(1310-07-05) Day and Night
Summary: A meeting between the Vicomte de Dreux and the Ducal Heiress, where not only words but dance is shared.
RL Date: Thu Jul 05, 1310
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Reina's Suite

A lofty doorway leads into a deceptively cozy space, blue-walled with a grey wainscotting and delicate pinstripe dowels forming a silver collonade in miniature along the lowest portions of the tall walls of a room taller than it is either wide or long. From the ceiling a crystal chandelier hangs, casting a myriad of dim-lit sparkles from a few candles; more light, if there is a need for it, comes from a small hearth beside the door. A small marble tea-table is appointed here with several small chairs, and there's a silver and blue-velvet upholstered couch along one wall. It will serve for a cozy little reception area.%r%rPast an archway and a winding corridor through a second archway the room opens up, now broad and airy as the antechamber was small and cozy. Three massive windows are appointed with billowing blue curtains, and the bedchamber has ample space for a broad, gloriously appointed bed, along with a dark oaken wardrobe and chest and a washstand with a blue floral basin on one side, and a tidily kept seating area on the other side, a larger and less stifling version of the ill-proportioned sitting room, alongside a writing-desk for correspondence and some shelving for storage of books or keepsakes.

Arsène is, after expressing his wishes to meet the Ducal heir, escorted within the Palace, all the way to her suite, upon which he is the only one to cross the door. His guard, as faithful and silent as he might be, is left waiting outside while the Vicomte goes about his business. Clad in Trevalion colours, though the blue is so dark as to be black, and the addition of black leather boots and belt only further emphasize the somber attire. Of note, however, is the rare yet noticeable addition of silver to contrast, and the longsword, ever at his side. One would be forgiven to think it might be for show… if they knew nothing of Arsène nor his reputation, or failed to notice the way he moves, aware of his surroundings, and in perfect control of his own body. It is with that control that he gives his bow, neither deep enough to show too much respect, yet neither is it too small to give insult. "Heiress. I was told you had come to Marsilikos, and while at first I did not believe it, here you are, in the flesh. Fancy that."

Reina is settled in her sitting room with the windows open to catch whatever air is about, the scent of flowers from the garden is presence as is a scent that seems to be all Reina, sweet, spicy, wild and controlled, it's a lovely scent but also slightly exotic. When Arsene is showed in, eyes like the storms off the sea turn look and she looks the man over, carefully moving over his form but also the sword before they move to his eyes.

She is dressed in blue, a beautiful sleeveless day gown that shows off the hourglass form and the lush form without being overly improper. Of course with her sitting it is hard to see her true form as she dips her chin in greeting. A half amused smile to her lips as she offers softly, "Well, I did foster here as well as serve as a Lady in Waiting. So it is not as much of a surprise to some.." Her voice is husky and while soft, almost breathy there is a radiant lust of life that shows through. "But I do not think we have met before?" She questions curiously.

In the shadows near the door is a Cassline who is abit more at attention now that one has entered with a sword on his hip.

"Unless you missed every single family meeting or whenever my father would come visit yours and drag me along for the trip, we have met. Admittedly, not recently. I think I was there when you were born, but that might have been another child of the Duc. They tend to blend together after a while, just another case of utter boredom while everyone went around being so very happy." Arsène tilts his head to the side, his black eyes on Reina alone, the Cassline's existence ignored entirely. "Arsène de Trevalion, Vicomte de Dreux. Cousin and vassal to your father the Duc. How is the man anyway? I'm afraid I've not kept up with the family half as much as I should have. Especially with the numbers showing up here." he adds with dry amusement, a smirk curling his lips.

The woman just shakes her head once, "Mmm, you have changed since we last met. I was 7 and you were 17. I remember you wanting to be anywhere but at the family gathering. I also remember you liked the apple that I gave you, Arsene. But then who knows what your memory holds.." Reina sighs as motions for him to have a seat. "Wine, tea or something a little harder?" She questions as she crosses her legs and settles back in her chair, her lips still amused as she speaks, "My father is well, I am simply keeping out of his sight for while. And Marsilikos has always been close to the family, so others visiting is not that rare.."

"What can I say. I was born with the desire to be everything but what my father wished me to be." Arsène shrugs. "Mm, I didn't remember the apple part. I don't suppose you have cider for old times' sake then?" he smiles, and while it is a pleasant sight, what isn't about the man after all, there's something else in it, an ironic twist to his lips. "Or wine, if not. Red, especially." he decides, moving to the indicated seat and, with a move born from experience, sits without coming even close to catching his sword upon the furniture. A hint that it rarely leaves his side, he doesn't even pay attention to the action, his eyes still upon Reina. "And what did you do to make you wish to hide from him? Really, I've no idea. Family drama is not something I tend to keep track of, when I'm so busy making my own. Let me guess… It's marriage isn't it?"

