(1310-07-03) Roseline's Debut
Summary: The Debut of Roseline no Coeur de Lavande, and the events that transpired therein.
RL Date: Tue Jul 03, 1310
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Lavender and greenery are the dominant features of this garden. Though other flowers can be found in the garden lavender is what dominates it.The other flowers seem to serve as an accent to the lavenders as well as to break up the greenery when the lavenders are off season. Vast trees with drooping branches offer privacy to the benches tucked under them. Trellises with creeping ivy vines scater about the garden as well as various bushes and foliage. Fruit trees are strategically placed to provide freshly picked snacks when in season. All the greenery is chosen to highlight the lavender flowers. A small, discrete section of the garden is devoted to herbs, fruits, and vegetables for th House to use in the cooking and the likes for the Salon. Nestled among the lavenders and greenery is a fair sized glass building, a kin to a greenhouse, undoubtedly. The final thing to note about the garden is that there are stone paths that wind through out the garden, drawing to various places in it as well as to the greenhouse.

This small glass house acts as a greenhouse and a pool house for it is dense with fruits, herbs, vegetables, and flowers that are seasonal year round. The plant life creates narrow paths, creating a rather intimate setting within the glass house. When the light shines through the glass it creates a rainbow effect as there is a pool at the center of the glass house, spilled into by fountains so water constantly splashes gently. This glass house is both functional and intimate.

The garden is abuzz with activity for the Debut of Roseline, who is not yet in the garden. At least that anyone can tell. Avril, roseline's mother and one of the founders of the salon, is directing people and welcoming guests, as a second has want to do.

Not the first but not dreadfully late either, Arsène arrives, accompanied with his ever faithful, and, most importantly, quiet, guard. The Vicomte himself is clad in a blue outfit so dark it may as well be black, contrasted with the silver recalling the Trevalion colours. Black leather boots complete the ensemble, along with the sheathed longsword tied to his belt. Thus attired, he glances around the room, taking note of the individuals present, without immediately going towards one in particular. No, he takes his time to take in the current going ons, before heading to the benches.

Arsene sits down at Benches.

Stepping into the gardens of Coeur de Lavande, Arielle has a calm perfectly composed look to her. The delicate blonde lady's expression is hard to read though her eyes betray the tininest touch of curiousity as she glides down the pathways. Her gown for this occasion is a sea blue with pearl accents, the gowns color flattering the ice blue of her eyes. She drifts about a moment before moving with silent steps towards the benches, intending to take a seat there. Arsene is noticed just then and she studies him breifly with those calm ice colored eyes before speaking in a soft steady tone. "Hello, might I join you?"

Dressed in a new outfit of emerald green and gold Elliot looks rather dashing indeed as he strolls in. The lion seen on the Rocaille Crest has been artfully embroidered onto his shirt of emerald green silk in a dark golden thread and his breeches and boots are made to match as well. Stepping into the garden he greets the second of the house warmly and will accept a drink from a passing novice before wandering around with an openly curious gaze.

Marco enters the gardens with open curiosity his eyes exploring the delightful area with a smile at the light buzz of activity. His eyes searching curiously for those attending and representing the place. He has an expression of open curiosity as he searches for a location from which to observe. The Mereliot lord wears the expected light finery though nothing of any particular note as he takes in the area.

A young , short haired woman steps in, looking a bit hesitant, a lacey red dress coming down to her ankles though the thin straps leave her shoulders bare. Theodosia smiles to those she's already met, clearly curious and intrigued about the NighT court, the hesitancy in her eyes marking her as not too experienced in it.

Arsène's dark gaze changes, from idle contemplation, to a focused look directed at Arielle. A brief look, from the soles of her feet to the top of her head is given, before he motions to the benches. "By all means. I've not been here so long as to hold any claim in ownership where these benches are concerned. Might I ask who joins me now? Perhaps I'll even give you my name if you answer." the man smiles, charming, even amused. Is that an edge of mockery in his tone? No, surely not. But it certainly is a sherper edge to one's humour than the norm.

Arielle sits down at Benches.

