(1310-06-30) Homecoming
Summary: Laurent returns to Terre d'Ange and has an unexpected encounter with an intriguing young woman.
RL Date: Sat Jun 30, 1310
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Fortune laid the foundation for the grand port of Marsilikos; look how the arms of the land spread wide to embrace the setting of the sun, welcoming a bay of still waters rendered all the more peaceful by the presence of a small island to the south, on the flanks of which the waves cut themselves into powerless ripples as they move in from the sea. But what Fortune gave the D'Angelines their cunning and craft has improved to a hum of efficiency and culture. The natural bay has had its curved shores sharpened into straight edges bolstered with ridges of heavy stones on which the tides have left long mark when the waters are low, algae and barnacles hung onto the rugged stones. Then stone foundations have been piled out into the harbor to hold up wide wooden pillars and the great treated slats of the piers and boardwalks which extend into the bay, now at wider intervals for massive trading vessels, now at shorter intervals for private fishing and pleasure yachts.

The southern arm of the bay is reserved for the great sourthern fleet of the Terre D'Angan Navy, which is headquartered here in Marsilikos, and is ever a hub of activity, the giant slips outfitted to haul the massive warships up into the air for repairs, while further inland on the southern peninsula a forest of masts rises into the air where new ships are being built and old ones repaired in full drydock. Between the naval slips and the drydock rises the stately edifice of the Southern Naval Headquarters, glistening with huge latticed windows on the upper floors. Beyond the headquarters rises the massive fortified promontory of the Citadel, with bleached-white parapets and fluttering banners.
Markets and vendors throng the plaza at the innermost fold of the harbor where civilian and military seamen alike might find a bite to eat, supplies for their next mission, a good drink or a little bit of companionship. Far in the bay, that little isle sports a lofty lighthouse to guide the ships in by night.

It was a busy day in the port, as usual on this time of year when the weather and trade winds favours the seafarer. Merchants, sailors and soldiers all going about their daily bussiness. For most people it was a day as any other, but for at least one person it was a day that he had waited for for a long time.The sun was high in the sky and a mild breeze came in from the ocean, offering a small respite from the heat on occasion.%r%tAs Laurent stepped off the ship, it was hard not to be overwhelmed despite having thought about this day many times. "Home at last" he muttered under his breath, his tanned face fixed in a smile that expressed both joy, releif and a hint of anxiety, as he made his way towards the Plaza.

A young lady is slowly walking across the port area. She holds some papers wrapped in leather covers tightly pressed to her chest. D'Eresse lady wears a form-fitting dark emerald dress with a rounded neckline and long flowing slightly off-the-shoulder sleeves. The dress is accented with a thin silvery sash that is secured about her slim waist. The upper part of the gown is decorated with floral embroidery. A large gem pendant of lighter green shade is resting on her cleavge. The dress reaches down to Irene's ankles and when she moves small feet clad in pale green slippers that are made to match her dress can be seen underneath. Her arms are slender leading to dainty hands with clean kept nails. Though her wrists are heavily adorned with silvery bracelets and gemstones of dark green and dark blue.
The young woman is followed by quite alert guard who keeps his eyes not only on her but also on the surrounding. The way he gazes at people suggests that the guard is not that pleased seeing his lady wander around the port.
Irene stops when she notices some people leaving a large ship. Those with crates get some of her attention but then her eyes wander to the one who is more empty handed. She takes few steps forward toward the stranger, but then pauses again and just curiously stares at Laurent

As he steps off the boardwalk, still faintly mezmorized by the realities of being home and the grandeur of the port as the sun reflects off the lighthouse in the distance, he stops for a moment to compose himself. The faint scent of apples in the air betray him, however. As he looks out over the crowd, he notices a young woman staring at him with a curious look on her face, and he returns the favour for a few seconds, his head tilting slightly to the right and his smile changing from an almost boyish grin to his more normal, confident and inviting smile.%r%tAfter a few more seconds, he corrects his posture and starts slowly walking in the direction of the young woman who still holds him in her gaze, never breaking eye-contact with her.

