(1310-07-02) A Lady's Request Must be Fulfilled
Summary: A young lady decides to pay one more visit to a Tsingani merchant. This time she has a very unique request to the man and he accepts the challenge.
RL Date: Mon Jul 02, 1310
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Abraham's Waggon

A medium size waggon is hidden in the shelter of an old, tall and branched out oak just a little bit away from the main road. It's built from wood but is colored in dark red shades. The waggon is obviously old and the shades of red do not match each other suggesting that the paint peeled off more than once and was repainted with whatever the owner had at hand. The ornaments of the walls are also barely visible and mostly covered in road dust.

This van has windows at the sides and back. At both the front and back, porches with carved side brackets give a little shelter. Portable steps lead up to the front door, which opens separately at the top and bottom. At the back a cratch, hay rack for the horse, is fixed beneath the back window, and a kettle box swings between the wheels to carry ironware. The front wheels are about 3'6" high, the back ones much bigger at 5'. Running along the center top of the van is a raised roof with small side windows. Lastly, a chimney pokes out of the main roof on the right keeping clear of nearside trees and overhead bridges.

The side walls of the waggon have some nails which are used to hang various leather belts, leather bags, pendants and bracelets. Some new and old leather scabbards are also laying close the the waggon. There is a small camp established beside the van as well. Not used fireplace, but still warm after the night, a blanket and various trinkets, leather-work equipment, and unknown pieces of metal and wood are scattered around. All this treasure is kept safe by an old horse whose reins are attached to the oak as well as the medium size hound whose leash is wrapped around one of the wheels.

There is the sound of approaching steps that oddly have a tinkling sound to each step taken as they approach the outside of the wagon. The sounds are followed by a feminine voice calling out, “Hello? Is anyone around?”

The young woman receives an answer from an old hound who starts barking loudly. A sound of jingling chain also suggests that the dog might be quite alert. All the noise is interrupted though by the creek of an old door and “Shhh… Come down, boy…. Shhh…” Sleepy man’s voice speaks.

There is a soft squak of dismay as the dog starts barking and the tinkling sounds retreat slightly wanting to be well away from the length of the chain in case the dog approaches. Watching the door with a hopeful look, she hears the sleepy sound of the voice. “Pardon if I am interrupting,” she calls back again. “I can come back at another time.”

“Huh?” The man sounds mildly confused about the female’s voice. “No no, m’lady, please… Is that…” He takes a moment to ponder. “Is that you, Lily? Please, come, how may I be of assistance? My door is always open to you.” The barking of the hound fades and a young Tsingani walks few steps aside from his wagon to appear on the road. His hair is playfully disheveled since he just woke up. Though, he wears colorful shirt and those same pendants are visibly hanging on his chest. He is in his leather pants and untied boots.

Hearing the confusion, Lily watches the door of the wagon for a moment, but the dog holds the bulk of her attention as she keeps a healthy distance away from it. "Yes," she tells him distractedly, her eyes shifting to the door and back again to the dog. "It is Lily." As the barking fades she exhales a soft breath and watches the door with a more hopeful expression as the man himself makes an appearance. Her steps push her foreward, the tinkling sounding as she does that seems to come from miniature belled anklets she wears that make the sound as she walks. "Abraham," she says softly as she gets nearer, taking in his appearance, a warm smile as her eyes linger on his tousled hair. "I woke you. I apologize."

"Well…" The man rubs the back of his head, "It was not you but my old boy…" He points towards the dog who lays down now and is ready to sleep again. "So, you are free of the crime, Lily." He smiles broadly. "I would ask you to come inside but it's a mess there. It's a pleasant weather, though. So, feel free to settle down here if you don't mind." He gestures toward the blankets. "Did you change your mind about gloves or you have more needs? Or maybe I was just lucky and you were only passing by?"

Indeed the weather was not too terrible, a little heated, but being freed of the blame of awakening him, she ducks her head slightly and it is the dog who gets the apologetic look now. "I think I may have startled him." With a glance towards his wagon, she gives a shake of her head, sending the dark locks springing around slightly, but it is the wry smile she offers more fully. "I would not wish to interrupt in your home. Out here is fine." There's a soft gasp and another shake of her head, this one with hasty reassurance. "Oh no, I have not changed my mind about the gloves at all. I came for.." her mind goes blank and she searches it briefly before quickly inputting, "Slippers! Leather slippers for my feet. Do you make such things? Perhaps not made already, but I could commission them from you?"

"Ah… I see…" Abraham moves toward his waggon, "I am not a shoesmaker. I have never done shoes before. One of many fathers I had was a shoemaker, though. If you want,I can try something. But I could not promise anything. So, just tell me a word, m'lady. If you like experiments. I am going to bring my measurement tools to see what size slippers you would wear." He smiles at the lady. The man is standing on the first step of his small staircases. He is reasy to stay or go inside and bring necessary tools.

"Perhaps just the crafting of leather around my feet. If you are willing to give the attempt, I am more than willing to pay you for your time and material." Lowering herself to the blankets he had gestured to before, she lifts her skirts enough to show she has some slippers on, but they are somewhat worn. Around each slender ankle are twin anklets with tiny bells and purple gems dangling from them. "I would be more than willing, Abraham." Reaching down she starts removing her old slippers so that he could measure her feet for her.