Vespasien steps into the gardens, wearing clothing of the appropriate finery to such an occasion. It isn't silk, though- nothing quite so fine for Vespasien de Trevalion. Rather, there is a nudge towards utility, even in the finery he wears- but still exquisite in quality. Over a shoulder he has a leather bag one might normally see worn by a messenger. The colors are those of his house- blues with silver accents- the buttons on his doublet, indeed, may be solid silver- like stars they catch the light.

Still, he keeps to quiet- snagging a drink as one of the novices dressed as fairies passes, bowing his head before finding a mostly empty bit of space to watch with intense fascination.

Arielle gaze studies Arsene in return, meeting his stare with her own steady gaze before slowly lowering her eyes just a touch as she seats herself. A faint smirk appears on her lips. "So I see, but then owning benches doesn't seem that exciting. There are far more intriguing things you could strive to possess." At the request for her name she tilts her head and considers. "Only perhaps? You would deny me a fair trade then? Oh well I suppose I enjoy the occasional risk in the name of gaining something. I am Arielle Rousse, a pleasure to meet you." She dips her head politely to Arsene watching him curiously for a long moment now.

A thorn in a garden of lavender easily goes unnoticed because there is quite possibly enough lavender here to supply the entire city and then some. Evangeline arrives to the debut without much fanfare. Her dark clothing is luxurious but subdued and her long hair is gently swept up into a soft chignon at the back of her head. Every step is elegant and graceful as she demonstrates the years of practiced etiquette to perfection, finding no where in particular to sit just yet. Her watchful eyes, a soft violet-blue, sweep the garden, drawing in the decor and ambiance with quiet judgement.

As Elliot wanders he cannot help but spot a familiar thorn lurking in the midst of all the lavender. Stepping over towards Evangeline he bows his head respectfully. "Hello again my lady thorn, it is lovely to see you here." He keeps his gaze lowered a bit a soft smile daring to appear on his features after a moment.

"Is there? I can't think of anything at all that would make anyone more fulfilled than my life. Or so I've been told." There is no attempt made to hide the sarcasm in Arsène's voice, though whether it is turned at Arielle or someone else, possibly one not even present, is difficult to tell. "I like to think I offer enlightening life lessons. First one of the night, life isn't fair, but that's a little trite, wouldn't you agree?" he smirks. "Well met, Arielle Rousse. And since I'd prefer to be adressed properly instead of whatever nickname the event would give me, allow me to present myself as Arsène Trevalion, Vicomte de Dreux." he offers. His eyes stray from his current talk partner, turning briefly to the woman clad in black that walks in. He smiles, briefly, the hints of amusements shining briefly in the black depths of his eyes, before it disappears, swallowed like all the rest.

Avril continues to greet people and guide them to seats. Roseline is still not yet visible, likely her presence will be announced when everyone has properly settled in. The second doesn't let anyone be unattended.

One such as Gabrielle is never late, she simply arrives in time to perfectly slide into the mingling before she is shown to a seat. The red head is dressed in a lovely creation of deep purple with touches of black, the sleeveless dress clinches in at her narrow waist and allow the skirts to flare and land just a breath from the ground. It is spilt up each side and shows hints of tights and boots of the same deep purple a blinding that seems to make her movements more of a float than a walk as smiles to Avril and then slowly glances around, intense green eyes curious of who is where and what.

Jehan-Pascal is on the later side of the arrivals, and glad as anything to step out of the carriage he took here and see others still arriving— so his tardiness may still be labeled 'fashionable' instead of merely 'inconsiderate.' He turns, after stepping out of the carriage, and, tucking one hand behind his back, he offers the other to the young lady in the carriage with him, letting her use it as a fulcrum to get herself out and down with as little fuss as possible. His outfit is new, smartly cut, and in colors that flatter him— dark greys and blues with accents of black flowers embroidered like ghosts against the midnight blue front-panels of his trousers. Silver stockings, black dancing shoes. He's fully dressed to the nines, yet is also clad to be an accent piece of sorts to the gown the young lady with him is wearing, which sparkles in the same hues of dark grey, black and midnight blue. He gently coaxes her hand around his elbow, and escorts her inside, bowing deeply to Avril and making conversation— how proud Avril must be of her daughter— how time DOES pass and how quickly they grow— how beautiful Avril looks and how beautiful the salon. And then, introductions. "May I present the Ambasaddor, Aedhwyn mab Mor Rioghain?" GOSH was he up all night practicing that one.

