(1310-07-05) Marque Acknowledgement Fête
Summary: The fête thrown by Salon de Lis d'Or to celebrate the completion and acknowledgement of Juliette's marque.
RL Date: Thu Jul 05, 2018
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Ballroom — Le Lis d'Or — Night Court of Marsilikos

The Lis d'Or Ballroom shows off elegant grandeur through golden ornaments on the walls, and it has a ceiling painted with an elaborate fresco of Cereus canon, a frail looking version of Naamah ensnaring the interest of King Persis with her charms of transient beauty. There are three crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, and together with additional oil lamps set at the walls at regular intervals they will offer sufficient lighting. Heavy brocade drapes at the windows in deep lapis lazuli blue offer contrast to the polished inlay work of the parquet wood floor, combining light maple wood with dark patterns of mahogany.

About the dancefloor, a number of tables have been arranged to offer seating accommodation, and the opportunity to enjoy refreshments. The chairs and tables are of dark mahogany wood, upholstery and cushions of finest deep blue satin with gold lining. Each table presents one aspect of Lis d'Or canon, as there are four of them, one each for Cereus, Dahlia, Camellia and Eglantine.

It is a grand event for a courtesan to have her completed marque acknowledged. And with Juliette nó Lis d'Or having hers finished just a few days ago, the leader of the salon has decided to throw a fête in the ballroom. The mood is certainly festive but of a more intimate sort, an effect that is enhanced by the fact that the usual lamp shades have been replaced with colorful patterned glass of La Serenissima. On the podium is a group of three Lis d'Or adepts of Eglantine canon, musicians that for now do not seek spotlight, but provide unobtrusive ambience with the muted melodies they play on their lute, fiddle and flute.

Close to where people might enter, Juliette stands, in conversation with two other Lis d'Or sisters. Dark hair frames her comely face, hair that has been tamed at least in part into a courtly fashion whilst leaving the majority of it in a pleasant cascade of dark tresses that fall to her shoulders and beyond. Light yellow is the color of her dress, bodice embroidered in silver with shapes of stars and pearls, sleeves reaching to the elbows but leaving her shoulders bare.

The finished Marque of Lis d'Or will be however what will catch the eye, in the way it is on full display from the deep downwards slope of the dress at her back.

Novices carrying trays with goblets of white and red wine make their rounds about the room, offering refreshments to anyone who might wish for them.

Grand events. It seems Arsène has a knack to attend the social ones. Thus does the Vicomte arrive with his faithful, silent, guard, moved by curiousity, or possibly the prospect of entertainment. Clad as is his habit in the darkest of blue colours contrasted with silver, the ensemble is completed with a black belt with silver buckle to which is attached his longsword. Black leather boots complete the look, bringing him deeper in. Glancing around, he takes note of the Marque, tilting his head to the side as he observes it. "The woman of the hour, I assume." The Vicomte remarks, untroubled at the idea of interrupting the conversation between the Lis d'Or sisters. Black eyes watch, while his face exhibits little save casual interest, temporary curiosity that has moved him to approach, and speak.

Juliette turns. Her head first, giving Arsène a curious glance over her shoulder while granting him a moment longer to study the proof of her new status. Then her body follows the motion, turning now fully with the elegant grace that is so often found in the courtesans of this salon. "Indeed," she smiles, lowering herself into a curtsey - recognizing his bearing and attire to be that of a nobleman. "Juliette Baphinol nó Lis d'Or, my lord. You honor me with your presence." Said with light wit to her tone that has her brown eyes sharpen a little as well as she adds. "And how much more delighted would I be to know the name of the lord I have attracted… and tempted to attend, without even being acquainted yet?" Her d'Angeline is flawless, and her bearing that of refinement.

Indeed it was quite an accomplishment, years in the making, for a courtesan to complete her marque. From a different salon entirely, Lilyana arrives to the ballroom and encounters Juliette just inside the entrance. A delighted smile blossoms over her features and the Adept dips into a curtsy, "Good evening," she greets the courtesan before straightening. Her own dress is the palest of lavender with darker purple accents and accessories, elegant, but it covers her own not quite completed marque on her back. A small pouch of purple is offered over, "I wanted to come and congratulate you and offer you a small token." (http://pics.aeravida.com/sh/0012/gd1.jpg) Though as she finds her in conversation of the man who had entered just before, she steps back to await her own turn and more fully admires the marque for the moment, the lord getting a mildly interested flicker of her eyes as his name is requsted.