While maybe Laurent is confident in not breaking the eye contact, Irene immediatly turns her eyes away when she realizes that the stranger is coming towards her. She lowers her hands moving them to her sides. One of those hands still firmly holds on the papers wrapped in the leather covers but the other hand starts a bit nervously pinch on the fabric of her skirt. She bites her bottom lip and inhales deeply as if to get a tiny bit more confidence to peek at the man.
Though, when she does it and realizes that the distance between them is even shorter, the young lady turns away as if suddenly becoming very interested into that large dark brown barrel which is old and dusty, not moved for more than a week. Though, that barrel has an interesting cirlce shape and one of it's sides seems to have a scratch. Maybe it has been a scratch made by a blade… What an interesting scratch on the wood!

As he starts to approach the young woman, her gaze finds first the ground and soon after she turns away, seemingly studying something that he can't quite make out at this distance. He pauses for a brief moment, searching his mind. Having spend the last 3 years in Khebbel-im-Akkad, where the relationship between man and woman is so very different, and with the emotions of the event of being home still roaring through his his body, a flash of uncertainty runs through his mind.%r%tHe quickly snaps out of it, however, and continues his slow approach through the crowd towards the woman who, despite averting her gaze, has not moved away. As he moves to within a few paces of her, he stops and his hands go to make sure that no part of his outfit is in dissarray; "Excuse me my Lady, I was wondering if I might have moment of your time?"

"Ah!" Irene gasps quietly bringing her free hand to her lips to cover them and muffle the sound of a performed surprise, "I haven't noticed your approach, m'lord. Well, I mean… I noticed but then I did not think you were coming to me… Aren't your family somewhere around waiting for you?" Her cheeks blush just a tiny bit but this time she actually can take a better look into the man's eyes. "I didn't mean to stare if you are about that. I was just curious. I am not suppose to wander in the docks. My brothers sai dthat it's dnagerous here. Though, I was curious. They spoke something about kraken…" She chuckles. "Really, I didn't mean to disturb."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Irene=subterfuge Vs Laurent=perception
< Irene: Success (5 8 3 3 1 6 6) Laurent: Good Success (5 4 4 8 1 1 7 3)
< Net Result: Laurent wins - Marginal Victory

As the young woman turned around, her gaze meeting his once more, he could now see the dark brown eyes that adorned her delicate face and there was something about them that reminded him of home. The innocent and playful nature of a young doe shining through even in that briefest of glimpses. "Dangerous?" He looked around the port area slowly. "I do not think you have anything to worry about as long as you don't go wander off into some dark alley, and even then it looks like you are well taken care off", his eyes switched from Irene to the guard escorting her, and he gave the man a short nod of acknowledgement and respect before returning his eyes to the young woman. "As for my family being here to greet me upon my return, that is indeed a pleasant thought, but no more than that I am afraid…" A flash of sadness scarred his otherwise jovial expression for a moment but then was gone again. He then noticed the leather covers held tightly in the womans arms "A writer? or an artist perhaps?" he asked, as his eyes focused on the contents of her arms, his eyes curiously trying to unwrap it to see what was held inside.

Irene's blush blooms into crimson roses when the man makes a playful counter argument regarding her fears. She parts her lips as if willing to oppose and add more scary stories about that kraken her brothers were speaking, but no words leave her throat. She just nervously rubs the side of her nose and wanders with her gaze somewhere behind the stranger, maybe looking for those darker alleys. But then he speaks of his family and Irene's shy smile completely fades, "I am so sorry. I didn't know that they are not here. I am really sorry if I opened old or still fresh wounds. But… But I understand how you feel. I also had to go through a loss of my father and eldest brother. I am…" She looks down at her feet and then at the small book in her hand. Irene shakes her head, "I just like to sketch at times, that's all…"

His expression changes into a slightly more serious one at the mention of a father and brother lost… "I am sorry to hear about your loss my lady"…. He bows hid head slightly…"As for me, do not worry, these wounds are so old and scarred that it takes more than a simple mention to rip them open anew." A faint smile before a short moment of silence… "But, here I am forgetting my manners as if I was 12 years old again; I am Laurent de Somerville of l'Agnace, just returned from Khebbel-im-Akkad. I am embarrassed to admit that I have very little knowledge of Marsilikos, only having spent a single night here before my travels. I was going to ask if you might point me in the direction of the Avenue Mereliot, although I must admit that a young woman such as yourself hunting for Krakens in docks has peaked my interest." He offers a genuine but slightly teasing smile….