Evangeline carefully eyes Elliot as the young nobleman approaches. Her lips curve into a wry grin. "Lord Rocaille, it is good to see you as well." Her honeyed voice is even and smooth as she greets him with a respectful bow of her head. "Supporting the latest debutante warms my heart. I know it is not common to see other houses present, but I wished to offer my support to Coeur de Lavande, even if from the shadows of their garden. It's quite beautiful and peaceful, do you not agree, my lord?" Eva offers the nobleman a knowing smile while her hands come to clasp behind her back. The couple at the nearby bench capture her attention rather briefly. She takes notice of the woman first, then the man; She does not spare then a moment longer and instead turns gaze elsewhere.

After enjoying most of his drink in what could be considered a particularly ungentlemanly gulp, Vespasien places the glass on something nearby- whatever flat surface is easily available as he reaches into his leather bag and pulls out a pad of paper. Next, comes out a bit of charcoal. He begins to quietly scratch away at the paper with his charcoal, sometimes looking up to check the debut party as they come together, mingle, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Theodosia accept a glass of wine as she watches, her eyes widening as she sees the procession of people coming in, Lords, Ladies, even an Ambassador. She seems entranced by the pageantry, and cups her glass in both hands, watching curiously, she might be here more to meet people or to learn about the Night Court than to actually bid.

Aedhwyn smiles at Jehan-Pascal as she takes his offered arm in escort. For those that have met her before perhaps the most noticeable thing about her is that she is in a beautiful gown of d'Angeline design and at least this evening, she does not wear the dots of Courcel blue across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. Instead she has choosen to wear a delicate looking tiara with sparkling diamonds and sapphires with a coordinating torque about her neck. If not for the marque She looks to Avril, nodding her head in what might pass for an informal curtsey. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, madame."

"You should take everything you are told with a touch of suspicion my Lord. Rarely is advice offered without some form of motive." Arielle replies to Arsene with a sly smile on her lips and a touch of amusement in her eyes. She tilts her head. "No, life is not fair but even when life is unfair it can still be enjoyable to some. Being able to find enjoyment and success even when others would suffer…that is something worth learning." She considers him carefully as he introduces himself and smiles faintly her gaze following his to the black clad woman and showing a touch of curiousity.

Elliot smiles warmly to Evangeline and nods slowly. "I agree. I find that all gardens have their own sort of beauty. This one is tranquil and relaxing where as your own is a maze filled with both beauty and danger. They are different from each other but both should be appreciated no?" He smiles shly to Evangeline before glancing curiously around the gardens once more.

Now that peoplle are more or less settled in Avril dips her head at one of the Coeur de Lavandeciurtesans. THenshegives a smile to everyone while the Courtesan goes to collect Roseline, "I'm pleased to announce roseline is the first Novice to offically start her Marque with the Coeur de Lavande marque. We are a young salon so it is quite the pleasure to have someone officially be starting on our House Marque." Avriln smiles brightly as she continues, "Novices will be coming around taking bids and informing of the changes for those who wish too. We will be accepting bids all night, making it more of a silent bidding but we will not hide who is bidding unless there is a request too."

"Shall I take your advice with the same suspicion, then?" Arsène asks Arielle very, very dryly. "It would be quite foolish of me to not do so, wouldn't it?" His gaze wanders again to the various inhabitants of the room, waiting for the next stage of the Debut. "Mm, but what about finding enjoyment and success because others suffer? There's something to be said there." he smiles. "Do excuse me, I recognize someone I could have sworn I had seen before in my homeland. Do excuse me, it'd be utterly improper of me to not salute them." And with that, the nobleman rises and walks towards Evangeline and Elliot.

Once Avril has done her opening speach Roseline enters in a sheer lace gown that leaves little to the imagination, save for the back which is hidden. The lace is a lavender hue and her hair is woven with lavender. ooc Not sure on that. I just know people are suppose to do +econ/set and that will give the limit.

Once Avril has done her opening speach Roseline enters in a sheer lace gown that leaves little to the imagination, save for the back which is hidden. The lace is a lavender hue and her hair is woven with lavender. She wears no shoes just belled anklets that have a chain hooked around her middle toes. THe same beleld idea is repeated on her hands and a silk lavender choker with a bell is around her neck. Roseline definitely does not have a subdued look, her every step jingles. A brilliant and happy smile is flashed to everyone as she dips into a curtsy. Avril makes herself scarce, keeping track of the bids that are placed with them. It is roseline's night, after all.

