(1310-07-01) Crates of Bees and Talk of the Sea
Summary: While unloading his belongings, Vespasien is approached by Lilyana.
RL Date: Sun Jul 01, 1310
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Fortune laid the foundation for the grand port of Marsilikos; look how the arms of the land spread wide to embrace the setting of the sun, welcoming a bay of still waters rendered all the more peaceful by the presence of a small island to the south, on the flanks of which the waves cut themselves into powerless ripples as they move in from the sea. But what Fortune gave the D'Angelines their cunning and craft has improved to a hum of efficiency and culture. The natural bay has had its curved shores sharpened into straight edges bolstered with ridges of heavy stones on which the tides have left long mark when the waters are low, algae and barnacles hung onto the rugged stones. Then stone foundations have been piled out into the harbor to hold up wide wooden pillars and the great treated slats of the piers and boardwalks which extend into the bay, now at wider intervals for massive trading vessels, now at shorter intervals for private fishing and pleasure yachts.%r%rThe southern arm of the bay is reserved for the great sourthern fleet of the Terre D'Angan Navy, which is headquartered here in Marsilikos, and is ever a hub of activity, the giant slips outfitted to haul the massive warships up into the air for repairs, while further inland on the southern peninsula a forest of masts rises into the air where new ships are being built and old ones repaired in full drydock. Between the naval slips and the drydock rises the stately edifice of the Southern Naval Headquarters, glistening with huge latticed windows on the upper floors. Beyond the headquarters rises the massive fortified promontory of the Citadel, with bleached-white parapets and fluttering banners.%r%rMarkets and vendors throng the plaza at the innermost fold of the harbor where civilian and military seamen alike might find a bite to eat, supplies for their next mission, a good drink or a little bit of companionship. Far in the bay, that little isle sports a lofty lighthouse to guide the ships in by night.

A transport ship is unloading in the port- a pile of crates at the end of the plank as sailors take items off the ship and load them onto a waiting wagon. A nobleman sits on one of the crates quietly- sketching in a sketchbook as the men unload the ship of his various belongings.

"Uhh, My Lord- why is this one buzzing?" One of the sailors asks, and the man answers, "It's filled with bees." he answers- the sailor nearly dropping the crate as he shouts, "Bees?! I hate bees!" Luckily, he doesn't drop the crate that is, apparently, full of bees.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the activity that makes up the port and docks, a lone figure can go unnoticed. Especially when she does not seem in any rush or hurry herself. Either people watching or just listening to the sound of the water slapping against the boats in the harbor, she seems content perhaps to anyone if they notice her as her slight figure meanders along. It is the mention of bees, the shout about them, that draws her attention towards the two conversing there, expecting to see the aforementioned bees scattering those in the area. A head tilt and an amused chuckle as she watches the sailor holding the crate that contains the frightening insects.

"They won't bother you as long as you don't drop that crate- and tea would not be nearly so sweet without bees. Just mind the work and you'll be fine. It's no worse than skinning your knuckles on barnacles." Vespasien says flatly as he continues to sketch quietly- a ship in the harbor with sailors at work. Just something to be idle with as he continues to 'oversee' the unloading of gear. "Put them on the cart, and that load should be complete." he notes, "I'll deal with the bees- leave them outside the address I gave you. I seriously doubt that my brother or cousins would be appreciative of me putting the bees inside." he says with a chuckle- the sailor holding tight to the crate now.

Vespasien shifts himself to gracefully hop off the crate he's been roosting on, turning to face out towards the ocean quietly- he hasn't yet noticed the approaching Lilyana.

Recognizing that the man was directing the other and was just arriving with his belongings, Lilyana finds a serene smile as she approaches the duo. "Welcome," she tells the one who seems to be in charge, a dip of her head if not an outright curtsey. A quick glance around has her eyes falling to the water before returning a look to the artist. "Have you come from far away? Is it your first time here?"

"From Tiberius, not so far." Vespasien says first, as he turns to look to Lilyana quietly, bowing his head in return. "And no, I've been here before- although I was very young and did not venture far from the naval docks." he says, "I apprenticed as a sailor for many years, before going to the Universities in Tiberius." A quick and dirty version of his life up till now, clearly.

"I am Vespasien de Trevalion. A pleasure to meet you."

"I have traveled from afar and found an affinity for the sea in the process. Though I was young at the time, whenever I find the opportunity to be out on or in the water, I take it." The confession is given with a guilty flush to her cheeks, a selfish pleasure perhaps. "You left when you were very young and I arrived when I was." The smile lifts once more and she offers another dip of her head at the introduction. "It is a genuine pleasure to meet you, Vespasien de Trevalion. My name is Lilyana nó Glycine." Her position in the night court given away.

