyes to her, and then to his page as he draws. She is, after all, part of the drawing. "Quite alright." he assures her, "And completely forgiven." he says, next. "Do you often walk these gardens at night? You seem comfortable in them." he continues- his drawing far from complete, but paused for the moment as they speak.

"It's good you came along." Vespasien admits, "I've many drawings of gardens and the moon. None of you." he then lets his hand continue it's scribbling. "You look familiar- I'm sure I know you." he says, looking up again towards the young woman. "Yes. I'm certain of it- but I can't place it."

Reina smiles softly, her lips parting in a soft chuckle. "Mmm, I believe the last time we saw eachother was at a family gathering. You were, mmm, just back from fostering and excited about a new book that you had been given. You hide away in my father's study and read all through lunch. I brought you an apple, red I believe. It's nice to see you all grown up Vespasien.." She would have been somewhere between 10 and 12 at the time.

She then smiles a little brighter, "But yes, I do, or did. I fostered here and was Lady in Waiting for awhile, I helped make these gardens how they are at the moment. I've always loved dancing in the moonlight.." She pauses as she tilts her head. "Do you dance now?"

Vespasien raises an eyebrow, thinking a moment- remembering back. "Ah, yes. Back from my time at Sea. My father had me on ships through my childhood." Not that hard to believe for an Admiral's son. "And that book.. I do believe I still have it. Somewhere. Not with me- likely in the library back home. I really should get some of that brought here." he speaks, partially to her- partially to himself.

"But, yes. Reina. I remember now- it has been some time." he admits, with a smile. "You've grown quite a bit since then. Truly blossomed. Lovely." he smiles quietly- a gentle smile.

"Dance? No more than I did then. Terrible dancer."

Reina tsks softly as she steps up to him and glances around him to see the drawing. "Mmm, that is to bad. You really should learn. Im told that most woman enjoy males who can move with them.." She admits with a tiny flush but instead of looking into his eyes she glances towards the drawing. "Though I see your talent and study has gone somewhere else. That is a lovely picture of the gardens.." She keeps her voice soft, there is something about silence around her as she looks from him to the drawing and then around the gardens once more before peeking back up at him from her lashes.

"I can move, certainly, but to call me a dancer would be disingenuous." Vespasien admits in simple honesty. "We are scions of Azza, after all." he notes, "And movement is in our blood." he continues to draw as they speak- a habit he's always had. "Yes, after my time in the navy, I traveled to the schools in Tiberium." he says, "I've only just finished a tenure there when I came here. My brother is here, so, I thought it a good enough place to settle for the time being. It is close to the sea. Lovely views of the sky- really all I need for my work."

"And the picture isn't yet finished- turn a touch, would you- or spin as if you were to dance. Your part in this drawing isn't complete." he notes, eyes locked on herown- an intense gaze, as if he were studying every mote of her being.

It would seem she is always happy to dance for she simply studies him before giving a graceful nod and then step a few feet away, but even those steps are a dance before she slowly turns with a soft swirl of her skirts and keeps moving in a dance that is both sensual but also detailed, hands, hips, head placement are all important as she moves those eyes closing as she listens to music only she can hear. She is very blessed by Azza it would seem as she moves from one position to the other with quick utter grace.

Vespasien is, for a moment, wholly taken by the grace and movement happening in front of him- quiet as he takes a slow breath- breathing in the sweetness of the scene in the garden. "Perfect." he says, before he begins to draw anew- adding into the drawing the joyful movements of the young woman here- Reina spinning in the garden, the stars behind her. Her dress, her face, her movements all added into the drawing amid the flowers of night.

"Ah. Just right!" Vaspasien exclaims with a grin. "Very nearly finished with this, I think.." he continues as he looks to the drawing- giving it a bit of a gaze. "It needs a touch of color." he says, as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a bottle of naval brandy- pulling the cork out. He takes a sip, then looks over to see a flower near by- one with delicate blue to it. "Perfect." the flower is taken- a touch of brandy in his hands and he then rubs both together until the flower's petals have become a bit of a mush. The blue pigment is then added strategically to the drawing- adding to the overall effect, with only little color. "Yes.. I think I can live with that." he says as he brushes his hands clean- rough hands, by the looks of them. Made rough at sea, as one might expect.