It is fitting that a Second from another of the Night Court's salons should come to Juliette's fete, for the acknowledgement of an adept's marque is a joyous occasion. Olivia's gown of choice for the occasion is as ever white, though the skirts that float about her figure are inset with panels of sheer fabric that give daring glimpses of lengthy legs beneath. An elaborate headpiece of spun silver holds veils that conceal her face and hair, and all that is really on show as she approaches Juliette, are the brightness of blue eyes that are framed by the darkness of lashes. Her steps are stayed by the sudden interception of her target by Arsène, and the softness of a blush colours her cheeks. Thwarted, she turns to Lilyana, one hand lifting to tuck away a stray strand of wheat blonde hair that's managed to wisp it's way from beneath her veils. "Hello, Lilyana. How lovely to see you here. It's been an age." She talks to the adept, though keeps half an eye on Juliette, unable as yet to appreciate the completed marque.

"Attracting my interest is not so difficult to do, in this I am but like all the rest. Make some noise, have some flashing lights, or pretty women on display, and my eyes will be drawn. Keeping it, another thing entirely. The celebrations for your marque, however, fit the three criteria." Arsène answers with an amused smirk. "But you asked for a name. I am Arsène de Trevalion, Vicomte de Dreux. Only recently arrived, and drawn by the grandiosity on display." He glances at Lilyana when the Adept makes her approach. "Guests to greet, I'll leave you to such duties." he says, about to turn away when his eyes catch sight of Olivia, and he smiles. "Second." he greets with that smirk only increasing. Still, he steps away from Juliette's immediate vicinity, leaving the others to their greetings and salutations.

As Lilyana approaches, Juliette interrupts her current conversation with Arsène for a moment, and offers the adept of Glycine a warm smile. Holding her gaze, she accepts the offered pouch, a brief flick of her eyes examining it, and then an apologetic blink of her lashes, conveying non-verbally that she will have to devote her attention elsewhere for the moment. Focus returns to the man who introduces himself, and in doing so offers an interesting counter to her quip. "I am glad to make your acquaintance," Juliette tells Arsène. "My lord of Trevalion. As you are recently arrived, I suppose you are still getting accustomed to Marsilikos? It must be so different ot Pointe des Soeurs. The climate is warmer, and we are not as exposed here to storms, as your home in Azzalle must be."

With his remark somewhat allowing her to turn her attention to the two Night Court members that have arrived to congratulate her, Juliette turns now towards Lilyana, and in doing so examines the pouch and what is inside of it. "Oh, thank you. This is so lovely!", the dark-haired Lis d'Or remarks with a smile, as she beholds the beautiful hair pin with the liking of a flower attached on top of it. Beckoning the Glycine Adept to step closer, she turns for her to present her marque, not without a certain pride. "I believe you shall have your own Acknowledgement Fête soon," Juliette says to Lilyana. Completing her turn, she looks curiously towards Olivia and Arsène then.

There is only the slightest rustle of material as Lilyana shifts slightly to give Olivia a warm smile, dipping her head towards the White Rose Second. "Too long," she agrees in a soft spoken voice that hints of the restraint of her usual exuberance. Not the time or the place for such. "It is wonderful to see you, truly it is." Giving brief attention to Arsene, she reassures, "Please take your time, I am in no rush." There is no offense taken and she remains stepped back to allow the interactions of Juliette with her guests arriving, accepting the blink of apology with grace and a dip of her head. Simply awaiting her turn. When it does come she smiles brightly and does step nearer and gasps softly as she beholds the finished marque. Lifting shining eyes she smiles again, "So lovely, you have everything to be proud of." She gives the briefest incline of her head in acknowledgement of her own being completed soon, but tonight is about Juliette, and so she keeps the attention there. "I realize you have other guests, I will speak with you a little later also?" Excusing herself for the moment so she can greet the others arriving.

Olivia's eyes are pinned by Arsène's when he addresses her, and he'll more than likely note with some degree of satisfaction that the depth of her blush deepens. "My lord." His smirk undoes her. Her breath hitches within her greeting, and her gaze falls quickly from his as, with a fluid sweeping aside of her skirts, she curtsies deeply. It is to Olivia's credit that the colour in her cheeks is already beginning to recede as she rises, for to have a complexion that shows the sweep and flush of every emotion can be difficult at times. Her chin lifts a fraction, and there is a quick look back to Arsène, but it appears that he's quite done with her for now, and so attention returns to Juliette, and by default Lilyana as she admires the freshly finished marque. "It is truly lovely, Juliette. Beautiful. And now you will need a whole new wardrobe with which to show it off." Her own, of course, is covered.

"I know. It's a shame, a good storm brings excitment on an otherwise boring day. You never know what the sea will relinquish upon its passing." Arsène remarks back to Juliette, though his attention is elsewhere, till he has reached out to a passing servant and taken a goblet of red wine for himself. "But yes, getting accustomed to the city, its inhabitants, and where one might spend their time." he adds. He is otherwise content with tasting the wine, and let his eyes wander. The mention of another Marque soon approaching is heard, but is not pursued, doing similarly as Lilyana by not putting too much focus on it. Or it may be that he really is just disinterested in general. Olivia's reaction does bring further amusement out of the nobleman, though he does not speak, not yet. He did say he'd keep out of the way for Juliette to greet all of her guests, did he not? And thus he remains, drinking, watching. Till… "I have been informed a fête of some kind involving glass was to be hosted. Shall you be exhibiting your new Marque there as well?" he asks Juliette, before his gaze turns to Olivia. "Or your own?" And then to Lilyana. "Or is it against protocol? I've yet to figure out the inner workings of such policies within this particular Night Court. Would you care to enlighten me, Lilyana?" The name heard, though the woman remains unknown to him.