Reina smiles slowly as she moves to stand, there is an enact grace in each of her movements, like a dancer or a swordsmen, he if anyone would understand some of that grace as she moves to the side board and pulls two glass down as well as finding a bottle deep in the darkness of the cabinet itself. "I did nothing persay. But with those around dying younger and heirs stepping up sooner, he is in a mind to have me protected. In most father's minds that means marriage, yes.." She turns her head and those eyes move to his own. "How are the duels coming? Word reaches me from time to time. But between you and Augustine. Well it is hard to keep track.." She pours a golden cup full of what must be cider if the scent that drifts on the wind is telling. She turns then as she listens to his answer and brings the glasses back over.

"I'm still alive, am I not? Given that who I face tend to be angry fathers or brothers claiming I'm to be held responsible for their female relative's latest sorrow, do you imagine I would stay so for long if I didn't win the majority? I've not lost in a while, it's growing rather boring. Perhaps I should duel Augustine, find some real challenge. It shouldn't be too difficult to think of a pretext, he doesn't tend to approve of my behaviour." Another smirk, this one harder, the cruelty showing, however briefly. "Should you wish to test the candidates your father sends over, see if they could truly 'protect' you, do feel free to send them over." he offers. And from the look on his face, he doesn't seem to care whether it really is to test them or just to send them packing. "Anyone of note thus far? You must have attracted SOMEONE's eye by now." he asks, leaning forward to accept the glass.

Reina glances the glass in his fingers and a move he might not see coming her fingers move to cup his jaw and stroke it gently as she looks into his eyes for a long moment. "Bored or simply need a new path, mmm?" She questions softly and then let's her fingers move away before she turns and settles back in her chair. A sigh as she crosses her legs and brings her glass to her lips. "A few, a couple of Duc's 2nd and 3rd sons. But those did not work out, though one was very good in bed.." She is thoughtful and then sighs as she takes another sip. "How shocked would you be to think that maybe my father is looking within our own bloodline? Thoughs here are mostly 2nd cousins, so it is not unusual.." Which would of course mean him as well. Her eyes are amused as she looks over the rim of her glass and gauges his reaction.

The touch is unexpected, but Arsène does not move away, nor does he show much reaction at all, save to arch an eyebrow. "Would one not lead to the other? Boredom implies dissatisfaction with one's path, therefore, one should take a new one." he points out. He takes a sip of cider as he listens, comfortable, seemingly relaxed, even when she mentions of the Duc's plans of keeping it in the family, as it were. It's not that he is an expert at maintaining his composure, not by any means. It is more a matter of caring, or lack thereof. Clearly, he doesn't think it concerns him. "Dear me, would you marry the famed Knight of the Swan himself? I'm sure women everywhere would envy you. Or perhaps his brother, Vespasien. Though I've not spoken to him much at all, we crossed path briefly after a visit to the Night Court." He leans back in his seat, tilting his head to the side. "Why yes, I did not mention myself. Because your father would have to be quite mad to supply my name, given my heartfelt attempts at blackening it beyond all redemption. Don't tell me it's all been for naught, I would be… vexed."

"Not always. Those that are bored but have not push, no zest for life will continue on the same path until they are dead. There are to many like that. You, well you are different. The old you would not sit here and listen to me.." Reina offers with a half amused voice as she takes another sip of her cider and relaxes more into the oversize chair. "As for Auggie, sadly he is like a brother to me. When a ten your old boy changed your nappies, well it's hard to see them as a lover. As for you.." She seems to ponder on what to say. "Just because you have tired to live a life and muddy your name. That does not mean there is not a strong man behind what he shows the world. Now is my father pushing me at any of you? No, but he is heading that way if none else are found.." She wrinkles her nose about it all and then gives shrug. "As for your offer. If any are presented I will call on you. Though I'd rather get lessons from you that watc you carve up sons of realm.."

"Old me? The seventeen year old? Oh there's plenty he would not have done that I do, and things he did that I've outgrown. For instance, the seventeen year old would have lost his words staring at you as you are now, possibly drooling a little. The thirty-one me can enjoy pleasant conversation with cider. The wonders of age and experience." Arsène remarks with very dry amusement that a sip of his drink does little to smooth. "Auggie. I'll have to remember that one. Does he smile when you call him such?" He shakes his head. "I do not think my actions have implied weakness so much as… Mm, how would my father put it best… A complete disregard for the sacred duty that awaits every Trevalion worthy of the name." He smirks humourlessly. "Do you feel the urge then? The need to gather your tools and see if you can get past the facade, possibly dive into the depths to find the broken soul behind it all, and redeem him? Perhaps fix him? Have him love… you?" He laughs. "Please, I'd rather not break the Duchess-to-be, for many young women has sailed on these particular waters, Heiress, and all have smashed against the rocks and drowned." He waves it aside. "Unless you're that particular brand of suicidal, I would not expect us to have to consider the possibility of my name being brought forth, or my being a good candidate in your eyes." As to training her, he chuckles. "Has Auggie not given you lessons? I could, but I'm not the nicest of teachers. Nor, for that matter, have I ever taught anyone. Mm… It offers some potential for entertainment, however. I like it. If it is lessons you would seek, then by all means, I am your man. Though I still wouldn't mind carving a son of the realm every now and then." he grins.