"There are those that enjoy causing pain and then there are those that enjoy receiving it. I have my suspicions that you are in the former category my Lord. I see no issue with that either…it takes all kinds." Arielle replies just as dryly and with a touch of amusement as he rises she nods slowly. "Of course. Have a pleasant evening." She will remain on the bench, her eyes scanning the surroundings carefully.

Arsene stands and leaves Benches.

Jehan-Pascal steps back courteously from Avril once introductions have been made, letting the Second back about her work and tucking his hand in a manner most genteel just at the back of Aden's elbow, guiding her along into the gardens. "You should always be sure to bid if you go to a debut," he advises her gently, moving gracefully alongside her past some of the seating. "It's a very polite and hortatory thing to do, even if you wouldn't like to win. If you're bidding to be polite, however, you should be sure to bid early, so that you don't stand a chance," he grins a cheeky little grin her way. "Would you like for me to put in a bid in your name?" he wonders, still strolling. They're going to at least do a lap before he chooses a place to sit. Got to see all the options. He does come up short, pausing when the debutante enters to applaud her grand entrance.

Gabrielle speaks softly to one of the Novices as those intense green eyes look over Roseline as she appears. There is a tilt of her head and she sends the novice over to whoever is collecting the bidders. Once that is done she turns and looks over the crowd once more, her eyes narrowing slightly on Arsene for a moment before she flickers a beautiful smile to Eva and Elliot, amused appears in that smile as she settles back on her bench with wine that was brought by a different novice.

Aedhwyn nods as Jehan explains a bit about the ettiquette of the debuts, her head tilting to the side as she considers the levels of intricacies of these things. It is about when she starts to speak that Roseline makes her entrance. She turns to smile and greet her friend but instead blinks, a breath drawn in as the colour starts to rise on her cheeks. "Oh…I was not expecting…." She dips her head a bit but it only seems to make things worse, the colour rising a bit higher and brighter. "…debuts to be so complicated."

THer bidders are subtly appraoched by Novices, skilled enough that knowing who bid is not easy to do. Unless the person makes it distinct they want it know. IT is likely some do, after all. Each person is told what the current highest bid is. Jingling merely Roseline strts to draw into the crowd of people, greeting each person she passes by and lingering should they request her too.

When a novice passes, Vespasien gives a quiet bid- which gets a bit of a look. Perhaps it was high.. or perhaps it was low. Either way, Vespasien's attention is back again at his drawing- fairies and pixies dancing around the young woman who's debuting right in front of him.

The scratching of charcoal on paper is all the noise he makes as he looks up again and again- catching the vision and capturing it on paper.

At some point fashionable late gets to be too much, and Lord Mathys probably is at that point as he walks in just as Roseline steps into the room. He pausea at the edge of the room and lets her be the focus for now, keeping from drawing any attention, before scanning the room for any familiar faces.

Evangeline slips away without another word to Elliot. Mandrakes.

Elliot blinks as he is left alone all of a sudden. He bows his head trying not to look like a kicked puppy. Sighing softly he slowly lifts his head shaking it gently as if trying to clear away troubling thoughts.

Is Gabrielle's look noticed? It is, for Arsène arches a brow in her direction when it is noticed. Yet likewise, his attention is taken by Evangeline's departure, and he chuckles when he hears Elliot's sigh. "What did you tell her, to have her depart so suddenly?" he asks the man.

Jehan-Pascal spots a passing novice while he loiters there with Aedhwyn, smiling easily at the young foreigner he's escorting and then beckoning the novice with a quick and subtle twitch of his first two fingers to hear the current high bid and to increase upon it somewhat, at least. That done, "It's not all as complicated as it's made out to be. There is probably one here who has been aching after her for months and who will walk away with the thing, willing to empty out his last pocket," he smiles. "Or else, someone who wishes to make an impression by winning a debut. It can be a bit of a mark of status for a house. Just as is coming here, well-appointed in dress and with a well-appointed companion on ones arm," he adds with a bright smile.