"I am glad," Juliette replies to Lilyana, "as this will grant me more freedom. For now I plan to stay with the salon, however." After another admiring glance at the hair needle, she makes use of it, and uses it to fasten some of her hair do with it, so that the golden lily can sine all the more against the darkness of her hair color. A smile blossoms on her features when she recognizes the voice, where an identity must be slightly obscured by the veils worn. "Olivia! How kind of you to come by. And yes. You are right. New dresses are required. I shall have to visit the tailor soon…"

A question draws the Lis d'Or from her considerations. And with a curious glance in Arsène's direction, she shakes her head. "It is not against protocol to speak of other upcoming events of the Night Court," Juliette says, "How could it be? We are all sisters and brothers in our Service of Naamah. Alas. I am not sure I will attend the fête you speak of. It is Glycine in its truest Glycine flavor, which I doubt would befit a Lis d'Or to attend. Unless. I could think of a fitting garment that fits the theme. Don't mistake me, Cochonet nó Glycine is a dear friend of mine." But Lis d'Or is Lis d'Or, and Glycine is Glycine. "I'd rather exhibit my marque in a terrain more befitting a courtesan of my canon," she adds with an apologetic smile, "than in the face of exalted excesses in the vein of Jasmine and Orchis."

It is only the briefest conversation held with Juliette and while the greetings are over, it seems things are coming around to something of a circle conversation with the questions from the recently introduced Vicomte. Having heard his name much like he had hers, Lilyana gathers a smile in response, a sure sign he had gotten her name right at least. "I do look forward to more freedom as well, I truly do." Admiring the hair pin, she smiles in approval as she places it in her hair, "Just lovely." she breathes out softly.
Ah, the question on the upcoming fete has Lilyana even blushing a little. "Indeed, Juliette is right, Glycine is much different in so many ways. Of course we would certainly encourage her to show off her marque there, certainly. She has earned it and that takes so much dedication and time." Her smile hitches up by several degrees. "The fete is glass themed and while everyone is more than welcome, I would much rather concentrate on this moment here and now. This is Juliette's moment to shine. And shine she does." The smile shifts to the courtesan. "Should you wish to find out more about the event, you are more than welcome to after this event." Offered softly in an aside to Arsene.

Olivia looks horrified at the question asked by Arsène. "Whilst I do adore fetes and parties my lord, this upcoming one at Glycine… I…" Her blush returns more furiously than ever, and she clears her throat before looking across to Juliette as the Lis d'Or gives her own reasons for not attending. How difficult it is to be of the Alyssum canon at times, especially when such conversation even has a Glycine of all things blushing. The breath that she takes is necessarily deep, but since a direct question had been asked and still requires a response from her, she looks back to Arsène once more. "As Juliette says, the differences between what each of the salons here in the Night Court is vast. I am sure you'll appreciate, given our recent conversation, that it would serve me ill to attend. Besides which, the occasions when my marque is displayed, are rare." There's a slight boldness to her voice with that final remark, and her eyes linger slightly longer than they usually might, digging into the Trevalion's before cutting away and back to Juliette. "But Juliette. Will you be delighting us with a piece on your lute today?"

Is Arsène disappointed by the answer? No, quite the opposite, really. Indeed, he seems to have expected such, as one expects the splash of a stone thrown in a tranquil pond. Though from the amused look on Arsène's face, Olivia's response may have been the specific splash he had hoped for with his stone. "Good." and he inclines his head, grinning, the gesture the duelist's acknowledgement that one's guard tested remains strong. "Dedication to one's canon is admirable, dilute it too much and… Well, what's the point?" As to Juliette's mention of excesses, he chuckles. "Mm, much as I might enjoy exploring the unknown, it is not that particular vein that interests. Certainly not glass, much as I am sure of the skill of the glassblowers involved." he answers Lilyana, taking another sip of wine. "Terrain such as this, I assume?" he asks Juliette, turning his focus back to her. "The perfect event to immortalize the earning of the Marque, though I imagine it pales in the face of the moment itself. The moment when your purpose was fulfilled. Did you find peace, then?" And for once, when Arsène asks such a question, he does not seem to be mocking. Curious again, yet there's something else, difficult to place. "Yes. I approve of Olivia's suggestion. Show us that where you shine brighter than the sun. It is your day, the star-lit heavens your crown."

