(1310-06-30) The Gloves That Fit
Summary: After hearing some rumors in the market, the young courtesan decides to pay a visit to a Tsingani who is suppose to make various trinkets from leather.
RL Date: Sat Jun 30, 1310
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Abraham's Waggon

A medium size waggon is hidden in the shelter of an old, tall and branched out oak just a little bit away from the main road. It's built from wood but is colored in dark red shades. The waggon is obviously old and the shades of red do not match each other suggesting that the paint peeled off more than once and was repainted with whatever the owner had at hand. The ornaments of the walls are also barely visible and mostly covered in road dust. %r%rThis van has windows at the sides and back. At both the front and back, porches with carved side brackets give a little shelter. Portable steps lead up to the front door, which opens separately at the top and bottom. At the back a cratch, hay rack for the horse, is fixed beneath the back window, and a kettle box swings between the wheels to carry ironware. The front wheels are about 3'6" high, the back ones much bigger at 5'. Running along the centre top of the van is a raised roof with small side windows. Lastly, a chimney pokes out of the main roof on the right keeping clear of nearside trees and overhead bridges. %r%rThe side walls of the waggon have some nails which are used to hang various leather belts, leather bags, pendants and bracelets. Some new and old leather scabbards are also laying close the the waggon. There is a small camp established beside the van as well. Not used fireplace, but still warm after the night, a blanket and various trinkets, leather-work equipment, and unknown pieces of metal and wood are scattered around. All this treasure is kept safe by an old horse whose reins are attached to the oak as well as the medium size hound whose leash is wrapped around one of the wheels.

This summer morning is so hot that a young Tsignani merchant decides not to wear his shirt at all. Though, he has more than a couple pendants hanging on his chest from leather strings. Each of those pendants are metal and have strange symbolism. His dark hair are playfully curly and sticks all directions suggesting that the man just recently woke up and didn't have time to tidy around yet. The warm rays of sun pushes through the leaves of an old oak and falls on his already darker skin. The man is sitting outside on one of the blanekts. The fireplace has no fire. His dog is laying beside a small half-empty water bowl. The old dog keeps his gaze focused on Abraham who casually hums a cheerful melody and sews some gems to what appears to be a leather belt.

Word travels when there is a merchant that sells wares that are worth the cost and earlier, Lilyana had waited around the market place and when he hadn't come to town, she had set out to find the wagon or the man who was rumored to be the one making the wares. As she approaches the area, she takes in the wagon that she can barely make out behind the oak and then suddenly the shirtless man she comes to see there by the wagon. A curious smile lights her eyes as she approaches the Tsignani man. "Good morning," she greets in a soft voice.

The man immediately gets to his feet casually throwing the belt on the ground. One of his hands is arched and pressed to his waist while he uses the other to wave in the air making an artistic reverence, "M'lady, what brings you out of town on such a beautiful day? Shouldn't you adorn the gardens with your presence and lovely chirping?" Abraham focuses his gaze on a young woman and sends her a playful wink, "Or have you heard about my work?" Tsingani looks Lilyana over and shakes his head slowly, "I am not sure if I have anything good enough for your standing, your grace."

All of the charm turned her way does not exactly leave her flustered, but it does capture Lily's attention for certain. Watching as he gets to his feet, she lazily allows her gaze to rake over his darker skin with a smile and it's with a bit of a sashay in her hips that she closes the distance further. "You say all of the right words, Monsieur. I believe you have the wares for sale that are as gifted as your tongue?" The smile rises at the corner of her lips, "Please, no need for such niceties, I am Lilyana nó Glycine and you may call me Lily if you like."

"Lily! Like a flower! It would be my pleasure to address you by your name. I am Abraham myself. Simply Abraham. Majority of the people can not pronounce my actual name!" The man laughs and then gestures toward the blankets around the fire place. "If you don't mind, take a seat and I will show you what I have. Would a pendant or a bracelet interest you? Or maybe you are looking for a belt, or scabbarts, or a new bag? I have everything what could have been made from leather."

