(1310-07-05) A Choice is Made
Summary: Atreis has not one but two gifts for Juliette, but she will have to choose.
RL Date: 05+06/07/2018
Related: Follows right after Marque Acknowledgement Fête
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Ballroom — Le Lis d'Or — Night Court of Marsilikos

The Lis d'Or Ballroom shows off elegant grandeur through golden ornaments on the walls, and it has a ceiling painted with an elaborate fresco of Cereus canon, a frail looking version of Naamah ensnaring the interest of King Persis with her charms of transient beauty. There are three crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, and together with additional oil lamps set at the walls at regular intervals they will offer sufficient lighting. Heavy brocade drapes at the windows in deep lapis lazuli blue offer contrast to the polished inlay work of the parquet wood floor, combining light maple wood with dark patterns of mahogany.

About the dancefloor, a number of tables have been arranged to offer seating accommodation, and the opportunity to enjoy refreshments. The chairs and tables are of dark mahogany wood, upholstery and cushions of finest deep blue satin with gold lining. Each table presents one aspect of Lis d'Or canon, as there are four of them, one each for Cereus, Dahlia, Camellia and Eglantine.

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Juliette inclines her head to the departing Ysabeau and Vespasien, a pleasant smile brightening her features. And while it does feel nice to be the focus of all attention, she catches herself now and then glancing about, in search for the dear one. Spotting Atreis Rousse standing not too far away from her, she smiles, hand lifting in an inviting gesture for the Capitaine to join her. "Would you like to go for a little stroll?", the courtesan asks. "About the Ballroom?"

Atreis dips her shoulders forward in a bow when acknowledged by the beloved pearl, rightening and approaching with all due briskness, neither dallying nor making her wait for her attention. She palms the velveteen sachet in her left hand while allowing it still to be seen, if Jules is looking for it (it's a little big to hide in its entirely)— and offers up her other arm for the courtesan to take. "You need to ask?" is a yes, not a rebuke, shared warmly from the heart, a real smile blossoming and threatening to make Trey look like a woman in love, if she doesn't tame it with an ounce of reservation. "I have a gift for you, as well. Two gifts, in point of fact, but— alas, I will make you choose from between them."

Placing her hand where it had already been before today, upon the gauntleted lower arm of Atreis Rousse, Juliette angles her head a little, as she tries too get a glimpse at what the capitaine might be holding in her other hand. A warm smile blossoms of features that show traits both d'Angeline and Caerdici, and hazel eyes meet the gaze of the Rousse, distracting her enough for a moment to make her forget about the sachet. "A gift.", she echoes then, in that clear melodious voice, and again she glances to what is hidden by Atreis' frame. "What? Two? A curious thing, not to offer both… but a choice between them. Pray, explain." The Pearl comes to a halt, light yellow silken skirts drifting about her making it look like they fell victim to a breeze. Standing now right in front of Atreis again, Juliette lifts her chin a little, her eyes seaching for clues and aanswers in the mien of the other woman. An undertaking that must be futile, and so she resorts to waiting for a verbal answer instead.

Atreis's nostrils flare slightly, her back straightens and she seems to be actively steeling herself. It's not often even Jules gets to see the Stonewall being built, but there's a slight tension at the side of her neck as she walks along beside Jules, eyes rising from the floor as she turns to walk backward in front of the beloved maiden rather than alongside her— then she eases to a halt, determining that this place, right here, will be her final stand. "Open this one first, and see whether it pleases you," she whispers, offering up that little sachet with the cinched ribbon closure. There's something hard inside, which Juliette can feel in her hands even before she opens it— which, if she does, she will discover a slender crystal phial with a variegated bulb below, filled with perfume. The scent is custom made, and a marvel enough. It brings sand and clouds to mind, first, and the spray of the sea in the whips of a coming squall… with warm undertones of oak and of leather, safety and protection from the sea-storm. It smells… sort of like something Trey would wear, if she wore perfume, rather than something well-suited to Juliette, unless only to remind her of the Capitaine whose heart she's stolen.

There is something to be said about this moment, when the way Atreis walks with Juliette, facing her, lends the interaction a certain meaning. The courtesan can sense it, that there may be more lingering there between them than the simple act of handing over a gift. With her brown eyes widening slightly, the Lis d'Or accepts the sachet and her gaze will only drop to inspect the phial. Of course, she removes the stopper to gauge the scent, nostrils moving slightly as she takes in the olfactory sensations, analyzing them, the smile coming unbidden, when she realizes what this scent is. The very essence of Trey, of her life on the sea - a life Juliette herself is yet so unacquainted with. "This is lovely," she states, as she places the stopper back on the phial, "A wonderful gift indeed."