Visitors and congratulators are arriving in the ballroom of the Salon de Lis d'Or, noble ones and those of the Night Court. Juliette nó Lis d'Or stands not too far from the podium, where a group of musicians provides some musical ambience currently, and in her company are the lovely Glycine adept Lilyana, the no less lovely but veiled Olivia and Arsène Trevalion.

Hearing the question of the latter, Juliette turns her head to meet his dark-eyed gaze. "My purpose? Fulfilled, my lord? Far from it.", she chuckles softly. "This is not about finding peace, but to know that the debt to the salon has been paid. To have proven they were right when they took me on, a child of ten years, that I was back then. I shall remain a Servant of Naamah, and help with instructing the novices in the areas that define a Lis d'Or. My forté is music, I admit that much." A smile brightens her features. "But yes. If you insist? I should perhaps give you a demonstration of my art." Waving a novice over, she whispers some words into her ear and the gestures for the musicians to finish their piece. Ready to ascend the podium gracefully as they vacate it for her.

"Admittedly, while not everyone has the.. ah.." searching for a word to input, Lilyana gives Arsene a slightly mocking expression herself as she speaks it, "Fortitude for such events, some do and I am most certain there will not be a lacking of attendance by any means." Somewhat protective of Glycine and their own ideals. "Everyone has something they like, deep down inside. The courage is in admitting it to oneself first before trying to find it in another." A lopsided smile accompanies what could or could not be a challenge. "However, we would never push our own ideals onto anyone else." Her own point said in defense of Glycine, she allows it to fade as she focuses on Juliette. "I would love to hear you play. Do you sing as well?" A lover of music herself, she looks absolutely delighted. Taking a glass of white wine from a passing Novice, she settles in to listen.

As is often the case with Vespasien de Trevalion he arrives in quiet. Well made clothing with an eye towards utility over finery is a hallmark, along with a leather messenger style bag slung over a shoulder. He pauses in the ballroom's doorway, stepping aside of a novice as he snags a glass of red wine and takes a long sip.

Vespasien's steps then bring him to a place where he can see all that happens- watching in quiet curiosity. Studying the ongoings with rapt fascination.

"It is a curious thing indeed," Olivia muses. "…how many believe that once a Courtesan completes her marque, that they must wish to retire from service. Some do, of course, but there is much to be said for honouring the Bright Lady." There's a hollowness to her voice as she speaks, and her arms wrap neatly about her waist to trap the silks of her gown to her figure. Something's niggling at her. It shows in the tightness of her shoulders and the carriage of her head. In the way that her eyes shutter, and in how, just for a moment, she's lost in her thoughts. It's perhaps lucky that she's brought back from them by the announcement that Juliette will indeed delight them with her skill on the lute.

Arsène nods, but does little more at Juliette's response regarding her Marque. "How would fulfilling purpose lead to retirement? I would think that such service would be the sort of purpose that would keep on giving, a path unending, to fulfil till one's dying day. Inner peace is not so bad a thing." he replies to Olivia. And then Lilyana speaks, and Arsène? He laughs. "Careful, dear adept, that you do not rile that which you could not handle. You're of the wrong House to take enjoyment from that which I like." He smiles at Lilyana, and there's no warmth to blunt the sharpness of it. Not the fire of anger, for he is still very amused, but it is no soft lover's touch that his grin promises. "A shame, I might have enjoyed dancing to your tunes." he tells Juliette. "But even I must sometime heed the call of duty. Enjoy your fête, Juliette." And as he leaves, he passes by Vespasien, glancing at the man and recognizing family, he says. "Just in time to hear her play. You'll have to give me a full accounting when we next meet, cousin." he smirks, mirth in his dark eyes, and then he is gone, the Vicomte gone to whatever purpose awaits him.

Juliette gets settled on a chair in the center of the podium, crossing one leg over the other elegantly, which makes the light yellow fabric of the skirts shift as they adapt to the new posture. The lute is accepted from the returning novice. It is a fine instrument, well-kept, and the courtesan elects to tune it for a moment, as she waits for an expectant silence to settle among those that have come to celebrate her reaching her new status. "I am Juliette Baphinol nó Lis d'Or. My mother used to call me Julieta. Others I know…", and here her gaze softens, "sometimes like to call me the Pearl." A pause then as she rests the lute in her lap. "I will play you a melody I have once picked up from a travelling minstrel, a man from Aragonia. The most skilled lute player I have ever heard playing. He used to come up with his own pieces and melodies. And this one, I am about to present to you, he created whilst travelling the Aragonian county of Almeria. The scenery was his inspiration, or so he assured me." She pauses, and lowers her gaze as if to focus on the piece she is about to present. "I hope I will do it justice." This the murmured addition, a remark displaying a hint of well-advised modesty. Juliette will wait for another moment, before her fingers begin to work the strings with a prowess that give away long years of practice and extensive study of the instrument.