Gabrielle can't help it, she sighs and raises a hand towards Elliot, motioning for him to join her. A little smile plays on her lips and as she is close enough Arsene's comment is heard as well. A pondering look enters those eyes and she simply watches the pair of Lords as the bids come and go.

Quiet as a wallflower, Lilyana remains in the background, but as the debutante arrives a warm smile is offered in her direction. It was only from a distance she had seen the girl before, so she is mostly unknown, but she had come as support. Dressed in darker purple, she tries to keep herself from gaining so much attention. As the other novices mill about, she makes no moves to call them over or anything, though she does notice when some do.

Elliot's eyes widen a touch as he peers over at Arsene. His cheeks turn a faint and subtle shade of pink as he realizes he was caught. "I don't know what I did…we were discussing the garden. I merely said all gardens had their own different forms of beauty." The Rocaille lord shifts nervously looking troubled as he regards Arsene. "My apologizes if I scared her off before you could speak with her."

"No matter." Arsène waves it aside. "She was momentary curiosity. Yet lest I miss my mark, from your interactions and the way you reacted, I would guess that she holds a more special importance than that." he remarks. He considers Elliot a moment more, and his words, before making another guess. "Discussing of gardens… Either she has an interest in botany, for you to use that approach, or you were making metaphors for a courtesan of the Rose Sauvage. Or perhaps both, or none at all." he continues, idly. "Mm, and I've no idea who I adress so. Arsène Trevalion, Vicomte de Dreux."

Aedhwyn mms and nods once more. It would seem that the usually talkative Alban might be a little overwhelmed or perhaps she simply needs a moment to take in all the new information before responding. Her gaze tracks the movements of her friend as she makes her entrance only to finally return to Jehan. "I suppose in its own way this is little different than a noble bride's first handfasting, only the negotiations are done in private and noone else sees quite so much of her. Though I do not quite understand why there is a mark of status with the winning of a debut or the appearance at one."

<FS3> Vespasien rolls Draw/paint: Good Success. (7 5 2 8 2 2 2 8 5 6)

Mathys spots Aedhwyn with Jehan-Pascal, as he makes his through the garden. Before he greets her, he notices Vespasien and admires the painting as it comes together. "It is always a pleasure to meet a fellow painter. I rather like your use of color." He looks back to Aedhwyn and Jehan, offering them a bow, "My Lord and Lady."

Elliot seems to be growing somewhat flustered. His cheeks retain that subtle shade of pink as he speaks with Arsene his expression thoughtful as he replies. "I do not know if she does yet or not Lord Trevalion. I wish to get to know her better and find out though. Its a painfully slow process though…and I think she delights in taunting me." He doesn't answer the inquiries posed by the lord about his previous conversation merely smiling softly and offering an introduction of his own next. "Elliot Rocaille." He bows his head politely in respect.

Vespasien dips, then, to grab his mostly finished glass of wine. Red wine, dark. He takes his finger and dips it into the wine before applying the color to the drawing in careful little daubs- a few more before he seems content that the drawing is complete. "Thank you." He offers to Mathys.

Vespasien removes the drawing from the pad, and quietly approaches the woman of the hour- offering it to Roseline quietly, with a bow of his head.

The drawing might as well be called the Queen of the Fairies- there is Roseline in aching detail- surrounded by so many dancing fairies- who's faces are so very much like her former fellow novices. In the background, the matronly gaze of the Matrons of the house looking on with quiet pride at the debutante. "We both know you will never forget this evening, but please, accept this gift on your special day. I hope all is as you dreamed." he offers so very quietly to her- words spoken so softly that only those closest would be able to pick them up. He bows his head again and quietly returns to his quiet area to resume his art-making, and drinking.

when Vespasien stops her Roseline shines a brilliiant smile at him, "MY lord." she greets cheerily. The drawing from him is accepted and at it Roseline looks then brings it carefully to her chest, "IT is an amazing drawing, my lord. THank you for making it and so quickly! you sure you don't want to keep it for something else?" Not that Roseline looks like she is letting the drawing go. "It is really very amazing."