Her smile lights her eyes and Lily dips her head, "Like a flower," she agrees, allowing him to direct her to the blankets around the fire place. Sinking down, she sits and arranges the skirts of her dress somewhat modestly over her legs, giving a slight look to the smoothness of her bare skin there before it is covered. "Abraham," she muses over the name and with a decided nod she assures. "I do like your name whether it is truly pronounced Abraham or something more difficult. I have come to look at your leather gloves, soft ones, for riding in the future in case I follow my whim to learn better how to ride a horse. Though now that you mention pendants and bracelets, I do find an interest in handsome toys," her eyes lift to his, "Especially when they are gifts."

"If you will give me a moment, I will bring you exatcly the gloves you are looking for!" The man does not take a seat beside the woman but goes inside his waggon instead. It takes about two minutes before he comes back. While he is gone, his dog curiously studies the newcommer but does not move from the spot. The hound seems to be too old and too tired. Once Abraham is back, he presents smooth dark brown leather gloves to the young woman. Tsingani leans down to place his work on Lily's lap. The gloves are soft and long going almost close to the elbows of teh one who would wear them, and they have very nice floral embroidery line going on one of the sides. "They are mostly fitting to a bit cooler weather than today, but they are ellegant enough to add some more charm to your overall beauty."

While he goes, Lilyana gives her attention to the wagon and the surrounding area, even the dog gets a few soft spoken words. "It is hot out here, boy, I cannot blame you for lying still. Perhaps beneath the wagon would offer more shade though." As if the dog could understand her words. When the Tsingani returns and places the gloves on her lap, she gasps softly and used the pad of one index finger to trace along the embroidery on one of the gloves. "So beautiful," not even trying to play aloof and barter a better price. Lifting a dainty hand, she slips it into the beautiful glove and it fits like.. a glove. Perfectly. Another soft gasp and she smiles her approval. "I would purchase these, if you please. How could I not when they are so beautifully made? Name your price, Abraham, and I would gladly pay it."

The man shrugs, "How much would you offer for these? I actually made them to… You know," He settles down on the blanket, "When I make something, I usually imagine the person who could wear it. I can see the person's features and even a body build, and the style itself. So, when I want to sell my item, I seek for someone who could actually match what I've imagined." Abraham smiles. "I couldn't imagine nobody else wearing those gloves. So, I do not want to set a specific prise. They were made for you and you cam eto claim them. So, whatever you will offer will be good, Lily." Abraham laughs and looks briefly aside more towards the hound, "I am the worst merchant. That's why we live in a waggon and not in a fancy house!"

"Oh no, how can you claim that you are the worst when you have made something so breathtaking? So soft and so beautiful.." Clearly, Lily is besotted by the gloves and would pay a handsome price for them. Again, her eyes lift to his at his explanation and a smile dances over her features. "You are telling me you have imagined me before? Imagined me wearing these gloves when I ride?" Holding out her ungloved hand towards him, she offers him to touch hers. "I will make an offer for them and gladly." In fact she does just that, names a value for them that any merchant may be proud of.

"Well…" Abraham looks up to the bright and sunny sky, "I haven't imagined you exactly. Though, I thought that a woman petite, dainty and graceful woman who has chocolate colored wavy hair and has wide expresive dar eyes could definitely wear these gloves with pride, and I woul dbe full of pride to know that those gloves bring a smile to such a woman's features." Abraham's eyes grow a bit wider when a payment is suggested and he is quick to nod, "You honor me, Lily. Thank you."

His description of her features, her frame and her eyes bring merriment to her expression and she draws back her hand to slide on the second glove herself to turn it back and forth and admire the craftsmanship. It is only for a moment though before she removes both and offers a smile and the amount of coin she had named for the gloves. "I thank you as well, Abraham. I appreciate these so very much." With their business concluded though, she rises to her feet, gracefully. "It has been such a pleasure doing business with you, Monsieur."

"The pleasure is mine, and as we agreed - just call me Abraham," he stands up and bows to the woman politely. "As I said, I make anything from the leather. Your recommendations would be appreciated. From my side, I promise that I will not forget of those gifts you enjoy receiving."

"Abraham," Lily echoes his name, allowing it to linger there between them. A curtsy is returned despite one not being necessary, and after she straightens, she smiles with a bit of a saucy manner. "I hope you not only remember, I also hope you act on it." With that being the last thing, she turns with her gloves and gracefully walks back towards the town proper.

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