<FS3> Juliette rolls Lute Playing+4: Great Success. (7 4 6 5 1 3 3 8 7 4 7 5 5 4 8 1)

Olivia dips her head to Arsène as he passes, catching as she does, his parting greeting of Vespasien. "Good evening, my lord. You are fortunate indeed to be arriving just now. Juliette is one of the most skilled that I have heard in her playing of the lute." She turns back towards the dais then, quietening as the courtesan prepares to play.

When did la Bâtard de Rousse appear? It's hard to say. Maybe she just slipped in the doorway while the Pearl of the Pearl was being persuaded to play. Maybe as Juliette was crossing one leg over the other, the shifting of fabric against the fabled softness of her thigh issuing some whispered spell to render Atreïs suddenly corporeal by the doorjamb, dressed in full regalia as befits a formal event, spit-shined and polished with her back straight and her eyes betraying nothing, as so often they refuse to do. Her hands clasped at the small of her back, black boots at shoulder width, she might be here on guard rather than to observe and wish well.

"Of course." Vespasien offers to Arsene as he passes out, lifting his glass in quiet salute to his cousin. "Always a pleasure, Cousin." They are polite to one another, at least.

As is sometimes the case Vespasien finds himself taken by the muse with the creative styling happening on the lute. He pulls a pad of paper out of his bag, along with some charcoal and sits at a table as he waits for the music to begin, bowing his head to Olivia. "I certainly hope so." he offers quietly.

There are several parts of the musical piece Juliette performs. It starts off with a pattern that takes the audience right into the dramatic scenery of mountains and rocks, fingers running over the strings with veritable ease, the melody slightly mysterious and enticing, now and then interrupted by temperamental chords thrown in; there is a slightly quieter middle part, allowing the senses to recover from the dramatic beginning of the piece; but eventually the theme will be taken up again, in a rather captivating and demanding performance that needs all of the courtesan's focus to be pulled off properly. Swift effortless runs she performs, without a single tone out of place. A Camellia perhaps would have been able to pull off the technique, but it takes an Eglantine to give the performance a soul, and a truly unique interpretation.

When the performance comes to an end, there is a fine smile that curls the lips of Juliette nó Lis d'Or, perhaps from relief that she has managed, or perhaps she is even touched herself by the magic of the piece she has just performed. A plain "Thank you," is murmured, as she rises from the chair, her lute drifting from her lap, still held safely with one hand, as she offers a curtsey and leaves the stage without much further ado to rejoin with those that have come to see her. Hazel eyes alight as she glimpses Atreis Rousse by the door, and yet, noting the slight reluctance in the other woman to join the others and mingle, Juliette will be content to be the bait amidst a throng of congratulators, luring Atreis over merely by the magic of her smile.

"Beautiful. Just beautiful…" Olivia enthuses, her hands coming together as she claps for Juliette. Her's is just one voice amongst many however, as a deepening applause ripples around the room. Standing close still to where Vespasien has taken a seat, she watches on as he takes paper and charcoal from his bag. A quick smile, though none will witness it. "My lord is an artist?" She beckons a novice over and claims two glasses of wine from the tray that's being carried, offering one quickly to Vespasien. "Are you newly arrived in Marsilikos?" She holds her own glass between the circumference of laced fingers, not choosing as yet to sip from its contents.

"I am a student of life." Vespasien says simply to Olivia- looking at the new glass of wine. Loathe to be rude, he quickly throws back the glass he'd collected for himself in a somewhat ungentlemanly fashion. Far more like a sailor guzzling grog than any well refined nobleman.

"But art is a hobby I enjoy deeply." he offers to Olivia as he quietly begins to draw- the subject is Juliette, of course, slowly taking form on his page as he lets his muse guide his hand. "I am newly arrived. Here less than a week, but it is not the first time I've visted the city. When I was in the navy, we found ourselves here often. Marsilikos is a key port in that regard."

Atreis meets Juliette's eyes across the room, her own, seafoam-green and generally unreadable, seizing upon that contact and maintaining it most resolutely, enchanted as much by the laughing joy that shines therein as by the bewitching charm of the Lute's emotive strains. She draws her left heel in toward the instep of her right foot, a subtle shift in stance that presages movement, but waits for her moment, that parting of the crowd of well-wishers through which she can walk like so much billowing sand in the laziest sworl of the swells at the shore. It's a wading through waves, for her, something drawing her in, something pushing her back. But she maintains her resolution in her approach, and soon enough — too soon, really — is presenting herself to the maiden of the evening, mouth finally touched by the slant of a heart-worn smile. She doesn't know what to say.