Atreis inclines her head, softly breathing through her relief that the scent is to Juliette's liking without going so far as to actually sigh. "You may choose to keep it, in remembrance of me— while La Medouse takes to the main. We have a full two months' register for ports of call— we will probably return to the port of Marsilikos in the third month, unless our mission objectives detain us longer," she takes the moment to inform Juliette. "I was assured that even were I away four months or five, you could wear that scent every day and, in some way, I would be with you. Or." Or. This is the point at which the battle will turn, one way or the other. Trey descends to one knee before the Pearl of Marsilikos, not minding if the fete-goers stop to gawk as she seeks to take Jules' hands in her hands. "Embark with me. I have… assembled funds to compensate your time, for the span of two months. And we will put into all manner of port, at which you will be able to see what treasures would please you for me to take aboard in remembrance of those places and our time… our time together."

With her expression meandering somewhere between gratitude and curiosity, Juliette keeps the phial in her hand, fingers wrapping about that beautiful glass vessel, as her hazel eyes look towards Atreis. Yes. Atreis, as this Rouse speaks and puts forth the second gift - and the choice. Brows lift as Juliette's gaze widens, features going all pale suddenly when she realizes that this one person dear to her refers to her impending. Complexion taking on a quality of alabaster, just like the pearl Atreis likes to call her sometimes. A Lis d'Or would be far more versed in keeping her composure, but here it is, Juliette not even thinking of putting up any pretense how such a long absence might affect her. "Oh… Atreis…", she murmurs, one hand returning to rest upon the armored lower arm. But the Rousse isn't done yet. And her brows twitch into a more pronounced arch when the capitaine moves to kneel before her, and Juliette blinks, looking down into those sea-green eyes of the person that has become so dear to her. Hands are granted as they are sought, a thumb making sure to keep the phial in a somewhat secure grip. With her chest rising and falling from the emotional effect Atreis' proposition has for her, the Pearl of Marsilikos, finally inclines her head with a down flit of her gaze - signaling her agreement. "I am… allowed to make my own assignations now. I don't see any other… pressing matters that keep me from such a contract. With that said…" Her expression softens, and her voice as well, "I'd be happy to accept and come along with you for this sea voyage. Perhaps… there are some new impressions from foreign harbors and towns I can benefit from. And of course. Atreis. Your company." At this she smiles, a smile so genuine that it has her eyes alight and glitter. The people around them who might notice, forgotten, as they suddenly don't seem to matter anymore.

Atreis has steeled herself hard for rejection. She's placated herself to know that her absence from town will only sweeten the next time she sees Juliette again, she's ready for her beloved courtesan to decide to stay here and keep her in her heart by scent alone until her return. Those are the sorts of hurts a stone wall is build against, ready for any heartbreak— but Juliette has found the chink in the wall. An assent. The breath flutters hard out of Atreis' chest, her mouth looks like it forgot how to smile but is trying to anyhow, her eyes water over with tears of joy. "She said yes!" she yells, to anyone who might still be watching, as though the maiden had assented to be her bride. Then she's up off of her knee, snagging Jules about the waist on her way up and lifting her into the air, spinning her joyously around her and then lowering her just slightly, angling her neck to catch Juliette's lips with her lips on the way down, the first touch of the kiss like a zap of static, dazing her momentwise until she warms into it, beginning to kiss her most beloved girlfriend with an absolutely passionate fervor.

A surprised yelp escapes the courtesan when Atreis lifts her and whirls her about, and yet, she does not evade the kiss. Especially since there have been so few exchanged between them so far. Nevermind the Dowayne of Lis d'Or, whose stare Juliette can feel boring into them from afar, as such relentless displays of glee are not what the walls of this salon are used to. Nevermind those who have come to be here to see her on this day. Nevermind the patrons and acquaintances that will be more than devastated to see her leave Marsilikos for at least two months…

When Juliette returns the kiss, her lips curl as she feels Atreis' fervor, the fervor of feelings that have been repressed for so long. With her arms wrapped about the Rousse Capitaine's shoulders to keep her close, the courtesan gasps for air when the kiss finally breaks, and in remembering where they are, Juliette asks Atreis to set her back down. The phial still in her hand, the brunette courtesan looks up into Atreis' eyes, and tilting her head, inquires softly, "Perhaps I can take both?"

Atreis clears her throat, remembering herself, and while the Stonewall has no way of repairing itself with the hammering happening in her heart. But despite the unfamiliar joy displayed on her face, she sets Jules down gently, unwilling to quite let her go, but willing at least to stand with her with slightly more decorum, that waiting fervor just slightly tremoring in her arms where they lie so gently on Jules' waist. "Anything," she whispers, when Jules makes her request to keep the perfume. "Juliette," she continues, a soft promise on the back of the simple utterance of her name. Trey would not deny the young woman… anything.

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