(1310-07-02) Dress Shopping Time
Summary: It is time for some dress shopping and talk for Gabrielle, Belmont and Irene.
RL Date: 05/07/2018
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Courtly Couture — Market Promenade

Fine and tidy is the shop, a gifted tailor and her apprentice have set up at the market promenade of Marsilikos. The interior is kept in lighter tones, with birch wood floors that are covered with the occasional carpet here and a runner there. A pair of tall windows provide plentiful lighting during the day, illuminating a dark mahogany desk with a few drafts of designs scattered upon it. Catching the eye upon entering are two stately dresses fitted upon tailor dummies, elaborate bodices with shimmering embroideries, impressive classy necklines and wicked variations of sleeves that leave shoulders bare. Long skirts that tend to bunch up seem to be this season's fashion, often coming in layers with the upper layer slitted at the front to sport a differing shade and pattern.

A dress form where clothes are fitted upon stands in one corner beside a fitting area, behind a drape that can be drawn, and a pair of two tall wardrobes facing each other are in an area towards the back. A chest with a number of colorful ribbons and other accessories is located beside a table where various rolls of fabrics are piling upon, qualities ranging from rough cotton to linen and more finely spun materials. There are rolls of silk in various shades, damask, samite and brocade, along with various patterns of lace in different hues.

It is the afternoon not to long after Belmont and Gabrielle had their talk, and she has taken him up on his promise to spend time with her. That means a note and a carriage is sent to Irene and asks her to join in a shopping trip. Belmont got his own request. It is early afternoon that the shop opens for a private showing so that shopping can be had. Thankfully they do both male and female clothing, so something can be had for everyone.

Spending time with Gabrielle. Belmont had promised as much, even if that would mean he'd have to go with her and his sister to a renowned tailor of Marsilikos. He enters with Gabrielle and Irene, his demeanor composed. Looking about the place with dimmed enthusiasm, he lets out a soft almost inaudible sigh.

Irene follows her brother and his beloved to enter the shop. She wears a dark green dress. The upper part of the dress is a quite tight corset while skirt becomes quite wide and seems to have a couple of layers. She has way less accessories than usually - just a one thin silver bracelet and a pendant of the same color as her dress. The young woman's excitement is also mildly dimmed but she has a polite smile in her features. Her eyes wander from Belmont to Gabrielle and around the shop. Though, she remains silent not willing to interfere too much. Holding her hands clasped behind her back, she stays few stands away from the pair and observers.

Gabrielle gives a soft chuckle at the sigh as she turns to lean up and kiss Belmont softly, "Now love, I promised your sister we would shop and you just happened to promise to spend time with us. So I promise this will be painless.." She looks into his eyes and that voice is low and husky but then she turns and smiles to Irene, she reaches over and gently pulls the other woman up with her and motions around the shop. "I sent word, and there should be many outfits suited for you. Pick anything you want and it goes on the Delaunay account. Same for the Perfumer and the jewelry shop. Though the later is so you have at least one piece for each outfit here.." She kisses the woman's cheek if allowed and let's the tailor's assistant bring out outfits for Irene to pick from.

Gabrielle does turn back and whisper something in Belmont's ear as her fingers lingering over on his chest.

A kiss can help immensely to brighten a man's spirits. Belmont returns it, all gently, but both Gabrielle and Irene might notice the smile that shows more in his eyes when his lips are otherwise occupied. "You are too kind," he states towards Gabrielle, his grey-blue gaze sweeping then to Irene. "And she will be a lovely subject to outfit with a dress. Just…" and here he leans over to catch the whisper into his ear, his eyes widening just slightly. "Nothing too risqué. A courtly dress she can wear at the palace, perhaps?" Already quite at ease with spending Gabrielle's money, apparently. He waves an attendant over, however, to murmur a question to the woman. "…And please, if you could send someone to assist us in finding a fine dress for this young lady here?" He indicates his sister.

Irene is mildly surprised when Gabrielle takes her by the hand and encourages to go deeper into the shop to explore the offers. Her eyes one more time look from her brother to his lady when they exchange whispered words. Irene appears to be a little bit overwhelmed or mildly confused by all of this. However, she offers a smile to the staff and then a brighter one to Gabrielle, "You are absolutely kind, m'lad—…Gabrielle, I mean," she remembers being asked to stay on the name bases. "I am absolutely happy to renew my wardrobe!" She moves a little bit away from the pair to touch the fabric of the dress on the mannequin. While doing so, Irene choses the worst possible moment to ask the questions he has been already carrying in her heart, "Belmont, have you visited Gauge and what about those plans of yours?"