Falling silent, perhaps first in reaction to the words from Arsene that brings a silent shiver to the Glycine, she simply watches him with a slightly guarded expression, though she is not so experienced at concealing her thoughts and so it is partly with intrigue she watches the dangerous man depart. Certainly dangerous. As he leaves, she turns her attention back to Juliette and remains silent but this time to listen to the courtesan play. Her attention is well and truly captured by the beauty of the music and she closes her eyes to gently sway, tamping down the desire to outright dance to such beauty. Her clapping comes belatedly, captivated as she was by the music, but she gushes just after, "Incredible. Exquisite.." at a loss for what else to say, she simply leaves it at that.

"Then the city is glad to have you back, my lord." Olivia's voice is warm when she speaks to Vespasian, and the veil that conceals the lower half of her billows a little beneath the weight of her words. "I hope that you enjoy the rest of the fete, I am sure that there is much yet to come in it." She scans the room for the pair of roses that she'd arrived with. They're not that difficult given the silks that they wear, and catching the attention of each, she tilts her head towards the salon's door. An indication given. She returns then to Vespasien, embarrassment hinted at in her tone. "You'll be able to draw on in peace now. I only had a short time to spend here, and sadly that time is finished. If my lord will excuse me?" And with a dip of her head, she turns herself about, her veils and silks a soft mask about herself and she gathers up her companions and makes her way from the salon.

"Thank you," Juliette inclines her head with that faint flicker of an artist's modesty touching her features. However gratifying it is to receive the praise and applause, it would befit a Lis d'Or ill to show just how much it pleases her. The fact that Arsène is no longer in sight a detail, she notes as she lets her gaze drift. And then catching the pleased look of Lilyana, she smiles. But the crowd parts slowly to make room for the approaching Rousse, and Juliette lifts her chin to observe the expression delighting in the smile that slowly builds there. "My Lady. Atreis.", the dark-haired courtesan intones. "How glad I am that you could make it." And even as Olivia makes her departure, Juliette turns slowly to present to Atreis the finished art on her back, visible clearly through the cut of the dress. A courtesan's dress, aiming to show of the bare skin of a back, and the marque thereupon. The head she turns, to glance towards Atreis over her shoulder. "See? The marque is finished," Juliette smiles towards the silent Rousse, obviously little troubled by the lack of words from Atreis.

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Draw/paint: Failure. (2 5 2 6 4 2 6 4 3 2)

Whatever it is that Vespasien is drawing it doesn't seem to be turning out how he likes. Eyebrows knitting together as he grabs the page from the pad of paper, crumples it up and throws it unceremoniously to the ground. "Merde." he grumbles, drinking the rest of his wine in another quick chug. Eyebrows still scrunched as he snags another glass of wine from a passing novice.

Atreïs turns her chin slightly to one side when Juliette begins with 'My Lady,' then warms considerably in aspect when the Pearl of Marsilikos revises her greeting to just use her name. "I'm glad I could be here, too. On your day," she keeps her voice low, muted, between them, if possible in the middle of a room full of supporters. She accents the words with a formal but cordial bow, seeking Jules' hands with both of her own to first press her forehead thereto and then grace each with a reverent kiss. She stands up and takes a half-step back, more of a lean than a full intent of motion, jusst enough to give her perspective on the marque. "It's beautiful," she whispers. "How do you feel?"

<FS3> Juliette rolls Perception: Good Success. (5 3 7 8 6 2 2 8)

"Grand.", Juliette responds in a likewise whisper, her hazel eyes alighting as she turns her head to regard the Stonewall from over her shoulder. Hands lift to gather her long dark hair and sweep it fully out of the way, only to drape it back in place to cascade down over her shoulders, when the Pearl turns again to face Atreis Rousse. Then there is silence wrought with meaning that needs no words. A hand extended, fingers touching almost casually against the lower arm of Atreis, that is probably covered in some martial manner.

A movement catches Juliette's attention and in following it she glimpses a ball of crumpled paper that is tossed to the floor. Raising her gaze she looks towards Vespasien, with a bit of surprise and curiosity showing in her expression. "A letter?", she inquires. "Some bad news from home perhaps?"

"Failure." Vespasien says simply as he sips his wine, looking over towards Juliette, "Your music was sublime though." he says with a bow of his head as he looks again at a blank page. "It brought many images to mind, but I'm afraid there isn't any spark to bring those images out. It just rolls in my head, demanding an outlet I do not have for it. Infuriating, really." he admits.

Still, he lazily draws- circles and curves and lazy spirals. Doodling, really. "And, of course, congratulations are in order." he raises his wine to her, a quiet salute.

Escorted from the Rose Sauvage to the fete, Ysabeau arrives with a light cloak wrapped about her to cover the gown she wears. Smiling as she enters, surveying the gathered guests, she spies the woman of the hour and makes her way in that direction, unhurried and curiously taking in the decor of the other Salon, and the dress of the guests.