"Well, it's as anything else, really," Jehan-Pascal has not yet discovered the perfect place to be seated, but he keeps Aedhwyn moving, strolling her through the comely paths of the greenhouse, eyes half-stuck to the debutante, "If you simply want a horse to get you to Rienne and back, you could cetainly attain one at a managable price. But you wouldn't put that horse in front of your best carriage and expect to ride to the Ducal palace in it and make an impression. That which is expensive confers status," he offers as a general maxim, "And that which is prohibitively expensive confers mementous status," he adds as a corollary. Oh, and there's Mathys, en route. "My Lord de Rousse," he bends his neck in soft incline to greet the man. "May I present the Ambassador, Aedhwyn mab Mor Rioghain?" yes, he praticed that line, he gets to use it more than once.

"It is yours." Vespasien answers to Roseline before he moves on his way, "A moment in time, nothing more, but for you- your moment." he bows his head. "Live it. Enjoy it." He says softly, taking another glass of wine before he sets back up in his area to watch the debut as it continues- writing now instead of drawing on his pad of paper. Numbers, if anyone sneaks a peek.

Aedhwyn smiles brightly as she notices Mathys, nodding her head in an informal curtsey. The colour is starting to fade from her cheeks though there is still a bit of pink to them. "My lord…" She steps forward and brushes just the barest whisper of a kiss against his cheek though it makes her own colour once more. "I am glad that you could join us this evening. Lord Jehan-Pascal was kind enough to offer to be my escort this evening." She takes that half step back towards Jehan, "Unfortunately I still do not think I understand entirely because other than once this evening I have never had the displeasure of riding in a carriage before, though your own was very lovely and I greatly thank you for having one that was quite so airy and open."

"And clearly you enjoy at least some of it, or else you would not languish for her presence anew as soon as she has left." Arsène remarks to Elliot. "I wish you luck, it seems you'll need it quite a bit." he smirks, though listening enough to catch the name, and recognize it. "Ah, the Duc's son. Not the heir… Consort, lest my memory fail me." the nobleman nods, briefly. While not a deep bow, neither is it insulting. Simply uncaring of the niceties. "Would you happen to know her?" he asks, motioning in the direction of Gabrielle. "She's been staring at me, and I can't recall if we've met before."

Mathys nods to Jehan, "We are acquainted. Thank you." Then he feigns a bit of hurt at what Aedhwyn says. "You tode in my xarriage to the cascade that one time."

"You're a wonderful person." Roseline tells Vespasien. "I'll treasure the drawing. When I finish my marque, I'll put it on the wall of my room." A brilliant beam is given again. Once he starts moving on Roseline does as well, going back to greeting people and lingering with those who wish her too.

"Oh, good!" Jehan-Pascal is briefly elated that Aedhwyn has found another familiar face at the debut— but then his smile falls a little forced when it turns a little awk…. ward. Still, he tries to keep the conversation light, "I suppose it would take some getting-used-to," he laughs lightly. "Really, what a notion it is, to put a box behind a horse and ride along behind. Although I do know there are plenty who prefer it to riding aloft. And you can transport more people with fewer horses," he reasons. LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS.

"I enjoy all of it Lord Trevalion, every pain she gives me only leaes me longing. I am not afraid of pain….not yet. Perhaps some day I will be." Elliot shrugs his shoulders lightly. and then nods slowly. "You are correct." He offers lightly before his eyes slip over to Gabrielle and he blinks. "Yes. I have met her before, several times in fact." He considers Arsene a moment. "Would you like for me to introduce you then?" A somewhat playful smile is given.

Aedhwyn nods and giggles a bit at Mathys response, "I did and that was the once before I have ridden in a carriage. There are many d'Angeline luxaries which I am beginning to enjoy but that is not one of them." She says to Jehan, "I appreciated the openness of your carriage and in this gown I could not have ridden as I normally do. It was a lovely ride and very thoughtful of you." She takes a step to the side and brushes a light kiss on Jehan's cheek as well.

While others have discussions and what seems to Lilyana to be a quarrel, she meanders around a bit, quiet of step and presence so she does not disrupt any of the festivities. Overhearing some of the conversations she looks at Elliot, only a flicker of her gaze really, and his companion. The second even briefer as she overhears about the box behind the horses. Interesting, but she really tries not to eavesdrop so she moves along away as the conversation fades with the distance she leaves between.