The young Tsingani disappears for a brief moment and when he shows up he has a couple of wooden sticks with himself. Each of them have some lines carved in and it seems there is a very specific order for those carvings. He moves to kneel down in front of Lily. He extands his hand but looks into the lady's eyes for few moments before lowering his gaze down to her feet. He takes a measurement tool with another hand. If Lily will allow, the man will touch her ankle with a little bit rough fingers to raise it up a bit. Then Abraham would touch her feet with one of the sticks and analize the results. Then he would use a second measurement stick. "Small, elegant and so-…" He pauses. Looks up at the woman and releases her feet. A wide smile dances on his lips "I mean, done. Fast like that. I will start working on it but it may take about a week. Do you have any special requests on a design?"

As he disappears inside, Lily watches until she can no longer see him and then she drops her eyes to the blankets she is seated on, tracing a finger along the material, imagining him out here lounging around beneath the sun. Or the moon for that matter. With a hint of a smile playing over her lips, she loses herself in thought until she realizes he had returned. As he touches her ankle, those rough fingers have her lips parting, not in protest, just in reaction. As his hand lowers to her feet, her eyes close a moment and her chest rises and falls with a deep breath. She only opens them when she hears his voice though as he corrects himself leaving her curious as to what he may have wanted to say instead, she gives him a more searching look. The wide smile of his is contagious though and she takes another deep breath more to steady herself than any other reason. "A week would be perfect. I can come for a fitting before then, if you desire? Or you can come by Glycine when they are finished?" Tilting her head she smiles. "You said you make things for people as you see them. I have no requests other than to make them for me."

"I would love to visit you, m'lady. Unfortunately, I believe that people might be displeased seeing one of my kind wandering in such a place. However, I would love if you could pay me one more visit. Lets say… two days from now? We could test if my work will fit you." Abraham explains. "Also, next time I would be way more prepared for your visit. Now I can't even offer you any refreshments!" The man laughs and sets aside his equipment. Though, he stays kneeling in front of a lady. "To be very honest, the beauty of your eyes and the warmth of your smile inspired me. I am working on a new small trinket. But can not show it to you before it's finished. Do you consider yourself patient, Lily?"

The protest is almost immediate as Lily opens her mouth, but then she closes it again as she realizes he may just be right in his thinking. Again, there is apology that flashes in her eyes, not for something she has done, but perhaps her peers. The protest turns to acceptance and she gives a subtle nod in response and understanding. His invitation brings another smile blossoming though, "Two days I will return and we can see how they can fit when they are finished." It at least gave her two more times to visit. "I need no refreshment, your smile and your laugh is enough." With him kneeling there before her, he could likely see the surprise his confession to the trinket brings her. The smile returns yet again and she reaches out a hand, very tentatively, to place her soft palm to his cheek. "I am as patient as I need to be, Abraham. Why do you ask?"

Abraham leans his head to the side. Just a little bit. To the side where lady's soft touch can be felt on his cheek. "You are very kind," he answers to her compliments of his presence. He grins mischieviously, though, when his question catches Lily's curiosity. "You will see, m'lady. When the time comes. That is why I asked if you are patient." He focuses his dark eyes on the woman. Though, the darkness of his eyes is obviously adorned with amusement. He raises his hand to gently touch Lily's skin close to her ear if she allows and then run with a finger across her neck, "But I can give you a small hint… My surprise might be related to adornament of the most beautiful flower!"

As he leans into to her touch, Lily searches his eyes, eyes as dark as her own. It is the grin he brings to the moment that lightens it for her and she finds herself responding in kind. "In two days then, Abraham, nothing could keep me from it." Certainly he has captured her curiosity. When he lifts his own hand to touch her, her lashes lower and brush just at her cheeks and her lips part in a soft exhale of breath, keeping her own hand in place at his cheek. A trail of a shiver follows his finger as he runs it across her neck and she almost misses his words, so caught up in the moment is she. "I will be patient," she reassures in the softest of whispers, just remaining in that position for the moment.

Abraham withdraws his hand when he receives a promise from the young lady. "Very well then." He simply states and moves to stand up. He extands his hand again. This time to help Lily raise up. "I should not delay then and focus on your request. I can promise it will be a pleasure and not a work!" He laughs, "I am honored to see you again, Lily. Thank you."

Like a splash of cold water, the moment ends. Perhaps the moment was only for her, but Lily feels no shame in it as she opens her eyes and smiles, taking his hand to get to her feet. "Thank you, Abraham. I do look forward to seeing the progress in two days." The smile has not dimmed any and instead of returning her slippers to her feet, she gathers them in one hand, allowing them to dangle there. "I very much think I shall stop by La Cascade and splash my feet in the water a bit before returning home." A wry smile is given to him, sort of self deprecating in its delivery. "Be well, I will see you again." And with the smile turning more whimsical, she turns and starts walking back the way she came, the bells tinkling merrily with each step.

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