Atreis' arm, indeed, is clad in the long fold of the gloves that complete her dress uniform, embroidered in the gilt knot of the Southern Navy along with an indication of her rank. Capitaine, for those who can decipher the code. Still, the decorated forearm is angled for Juliette to take, her other gloved hand coming to rest on top of the hand on her arm, intending, perhaps, to draw her onto her arm to take a walk with her around the ballroom, a little promenade with the promise of a tete-a-tete. But the Pearl's attention is diverted, and thus, too, is that of the Bastard of Rousse. She lets her arm fall once more to her side, and while Vespasien offers explanation for his having tossed paper onto the ballroom floor, Trey sets him with a flat stare which she maintains, resolute, while she approaches him. Midway. Then halts, merely stooping to sweep up the litter in one set of gloved fingers. She doesn't uncrumple it, or make any further move to disgrace the artist by looking at the discarded draft, but it's fairly clear she didn't think it appropriate to throw the paper on the floor of the Lis d'Or ballroom. For whatever her opinion is worth. She looks, instead, to one of the novices attending the fete, who, seeming to catch la Capitaine's intent— comes over to receive the litter and carry it away for disposal in a proper place.

When her hand is captured in a gauntleted grasp, the Lis d'Or courtesan seems almost inclined to follow along. There comes the interruption though, and Rousse's reaction to it. Which Juliette observes, a brow lifting as she watches Atreis pick up what would cause offense in the salon of perfection and refinement. She looks a little relieved, when the Capitaine solves the problem so diplomatically. But then her attention returns to the man who tossed the lump of paper to the floor in the first place. "Perhaps," Juliette opines towards Vespasien, "You would need more time for the images to form in your mind, my lord?" Taking a half-step in the nobleman's direction, away from Atreis for a moment, as she suddenly remarks, "I don't believe I've seen you before, my lord. While you must certainly suspect my identity, you… should be kind enough to lift the mystery about yours." Her head turns, and she notices the arrival of Ysabeau, Juliette's gaze lingering on the young adept as she approaches.

Vespasien, clearly, doesn't care what a Captain in the navy thinks of him- son of an Admiral and former sailor in the same Navy. A nearly peerless navigator- he still has the look of a sailor to him. Rough hands, unshaven complexion. A state of mixed disarray and hap-hazard cleanliness that somehow works. His clothing, too, shows a noble house- but utility is all the man seems to care about.

His attention is on his spirals, now, just quietly drawing and drinking wine as musicians play around him.

Leave it to the Red Rose to recognize the litterbug. A small fabric wrapped gift in her left hand is mostly hidden by the cloak she wears for the sake of modesty. Drifting up behind Vespasien, she rests a hand on his shoulder before rising on tip toe and having to lean to try and see what he's working on. Totally violating his personal space for a moment before grinning and tipping her head towards Juliette. "I'll be back in a moment."

Slipping away Vespasien, she makes her way to the pair, bowing low to both, and offering the little fabric wrapped gift towards Juliette. "Congratulations, mademoiselle, on completing your Marque."

"Ysabeau, cherie." Vespasien says as she rests a hand on his shoulder, smiling to her quietly- perhaps he'd seen her approach. "Lovely to see you- marvelous music, isn't it?" he asks, "Poetic in a way. Mathematically very well done- the timing is delightful." he notes, the scientist in him not allowing any less. "That takes a great deal of patience and practice to manage without any outside time-keeping."

He nods as Ysabeau heads on to give a gift to the woman of the hour.

Atreis steps back and allows the Pearl of Marsilikos to approach the man— only watching, face closed, one hand clutching her other wrist behind her back. She only casts a quiet look from Vespasien to Juliette when he merely goes on with his drawing. Even the Stonewall has to wonder. But she isn't going to make a thing of it, it's Juliette's day, and she still has … things to discuss with the newly fully-marqued courtesan. She does slacken enough to accept a bracing chalice of wine from a novice, even giving the novice a smile of gratitude when doing so. She'll drink it while Juliette greets Ysabeau, even amble a little and nod a word or two of greeting to a familiar personage here or there.

Arms cross before her, as Juliette nó Lis d'Or gives Vespasien another long look, lips curving then as she realizes that the man so intently staring upon his spirals did no hear her question, and what is even more likely, remains oblivious to everything happening around him, including a certain reprimand of Atreis Rousse. While the approach of a charming Wild Rose he has seemed to notice. Today is her day, and Juliette accepts the congratulations offered by the adept of Rose Sauvage. "Thank you… Ysabeau, was it?" It is highly likely that everyone knows each other by sight in a Night Court as small as this here in Marsilikos. And slowly she begins to unwrap the parcel, curious about what might be hidden beneath the fabric.

"Would you tell me the name of your silent artistic friend?", Juliette murmurs towards Ysabeau with a faint smirk.