The Vicomtesse to be can be something of a whirlwind, so she blushes softly, "Sorry Irene. Simply have fun and see what you might like. I have a few ideas but would love to see what you find.." She then blinks slowly at Belmont, "I do know fashion, I promise she will be dressed only in the best.." She herself as started to wonder over to where a purple grown is hiding. On the way she hears Irene's question and she shivers before taking a deep breath, allowing sister and brother to speak.

Belmont hangs back a little when the attendant disappears to the back to retrieve a few sample dresses. His gaze lingers on Irene as she admires the dress on display. But it is her question that brings about a slight frown on his features. "I haven't seen him. Truth be told, he hasn't been around often at our residence. As for my plans… I am still waiting on word for the time of my departure."

Irene watches how the Vicomtesse finds interest in purple dresses. The young woman stays just staring at Gabrielle while her brother speaks. Though, once she realizes how impolite is just to gawk, the girl is quick to move toward those gowns which have some brown shades. She pushes choices one after another aside, "So, you did not exactly change your mind regarding that trip after what happened to Lady Aziza and Gauge?" Irene sighs and briefly looks up from the dresses she is looking over to find where the Vicomtesse is standing, "Will you go with my brother, Gabrielle? What do you think of his desire for dangerous adventures?"

Gabrielle is running a hand over a dress but turns as Irene speaks. Her eyes find Belmont as she drifts over to Irene and gently takes her hands. While Gabbie is sensual by nature her aura is as much soothing as sensual and she takes a moment to look at Irene and it might just feel as if Irene is the center of the world. "No, I will not be going with your brother. I have to stay here and handle what I was born to do. Your brother feels he needs to do this, and I honor that. I am sending guards with him, armor and a few other things. That is what I can do to see him safe. But.." She ponders a moment. "I respect your brother as much as I've come to love him. And sometime we have to trust those we love to know what they are doing or what they need to do. He is not going alone, simply know that.."

While she is talking a few of the workers bring out bolts of cloth and a few designs. 1-2-3 and 6 are shown and the different fabrics as well as beading. Another set of drawings and fabric are brought that shows much purple.

It is interesting. The two females most dear to him are speaking about him as if he weren't there, and Belmont arches a brow, looking from one to the other. A faint line appears between his brows. "I have to do what I must do," he says, simply. And leaving it at that, he pointedly turns his attention away from them, studying the drawings and fabrics of purple. Taking his time. And the more time he takes, the more his expressions softens. "This here," he tells the attendant, pointing out a particular design of flowing fabric.

Irene's shoulders slumber when Gabrielle takes her hands and explains her point of view in that calm and soothing voice. The young lady seems to relax a bit but it's still hard to offer a smile back. She nods slowly, "I know that we have to trust in the ones we love. I trusted Gauge. He was also not going alone and look what happened… It took me so long before I was able to bare a thought that I do not have a father and my eldest brother anymore. And now… I have to trust the rest of my siblings to…" She shakes her head. The girl sighs and straightens up again. She raises her hand to brush of a curl of hair from her face and tuck it behind her ear. "Nevermind. We are shopping here, right?!" She immediately turns toward the dresses brought and quite naturally her arms are extended toward the second dress (2). Brown and light, the way she likes. She completely ignores her brother on the matter.

Gabrielle leans over and kisses Irene's forehead. "I understand lose but it is how we move forward that matters. Sometimes all we have is trust.." It is said softly before she turns to look at the dress designs and smiles brightly, "That is a lovely choice, something with a small brown diamond at the throat I believe with go with that. She then tilts her head to the side and pulls up (1) and looks at it for a long moment, "We could go and see if we can find tiny smoky quarts for this design, for something a little more if you'd like.." She says softly before she turns to see what Belmont is picking out and she can't help but smiles brightly at him, "Clearly you also have wonderful taste.." She tells Belmont as her fingers gently run along his arm without thinking about it.

"It's not only about the dress," Belmont counters with a smile, relieved obviously at the change of topic. "But who will be wearing it. For a time, at least." His hand reaches for hers that runs along his arm, and he lifts it to press a light kiss to her knuckles. As for Irene's choices, he trusts completely in her taste. His interest in dresses is… limited indeed.