Reina listens to his words and a single smile touches her lips. "No, I am not one to wish such. But it does make one wonder why you speak of it so. Do you use it to scare or tempt woman into your bed? To laugh and see the strength of character? I can see abit of interest in that.." She ponders as she takes another sip. "No, he scowls and you are welcome to call him whatever you wish, I am sure you are waiting the response already.." Again amusement as those stormy eyes watch him and she seems to ponder something. "He has taught me the basic skills and while I will accept your lessons, I fear you will be disappointed. I see swordplay as a dance and not a brute skill. That I will always lack.."

"Typically, I don't. But as you're to be our Duchess, I prefer to walk a more direct and honest path than I usually bother with." Arsène replies, nodding once. "Those that insist… I break, inevitably. I tell them I will when we begin. And when they can't take it anymore, when they've been gutted and their soul shattered, when they realize nothing they can say or do would change me, that I am not theirs to save, when they ask me how I could do this to them? When they accuse me of dishonesty, Heiress, I simply say 'I told you so'." he shrugs, unapologetic, nor does he seek to boast. Simply states, clearly, with no artifice. "If I wish to make him feel childish, perhaps. Or if I wish to pass myself off as such. We'll see, we've not run into each other yet in the city." he gives another shrug before taking another drink. "Tsk. I would have been disappointed had you not noticed the artistry behind the blade. Yet there is art in more ways than the simple grace and movement of the blade. Of the steps of the combatants upon a dance floor where only one will be left standing. There is beauty in the fist cut of red upon flesh, art in bringing their bodies at the same pace as their will. And pleasure, when the light of battle dies in their eyes, when the flame of defiance has been snuffed out, and your own only increased." he points out, and though his manner of speech is casual, his eyes bear a rare intensity, a passion for so deadly an art. "Besides, your training would include dancing." he shrugs. "Why do you think I've danced with so many women? It wasn't simply to seduce them, you know."

Reina listens to his words, for good or bad she can see just of what he speaks, see the passion and danger and how it boils his blood. Instead of saying anything she leans forward and places her glass on the table before standing once more. Again to note her moves hold a grace, above grace, something natural but unnatural for a simple human woman. She moves with silent steps till she is standing in front of him and those stormy eyes look not only at him but slowly along his body and then back up to his eyes. She holds out a hand to him, palm down. "Then let us dance Arsene, if you can move with me, then we have a start.." A start to what is anyone's guess but she stands before him with that soft smile and simply waits for him to take her hand.

The black peers back at her, devouring more the longer she stares within their depths. Pulling in, ensanring… "Very well." His glass is left aside as he rises, soon looking down at the Duchess-to-be. "And what, dear Heiress, shall be our song? Slow and romantic, or furious like the storms in your eyes? Mm, yes. Let's begin with the latter. We'll see if you can keep up with the former, mm?" And he hardly gives her time to process it, his hands are already on her, and he has swept her into dance. As expected, he proves to be a more than adequate dancing partner, showing an easy grace, infusing his every move to a point that borders on the unnatural. It is more than simple talent, however. He is experienced, a veteran of dancing floors everywhere, and it shows with every step, where his eyes remain ever upon her own.

Reina does not take his eyes from him, nor does that smile change as he stands and speaks of what type of dance they are to do. Her movements as he pulls her into the dance are behind graceful, it is like her body flows to the music only they can hear. She meets him step for step, sliding of body to body, each swirl, each turns. The faster they go, the more advance the dance that smile changes and she is beaming in a way that she almost shines brighter than the moon. If there was every someone made to dance it would be that delicate figure in his arms and it would seem if there was even a partner for her within the dance it would be him. Odd, strange, but amazing to watch and feel. Stormy eyes shimmer, part and a start burst of color like lightening appears and disappears if never there. But he is watching and he can take his own thoughts on the matter.

The more she shines, the more he darkens, till day and night dance together, one with the pure grace of angels, the other with the dark physicality of the fallen. Their movements tap into different sources, yet they combine and harmonize, their dance a spectacle for any that might watch them. Yet unseen, save for the lone guardian of the Ducal heiress. "There are few times I ever find myself feeling quite this way, outside of battle. Dance is one of them, yet short of masters, few have been able to keep up with me. In this, you are a pleasant surprise, Heiress." But all good things must come to an end, and eventually, they still, the magic over. "As much as I'd like to stay, I've another engagement to attend to. I fear we'll have to focus on your handling of swords another time." he smirks.

Reina glows and still glows as the dance comes to an end. She dips her chin to the other master and then steps back as he needs to leave. "It is an interesting start, I do thank you for the dance and the visit. Next time we will see which sword is picked.." That smile is back and she moves back to her seat. "Oh and Arsene? The name is Renia.." She says in parting as she leans over to pick up her glass and then settles back into her chair. Appearing much the same as when he first came to visit. Though now there is a healthy flush to her cheeks after the dance of light and darkness.

"I know, Heiress. But it pleases me to call you as such, till the moment I won't anymore." Arsène smirks as he begins to walk towards the door. "But, I suppose you deserve at least one mention, after all this." He glances back over his shoulder. "Till next time, Reina." And with that, the Vicomte takes his leave, never looking back afterwards.

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