Ysabeau seems to sop up Vespasien's words with little trouble following along. Still, there is a gift to deliver to fair hands. "Ysabeau, last I looked in a mirror." she teases, focused on Juliette's face as the gift is unwrapped. Within is a trio of embroidered appliques, beautiful sprays of the five petaled Eglantine in a variety of shades of pink and white, each delicately formed with thought to the flower as much as the replication of it. Catching her lower lip between her teeth, she releases it to ask. "Do you like them? I wasn't sure…"

Asked a question, she glances back towards Vespasien and smiles. "Vespasian de Trevalion. He mixes art and science and math to incredible effect, but it is easier to have him show you how than to try and follow the words. Or it was for me."

Vespasien looks up again, noticing the two women- finally- "I'm sorry, yes?" he asks, completely uncertain as to why they both look at him like they do. Numbers have appeared on the page- diagrams. Math has taken him for the time being. "Did I miss something?" he wonders, as his name is stated- apparently, he had been almost completely in his own world.

"They are delightful!", Juliette smiles, inspecting the three appliqués. "Wonderful. I adore them. Thank you so much. You made them yourself? I heard somewhere you are quite skilled with the needle?" A brow arches then, as hazel eyes follow the gaze of Ysabeau to glance at Vespasien. "Ah! Yet another Trevalion today? There was a relative of yours… maybe he is still around here somewhere…?" But glancing around she doesn't catch a glimpse of Arsène and so she just shakes her head. "Art and science sounds like a daring mixture, my lord.", the fully marqued courtesan intones. Turning around then to glance to where Atreis might still be standing, she claims a glass of her own - white wine. And sends the other novice hovering there with her lute away to bring it to her room.

Atreis is not where Juliette left her. But she's still here. Taking a lap. Seeming to ease into being here after those first few hyperemotional (not that anyone could much notice) moments between herself and the Pearl. She's over there, nodding and speaking with someone who's caught her for a bit of conversation. Almost smiling. She's fine. Take your time, Juliette. She's not going anywhere. She does notice the novice leaving with the lute, though, and, with a brief excuse and valediction issued to her conversational companion, she goes to speak with the novice, even slipping out of the room with him for a minute or several.

"It is. I was doubtful, but then he showed me how it works." Ysabeau says, smiling brightly with unrestrained delight for the acceptance of the gift. "I did. I think once my Marque is won, I'll open a shop in town. Though it will be some long while before my service to Naamah is done." Not about to give up her night life, not even for needle and thread. Backing up, she moves to include Vespasien into the little cluster better. "We were discussing your incredible art, and how you find balance between numbers and life and your works."

"They match eachother well. Particularly mathematics." Vespasien says with a quiet smile and a bow of his head. "A pleasure to meet you- and congratulations." he says then. He doesn't stand, however- content to remain seated with his pad of paper, spirals, circles and glass of wine. "All art involves math, even if the artist is unaware of it." he says, as he leans back quietly.

"An interesting statement," Juliette nó Lis d'Or counters to Vespasien. "Where mathematics are always considered rational, art on the other hand often needs emotion to blossom fully." She inclines her head to the Trevalion, "The pleasure is all mine, my lord." Holding her glass of wine in an elegant grasp, fingers curling about the stem, she lifts it in a toast. "I shall look forward to visiting your shop in town, once it has been set up for you, and the marque has been finished. How long might it take? One year?", she addresses Ysabeau beside her. "Most probably less, hmm?" The latter part exchanged at a lower volume. "I'll make sure not to miss your acknowledgement fete, Ysabeau nó Rose Sauvage."

Atreis returns from her brief disappearance, returning a few moments before the return of the novice in question, and she bears a small velveteen satchet with a ribbon cord rather delicately between one thumb and forefinger, the tough seaman's gloves a distinct contrast to the delicate fabric. She shields the bag with her other hand, holding it in front of her with her arms almost straight down. She squares up her shoulders and seems to be preparing to re-assume her stone-walled countenance, taking a deep breath and letting it out from between tight-pursed lips before she looks for eye contact from the Pearl once more.

"It has a ways yet, to go, though I crave the Marquist's needles." Ysabeau says with the lascivious grin one might expect from a Red Rose. "A pleasure to come by, and I wish you well in whatever endeavors you seek from here forward." A curtsy is offered, prettily executed, before the cloak is allowed to drift shut over the gown she wears. False modesty, but an effort made for the fete. "I should get back, I have this gorgeous lilac silk waiting for me that demands to be trimmed in orchids.It's been a pleasure to see you again, Monsieur. I'll be in the garden, as long as the weather holds, if you want to discuss maths and blossoms."

Vespasien nods, "Very well. I think I'd like that." he says to Ysabeau. "I will join you shortly." he assures her as he closes his book and puts it back into his bag. "It has been a pleasure." he assures Juliette. "And fair winds towards your future." he says as he bows his head and heads on his way.

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