Irene looks at the dress in Gabrielle's hands. She ponders for a moment the suggestion the other woman has. "I think that this one would fit very well to you but I myself really like this one." Irene states and wraps her arms around that dress she picked. "Would I be able to try it on? But it may take awhile… maybe I can take it home but if I will not like it, I could bring it back?" She thinks on the idea, swaying slowly and gently brushing with her fingers across the fabric of the dress.

Gabrielle chuckles softly, "Irene dear, you can have more than one dress, it is the season to have a few things cooler for the coming months. But yes, if you do not want to try it on here, then you can take it home and if it is not perfect I am sure we can have it refitted.." She looks at the assistant and gives one of those smiles and there is a nod that is return.

Her attention is then taken by Belmont and she flushes gently but give him a beautiful smile. "There is that as well.." she seems to brighten at the kiss and then shakes her head as she looks back at the designs and dresses. "We will also need to have the clothing made for us at for the wedding…" It's a thoughtful comment that has the workers in the shop perking up.

"Companions…" Belmont straightens at once, as he hears Gabrielle's statement. A long pause occurring, as he considers and finds no real objection he could bring forth. "Yes.", her intended finally concedes, nodding his head. "I'll leave the choice of colors to you. They would have to be Delaunay colors anyway, I suppose." There is a glance towards Irene, but his sister won't be able to save him. "I suppose, the tailor needs to make measurements."

"I can take more than one?" Irene's smile brightens up even more. "Alright, so I take this one and the second dress should be chosen for me by Belmont. Then I am going to forgive him for leaving me in those upsetting days for his personal adventure! I believe it's quite cruel to put his selfish desire in front of his sister's peaceful mind. So, a dress would be very much fitting to redeem himself!" She laughs and looks at Belmont with an expectation that he will chose a second dress to her.

But then the subject of wedding is brought up and she claps, "That's what we need. A huge celebration with loud music and dances till the early morning! Too many of upsetting events have fell upon us and we need to celebrate!"

Gabrielle turns those beautiful green eyes on Belmont and they sparkle brightly as she gives a husky chuckle. "Yes, I am sorry but such things must happen. The colors are black, silver and purple. I'd think the family should be in silver, you can wear black and I'll have my dress based in purple.." She says thoughtfully as she turns at Irene's words. The first causes her to wince slightly and shake her head, but she keeps her words to herself as she moves to the side so Belmont can be by his sister as she runs her fingers over some of the fabrics.

Irene's words earn her a slight glare from her brother. But with Gabrielle moving to his other side, Belmont complies to her wish. "Don't expect others to find contentment by lingering at court like you obviously do," he counters with a hint of sharpness in his tone. But that will be all he says on the matter, as he indeed gives the dresses a moment of consideration. "I like this one.", he finally points out a dress of the four on offer (6), a rosé-pink sleeveless design with long skirts and beautiful flower applications upon the bodice. "It is sweet. Just as you are, Irene." Belmont gives her a smile and a wink.

"Alright," Irene nods and turns towards one of the staff members, "Could you, please, pack me this dress," she gives the one of her choice, "And then that other one," she points toward Belmont's choice. "And I am sorry for being snappish…" She adds looking at Gabrielle and Belmont. "I really appreciate that you spoil me today. That's what I really needed. And let's just say that I want to spruce myself a little bit more these days. I might go out with lady Evelyne. She suggested that we should pay a visit to the Night Court. Lady Evelyne and I are both on the trial period to become lady-in-waiting to the Dutchess. By the way, do you know that Evelyne's brother has arrived?" She presses her lips in thought.

Gabrielle blinks once, "Lady In Waiting? Mmm, yes, we will need to have another shopping trip if that is the case. But you should speak with one of the current Lady's in Waiting to see what they are wearing.." She says thoughtfully before she turns to Belmont and whispers something softly as she smiles towards Irene. "Excuse me for a few moments. And Irene you must come for tea to tell me about this Lady friend of yours.." With that and a soft lingering kiss for Belmont she moves towards the back with one of the workers carrying over a dress or three, another packs up Irene's clothing of choice.

"Who is lady Evelyne?", Belmont asks of his sister. "Did I miss anything? And why are you mentioning that brother of hers? Do I know him?" He gives Irene another long look. "Should I know him?" But there comes distraction in the form of Gabrielle, and when she claims a kiss from his lips, who is he to deny it to her. Her whisper perhaps is what causes him to glance after her as she withdraws, a prolonged moment of admiration, a spell he tries to get rid of through the shake of his head. Attention returning to Irene then. "So?"

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