"Laurent de Somerville?.." Irene repeats and takes a moment to ponter frowning her eyes a little bit. "Ah! I think I've met one of your relatives. Evelyne de Somerville?.. She has applied to become a lady in waiting to our dear Dutchess. As well as I am. We both are on a few weeks trial before the Dutchess makes up her mind. We are like… tested!" She chuckles but then waves with her hand toward the direction of Avenue Mereliot, "It's over there. I am not that much familiar with the city myself. I've been here just few times when I was visiting my brothers. Now I came to be with them and…" Her smiles fades one more time, "… and they are planning of leaving." Irene straightens up and forces herself to cheer up, "Anyway, I shouldn't bother you with all the sad stories. Welcome back to Marsilikos!"

"Evelyne!?" His eyes grew wide at the mention of his sister "She is in Marsilikos??" He mumbled shortly under his voice "Figures he wouldn't say anything"….. His face lit back up into a smile…"Well, that is at least good news, I must admit that I have missed her terribly…don't tell her I sad that." He says the last part with a knowing look and a short wink, before continuing… "The Baroness?? You continue to surprise. I hope everything is going well, that can not be an easy task. I am sure that your brothers are very proud of you, it sounds like you are very close."…A short flash of…something…crossed his face…Envy perhaps?… "But thank you, it is nice to at least have someone say the words. It is good to be home, even if it is in a city that I do not feel at home in yet. How long have you been here, in Marsilikos?"

"The Dutchess, not Baroness!" Irene rolls her eyes but the confusion at least makes her smile again. This time, genuinely. "Anyway… I promise not to tell anything to Lady Evelyne. I am not even sure if we could be considered friends that I wouldn't want to have any secrets from here. I get the feeling that we both are too different!" The young lady shrugs and is quick to add, "I have been here for a couple of weeks. Not much happened to be honest. Majority of the time I was busy with my family matters. So, forgive me, but I have no interesting or entertaining stories about the town to tell. I am pretty sure that Evelyne will have many, though. But I must say that she seemed to be really upset that her mother sent her here… Maybe your presence will cheer her up! Anyway, I shouldn't take too much of your time. I am pretty sure that you want to settle in, m'lord. One way or the other, I believe we still will run into each other. A pleasure meeting you." Irene offers a tiny curtsy and looks towards her guard suggestion that she wants to continue her walk.

Choosing to avoid further talk of his faux pas, Laurent simply returns the smile as she corrects him and quickly replies… "I assure you, m'lady, a woman such as yourself could never take too much of my time"… he bows his head shortly in a sombre, respectful nod before raising his pale blue eyes to once again meet hers… "Besides, I was the one who approached you with no better excuse than a curious glance sent my way and I have already kept you from your errands for far too long. One last thing, however; Before we part, might I be so bold as to ask your name? I am afraid that you would have me at a terrible disadvantage when next we meet if I did not, not to mention my sisters looks if I told her I had met one of her acquaintances and could not answer as to whom." … His eyebrows raises slightly into an expectant expression and his left hand goes to fiddle with the palm of his sword hanging from the thin leather belt on his waist.

"OH!" The young lady gasps and her gaze starts to roam around quite nervously. "I am so sorry. This is so not me. Forgetting my manners like that! I really apologize. I am Irene. Irene d'Eresse…" The woman shakes her head and sighs looking down at her feet then, "I guess I should just go home. I am way too much absent minded today! That can drag me into troubles and I really don't need that!" Then she dares to raise her gaze again at the man, "It was a pleasure and forgive me for my manners today. I hope that when we meet next time I will be at much better state of mind!"

Laurent struggles to hold back a slight chuckle as his smile widens a bit at the flustered display of the young woman. "Irene"… he lets the name play across his tongue as he looks up at the sky for a second with a thoughtful look, nodding, before returning his eyes to Irene… "Well then, Irene d'Eresse, it has been a most exquisite pleasure. I wish you all the best until we meet again." He bows again, this time slightly deeper at the waist, before turning around in the direction of the Avenue Mereliot Irene had pointed out earlier.

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