Reina makes a small leap that finishes the dance and ends up at Vespsaien's side as she places both hands on his arm to steady herself. Those stormy eyes blink up at him for a moment before she turns her eyes to the drawing and she smiles brightly. "Just as lovely as I said it was.." She almost reaches out to touch it but pulls her hand back and just rests there next to him, her curves brushing his side as she peeks more at his work. "How is Aug? I've not seen him in awhile, and I fear I have already set something in motion he is going to be less than pleased about.." She bites her lower lip at that but just shrugs gracefully.

"I haven't yet been able to catch him." Vespasien, "But he is here to train the ducal guard, as I recall. Still, I do look forward to catching up with him myself." Vespasien speaks on his brother- even with that hand on her own. Vespasien is not a man of bulk. No, like so many Azzan men he tends towards long lines. Graceful lines. He has a swimmer's build. There is little more to do on the drawing- so he just looks at it for now. "Not my best work." he admits, even if it does- in fact- look very professionally done. As good as most things hanging in galleries.

"Lucky, though, you came along. Your form adds something passionate to the drawing." he says, putting the drawing aside as he takes a pull from his bottle of brandy. He offers it over to Reina, "A drink?"

Reina takes the offered Brandy and sips from it with a slight wince at the burn but she doesn't seem upset by it. A soft hiss as she hands it back and she chuckles softly, "I remember that one. I think there is still some in the suite.." Her voice is a little deeper and more husky from the burn. She glances towards the drawing as he moves it to the side and she reaches out to stop him from tucking it away, "Might I have it if you are not pleased with it? Even if you had to center me within it, I still very much like the drawing of the gardens and moon.." That smile beams just abit more as she asks and looks up at him hopefully.

"Of course." Vespasien says, "It's yours." he then pulls the drawing free and offers it quietly to Reina. "Are you interested in the moon?" he wonders, then- his pad full of math under that drawing. Math and a drawing of the moon. Detail on the moon's face- a scientific drawing of fine detail. "I have my telescopes with me." he says, "I mean, I've brought them here- I could show you the stars and the moon." he suggests, "If, that is, you'd like to see the sky a little closer."

He takes another drink from the bottle, letting it rest between them where she can take if she so desires. "And really, the drawing required a center of you. It wouldn't have come together without it."

"I will believe you on that then, you are the artist after all. My creativity is in the dance, and gardens, I am starting to really enjoy them. I met some of the most interesting people in them.." She says as she turns to look at the moon on the drawing. "Mmm, maybe in a different way. I love the look of the moon and starts and how it tracks against the sky. But unlike most of the family I am not as interested in learning how to use it to navigate. But I am alwyas welling to learn…" She then turns to look up at him again.

"But I'd love to see the sky a little more upclose. The balcony of my room here is one of the highest points that we can get to, though here is lovely as well.." She motioned over her shoulder and he can see the one balcony that over looks the gardens themselves..

"Well, let me know when- I can go and get my telescopes. I have a few." Vespasien notes, "I can show you the stars in a way you've never likely seen them before. And all the features on the moon that I, so far, have mapped out." He smiles quietly, "The stars are for more than navigation- but I would be lying if I said my love for the sky wasn't kindled in learning while in the Navy." he admits, plainly honest as he looks over to her balcony. "It should be perfect to see the moon- and I could show you the wandering stars. Did you know that five stars in our sky wander while the rest stay always in their place?"

Reina shakes her head at his later words, "I did not know. I have watched the sky and seen many stars move, but I simply was told that was because I was looking at them from a different place.." She admits as she takes the drawing in her hand and tries not to smudge it as they speak. "Maybe you can join me for supper one day soon and you can set up the telecope on the balcony then?" It's clear she is having fun speaking with him on the topic of the moon and stars.

"Oh, absolutely." Vespasien says, "It sounds like a plan." he offers, "I'll bring my charts, as well, if you're interested." he says with an easy smile. "And I'm not sure how you saw the stars move- I assure you that they don't. Apart from those five, that is. In fact, you can see one now." he says, pointing towards the sky- a single burning star. It doesn't twinkle. "You see that one there?" he asks, "It will move across the sky this evening." he marks the movement with his finger, "Across like that."