"Anymore bids?" questions Avril as she contiues to otherwise just observe. Roseline is still wanderign among the people present, greeting them and tsalking to them here and there.

Vespasien smiles to Lilyana when he notices her, bowing his head to her quietly before he returns his gaze to his notebook, and continues to play with numbers on a page.

"One wonders if this sort of endurance should be praised, or start taking bets whether she'll leave you a broken toy. Ah, but if she knows what she's doing, probably not. But even the best bladesmith can't help it if they misjudge the sort of metal they work with." Arsène remarks. As to Gabrielle, he nods. "Yes, so that I might ask why she's looking at me like that." Arsène answers Elliot. He doesn't seem to exhibit any ulterior motive beyond his stated words, his face and gaze somewhat distant, aloof.

Gabrielle glances away from Elliot and Arsene, as it seems the later has done the job she was going to offer. Her eyes move to the second and she shakes her head gently, her bidding is done for the night. Once that is done and she gives Roseline a smile she motions a novice over and places a small silk drawstring bag in his hands. She whispers softly before she moves gracefully to stand and heads towards the two lords in question. A voice that is husky and sensual deep remarks softly, "A new face at a debut must always be studied.." She offers in greeting to the aloof Arsene.

"That can't be right…" Vespasien says to himself as he stands and starts to walk towards the door, "Need to double check this with the abacus.." he mumbles, his attention wholly now on his numbers and work- passing out the door and into the night.

Jehan-Pascal chuckles quietly, leaning down to accept that chaste signal of gratitude. "You'd have been able to ride, with the proper aids," he murmurs, then hears the last call for bids and his head swivels to look to Avril, then to Rosaline. "Aedhwyn, the bidding is nearly done and we've yet to greet the debutante. My Lord de Rousse, may I make our excuses?" he asks, only with a faint touch of urgency, not just yanking Aedhwyn away, however.

Jehan-Pascal chuckles quietly, leaning down to accept that chaste signal of gratitude. "You'd have been able to ride, with the proper aids," he murmurs, then hears the last call for bids and his head swivels to look to Avril, then to Roseline. "Aedhwyn, the bidding is nearly done and we've yet to greet the debutante. My Lord de Rousse, may I make our excuses?" he asks, only with a faint touch of urgency, not just yanking Aedhwyn away, however.

Mathys ahhhs as Aedhwyn elaborates and nods. "Some luxuries are acquired tastes. I can also see thr preferrnce for wanting to control where your horse is going directly rather than being at the mercy of a driver." He snags a passing novice and whispers a bid to him.

"Really? I would have thought the face most deserving of scrutiny would be the young debutante." Arsène arches a brow at Gabrielle. "She is, after all, the belle of this soirée." the nobleman remarks. "I'd be most disturbed if I were to be the cause of competition for the attention that assuredly deserves to be on her." he adds, his smirk amused, verging on mockery at the mere idea. What he may think of the sensuality of the woman before him? Hard to tell, so early in such a meeting.

When the Novice brings her the little pouch Roiseline opens it up and smiles brilliantly. To Gabrielle she bows in thanks. There is no doubting she loves it. THe pouch, for the moment is haded off to a Novice. The jingling of her bells clearly shows Roseline's pleasure at the gift. Avril speaks up now, "We have a bid of 17,000 as the winner. The person does not want a name given." Avril doesn't seem bothered by this. She did give the choice of being known or not.

Gabrielle chuckles softly, their talk is soft enough not to be the center of attention, the woman seem the type to make sure of such things. But she shakes her head gently, "I have had the honor of the beauty of the debut, my bid went along with others and her debut gift is in her hands. So as one can see, some might do more than one thing at once.." Her voice is husky and amused but she nods towards Roseline in return before those green eyes move to Arsene, "See all is as it should be.."

Aedhwyn nods her head as Jehan comments about speaking with the debutante, "I would love to at least greet Rosie but I'm afraid I'm not entirely certain…ah…where would be appropriate to look."

"Mhmm. The débutante has her bid, some lucky individual was found winner, and all ends well… except I still have no idea who you are." Arsène replies to Gabrielle. "And I would hate for this ignorance to persist when it is so easily solved, wouldn't you agree?" he asks, his smirk far from fading, it threatens to actually turn into amusement. "Shall I begin? Or have you heard from my conversion with the young Lord?"

