(1310-07-04) Four Nails in the Coffin
Summary: Lilyana Tekin nó Glycine visits Tsingani leatherworker to check on the progress of his work. Though, she found out that the term when her slippers will be finished has to be prolonged.
RL Date: Jul 04, 1310
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Abraham's Waggon

A medium size waggon is hidden in the shelter of an old, tall and branched out oak just a little bit away from the main road. It's built from wood but is colored in dark red shades. The waggon is obviously old and the shades of red do not match each other suggesting that the paint peeled off more than once and was repainted with whatever the owner had at hand. The ornaments of the walls are also barely visible and mostly covered in road dust.

This van has windows at the sides and back. At both the front and back, porches with carved side brackets give a little shelter. Portable steps lead up to the front door, which opens separately at the top and bottom. At the back a cratch, hay rack for the horse, is fixed beneath the back window, and a kettle box swings between the wheels to carry ironware. The front wheels are about 3'6" high, the back ones much bigger at 5'. Running along the centre top of the van is a raised roof with small side windows. Lastly, a chimney pokes out of the main roof on the right keeping clear of nearside trees and overhead bridges.

The side walls of the waggon have some nails which are used to hang various leather belts, leather bags, pendants and bracelets. Some new and old leather scabbards are also laying close the the waggon. There is a small camp established beside the van as well. Not used fireplace, but still warm after the night, a blanket and various trinkets, leather-work equipment, and unknown pieces of metal and wood are scattered around. All this treasure is kept safe by an old horse whose reins are attached to the oak as well as the medium size hound whose leash is wrapped around one of the wheels.

It is a summer morning. The weather is hot and stormy.

Tsingano camp seems to be pretty noisy this hot and stormy summer day. There are four more waggons standing around the old oak not just Abraham's. Each of those waggons is different, but they all seem to be used on the roads for many years, maybe even close to decades. At least four children are runing around squealing and laughing, and exchanging some Tsignani words with each other. A couple of old women are work on what suppose to be lunch. They have a metal pot hanging above open fire and the smell of chicken boiled with vegetables is carried around by the heavy wind. Some men are idly chatting and drinking not very far away from their women.

A young Tsingani female is hanging wet clothes on the rope which joins two birches. She wears a long skirt and a loose blouse. Though, most significant are her accessories which jingle in the wind almost creating a song. Abraham is leaning against one of those two birches. He has one leg bended and tucked behind himself. Abraham's hound is curled up at his feet. Tsingani man's shirt flutters in the wind together with all those pendants hanging on his neck. He is engaged into the conversation with that female friend.

There are also few men of Abraham's age and they are caring things from one waggon to the other.

It was a bit different this day when Lilyana arrives, the bustle of activity more like the market than what she normally finds. Or that of a homestead with different families camping nearby. She hesitates back from everything, taking a moment to try and familiarize herself with everything and everyone. The kids running around brings an indulgent look from her as well as a delighted one, seeing the innocence of youth there. After she glances towards the women making the food, the smile grows and she idly wonders what it would be like to be part of such a group as this. Then there's Abraham and she starts to take a step towards him when she realizes he was in conversation with someone already.

For a moment, she hovers back, seen possibly but she makes no moves to interrupt them, leaving the time to him to be free of his prior business. Hands link behind her back and instead of staring towards him, she watches the children play instead.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Abraham=Stealth Vs Lilyana=Perception
< Abraham: Great Success (8 6 8 2 8 2 7 6 2) Lilyana: Failure (5 2 6)
< Net Result: Abraham wins - Crushing Victory

"M'lady?.." a suprised voice whispers behind Lilyana's back. While the woman was focused on the children, Abraham had a chance to leave his companion and sneak upon a lonely lily in the field of simple clovers. He stops but a few feet away holding his hands clasped behind his back. His playful gaze dances in the young woman's curls and then wanders across her cheek to a delicate neck, and traces a string of her pendant down to Lily's bosom. Then his look boldly hugs her waist and bounces down the skirt to gawk at her feet.

"Aaaah…" Abraham frowns and shakes his head, "I have to apologize, m'lady. I acted as a selfish and wicked man. I have no slippers for you to try!" He pauses for a second but before Lily reacts, he grins quite mischievously. For a very brief moment his eyes find a couple of fellow Tsingani but then he looks back at the lady and gestures for her to move a bit more deeper toward area grown with larger trees to have some more privacy. He is the first to take a step towards that direction and he continues to speak while doing so, "You see, it takes more than two days to prepare slippers that one could test them out. But I really didn't want to wait for a week before seeing you again…"

Perhaps his voice was surprised when he whispers behind her, but Lilyana is even more so. A soft squeak of surprise heralds that she had heard him and she quickly turns. The surprise melts into warmth that seeps into her eyes and curves her lips up into an undeniable smile. Her lips part as if she might speak, but then she is captured by the way his eyes dance over her. Following his gaze, it leaves a tingling sensation over her skin everywhere he takes it. Only when he gets to her feet does she attempt to speak and even then the words are given haltingly. "I.. oh it has only been two days." He may notice she is wearing the gifts he had sent her, the bracelet on one wrist, the other around her neck. Though as he continues, her eyes lift to meet his and the pleasure of his words light her eyes, "Thank you. The words are not enough to express everything I am feeling. I have so much to thank you for, but I will start with the slippers. I know they are so much work and I will pay you well for them. Thank you mostly for wanting to see me again, I wanted to come even yesterday but I forced myself to wait."

There is more but she can only stand there mutely for a moment as her fingers lightly brush over the gift he had given her. "I tried to write a note in response but everything seemed so terribly inadequate for how I feel about the gift."