Reina steps in front of him so that she can follow his finger to the unblinking star. She tilts her head to the side as she tries to see just which he is talking about. "Mm, you've never seen a shooting star?" She questions softly, stepping back into the warmth of his form without thinking about it as she finally finds the star and tilts her head to the side in thought. "But why would that move, if the others don't?" She wrinkles her brow gently.

"Ah, yes. Every year, as a matter of fact. In fact, we're about to enter the season for the tears of the angels." Vespasien notes, "Soon, it'll come to a peak- in about one month's time." he explains, "We'll be able to see them very soon- but those aren't stars, I don't think. Something else. Fire in the sky, really. They're close, very close- I'll show you when the time comes." he assures her.

He doesn't pull away from that soft form as it leans into him- if anything, he's pressed subtly closer. His scent is masculine- a hint of the scent of paint, of flowers, and a salt from the sea.

"I'm not sure why it moves, or why the other four move. But, those are the only stars in our sky that move." he remarks, "That one is the easiest to see, though. The moon is the brightest thing in our sky at night, and that is the second." he notes, "It'll always rise in the east- like the sun and moon- and set in the west before morning." he's quite animated when he speaks about the stars, about the night sky. "It's transit changes over the year- I'm writing a paper on it."

Reina is happy to listen to that rumbling voice over her head as she listens to him speak about the stars. A few nods here and there and she smiles, even if he can no see, when he offers to show her. "Well, then I will look forward to it. Even if they are not stars, they are lovely and we have always made wishes on them.." She might be the soon Duchess but she seems to think there is nothing wrong about such small things. If anything it just shows her romantic heart.

The scent from her is feminine with hints of amber, musk, nightblooming irises and something all her own. and it clings to her skin in such a way that the heat from their bodies make it's strong but subtle.

"Really? I would enjoy reading it. I like to know as much about everything that interests me. It might mean I don't know everything about a subject, but having some knowledge is better than none and you never know when it might be useful.."

"It is not in a condition to be read, yet, but if you'd like to assist me in the writing. You seem to have an interest in the stars, so, we can study them together if you'd like while I continue to write it." Vespasien notes with a quiet smile. "There is so much to learn about them. We know very little." he admits, "I will explain anything in it that you don't understand- it is a paper for my fellow astronomers, so it is written with an assumption that certain concepts are already known. I am not sure, exactly, what you already know on the subject."

<FS3> Reina rolls Mind+mind: Success. (5 5 7 2 4 5)

Reina thinks over his words and nods gently, "Some, more than alot, but nothing close to what an astronomer would know. In truth if you wish to write different things, writing about the stars for those who are curious but do not have direct knowledge might be worth your time as well. That I might be able to help with. If you can explain something to a Duchess to be without insulting her intelligence, you should be able to explain it to others.." She looks up and winks at hime, sharing her amusement as she simply leans back against him. Really they are standing in a beautiful garden at night and talking about the stars, if there is a time when someone relaxes this would be it.

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Astronomy: Good Success. (6 8 1 6 5 4 1 6 6 7 3)

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Mathematics: Success. (5 4 6 4 2 1 5 6 4 6 7)

<FS3> Reina rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (4 3 7 6 2 7 6 2 6 2)

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Seafaring: Good Success. (4 1 5 7 4 6 7 2 2 6 7)

<FS3> Vespasien rolls 1: Failure. (3)

"That might be something interesting to write, as well, although I'm not particularly sure how I'd go about writing it. That would need some work- I'd have to explain some rather difficult concepts though words alone. Although, I suppose, I could illustrate it as well." Vespasien takes her words and considers them carefully. "Perhaps, when I'm finished with this paper, at least, I'll look into it. I feel it might be more work to write such an essay than the one I'm working on now." he admits, "Simply because I'd have to find other ways to describe things, you know?"

He offers his bottle of brandy again over to Reina, after taking a drink himself. "Anyways, that is a future thought. I'll keep it in mind, for now, I'll just enjoy your company and the stars."

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