Lilyana glances towards the door as if expecting someone but still there is no show. The announcement is made and she exhales softly. Taking a few steps in the direction of the exit, she remains there for the moment. The door opens finally and a young girl hurries in and hands over something to Lily. With a swift thanks, she leaves her vigil and hands over a purple package to a novice with instructions to deliver it to Roseline. With the festivities being over for the most part, she quietly slips out with the younger girl.

Mathys hears the winning bid and hmmms, "Well, that went quocker than expected. I figured there me ght be a little back and forth.". He looks then to Aedhwyn, "Wherever you wish. I doubt she will be offended or embarrasses at your curiosity or appreciation. Look her in the eyes, though, if it makes you uncomfortable."

Gabrielle motions gracefully to Arsene with that smile to her lips, "Mmm, yes, please, let us begin, I have not heard your introduction and who would I be to pass up such a chance to meet a Lord with such a humor?"" The remark is soft and vastly amused but she seems willing to allow him first introduction.

"It's OK. Just look her in the eye," Jehan-Pascal guides Aedhwyn closer, tipping two fingers in a jaunty and grateful salute farewell to Mathys as he agrees with him. "She's your friend, still. Be glad for her to-day." The winning bid, though, is then announced, and he pauses slightly. This would normally be where debutante and high bidder are paired off. But this patron treasures his or her privacy, so Jehan-Pascal takes it upon himself to continue on and go to greet Roseline, anyhow. "You ahve a devoted following, Roseline," he bows to her, "Congratulations," he offers with a deep, warm smile. "Your mother must be very proud. And so should you be."

"That's what we're trying to establish, isn't it?" Arsène replies to Gabrielle, arching a brow. "Arsène Trevalion, Vicomte de Dreux. Newly arrived to this city, and curious about how this Debut would go. My curiosity on that front was satisfied, yet I am now plagued with the question of who you are. Would you care to supply the cure?" he offers.

Aedhwyn nods her head at Mathys once more, offering him a grateful smile as well before she's led towards Roseline by Jehan. Her smile brighten and a hug is offered, "Congratulations on this your day of….presentation into the Court of Night Blooming Flowers. May you ever have a house full of sunshine, a heart full of cheer, the road rise to meet you, the wind be always at your back, and the light of friendship guide your path."

When she gets the package Roseline opens it and then beams brilliantly. Lilyanna gets a dip of acurtsy in thasnks as well. Like with Gabrielle's gift it is handed off to a Novice for now. Likely to be worn at a later date. The greeting from Jehan-Pascal gets a bright smile, "Only a few people." she declares, cheekily, brightly. Tp Aedhwyn Roseline beams brightly, "I am glad you were able to attend, Princess. I always enjoy your company."

Gabrielle tilts her head to the side, that red hair falling over pale shoulders as she ponders the introduction before giving a slow beautiful smile. "I believe I can cure that curiosity for you.." She says in that husky voice as she offers her own introduction to Arsene. "Gabrielle Delaunay, Vicomtesse de Rognac and Delaunay heir.." She is amused by her own title and then says a little softer, "But please call me Gabrielle, it is easier on the tongue.."

Aedhwyn nods her head, "You are my friend and I would not have missed it." She looks nowhere but Roseline's face as she steps back from the small hug. "And I was most graciously escorted by my lord. I could have wished for no better of an escort for this evening." She giggles, "But for now I shall leave you to the rest of this evening." With that said her fingers come to rest lightly on Jehan's arm before leading him back to Mathys.

Avril bids Roseline over to her, undoubtedly to go prepare for the secret patron. Off Roseline goes to do just that.

Mathys remains where Aedhwyn and Jehan-Pascal left him; though, he has acquired a glass of wine in the intervening moments from some Novice. He watches the debutante and Avril depart, before looking back to the two. "Alas, we didn't get to see much bantering or bidding. That can be the most exciting parts of a debut."

"Good. And with the curiosity satisfied, I've nothing more to keep me. Good evening, Vicomtesse. We'll have to find out what else about you is easier on the tongue another time." Arsène answers Gabrielle, nodding once. "Do enjoy the evening." And with these parting words, the nobleman takes his own leave, without looking back.

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