"Come," Abraham encourages the young woman to follow him a bit more deeper into the nature and further away from a curiously gawking eyes of the otehr Tsingani. "I do not worry about the words, m'lady. Words are so fragile. They are said and they are gone. They can be said by accident or be forced by a simple moment of passion." The man walks backwards that he could still look at the woman. His steps are slow but confident since he knows the area quite well. "Though, actions are what remains," he explains. "You decided to wear my gift and that allows me to know how much you appreciate it because a lady such as yourself would not wear something just beautiful. It has to be perfect…"

When they are a bit more away from the camp, Abraham stops and leans against the stem of a tall tree. Then his eyes find Lily one more time. "Are you adventurous, m'lady?" He completely ignores the subject of slippers and coins they might be worthy.

It is all the encouragement she needs and Lilyana follows in step with him, nothing about to wipe away the smile she wears. Not even the curiosity of his fellow people. Hearing him out, as he says the word passion her eyes lift again to his, even as they walk further away. The way he walks backwards so that she can still see him is noted and impulsively she offers out her hand to him. "It is perfect, Abraham. I wanted to write a return note to you, but I could not find words suitable. Nothing seems to fit. I choose to always wear it."

When he stops and leans against one of the trees, she almost bumps into him but catches herself first, standing right before him, the skirt of her dress almost brushing against him. "Adventurous? I am! Have you got an adventure in mind, Abraham? I would be willing, more than willing, if you allow me."

He takes a woman's hand when she offers it. That brings Abraham to an advantage. So, he tugs Lily gently when leaning back against the tree trying to make her fall forward. This way he is able to wrap his one arm around her waist and have her cheek so close to him that Lily could feel his breath on her skin. In success, a man whispers, "I may have an idea or two for our adventure. Though it would be absolutely impolite of me to put you in a position of following my idea. Dear, you strike me as a girl of sensitive heart. It would be hard for you to say no, wouldn't it? So, what about you telling me your most desired adventure?"

The tug surprises her but not in a bad way. Allowing herself to be taken to him she does stumble only a little, when her feet find his, but it only makes her laugh, tilting her head back as she smiles at him, meeting his gaze. His breath there on her skin gives her a brief shiver, but the whisper even more so, the hint of promise in there. Or danger. "I trust you," she tells him softly. "I would follow your adventures and not for being able to say no, perhaps not.. to you, but that is just because I am willing to go on many adventures with you."

Abraham raises his hand and if Lily allows he tucks a small curl of her hair behind her ear and then cups her cheek into his palm. His dark eyes stare into hers for a few quiet moments before a broadly smiling man parts his lips to continue. Though, he just lets out a breath instead and then gathering up all his bravery he leans in to place a soft and brief kiss on the lady's lips. It's quicker than a moment but the man is not yet ready to withdraw after breaking that touch of their lips. Tsingani allows the sides of their noses to touch each other and Lily can feel how his breathing increases. "M'lady, how much do you know of the culture of my kind?" He finally whispers another question, jumping from one subject to completely different one.

It was what she had wanted since they had come so close when she had visited before and Lilyana meets those dark eyes of his as if she could see through to his soul. It was wishful thinking of course, but she does share a bit of her own thoughts in her gaze, allowing the desire to show through. As well as every other emotion since she was not so adept at hiding her thoughts from her features. There is the briefest catch of her breath as his lips find hers and her lashes flutter down while her head tilts back to give of herself that moment, that kiss. To him. As his lips part from hers she lifts her hand to rest against his chest, feeling his heartbeat beneath those medallions he wears. The question catches her off guard but it is a fresh reminder of obstacles between them. Opening her eyes, she searches his expression before taking a deep inhalation of breath. "I know your women and daughters remain pure and untouched until marriage." A nail in the coffin. "I know you only marry your own kind." Another nail. "I know you are travelers." Nail three. And to round it out, she lowers her eyes and takes another breath before saying, "And while I am only an adept, I cannot choose who I would be with, without the offering and following the proper procedures with my Salon." Number four.

When Lilyana rests her head against his chest, Abraham wraps his arms around her petite form. He is quiet and focuses his eyes on the branches of trees in front of them where a couple of birds find shelter from the head. Though, when the young woman speaks of all the obstacles on the way of their care-free adventure, he raises one of his hands to gently touch her forehead and then with his fingers across her hair. While the lady rams those nails into the perfect image of the future making it crumble down, he just remains calmly brushing her hair with his fingers, slowly and quite thoughtfully. But then she will feel his chest raising up and going down when his lips let out a chuckle, "It's quite valuable for us to stay at Marsilikos through the summer. Most likely, we will leave close to autumn. Why to think of what is going to happen when leaves turn yellow while we can absolutely enjoy the moment?.."

It was a poignant moment for Lilyana as he just holds her during all of the melancholy. Even as she tries to tamp it down it is a very palpable thing from her. The touch of his fingers was calming, the soothing feel as he traces her dark hair settling her as he offers the reassurances in return to her naming the obstacles. The suggestion echoes in her thoughts, enjoy the moment. The smile returns, bright and hopeful, as she lifts her head and meets his eyes. "I would like that, Abraham. Very much."

"Then agreed, m'lady," Abraham smiles and leans his head forward to place a peck on the woman's forehead, "I have to go back to my work now, though. I really want to finish off those slippers for you. This time I can promise that three days from now we will be able to try and see if they match perfectly to you. Just have in mind that you don't have to wait for three days. You can always visit our camp. Though, if I am not around I would recommend to keep distance from that man over there," he points toward one of the other Tsingani and chuckles adding, "He might be a bit too vulgar…" Then Abraham tries to push himself up together with the lady, "Shall I escort you back?"

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