AGain, Vespasien bows his head. "The sea has a unique quality to it. You can't appreciate it as well from shore, I've found. There is nothing better, though, then being out at night. The sky above, the sea below. The stars guiding you everywhere in the world- all without the aide of the sun." he says quietly, "The gentle rock of the deck, or the creak of wood in rough seas. The call of the shorebirds. All of it can be particularly intoxicating. The quiet of those nights, though. Nothing but the sound of waves lapping against the hull… alone, but for a few fellow souls far from shore. I can think of few better places to be."

"In a sense, yes. I only visited, though. Our ship had sailed around the peninsula from the north on a charting expedition." Vespasien explains, "It's better if the charts follow a single hand."

Laurent has left.

"I wish I was adept at letting the stars guide me. As it is, as much as I love being out on the water, I have no skills in keeping a boat either navigated or afloat. I am completely dependent on someone else doing that part. Ohh but I do know what you speak of with the peace and serenity, as well as the nights when there are storms threatening and the sea is so wild and untamed. I feel a draw to both, it is something I could never deny myself." Lilyana smiles a touch as she realizes what all she was sharing with a perfect stranger. "I can imagine the happiness you have found out on the sea."

"There is peace at sea. There is passion. Fear and longing. Power and gentleness. The sea is mysterious, though, above all." Vespasien says in quiet agreement, "I feel at home, at sea. On a ship, I understand how things work. It is a world unto itself where there is, usually, solidarity. Everyone working together towards a shared goal- it really is a special place…" Vespasien says, then, taking a slow breath- breathing in the scent of the harbor and the breeze coming in from sea.

"The sea, though, is as unknowable as the heavens." he says quietly, "And that, perhaps, is why both hold me so."

It was true, even to her, all of it and there is a certain connection there, at least for her, an affinity. "Mysterious. With that I do agree. There is no way to ever discover all of the secrets of the sea or what is at the bottom, what it has to behold." Again, Lilyana finds herself getting all poetic and she laughs, mostly to herself. "It is rare I find one with such a connection or a feel for the sea." Instead of carrying on in the same vein, she turns to glance towards the sailor. "And you collect bees? I wonder do they travel over the sea very well?"

"For a short trip, yes. And I keep them- a hobby I can really only maintain while on land." Vespasien explains, "Still, it's calming. They have a very ordered society- all obeying and working for the greater good." he continues. "And, the rewards are quite sweet. It will be some time, though, before I'm able to collect honey now that I've moved them. They'll be stressed- they'll need time to settle." he explains.

"And, I was unable to collect since we expected to travel. My cousins and brother are here already, so, it seemed a logical place to go now that my studies in Tiberius have come to an end."

"Does your house offer gambling?" Vespasien wonders, "I find games of numbers to be very entertaining."

"It makes certain sense. I have seen people come from ships and are very unsettled for quite some time after finding their feet on land." Lilyana smiles to imagine the same effect on the bees. "Perhaps you will find a merchant that sells honey to you in the meantime. The only one I am familiar with, merchant I mean, sells the most lovely leather creations, but no honey." With a tilt of her head and a delighted smile she bobs her head, "We certainly do offer gambling. There is a room designated for it as a matter of fact where you can place your wagers before you play and can find winning to be very satisfactory. Still, the stakes could be purely monetary, should you wish as well. I could take you and introduce you to someone who could help you. I could, though I admit my own skills do not favor gambling, I am not afraid to try it, should you wish."

"As long as the numbers are fair, I should be able to make sense of it." Vespasien says, "And perhaps later, that would be a good thing to do. For now, I need to make sure my things get to where they belong intact. The bees, in particular. The telescopes and sextants are, also, particularly fragile. I'll need to make sure those get where they are supposed to go before I look to find a spot to set up my observatory." he says.

"However, I would like to take you up on that soon. I, personally, enjoy card games. It is easier to know the stakes and statistics involved. Easy math, if you know it."

"Oh certainly, I always play fair. Though I may be competitive I either win or lose with grace." Lilyana reassures him softly. Eyes drift back over to the loaded cart and a smile finds her features again. "I do wish you the best in getting settled and perhaps when you do stop by I will make sure there is tea with honey awaiting you. Unless you prefer some wine of course." This time she does dip into a curtsy, ducking her head before lifting it again. "Until then," she offers for parting words. "We will always have the sea." It is a look of mischief as well as camaraderie that she wears as she straightens again, leaving him to finish collecting his things as she makes her way closer to the water in a safe patch of sand away from the boats.

"A pleasure, Lilyana." Vespasien says with a bow of his head. "Be well, and yes, the sea will always be there." he says with a quiet smile before he looks back to his unloading as the wagon returns for the second, and final load. "Ah, excellent." he says.

"I'm sure I will see you soon. Be well."

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